An epic solo battle ensued between Wake and a copper dragon. It was, apparently, a pet of one of the mad doctor's at this place. He split up from the gang about a day ago, as they went to destroy the evils of this island. Rations were getting low; he imagined Redd and Nedra were out of food by now, assuming any survived the cave in just a week or so ago. It was hard knowing how much time passed since this horrible journey began.

Currently, Wake was on a search and rescues mission for his allies. Navigating these dark crevasses was far from easy. After a while, he feared that his friends were lost forever. Wake feared to feel such a loss again. When any typical adventurer would've turned back, Wake marched forth. His ears then picked up something in the distance, running water. At this point, any water he ran into was either already pooled, or at a steady leak. Maybe this was a way to the sea or a freshwater spring. He had to investigate.

He dashed towards the sound, and after a while, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. At last, he saw dimly lit cavern. He looked with intrigue at the luminescent mushrooms. Maybe they could be ship lights or one of Granny's secret ingredients. He shook his head, regaining his focus. It was quite a fall, but there was a pool of water below. With his control of the elements and feather falling, he should be able to create a safe landing. At that thought, he leaped down.

The water rose from the freshwater spring, and created a surge of water upwards, like a geyser. The force upwards caught his great fall, and he had the water slowly lowered him to the ground. Once there, he looked around at the ship graveyard. How did so many boats get this deep underground? Maybe there was a way to the sea from here. Wake may not have been book smart, but he knew how to navigate. Thus, he kept a log of the tunnels (to the best of his ability) he traveled through.

As he wrote and drew the surrounding area, he noticed something big lying down. Was it a monster? He turned around and pulled his staff. He heard a growling sound, but one sounded familiar. That's Nedra's snore! He thought excitedly to himself. Sure enough, upon inspecting the noise, he saw the giant red tiefling, sleeping like a baby. Rushing to her side, he kneeled, trying to shake her awake, even if that meant Nedra would punch him for doing so. Luckily, for him, nothing like that happened. Instead, his student opened her eyes and rolled over. At first, all seemed to be okay in the world.

"Nedra, are you okay...?" He asked; as she became fully awake.

"Wake...? Is my stupid brain thing tricking me again...?" She asked the universe, in a tired tone of voice.

After a while, she saw it was indeed him. After checking if Nedra was okay, he updated her on their general situation. His student seemed a bit more silent though, other than a few nods of acknowledgment. For now, the tiefling kept her distance from her master. She flinched slightly as the Fishman approached her. That's when Wake noticed something was very wrong, as her body came to view; in the mushrooms' light.

For one, she was buck-ass naked! Wake covered his eyes and turned his head. His face was almost as red as Nedra's. Nedra wasn't one for modesty, so she didn't think much of it at first, but then realized Wake looking away.

"Oh... oops..." Nedra said, and eyed her clothes; yet didn't reach for them.

"Put some clothes on Nedra!" Wake said, scolding his student.

During this time, he noticed something. Nedra sighed; it seemed she had to put on clothes after all. Before she did though, she did one long stretch. Accidently, Nedra stood too close to Wake. As a result, her now big belly poked against Wake's hands, as they covered his eyes. At first, Wake thought it was her boobs or something pressing against him. No, it seemed too firm to be breasts (or so Wake heard). He peaked only slightly, seeing it was just her abs. However, her belly had become disturbingly large. A shiver went down his spine as he saw it move slightly.

Wake's hand moved towards the belly, as a blue aura began to form around it. There was no doubt about it, it was faint, but there was something alive inside Nedra's belly. Damn, just a week away, and she already got pregnant! Wait, could tieflings get pregnant that fast? Wake's insight here was a bit off, considering he still felt a bit worked up, after seeing his student's body. Taking another roll at investigating though, he concluded that couldn't be it. However, it didn't change the fact that something continued to move inside his student's belly.

"Nedra... what did you...?" He asked in a firm tone; as if scolding a dog.

At first, the young monk remained quiet and looked around. What should she say here? She decided to tell a little lie first.

"Well... I just ate a bunch of fish, yeah!" Nedra said, faking an excited tone, but it was clear to wake she was sweating.

Nedra was a terrible liar; even Wake could see through her. Still, what could this possibly be? He had no choice but to interrogate her further; maybe he could scare some answers out of her?

