This is Ella Gibson, Unathi!

They have a radio headset on their left ear.

She has a healthy, average body.

She is starving! You can hear her stomach snarling from across the room!

They have something solid in their stomach!

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"Ella Gibson here,

I'm your ship's newest Unathi. Ugggh alright, for the sake of this bio. I'll tell you... I'm 32, though it's not polite to ask a lady their age YOU know!~ I have a knowledge of basic things in life, and want to learn even more, I'm always very curious~. You could very well see me wondering around the space station, trying to get to know people, as I want to learn more about ship life and various crewman tasks. I'm fairly normal for my species, if even a bit large, standing at no less than 9'0", and asking a lady her weight, will generally get you slapped, but for the sake of this bio... it's 595 lbs. And if you can't tell as per when I walk by you in the hallway, I'm very curvy but muscular where it matters. So don't be shy, stop by, let's do the damn thing!"

Ella Gibson's Metainfo:

(( (Character is a switch with a pred lean)

Loves: Oral vore / Digestion / Post Vore Scat / Soul Vore / Cruelty / Unwilling / Disposal / ERP Leading to Vore

Likes: Anal vore (female) / Cock vore (female) / Breast Vore / Kind Preds / Willing / ERP

Sexual Preference: Any / Leaning Lesbian

Noes: Hard vore / Scat play / Excessive Water Sports / Diaper play / Excessive Blood

Player can write small scenes, all the way up to page long paragraphs, depending on what's happening in the event and the time constraints of partners.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel open about approaching OOC. ))


Ella Gibson chuckled, fishing her hand inside of Titus's jumpsuit, where she'd gently jack him of for ten seconds, before moving her hand back to her own lap.

Ella Gibson whispers, "What are the three shortest words in the Gal com language?"

Titus Hunter folded up wings quickly fluttered about for a moment before giving a low moan. The vulp feeling his cheeks nearly starting to burn as he felt Ella play with his jumpsuit, hips even bucking slightly as he quickly panted away between murrs, "Y-Yip...N-Nhhh-hhf.. T-Think we should find someplace....Rrrr..M-More private?"

Titus Hunter whispers, "Nhhhh..W-What?"

Ella Gibson whispers, "Is it in?"

Titus Hunter nipped his lower lip for a moment as he can't help but have his eyes grow wide as he soon found himself being lifted up, stripped, and all before of the near naked lizard. Tail wrapping over the tent in his boxers as he gave out small flustered whines. Ears even folded out as he slightly shivered on the bed.

Ella Gibson moves to take Titus and herself to a nearby dorm room, hearing his request to take it to somewhere a bit more private, after she'd played with his cock more than a few times, and playing at the joke, where she was actually a bit more serious than her first thought, with having him get it in to her. She'd move to take off everything, her pack placing the items nicely inside of it, only to pull off her panties and bra next, leaving herself fully naked after they were all but inside, locked away from the world, so nobody would bother them.

Ella Gibson was soon fully naked, her huge ass and her breasts on display for the man, many times smaller than her. She was as if a mini giantess, the woman looming over him from the side of the bed, until she finally stands up easily to get over him, not needing to hop at her size. Lining herself up with him, her sex with his, her legs at his chest as her sex and her ass squish down, swallowing his member easily. The cushion of the mattress the only thing holding back her 600 pounds of weight, hardly was she small, likely taking this man's breath away.... "Ohhhhhhhhh~" she moans as she bites her bottom lip lustfully, playfully, gasping and moaning nasally. "You feel so good in there.."

Ella Gibson asks, "What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?"

Ella Gibson says, "One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year."

Ella Gibson moans as she begins to thrust on top of Titus, beginning to hump him, lifting up slightly by about a half a foot, only to come squishing her large ass back down on top of him.

Ella Gibson asks, "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy Titus?"

Titus Hunter soon felt like his heart might beat free from his chest as he looked on at the looming lizard in pure awe. His member needing little more encouragement before it stood at full mast, still squirming slightly on the bed however as paws rose up to press against her wide hips. Only being able to roll out a small meep as he'd suddenly feel her weight settle down around him, firmly smushing everything below his chest as every slight movement on her part felt like he was being run over by her wide rear, "A-Ahnnn-nn-hhff..G-Gods~."

Ella Gibson asks, "What is Moby Dick’s dad’s name?"

Titus Hunter asks, "Nhhh-hhf..W-What?"

Ella Gibson giggled as she pushed her joke, waiting for Titus to pick up on the punch line, in the mean time, rocking back and forth, soon, laying her top portion over the front of his body, her stomach covering up all of his upper half, but his head, her breasts soon squishing on him at him, on all sides, lifting up every now and then, or when she rose off just a little bit to hump at Titus's cock.

Ella Gibson says, "Papa Boner."

