Miss Smalls


Sensitivity Training

By Helen Arlet

     “Hi. I’m Terra Vombay,” the platypus on the TV screen said. “You may know me from the band, The Dank Wildcats. But today I want to talk to you about something other than music. Let’s talk about predation and the laws pertaining to it.”

     I quickly slipped my phone out of my pocket and held it under the desk I was sitting at, hoping that no one would notice as I logged into Pawbook and sent a message to Terra’s account. ‘Watching you on TV right now. When on earth did you do a PSA on predation?’

     “As you may know, eating others is against the law. You can’t just walk out onto the street, grab the first tasty looking prey species you see, and shove them into your mouth. That would be illegal… But Terra, you may say… I’m a carnivore. What am I supposed to eat if I can’t have prey? I’m glad you asked… Let’s talk about that for a moment.

     “It’s true that there are many people in our society who are carnivores and can’t live on vegetation. Some of you may not realize this, but even I’m a carnivore. That’s right… The platypus is a carnivore. Like many of you, I have to eat meat to survive. I eat worms, insects, shrimp, and crayfish. So I’m right there with you. Where am I supposed to get my food if I can’t just go grab some juicy looking lobster off the street and eat her?

     “The law states that we can’t eat live prey. You wouldn’t like it if someone just decided to eat you, so why should prey feel any different? However, once prey has already passed on, they no longer count a people and are considered viable meat product at that point. Although that doesn’t mean you can just go out and kill someone and say, okay, now I’m legally allowed to eat them. It doesn’t work that way. There are actually very strict laws and regulations concerning the acquisition of meat product. All food processors have to follow these laws in order to obtain meat product, process it, and then sell it to you at the supermarket. That’s why it’s legal for you to go to the store or your favorite restaurant and buy meat, but not for you to go out and get it yourself.”

     I looked down at my phone again to see if Terra had responded to my message. She had. I guess she must be at a computer at the moment. Lord knows that woman refused to keep a cellphone on her…

     ‘You are watching my PSA? Where are you?’

     ‘Carnivore sensitivity class,’ I answered. ‘It’s mandatory… And your PSA is really cheesy. Why did you make this?’

     ‘Had to… It was part of my community service. Long story…’ Terra replied.

     Community service? Somehow I wasn’t surprised to hear that, knowing Terra. Although I was kind of curious just what she had done that they forced her to make a PSA on predation… I slid my phone back into my pocket and looked back up at the TV after that, pretending I was still paying attention to the video. I’d have to catch up with Terra later.

     “Now if you’re a prey species yourself, this is why it’s strongly encouraged that you fill out that little part on the back of your driver’s license, agreeing to donate your body for food in the event of an untimely death. Yeah, you won’t get a funereal if you do that, but doing your part to help keep carnivores fed cuts down on those illegal predation statists I just mentioned. So think of it this way… Let’s say you die in a car accident. We can bury you in a cemetery and then your body just goes to waste, rotting in the ground… Or your body can be sent off to a food processing plant to be turned into meat product that can then be used to feed carnivores. But if you refuse to let your body be used that way, maybe the carnivore who would have eaten your meat doesn’t have any meat to eat, and he has to resort to illegal predation. Maybe your friends and family become the victims of that illegal predation… Donating your body for food doesn’t just help carnivores, it saves prey too…

     “But it’s not just prey species who need to be thinking about this. Even you carnivores who are of an edible species should be considering becoming food donors. I’m a carnivore and I’m a food donor. If I ever kick the bucket before I’m too old for my meat to be of any value, someone out there is going to get to eat me. And I’m fine with that. I’m doing my part to make sure everyone gets fed the right way. But what happens if you try to take it into your own hands to put meat on the table and don’t go through the proper channels to obtain that meat?”

     I rolled my eyes and sighed under my breath. It was nice seeing Terra on the screen. I didn’t get to see her all that much with her spending so much time on the road. But this video was just so stupid. I knew all of this shit already. Everyone knew this… What happens if you don’t go through the proper channels and engage in illegal predation? One of three things happens…

     One, the cops catch you before your prey has been killed and they make you let them go, or force you to drink ipecac syrup to make you vomit them back up if you swallowed them alive… But then they can’t arrest you because the prey is still alive so they write you a fat citation and tell you not to do it again.

     Two, the cops catch you after the prey has already been killed but before you’ve eaten it, and they take it away from you because you didn’t obtain that meat through the proper channels. But with the way the law is written, once a person is dead they aren’t a person anymore. They are just meat. So they can’t arrest you for killing a person because they aren’t a person anymore. Although in all likelihood you end up doing jail time for the illegal acquisition of meat product…

     Or three, the cops don’t show up in time and the prey is already dead and in your stomach, at which point there is nothing they can do because again, the law says they are just meat at that point. And if you’ve already eaten the evidence they can’t really prove you didn’t obtain that meat properly. Most cops won’t risk making you drink ipecac syrup in that situation because if they force you to vomit and it turns out to be legally obtained meat they will have a lawsuit on their hands. I know if I went through the trouble of paying for meat legally and some cop came and made me vomit it up because he thought I may not have gotten it the right way, I’d sure as hell be suing for carnivore discrimination.

