“So Noelle bends over and shows me her fat fucking ass, like I’m not allowed to smack it?” Susie turned around and shot the human a toothy grin, her purple skin tinted blue thanks to the evening sun. “Well, you shouldn’t have, I mean.” The reptile snickered at him, and he stepped towards her.
“I didn’t and you know it.”

Susie snapped her fingers. “Yeah, but you took the fall for it. Just had to step back and all of a sudden they could blame you.”

She swatted him on the ass, sending him stumbling forwards. “Besides, Andrew, you know you love taking the blame. You wouldn’t hang out with a punk like me otherwise.”

He mumbled something other his breath, but she stopped him, hovering over him. Her hand gripped his chin, and she pressed her chest against his, toned chest easily grinding against his. With a quick squeeze of his cheeks the lizard reminded him of her strength, her muscles rippling as the moon rose from the sky. “Don’t sass me, I know you love it and so do you.”

Andrew blushed as she let him go, his mop of hair covering his face. After a brief pause to make sure he wasn’t a target, he brought up a single finger and brushed the dark hair out of his face. He placed his hands in pockets and looked down, carefully following in the bully’s footsteps as she snapped her fingers at him. He looked up, and she pointed towards the school behind them. He heard a siren, and saw a rapidly darkening blue glow towards them.

Susie grinned and set her backpack on the ground, and began fishing through it, eyes darkened by devious shadows. She snickered to herself as she withdrew what looked like a balloon. She waved it in front of Andrew’s face, a purple ball of rubber filled with a thick white cream. The lizard let it fall from hand to hand as the car approached. “Don’t worry.” She told him, smirk clear in her tone. “It’s not yours. But she doesn’t have to know that.”

Andrew looked up at the bully, confused, as the pieces fit together. He raised a hand to stop her, but it was too late; Susie had leaned backwards, and then flung the cum balloon at the car. Time seemed to slow down as the car went to pass them, and the swollen condom flattened against the passenger window. The siren roared in response, and the vehicle came to a stop.

Andrew heard whistling, and saw that Susie was behind him. The deviousness on her face was gone and replaced with a simple curiosity.

The door opened, and you saw the bright red hair tied neatly in a ponytail as the cop walked up to him. Officer Undyne was even taller than Susie, and the authority in her face was clear. When she made eye contact with the human, the rage in her eyes dissipated and her fists opened. She smiled at him.

“Deputy, what was that?” He shrugged noncommittally, already condemned to his fate. Since Susie had attached him to her under threat of bullying, he had constantly been the scapegoat to her trouble. To prevent him from getting expelled, the school had made him a “deputy” working with a local officer to stop trouble. When they had paired him with Undyne, the buff fish woman had turned out to be just as mischievous as the lizard- and even worse, they worked together.

“And to think, you hadn’t committed a misdemeanor in two days!” She chuckled, punching him on the shoulder. Once again, she underestimated either her strength or overestimated Andrew’s, and the contact made him stumble backwards. Susie was more than happy to catch him and stand him up.
“I keep telling him to stay on the straight and narrow.” She chuckled, and the two muscular women shared a dark look over his head. Andrew sighed and shuffled in place, used to the whole game.

“Get out of here, Susie. I’ll have to do some interrogation here.”

She withdrew her handcuffs, and for a minute she returned to her hardened cop behavior. With a swiftness that did not match her bulk, Undyne cuffed his wrists and slammed the human against the car, legs spread. The lizard smacked his ass and leaned close to him.

“Be good for Undyne, punk.” She whispered conspiratorially to him. Andrew nodded without a second thought. The semester had trained him in submission to the buff monsters around him. His hands were cuffed, and he tensed his shoulders just to test the length. There was thankfully enough chain that he could move some if he so pleased.
He wasn’t going to risk it, though. Andrew leaned his head down to watch Susie, her tail swishing behind her as her hips swayed down the street and far away from him. He sighed. If this played out his way, he could get to class in the morning. If not, well, what was another absence? At least he could try to enjoy it.