Ella Gibson finally gave the punch line at the end, chuckling as her massive, long tongue, came out to lap all over the back side of Titus's head, while he soon forced a nipple into his mouth, lactating milk as one pored droplets about him, and the other larger portions from her nipple in his mouth, began to fill up his mouth, the man forced to swallow or likely choke as she began to grind down on him harder, pushing against him, her weight almost crushing at times, but saved by the mattress as it absorbed at least half of her weight, but he was still well and kept steady, solidly in place, by her massive, gorgeous body. Standing at nine feet tall, and thicc and gorgeous, the six hundred point Unathi, wasn't exactly small~ Enjoying this Titus Hunter to no end, allowing his dick to mash up inside of her canal, her nodules and bumps and uneven areas, felt rather sensitively around his groin. Sucking and slurping, squishing and contracting, only to relax, but moving back down to clamp on him, releasing and tensing as she went along, the vulp's dick ever left kept guessing~

Titus Hunter wheezes out slightly between every one of her humps as arms strained in a poor bid to support her weight, feeling the bed groan below in protest, with his form more or less simply sinking into the mattress under her weight. No doubt leaving him feeling like he was in for the ride of his life as a onrush of pure arousal sparked from his loins. Titus would simple be left as a huffing, panting, and wheezing mess before long as his tongue rolled out of the side of his muzzle. Length already happily jumping from overwhelming delight as it started to dribble out a fair bit of pre. Titus chuckling between long moans from her joke as he was sure to leave his muzzle hanging open as he'd try to stammer out his own, sadly only getting about half way before he'd feel like he was simply buried under a quarter ton of flesh. Hefty breasts no doubt easily cutting off his voice and leaving him to simply enjoy having the soft mounds smush against him, "W-What's the deep-mhhhf~."

Ella Gibson asks, "What’s the difference between your penis and a bonus check?"

Titus Hunter coughed, sputtered, and soon gulped away as he'd find his muzzle plastered against one of her nipples, flooding his maw with it's sweet cream as he'd just simply try his best to keep from drowning under her. What little air he could find would be nothing but near pure musk as her weight plowed into him, forcing a long moan from his lips before he'd spend the next few moments struggling to catch up with her lactating nipple.

Ella Gibson "Someone’s always willing to blow your bonus." Ella chuckled as she finally filled in the punch line of yet another joke. Humping harder, grinding faster, pushing deeper, her body began to move in a soft blur, pounding down on his smaller form. For how massive this Unathi was, she was a powerhouse no doubt, and very quick, speedy it seemed, as a woman her size, Titus might even doubt, should be able to move so fast. Nevertheless, she crushed and ground, squished and fucked him along, allowing his mouth to keep sucking along her huge teat. Humping him harder and harder. Like a good boy, he was felt suckling along her nipple, swallowing it down, as ounce after ounce, gushed down his throat, bloating out his belly just a little bit as a result. Her forcing him back up, as she lifted off so he might be able to say why before, now answering him with that joke's punch line, before her other nipple demanded an even suck off, wanting to be drained some, just as much as her other, forty pound breast.

Ella Gibson 's sex clenching and sucking, gyrating and thrumping. Up and down and down and up again, and everything in between, not letting him rest for a single second, only amping things up as time continued into their future. "What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cube have in common?" she jokes.... letting it set in for several long seconds while she fucks even harder, moaning louder and getting to ejaculating herself..... "The more you play with it, the harder it gets!" she laughs out, some several long seconds later, wrapping her arms around him hard, popping his back by now, if it were stiff, with him feeling like he was being hugged by a female Ursa. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" she roared, hissing loudly as she wrapped her tongue around the top of his head, breathing warmly over his scalp. She finally squishes down on him hard, ejaculating her honey pot, and cream pieing all over his lap, humping and grinding as her sex tried to undulate and milk him for all that he was worth sexually.

Ella Gibson laid down flatly on top of Titus, just relaxing, her full weight supported by his body and the bed, giving his head but a few seconds to turn to its side so he could barely breathe. "What does the sign on an out-of-business brothel say?" she joked, almost out of breath herself as she'd fucked Titus mad...... several long seconds later, another joke punch line came.... "Beat it. We’re closed!" she laughed out, finally spinning her body on the bed, and wrapping her tail around Titus's form while she hugged him over her, giving him a break from being crushed to death. Panting a bit as she sighed, pulling him in for a big kiss, mashing their lips up together, gently sucking just his head inside of her mouth a moment later, lathering his entire head up in her saliva, her mouth popping off of his head a moment later, like the sound of a licked or sucked on, lollipop. "Heheh... whew.... that was fun huh?!" the Unathi chuckled, her tail still wrapped around Titus.

Titus Hunter groaned away in tune with the bed below as he felt her massive bulk more or less abuse him with near drowning amounts of pleasure. He was no doubt convinced that he was going to be sore in the morning if the lust driven lizard didn't happen to break his hips first. She no doubt tested the very limit of her new found toy as he was half convinced he was going to die by snu-snu. Every thrust sent a fresh wave of arousal up his form along with crushing what little air he was able to suck into his lungs between thrusts. The short moment she gave him to talk was simply used to swallow down some much needed oxygen to fuel his burning lungs. The poor vulp wouldn't even hear her jokes as he was simply fucked half to death. The flood of sensation of warmth, the feeling of her breath wash over his muzzle, the slick and crushing sensation of her sex, along with the near brutal fucking, clearly send him over the edge as he howled away between her soft mounts. The fox twitching about against her as his orgasm nearly felt like he just unloaded a years worth of his life force. Tongue rolled out to the sides in a heavy pant as he simply tried to keep from passing out, shooting out rope after rope of seed into her greedy snatch as his body went near limp in her grip soon after.

