“Whew! Thank you all, and have a wonderful night, my lovelies!” Harmony spread her arms out and bowed to the crowd. Droves of people densely packed the venue, screaming their hearts out for their favorite popstar. “Good one today, Ms. Harmony.” A tall, burly man stood by Harmony’s dressing room, arms crossed. “Thanks, sugar. Let me know if you need anything.” She went back into the door behind him, closing and making sure to lock it behind her. Groaning, she peeled off her sweaty clothes, staring at her sticky body in the mirror as it glistened back at her under the fluorescent lights. “It’s winter, but why is it so hot..” She could even feel her mascara starting to run. She squeezed as hard as she could and from between her legs popped out a small, pink vibrator, buzzing about in her palm. She giggled and switched it off with a seperate remote, setting the wet device on the table for later use. After a quick dry-off with a towel, Harmony made sure she was devoid of any clothing or makeup, and took a deep breath.

In a grotesque display, she began to split open. Not with viscera, but rather like her skin was putty, peeled apart at the center. The cracks sealed themselves just as fast as they formed, her body turning into two separate entities as torso, arms, legs formed themselves on each body. Before long, they were complete, Alta and Soprana.

“Excellent work, sister.” Alta, the white-haired one, congratulated her other half. “Sister, that’s an endearing term. We need another nickname for each other.” Soprana, with her black hair, remarked back. “But wouldn’t you say it’s only fitting for our closeness?” Alta giggled. She enjoyed familial language, thinking of her other half like a different person, even knowing they were essentially the same, even more the same than twins were. “I would, but I still want to explore our options. What say you order something to eat? We can chat over something nice, we barely get to see each other these days, you know.” Soprana smiled. “Hmm.. I would like to go out to eat at this time. While we were merged, did you hear about that place that’s open every hour of the night and sells waffles?” Alta put her pointer finger to her lips, struggling to remember the name of the establishment. “The public is dangerous, you know how it is. Our bodyguards will only follow us on this perimeter..” Soprana seemed worried.

Alta slipped on some casual clothes: a sweater and some jeans. “Nobody knows who we are, sister. We’ll be fine, so long as we keep a low profile.” Her other half was inclined to agree. Any sort of disagreement would interfere with their ability to join, after all. The two exited out of the back into the cold street air, wafting the obnoxious fumes from their faces. The nightlife atmosphere was always fun to explore, the stench of the streets less so. They spotted the unmistakably blocky, bright yellow sign across the road, beckoning them to come eat.

A short walk later, they walked through the front doors, unsure of what they were supposed to do. They were surrounded by old men, who seemed to just mind their business apart from the occasional glance as they munched on their waffles. All kinds of smells lined the plates of the customers, enrapturing their senses as the two took in the atmosphere. The rich kids were out of their element, and they loved it. “Hi there, take a seat and you’ll be served shortly!” A voice with the tinge of smoker’s lung growled from behind the corner from a middle-aged lady in some kind of apron.

The two took a seat next to each other on the barstools, skimming over the menu for anything that struck their fancy. “Hmm..” Soprana’s eyes met the steak dinner. “Does this look good? We could likely split it.” She pointed to the picture on the menu. “Eggs, steak, hash browns..” Her mouth seemed to water. “Sister, I’ll stop you there. We’re in the house of waffles, would it not be better to get those since they specialize in that? Besides, these chocolate chip waffles just seem too good to pass up!” She had a childlike enthusiasm in her voice. Soprana shook her head. “..Sure. Whatever makes you happy.. Sister.” She giggled. The two ordered their meals and chowed down eagerly, four waffles each that all went down smoothly into their half-sized guts.

“See? Urp.. delicious..” Alta giggled, her belly poking out already. She had quite the appetite for half a person. “Huh? You barely touched yours, Soprana.” It turns out that Soprana wasn’t as eager to eat as her other half. “I-I don’t know, I’m having second thoughts about all of this.. junk food.” She had put her fork down after only one and a half waffles, her stomach still flat. “Will you excuse me a moment?” She smiled and shuffled to the restroom. “Hmm.. it seems I’m the one who inherited Harmony’s appetite.” Alta giggled to herself, her large belly resting peacefully.