     This whole class was pointless. They weren’t going to make a bunch of predators not want to be predators anymore by forcing us to sit in a classroom for eight hours and listen to this tripe. If Terra wasn’t my friend, I’d probably be more inclined to eat her after having to sit through this stupid PSA she recorded. In fact, friend or not, I may still be inclined to eat her if this video lasts much longer…

     I wouldn’t even be taking sensitivity training if I didn’t have to… But after Halloween I was kind of stuck. Officer Cotton had talked to the family for me, and they had agreed to write it off as a mostly harmless prank that got out of hand… but only if I took carnivore sensitivity training to help me better understand how a prank like that made prey species like them feel. With that being the case, there was no way to keep the social worker from finding out about it, so I had to take this class now to prove I was sorry for what I had done and was putting forth an effort to do better.

     Thankfully Miss Box was pretty okay as far as social workers went. Cotton really had managed to help me get one who was sympathetic to my case. I had a feeling that any other social worker would have held this against me, but Miss Box seemed pretty chill about the fact that I had broken into someone’s house and tried to eat three kids… as long as I followed through with the sensitivity training that is…

     When the video finally ended, the instructor turned the lights back on and announced that we would be taking a forty five minute break for lunch. Yay… Lunch… More processed meat that came from god only knows where and tasted like shit… God, what I wouldn’t do for some fresh meat right now… I’d only been on the no live prey diet for a week and a half and already I was starting to feel it.

     That rabbit who had been sitting in front of me was looking pretty tasty right now. I didn’t even know why she was there. How did a rabbit end up in a carnivore sensitivity class? She was the only prey species in the room. But right now I was less interested in that and more interested in how she would taste. A week and a half without real food and just sitting there looking at her… smelling her… It had my mouth watering. God, I’d love to have her for lunch… But no… I couldn’t do that…

     “What you thinking, short stuff?” she asked and I blinked in surprise.

     I had been so zoned out that I hadn’t even realized that she had turned around in her chair to look over at me. She had caught me sitting there staring at her.

     “Sorry,” I said, quickly shaking my head. “My mind was elsewhere.”

     “I’m not a food donor,” she smirked.

     “What? No, I wasn’t…”

     “Yeah you were,” she nodded with a grin. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. Wouldn’t want you to have to repeat this class. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone…”

     “Heh…” I laughed halfheartedly and nodded. “Yeah, that would be torture.”

     “Want to come have lunch with me?” she then asked.

     I raised an eyebrow skeptically. “You sure you feel safe doing that?” I asked. “I mean… I’m obviously taking carnivore sensitivity training for a reason.

     “Yeah but you’re a fennec fox… Pretty sure you’re the last person I have to worry about in here.”

     I grinned at the girl when she said that. That was the same mistake most people made about me. They assumed that just because I was so small I wasn’t a threat. They assumed that I couldn’t do any real harm. That was usually the last mistake they ever made. It generally didn’t take people who made that mistake long to find out just how ferocious and ravenous I could really be.

     “Alright… Let’s go get lunch,” I nodded.

     Lunch was served in the cafeteria of the school these kind of classes were held at on the weekends. We were required to eat there given the nature of class. They obviously didn’t want us going out and finding food on our own. That would kind of defeat the purpose of the whole thing. The lunch provided contained one meat option and two non-meat options for omnivores like myself. The meat looked like… some kind of bird… It also looked like it came out of a can… I guess I shouldn’t expect much out of cafeteria food.

     “Hey… what’s this?” the rabbit asked in an unhappy tone and I looked over to see what she was complaining about. She was in line right behind me so it only took a glance to see that they had given her a tray fit for an herbivore which she was now pushing back towards the cafeteria worker. “I need an omnivore plate, please…”

     The cafeteria worker gave her a funny look. It was probably the same one I was giving her myself. “You’re a rabbit…” the cafeteria worker told her.

     “An omnivore plate, please…” the rabbit repeated and the cafeteria worker rolled her eyes and shook her head as she took the tray back and gave the girl one for an omnivore.

     As we took our seats at a table together I watched the girl curiously as she started cutting into the meat on her plate and began eating it in small bites. It was the damnedest thing I’d ever seen. Never once had I encountered a rabbit who ate meat. I didn’t even think their stomachs could digest it properly.

     “How are you eating that?” I asked in amazement.

     “By choking it down before I have a chance to really taste it,” she answered before looking up at me with a sudden expression of realization on her face. “Oh… You mean meat in general…”

     “Yeah,” I nodded.

