You walked into the park.

You didn’t expect them to actually set up a massive nature reserve, in a space station, but they had, a place to walk among trees and see nature, with the justification that everyone should get to experience nature.

Towering trees and worn paths, bird flew through the sky.

You stared at the massive glass dome above.

Something gleamed in the sky, flying high above.

Must be a bird or flying animal of some kind.

You saw people having picnics on the great open plain.

A park ranger sat at his post. Wearing a wide brimmed hat, and the blue outfit that most security officers wore.

“Gonna warn you, Goldie is flying about” He raised his hand to stop you

You asked him exactly what he meant.

He looked into the sky.

“She’s flying above, got one heck an eye sight, she’ll see ya pretty easily, but ya can head on through, ain’t no rules stopping ya.” He grinned widely.

His words were still in your head as you walked through the bush land deeper in the park, you found a few signs about how most of the plants here came from some place called Australia, something about Eucalyptus trees.

You looked at the wide variety of plants, the trees were towering above you, most of the sky was filled with branches and green leaves.

You saw the gleam in the sky yet again, you watched as it circled above.

It stopped circling, and soared towards you.

Glittering gold scales blinded you as she swooped onto you, knocking you onto the ground.

A clawed foot was on your chest, two big golden wings spread out from her back. You looked into her face, she matched the description of an anthro rathian, you’d read about them, they were exceedingly rare here, but what was astonishing, was that she was golden in colour, alongside the fact she lacked the chin spike most rathians have, probably because it made it harder to eat.

A purple shirt and purple pants went with her royal gold scales.

A big tail, with a point made of dozens of long spikes.

Two red eyes stared at you, she lent down and breathed heavily right in your face, sniffing you.

“You, seem like a good snack.” a small burst of flames came out her mouth. She was definitely a rathian.

She pressed down on your chest, winding you quite easily.

“Not so tough. Easily knocked down.” A massive grin went across her face, made of rather sharp looking teeth.

You grabbed her foot, and tried to push it off.

“Oh a fighter I see!” She kicked your hands off her pretty easily.

You tried to get away for the brief moment you were freed of her foot.

She stomped down onto your face. She clearly had some kind of sweet smelling perfume on them.

“Not getting away, I’ve been waiting all day for someone to come to my neck of the woods, and I am not letting you getting away.” She gripped your face with her clawed foot, lifting you up to nearly the level of her shoulders, she was nearly, or actually was, seven feet tall, and those were some really flexible legs.

“Now, are you going to try and run again?”

You really didn’t want another dose of being stomped. You sighed and said you wouldn’t run.

“Good, it’s quite nice when prey admits to being defeated.” She released you, slowly lowering her leg, you realised that she clearly didn’t even put in an effort when she pressed down on you.

“Now, come, I think you have a mouth to get into.” She pointed at her gaping maw.

As you approached, she grabbed you. Sticking your head in her mouth, coating you in her heavy saliva, licking all over your face. You were pulled out, still dripping with saliva.

“Has anyone told you, that you have quite the exquisite taste?” She tilted her head at you.

Before you could answered, she shoved you back in.

Her tongue ran across your cheeks, you realised the sides of the tongue had sharp teeth on the sides. Scratching you gently but still enough to hurt.

She moaned as she swallowed your shoulders, she was enjoying you more than you liked.

Her tongue was going all over your chest, feeling you all over.

As you descended into her, you felt her tongue go into places that you really didn’t want it to go.

You heard her chuckle as you squirmed in response, it felt painful, yet pleasant.

She stopped toying with you, and began to slowly suck in your legs. You felt her tongue running along your legs, before she gave one final swallow. Plunging you into her stomach.

“I do love it when prey know where they belong” She sighed, rubbing and squishing the sides of her gut.

She started to walk, you could feel your whole world being jostled.

She traced her finger on her gut. You could see her making heart signs as she hummed in joy.

You did your best to get comfortable in her gut but it was hard, being constantly jostled around as she walked. You noticed the complete lack of acids. It was clear to you now, that she wasn’t trying to digest you. At least for now. You felt a sweltering heat wash over you, causing you to sweat all over.

“Hey Goldie, I did warn them, just so ya know” the ranger waved at her as she walked by

“I thought they were a bit on the cautious side, but still not enough to stop me. Now, I must be making my way home, see you later, sweet thing.” She gave a flirtatious wink, while giving her gut a few pats, right on the top of your head.

As she continued her walk, she stopped.

“Oh, oh, I must apologise, I forget, most people can’t handle that level of heat!” The heat began to die down. It was a mild relief. For now you were somewhat comfortable, but it was pretty clear you aren’t getting out the same way you came in.

She walked for ages, with you in her gut. Constantly patting, rubbing and squishing you around.

“You seem to be holding up in there, don’t worry, we’ll get to our business soon!” She cradled you in her gut as she walked into her home.

She lay down, presumably on a bed. She began to play with her gut again, squishing, pushing.

You felt something cause a tingling feeling on your legs, acid was starting to pool

“Please put up a fight, I want to enjoy this as much as possible”
You obliged, mainly because you didn’t want to just sit there any longer. You began by kicking as hard as you could.

“Oh, just like that” She murmured, pleasantly surprised in fight you were giving her stomach.

She pushed her gut from side to side, sloshing you around, as you put up a fight.

You heard a sound, like a phone going off.

“Oh, do excuse me, I must answer this!” She patted her gut as she sat up.

“Oh Noxiana, it is a pleasure to hear from you, a, welcoming party? Oh, you can count me in! I’ll get our favourite chef on the food. I didn’t know he was back from his latest adventure, brought someone with him? Oh, well, guess we’ll meet them at the party. I’m, in the middle of, dealing with someone, good hearing from you, bye!”

Her hands pressed on the sides of her gut, hard.

“Now, I know you’ve been in their for so long, but now, I have make preparations, can’t let a newcomer go without a proper welcoming. So, time to hasten this process”
The acids really started to burn. You could feel your body begin to break down.

You did your best to fight back, kicking and punching as her stomach began to rapidly melt you down.

She released a soft burp as you began to drift out of consciousness

“Thanks for being a good meal, sweetie.” The last words you heard before it all fades to black.

You walked out of the reformation machine once again. Reformation hangover taking full effect. You stumbled around and put your hand on the wall, to get your balance.

You really had to get used to this happening to you. The feeling was still just as bad as the first time.

You heard a whirring, a piece of paper slide out of a slot next to the door.

This is what was printed upon it, all in a golden ink, with a heart symbol at the bottom

945-215-311, If you want another go, sweetie.

I do apologise, I had to end it earlier than I usually do, next time, I’ll make it ~last~.

She’d left you her phone number, you think? It was really hard to work things out with this hangover.