Party Food

A SuperfluousGreens story

Rob had awoken to darkness. No memory of how he had come to arrive at this place. Wherever the hell this place was. He was naked, his arms bound behind his back. Have I been kidnapped? It certainly seemed that way. He stumbled in a vain attempt to stand, only now realising his feet were also bound. Who had done this? And why? He didn’t have any enemies. Sure, there were some people he didn’t get on with, but none who would go to this extreme.

Sudden blinding light from above. He squinted, unable to make anything out. When his eyes finally adjusted he found himself staring up at a gigantic woman. He yelped as her hand descended and plucked him from where he sat. She dropped him into a wide bowl to join a dozen or so other men and women bound as he was each in a different state of panic. Some were screaming, begging to be freed, some were writhing against their binds; one or two looked resigned to their fates.

‘What the fuck is going on?’ The question was more to himself than any of the others around him. Looking up, he saw the giant woman was carrying them towards a door. The situation was so absurd. How was this woman so big? Had he been shrunk? Surely such a thing could not be possible. The thought that he may be dreaming crossed his mind, but no. The binds were chafing his skin, the bowl was cold against his body, and the desperate screams of the others were loud and visceral enough to him. This was no dream. This was real.

They were through the door and into a large, ornately decorated room full of beautiful women wearing glamorous dresses and skirts, all chatting, drinking wine and champagne. The women were as stupefyingly huge as the one carrying them. She set the bowl down on an end table then went back through the door.

Two women passed by and Rob could do little else but gaze up in awe at the size of them. He and the other tiny people must have been no bigger than a cigarette in comparison.

‘Ooh, tinies!’ One of the women said.

‘I know, but I’m not hungry yet. Let’s get some later.’

Rob’s heart lurched, blood draining from his face. Hungry!? ‘Oh fuck no,’ he breathed.

He wriggled to the edge of the bowl, inched his way up to the rim. Panting, trying his hardest not to slip, he rested his chin over the rim. He was ready to try to climb out when he saw that someone was watching him from across the room. He froze. She smiled, almond eyes meeting his gaze. She looked Indian; her complexion was fair, dark brown hair that captured the light like silk fell to her waist. Looking at her made Rob completely forget about his current predicament for the moment.

A hand appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and plucked him from the bowl. He found himself looking up at another beautiful woman, this one blonde, plump lips painted pink and curled into a devious smile.

‘I saw you trying to wriggle out so I saved you. Would be such a waste for a handsome little morsel like you to get stepped on. Before anyone got a chance to enjoy you, anyway,’ she said with a wink.

Rob made to speak -beg, more specifically- but his words were cut short as he was plunged into the woman’s glass of wine. He gasped; luckily the liquid was only chest-deep. Incredibly aromatic, too. Never one to pass up a chance for wine, even in such an absurd and possibly life-threatening a situation like this, he took a contemplative taste. Pinot noir. A fine choice.

Now it was the giantess’ turn for a sip. The glass tilted and he slipped towards her lips. Feet pressed against her top lip, he watched the wine disappear into her mouth. An audible gulp followed which chilled Rob to the bone.

Pushing his fear to one side for the moment, he called up to the massive woman, ‘you’ve got a good taste in wine.’

Her brows furrowed in confusion, and then she tilted her head back and laughed, ‘that was cute. You’re funny. I’m gonna try really hard not to eat you, but I won’t make any promises.’

That was something , at least. Though, he doubted she would keep her word by the end of the night. Still, not being eaten right away meant more time to try to escape.

‘Oh, hey Shelley!’ The woman shouted.

‘Carys, hey!’

A tall, redhead was walking over to them. Rob’s jaw dropped. Most of the women here were full-figured and curvy, but this one was the epitome of the word thick. Like a huge hourglass, hips wider than any he’d seen before. The black mini-dress she wore was so tight it left little to the imagination. He was awestruck. For a woman carrying such weight to look so toned was impressive. There was not an ounce of fat out of place, least of all upon the sharp features of her face.

While the two women chatted Rob noticed the redhead held a bowl of bound, shrunken people. Looking up, he saw she was staring right at him. Her blue eyes practically glowing with avarice. Pulse quickening, he shifted uneasily under the weight of her gaze.

‘Mm, look at this little cutie,’ she said, licking her lips.

‘Oh, I know. He’s a little joker. I was gonna drink him with my wine, but I thought I’d keep him around a little longer, see what else he can do.’

Shelley, the redhead, sat down on a couch. ‘How about we show him where tinies go?’ She said with a devious smile.

Carys giggled and plucked him out of the glass, ‘yeah, Shelley can really eat. Watch what she does with your little friends.’

Rob watched as the gigantic redhead leaned forward and opened her mouth. She picked out a woman from the bowl who, upon seeing where she was destined, thrashed and screamed. She placed her onto her tongue, pushed her back with a plump index finger.

‘No,’ the tiny woman cried, ‘please, no! I don’t want to die.’

Her desperate writhing served only to roll her further back until she was under the giant woman’s uvula. Screams getting more frantic now, she began to slip behind her tongue. Slowly, yet inexorably she slipped into the wet, pulsating chasm that was Shelley’s gullet. Rob and the woman locked eyes for a moment; she held a desperate, pleading look upon her face. He wished he could have helped her, but there was nothing he could do at this size. Finally, she disappeared. Swallowed alive by the giantess. Goosebumps erupted over his body as he watched her throat pulse, sending her prey down into her stomach. He’d taken solace in the thought that chewing would at least mean a quick death, but to be swallowed alive, to be slowly digested. That was a terrible fate. The fact that these women seemed to enjoy the cruelty of their actions chilled him to the bone.

