A Most Unfortunate Possession

B y Vivid Lucidity

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While having a hoard of gold is nice, where’s the fun if you can’t spend it? Sin currently enjoyed such fun as he perused the wares of a shop of mysteries, far more concerned about his appearance than financial sense. The young, male demi-being with pale skin and pitch black hair currently wore a tight-fitting black dress. Ripples of black and purple stretched down to his feet like a ball-gown; it was very much the kind of dress for a fancy party. Black gloved hands danced across items as he looked while a leather handbag was slung across his shoulder. It hung heavy with gold coins; Sin hoped to lighten it significantly by the time he got home.

The store itself was just as dark and mysterious as the wares it sold, made from rough wood and stone. Magical gems hung from the ceiling to illuminate the wares, yet even then it was still dim. The cluttered goods cast long shadows, with shelves and boxes haphazardly stacked on top of each other to form a maze. There was just so much around, furniture, vases, gems, paintings, all not quite right, never feeling like they were meant to exist.

It all made Sin feel right at home.

He could barely remember why he came to this magical, medieval realm for shopping, he was just so enamoured in all the things. He practically skipped through the store, humming some kitschy shopping music from a place he couldn’t remember. Until he spied something very peculiar indeed and stopped right in front of it.

The shelf was like any other. Wooden, engraved, covered in cobwebs and wedged between two statues. The items on it were like any other. A few tomes, some small, dusty ceramic vases, and bottles of who knows what. But what was at the centre grabbed his eye, and a few other senses as well. It was a long object with a curved tip and could fit in his hand; Sin’s deviant mind immediately recognised it as a buttplug. The surface was a black matte material that reflected no light, being so dark, it looked more like a hole in reality. Faint glowing red cracks spread across the surface. Curious, Sin brought a finger near one of the cracks, and it glowed brighter as he approached.

Clearly, there was something inside. Something powerful. And something that wanted to get out.

With that, Sin gleefully picked up and held it close to his chest, as he weaved and danced his way to the counter. At the back of the store was a simple wooden counter with the shop’s owner behind it. The owner was a tall and muscular shark girl with slate grey skin. She stood almost twice the height of dainty Sin, with her loincloth almost coming up past the counter. A loincloth that seemed to have something bulging out from within...

But Sin didn’t give it any heed, putting the buttplug up on the counter along with a stack of gold coins. The shopkeeper raised an eyebrow down at the dainty little man.

“Uhh, are you sure about that mam, pardon, sir?” Her voice was deep and booming from her stature, making the sound of concern in her tone all the more sincere. “That thing ... it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before...”

“Which is exactly why I want it. Where’s the fun in buying something if you know exactly what it’s going to do?”

“Seriously, you should reconsider. It’s dangerous messing with things you don’t understand.”

Exactly .” Sin said as he looked up to the shopkeeper. His eye began to glow, while the lights started to dim. “Which is exactly why you shouldn’t stop me buying it. Ta!”

And with that, he plucked the item from the counter, put it in his handbag and turned to leave. The shopkeeper thought of speaking up against him, but just hung her head low and went back to tending the store.

For Sin, the hardest part was keeping himself looking decent as he strutted out the door. Having the toy in his handbag made him feel hot and flustered in more ways than one. By the time he left the store and stepped onto the cobblestone street, a clear outline of his shaft pressed against his dress. He was in the middle of a quaint medieval city, with buildings made from wood and stone. Harkers lined every street-corner, while people of all species and genders walked from building to building. Considering his out of place clothing, more than a few people stared at him, but he didn’t mind. It was only fair considering how he stared back at quite a few attractive people. His thoughts quickly turned lewd, and the idea of having some fun out in the open crossed his mind, but he kept walking. He could enjoy his treat once he got home. Wouldn’t want to ruin this world with wayward magic, would he?

He turned into an alleyway with the door to his home right in the middle of it, seemingly floating in the air. Giving the impossible entrance no thought, he walked up the steps, flung open the door, and he was home.

Dark, dusty halls greeted him as he stepped back into his parlour, the sensation of home washing over him like a cool bath. There was no place like home after all. His lungs filled with the sweet, musty air as he looked around his adobe, before settling on the scorch marks still at the centre of the parlour.

