Smash bros: Cloud vs Daisy

The arena opened with both Cloud and Daisy stepping in getting ready to fight each other. Cloud had skipped breakfast that day, Daisy’s curvy figure made him drool. Daisy then started to rush towards Cloud at a high speed. She threw rapid kicks and punches at the mercenary, but he dodged them all . Doing this made him tired has he has no energy stored because he skipped breakfast. Eventually Daisy landed a kick on his face landing him backwards .

This made him upset, so he thought of an idea as he was licking his lips. He swung one strike of his sword, knocking Daisy completely on to the ground. Then we rushed up and sat on Daisy. Daisy looked worried at the mercenary’s face. He had a menacing look on his face licking his lips. His stomach growled loudly, making Daisy even more petrified she knew what was going to happen to her next.

Cloud leaned in onto Daisy’s face and started to lick it enjoying her sweet taste. Daisy pleaded for help, but no one could hear her because this was a 1 v 1 match so it was just her and Cloud together. Daisy yelled, “No not like this I don’t want to die like this!!!” Cloud then started to gulp down Daisy’s head, then proceeded to push down the rest of Daisy’s body. He could hear Daisy’s muffled cries as it sounded satisfying to him. He then started to get to her breasts this was the hardest part to swallow since it was the biggest. He paused for a moment trying to think of how he was going to do this. So he gulped as hard as he can and finally got that part of her down. The behind wasn’t as hard to swallow as her breasts, so he got that down easily.

Daisy felt the hot and humid air as she began to go inside of Cloud. His stomach started to expand as well. She started crying. Cloud got to her legs and feet and took off both of her shoes. With one final gulp she was gone.


A gaseous burp came out of Cloud. His stomach now large which busted through his shirt and belt, all exposed now. He could feel Daisy’ violent movements in his stomach, it felt good to him. He looked down at it and started blushing. He said to him self , “Why couldn’t I’ve eaten breakfast today.” He tried to stand up and walk but his stomach weighed him down. So he laid on top of his stomach and took a nap.

The announcer counted down, and just like that Cloud was declared the winner. He looked a bit different because he had some pudge on him. But in the end he was satisfied.