     “I’m a half-breed,” she answered. “My father is a wolf. He has a thing for rabbits… I’m the product of that.”

     “I guess you get your looks from your mother then,” I nodded. Just looking at the girl I couldn’t see any sign of wolf heritage. Other than the fact that she was sitting there eating meat that was… She looked just like a perfectly normal rabbit, no different that Cindy or Cherry or Officer Cotton.

     “Yep,” she nodded back. “Although I can digest meat. Got that from my father.”

     “Interesting,” I said then took my first bite of the meat on my plate only to wrinkle my nose in disgust the moment I tasted it. “Oh… Oh god…”

     “Yeah, it’s pretty bad,” the rabbit nodded.

     “No… it’s worse than that,” I said, shaking my head. “It’s not even real meat…”

     “What?” the rabbit asked, her eyes widening in surprise.

     “This isn’t poultry,” I explained, quickly taking a sip of my drink to wash the taste out of my mouth. “This is soy meat…”

     “Really?” the rabbit asked, looking back down at her own plate. “I knew it wasn’t great, but I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t actual meat…”

     “Yeah, well… No offence, but you’re half rabbit… I can tell the difference between real meat and fake meat. Why are they even feeding us this crap? Yeah, you can make fake steaks and stuff out of plants but the fact remains that plants do not produce the proteins carnivores need in order to survive. Shit like this is the reason there are so many carnivores here taking sensitivity training today. They want to create a society where no one has to eat anyone, but if the only options they give us are food donors that don’t die nearly fast enough to sustain the population, and fake meat that can’t sustain us at all, what do they expect? Of course we are going to go get meat the other way…”

     The rabbit nodded. “Well this is a sensitivity class for a bunch of proven predators. I guess it makes sense that they aren’t going to treat us to real meat… They want us to get accustomed to the fake stuff so we won’t go out and eat people.”

     That was an interesting point she just brought up. This sensitivity training was for proven predators who they wanted to be more understanding of the feelings of prey species… “Hey… So does that mean you’ve had problems with predation?” I asked.

     “Yep,” she nodded. “You wouldn’t think it just from looking at me, but I eat people. Being a rabbit actually makes it pretty easy. No one ever expects a rabbit is going to eat them. So no one ever has their guard up around me. But… I got caught one too many times, you know? That’s why I’m here now.”

     Yeah, I knew what she meant. Normally if you get caught the cops just make you hack your prey back up and then give you a little slap on the wrist and a citation. I’d had my fair share of those… But repeat offenders who are caught too often end up having to take sensitivity training. If the whole Halloween thing hadn’t happened I probably would have only been a few more busts away from ending up here anyways, so yeah… I knew what she meant.

     “I think I like you,” I grinned. “What’s your name? I never did catch it.”

     “Blythe,” the rabbit answered.

     “I’m Clawdette,” I answered with a nod.

     “Nice to meet you, Clawdette. I guess you have the same problem, huh?”

     “More or less,” I shrugged.

     Blythe grinned. “We aren’t going to end up trying to eat each other are we?”

     “Well I was already thinking about eating you back in the classroom,” I shrugged. “Were you thinking about eating me?”

     “Why do you think I asked if you wanted to have lunch with me?” Blythe asked.

     I nodded and looked around the cafeteria for a moment. “Well, no one’s really paying attention to us, and this fake meat is awful… Shall we excuse ourselves to the restroom and see which one of us comes back out?”

     Blythe started to laugh and I couldn’t help but join her.


     Once we were back in the classroom after lunch Blythe moved back a row and took a seat next to me. Obviously we hadn’t actually tried to eat each other. Showing back up after lunch with a classmate in our stomach would have insured we failed the sensitivity training and had to take it over again. We both knew that and neither one of us wanted to spend any more Saturdays in here than we had to.

     Once everyone was seated the instructor walked back in front of the class and said, “Alright everyone… We are going to be doing an exercise this afternoon. Let’s see… uhh… you,” he said as he pointed at me. “Would you mind coming up to the front of the classroom please?”

     I nodded as I got up from the desk and moved to the front of the classroom to stand in front of the instructor. He was a lion so he was obviously a lot bigger than me and I had to look up at him as I waited to see just what he wanted. As I watched he walked over to his own desk and opened a drawer, reaching a hand in and then pulling it back out with a small mouse now sitting in his palm. I eyed the mouse curiously as he brought her back over to me and told me to hold out my hand. When I did he allowed the mouse to walk off of his hand and into my own.

     “Hello,” the mouse said as she smiled up at me.

     I was a little confused by this and unsure just what I was supposed to be doing with her.

     “Well don’t be rude,” the instructor said. “She said hello…”

     “Uh… Hello,” I nodded down at the mouse in my hand.

     “I’m Juniper,” the mouse informed me.

     “I’m Clawdette,” I answered back awkwardly.

     “It’s nice to meet you,” Juniper smiled.