“Oh shoot, that’s why I went out shopping! To buy a rug to cover that ugly thing!” He muttered in faux annoyance. “Oh well. Always another time to go shopping.” He shrugged.

Besides, he had much more important things to worry about, such as the throbbing erection pressing hard against his dress. It wasn’t just a bulge, but an unmissable rod hanging up the skirt of his dress. It was so large, the hem started to lift from the ground while a wet patch steadily grew from his damp tip. Grabbing his dress with one hand he pulled it away with flourish, the suit designed to tug off easily. It practically unravelled around himy, revealing the stark-naked body beneath the dress. He wore nothing but his gloves, collar and shackles, with his impressive cock still throbbing hard. The weighty member dangled and swayed in front of him, staining the floorboards with pre but he couldn’t care less.

Grabbing the buttplug and dropping the handbag, he held it in front with his right hand, while his left idly jerked his shaft. It seemed to glow brighter and loom larger than when he last saw it. He swore he could hear voices coming from it also. But he was barely paying attention, his gaze locked on the lovely curves all coming to one delightful point. His left hand idly stroked his shaft, gliding along the smooth, long surface lubricated with dribbling pre. His fingers wrapped around the shaft and squeezed, eliciting a low moan from his lips and a fresh dollop of pre from his tip. His right hand though went lower~

As he dragged the tip across his smooth, right buttcheek, he gasped from the tingles running through his body. Lower and lower he dragged it, the tingles growing stronger, before pushing it at his backdoor. No sudden insertion, but a slow, teasing grind against his tight hole, only the very tip starting to dip inside. But the teasing was more than enough. As soon as he pressed the tip against his firm ring he arched his back in pure pleasure. While he had tried many a buttplug before, this ... this was something else. His tight, firm rear was slowly being stretched apart by the shaft.

He tried to tease it out longer but couldn’t control himself. He began to grind it in harder and harder to push it deeper. The tight ring was quickly spread open. As it turned wider his moans took a more feverous pitch, before he gasped as it popped inside. It took a moment for him to adjust to the solid, tingling weight in his behind. But when he did, he eagerly began to grind it around. He might’ve been a dignified and refined entity, but now, all that drove him was a desire for pleasure. He shut his eye and lost himself to the pleasure as he furiously stroked himself while trying to force it deeper. It had plenty more girth to spread him wide with...

But there was something else besides the pleasure. As he slipped it deeper and deeper, a dark, red wispy form seeped out. It was amorphous and impossible to truly define, with an appearance similar to the item it came from. It spread out like wildfire across his skin, turning pale white into dark, scaly black with a hint of purple. It travelled all across his body, down his legs, up his hands, across his chest, but he didn’t react. To him, it was just a pleasant tingle.

Every part it touched corrupted, twisting in its own image. For Sin was just a blank canvas to it, something to shape in the way it wanted. As it reached above his supple cheeks, a long, pitch black tail burst forth with a splash of ink. As thick as his wrist and as long as his body, it whipped at the air with its spade tip. As it moved about a faint purple haze could be seen in its wake: aphrodisiacs. Already they worked into his nostrils, making his moans deeper and more pre gush out of his cock.

It did not only travel upwards, but raced down his legs as well, making them even thicker and supple. There was no doubt they were the legs of a female. Reaching his feet, it arced up the heels, turning them into long, raised stilettos made from dark bone. His toes turned into long, pointed claws.

But it continued ever upwards, wrapping around his waist and moving up his chest. As it passed his crotch, two hip wings popped out with another flourish of ink. They were draconic, with pitch black spurs and a dark, velvet purple for their webbing. They beat at the air as if calling someone over, looking exceptionally slutty while doing so. Sparing his cock for now, they went higher, feeling like two strong, firm hands running up his body to him. He arched his back further as they climbed ever higher. Reaching the peak of his chest they swelled it outwards, growing two petite, firm breasts from nothing. While not massive, they were still firm and supple, jiggling with every shudder running through his body. Two purple, perfectly round nipples capped them off, each the size of a coin. Already white milk seeped out and ran down his form. Like his tail it was stuffed with aphrodisiacs. His hands occupied he hunched his shoulders to rub the weighty orbs together, not once wondering why he suddenly had breasts.

