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Kiana looked at the broken horn on the mantle piece.

It had been years since that day.

She literally lived in a cave back then.

On her old volcanic island. She needed to go have a check of it, been months since her last visit.

Now she lived on the Blue Moon, had her own personal volcanic nature reserve all to herself, actually had a bed that wasn’t a pile of rocks., and was stronger than ever. It also helped she didn’t have to fight to keep her territory.
She’d been, a rougher person back then, ruder, mainly because everyday was a fight for her life on that island, granted, everything never stood a chance against her.

It was funny, to think she’d eaten the equivalent of a god the day before she came here.

Kiana released a massive burp, lava burst from the ground of her volcanic home.

Another group of hunters was now stewing in her gut, gear and all.

She stretched. She was getting really tired of all theses attempts on her.

She’d eaten hundreds of them now. They just, kept coming, even though none of the other ever came back.

The struggles were barely troubling her, if anything she found them quite enjoyable.

She sighed, they were suffering the same fate as, the last male of her kind that had tried to woo her.

He was currently a layer of fat on her butt, hadn’t impressed in the slightest, couldn’t even take a single push from her without falling over. Just like all the other Akantors who had been here, nothing more than a meal for her.

Weak, just like everything else was to her, she had utter control of the volcanic island, nothing could challenge her here. She was the queen of it, the “black goddess” as the villagers called her, the ones who were brave or stupid enough to live on the island.

She was perfectly fine with them being here, yet for some reason, they saw her as a major threat, when all she did was keep to her territory, unless she was, procuring food from their supplies, which really, she didn’t do often.

She patted her small round gut, they had lost the battle against her stomach.

She could tell her butt and breasts had gotten a bit bigger, but not by much, her thighs on the other hand, were quite wide now.

She was going to have to work that off, granted, that wasn’t hard for her.

She felt it approaching, something was coming towards the island, something powerful.

This was HER territory, she wasn’t going to just run, as part of her mind screamed to run, she was proud, she was powerful, and she was braver than most.

It flew over head, crimson scales, two horns, with the left one larger than the other.

She’d never seen that species of monster, but, something was, off about it, she felt like it, it wanted her to obey, to listen.

She mentally told it to fuck off.

It was flying towards the village.

Kiana quickly burrowed into the ground below, bursting into the streams of lava and magma, and began to swim, she was faster this way.

The hunters rushed into the destroyed part of the village.

They’d come to fight an Akantor, and now, they were dealing with something they thought was myth.

“Bow, before me, I am Fai, I am the destroyer of man, heaven and earth are MINE! I claim the island as my own!” She was long and slender, covered in crimson scales, one horn larger than the other, rage burned within her, as it does in nearly all Fatalis. Her long tongue licked her lips, her tail flicked in the air, almost as if it could cut through anything in its way.

“We, we have to try to stop her, the villagers, they won’t stand a chance!”

“She, is a FUCKING FATALIS! We are literately dealing with a god!”

“You want to try to fight me? The one who could destroy all that remains of your kind? You humans are just as arrogant as you were back then.” She prepared for them.

Something slammed down on her tail. She roared in pain.

She turned around. Kiana’s fist slammed into her face as she removed her foot from Fai’s tail.

Fai slammed into the remains of a burnt building.

“What, the heck just happened?”
Fai got up, enraged, the skies began to darken. Flames built up in the back of her throat.

Kiana was fast, she grabbed Fai’s throat, and forced her to face skywards.

A massive torrent of flame went into the sky.

“Oh, you have, got to be Kirin me, that is a Fatalis’ fire breath? I, holy SHIT”

“Let, go of me! I am a god among monsters! You should be obeying me!”

“Get the fuck off my island, bitch.” Kiana slammed her against the wall, one hand grabbed the larger horn, she pulled hard.

A scream of pain roared out.

Kiana tossed the horn aside, she released a massive roar right into Fai’s face. The force of the roar slammed Fai into the wall, the waves of force crushing her.

As she roared, she grabbed Fai on the shoulders.

Her knee connected into Fai’s rip cage, the sound of breaking bones filled the air.

Fai fell the ground, gasping for air.