"Nedra... tell me what happened... now!" Wake shouted at his student.

The towering tiefling stood there in silence, thinking of anything she could say. Nothing came to mind, though. At least, she couldn't think of anything other than her last lie, only with different animals. At this point, she had three choices. Fight, flight, or come clean. Nedra clenched each fist, in some vague feeling of fear and disbelief than anger. Perhaps this is how shame felt? She felt her demonic heart beat harder in her chest, she had to do something here, and Wake wouldn't accept this silence for much longer. At that, she hesitantly opened her lips.

"I... I ate Redd..." She confessed, hiding her face under her long dark locks.

Wake stood there in silence. Surely, she was kidding. It seemed even more outlandish than her previous fib. He examined Nedra's expression closer. She clenched both of her fists, her body was shaking, and her skin had become a paler shade of red. No way, it can't be that. Wake had to make sure at this point, either way. His aura returned to his hand, and he pressed it against Nedra's pulsating belly.

At first, Wake felt nothing at all, but faint movements from within. The aura he sensed was of fire, in nature, but that described Nedra, so nothing seemed odd. Digging deeper within Nedra, the monk did feel something, another life force. He closed his eyes, focused, and dug deeper from within. The other aura inside of Nedra's gut had a fire aura as well. He sensed in further, and to his horror, this aura was indeed familiar, and very much human.

"Nedra..." Wake spoke, but wasn't even sure what to say next; he was both angered and afraid.

He wasn't sure what to do next. His vengeful mind and teacher's mind were having a battle within his very soul. Nedra passed that was truly unimaginable. Redd was gone, even if she somehow could get her out now. Another ally and friend had fallen. How could he let that go? At the same time, Nedra was both a student and a friend; he saw a lot of himself in her. Maybe there was some way to fix this, make sure it never happens again, without hurting her. As these thoughts raced through his head, out of nowhere, he felt something warm press against his lips.

He opened his eyes, only to see Nedra's fiery eye, gazing right back at his. To the fishman's disbelief, she was kissing him. It wasn't just a soft kiss though; her powerful tongue raided his mouth, forcing its way against his tongue. Wake tried to pull back, but her arms then wrapped around his back. Nedra had stolen his first kiss.

A feeling of sadness came to Wake, thinking of Calliope (a faun woman he's quite fond of), why has he been too scared to ask her out after all this time? If he ever did anything like this, he hoped she'd be the first. At that thought, she fell forward, bringing them both to the ground; Wake now on his back.

On top of him, he saw Nedra's entire body; her huge breasts and muscular, bulged, belly. Reaching up, and without thinking, he grabbed her big butt, while trying to find a way to get her off him. It was to no avail; he only accomplished turning his face crimson red upon this little accident. Nedra smiled before giving a soft moan, feeling Wake's hands on her ass. She wanted more.

"Nedra no!" Wake cried out to his student, as he battled to try to overpower her.

"Nedra yes..." She said in lust, ignoring her sensei's commands.

Her hands ran down his exposed chest. Wake didn't wear a lot, to begin with, so this would be all too easy. Her claw-like hands grasped at his kilt and ripped it right off. At that, his large blue member now hung out in the open, whether Wake liked it or not.

At first, he played with it, stroking it up and down. Nedra's technique was rather blunt, but he couldn't deny it felt good. Wake tried to deny himself this pleasure, but his body reacted, as it naturally should have. His member became erect. For the tiefling, this was just a way to warm her sensei up before the real fun. Nedra looked down at the fish-man, licking her lips. She was pleased to see the size of Wake's manhood. She was worried it wouldn't be big enough to make up for her size.

"Nedra... wait" Wake spoke, still trying to reason with her between the pleasures.

Her weight alone was a daunting task to overcome, let alone the fact she was actively pinning him down. Even if he tried to push her off, it would fail. At least, it would fail without using some of his more powerful techniques. Alas, he used up his daily specials, and besides, his goal was no longer to hurt her; no matter what she did. However, he had to find a way to tame his student. Perhaps having sex with her is the only way.