Titus Hunter panted away with his now slick, and saliva drenched muzzle trying it's best to shake about in a bid to clean it off. Helping spurr a overwhelmed whimper from the vulp as his mind struggled to come to terms with what just happened to him.

Titus Hunter whispers, "A-Ahnnn-nnhh-hf..F-Fuck me...Nhhf..Thought I was about t-to be fucked to death for a while."

Ella Gibson whispers, "Hehehe, it sort of reminds me of that episode of Futurama, Death by Snu snu... not sure if you ever watched it? It's a really old earth cartoon. But It's funny, and I find it fitting for what we just went through together. Me being like the amazon, you, like the cute little man. But yeah, I controlled myself, and decided not to fuck you to death. But... if I want.... we could go for round two to see if that's possible?"

Ella Gibson chuckled darkly, only half kidding.

Titus Hunter meeped with a short shudder as ears folded back against his head. Feeling his heart nearly jump out of his chest for a moment with his form squirming about for a second , "E-Eep...I-I mean," Gulps with wings fluttering about, "I...Rrr..W-Wouldn't mind playing a bit...Rrr-rh..R-Rough."

Ella Gibson whispers, "Hmmmm. What if I decided to fuck your head this time, and hump you against my large ass?"

Titus Hunter nipped his lower lips with a low and nervous filled whine, "I-I've always liked the idea of..Rr.. B-Being roughed up or pushed to my limit."

Ella Gibson giggled a bit as she heard Titus's words. The man was weak against his lust, even at the safety of his own physical well being. She'd merely nod her head, switching their position on the bed once more, strapping him to the bed as she had once before, this time, in reverse cow girl of his head, and would slowly lower her ass down on top of his face. Gently at first, forcing her weight against his shoulders, neck and face, so not one part of his body had to take strain, more than the other, not wanting to break her toy in half, in the first few moments, she would face sit him. "Mmmmmm, that's it, good little boy~" Ella chuckled at the full grown science lad, but treating him like he were merely her toy to play about with and enjoy intensely, she gently began to buck, squishing her ass back and forth, his face drenched in seconds with the cum of hers that was still lightly leaking out of her snatch. The Unathi's large anus tickling up against Titus's tongue, her pucker relaxing, only to stretch out wider, until soon, finally, she'd suck his entire had into her ass, pulling it right past her anus and into her rectum. Luckily the angle of his head on that bed, however it may be, was enough to keep him safe for the moment, of her snapping his neck. Moaning louder, as his head popped in and out of her butt, like a rimming fat, giant cock, giving her an anal session. Grinding her sex over his head, it would slip inside of her pussy, devouring over his neck, head and shoulders this time, but now, the large Unathi doesn't seem to stop, grinding harder and harder, moaning louder, it appeared as she moved, she wasn't kidding about wanting to go again! This time, his little body being merely used as a large, living dildo!

Titus Hunter could only gasp out as he'd soon feel like he was about to have the weight of the world plop down over his as her massive rear hovered overhead. The fox feeling an odd sensation of scaroused as he was half sure he was about to meet his maker once she fully sat down ontop of him, covering everything above his chest under her heavy bulk, while his slim muzzle did wonders to find itself slipping between hefty cheeks before slamming into her pucker in a deep and lewd kiss. Low moans vibrating against the ring of flesh as his tongue slowly lapped over it, sending deep shudders down his form before rolling out through his tial in a flurry of flicks. Ella wouldn't be able to hear, but sure was able to feel his surprise once his head slipped in and out of her rear, making sure to leave him as a flustered and panting mess before he'd feel like his whole upper body was forced into a near scorching oven as she used him more like a dildo than a living crew member. He just hoped she didn't forget about his needs to breath every now and again as he was constantly dunked between her large lips, coating his upper body in a layer or thick fluids that only helped him glide into her holes like a lubed up toy.

Ella Gibson moaned as she giggled, feeling Titus now slide in to her sex, to the halfway point, or at least, just before it! Not wanting to let him go that easily, her sexual juices already all over his crotch soundly, making it easier for her next choice, before she'd send him even deeper inside of her. Wrapping her large, but soft, and effeminate hand over his length, she'd begin to jerk it, deeply flexing her vaginal muscles to work over his entire body consumed by her sex thus far, moaning loudly, her clawed and scaled toes curling, nearly drawing blood as she flexed her feet, "Mmmmmm, that's it Titus, get in me.... Cum for me!" she hissed, her tail, reaching around his body again, keeping him still, or mostly, as it began to fuck him in and out of her sex, a few inches at a time in, and then back out, her hand still cleverly jerking him off all the while, as she used his body like a large, Vulpkanin ramming rod. Harder and faster her hand kept at it, keeping him ready, but, steady where he was, refusing to let him go, or, stop, until he came in her hand. However long that took, however long she had to stroke and move her pistoning hand to pump faster and faster, she wouldn't leave his dick be, until he gave her his second orgasm! "Cum.... CUUUUUUUUUUUM for me!" she hissed, insistent to get that dick milked, until his balls ached from belching up soooooo much cum, before she allowed her pussy to eat him alive.