Shelley laughed and patted her belly, ‘enjoy your stay, bitch.’

‘Oh,’ the blonde giantess cried, ‘let me feed you one.’

‘Mmm, go ahead, honey. There’s plenty of room.’

She picked out another woman from the bowl, ‘aw, this one’s really pretty. Look at her.’

‘She won’t be by tomorrow,’ Shelley said, shooting Rob a devious wink. She got up and turned around to reveal her huge ass. Even for her gigantic size, her ass was astronomically big. Again, well-toned as well. She clearly did her squats regularly.

Carys pressed the shrunken woman in between Shelley’s ass-cheeks; the plush flesh happily accepted her. ‘This time tomorrow you’re just gonna be a turd waiting to be squeezed out of this big butt,’ she teased.

Shelley shook her ass and Rob could not tear his eyes from the hypnotic jiggle of flesh. Her cheeks clapped with considerable force, likely winding the poor, shrunken woman. It took a moment for him to realise his manhood was stirring. He tried to cover it but could do little due to the binds; at least the giantesses’ attentions were on the shrunken woman for now.

Having decided they’d tortured the poor woman enough, Shelley sat back down and again leaned forward with her mouth open.

‘Have you ever done two at a time, Shel?’

The redhead grinned, ‘no, but how ‘bout we try it out?’

For a moment, Rob thought he would be joining the woman. Terror lanced through his mind, but when he saw Carys pick out another tied up woman from the bowl he breathed a sigh of relief. A pang of guilt followed. How could he feel relief knowing the terrifying, humiliating demise that faced these women?

She placed one in her mouth, and then closed her lips. Her eyes rolled back, clearly enjoying the taste. Rob could only imagine the terror that poor woman must be feeling, the humiliation of being covered in some stranger’s saliva. Her mouth opened, and he saw the terrified woman wriggling and writhing ineffectually against Shelley’s powerful tongue.

‘Your turn, pretty girl,’ Carys purred, dangling the other woman over Shelley’s mouth.

She was indeed good looking, though not to the same degree as the giantesses. She was much stressed, though, Rob supposed. Still, a shame to think of what the giant woman’s digestive tract would make of her by the end. He only hoped he would not share her fate.

‘I’m not food,’ the tiny woman cried, ‘you can’t do this.’

‘Shut up, food.’ Carys said, and then dropped her into Shelley’s mouth. They both screamed, unable to do more than wriggle as they slipped further back towards their doom. In her struggles, one had managed to position her head directly over the epiglottis and was now staring into the warm, fleshy darkness below. She kicked frantically but that served only to quicken her fall. The other woman was faring little better, the bottom half of her body had slipped behind Shelley’s tongue. Her face was scrunched in determination as she tried her best to kick against the back of the giant woman’s throat and push herself out. Much like the other, though, her actions only seemed to be hindering her escape. The moist, pulsating flesh around them squeezed in, her tongue lifted up, and then they were gone. He could hear their muffled screams as they went down.

‘Oh!’ Shelley exclaimed, pressing her hand against her throat. A shiver ran up her spine causing her whole body to jiggle, she swallowed again, ‘I love when they fight on the way down.’

She let out a loud belch, they both laughed.

Rob realised he was sweating, and rock hard to boot.

‘Oh my god,’ said Shelley, ‘look, he’s got a hard-on.’

He flushed red under their hysterical laughter.

‘Aw, don’t be shy, cutie pie. If that gets you hot then why don’t you get inside me, too?’

She displayed her cavernous maw. Rob’s stomach knotted, he shuffled back. Carys’ hand closed around him, ‘No, this one’s mine.’

‘Oh, come on. He wants it, too!’

Surprisingly, Rob found he couldn’t quite disagree. He certainly didn’t want to die, but the thought of being swallowed alive was as arousing as it was terrifying. The warm, wet flesh, plush and smooth, all around him. The irresistible force of the giantess’ body. He shook himself, these were dangerous thoughts to be having at a time like this.

‘No way. You’ve had three already.’

‘Tell you what. You let me eat him, and then we slip to one of the bedrooms upstairs. Just you, me, and a bowl full of tinies, hmm?’

Carys considered the offer.

Rob’s pulse raced in anticipation. Say no. Say no. Say no.

‘Okay then.’

The blood drained from his face, his gut twisted. The hand opened to reveal Shelley looking down at him, biting her lip.

‘Don’t be scared, little one. I think you’ll enjoy being my food.’

He didn’t want this but at the same time, he couldn’t tear his eyes from her. Those hips, those thighs, he’d always had a thing for confident, thick women.

‘The girls could use some company, something to take their minds off… Well, you know. Tell them the big mean bitch that ate them says “hi!”’

Her lips parted and once again Rob was looking into her mouth. Only now he was close enough to feel her warm, damp, wine-laden breath on his naked skin. He shuffled back but Carys’ hand tilted and he tumbled into Shelley’s waiting mouth. Her breath was a roar, saliva dripping from the roof of her mouth and onto his head. Her teeth framed the outside world, Carys laughing and waving him goodbye. Like a helpless worm, he tried to wriggle out but her tongue tilted and he slid further back like he was on a slick, bumpy slide. Panicked whimpers riding on his every breath, he tried to position himself away from her gullet but like the women that had gone before him, it availed little else besides slipping him ever closer to his doom. Soon enough he found himself staring into oblivion, the abyss that was her throat. The roar of her breath stopped and it was at that moment he knew she was about to swallow him. Acting on instinct more than anything else, he sprang up and bit into her uvula with all his tiny might.

Her gag was deafening. Hot flesh closed all around him and for a second Rob thought he had failed. The next thing he knew she coughed and he was flying across the room. He landed with a splash into another glass of wine. Looking up, he saw a familiar face smiling down at him. It was the Indian woman that was staring at him before.