     “Clawdette, would you tell me what you think when you look at Juniper here?” the instructor asked. I hesitated for a moment, not sure what kind of answer I was supposed to give. “It’s fine. Just be honest with us,” the instructor urged me. “What do you think when you look at Juniper?”

     “She’s very small, but still looks kind of tasty. I bet she’d be easy to swallow,” I answered. If he wanted me to be honest, I would…

     The instructor nodded. “I want you to take Juniper back to your desk with you and talk to her for a while. I’ll ask you to bring her back up later and tell me what you’ve learned about her.”

     I tried not to roll my eyes as I nodded and carried the little mouse back to my desk. As I did he began calling up the other people in the classroom one by one and started passing out mice to the rest of them as well.

     Once I was sitting back down I let Juniper hop down off of my hand onto the surface of the desk and looked down at her, still not sure what I was supposed to do. Yeah, I got that he wanted me to talk to her, but I had no idea what to say.


     Juniper smiled knowingly and nodded. “So, do you have a family, Clawdette?” she asked.

     “Yeah, I’ve got two kids,” I told her. “Both daughters. One of them is adopted.”

     “No husband?” she asked before quickly biting her bottom lip as she realized something and then quickly added, “Or wife?”

     “No, I’m not with anyone,” I said shaking my head. “My husband passed on some time ago.”

     Juniper nodded with a little frown. “My husband is no longer with us either. He got eaten three years ago. Illegal predation… He was a food donor you know… If they would have just waited until it was his time, he would have become food anyways… But that pred didn’t want to wait. Ate him right in front of me. Left me with a litter of eight to raise all on my own. It’s been kind of rough…”

     “Is the point of this to make me feel bad for you? Is that was this is about?” I asked, feeling like I was starting to catch on.

     “Why? Do you feel bad for me?” Juniper asked, giving me a curious look.

     “Eating your husband right in front of you and then leaving you to raise all those kids on your own is a little harsh,” I told her. “I’d have eaten you and the kids along with him if it was me.”

     Juniper smirked up at me. “The point of this is just to get to know each other. That’s all… I’m not trying to make you feel bad for me… So, what do you do for a living?”

     “I’m a librarian,” I answered. “Or I guess it would be more accurate to say, I’m library staff… I never got an actual library science degree so I’m not an actual librarian… But people just assume that everyone who works in a library is a librarian so I find it easier to just tell them I’m a librarian.”

     “I… didn’t realize they weren’t all librarians,” Juniper admitted and I nodded.

     “Most don’t. Technically I’m just a county clerk,” I answered.

     “I see… I work at the utility board. Mostly answering calls and handling payments. But we’re closed on the weekends so I donate my time to this on Saturdays.”

     “Just enjoy guilt tripping predators?” I asked with a smirk.

     “I’m not guilt tripping anyone. We’re just talking,” she insisted.

     That went on for a little while as Juniper and I continued talking. After about twenty minutes the instructor signaled to me and called me back up to the front. I picked up Juniper and carried her back to the front of the classroom and offered her back to the instructor but he refused to take her from me.

     Shaking his head he said, “What can you tell me about Juniper? Tell us all what you’ve learned about her.”

     “Okay…” I said slowly. “She’s a single mother of eight. Her husband was eaten right in front of her. She works at the utility board but still struggles to provide for her family at times. She’s attracted to larger animals, sometimes even carnivores, but is generally too afraid to act on that. Her favorite kind of music is classical. She has trouble shopping in public places and almost gets stepped on several times a day. And she is sympathetic towards carnivores’ need to eat, but supports the push for harsher punishment for attempted predation, believing that murder charges and attempted murder charges should be brought into effect.”

     The instructor nodded. “That’s good. Now I want to try something else. I want you to place Juniper in your mouth and just hold her on your tongue.”

     I raised an eyebrow at him skeptically. “Are you sure?”

     He nodded and when I looked down at Juniper she looked up at me and nodded as well. Okay then… I had an idea of where this was going. Raising Juniper up I very gently placed her in my mouth and allowed her to get situated on my tongue.

     “Now…” the instructor continued. “Juniper is in your mouth. It would be very easy for you to eat her right now. All you have to do is swallow and she would be gone before I could do anything to stop you. But let me ask you this… Do you still want to swallow her?”

     Yep… That’s exactly what I thought this was. Some kind of fucked up trust exercise mixed with a hearty helping of guilt tripping. Trying to make us actually think about our prey and their lives before we eat them… But regardless of what I really thought, I wasn’t about to fail this training and have to do it all over again.

     “No,” I said, having had quite a bit of practice at talking with small prey in my mouth.

     “And why not?” the instructor asked.

     “I know too much about her. I would just feel bad about it,” I answered.

     “So you are saying you can’t bring yourself to eat her because she has a life of her own with her own problems and things to worry about?”