Titus Hunter yelped, sputtered, moaned, and gasped nearly each time he felt his body being slammed in and out of her sex. Clearly giving him the ride of his life as he was sure to have to fight for nearly every breath before her massive lips consumed him once again. Leaving his maw open also helped force near gallons worth of her sweet nectar down her throat to join her milk. His bodies constant struggled make for one hell of a toy as his furred frame pressed or pushed along nearly every inch of her flesh. Wings struggling to flutter about for room, whole his tail thumped up along her thighs. His world was that of feeling like he was jumping into a hot tub of flesh, coating every inch of him in her sticky nectar while her constant ramming nearly gave him whiplash. The assault of sensations of being used to fuck her folds, forced to bath in her honey, and her hand made quick work to send him sailing over the edge of release. Spurring whatever seed he had left to offer with not even a drop of pre left after as he truly milked him for all his worth. Muffled and choked howls would resonate from inside of her, with the overwhelming rush of lust helping turn him into a squirming toy for her loins to play with.

Ella Gibson moaned out in a pleasured ripple as his body twitched and reacted due to her jacking him off and his body moving nearly violently, as she sent him over his final ejaculation, his poor little body unable to give her another ounce, but his role in this story was now finished, he needn't worry himself over whether he could cum for her any more or not, as it was her turn to cum! The woman's other hand moved close to Titus's dick when his cum came spurting out of his urethra, gathering every last bit of his viscous, sticky cum, as it was at least a few ounces in total, while not as heavy and long as his first climax, his second was likely just as good, and far more explosive, the fast type always were. Drained completely, his little limp body couldn't provide her, himself, with any more give. Yet as she rose her hand to her mouth, slurped up and licked off every last ounce of his creamy goodness, she swallowed it with a loud **GLURK**, she had plenty of ways to help herself cum. And where he himself didn't feel as if the vulp could give her any more pleasure, instead, she'd make sure his body did in its stead! Pushing down harder than before as she rose her ass up in to the air, she allowed her tail to ram him in and out of her at a far more rapid pace, thankfully her walls were rather slick, or she'd have broken his neck by now, several times over. Creaking, and gentle pops could be heard, but never did she break a bone in his body, likely scaripleasuring him though in the process, the terrisexual experience couldn't be explain alike to anything else in the universe.

Ella Gibson To have a large woman use your body like their mere sex toy, how could one describe it truly, for the words this goddess deserved? Closer and closer she got, screaming, "IN ME.... NOW!" before she crammed him the rest of the way inside of her, using her tail to finish herself off as his feet slipped in just after his wing tips, sealing back up shut, tightly, over her tail's edge, as it fucked her over the edge..... "YEEEEEEEEES!" she hissed deeply, a growling bellow, almost sounding like a stomach noise, echoed inside of her vaginal walls around him but it came of course from her voice box above. The massive lizardess tensing hard, arching her back and thrusting her hips... "FUCKKKKKKK!" she finally climaxes, her sex cajoling and coaxing Titus ever deeper, his head pushing past her dilating cervix, and on deeply finished, head, shoulders, abs and arms, pecks, ribs, hips and ass, thighs, knees, shins and -------------- sluuuuuuuuuuuurp! her cervix comes back down to squelch over him wetly, sealing back up shut, tightly, trapping him inside of her womb. On the outside Ella simply fucks herself over the edge, ejaculating over the bed, her internal muscles, she was aware of but didn't care, finished her toy off, taking him into her womb.... oooops~ "Hmhmhm, It looks like I got a little over zealous there.... sorry Titus~" Ella gently murred, patting over her wet pussy as she collapsed lightly back against the pillows behind her, able to feel Titus lightly sloshing inside of her sauna like uterus.

Ella Gibson whispers, "Hehehe, how we doing in there little guy?"

Titus Hunter was literally thrust into a new world on nothing but clenching flesh, near scorching heat, and a constant wave of slick fluids that seemed to be trying to drown him. Everything from his paws, legs, wings, and tail, would constantly press about in vain to make more room for himself as he huffed in what little air he could find. His large set of wings would work wonders in fluttering up along nearly every inch of her inner sex before being forced to fold against his back at a odd angle. Soon forced into a tight ball packed away deep inside of her form as knees soon forced to curl in a bid to make room. Panting away from the sheer heat while his form wiggled about as his orgasm was still trying to wind down. "Nhh-hhhf..G-Gods. I-It's almost evil h-how fun it is being with you."

Ella Gibson whispers, "Hehe, good! I'm glad you've enjoyed it. So the question is. Do I release you.... or.... 'release you'?"