‘Oh my,’ she said, ‘what a blessing. I thought you were done for.’

Rob said nothing, took a deep drink of the wine he was sat in.

The woman giggled, ‘yes, sweet thing. Calm your nerves. You’re in safe hands now.’

Rob wondered if she was just saying that to placate him, but there was a certain kindness in her eyes that told him she could be trusted.

They both looked over at the sound of Shelley shouting angrily, ‘where did that little shit go?’

The woman smiled then said, ‘perhaps we should go somewhere a little more private?’


* * *

Shelley’s stomach groaned and rumbled like a voracious beast, churning interminably. The three shrunken women sloshed around in the cocktail of wine, saliva and digestive fluids. There was, of course, no light, and perhaps that was for the best. The sounds, the smells, and the feel of slick, flesh, and warm liquids were disgusting enough, the sight of the giant bitch’s pulsating stomach walls would only make their situation feel more hopeless.

This was beyond sick. How could someone be so cruel as to willingly do this to another human being, and to enjoy it? Sudden anger flared up in one woman, she screamed, kicked at the stomach walls. As if in retaliation, her prison spasmed , knocking the women into each other, splashing juices all over them.

‘Fuck you, you fat bitch,’ she screamed.

The other two were sobbing.

‘This is disgusting. I don’t wanna be this fat bitch’s shit.’

‘Stop saying that!’

‘She is a fat bitch, though. A heartless, evil, fat bitch.’

‘No, stop saying we’re gonna be shit. I don’t want to think about it.’

‘What does it matter? We’re fucked.’

The other woman cried, ‘I was supposed to graduate this year. I was gonna be a doctor.’

‘Yeah? And I was gonna get married in a month. Now I’m just gonna be a-’

‘Don’t say it!’

The rumbling ceased for a moment and they could hear muffled laughter from outside.

‘Oh, of course, the bitch is laughing.’

Their prison boomed , the giantess was slapping her stomach, ‘kick harder, girls.’ Her words were muffled, but they could still make them out, ‘it won’t make any difference. You’re all gonna be a big log by tomorrow.’

‘Fuck you,’ her voice was hoarse from all the screaming.

A loud rumble erupted, followed by the sound of gurgling juices.

‘Ah, help,’ one screamed, ‘I’m being sucked in.’

They could do little to help her, though. They couldn’t even see what was happening, but from the sounds of things, one was being sucked through the duodenum and into the giantess’ small intestine. Her screams were suddenly cut off. She was gone, along with the wine.

Thick, viscous juices were oozing from the stomach walls now, along with the acrid smell of acid. The stomach churned, rolling the two women around, covering them in the juices. It started off as a rising warmth, which then quickly progressed to a prickling heat. Cries of despair and frustration soon turned to whimpers of pain.

Ahh , she's… Ow ! Oh my god, she’s digesting us.’

The two girls thrashed and screamed, digestive juices breaking their bodies down into a nutritious soup; all the while, Shelley, feeling the rising heat in her stomach, massaged her clitoris, enjoying every pitiful protestation she could feel within her.

* * *

Sephia , the Indian giantess, had taken Rob into one of the bedrooms upstairs and locked the door. She took him out of her wine glass, dried him off with a tissue then placed him onto the bed. She then opened a drawer in the cabinet opposite the bed. As she did so, Rob’s eyes wandered up and down her figure. Like every other giantess he’d seen thus far she was statuesque is her beauty, every curve on her body demanding one’s attention. She was fairly slim, but her hips were delightfully wide, and her ass was big, round, so well shaped that he couldn’t take his eyes from it. So enthralled was he that he hadn't noticed she was looking at him from over her shoulder.

He jolted when he finally caught her gaze. Flushing red he looked away.

Her laugh was warm, ‘don’t be shy, little one.’ She walked over to the bed and sat down opposite him, legs crossed. In her delicate looking fingers she held a small knife.

‘I’ll cut those binds off you if you promise not to run away.’

Rob regarded her for a short moment. Something was different about this one. There was no avaricious leer in her eyes; her smiles seemed genuine, no hint of underlying malice like the other giantesses. Still, he wasn’t sure.

‘Are you going to eat me?’ He asked, finally.

She crossed her arms, looked off to one side, biting her lip.

‘I won’t lie to you, little one,’ her almond eyes were depthless pits of hazel when her gaze returned to him, ‘I would love to swallow you… But only if you willingly gave yourself to me. The other girls, they love the terror, the humiliation. Which is fair enough, I guess.’

Rob barked a laugh, then cringed at himself.

‘Sorry, I guess that was a little insensitive. Basically, I’m saying I will only eat you if you want me to eat you. If you don’t want it, that’s fine. We can still have a little fun…’

She stretched out her leg, ran her big toe across Rob’s body.

Not needing any more convincing, Rob knelt up, ‘a little fun is just what I need.’

‘That’s a good tiny,’ she picked him up and carefully cut his binds. He breathed a sigh of relief, rolling his aching shoulders. He ran his hands across the inside of Sephia’s fingers, they were incredibly soft. Her plump, red lips embraced him in a body encompassing kiss, her breath was enchanting.

She giggled, ‘oops, I’ve got my lipstick all over you. Here,’ her pink tongue snaked up and down his body, leaving warm, sharp-smelling saliva in its wake. Every lap caused his manhood to stir and she seemed to notice, licking his crotch again and again. Rob’s breath grew heavy, eyes rolling back in pleasure, hips moving in rhythm with her tongue. He gazed up into the dark, red cavern of her mouth, relishing in every hot, humid breath that bathed his tiny body. He got up and climbed into her mouth, gripping her tongue in a tight embrace.