Whether this was true wisdom or not, he watched as Nedra grasped Wake's cock, and slowly slid it between the lips of her womanhood. It thrust up into her. To her joy, sensei's cock managed to slip in, nice and deep. This moment was the first time she did anything like this, but something primal took over her, as she began to bounce her hips up and down.

Wake winced, feeling each thrust weigh down on him. She was putting everything in it, and unless he wanted his pelvis to cave in, he needed to fight back as well. At that thought, he too moved his hips up, in rhythm with hers. Moans of pleasure came from her lips as she took in his entire member. The powerful muscles inside of her clamped around his cock, like a vice-grip. There was no way she'd let Wake escape now.

Though hesitant to do so, Wake grabbed onto her hips, to gain an advantage. Nedra's body moved up and down, sweat poured from her heating body. Wake tried his best to grip her hips, but his hands kept sliding onto her big red booty. After a while, he just accepted it and squeezed upon her big round firm asscheeks. With his grip, it spread her asscheeks open, showing her puckered hole. It too felt an undying heat, but she focused on the here and now. She was pleased to see Wake's eyes were now wide open. He'd be able to see her big bouncing tits. She could tell, her naughty sensei couldn't keep his eyes off them. She gave him a sly smile and spoke.

"You can grab them if you want..." Nedra offered her breasts as she shook them back and forth.

At first, Wake tried to stay subdued, but he couldn't deny, Nedra had developed quite a bit since they first met. Sheepishly, his hands reached up and grabbed upon her breasts. Unlike the rest of her body, they were soft to the touch. He couldn't believe he was feeling these things, especially Nedra's. Gathering more courage and acceptance to his disposition, he began to be more playful with them. Mostly, he squeezed them, tried to bounce them, and moved them circularly while in his grasp.

Nedra bit her lip, feeling this newfound pleasure. Her fully erected nipples poked against Wake's fingertips, as he so willingly played with them. From this little distraction, her pace slowed just a bit. Wake was able to thrust more freely, without the tiefling's weight overpowering him. In response, Nedra moaned, feeling Wake's cock slide against her clit. By dumb luck alone, Wake was doing something right. It also helped that his power was one of the few that can ever compete against Nedra's dominating presence. This little moment soon ended though, as Nedra's eyes came aflame. Her lust was becoming beyond primal at this point. Wake's eyes widened, he knew he'd be in a world of pain in just a second.

With her full power and weight, she came up and down on Wake's big blue cock. It pulsated deep inside of her, as he endured this dominating force. Any attempt to grab onto her body failed. All he could do was grab onto the ground below. Nedra was greedy, only thinking of her body's needs.

"Nedra...!" Wake cried out, trying to get her attention back.

She replied with only a playful smile as she moved her hips wildly. Her tight pussy continued to clamp around Wake's dick, as Nedra gave it the wildest ride yet. Wake moaned in pleasure, as he got his bearings back. He gave Nedra's red booty a nice hard spank, before grabbing onto it again. All he could think of now was the feeling of their sex. He even managed to ignore the somber mood he got when looking at Nedra's gut, which was slowly shrinking.

Both moaned and grunted in pleasure. Wake felt the heat radiating off Nedra; she activated her aura for this. Wake too let his energy out as well. Their sex had become like a battle. Sure, Wake was on the defensive, but he wouldn't break. At least, that's what he thought before he felt his cock start to pulsate; he was close to his climax. Nedra felt this; she was close too. She refused to do so before she managed to make her mentor cum first. Despite Wake's best efforts, it indeed happened. He grabbed on tightly to his student's body as he began his climax. It was far more intense than anything he felt before.

Though the prospect of what could happen worried him, he could do nothing to stop this load going right into her pussy, and possibly into her womb. Ironically, he could be the one to cause her pregnancy, after his earlier worries. That is if their species could even mix.

Meanwhile, Nedra had a pleased look on her face. Her eyes closed, though as she focused her aura on stimulating her ever-heating womanhood. Soon, that in combination with Wake's release into her pussy brought Nedra over the edge. Both firsts punched to the ground, next to Wake, as she began to peak. A genuinely demonic aura surrounded her, as she let all that lust and desire out. Her cum was red hot too, it even burned Wake a bit as it dripped onto his waist and inner thigh.

"Damn..." Nedra muttered in a heavy breath.

