Ritsuka awoke from what seemed like a wonderful dream though it started as a nightmare, Kyiohime had attacked Mash but he had saved her only to confess his love by accident, something that seemed to be ignored for the discovery he wanted to eat Mash followed by him doing just that.

"What a wonderful dream but I should do some ember collecting today, it's saber day so Kuro would be a good choice." he tried to sit up only to find himself weighed down around his stomach "think about the snake and she shall appear" he murmured to himself annoyed upon seeing a large bulge under the blanket, with a sigh he lifted it only to find there was no one there, just a large belly somehow being held within his mystic code clothing. Ritsuka's blood ran cold for a moment as he placed his ear to his bloated gut.

"Please be ok. please" his voice trembling as he whispered praying he was wrong, soft breathing could be heard from the orb of flesh and even a small movement. He let out a sigh "thank Artemis she's okay" he quickly scanned his room for any other evidence of what had happened and soon found Scathach asleep at his desk "so that was real?" he exclaimed as he looked at the blue rune on his hand. His shock woke the two slumbering women, Mash awoke first and lurched forward knocking Ritsuka to his knees due to the sudden weight shift, Scathach shot out of her seat and already had her spear in hand before realizing what was going on but her fierceness turned to a wicked smile.

"oh master your awake. Enjoying the feeling your most loyal servant tucked away?" The assassin's joy was clear as day.

"Ya I am, though I am wondering how you knew that I wanted to do this with mash, given I never said it to anyone." he rubbed his belly constantly as he spoke.

"Oh, I just watched you a bit. I saw the way you stared at Gorgon and Shuten, the way you seemed to get excited when they threatened to eat someone. I figured you had a thing for people getting eaten, from there I worked it out." the assassin replied with a smile.

"Okay, new question how do me and Mash eat or drink anything?" the assassin just waved her hand trying to dismiss it.

"You two will be fine but if you must know Mash is a servant so can live on your mana which she will have plenty in there but as for you, you will draw small amounts of nutrients from her but you can still eat just instead of acid the skin inside of your stomach will digest anything it knows as food directly so Mash is in no danger." Ritsuka had more questions but his stomach growled so just decided to shrug and go with it.

"let's go get something to eat Mash" he began to rise as he spoke "yes senpai" Mash threw her hand up in excitement as she sometimes did momentarily forgetting where she was and knocking Ritsuka back down just as he got back up. It took fifteen minutes for the two to rise and make their way to the cafeteria. As they drew near they could hear the din of conversions in the background, all of which went silent when Ritsuka entered. Every eye was on his large gut, the master arrived at the counter to order his food and was greeted by a concerned Emiya archer.

"master perhaps you should order a diet menu item. you seem to have put on quite a bit of weight in the last few days."

"no thanks. Mash, you wanted one of Emiya's chocolate desserts right?" Ritsuka rubbed his belly gently,

"yes and some of the cat's dumplings," she replied chipperly. Emiya stared for a moment before sighing

"I won't ask about Mash being there but I do have one thing to say. EAT YOUR DINNER FIRST BEFORE DESSERT!" Emiya's voice caused Ritsuka and Mash both jumped and nodded agreeing to his terms even though the archer couldn't see Mash. The conversations resumed as Ritsuka sat at an empty table but before he even finished sitting Gorgon and Shuten Doji were sitting down with platefuls of meat.

"I didn't expect you to eat someone master, and your little kohai no less. though I guess that means no gurgling her up, you're skipping the best part you know" Shuten laughed, Gorgon simply looked at his large belly silently. Ritsuka picked up a peeled orange

"If this works there's an orange on its way down Mash." he proceeded to open his mouth as wide as he could and dropped it in so it would go straight to mash.

"Thanks, senpai" she replied happily and could faintly be heard humming in between bites. The master proceeded to do the same with the dumplings and a few other items of food while ignoring Shuten comments, though Gorgons stare was a tad concerning. "Okay mash time for desert" he carefully lifted the small chocolate cake towards his mouth and even took a chunk of his arm in just to make sure mash got a good grip on it.

"How did she taste?" the silence was broken by Gorgon as all eyes at the table turned to her "what it's an honest question. every human tends to have a unique taste to them so I wonder what she tasted like".

Shuten just turned to their master with a grin as he thought about how to properly answer.

"sweet, very sweet. I guess like strawberry ice cream would be the best comparison." he rose from the table "if you two will excuse us we have embers to gather. Though do you think anyone else figured it out?" both women shook their heads

"a certain assassin in a skimpy outfit has you covered. said after what happened last night you stress ate a ton and mash is to hurt to leave her room. Don't worry we won't spoil this for you." Shuten whispered. Gorgon groaned before speaking carefully to not let any others hear "I used my size to hide mash's movements for you, though I would recommend getting rid of the lesser snake for both your sake's."

Ritsuka nodded. "Mash, you may need to try to be still or we might cause a panic."

"I don't mind, I think I'm going to go back to sleep if that's alright senpai."

"Of course Mash. Sleep tight sweety," he called his ember gathering team to him as he rubbed his belly. Only Kuro seemed to notice or care about his massive belly move occasionally.