As it ran down his arms to transform them, it dove into his shaft as well. The already weighty member became larger, mass piling into the darkening spire. It grew and grew, quickly surpassing its size just after consumption and continuing to grow. In mere moments it became too girthy to grip with one hand, forcing him to slide his fingers along the underside. But he didn’t notice nor care, for the shaft felt oh so more sensitive. His balls swelled out to nice, plump spheres, bouncing with every thrust of his possession. The shaft itself grew somewhat reptilian, with a pointed tip and a firm plates running along the top. Every single plate sent another gush of pre out of his tip when caressed. The pre itself was thicker, whiter, and in even greater volume.

The assets transformed, there was only one place left. It dove up his neck and across his head. His messy black hair melted away into his very skull, with two long, curving spearing from the mass. His teeth became fangs and his tongue slender and silver. And finally, it dove into his eye, turning the eyelid black.

Only for him to open it, to reveal a swirling, glowing red cauldron.

With a final thrust and throaty growl he hilted the plug inside, fitting in entirely within his rear. It brought another gush of pre, this one twice the size of any man’s normal load. Taking a moment to bask in it, he then resumed stroking and grinding, bringing himself ever closer to climax. And in that moment of clarity, he became aware of something . A presence, now pushing upon his mind as the wispy entity snaked into his ears. It now swirled around him like a galaxy, spearing into his body, claiming it with its presence. His stiletto heels for feet lifted ever so slightly from the ground.

Well what do we have here, hmm? ” A hissing, raspy voice suddenly emanated in his mind, leaping out as if it were his own thoughts. “ Enjoying your new body, little one?

“Mmmh, very much so~” He replied. His voice was now even more sultry and feminine, sounding completely like that of a woman’s. Even now, at the centre of this possession, he still had the same, cocky tone. “I enjoyed every single second of it.”

You knew? And continued to pleasure yourself? My my , what a foolish little harlot you are~ You’ll be an easy possession...

“Mmmh, while that might be true...~” He chuckled, squeezing his shaft especially hard.
She won’t be~”

Sin’s lips curled upwards as he felt its confusion, before a large presence loomed in his mind, and it turned to outright panic. Some one else was awaking within him, a deep rumble trembling the parlour’s dust as she rose from his body. The demon tried to flee, pulling away from him and escaping his mind, but it was too late.

With a flash of light, a new ethereal presence leapt out of his body. A large, feminine dragon with dark, ghostly scales, her size dwarfing that of Sin and the intruder. Its jaw stretched high out of his head and looked down upon the entity that was frozen in place. And all the while, Sin was just smiling and stroking his new, demonic cock.

“Go get em girl~” He muttered, before she stretched her maw wide and slammed it down. In an instant the intruder was taken into her maw and swallowed, struggling down her ghostly throat and into his body. His lips curled even more as he felt it, struggling and screaming, slip away into his form and add to his power. Every piece of knowledge, every piece of power, stripped away from it and added onto him. It felt like he was getting bigger, his presence enlarging while his mind stretched all the same. A rush of power that made his cock throb so hard, it almost hurt.

Content that the beast had been swallowed, the draconic form disappeared back inside of him and fell back into her deep slumber. The last few drops of the wisp evaporated into Sin’s skin, releasing him. He fell onto the floor and stood tall, marvelling his new body. As he stroked himself off he gazed over his curves, his weighty shaft, his large breasts. It was deliciously slutty, and just fit an entity like him.

For him, one thing was certain.

He couldn’t wait to try out his new body.

Giving his shaft one final stroke, he let go of it and started strutting for the door. His cock ached for release, while his massive balls churned, practically begging to be drained, but he held. It was difficult, but he held. Mostly because he wanted to unload somewhere special, and a tiny fraction of him knew how much of a mess that would make. As he strutted with the most feminine and slutty walk imaginable, hip wings beating at the air, his fingers reached down for his rear. Delving deep into his rear, it found the buttplug and yanked it out with a wet schlerp of sweat and slime. He dangled it in front of him and peered close. The glow had faded, leaving it looking rather mundane.