     “Yeah, I guess,” I agreed.

     The instructor nodded again. “I want you to remember this feeling. Next time you are considering eating prey, I want you to remember that they have lives of their own and things they want and have to worry about just like Juniper there.”

     I nodded and held my hand back up to my mouth, allowing Juniper to crawl back out. “Thanks for not swallowing me,” she smiled up at me.

     “You’re welcome,” I smiled back then handed her back over to the instructor. Juniper was sweet, but if I hadn’t been so concerned about passing this training with flying colors I probably would have swallowed her. I wasn’t going to tell anyone that though…

     As I went back and took my seat, he called Blythe up next and had her go through the same thing I’d just done. After introducing her mouse to the classroom and sharing what she had learned about her, the instructor asked her to put the mouse in her mouth the same as I had done. I watched as Blythe put the little mouse into her mouth and then the instructor asked if she still wanted to eat the mouse. Blythe answered by swallowing her mouse.

     Oh Blythe… That is not how you get out of this place… I understand that this sensitivity training is bullshit and it isn’t going to change our nature, but a public display of protest like that isn’t going to help. I would have loved nothing more than to have swallow Juniper right there in front of the instructor too, but I was restraining myself for the sake of getting this whole mess over with. All you had to do was pretend you were with the program and you could have been done with this too.

     Then I watched as the instructor grabbed Blythe and held her down as he forced a bottle of ipecac syrup into her mouth and made her start chugging it. As someone who had been made to take ipecac syrup against my will quite a few times in the past, I was pretty sure he was making her take more than he should have. I wasn’t entirely sure that was safe… But the instructor looked pretty pissed at that point.

     Moments later Blythe was vomiting into a bucket right there in front of the classroom and the instructor retrieved the mouse out of it. After putting her down on his desk and handing her a handkerchief to wipe herself off with, he turned back to face Blythe and narrowed his eyes ate her. “So… learning about Jessica there didn’t change your feelings at all, huh? You don’t care at all that she has a life of her own and she has reason to keep living it?”

     “She’s just prey,” Blythe said with a shrug. “She was born to be food for predators.”

     “Well that’s kind of funny coming from a rabbit,” the instructor said as he quickly reached out and grabbed Blythe by the ears. My eyes widened in surprise as I watched him yank Blythe right up off of her feet and held her suspended in the air by her ears. “Because I don’t really care what kind of a half-breed you are. You just look like food to me. Maybe the only reason you were born was to be my food.”

     “Hey! Stop!” Blythe screamed and thrashed around as the instructor grabbed her with his other hand and started forcing her into his mouth. Now I was very glad I controlled myself and didn’t swallow Juniper. It didn’t look like poor Blythe was going to make it out of this. That was a shame really… I was thinking she and I could have been friends. Or I could have eaten her… Either would have been fine with me. But if she was going to get eaten, I really wanted to be the one to do it myself. She was such a tasty looking young woman…

     As much as Blythe struggled and squirmed to get away she didn’t stand a chance against a full sized lion. Eventually she reached the point where only her head was still sticking out of his mouth. “Do you want me to swallow you?” the instructor then asked, impressing even me with his ability to talk and still be understood with his mouth full. That guy clearly had more practice than I did. I couldn’t even talk with someone that size half way down my throat.

     “No!” Blythe shouted desperately.

     “Why not?” the instructor asked.

     “I don’t want to die!” Blythe shouted.

     “Why not?” the instructor asked. “You’re just prey. What do you have to live for?”

     “Lots of things!” Blythe argued. “Please! Don’t do this!”

     When the instructor hacked Blythe back up and spit her out on the floor I found myself feeling both relieved and disappointed. On one hand I was relieved because it meant I could continue to peruse my new desire to maybe form a friendship with her… and possibly eat her myself at a later date… But on the other hand I was disappointed because I kind of wanted to see her get swallowed. If would have certainly made this class more interesting.

     “Go take your seat,” the instructor informed her. “And the next time you are considering eating prey, I want you to think back on this and remember how you felt just now and realize that your prey feels the same way. All the reasons you didn’t want to be eaten, they have the same reasons.”

     Blythe rolled her eyes once her back was turned on the instructor and she made her way back over to sit next to me. “You okay?” I whispered to her.

     “I think so,” she nodded unhappily.


     When the class was finally over for the day we all had to remain seated as the instructor called us up to his desk one at a time to hand out certificates of completion to take back to whoever had ordered us to take the sensitivity training. One by one he called us up in a seemingly random order and after each person received their certificate they were excused from the classroom. He did this until there were only six of us still sitting there, myself and Blythe included… Then he got up and walked back to the front of the classroom to face us.

     “The rest of you will not be receiving certificates of completion today. I’m going to be scheduling you to come back next week,” he informed us.

     Oh come on… What did I do wrong? I made sure to do everything exactly the way he would have wanted. Why hadn’t I passed?