Ella Gibson smirked, chuckling darkly.

Titus Hunter meeps with a few small squirms, "W-What's the difference?"

Ella Gibson whispers, "Well.... one leaves you fully intact, even if .... wet. And you see me again, in moments. The other.... I release you in a climax, after you turn into femmy cum, as my vaginal lips belch you out in my second climax~"

Titus Hunter gulps with a shudder rolling through his form and wings, "E-Eep..I-If you let me out intact...Mhh..W-We...Or well...Y-You, can bully o-or fuck me till I break."

Ella Gibson whispers, "Ummmhmm, the choice is yours little man~ My precious little Titus."

Titus Hunter whispers, "Yip.. I-I guess I would like to b-be let out so w-we can keep playing~."

Titus Hunter coughed, shook, and sputtered for a few moments as he'd find his now naked, drenched, and sex scented form shiver in the cool station air.

Ella Gibson giggled as she feels herself release and relax, moving to flex and bend, grunting and situating her body how she'd need to, squatting down over the bed until she gives firth to Titus! "Heh... there you are.... all sticky, and warmed and wet, but no worse for the ware really.... Up on my belly then..." she hefted him, soon placing Titus on to her stomach.

Titus Hunter gulped as he rolled out a flustered huff with a fang roughly hooked over his lower lip in a nip, "G-Got anything you'd like to try to test my limits t-to see how much I can take before you ruin me?"

Ella Gibson asks, "Hmhmhm, well now. What then shall we play, as you wished I let you out as a person, instead of a vaginal discharge?"

Ella Gibson asks, "Hmmmm, I wonder if you make a nice anal butt plug?"

Titus Hunter meeped a bit with ears flicking back, "Rrrr-r..W-well..Could take a shower to clean myself off o-r maybe ki-Eep~."

Ella Gibson chuckled, it seemed as if Titus was a rearing for punishment, literally. The only place he hadn't been inside of her body yet, at least not fully, her ass! Hearing his apprehensive nature, hearing his yips and qualms, but also hearing the desire that was in his voice, his body betraying him to his lusts, perhaps this would be the straw the broke the camel's back? Perhaps her anus wouldn't be as forgiving as her vagina had been? Certainly, not as wet, or soft, or giving, her ass was huge, but she had just as much muscle as she did fat. Perhaps Titus would be giving more than he could bear to lose? "Well, nothing before it then, little one. Ally up!" Ella the moving to a standing position on the bed, soon spread her butt cheeks wide, before squatting over Titus's head, pushing her relaxing pucker up against his face, not giving him the time of day to second guess this or change his mind, she squishes down HARD, inhaling his entire head into her ass, so even if he wanted to speak, to be let go, he couldn't yell out for help!

Ella Gibson grunting, with another heavy crush of her ass, with Titus now forced to his knees on the bed, in one shoulder bent, then the other, dislocated! FUCK.... Well, whoops. This wasn't a good start for Titus. That's for sure. She'd begin to hump up and then squish down, maybe moving a little too fast for his smaller body, not figuring the full difference between her sex and her anus, that much different, even if for Titus, all he got this time was anal juice, and heavy muscles all around him, crushing him at every angle. Squishing his arms in, she began to mercilessly sit down, a few ribs cracking as she finally made it down to the halfway point, his likely screams, only tickling her, and her not taking it for him wanting to be released from the much pain.... "How we doin in there," she asked in a husky sexy voice as she sat on the bed. Soon lifting off to go doggy style on the bed with her feet touching the bed's headboard, readying herself for the next phase, that might likely break more than just Titus's few ribs, having already dislocated his shoulder!

Titus Hunter would only be given a few moment to take in the stunning view of her massive rear with his voice seeming to be caught in his throat. The vulp knowing this was a bad idea but didn't have much of a chance to speak before the quarter ton of lizard slammed down into him. His neck not snapping for the simply reason that his slim muzzle parted her cheeks like the red sea. Only stopping for a moment as he was forced into a deep kiss with her pucker before it would open up, nom on the tip of his snout, before consuming him at an alarming rate. What words he did have for her would be lost inside of her bowels as a heavy pressure slowly worked it's way down his body. True panic settling in once her rear reached his shoulders as a blinding pain fired from his arms. Body struggling to support her weight only for a lewd and sickening pop to sound out as one of his shoulders dislocated from him, helping her pucker spread over the crushed limb as howls of pain vibrated along her inner flesh. Titus struggling for his life as snaps, crackles, and pops slowly worked down. Bones either bending to their limit, or simply snapping like twigs as he was forced into her massive rear. Clearly not large enough to take in his form the size it was at now, but could no doubt be fixed with a bit of effort, or a fair few broke bones. Wings being forced to curl as a bad angle as they's be half stuck inside of her, Rapidly flapping about as the crushing wave of pressure slowly rolled over them, crunching them up and helping spur on a fresh and pained struggle from the poor vulp.

