Helen stood in the middle of the forest, so far from the bustle that the Blue Moon was so, full of. She was a Hatterene, a species of Pokemon, standing 6’11”, just like all Hatterene, her long hair covered her, but she still wore simple clothes underneath it all, black shirt and pants.

She sighed, she really liked the Blue Moon, but her work as a therapist got tough sometimes.

She never expected to have to deal with those emotions being so, laid in front of her. So easily detected by the physic powers her species was known for.

It built up, the stress of it all.

She came here to relax, be away from it all.

She felt a twinge in her mind.

Someone had entered her physic field.

She gritted her teeth in frustration.

Two trainers began their journey into the forest

“I’m telling you, I saw a Hatterene entering this place”

“You sure we are allowed to catch it?”

“Who is going to stop us?”

“That doesn’t make it right!”

She felt it, they had come here for her.

She looked at the claws on her tentacle, they were sharp as ever, but she wasn’t going to need them.

She felt them separate.

They were angry at each other.

More strong emotions. She hated it.

She walked out of her grove, they were in her place now, and she so hated uninvited guests.

“It’s a dang pokemon, not a person.” Marcus muttered to himself

Wind flowed through the branches above, leaves fell down gently.

“Just, got to find her, and catch her, it can’t be too hard.”

He felt something tap his shoulder.

He spun around, to find nothing.

“The heck just touched me?”

He spun around once more, only to see the clawed fist slam into his head.

Knocking him out cold, with ease.

Helen pulled back her tentacle, she still had the punch.

Now, what to do with this this one? She wondered.

Her stomach growled, and answered her question.

She was quick in the act, lifting up the man, his body was limp, he wasn’t going to wake any time.

He, looked like such a treat to her now. He had come into her woods, her forest, her place of solitude. That was the price now.

Her mouth opened wide, and she stuffed him in, swallowing him quickly, slurping him down like a noodle.

She sighed, her pale white stomach was no longer covered completely by her hair, it bulged with her meal. She patted it, it was already getting to work on him. She hadn’t eaten someone in months, the feeling was, exquisite to her.

She could still feel the other presence, searching, emotions, strong emotions, she felt rage flow through her.

“Marcus? This all a prank right? Why even would they have a Hatterene here?” Juli called out, she was getting worried now, sure, she’d had a fight with him, but, it wasn’t like him to just, vanish.

A twig snapped behind her.

She slowly turned around.


She sighed

“Marcus, this really isn’t funny! You’ve done stuff like this before, I know you are watching!”

Then she heard it, loud, clear, and close.

A gurgling sound.

She felt a hand land on her shoulder, but really, it was Helen’s tentacle.

Helen turned her around.

“What the actual, you, you fucking ATE HIM?” Julia freaked out, the Hatterene was real, with a stomach clearly filled with someone, most likely Marcus.

She fell over trying to get away. Her emotions were haywire

Helen felt more rage, more anger at her rest being disturbed, people bringing all these emotions right in front of her.

She latched the tentacle into Julia’s shoulder, the claws tearing into her flesh

The screams of pain filled the air as she was lifted.

Helen opened her mouth once again, a wide gaping chasm.

Julia was shoved in, released from the clawed grasp.

She was scoffed down fast, she didn’t stand a chance.

Helen’s gut expanded once more. It’s weight forced her to the ground.

All the emotions were being drowned out, by her stomach, working on turning them into soup.

Helen patted her gut, and drifted into a peaceful slumber

Her gut thrashing as Julia tried to fight her way out, stuck on the half digested remains of her friend, and would soon be sharing the same fate.

Helen felt so embarrassed as she got home.

Her clothes barely fit anymore, the two had done a complete number on her figure.

Her thighs and butt had gotten huge, some would say she fit the term, thick.

Her breasts, which had been small and relatively unnoticeable, and more than doubled in size, even under the hair, the change was clear.

Why did people have to ruin her day off like this?