Undyne crept behind him, and placed her calloused palm into his hair. She pulled it the slightest amount. “Back up to trouble, huh? Be honest. You just wanted punishment from Aunty Undyne, huh?” She shot the human a conspiratorial grin. Her hands danced along his body, before resting between his legs. Her head rested on his shoulder, but it was obvious she was stretching to make it work. Any other way and she would’ve been towering over him. She slurped a trail up his throat.

The muscular women rose back to her full stature and picked Andrew up with a single arm. He yelped in surprise and gave a few resistant kicks, but she simply set him down on the sidewalk. The human was still cuffed.

She peered down at him. “Let’s look at the damage.”

Undyne turned her attention to the car. There was no real damage, Andrew noted. A few specks of rubber along the car, and a splatter of white, but a quick rain would solve the problem. She placed a finger in the mess and dragged a trail, before wiping it on her pants. Andrew sighed. She was making a show of it. Who knew how long it would last?

The fish-woman placed a hand on the concrete and squatted. She leaned towards the car, and draped her tongue over the stain. In a singular lick, she decimated a good third of the splatter.

She turned back to face him, and raised her eyebrows as she smacked her lips.

“Hm… kind of tastes like yours. But I won’t presume your guilt. “Guess we’ll just have to do a more in depth examination. Come on, punk.” She hefted Andrew up and all but flung him into the back of the car. She walked to the front and turned her lights off, before leaping into the back seat next to him. Undyne leaned forward to kiss him, a gesture he obliged, before she placed a finger on his forehead and pushed him back.

“No destruction of evidence… don’t want another cumstain on our record, do we?”

Andrew shuffled, and she sighed.
“Fine, I’ll take the cuffs off. Just a formality, geez, don’t give me that look.”

The odd sheepishness didn’t fit her face well, but she quickly returned to the obnoxious depravity. She reached behind him and unlocked the cuffs with a dexterous little flick of her hand. The human rubbed at his wrists.

“Thank you.”

“Shut up, punk.” The muscular woman gave him a toothy grin. “Just because this is a job doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with you.”

She flexed one of her arms, and he placed a hand on it and squeezed. No give, practically a rock. He paled instinctively, She could crush him if she so pleased, that message was crystal clear.

“That’s not enough. Pay me some attention with that sassy little mouth of yours.”

The human did as she asked, opening his mouth and licking at the rippling flesh. His tongue swirled in circles, while she simply watched him, occasionally flexing at him. The taste of sweat and the slightest hint of sushi coated his mouth, which he slurped up contentedly. After a few moments, she pulled her arm away and popped a finger in his mouth. It tasted of cum, and she flexed it a few times for emphasis.

“Taste good, punk?” He grumbled in response, and she pulled the digit from his maw. After a brief stretch, she began unbuttoning her uniform, exposing her bright blue eight-pack to the air. Undyne grabbed the back of his head and all but rammed it into her chest, and he obeyed readily. As soon as the taut flesh touched his head his mouth was open, tongue rolling in between the crevices of her muscles and even her belly button. She let him taste for a few moments, before lifting him back up.
“Damn, didn’t even have to tell you how to do that… Perhaps a punk like you can be rehabilitated… just gotta stay my deputy and I’ll whip you into tip top shape.”

With that same devious grin in her eyes, she unzipped her pants.
“Get out of the car. Let’s do some on-site testing.”

Andrew paled. His cock was hard, certainly, but he was terrified of being spotted. “What if someone sees us?”

Undyne laughed in his face. “Should’ve thought of that before the crime, deputy. Now. come on, I won’t ask twice.”