“Pah, not even useful as a toy anymore...” he muttered before chucking it away, letting it roll and bounce to a stop on the floor.

Flicking off the last of the slime from his fingers, he took one last breath of his own aphrodisiacs and strode headlong through the door. He had no idea where he was going, nor did he care, just so long as he went somewhere fun. Shutting his eye, he flung the door open and strode through with aplomb.

When he opened his eye again, he saw his in a very peculiar indeed: the cosmos. He looked around to see a sea of stars above him, all crystal clear and beautifully bright. No light or atmosphere dimmed them, they all shone clear through. Smiling, he looked down and saw a tumultuous orange sea stretching out far beneath him. Yet it was like no sea he had even glimpsed before, being uneven, rough, and marked with many a different colour. It took him a moment before he recognised what it was: Jupiter itself. The orange planet, stretching out far beneath him, taking up his entire vision.

Yet despite this and where he was, he still felt gravity, he still felt air, and his heels pressed down against a smooth, glass-like surface. A surface he could not see, but one he could feel. A gentle breeze wafted across his demonic skin, smelling of leather, drink, perfume and a hint of sex. It was a familiar scent for him, for it that was the smell of a nightclub.

Sin’s lips curled higher, he had come to exactly the right place. He could hear it as well, the clink of bottles and the gentle waft of conversation.

Behind him was the door he came from, taking the place of the club’s entrance. The ‘walls’ themselves were nothing more than windows that looked out into the eternal cosmos, indicated by nothing more than a faint red glow along their underside. Confusing, but Sin didn’t mind in the slightest. Strutting down the main entrance hallway he stepped into the large, main room, where the night was in full swing.

A large of group of people was there, drinking at the bar, sitting behind tables and much more. The décor was dark, somewhat demonic, with a lot of blacks, reds and purples. The patrons themselves were not human, but various anthromorphic animal species, such as tigers, wolfs and horses. Much to Sin’s delight, a good chunk of them were female, and they were all simply beautiful.

To his left was the bar, his right a set of lounge chairs, and in front: a catwalk. A large, illuminated stage to strut along, complete with a stripper’s pole at the very edge. A deer girl with long, curvaceous legs, pale fur and no clothing to hide it twirled around on the chrome tower. An audience laid in rapt attention. But when Sin strode into the room, one by one, all eyes snapped to him. The incubus, with glowing skin, a feminine body yet exceptionally masculine shaft, and a steady stream of aphrodisiacs filling the air. The adoration was like a fine wine and he drank it all up. But he didn’t give them a glance as he strode straight for the catwalk. Drinks were put down, conversations came to an end as more and more became enraptured by his form. Passing the now entranced dancer, he went to the end of the stage, stepped up, and strode down the catwalk.

For him, it was the world’s stage, and he treated it like one. Hand on his hip, tail swishing at the heavy, intoxicating air, he strutted his stuff like a fashion model. He flaunted himself like one at least, swaying his cock and breasts while flapping his hip-wings. All eyes were on him and his swaying, curvaceous body, a hush falling over the club. Even the pole-dancer stood silent as she gazed upon his form. While Sin held a dignified gaze upwards, he could still see it. Every throbbing cock, every leaking breast, every drop of drool as they salivated in anticipation of him.

For him, there was no sensation greater.

As he approached the pole, the dancer wordlessly stepped away from the pole and faced him with a slack jaw. Sin thought about devouring her then and there, but her long legs and fair skin made him hesitate. Her eyes were so dark, so blue, and completely glazed over as she stared at him with raw lust. Standing in front of her and looking down, he gently cupped her cheek.

“You’re a cutie...” he moaned, flicking his tail beside her, dousing her with even more aphrodisiacs. She was blushing madly, with her nipples pert, and a steady stream of nectar dribbling from her lower lips. She was barely able to stand with her eyelids fluttering.

“Th-thank you sir...” she muttered. She couldn’t even meet his piercing gaze, right up until he gripped her cheek and stared directly into her eyes.

“Don’t call me sir, call me Sin . What’s your name, cutie?”