Soprana washed her face, resting her elbow on the grimy sink counter. “What’s wrong with me..” She whispered to herself. “I feel so out of sync.. Is this the end of Harmony..?” Just then, she felt something touch her rear; a rather frail hand that belonged to a scantily clad young lady. “H-hey.. You’re, uh..” She seemed incredibly horny, blush staining her face red. She reeked of strong booze. “Oh, uh, I’m nobody, could I just go, please?” Soprana was very uncomfortable without her confident other half. “Please help me, Alta..” she thought to herself as she struggled with the alcoholic attached to her rear.

Alta was getting somewhat impatient. Soprana was never one for daddling, the few times a day she gets to see her. She would always get things done before the merging. Alta sighed to herself. “I hope she’s alright.. She didn’t seem herself while we were eating.” She sat up from her barstool and marched to the restroom in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Soprana was thrashing around, trying to break free of the strange woman. “Lady, leave me alone!” She tried to push, but her arm seemed to stick to her like glue. “I’m trying, sweetie, but you’re real sticky, sticky, sticky..” She repeated the words to herself, followed by a drunken giggle. The entrance to the bathroom opened, and Alta immediately sprung to action, attempting to break the two apart, but it seemed to not be working. “S-Soprana, were you trying to merge with.. somebody else?!” “Eh?! No, not intentionally! I would never merge with somebody other than you, I promise!” Soprana struggled. “M-merge..” The alcoholic fiddled about, unaware of what was happening. Alta sighed. “I know you’d never lie to me, but we need to fix this. It’s unfortunate, but she’s not coming off.” She looked the other way morbidly. “W-what do we do, then?” Soprana went white. “I think we should finish the job. Like a sandwich. Here, give me your hand.” She took Soprana’s hands and clasped them tightly, forming a circle around their third wheel. “We’ve never merged with a human before.. but it’s just like always. Join them into you.. not like we have a choice.” Soprana nodded. The two brought themselves closer, their bodies clasping together with the one in the center, who didn’t seem to mind.

In an oddly confusing display, the three were one briefly, with patchy, multicolored skin, hair that took on every hue of the spectrum, and a mass of eyes, noses and such on its face. Before long, she was Harmony again, staring at her thick body in the mirror once more as a little white nose disappeared into her cleavage. She felt a disturbance in her, like a being inside that wanted to be free. Her skin bulged in different directions, her breasts and belly poking around as arms pressed against them from inside in search of an opening. It was like she was wearing a skin suit with somebody else inside. She quaked, her pussy moistening as the drunkenness started to affect her as well. She couldn’t control herself, her pleasure rising more and more until she erupted a thick, white cream onto the tile floor, thick slapping sounds resonating through the room. She was a bit taken aback as her squirt was usually a translucent shower, but this was enjoyable, too. She moaned, the disturbances still coming from within. She couldn’t stay in the open long, waddling into a nearby stall and closing the door.

Again and again she came, filling the toilet with the sickeningly sweet syrup erupting from her like a geyser. Bulges rocked her all over, her neck, arms and thighs rumbling with the knocks of a prisoner inside her. She reached for the winter coat beside her that belonged to her captive; all of what she had on her was absorbed into her at this point. She was able to cover most of herself, save for the occasional neck bulge. Her legs were exposed, but hopefully she could just get back before anybody noticed.

Stepping back into the eatery, she sat down and continued to eat the rest of her waffles, munching down a waffle per bite like it was nothing, despite being so packed. She was doing her damnedest to keep herself from orgasming, her stomach seeming to stretch out of its volition as more and more cum built up. She hadn’t noticed the thick white trail of it dripping down from her pussy like maple syrup. The other customers didn’t really care. “Oh hey, isn’t that the lady from the songs on the radio? That’s just dandy!” “Yeah, wonder what she’s doing here. And why she’s dressed so.. modestly.” She heard giggles around her as she continued to scarf down her remaining food. “She must really like those waffles, huh? Kids and their remote-control vibrators these days.. I should get one.” A middle-aged lady commented on the stench of sex emanating from underneath Harmony’s winter coat.

Harmony settled back into her house, just barely eluding the press. There was probably gonna be some dumb story on the news about her having an affair.. despite her being single. She giggled. Removing her stinky winter coat and trashing it, she admired her slick, sweaty body in the mirror after a change into some lighter yoga pants and a sports bra. A bit taller, a bit thicker, kinda bloated too.. nothing too different, but nothing quite the same. It seemed the bulges had stopped, but she was still incredibly horny. She went ahead and grabbed a small remote vibrator, set it to max, and lifted it over her yoga pants to drop it in. That was when she noticed something odd as she looked down.