Sadly, for Wake, this was almost in disappointment. It's not that this didn't feel good; it was downright amazing. Alas, it wasn't enough to satiate her lust.

"We need to talk..." These were the only words Wake said, as Nedra lifted herself off him, and got back to her feet.

The tiefling girl remained quiet at first, as she dusted herself off. Wake too got off his feet and did the same. In a rare moment, Nedra found herself lost in thought. She then walked towards a metal frame of one of the wrecked ships. She pressed one hand against it and bent over. Her large red ass was practically in Wake's face. Despite these actions, she spoke back to her sensei's words.

"I know... a long talk. We can do it later. Can we have a little more fun first?" Nedra had sounded more like herself, cheerful and childish in tone.

The tiefling giggled some, as she shook her big booty. Wake felt blindsided, as her mounds of ass slapped against his face; before she leaned in. Her tail wrapped around his neck and pushed him towards those round cheeks. Wake tried to back away, but he still felt uneasy of this whole situation, so even her tail overpowered him. He had to admit, though, as it pressed against his chest and face, it was damn sexy. Besides being big and round, it felt like a great mixture of firmness and softness. It was also hot to the touch; he could only imagine how warm and tight it was inside her puckered hole.

"Fine... but we have to go after this..." Wake said, turning his head to hide his face.

"Yes!" She cheered, as she continued to press her butt against his face.

"It might help if you bend down a little more..." Wake stated the obvious, as her ass continued to bombard him.

"Oh... right..." She said with a small laugh.

At those words, she backed up more, but let Wake go so he may do the same. She kneeled, standing on all fours. She continued to sway her ass back and forth as if trying to hypnotize the fish-man with its lusciousness. Her asscheeks spread, as Wake got his first close look at her hole. It was as red as the rest of her body. He didn't care how it looked in any case, only how it felt. The monk hated to admit it, but he was getting into this. He couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed himself though, as he began to stroke his member until it got nice and hard for her. What kind of perverted master has he become?

Wake swallowed once, as he stepped towards Nedra. Her back arched upwards, leaving her plump booty up in the air. She swayed it back and forth, and wagged her tail in the air, just above her ass. Playfully, she bent the pointed end of her tail towards her asscrack, like an arrow saying to put it in, right there. Both of Wake's hands reached forth. and grabbed her asscheeks and squeezed tightly. Each plush cheek shook with the slightest movement. The Fishman got more daring and gave Nedra's ass a nice hard spanking.

His student gave a gentle purring moan. Wake watched as her big red cheeks jiggled with every slap. The sound echoed throughout the cave, as he put more strength behind each spanking. Nedra yelped at every strike of his palm, before moaning in pleasure. Her body began to heat up more and more, to the point where her ass was hot to the touch. Literal steam rose from her crimson skin with every smack. Her pussy dripped as well, as she thought of just how it would feel to have a cock up her ass. Whether it ends up being pain or pleasure, she'd love every second of it.

Wake grabbed her hip with his left hand, while his right positioned his cock. He slid it between both of her asscheeks. Before even reaching her hole, he loved the warmth and softness of each cheek. A slight smile traced Wake's lips as he slid his hands back onto Nedra's ass. He squeezed both of her asscheeks against the base of his cock, as he said it between then. His hips moved slightly, thus getting a nice ass-job from her fat red ass.

Nedra clenched her ass, squeezing Wake's cock with her powerful glutes. In her impatience though, she backed her ass up, driving his cock deeper into her willing hole. With a small chuckle, Wake put both hands back on her hips; it seemed it was time for the main event. Nedra moaned in pain slightly, as she first felt the tip of her mentor's cock poke against her tight hole. It took a little force, but Wake felt the head start to slide into her heated hole. Nedra did her best to loosen herself up, so it would slight right in. It took a little bit of adjusting for both, but soon Wake's thick cock sank deeper into her ass.

Both grunted in pleasure, as Nedra managed to take in his entire cock. Wake's pace started slow, sliding his cock in and out of her ass gingerly. Already, her ass wrapped around his cock, squeezing it even harder than her pussy did. It seemed her ass was slicker the more he fucked it, and he soon was able to pick up the pace, to Nedra's delight.