Ella Gibson giggled as Titus had been responding so excitedly, unexpectedly so, during his event of anal ingestion. "Oh my, such a cutie you are Titus, getting all worked up for me, flapping your wings, crying out in sheer ecstasy, begging for me to take you deeper, moaning so loud, I can feel your vibrations against my intestines! Well then. I shant keep you from entering deeper within, it would be selfish of me to deny you your only wish and lust, for the night. My dear little vulp, asking for me to let him out, and play with him a bit more, to test to see how much his body could take.... Indeed I shall, my little anal plug!" she cooed. As Titus finally thrashed about a bit more, she felt his legs lock against the headboard, as his only sense of freedom, or finding anything but air to kick in futility against try to to help himself back out of her, was actually something that would doom him, fuck him over, himself defeating his body, that much more quickly. "Ohhh my... a dear to even help me get you inside a bit easier. Just for that my little dove, I'll make sure to work you in a bit faster!" Ella beamed warmly. Using her massive, strong arms, she'd push against the bed from the front, and from the back, her big, huge, thicc thighs, would crush back behind her as hard as she could. Literally fucking Titus into her hole. This time it was faster, this time it felt meaner, but in actuality, the loving Unathi was only interested in helping the seemingly excited Vulp, get in to her butt hole, that much more quickly.

Ella Gibson Sounds popped, things cracked likely, but she was so focused, she couldn't hear a thing, and finally, as Titus's ankles tickled against her anus, she squished back against the head board as hard as she could, not realizing, but shattering every last bone in each of his feet, the pain would be off the charts! With a final grunt and a slurp, her asshole sealed shut, trapping the cutie inside of her intestines, his head finally popping up into her stomach, as her body continued to try and take him deeper... "Pheewww... got you in me little guy, well, you were actually quite big, I've never tried to take a full sized person up my ass before... How's it goin in there tiger?" she said warmly, poking around at her tummy, playfully wiggling her ass, just wanting to feel him in there, not realizing she was breaking at least a few bones inside of his body, each time she'd squish or wiggle at an odd angle for him. Not realizing she wouldn't hear him, even if he were to scream, not fully, nothing more than a rumble or a muffled vibration, at her thicc, heavy, muscle filled gut, his sounds would likely be squelched off. But it didn't stop her from asking her cute little anal plug.

Titus Hunter slides into your intestines.

Titus Hunter pure and blind panic would flood over every inch of his being as his sensitive ears happened to be able to pick up her words even from inside her intestines. It was nearly like being tied down on a railroad as the train barreled down. Muzzle hanging open in a bid to scream only to cough out fresh blood once he realized her powerful muscles partially crushed his ribs and lungs. Bones one meant to keep his organs from harm now pierced into him. Making sure that even non crushing clenches would send a jolt of blinding pain through his body as his world nearly seemed to take joy in making him suffer. His body feeling like it was run over with tight clenching walls only adding insult to injury. What was left of his mangled wings still tried to flutter or flick about as his one good arm tried to push at her walls. The feeling of being buried alive ran through his mind as he'd have no way to call out to the outside world. Only being able to give muffled scream of torture as every inch her rear consumed meant another bone to be snapped from the sheer weight. All coming to a painful close as his first chapter ended with her using his own legs to help push him inside. Crippling his legs near instantly as bones shattered, muscles tore, and pain rocketed through every one of his nerves. Begging for her to show mercy with his squirming only helping rub about and massage her inner walls.

Ella Gibson murred as Titus lovingly massaged her inner walls, giggling at the little gentleman as he pleasured her, even as much as he could, from the insides. He seemed to move so wonderfully and tirelessly, even though his muscles likely ached and burned, this only made her blush profusely as he attempted again and again to reach out to her and tell her, hello. She couldn't stifle her giggle as she felt him squirm inside, lovingly siting back against him, squishing him up a few more feet inside of her as a result, his head making its way already, soon joined by his arms and chest, but not before his chest cavity snapped in half, his chest no longer supported on the bottom, one of his clavicle sides fractured, the spiking of pain rushing through his brain and down his spine, making him wish he were numb to it all. Yet it was like his body was trying to help him stay alive, so that he could feel every one of her twists and turns, her thrusts and flexes, as his body couldn't seem to get enough of the agony which was induced by her ever pressing, never ceasing movements. "Such a romantic moment, having all of you inside of me, oh.... I can feel your head and shoulders in my stomach, you little tease! Fine then, who am I to stop you from entering into my tummy fully, you little pervy weirdo!" she chuckled.

Ella Gibson Lifting herself off the bed as she got up to her knees and then feet she jumped up into the air and then slammed back down on to the bed as hard as she could, the bed's frame begging her, to please FUCKING STOP, just like Titus was, though deaf was she to either pleading, as she rammed down, getting up, only to get back down again, inches after inches of Titus's form just slipping inside, slurped up, crushed down against, as her next movement forced Titus's wings and knees to bend backward, snapping in half the wrong way, Ella finally hearing it, just barely, as his legs and wings, at last, were accepted into her tummy.... Ooops, she gave a gentle smirk, thinking she was helping him release a few pent up creaks a good massage, could easily loosen up, not realizing she had broken at least four bones, if not several minor ones in the process. "Pheewww... Got you inside of my tummy now cutie. I guess we found both of our limits. I can't believe I could fit a full grown man up my ass hole, into my guts, and finally into my stomach. Thanks a bunch for allowing us to experience my first time," she chuckled...