“Well Fauna, you look simply delicious...” Wordlessly, he loomed forwards and slapped his long, forked tongue across her cheek. He flicked it up and down, drinking up her flavour and rumbling in delight. Fauna could only quiver, her knees knocking together from the sheer overpowering sensation. Before she knew it, she was reaching up to his cheeks, almost trying to push herself inside...

Sin yanked his tongue back in and snapped his jaws shut.

“...but I think I’ve got much better plans for you tonight, better than the last deer girl I had around. Besides ... I could use a new servant around the house, mmh, I wonder what you’d look like in a maid outfit...” Reaching around he gave her rear a tight squeeze, forcing an awkward giggle and yelp out of her. But she still looked to him with absolute adoration, the aphrodisiacs having consumed her mind. All she could think about was him, touching him, kissing him, pleasing him. As he walked towards her stripper’s pole, she followed right behind him.

Sin gripped the smooth, cool surface, then hiked a leg up and twirled around the pole. One leg was up, the other was bent out, letting him see everyone before him as he spun upside down. His cock dangled in breeze, letting everyone get a view. And when he finally did come to a stop, he faced the entire crowd.

“Come and get it, dearies~”

Everyone went for him, clambering forwards with the only thing on their minds being reach dear, dear Sin. But it wasn’t a frantic crush, no, they knew they could take their time. They knew that they would have their fun with Sin before the night ended. The dancer was the first to reach him, sidling up on his side and stroking his long shaft. Smirking at her, he faced her, and stroked her cheek ever so gently, even while he was upside down in his pose. His delicate fingers guided her into a slow, sensual kiss before pulling away with a flourish and a sigh.

“Your first job ... keep me pampered while I have my fun with all of these cuties~”

She nodded wordlessly and started stroking his throbbing shaft. He smiled daintily before facing his first course, a delicate, feminine cat-girl right before him. She stood before him looking up with pure hunger, a gaze he returned all the same. Reaching out with one hand he gripped her cheek and pulled her into a forceful kiss, before stretching his maw wide. For her, the world turned dark, and saturated with his thick saliva squelching all around her. His forked tongue danced across her cheek, drinking up his flavour and bringing a moan of delight. She felt not a drop of fear, only desire, giggling in the confined space. Her hands groped blindly outside of the maw and started stroking his cock. A pleased murmur rippled through her before Sin started gulping with absolute ease. He reached under her shoulders and pulled her into his mouth. Her overjoyed face could be easily seen through his bulging neck as she was dragged upwards into his smooth belly. His loyal assistant stroked and nurtured his swelling gut, while treating his cock all the same.

Halfway through his first meal, he felt a brush of fur against his flank. Another admirer, a lanky dog-girl with pink highlights and punky hair was pressing her head against his rear. It just felt and smelt so good to her, and she couldn’t but massage it. Sin moaned from the delicious treatment. But he wanted more. Flicking his tail from side to side, he wrapped underneath her shoulders and nudged her forwards, directly into his rear. He easily stretched to accept her wriggling, moaning form. As soon as her head slipped inside he arched his back and moaned around the treat in his maw. His tail tugged stronger and stronger while he gulped and gulped. Before long, he had two squirming meals tucked away in his ballooning belly. Judging by the moans and wriggles inside, they were definitely getting up to some fun of their own.

The mere thought of people having sex inside his gut made him feel even hotter. Fresh spurts of pre dribbled from his shaft, falling across his skin and Fauna’s hand like delicious rain. Flipping back down to upright, bringing a fresh set of squirms from his gut, another patron immediately went for his cock. A tiger male began to suckle his shaft, deep throating it with ease as he simply coated it in saliva. Biting his lip in delight, another gush of pre shot out and went down his throat. While it might’ve been the size of a regular man’s load, his latest admirer gulped it down all the same. It felt nice, but it wasn’t enough, so he grabbed the back of his head, pulled him off, and shoved him right down into the head again. The feeling of his squirming body pressing out against the inside of his cock was beyond compare. It felt even better than the fawn girl from before.