     “In the meantime, I’m going to pair you all up with a buddy and I want you to spend the week together. Think of it as trying to keep each other out of trouble. You don’t have to stay over at anyone else’s house, and I understand you all have jobs, but I want you to make an effort to spend time together each day until the next class and keep a log of what you did together each day. I’ll be asking you to turn that in next class… Miss Smalls… You and Miss Aldoa seem to get along, so I’m going to be making the two of you buddies.”

     “Miss Aldoa?” I asked, looking around at the others still in the class.

     “That’s me,” Blythe nodded and gave me a wink.

     I nodded and waited while he paired up the rest of the class and then when he dismissed us and told us same time next week, I waited while the others got up and left the classroom. Blythe gave me a funny look when she noticed I wasn’t leaving and asked if I was coming and I told her if she’d wait outside I’d be along in a moment. I had something I needed to talk to the instructor about. She shrugged and headed out and once we were alone I got up and walked over to the instructor.

     “Can I ask why I didn’t pass?” I asked him. “As far as I can tell I did everything right.”

     “Yeah, you did,” he nodded. “You did everything a little too right… Next week try actually being yourself instead of faking it so you can pass as quickly as possible.”

     I sighed and nodded in defeat. “Alright…” I grumbled as I turned and started walking out.

     “Oh, and Miss Smalls…” he said before I made it to the door.

     “Yes?” I asked as I looked back over my shoulder at him.

     “I’m sure you know I was given files on all of you…” he told me. “So that being said, I hope I don’t have to tell you that if Miss Aldoa doesn’t come back next week, you won’t pass the sensitivity training. Nor will you be able to come back next week to repeat the class… I’ll consider that failure.”

     I narrowed my eyes at the lion feeling a little offended. “Okay… I guess I can understand why you would tell me that… But how come you aren’t giving her the same warning?”

     “Like I said… I have files on all of you,” he shrugged. “ You’re the one I’m worried about.”

     Well… that was comforting I guess. It was nice to know that based on Blythe’s file he wasn’t worried about her eating me . But the fact that he didn’t trust me not to eat her wasn’t as comforting. Passing this sensitivity training wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be. Not if the instructor actually considered me a threat… That meant I was going to have to work twice as hard to prove I wasn’t.

     When I stepped out of the classroom Blythe was waiting for me in the hall. “So, you ready to go?” she asked.

     “Where are we going?” I asked her with a raised brow.

     “He said we were supposed to spend the week together,” Blythe said with a shrug.

     “Right,” I nodded. “I was thinking we could set up some kind of hangout date for tomorrow. Can I get your phone number?”

     “Yeah, so… There’s the thing…” Blythe answered with a nervous smile. “I’ve kind of been couch surfing lately… So I figured if we have to spend the week together anyways… Maybe I could…”

     I closed my eyes and sighed silently. Another rabbit… My house was being overrun by rabbits… Between Cindy, Cherry, and Officer Cotton, who took it upon herself to just drop by unannounced whenever she felt like it, I was already up to my ears in rabbits. And now I was going to be adding another one to the mix?

     Cindy I didn’t mind. She was my daughter after all. And Cherry had been kind of an unavoidable necessity. Officer Cotton I could have done without, but I had agreed to let her check in on us off the books and make sure things were going alright. She was being really helpful in my current situation, so I couldn’t complain too much… But I wished she wouldn’t just treat my house like it was a second home she could come and go from as she pleased. So did I really need another rabbit in my house? One who was half carnivore and a proven predator no less… Could I even trust her around Cindy?

     “Okay, let me ask you something,” I sighed. “Do you eat rabbits?”

     “What?” Blythe asked a little confused.

     “I know you’re half rabbit, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve eaten my own kind before… So I need to know if you eat rabbits.”

     “Why?” Blythe asked.

     “Because I have rabbits at home and I need to make sure it’s going to be safe to bring you over,” I answered.

     “Oh… Worried I’m going to eat your stash, huh?” Blythe smirked.

     “They aren’t my stash … The rabbits at my house are off limits, do you understand?”

     Blythe blinked in surprise then nodded. “Yeah, okay… I won’t eat your rabbits. I promise.”

     “Alright then,” I nodded. “I guess you can come stay at my place for the week. I’m out of spare rooms though…”

     “I’m used to the couch,” Blythe nodded with a little grin.

     “You never did answer my question though… Do you eat rabbits?”

     “Are you kidding…?” Blythe asked, giving me a disbelieving look. “We rabbits are delicious!”

     “Yeah… Yeah you are…” I nodded in agreement.


     “Oh my… I wasn’t expecting a guest,” Cherry said a little flustered when she saw me enter the house with Blythe right behind me. “Do I… need to make alternate arrangements for dinner?”