‘Mmm,’ her moan vibrated his every nerve ending in a sensual pulse. His penis slipped over and in between the bumps of her tongue, every movement sending waves of ecstatic pleasure through him. This was worlds away from any blowjob he’d ever received before. His body stiffened, one thrust away from climax when her thumb and finger closed around his feet and pulled him out.

‘Not yet, sweetness,’ she said, taking him down between her huge thighs. She’d undressed while he was in her mouth and Rob was now gazing in awe at her glistening vagina. She was massaging her clitoris with her other hand. The scent of her musk made his head swim.

‘I want you inside me,’ she said.

‘All of me?’ His words were more a ragged sigh than anything else, so enraptured he was by her enormous womanhood.

‘All of you,’ she pressed him against her soft, wet flesh. Up and down, every movement making her wetter. Rob savoured the taste, slightly salty with a hint of iron. ‘Yes,’ she breathed, pushing him inside her headfirst. The warm, silky flesh consumed him and Rob wondered whether he had died and gone to heaven, for certainly, he must be making love to a goddess right now. The walls around him squeezed tight, forcing the air from his lungs. Far from panic, however, his body shuddered in exhilaration. They loosened momentarily before squeezing him again, tighter this time. He wondered if he would be crushed, though never slowed his own undulations. If this was how he was to die then so be it, he could think of no better circumstances.

She pulled him out, laid him on the bed. He panted, coughing as the fresh air surprised his lungs. ‘Still with me?’ She asked in between sensuous moans.

‘Y-yes,’ was all he could manage. Every muscle trembling, he lay back and appreciated the awesome sight of the giantess masturbating above him. So powerful, so sensual. Had she asked to eat him at this very moment, he would almost certainly have said yes. The thought terrified him, but also made his stomach flutter with excitement. If such a simple thing would make this goddess cum, he would only be happy to serve.

Juices dripped from her pussy and onto him. He thought of climbing back in when something else caught his attention. As the giantess’ hips undulated, her ass-cheeks would spread every now and then allowing a momentary glimpse at her anus. His head swam with lusty thoughts and he slipped himself underneath her.

She laughed, seeing plain as day his intentions, ‘dirty little boy,’ she said in a mocking voice, ‘go ahead. My ass needs love, too.’

Using her free hand, she pulled one of her huge cheeks aside. Her anus was opening and closing slightly with each movement, the darkness beyond as enticing as it was terrifying. He pressed his face into it, fully relishing in the scent of her ass. It closed around his face, even making a noise somewhat like a loud kiss. He could hear her giggling up above, as well as moaning with pleasure, of course. Planting his feet on the bed, he pushed himself up and into her anus. Only briefly did he hear her surprised yelp before the sounds of the inside of her body dominated his ears. Some would certainly describe the smell as disgusting, but Rob, however, was no such person. He breathed deep the funk of her rectum. Plush, slimy flesh surrounded him, tightening near the entrance and pushing him in deeper in a sensual peristaltic flow.

His penis was so hard it almost hurt. He gripped what he could, which was hard since everything around him was so wet and slimy, and pressed his penis into her flesh. The peristalsis was like a full body massage, and Rob groaned with every movement. Everything tightened suddenly, once again squeezing the air from his lungs. Not able to hold back any more he climaxed, spilling his seed into her plush flesh. His body twitched and spasmed from the force of it, a rush like an ecstasy flowing throughout. It was a moment before he realised he was being pushed back out. Just like a piece of poop, he thought, embarrassed. He slid out onto the bed in a daze.

Sephia laid back, breathing heavily. The thick juices oozing out from her pussy told him she had also come. Filled with a strange yet strong sense of accomplishment, he couldn’t help but grin. If someone were to offer to unshrink him, he doubted he would agree if it meant giving up this kind of sex.

‘That was nice,’ the giantess said, still panting.

Mhmm ,’ he hadn’t the energy to make words just yet.

‘I could actually feel you cum in my ass, you know.’

Wow, he thought, ‘really?’

‘Really,’ she picked him up and laid him next to her face. Her cheeks were rosy, pupils dilated. She leaned over to kiss, then scrunched her face, ‘ ew , you smell like my butt!’

Rob flushed red, but not even embarrassment could dampen his mood, ‘could be worse.’

‘Oh, little one,’ she said, leaning over to the bedside table, ‘it could always be worse. Especially in there. ’ She pulled out a tissue and proceeded to gently clean him. Once she was satisfied, she laid him back down and lay on her front, propping her head up with her palms. They stared at each other in silence for a while. After what could have been an eternity she stroked him with her index finger, ‘sweet thing…’

‘What is it?’

She bit her lip, an unsure look upon her face, as though she were trying to pick her words.

‘Just say what’s on your mind, queen.’

She smiled at that, ‘you really are too sweet,’ she took a deep breath, ‘alright. I… I want to eat you.’

Rob nodded. He’d expected her to say that, though that did little to assuage the fear rising in his gut.

‘Only if you want to, though. Like I said,’ she looked away, then back to him with a puppy-like look in her eyes. ‘Would you please let me eat you? I promise not to make it painful.’

* * *

Alternate Ending Time!

Thanks for reading so far. We have reached a nexus-point in the story and I, in my magnanimity, have decided to bless you with two different endings. Wow, what a swell guy!

Anyway, the two endings are as follows:

1. Rob agrees to let Sephia eat him, a sweet, lovey-dovey digestion scene follows.

2. Rob declines and eventually finds himself once again in the clutches of the voluptuous, yet cruel redhead, Shelley. Here be scat scenes, humiliation, and obviously vore and digestion, so consider yourself warned.