Speaking of fawn girls, Fauna herself gasped as she felt the cock seemingly triple in width before her. Just one hand wasn’t enough anymore, so she got on her hands and knees to caress it with both. She stroked and thrust with both hands, running down from the tip to help squeeze them away into his balls. All the while she kissed, licked, nibbled and moaned across his cock, lavishing it with the praise she felt it deserved. Sin himself shuddered and moaned from the blissful sensation.

A part of him wanted to savour his cock-meal, but another knew there was more to come, so he shoved the meal down his cock. Sliding down the taut surface he quickly sloshed into his hefty balls which stretched to accommodate him, now resting on the ground beneath his knees. Taking a moment to compose himself Sin laid back, rubbing his gut and balls with some help from Fauna, while he felt them all dissolve away. In mere seconds they were broken down to a thick ooze with a series of wet glurps, gurgles and groans. Even that was quickly worked away, turned into nothing more than padding upon his form that made him especially thicc . Any other time, he would’ve grabbed and marvelled at his own body, but he had bigger things on his plate.

As soon as he looked back up at the waiting crowd, they simply swarmed him. They all rushed with a speed that surprised even Sin himself for a moment, before he smiled at just how fun this would all be. For him and everyone else the world became one great big orgy, Sin being swarmed by cocks, breasts and fur from all angles over. It was impossible to control, understand or define, but who would want to? For Sin, it was pure pleasure, and that was all he could think about.

The crowd wanted only one thing, to stuff him silly, and with what they didn’t care. The females all pushed and pressed at his maw, cock and rear, all vying to become a part of his form. Sin happily let them in, gulping them down like candies as fast as he could. For those who were endowed, both the men and women, they shoved themselves into him however he could. He tried to keep track of how many girthy shafts were speared into his mouth and ass, but quickly lost count after eight. With his entrances stretched wide with prey however, they were forced to shove themselves in around the sides. But it felt amazing all the same.

Fauna herself struggled to keep up, focusing herself entirely upon her new master, and his ever growing sac. She continued to rub and knead the surface like dough, helping break down the eager prey and fuel his form. She had no thoughts besides adoration and eternal servitude for him.

The aphrodisiacs made them cum faster as well, with load after load being pumped into him. It seemed to increase the size of the load too, quickly stuffing him along with all of the prey. After just one minute of the orgy he couldn’t take it anymore as a set of shark twins shoved their way into his rear. Pulling himself back he grunted and moaned as he unleashed a torrent of cum that arced clean across the club and splattered against the floor. There was of thick, white, musky cream that spilled across the floor, but nobody minded. The scent permeating into the air just made them all hornier. After a few seconds of orgasm, he went right back to pounding away. Plucking a particularly cute ferret herm, he bent them over, draped his prey laded gut over her back, and humped away.

Minutes dragged by and there was no sense of it coming to a close. For those who couldn’t wait to treat him, to join him, they furiously mated with each other as well. Mating, eating, before long he wasn’t the only one to sport a bulging belly. But Sin didn’t mind in the slightest, finding their bigger forms all the better to gulp down with his cock or ass. To feel them stretch him out all the wider was simply sublime.

Consumption after consumption followed in a blissful haze. His tail guided people’s shafts into his hole before guiding the rest of their bodies. His arms would scoop up as many people as he could find into his awaiting maw like candies. And his shaft was a constant stream of eager prey slipping into his churning balls, emptied only with his frequent eruptions. As he crammed four big bellied girls into his maw, one thing was clear for Sin.

This was the most fun he had in a long time.

Eventually, it ended. The eating, the sex, it ended not due to tiring, but merely because there was nobody left to eat. Nobody besides Sin, and Fauna, of course. The floor was simply covered in cum, reaching up to one’s ankles throughout the whole space. The vast beauty of Jupiter beneath them had been replaced with a white ocean. And lazing on top of the catwalk was one very full, and pleased, Sin. He lazed not upon the cool metal, but his very gut itself. It stretched out beneath him like a massive waterbed, being three times his size. Soft, sagging, and continuing to bubble and groan as he digested away the last of his meal. His cock, flattened out behind him and pressing hard into his stomach, continued to dribble out pre. He couldn’t even move, he could barely think, just content to laze on top of his gut.