     I smirked at that. It was clear what she was thinking. But I shook my head and assured her that wasn’t the case. “No. Whatever you had planned is fine. This is Blythe. I’m not eating her. She’s from my class. She’s going to be crashing on the couch for a week.”

     “Eating me?” Blythe asked with a grin then walked over and made a little circle around Cherry, eyeing her up. “So who’s this cute little thing and why is she so comfortable with you eating other rabbits?”

     “Blythe, this is Cherry,” I introduced. “She’s my nanny slash housekeeper.”

     “Oh, fancy,” Blythe smirked. “But what do you need a nanny for?”

     “I help take care of Miss Smalls’ daughter,” Cherry answered.

     “I’m a single mother,” I nodded. “Cherry’s useful to have around.”

     “That’s a shame,” Blythe said with a slight frown.

     “We talked about this. She’s off limits.”

     “Fine… Buzzkill…” Blythe sighed and Cherry gave a confused blink. The poor thing had no idea what we were talking about.

     Introducing Cindy to Blythe had been even more interesting. Blythe was completely taken aback when she learned that my daughter was also a rabbit. At first she had thought that Cindy was a half breed like her, but after I explained that Cindy was adopted she started giving me a lot of funny looks.

     “So… You’re a pred… and you’ve admitted to eating rabbit… But you adopted a rabbit as a daughter and hired another one to help you raise her?”

     “It’s a long, complicated story,” I shrugged.

     I had thought Blythe was going to press the matter, but surprisingly she didn’t. She just shrugged and seemed to take that answer as is. She was proving to be a lot more easy going than I had expected her to be. Making herself right at home and going along with the odd nature of my home life as if it was perfectly normal.

     Honestly, I was fine with this. Blythe and I had a lot in common and her easy going nature made her pretty easy to get along with. By the end of the first night it felt completely normal having her around the house. It was as if she had always been a part of my household. In fact… things were starting to feel a little too familiar as far as Blythe was concerned. Or should I say, she and I were becoming a little too familiar with each other?

     That night, after we had put Cindy to bed, Cherry had asked if we minded her making use of the TV. I hadn’t had any problem with it and Blythe told her to put on whatever she wanted, so Cherry popped in a porno and sat down on the couch next to us to watch it without any concern for the fact that we were right there. I was still trying to convince myself that was just a rabbit thing. Cherry was a rather sexual woman and rather open about it. She didn’t do this in front of Cindy, but when it was just the adults, she had no problem putting porn on and slipping her hand down her panties to enjoy herself with me right there in the room.

     Blythe appeared to be equally unfazed by this. As the movie played she ended up scooting up against me and getting comfortable as they watched. It seemed I was the only one who was feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable by the open display of sexuality going on in front of me. But Blythe and I were getting along so well and had taken to each other so quickly, that I didn’t really seem to mind as much as I would have thought I would.

     Part way through the movie Blythe was lying in my lap and I was just fine with it. About half way in, Blythe had asked me if I wanted to taste her. Fifteen minutes after that I was happily licking Blythe’s legs and sucking on her feet, enjoying the taste of my cute little friend while she likewise tasted me. Three fourths of the way through the movie Cherry’s pants and underwear were gone and she was openly masturbating as she watched Blythe and I lick and suck on each other, enjoying one another’s flavor in as close as we could get to eating each other without actually doing it. The movie had been utterly forgotten and was nothing more than background noise at that point.

     What Blythe and I were doing wasn’t exactly sex. We weren’t taking sexual pleasure from each other’s bodies. Each of us was just enjoying how the other tasted. I wanted to eat her so badly, and she wanted to eat me just as much. But neither of us could do that. So this was just two predatory friends allowing one another to enjoy their taste. It was kind of like… chewing gum… You don’t chew gum because you intend to eat it. You chew it to enjoy the taste and the sensation of it in your mouth. That’s what Blythe and I were doing to each other and it was somewhat thrilling. I never thought I’d ever have a friend who would be willing to share that kind of experience with me, or that I would be willing to do the same for someone else… And yet, there we were, doing it.

     She and I were definitely becoming a little too familiar with each other far faster than I ever anticipated.

     And it was at the point where Blythe and I had rolled off of the couch and were on the floor in the throes of passion, half her leg down my throat, nearly my entire arm down hers, Cherry moaning loudly as she rubbed her clit with one hand and fondled her right breast with the other while watching us, that the front door opened and Officer Cotton walked in, stopping dead in her tracks as her eyes fell on the scene in front of her.

     “What the fuck is going on here?!”

     We all paused as we looked over at the other rabbit. I slowly pulled Blythe’s leg back out of my mouth and smiled at her with a nervous laugh. “Uhh… Hi, Cotton… This is my friend, Blythe.”

     Cotton narrowed her eyes at us. “And is there a reason it looks like you and your friend are trying to eat each other? And Cherry, why the hell are you masturbating to this?”

     “Because it was really hot?” Cherry suggested with a shrug.