Choose wisely.

Or read both of them, I’m not the boss of you. I’m just some creep who writes smut online.

* * *

Ending I

Vore me, mommy!

‘What do you mean you won’t make it painful?

‘Well, you know how digestion works, don’t you?’

‘Yes , I went to high school .’

She giggled, ‘stop being silly. I can make it so I don’t produce too much acid. It’d just be really warm and nice. There’s even a chance you could pass through alive.’

‘Oh, so I could either die or become a living turd?’

She flinched, ‘sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.’

‘No, wait. I’m sorry,’ why am I apologising ? She wants to eat me! ‘Look, the truth is, well, the thought does kinda excite me.’


‘It’s fucked, but when those other girls had me they made me watch them eat these three shrunken women. I watched each one go down. It was terrifying, but at the same time, I thought about how it must feel to be swallowed. It really turned me on.’

Sephia smiled and kissed him, ‘I’m so pleased to hear you say that. I used to be like those girls, you know? I really got off on the sense of power, my prey’s terror, their begs for mercy,’ she bit her lip, then, upon noticing Rob’s less-than-warm regard, covered her mouth, blushing. After a moment she continued, ‘sorry, sweetie. Anyway, I’m not like that anymore . I found that for me at least, it was much more rewarding to convince a shrunken person to feed themselves to me. It would be like you were sacrificing yourself to your goddess.’

‘Well, you certainly fit the bill there. And you promise it won’t hurt?’

‘Not one bit… Unless you want it to, that is.’

‘That’s alright, but what if I change my mind once I’m inside you?’

‘Darling,’ her tone hardened ever so slightly, ‘once you’ve given yourself to me, that is it. Once I swallow you, there is no way out. You are mine. Your body. Your soul. All nourishment for me, your goddess. Do you understand?’

Rob nodded slowly. He stared at her for a while, wondering whether or not he could actually go through with this. He trembled with anticipation, his gut twisting into knots. The thought that it could all end within her. His whole body, his whole being reduced to nothing but nutrients to be absorbed into this giantess’ admittedly perfect body. His bones and whatever else remained undigested discarded, squeezed out of her huge, gloriously round ass. He’d never felt so confused before. The thought was disgusting but also strangely arousing.

‘What are you thinking about?’

You turning me into poop. ‘I, uh, my mind is racing.’

‘I understand if you’re scared, little one.’

‘I am, but,’ I can’t believe I’m about to say this, ‘I think I do want to be your food.’

She displayed her perfect, white teeth in a wide grin, ‘you are sure?’

Sweat prickled on his back. Though, what else could he hope for at this size? If he was not eaten by her today he may well find himself staring into the gullet of death another day, or worse, trampled, sat on. Sephia had shown him a kindness he had not expected from a giantess.

He gulped, mouth now suddenly dry, ‘yes.’

‘I am pleased. I think you have made the right decision. Now, get on your knees.’

Rob did as he was told.

Sephia bit her lip and again started to massage her clit, ‘swear yourself to your goddess.’

‘I swear myself to you, Goddess Sephia . Swallow me; let me find heaven within your bowels.’

She moaned, picked him up with her free hand and held him against her belly, ‘kiss,’ she commanded.

From here he could hear her stomach rumbling. He was trembling with fear, but at the same time, his manhood stirred once again. He kissed the soft flesh. She lifted him in her palm so he was standing level with her mouth.

‘Crawl inside my mouth,’ she said parting her lips to reveal her glistening maw. Her hot breath washed over him, causing goosebumps to erupt across his body. He crawled onto her tongue. Her lips closed behind him and he was bathed in humid darkness and saliva. Squelching noises all around him, Sephia’s occasional sensual moans reverberating through his whole body. Her tongue probed him, forcing him one way then the other, squeezing him against her hard palate, against her silky-soft cheeks. There was no resisting such power, not that he had any intention of doing so. He was prey to a vastly superior being, destined to become part of her perfection.

Flesh closed all around him, then, followed by the unmistakable sound of her swallowing. His now rock-hard penis squeezed between his abdomen and the slick walls of her oesophagus , every inch he slid making him twitch. Were the breath not crushed from his lungs he would have groaned from the pleasure. Her excited heartbeat thundered in his ears, then faded as he was squeezed down further. Finally, the pressure eased and he slid through her sphincter and down her stomach walls. A cacophony of hungry rumbles, groans, and gurgling fluids all around him.

So, this is what it’s like, he thought, to be someone’s food. Who would have known it would be so sexy? He could hear faint, muffled moans. The sensuous moans of his predator, his goddess. A strange sense of pride filled him upon hearing her, as well as a primal lust. For such a huge woman of sublime, exotic beauty to be masturbating over him filled his heart with joy. He pressed his penis against her stomach walls, the slick, latticed flesh felt like heaven upon him. Her thick, digestive fluids oozed all over him. Warm, but no hint of stinging, or any other painful sensation. Just pervasive warmth that seemed to seep into his very soul.

The walls pulsated, knocking him around. He didn’t resist but instead enjoyed the flow, and got himself off to the relentless song of her gurgling stomach. Saliva would drip down onto him from above, joining with her other digestive juices to make a delightfully warm pool. He sloshed around, massaging the viscous fluids into himself. He wanted nothing more than to melt into this pool, to be taken beyond, into her intestines and absorbed.

With that thought he climaxed, his seed mixing into the digestive juices. Consciousness slipping away. The relentless rumbles and gurgles lulling him into oblivion. Perhaps he would awaken further down her tract, perhaps not. It mattered little to him at this point. He was serving his purpose, his destiny. He was food for his goddess, and his goddess was satisfied.

