Kiyohime nervously ate her rice while watching as her master spoke to gorgon and Shuten, was he angry at her still? Were was Mash? She watched as the young man stood up and left without even looking at her.

"What's wrong Kiyohime? You've barely eaten and you didn't even try to tackle hug master." serenity chimed in making the berserker jump. She looked at the slender black-skinned assassin who brushed some of her violet hair away from her eyes.

"I did something dumb and master was furious, he even threatened to kill me! I know he's still mad and I can't bear the idea of him hating me," she replied. Serenity stared for a minute before responding

"Well, he hasn't done anything so I think you're safe." the snake maiden nodded the assassin had a point if master was mad he would probably have acted on it by now. As if on cue the loudspeaker turned on with Ritsuka's voice chiming in

"This goes out to all servants at Chaldea. I want Kiyohime's head! She hurt Mash, tried to kill her and now I want her to suffer for it, and to whoever brings her to me or can confirm her death will be granted a request from me. If it's in my power I'll do it. A kiss, a date, a grail, or a day with one of the other servants it's yours. Oh and if ANY of you ever try to hurt Mash you will get the same fate, rarity won't save you. Well, happy hunting, I'll be in my room waiting for the winner." serenity laughed and slapped Kiyohime on the back

"Wow. you really pissed master off." Kiyohime nodded in horror as every servant in the cafeteria turned to her with evil grins.

Her blood ran cold as she turned to the assassin "wait did you just poison me!?" she cried. She knew full well that only a few servants in Chaldea could survive serenity's poisonous touch, and she wasn't one of them.

Serenity's smile was still on her face "even if you are part of the my room trio there's no way I'm passing up on a wish from master so please die." the assassin replied remorselessly, Kiyohime shot out her seat only to immediately fall due to the poison but kept trying to run even as serenity's poison caused her to cough up blood. Ritsuka handed the mic back to Da Vinci

"thanks. You can confirm who kills her if she dies right?" Da Vinci stared in horror at what the young man, barely believing what he had just done before stuttering

"Yeah, I mean yes we do." Ritsuka just smiled

"Thank you Da Vinci." he began to rub his bloated belly "Come on Mash let's go see who wins"

He made his way through the halls of Chaldea watching as Kiyohime ran around trying to avoid every servant from the violent Vlad the third to the gentle Mata Hari, even gorgon and Jeanne d'Arc were trying to kill the snake priestess.

"Gate of Babylon"

"WHY!!" Kiyohime's voice cried in between coughs of blood.

Soon after arriving back at his room Ritsuka heard pounding on the door

"master I'm sorry for what I did to the bit... I mean Mash. Please forgive (cough cough) me!" the pounding went silent with a scream of pain before being followed by a soft knock.

"Master Kiyohime is about to die and I won the game. I'm here for my request." Ritsuka opened the door and was greeted by the gagging and bloodied berserker laying on the flood, her elegant green kimono now covered in red splotches of blood and next to her a smiling serenity.

"Master I'm sorry." the berserker sobbed

Ritsuka simply flicked his wrist as a black key sword shot into his hand, Without a second thought the blade was plunged into the berserker's back. He watched sadistically as the berserker vanished before turning to the assassin.

"I can guess your request but I'll still ask. what do you want as your reward"?

"I want to be closer to master than anyone else!" the assassin yelled. The master motioned for her to enter, she had to take a moment to process since she so rarely got invited into masters room instead of sneaking or breaking in. She rushed inside before he could resend to offer.

"So you want to be closer to me than any other. well, I can't do that but I can put you in the same position as the one is closest to me." he motioned to his large stomach "Mash is currently closer to me then any other being alive or dead since she rests inside my stomach." Mash moved and greeted serenity to prove he was telling the truth. "so if you want I can eat you as well." Ritsuka offered. Serenity kneeled down to Mash's bulge

"How does it feel in masters belly"? Mash responded happy as ever "It's great, it's like a constant massage from master and he always rubs my head. I've never felt so safe or slept so peacefully." Serenity stood back up "I'd like to be master's food then." Ritsuka picked up a datapad and speedily sent a message, within seconds Medea Lilly appeared with a golden glow.

"You want me to make serenity non-poisonous master?" before serenity could realize what was happening Medea plunged her pain breaker knife into the assassin as she chanted a spell for a minute. "Okay I couldn't make her completely non-poisonous but I lessened it so she should just make someone sick in a few hours after contact even longer if they have type disadvantage." Ritsuka smiled.

"Your payment will be sent to your room for you to dress up as you please." the caster squeed before turning back into spirit form. "Now for your reward." he grabbed serenity's head and brought it close to his expanding maw. She stared down his throat seeing a tuff of light purple at the bottom, In went, her head. Ritsuka gasped at the exceedingly spicy taste she had. He assumed it was due mostly to her poisonous nature but also partly to her Arabian heritage. Due to her thin frame, she was easier to eat than mash but her spicy taste lead to him to just trying to wolf her down. He only stopped occasionally to give a playful lick for the assassin, spicy or not she did him a huge favour and deserved to be rewarded for it. Her long legs soon slid down his throat, he watched as her feet wiggled outside his jaws before slowly slurping them down. He could already hear serenity moaning from joy and thanking him and mash for the affection. "Sorry to say this but I can only let you stay for a few hours ok?" he could hear the assassins agreement to that clear as day. "Okay master but for now please just pet me as well." he was happy to oblige.