She rolled herself out of the car and rested against the trunk of her car, her own bright blue trunk jutting out from her pants. Andrew stayed where he was, still nervous, but a slam against the car sent him scrambling out of the car and towards her. With shaky hands, the human fiddled with his pants and let them fall to the ground. He kept his underpants on. Panting, the muscular fish slapped her ass.
“Come on, get over here. Let’s get to the bottom of this.” He stepped towards her, only for her hands to sweep behind him and yank his underpants down. His cock, perfectly average for a human but dwarfed by her mass, bounced to attention. Carefully, with an excitement he tried to stifle, he leaned forward and pressed his cock between her thighs.

Before he could reach the deliciously enticing heat, however, Undyne had turned around with a sharp grin on her face.

“No, punk. You don’t get to use that hole.” She corrected him. “Lean against the car, and let me do the work.”

Andrew complied, and she leaned down. Careful not to crush him, she placed his cock between her ass cheeks, and began rolling her hips back and forth. His weiner slid in and out of her muscular cheeks, slightly dampened with sweat, but the pressure and sheer size of her ass was almost too much to bear. Within only a few moments, he was moaning and gasping as he reached for her thighs, blush creeping up his face.

She simply stopped and placed all of her weight against him, leaving his cock to pulse with the mad desire to cum. He let out a needy, submissive whine, that made her laugh.

“Don’t be upset. This is the only hole criminals like you deserve.”

Before he could even beg, she lifted up and slammed herself back down, his cock slipping into her taut pucker with only a simple squelch. Biting her lip, Undyne laid her hands back onto the car as she panted. The sensation was too much, and Andrew let out a guttural moan as he squeezed her shoulders and let out half of a warning on his impending climax. His dominant partner simply sucked in a breath, and the ring of muscle tightened around his cock. As she put more weight onto him, and the trunk creaked under their combined mass. He felt the heat rising from his nuts, but she roared and clenched harder around his cock. It spasmed, but his release was stifled by the pressure. He tried to push her off, afraid of accidentally releasing inside of her, but he was no match for her strength.

“Keep trying. You don’t get to waste evidence like that.”

She lifted herself off of him, but before his cock could slide out she lowered herself back down. She established a rhythm quickly: 6 bounces over his dick, full weight over him, a squeeze of her muscles over him, and an increasingly desperate moan from the human.

Andrew tried to keep himself sane by counting the orgasms as they were stifled. This approach worked until he reached the double digits, and Undyne kept going with the same speed. Finally, he spoke up, a hand slapping her ass.

“P-Please, it’s too much!” He whined, full body trembling with the built up madness of multiple cut off orgasms. At long last, she slowed, leaning back on to him. Her hole began to flex over him, pillowy flesh massaging his meat. When he felt that all too familiar tension brewing down below, she let it continue, only rolling her hips in tacit encouragement. With a scream, he laid both of his hands on her ass and thrust forward, letting loose a blazing stream of seed. Just like his denied orgasms, he counted the individual spurts; at least, until he reached the double digits.
With the deep post-nut exhaustion beginning to settle in his bones, she lifted herself off of him and gave his softening member a quick kiss before she reached behind her. She probed a few fingers in with a squelch, and rolled them around inside of her. With a pop, she withdrew them, only to quickly shove them in her mouth. Her tongue danced in between them as she sucked all of his sperm off of each and every digit. Content, she paused and hefted her pants back up.

“Hm… Results are still inconclusive. We’ll have to do some more testing.”

She went to look down at him, but Andrew’s eyes were closed, and she shrugged.

“I guess it can wait. Come on, I’ll let you sleep.”

The fish woman wiggled his pants back up and scooped him up. With a tenderness unbecoming of her bulk, she laid him in the back of the car and pushed the door shut. She withdrew her phone, and jabbed a number into her phone.

“Hey, Tori? My deputy and I have a project tomorrow, so he won’t be coming home tonight. Don’t worry, I kept him out too late. We’re working on an undercover operation, if he’s not in class tomorrow I’ll take responsibility.”

She hung up and slid into the driver’s seat, turning the car on.

“Always the troublemaker, huh, punk? Don’t worry, I won’t throw you in the county jail. Well, at least, the other county jail.”