* * *

Ending II

Down with the thickness

‘No,’ Rob said, ‘I’m sorry, but I’ve stared into the jaws of death once today already.’

Sephia nodded, the disappointment writ plain upon her face.

‘I’m not wholly against the prospect, just not tonight. I’ve been through too much.

‘It’s okay, little one. I wouldn’t want to if you weren’t one hundred percent sure, anyway,’ she kissed him, and then placed him on the pillow. ‘Let’s get some sleep. I’ll take you back to my place tomorrow and you can feed me some strawberries.’

Rob smiled at that ‘I can’t wait.’

She flicked off the light and soon they were both asleep.

Some time later there was a knock at the door. Rob jolted upright, heart racing.

‘Don’t worry, little one. Here, hide under the pillow,’ she went to the door, cracked it open.

‘Hey, babe,’ came a familiar voice.

‘Hey, Shelley. What’s up?’

Upon hearing that name Rob’s pulse raced. He wriggled deeper underneath the pillow.

‘Ugh, Carys is being a real bitch. She’s locked me out of her room. Can I sleep with you tonight?’

‘Oh, um, I don’t-’

‘Please, Sephia . All the other rooms are taken.’

Just say no, Rob was thinking, simple. Sorry, Shelley, but you’re a voracious monster, you may not sleep in my bed tonight.

‘Alright, but I just want to sleep, okay? No… well, you know?’

Ohh , thank you! Yeah, just sleep, I’m super tired anyway.’

Sephia climbed back into bed, whispered under the pillow, ‘I’m sorry my love. Just stay on this side and I promise you’ll be safe.’

‘You say something?’ Shelley asked as she undressed.

‘Huh? Oh. I was just saying I’m really tired too.’

The bed creaked under Shelley’s weight, ‘sorry if I woke you.’

‘That’s okay, lovely. Night.’


It didn’t take long for the two giantesses to drift off to sleep. Rob, however, was now more awake than ever. How could he sleep with her around? He’d wake up in her cereal bowl. Or worse, her stomach.

The night dragged on. Staying awake was proving difficult with gentle soar of Sephia’s breath caressing his ears, but he would not allow himself to drift off.

When the pale light of dawn slipped through a crack in the curtains Rob carefully slipped out from under the pillow. The giantesses were still asleep. He couldn’t stay here on the bed, it was too risky. He saw the dresser at the other end of the room and resolved to hide under there until Shelley left. He crept to the edge of the bed and climbed down the sheets. He’d just about reached the floor when the bed creaked. It was Shelley, he knew from the sound it could only be from one of her enormous size.

‘Shit,’ he rasped, looking for somewhere to hide. There was no way to get under the bed, the dresser was too far away.

The giantess yawned.

His legs turned to jelly, trembling, ready to bolt. The closest thing to him was a set of french underwear. Is that Sephia’s ? No time to deliberate, she was getting out of bed. He dived into the underwear. Heart hammering in his chest, panicked breaths, he willed himself to be as quiet as possible.

Her bare feet slapped against the hardwood floor, each one drawing closer, coming to a halt right next to where he lay.

Please, no.

Her foot slipped through one opening, nearly crushing him. He rolled into the crotch part of the underwear, cloaking himself with the fabric. Her other foot slipped in, then he was being lifted upwards, towards her ass crack.

‘Oh, fu-’

He was squeezed in between the walls of flesh and deep into her crevasse. The pungent smell of unwashed ass assaulted his senses. Then she started walking, grinding his feeble body between her astronomically huge cheeks. Fearing he may be crushed, he wriggled deeper until he was face-to-face with her asshole. It was damp and smelled much stronger up close.

Oh, and there’s my erection. Right on cue.

She sat down, the pressure forcing his face into her anus. Disgusting as it was, he couldn’t help himself. He licked the soft folds of flesh, savoured the musty, slightly sweaty taste. Everything vibrated, it took a few seconds for him to realise it was a car engine. Was she driving home?

Her cheeks parted and he fell back. Hot, foul-smelling gas blasted all over him. He choked, unable to do anything else but breathe her fart. It smelled like she had eaten broccoli. The smell was slow in dissipating, leaving him with the only slightly cleaner smell of ass. He was, he realised , still rock hard. Of course, you are you filthy little creature.

It wasn’t long before he was again being ground between her cheeks; she had evidently arrived at her destination. Sudden light, then, as she dropped her panties. When his eyes adjusted to the light Rob found himself looking up between her legs. She was sat down. The sound of liquid splashing. Oh god, she’s on the toilet.

She hadn’t noticed him yet, perhaps he could slip away. He crept to the edge of the silky panties.


His heart turned to ice. Wincing, he turned and looked up to meet her fierce regard.

‘What the fuck are you doing in my underwear? You little pervert.’

He tried to bolt, but his foot got trapped in the fabric. She plucked him up and set him down on the toilet seat, opposite her monstrous vagina, still urinating.

‘You’re the one I nearly ate, aren’t you?’

Too scared to even try to utter a word, he simply nodded.

‘Made me look like an idiot in front of the other girls, making me choke like that.’

‘I-I’m sorry. I didn’t want to-’

‘Shut. The fuck. Up. You little,’ she stopped, grunted, then let out a huge fart that rattled the whole bowl, even his body felt the vibrations, ‘shit.’

Rob covered his nose, the smell bringing tears to his eyes.

‘Don’t you dare cover your nose. Breathe my fart, all of it.’

Maybe if I do what she says, she might not eat me. Rob closed his eyes, breathed deep the earthy aroma.

‘You like the smell of my farts, don’t you?’

He nodded.


‘I do.’

She frowned, ‘is that how you address a goddess?’