Each thrust came just a bit harder, smacking his hips against the tiefling's ass, with a loud smacking sound echoing across the room. Her ass was the perfect thing to push. Her plump and firm ass could take any amount of force Wake could throw at her. The deeper he wedged his dick into Nedra's ass, the tighter and hotter it felt, he wanted to go as deep as possible. Thus, he charged up his aura, preparing to go all out on her.

"Yes! Harder! Wooo!" Nedra screamed out.

She turned her head, looking a Wake as he handled her. She had a wide toothy grin on her face. She usually only had a smile this big while in the heat of an intense battle. She felt the right mixture of pleasure and pain she desired. She never felt anything enter her ass before, so it fought back with every inch. Despite this fact, she fought against it, with brute force alone. She pressed her ass with every thrust, and forced Wake's cock deeper and deeper into her body. Little by little, her tight ass adjusted, and it felt damn good.

Both of their auras became aflame as they both went all out; fucking as hard as possible. Wake remained quiet, other than grunts and moans of pleasure. Nedra's, on the other hand, let the lust drive her wild. Continuous screams of yes, and flat out joyful, but primal, screaming erupted from the horny tiefling. Her fists clenched, and smashed against the ground, breaking the wooden planks just below them.

"Yes, Nedra loves cock!" She shouted, gleefully, at the top of her lungs.

Her primal urges of lust transformed into pure ecstasy. The innocence in her returned, ironically by acts so dirty. Hell, she didn't even think about the fact Redd was still stewing in her belly. No, only her master's cock mattered right now. Wake felt overcome with pleasure. The feeling of Nedra's ass was even better than he imagined. Sometimes, her asshole clenched on his cock so hard, it hurt. He grew to like it, as each second passed. At this point, his hips moved with the force of a dragon. The smacks to her ass with ever plunge into that ass echoed across the room, louder than ever. Their bodies felt raw as they continued their lovemaking. Something had to give soon.

Both closed their eyes at the same time and moaned loudly. Wake's member throbbed deep inside Nedra's ass, as she worked it over. She somehow gained muscle control so she could overpower him and his cock in ways he could never imagine. Her ass was pulling in his cock, wanting to go as deep as possible. It got to the point where it was harder and harder to thrust. Despite that, he matched the power her ass dished out. Nedra moaned louder and continuously more than ever; he could tell she was close. So was Wake, but he wanted to make her cum first. Her thunderous and fiery aura surrounded her body. She was up for this little challenge.

Wake's thrusts were impressive at this point. They rocked her body with every movement. Nedra's power was still overwhelming, even to the monk. She made sure to move her ass back with every thrust. Their rhythm was in harmony. They never felt this way before and loved every second of it. Wake's cock throbbed even more than before, he did his best to resist the urge, but his cock was overwhelmed. Desperately, she wanted to feel his seed pour deep inside her big ass. Wake had no choice to abide.

The fishman's member stretched, as Nedra's muscular ass pulled him in more and more. He could barely move his hips, as they both reached the edge of climax. Nedra had a confident smile; she knew she won. She intended to drain every bit of cum out of Wake's cock she could. Wake began frozen, as he began to climax. This one felt more intense than the one earlier. Nedra licked her lips, feeling his hot seed pump into her ass. He moaned loudly, losing all feeling of his self. His student defeated him that day, even while she was on the receiving end.

Nedra took in both the joy of victory and the pleasure of their sex, as his cum erupted deep inside her big demonic ass. She was sure to suck up as much as she could, so it may never leave the deepest depths of her big red ass. Her tail wrapped around Wake's waist, trying to pull him as deep into her as possible. She pumped every drop of Wake's seamen into her hole and loved every second of it. The fish-man felt weak at the knees, as his pupil took him all him. Heavy pants escaped his chest as he finished delivering his load. He couldn't believe it; he fucked his student's ass.

Nedra closed her eye, and took in the warmth of Wake's seed, as it pumped into her tight hole. She felt relieved; she could finally cum as well. Her pussy was already far over the edge. All she was holding back came out as once. In a single stream, her juices sprayed to the floor and leaked onto Wake's feet. The fishman felt all his energy drained. He fell, leaning against her massive body. She looked back, with a victorious grin of her face, knowing she fucked her master into submission.