“How, how are you, so.” Fai stared at Kiana, she could see it, the power of all the hunters she’d eaten, all the equipment, she was far stronger than any of the Fatalis Fai knew of.

“How, how many of them, have come for you? How many have you eaten?” Fai gave up, she was beaten.

Kiana didn’t answer, she opened her mouth, it was a wide, gaping chasm, ready to consume

“No, you can’t!” Fai’s cries were silenced by the descending maw, Kiana lifted her up, sending her sliding down her throat, she struggled as hard as she could, but it was hopeless, she had been outmatched from the start.

Kiana had never tasted something so, spicy before. She was in euphoria as Fai slid down her throat, into her waiting stomach.

“You, can’t eat me! I am a god! You should be serving me! I am a Fatalis!” Fai screamed, trying to escape, fruitlessly struggling against her fleshy prison.

“God my fucking arse.” Kiana mumbled to herself.

She turned around to head home, rubbing her filled gut.

Four hunters stood before her, their weapons shook with them, they felt true fear staring at her.

“Oh for, can you hunters leave me the fuck alone? I’ve lived here for my whole life, you come here to my island, I let those villagers stay, I didn’t bloody do a thing to them, except take some food when times were tough for me, and what do I get? HUNTERS UP MY FUCKING ARSE! Sure, I ate one of those, aptonoths, but the response? Trying to kill me? What the heck is wrong with me just trying to survive and live on MY island? Now here I am, having saved this, village from whatever the heck horned bitch was! Could I at least get treated NICELY?” She ranted as she picked up the broken horn. A nice trophy, or whatever the hunters did. Her meal was still trying to put up a fight.

The hunters slowly lowered their weapons.

“Now go, tell the villagers everything is safe, I’m leaving, and if I catch you around my home, I won’t be as kind!”

The hunters sat on the boat, leaving the island, processing what had occurred.
“Look, I knew some, rare cases, monsters could, eat people and other monster whole, but.”

“She, she ATE a Fatalis, we all bloody saw it, the Akantor we came to hunt, fucking ate a Fatalis.”

“I just, does that make her, a goddess or something? Aren’t Akantors called the black god?”
“that is just a title, they, are similar to a god of legend, but, from what we saw.”

“Are you saying?”
“I mean, she ATE what we consider a god. If anything that makes her ABOVE gods?”

“She didn’t just eat her, she beat the shit out of her first. Heck, that Fatalis didn’t stand a chance.”

“This is, gonna be one heck of a report. The guild heads are gonna flip, like, a Fatalis, we didn’t even know they existed, and we saw one get EATEN.”

Kiana walked into her home, a cave in the middle of the volcano.

Her place, was just, rocks, a bit of lava here and there, not really anything impressive, a pile of stones marked where she slept. She added the horn to her sleeping pile.

Kiana lay down on her gut, Fai was beginning to weaken, she was starting to break down.

“Better not make me fat” She taunted Fai as she patted her gut.

A simple stretch before she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Her gut churning away at the Fatalis within. Who struggled to the end.

She woke up the next morning.

The lava was still following as always.

She did her best to look at herself, to she where Fai had gone.

Mainly to her butt it seems, disappointing for someone who claimed to be a god.

She bathed herself in the lava, did better then water for her.

She needed to get out, keep her territory in check

It was as she left her cave, that she found something that truly peaked her curiosity.

A man in blue stood before her.

“I, must ask, are you the one who, saved the village yesterday?” Blue asked

“Why does it matter that I saved the village? I was just protecting my territory” Someone had so, willingly walked into her territory, looking for her, and they weren’t a hunter.

“I have an offer for you, the place I come from, think of it, as a city, a big village, could do with a person like you. In fact, I’ve been sent by the leader of it, to offer you a place to stay, we could use someone as strong as you, you wouldn’t have to deal with hunters all the time.”
“Deal” She interrupted, she wanted to see where this would take her, if it was a trick, no human would be able to stop her if she started to rampage.

“Really? I, I was expecting to have to talk to you for longer. Well, then. Get what you want to bring with you.”

She went into her cave, and picked up the horn.

Her one souvenir, from her old home.