‘I’m sorry, Goddess. I love the smell of your farts, Goddess.’

‘Of course, you do. You disgusting little pervert.’ She wiggled her bum, then smiled down at him, ‘actually, it’s quite good timing on your part. You’re just in time to see your friends again.’

For a second he was unsure of what she meant. Then she grunted, squeezing out a log. It slipped into the water with a resounding plop. The smell was intense but Rob dared not show any sign of disgust. Instead, he closed his eyes and breathed deep the beefy smell. Another dropped into the bowl, splashing him with a drop of toilet water. He shuddered but made no movement, allowing the droplet to snake its way down his body.

She got up, then, allowing light to flood into the bowl.

‘Take a look,’ she said.

Wincing from the smell, he peered down into the pit. Two brown logs bobbed in the water, each peppered with white. Bones. The remains of those girls she ate last night. He could make out their skulls, ribcages.

‘Stripped down to the bone,’ she said, wiping herself. ‘I could feel their every struggle. They were fighters, I’ll give ‘ em that. Girls do tend to fight a bit harder, I’ve found. Men tend to just accept their fate and go down real easy.’ She dropped her toilet paper in the bowl then flushed. ‘I wonder,’ she said, picking him up and taking him over to the sink. She washed her hands, then she washed him, ‘will you fight? Or will you just accept your fate and go down like a little bitch?’


‘Sounds like bitch talk to me.’ She took him into another room, dropped him onto a bed.

‘I remember you getting a little chub on watching me eat them three. So, what? You like to watch it, but you don’t want to experience it yourself?’

‘No, I-’

She leaned in close and Rob shrunk under her icy gaze, ‘you are a little bitch and I am going to gobble you up.’ With one finger she pinned him face-down onto the bed, she then tied his arms behind his back with a piece of string, then tied his legs together. ‘No escape for the little bitch-boy. Heh , and don’t even think about using that little bitey trick again, or I’ll make you regret it. Understand?’

‘Yes, Goddess.’

‘You’re gonna slide down my throat like a good little piece of food, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, Goddess.’

She snorted a laugh and shook her head, ‘you really are pathetic. I’ve eaten braver sandwiches than you.’

Rob said nothing, wise enough not to retort. He knew well that to guarantee the best treatment from this woman was to submit to her will. He could feel the weight of her glare upon his bound form but dared not meet it, not unless-

‘Look at me.’

He did as he was told.

She ran her fingers through her hair; it caught the morning light and glimmered like fire. Still wearing the tight, black mini-dress she wore the previous night, she undulated her hips; her fingers ran furrows through the soft flesh of her belly, her thighs, her ass.

‘This is the part where you grovel to me and beg for mercy.’

Words would not come to him; such was the tempest of panic in his mind.

Her eyebrow rose expectantly. The silence grew louder with each passing moment.

‘I can’t, Goddess,’ he said, finally.

Excuse me.’

‘I can’t grovel properly, Goddess, because I can’t reach your feet to kiss them.’

She chuckled at that, ‘you’re on thin ice, you little shit. Here,’ she placed her bare sole down on the bed before him.

The smell of day-old foot sweat wafted past his face, he took a deep breath of it then laid upon her toes as many kisses as he could, ‘you strike terror into my heart, Goddess. With both your beauty and your ferocity. It wasn’t watching you swallow those girls that aroused me so, but the look upon your beautiful face as you did it. Their will to live meant nothing in the face of your hunger, Goddess.’

‘Neither does yours.’

He kissed her big toe, ‘I know.’

‘Not bad, I suppose. You are quite cute, in a pathetic kind of way,’ she cast a suspicious look upon him, ‘but I don’t think I heard any begs for mercy in that little speech of yours. Do you want to be eaten?’

Rob bit his tongue; he didn’t know what to say.

She leaned in, ‘well?’

As if on cue, her stomach let out a loud, hungry rumble. The sound was like a lance through his gut, erotic thoughts of domination giving way to the primal desire to survive.

‘N-no,’ he breathed, edging himself away from her.

She shook her head, rolled down her dress. Supple, unblemished, her milk-white flesh poured out from under the tight fabric, she then removed her bra and underpants. Seeing her in all her naked glory, Rob froze, staring at her as though he was in a trance. From her full breasts, flat-yet-supple stomach, impossibly wide hips, delightfully thick, soft-looking thighs, down to her delicate feet, Rob could not look away. He let out a whimper that was half fear, half lust.

Licking her lips, she climbed onto the bed, her hands falling to either side of her shrunken prey. Rob cowered underneath her.

‘I think,’ she said, lowering her face closer to him, ‘deep down you do want to be my food.’ Her tongue snaked out and across his tiny body, ‘ mmmm . But I can also taste your fear,’ she lapped at him again, then let out a soft moan and bit her lip, ‘you’re really, really scared. I can tell. That’s good. I like when my food is scared of me.’

Trembling now, unable to wipe her saliva off his face, he blinked up at her, ‘I don’t want to be your food. Please, don’t-’

Her laugh was sharp and cruel, ‘I don’t care what my food thinks. I only care about how it tastes; and you, my pathetic, little morsel, taste delicious.’

Rob made to respond, but his words were cut short as her tongue lashed out again, and again, probing every inch of his tiny body. By the time she stopped, his penis was fully erect. She saw, of course, and laughed to herself. Her hand slipped down between her thighs and massaged her clitoris, with her other hand she pinched one of her nipples.

‘It’s time, bitch boy.’

‘No, please.’

Still masturbating, she plucked him from where he sat and held him over her head.

‘Don’t, ahh , don’t go down like a total, mmm , bitch, okay? I, ahh , want to feel at least some resistance, okay?’