Ella Gibson , as if she were an anal virgin~ While true, she had had plenty of sex in the rectum, never had she eaten anyone alive in such a way. She gently massaged her stomach, sighing as she stretched her arms out, now sitting on the bed on her butt. Soon moving to her stomach to lay down so she could rest, as she believed she was gently snuggling with the man, when in reality, as Ella finally moved to her front, it twisted Titus to where his spine finally snapped in half, unable to move nothing much more than his head and fingers, his toes already broken in every part, as were his wings, so they couldn't flap, and as she laid over him, it would make it so that he couldn't breathe at all, his face pushed up against a portion of her muscle and mucus to a point, his muzzle was buried, letting in no fresh air, poor man was likely here, in a panic, and there Ella was, thinking he merely wanted to lay down with her for a nap. "Mmmm, I think both of us deserve a rest after that. Goodnight cutie~" Ella beamed. Not realizing her stomach was hungry, and was already releasing much acid, slowly climbing at it began to tingle and work its way into Titus's exposed portions, his bones having dug through his flesh and muscle!

Titus Hunter wheezed, gasped, and sputtered as her form felt more like a car compactor than anything else. Blood soon choking the vulp as one of his lungs collapsed from being pierced by his own broken bones. Any attempt to scream would simply come out like a broken squeak with blood being coughed out. Every time he felt like things couldn't get worse Ella was sure to make him wrong as fresh bones snapped in half. His legs being sure to be a bit of a jolt as the thick bones snapped like chicken wings. Twisting his body in all of the wrong angles with his only sense of mercy being when his spine was finally shattered. Most of his body finally falling numb with only the sickening crunching sound to remind him of his broken stare. The last chapter of his side of the story soon coming to an end as the slick insides of her belly smothered against him, giving him the death he wished for since he was half way into her rear. Ella possibly taking this from the vulp falling asleep after a night of rough sex, with his sore pelvis turning out to be the least of his worries in the end.

Ella Gibson soon finally fell to slumber, the large woman on her stomach, moving a bit in her dreams, crushing several bones that finally gave out after much struggle, having given up to the weight and the endless time that felt pushed over Titus's body, even unto his core. While she dreamed of him, of them having more fun, even, of her eating him alive, swallowing him feet first, and then churning him away into her fat, little would the woman know, her body was already well in on acting that out, at least in the other half of the form. While in the waking realm, Titus had been 'ingested' by her ass, she hadn't quite orally devoured him, still, the end result was the same, and in her dreams, connecting to reality, she was even so, getting her wish. Her stomach shrunk as it battered, churned, clenched and kneaded the man down, finally popping like a jelly mush, into a paste as his body literally and quite utterly, gave up the ghost of a fight. His body spared any more moments of this long agony, that felt like hours for the man, as it had been, but more like days in his mind, as his body could no longer provide life for him. With Titus all but expunged from the realm of the living, Ella's body was being a bit more claiming and devilish than either of them could have ever assumed, or have even comprehended was possible. Nevertheless, as the giant Unathi slumbered, her body began to glow, this spiraling energy inside of her, swirling around Titus's mass, and just as his body was prepared to let go, to allow his soul the freedom to pass on to his next sleeve, her body shackled him, trapping him inside of her guts, all over again. Titus would feel that familiar feeling of being torn apart, cell by cell, of the woman's body, claiming him, though this time, irrevocably, unto forever.

Your stomach groans as Titus Hunter falls apart into a thick soup. You can feel their remains soon flowing deeper into your body to be absorbed.

Ella Gibson's smiling face, her light countenance, shining as she seemed so happy in her dreams. As she slept, she thought of Titus, holding him in her arms as they were on their bed, but something was odd, yet not odd enough to wake her from her slumber... Titus was being absorbed into her through her flesh in her mind's eye! In the waking world, Titus was being melted away in mind, body and soul, just like his husk was falling apart, his bones now ground into a paste, and once her stomach was satisfied, she left a heavy belch, almost waking her up, the taste against her lips, the last letting of Titus's delicious taste, a taste she hadn't remembered from before. She turned over in her dreams to her right side on the bed, sighing deeply, and then going back into further R.E.M.. With a smile on her face, she continued to slumber. Titus's chyme was pushed into her intestines from her pyloric sphincter, past her duodenum, while her soul began to suffuse and sync in, absorb and utterly erase, the poor man's very spirit. Before her villi were even done sucking up his precious nutrients, his soul had all but been lost, and just as the last bit of him faded, for eternity, Ella's body, ceased glowing. She'd give a gentle giggle in her dream as she smiled deeply, at this turn in her dream, Titus had a bag packed over his back, giving her a wave goodbye, where she too waved him goodbye, like a fond farewell, knowing she'd see him again some time. In reality, Titus was no more, quick to be subsumed, deleted, vanishing inside of this woman, as if he'd never existed before. With a final sigh, the woman went into a black state, not remembering her dreams, but too tired to awaken.