She didn’t even need to lift up her yoga pants first to see her labia was incredibly swollen, the lips munching and slobbering on the already tight fabric, bulging out like they had been shot with saline. Her tight pants had ridden up from her ankles all the way to her knees, streams of thick cream staining her legs. The slick, spongy skin of her labia gave in and puffed out under her touch, a dewey, sweet aroma escaping from its folds and into her nose. Those lips were thick enough for her to grip with her fist.. she wasn’t sure if even jeans could hide these monsters. Her clitoris, too, had grown considerably, wiggling with each beat of her heart, blood pumping into it and inflating it like a balloon. “Still not satisfied, huh..?” Harmony cooed to herself as she split the lips apart with her fingers, her hole secreting globs of precum, just waiting to be used. She admired it but quickly began to fear it as it swelled, and swelled, her thoughts turning more and more lewd, until..

Splat! Splat! Time after time she erupted into her yoga pants, showering her legs with the hot, thick liquid. Five, ten, fifteen times she came, each accompanied with a hearty moan as the cream escaped her clothing and spurted out onto the hardwood floor, her chubby body slick with sweat and aching with wanting. A full minute passed and she was still like a volcano, the bubbling puddle in front of her continuing to grow as she couldn’t bring herself to stop. She kept spurting, and spurting, hoping her orgasm would run dry, but it continued to milk her and overstay its welcome. Her heart raced, sweat pouring, working up a nasty smell. The more collateral damage she saw herself inflicting to her room, the more powerful her blasts became, graduating from a powerful floor splatter to an unmatched wall-staining rocket, with an unlimited clip. Her vagina made gross squelches as it threw up cum like a firehose, indulging in this sinful, unending pleasure. It was only when Harmony plugged herself up with a thick black dildo did the flow cut off, but her libido remained, her vagina still somewhat puffy after all of that release. It squelched, still trying to talk with its mouth full as she took in deep breaths to keep the dildo inside, her chest rising and falling quickly.

A huge, bubbling puddle of hot lava had formed on the floor in front of her, not even a full roll of paper towels could help. Steam emanated from it like a hot spring. “O-oh jeez..” Her covers were soaked in cold sweat, peeling off of her sticky body. If it weren’t for the faint outline of her yoga pants and bra, you thought she would have been naked-- her clothes were drenched through. Her pussy was swollen still, her labia jiggling about with unrest as she began to bloat again. She opened the cabinet beside her and pulled out a trash bag, ignoring her body’s pleas.

After some hard work, she had scooped most of the glob into the watertight bag, although the stench of sex still lingered. She thought she might have some fun while she got rid of the rest of her tension, looking down at her swollen stomach. Peeling off her clothes, she rummaged through the covers on her bed and retrieved the remote vibe. Positioning it just above her pelvis, she popped it in through her skin, watching it disappear before she flicked the switch on. She swore that her vision turned pink, an overwhelming sense of euphoria enrapturing her as the vibrations rocked her body. Her belly swelled again as her lips swallowed up the big black dildo like it was nothing, and then..

One cup filled. Two cups filled. She had lined up every single wine glass she owned from one end of the room to the other, cumming in each one to fill it up with a single spurt. Obviously, this wouldn’t be enough, but she had more trash bags anyways. She got into a rhythm of spreading her legs and squatting over the glass, digging into her fold with a few fingers, letting go and watching the goo fill the cup like she was a sexy ice cream machine. She sped up the process, moving forwards as she breathed in, cumming as she breathed out. About 50 glasses later she was finally through, her lower lips back to a more modest size, but not after another trash bag full, untold gallons of her juices present in the room. She began downing the glasses of cream, moaning as she dumped the sweet syrup down her gullet.

Her belly bloated out further and further with each glass, until she finally slurped down the last. She was eager to go for the bags too, but her stomach screamed otherwise, groaning and bubbling in contention. “O-okay.. I’ll give you.. hic.. a break for now..~” She leaned back on her bed, cooing at just how packed she was. She could still trace faint outlines of her victim inside her, still being broken down, but her body interested her more. Her watery fat continued to expand, her cells absorbing the matter like a sponge. “Bleh.. meals like that..” She squished her rear endearingly. “..always go straight to my ass.~”