     Cotton rolled her eyes and shook her head before turning her attention back onto Blythe. “Ma’am? Is this a consensual act?”

     Blythe nodded as she pulled my arm back out of her mouth. “Yeah… We were having fun… Who are you again?”

     “That’s Officer Cotton,” I sighed.

     “A cop?” Blythe asked, giving the other rabbit a skeptical look. “Why’s a cop just barging into your house? Wait… Does she live here too?”

     “I don’t know… Do you live here, Cotton?” I asked, giving the woman an annoyed look.

     “Don’t give me that,” Cotton said in an unamused tone. “ You agreed to let me keep an eye on you.”

     “Yeah, but I didn’t realize at the time that meant you were just going to treat this like it was your own house,” I argued.

     “Look, I’m not in the mood to argue with you right now. I’ve had a bad night… Tell me you’ve got beer in the fridge…” she said as she walked past us into the kitchen. “But clearly I need to if this is the sort of thing I catch you doing when I’m not around!” she called back to us.

     “So… You have a cop that just makes herself at home here?” Blythe asked.

     I sighed and nodded. “Try to be nice. She’s the reason I haven’t had my daughter taken away yet…”

     “Fair enough,” Blythe shrugged. “You could have warned me she was going to show up though…”

     “So, umm… Are you two going to go back to eating each other?” Cherry asked with a nervous smile. “Or should I…?”

     I sighed again and nodded at Cherry. “You know where I keep the consumption porn… Go help yourself.”

     “Right,” she nodded. “I’ll just go finish taking care of myself in the bedroom then. Have a good night you two.”

     As Cotton walked back into the living room, open beer bottle in hand, and took a seat on the couch, she looked down at us, still slightly perplexed. “So is this some kind of weird sex thing or what?”

     “It’s a pred thing. You wouldn’t understand,” I shook my head. “Neither of us were in any danger.”

     “You say that, but I only see one pred here,” Cotton pointed out.

     Blythe started to chuckle when she heard that. “Is that what you think? Maybe you’d like to come down here with us and we can show you what we were doing?”

     “Blythe, no…” I told her sternly. “Cotton is also off limits.”

     “Am… I missing something?” Cotton asked, looking more confused by the moment, then shook her head. “Don’t just tell her I’m off limits. I’m an adult. I can make my own decisions. And I’m a rabbit too! I like sex! You think I wouldn’t be into… whatever this is? Let me try it before you go making that decision for me!”

     I blinked a bit surprised as Cotton set her beer bottle down on the end table and started pulling her shirt off. That wasn’t what I had expected to happen. I mean, yeah I knew Cotton was a rabbit. I’m not blind… But this was the first time I’d seen her express a sexual interest in… anything…

     “There you go,” Blythe grinned. “Come down here with us and we’ll make this a three-way. I want to taste you…”

     Poor Cotton had no idea what she was getting into. Oh well… As long as Blythe didn’t try to actually eat her, it would be fine I guess… And I had to admit I was curious to find out what Cotton tasted like as well… This was an opportunity I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Having Blythe in my house was certainly turning out to make things more interesting. That was for sure. I was starting to think I was really going to like having her around. But I seriously needed to limit myself. No more rabbits after this one! I don’t think my house could handle any more of them…


     I opened my eyes to the sound of the phone ringing. I was in my bed now. Naked… When I went to roll over so I could grab the phone off of my nightstand I paused as I realized I had two equally naked rabbits on either side of me. Blythe was snuggled up against my right side, an arm draped over me, and Cotton on my left side, both and arm and a leg over me. I didn’t want to move too much and wake either of them. They were both so cute like that and it felt kind of nice being sandwiched between them. I’d never had a problem having sex with other women. I was fifteen when I first found out that sex with girls felt just as good as sex with guys. But sex with rabbits had been a different matter. That was something I hadn’t thought I would be all that into… But after last night now I was laying there trying not to wake them because I didn’t want the feeling of their sweet little bodies pressed against my own to end.

     Reaching over Blythe carefully, I managed to find my phone and pick it up without rolling over. She only twitched slightly but didn’t wake up. “Hello?” I answered.

     “Hey Mom, you’re going to be home tomorrow, right?”

     “Wha…? Veronica?” I asked slightly confused by the suddenness of the question. But that was definitely my daughter’s voice.

     “Yeah,” she answered.

     “What are you going on about? Aren’t you at college?”

     “Uhh, hello? Christmas break? I’m coming home. You going to be there to let me into the house when I show us?”

     Oh shit… With everything that had been going on, I forgot all about Christmas break or that my daughter might actually want to spend it with her family. And that wasn’t the only thing I had forgotten… I hadn’t even told her about Cindy yet! Let alone all the other rabbits that were now running around the house… This was going to be quite a shock for her.

     “Uhh… Yeah, dear… I’ll be here… Can’t wait to see you.”