They both fell to the floor and breathed heavily. Wake wrapped his arms around her, as he dozed off. Nedra soon followed suit. At that, they got their fears and frustration out in one lovemaking session. At that moment, they could get a little rest. After all, they still had quite the trip to make through these caverns. Without thinking about Redd's demise, Wake wrapped his arms around Nedra, as he rested. Wake's cock, even after sliding out of her asshole; his dick now trapped between her plump asscheeks. Not that he minded.

The morning came, and Wake shook himself awake. One arm wrapped around Nedra, as they slept; their bodies pressed together. He kissed the back of her head without thinking about it. His eyes came opened, and all the memories of the previous night flowed through his head. Redd digesting in Nedra’s stomach seemed like a nightmare, but it sank in that it was a reality. Nedra rolled over and smiled at Wake. She was still excited from last night.

Despite the awkwardness, they both got ready for the next step of their journey. Reluctantly, Nedra dressed and suited up. Once they were both ready, they set out to the tunnel Wake went through to get here. Before they set off, he couldn't help but notice Nedra's belly. At this point, was pudgy. Nedra's stomach had long digested Redd. It was quite odd seeing her with any form of a gut. Usually, she was the most well-built fighter in the party. Wake couldn't help but touch her inflated belly. It was surreal; Redd had turned into nothing but belly fat. As sad and scary as that was, it was quite fun to touch the soft pudge of his student's belly.

Things were silent during the first part of their journey, but soon Wake got the courage to speak up. Nedra too was silent. Wake could sense unease with her. Perhaps she worried Wake feared her, or worse. Redd's "disappearance" was quite problematic, his relations as an ally aside. Even so, Nedra was still a valued person in his life. Despite that, he had to make a vow there and now. If Nedra did anything like this again, he'd personally deal with her.

After about seven hours of travel, he heard familiar voices in the distance. As expected, it was Eloy and Ezra. At first, all seemed well, other than a few visible singe marks on their clothes. One thing did stick out once they walked closer. Eloy had a noticeably large belly of his own, as well as an uneasy look on his face. After the casual greetings, Wake couldn't help but ask Eloy about that. Ezra was the one to speak for him first, though.

"Do you know how he's the ghost spooker...? Well now's he's the ghost eater..."

That's right, somehow, someway, Eloy managed to devour an enemy spirit of the dead. Unlike Nedra, he didn't seem quite as satisfied with his meal. Something he admitted to as he spoke up.

"Quite frankly, I have no idea how this even happened, and I'm quite horrified by it," Eloy said as he rubbed his belly.

Rather than pleasure, he seemed to be trying to ease an upset stomach. Wake couldn't help but twitch one eye. Even with the recent events, this was quite unusual.

"I just hope Risf can fix this, being the god of who lives and dies, and all... maybe he can exercise these sprits or something..." Eloy spoke, mentioning their kobold friend, and a priest turned outer god.

Wake couldn't help but wonder if Risf could help Redd. No, not even a god could turn Redd back from being tiefling pudge. No doubt, Nedra would work that off though. Whether it was from training, fighting, or fucking, he'd have to find out. For now, he acted as if everything was okay.

Eventually, the topic of Nedra's belly briefly came up. Nedra froze, trying to think of a lie. To her relief, Wake answered for her. He explained she was at a ship graveyard and having nothing to do but punch already destroyed ships, and eat fish. They seemed to buy it, and the idea that Nedra was just embarrassed about the weight gain. Now, what happened to Redd, he'd have to come up with one mother of a lie.

He decided to play dumb and pretended not to know. With a heavy heart, the crew considered Redd missing in action. Never would anyone but Wake and Nedra know of her true fate. At that, the Wonders continued as is, in their quest to fight off the Onrush. They felt a bit of somberness anytime they looked at the gem Redd gave them, but they wouldn't let this artifact go to waste.

On the plus side, it gave Wake more to grab onto during their newer and sexier training sessions. The teacher needed to make sure Nedra never devour an ally again. Wake felt guilty over enjoying the layers of fat on Nedra's ass and tits. Her belly was soon worked off, though, as cute as it was. Wake knew Nedra's hunger wasn't satiated, neither her stomach nor pussy's. Wake knew he had to find a solution, but that's a story for another day.