Fauna was beside him, covered in cum from all species, and swollen slightly with their loads as well. Many a horny guest had pinned her against his master’s belly, rutted away inside of her, before joining the rest in his gut. Pressed against his gut she continued to kiss, lick and rub it all over, unable to express her adoration enough. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Mmmh, I knew you were a good pick. You’re so eager~”

She didn’t respond, too busy kissing his gut all over.

“Heh, very nice indeed~ But ... urp ... even I have to admit I overdid it this time...”

But he didn’t mind. To feel all of them sluicing away through his body, it was worth it. After a few minutes of just lying there to regain his strength he made an effort to get up. Difficult, considering that his legs didn’t reach the floor anymore. But he eventually managed, using Fauna to help lift it all. He got himself up onto his feet, while his comically large gut stretched out in front of him. Fauna was simply buried beneath it, the weight of a world upon her shoulders. The dark, churning surface covered her like a thick blanket. But she didn’t mind in the slightest.

“Doing okay down there?” He giggled.

“Just fine, my master!” She called back, slightly muffled.

Hopping down from the catwalk, they through the ocean and cum to the door. Unfortunately, his gut was so wide he couldn’t even fit it in. Huffing in annoyance he pushed and shoved, squeezed and compressed. With a little help from Fauna shoving on his backside, he finally managed to slip through.

Leaving a trail of cum behind him he lumbered through his parlour and down the hallway. Fauna would’ve gasped at the sight around her, but she was too busy admiring him. Helping with his gut and squeezing him through yet another door, they entered his basement lair. The wooden stairs creaked painfully beneath every step, yet he managed to make it to the cool, tiled floor. A vast hoard of gold and wealth stretched out before him, yet he, nor Fauna did not care.

“Thanks for all your help dearie~” He smirked, reaching over to give her a kiss on the cheek and ruffle of her hair. She swooned and blushed from his gentle touch. “I think I’ll sleep them all off down here...”

“What do you want me to do while you rest, master?”

“Oh? You can just rest in any of the beds ... ah wait, no, then the snake will get you...”

Anyone else would’ve flinched or expressed concern at the mention of such a beast, but she didn’t care in the slightest. She was too busy admiring him.

“Hmmm ... ahh, I know where you can stay~ You might want to take a few steps back though...”

She complied wordlessly, stepping back to the far wall of the chamber. Sin smirked at her, before shutting his eyes and beginning the transformation. His dark skin rippled like a tumultuous ocean before blossoming with a sea of dark scales. His slutty hip wings shrivelled and disappeared before being replaced with a set of vast, torn wings from his back. All of his body cracked and changed, stretching larger, while claws erupted from his hands and feet. He was transforming into his draconic form. What was a cock turned into a large, leaking pussy, a pink seam in his sea of scales. After a few moments the transformation was finished, leaving him as a feminine, vast, and exceptionally full dragon.

Fauna was left speechless and slackjawed from the sight. All that was Sin stretched out in front of her in such a vast form. He was simply massive, bigger than a building, while she could’ve easily fit in his paw. Taking a moment to pad around on his new feet, relishing in the sensation, Sin faced away from her, spread his legs wide, and hiked up his tail. Putting his dripping pussy on full display. It loomed in front of her like a maw. It was as though it hungered, a maw waiting for her entrance, copious fluids dribbling down across the floor.

She didn’t hesitate in the slightest. She stepped up before him, to the pussy that loomed larger than her, and entered. Gripping the tight, slick pink folds, she pulled herself in and slowly crawled upwards. Sin couldn’t help but arch his back and bray deeply from the entrance, every press of her hands and legs trembling up his spine. Deeper and deeper she went before curling up at the very entrance to his womb. He was glad she went no further; he wasn’t quite sure what would come out if she went inside.

Taking a few more moments to bask in the lovely presence, he went to a comfortable spot on the floor, laid down, and fell asleep. Lazed upon his side his stomach continued to loudly churn and gurgle away, working them all down to nothing more than nutrients. His pussy leaked and dribbled cum, remnants from all the meals he had devoured. A lovely aftermath, for a lovely, lovely day.

The End.