Rob writhed ineffectually against her delicate yet firm grasp.

She laughed, ‘that’s the spirit. Are you excited to become my poop?’

‘No,’ Rob grated, still wriggling frantically.

‘Too bad,’ she lowered him closer to her mouth, ‘because there is nothing you can do now. No one’s here to save you, and there are no more little tricks you can pull. Nowhere to go besides into my stomach. You. Are. My. Food.’

With that, she opened her mouth. Rob yelped as he descended into her glistening, pulsating maw. Hot, humid darkness closed around him. The squelch of saliva, the occasional moan of his predator rattling his bones. Hands and feet bound, he had no way to resist the superior power of her tongue as it rolled him around her mouth. He knew these were to be his last moments. There was no escaping this curvaceous, voracious giantess. She was hungry, he was food.

Her lips parted, light flooded in. Likely the last light of day he would ever see. His view, framed by her teeth and lips, was of Shelley looking in the mirror. He could see himself in the reflection, the terror writ plain upon his face in stark contrast to the victorious smile of his predator. Her face said it all, you have lost. You thought you’d escaped me but look at you now. One gulp and it’s all over for you. She then turned and displayed her enormous ass in the reflection. She slapped it, sending ripples across her flesh. A wink, then darkness returned.

Everything tilted and he tumbled back behind her tongue. He knew what was coming. Whimpers rode his every panicked breath; he planted his feet against the slick flesh at the back of her mouth and stretched his body out as straight and stiff as possible. Her epiglottis opened up, he started to slide down slowly.

‘Fuck,’ he breathed.

He lifted his feet higher to try and get better purchase but in doing so gave Shelley the perfect opportunity for a clean swallow, which, of course, she took complete advantage of. His head fell behind her tongue, flesh closed around him and he was deafened by an almighty GLUCK!

He tried to scream, but the air was crushed from his lungs resulting in a feeble wheeze. Her oesophagus squeezed him in peristaltic flow forcing him down, deeper inside her. The pressure was so strong that Rob thought he’d be crushed, but there was nothing he could do against the titanic force around him. The steady thump of her heart was like thunder in his ears. The pressure lifted, then, and he was sliding down the slimy, latticed wall of her stomach. Deafening rumbles and groans resounded ceaselessly, as well as the sound of fluids bubbling and gurgling.

The air inside her stomach was so thick he coughed, unable to catch his breath. He thought he’d suffocate there and then but his breathing calmed as he slowly got used to the atmosphere. The smell was not the acrid vomit-like scent he’d expected but was instead more akin to that of her mouth, likely due to the pool of saliva that rose up to his midriff. He sloshed around in the darkness to get a sense of his prison. It didn’t seem as big as he’d expected, especially for one as big as Shelley. Perhaps it grew to accommodate larger meals. He frowned at that, feeling even more pathetic. He wouldn’t even be a challenge to digest.

Suddenly everything tilted, the pool of saliva swept back taking him with it. Shelley must have laid back. He could hear her moaning, pleasuring herself. I’m not even food at this point, he thought, just a mere aphrodisiac. Something to help her get off. He thought he was beyond embarrassment when he was trapped in her underwear, but the humiliation of being trapped in her stomach, unable to do anything else but simply wait to be digested while she masturbated to her own sense of superiority, well, this was a new low. One from which there would be no relief. Like those helpless women she devoured last night, he would be stripped to the bone and excreted along with the rest of her waste.

‘Don’t tell me you’ve given up already!’ Came Shelley’s booming voice.

Rob blinked, ‘w-what?’

‘You really are pathetic. Those girls were kicking and screaming all the way down, but you. You just curl up accept your sad, little fate.’

‘Well, what am I supposed-

‘Shut up, you stupid little boy. I’m gonna digest you now.’

The groans and gurgles grew more intense, almost, but not completely, drowning out the sounds of Shelley’s passion. More juices oozed into the pool, growing hotter with each passing moment. This was , he realised , her stomach acid. The heat turned to painful prickles, the walls of her stomach shifting, churning its contents, sloshing digestive fluids all over him. In spite of the knowledge his doom was looming ever closer, Rob found he was fully erect. The prickle of digestive acid and enzymes on his penis, undoubtedly painful yet incredibly arousing. His binds disintegrated, allowing him to grip his shaft and work it up and down, the hot, viscous fluids acting like a lubricant.

Any thoughts of escaping alive gave way to an all-consuming desire to bring himself to climax. If he could cum inside this cruel, yet beautiful giantess, he could die happy. She had dominated him in the most primal way. His feet found the sphincter linking her stomach to her duodenum. Head swimming with lust, he wiggled into the sphincter. It took some effort, but slowly he was able to work down to his knees, then his thighs. The pool of digestive juices was up to his neck now.

‘What are you doing?’ Shelley asked, shocked, but also aroused.

His head submerged, his penis slipping into the tight opening. It felt amazing, better than any sex he’d ever had.

Shelley seemed to be enjoying the sensation, too, for her moans of passion were turning into loud squeals. In and out, up and down, his penis rubbed against the tight, yet slick flesh. Cum for me, Goddess. The deafening growls of her stomach, once a source of fear, now brought him closer to climax. He heard her scream, ‘ ohh fuck!’ Her voice trembled, she had come. It was at that very moment when he spilled his seed, every throb of his penis sending waves of pleasure throughout his twitching body. The sphincter tightened, sucking his body through and into her duodenum. His head swam, consciousness slipping away. The last thing he remembered was the soft tickle of the cilia that lined her small intestine, rising and falling with her every exhausted breath, the motion rocking him into oblivion. Do with me what you will, Goddess. For I have found heaven within your bowels.