Ella Gibson slept through her body turning Titus's solids into her stool, and his fluids, into the woman's urine. Accepted from one organ to the next, until either portion was pushed from her colon into her rectum, and from her gallbladder, liver, and siphoned past and by her kidneys, finally draining into her bladder! A sharp pain rolls through the woman's body as she grunts awake, trying to figure out what had stirred her from her slumber. She woke in a cold sweat over her forehead, her entire body had heated up, sweating, now cooling in the wake of it all as the AC fanned over her furnace of a body. She panted a few times, and felt that familiar sharp pain REEEE out, sending a sharp prick into her spine, then her rectum and finally her butt hole! "Gaaaah... Jeez, okay already, gosh..." she huffed, rubbing her neck, frowning a bit. The woman having felt around for Titus, thinking somehow in her mind, as she no longer felt him by her side, he'd up and left her, heading to the bar, her not able to fault him, as she realized she likely slept a while. The room was still dark, so Ella, nearly tripping over his bag, caught herself, luckily... "Jeez!" she huffed again, still naked as before, it made it much easier to sit her big, thicc, fat ass, against the toilet seat, to settle herself for a good shitting. Pulling out a digital magazine she'd read to herself as her urethra opened up, clenching her teeth as her anus refused to open all the way at first, but spraying a light flow of a golden stream between her thighs, right into the toilet's water bowl below her, she felt chills roll down her spine, making her sigh with a smile. After about another thirty seconds, Ella grunted again, clenching her teeth, finally, after four inches of girth, a crackling was heard, and her effort was paying off..

Ella Gibson, feeling as her first shit log began to tickle her back door, edging a smear against either of her butt cheeks, making her wince at the uncomfortable sensation, but smile, at the relief of her bowels loosening up a bit. The log finally plopping out after three feet of stool had been let loose, clenched off to swish softly into the water a neath her ass. With a sigh, she grunted, clenching again, her next log coming out much easier, less devoid of water or fluids, speckled in bits of bone, a few feathers, and a part of Titus's undigested wing, but before she could look down to identify the sudden discomfort, her log that was brown and soft like ice cream, was quick to cover it up, making her tilt her head softly at the confusion of the brief pain. As she finished, the girl gently wadded some paper roll around her hand, the toilet paper wiping up against her anus and away from her vagina, then cleaning her vagina last, the opposite direction, Ella beamed, finally standing up. Smiling, flushing the toilet, not even thinking about Titus at the moment, not realizing the shit logs she was flushing away, were him, and never could he return again, as his last physical remnants, got jettisoned out into the sewers of the Tether, only to be sent to a local treatment plant, no one ever getting to learn about what happened to the poor man, not even the loving, giant, but teasy, and hungry, predatory Unathi. Washing her hands with a sigh and yawn, the girl stretched out, just after wiping her hands dry. Hoping in to the showers, Ella lathered up well with a lilac and lavender body wash, only to rinse off, and shampoo and conditioner her hair, just after. This space age tech, everything she could experience at an auto wash, never felt better than soaking in steaming hot water, and running her hands against her perfect curves made somehow, just a little bigger now, due and thanks to Titus's forever sacrifice, unbeknownst to her.

Ella Gibson: Though, she did notice the extra size, tilting her head, not remembering eating anything this shift, before her and Titus had began to have fun, to have sex, to fuck, to unbirth him, only to send him to her stom----- Ella's eyes opened wide. "Wait...... it couldn't be..." she huffed with her cheeks heavily flushing.... Yet knowing the man usually got implants before he started his job, she didn't really focus on it too hard. Not realizing his essence or what it once was, was beyond anything NT could ever even bother to touch, or contemplate, recovering. "Guess I'll be seeing him again some time, another way," she blushed, fondly groping over her breasts and spanking her ass, making it wobble as she giggled, thinking of Titus as she realized in gladness, she was bigger because of HIM! Stepping in front of the space aged drier, her hair, her soft scales, and her nails, were dry in a matter of moments. The girl doing up some make-up in the area, doing her hair up nice in some curls to help her beauty shine. She soon left the room, heading back to the dorm area, quickly putting her dress back on, after slinking on her panties and bra, this time missing Titus's bag all together. Putting on her pack, she then left the room, blushing hard, "Ohhhhh my goodness," she chuckled, biting her bottom lip. When her and Titus had gone to 'bed' that shift, she hadn't expected to wake back up, having eaten him alive, her body having taken him as a meal. How embarrassing! What would she do, how could she explain this to him, once she saw him next time? Little the girl knowing, the only remnant of what ever she could experience, or see, of the once Vulp, no only existed on her chest, her cute bit of flap on her belly, and of course, her now, even larger, ass! Heading to the departure shuttle with a skip in her step, where her story continued, that night, Titus Hunter's, ended.... forever~