Campus chapter 1: A beautiful accident

"Uh... So trapped..." I do not know the middle of the night when, wu rui played a yawn, the phone screen locked up, in order to watch her favorite TV series she can not little stay up late, today is also the same.

"A little thirsty, go down and drink some water."

Knead bleary sleep eye, moonlight, wu rui dimly saw a graceful posture, wearing a bath towel, the body is sending out a light milk fragrance, is putting a cup on the table.

That's xiao liang, staying up so late.

However, wu rui did not think about it any more. She just turned around and got off the bed with the railings on both sides.

"Whoops! All of a sudden, Wu rui's foot slipped, her body fell uncontrollably, her hip flap sat on a hard and wet ball, and her sphincter suddenly dilated under the intense stimulation, allowing the ball to drill in from behind her.

With her hands on the ground, her knees turned to the ground, her face flushed, and a constant stream of electricity from her body stimulating her brain.

She could feel a head in her body now, her sphincter stuck to the man's neck, and the man was struggling violently behind her, banging on the ground.

It was so embarrassing...

In order to sleep comfortably, Wu Rui likes sleeping naked, at most is so only wear a loose dress night dress, who knows tonight unexpectedly happened such an accident...

Wu rui covered her mouth with one hand to prevent her mouth from making a sound. On the one hand, she quickly pushed the sliding door open and climbed onto the balcony. In this state, she could not cast the soundproof magic, so she had to reduce the noise in this way.

"Call ha......"

Now what?

Pull her out? Or just take the opportunity to solve her to prevent any accidents?

The mouth behind her is not a very common one, and now Xiao liang has a head stuck in it, so she can't think rationally. She just thinks about it and chooses the latter. Of course, even if she is sober, she may eventually make the same decision.

Wu rui bent down, touched his stomach that vaguely visible frightened face, blowing: "sorry xiao liang, this is really just a beautiful accident."

She began to control his sphincter, slowly dilate, just before xiao liang want to pull out her head, suddenly shrink again, that huge force is not small good place to be able to compete, can be pulled in such and such bit by bit, the girl that slender shoulder was swallowed, wu rui's hip circumference also enlarged nearly doubled size.

"Call ha..." Wu rui's body was very hot, like a fever, but not as weak, perhaps more drunk, she stood up, lips pursed, xiao liangdi kneeling under her.

Wu took several deep breaths, trying to adjust her body to its most relaxed state.

Suddenly, wu rui suddenly sat down, her face showed a nearly broken expression, her belly suddenly appeared a surprising raised, the original vaguely visible face is almost suddenly pushed up to her chest, replaced the original position of two smaller but also quite large small ball.

Xiao liang is not a girl who hasn't grown up yet. If she hadn't just sat down and wanted to "eat" the 34C rabbits, she still doesn't know how much time it would take.

Xiao liang's arms were pressed to the sides of her body, and her wrists were stuck in the "lips" behind wu rui. She could hardly move.

Xiao liang just washed a fragrant fragrance today. She drank some milk and planned to go to bed when her hair was dry. A turn around, but suddenly appeared a positive pressure to the bottom of the qiaobutu, that small pressure in her high high bridge of the nose, the smell and suffocation let her feel very uncomfortable, then, her eyes completely black, around the warm flesh wall tightly wrapped her head, her neck was almost cut off.

She guessed what had happened, she panicked, she lost her head, she couldn't believe it, she struggled unsuccessfully.

Soon she felt a cool breeze blow over her, and then her shoulders were drawn into the warm embrace. But she did not want such warmth.

Maybe her moderately good figure will get her through the ordeal? But soon the idea also fell the empty, a great power came from the place on her knees to her upper body to top into the deeper abyss her head through the narrow small, almost in an instant that several meters long intestines and compressed in her body, sticky intestinal juice is full of her body, makes her body more lubrication and easy to swallow.

"Ah ~", now turn Wu Rui kneeling on the ground, his hands forearm support to the ground, after hip oblique upward, a slender waist is sufficient behind her rocking back and forth, the bath towel fell, tight little ass and Vagina without reservation is exposed to the air, but Wu Rui haven't had time to look are behind of its "mouth" to swallow it down.

Small benign and closed his eyes, specifically around should be filled with intestinal juice let her eyesight whiting, her body through the narrow passage, originally the body of concave and convex have send to pressure into a tablet, nearly all of a sudden, the top of her head by a piece of soft flesh, in Wu Rui intestinal muscle extrusion drill the past, her head into a still dark space, but how much this place than to a little wide in the gut, can accommodate almost exactly under her head, and moved around seems to be something, will warm liquid sticky daub is on her face. Originally a liberal arts student, she had a vague idea where it was -- the stomach, the place where food was carried and digested.

"Let me out! Already nearly anoxic, xiao liang shouted as hard as she could, but her voice was as thin as a mosquito after penetrating Wu rui’s thick belly.

"Er ah ~" wu rui's body a little shiver, xiao liang's legs then with the naked eye visible speed into her body, her belly has been very obvious to be able to see the outline of the girl's upper body, and there is a further expansion trend, probably because xiao liang's legs also slowly into her stomach bag.

A pair of small feet in her body swing ah swing, swing for a few minutes and then not swing, into her body.

"Call..." Wu rui leaned against the railing, her nightdress soaked with sweat, the night wind blowing, the chill piercing into the skin, the previous "movement" generated by the heat has not yet dispersed, it is really a feeling of ice and fire.

She grasped the rail of the railing with both hands and looked around the silent campus. The street lamps had been extinguished, and she would have been out of sight if the clouds had been lighter tonight.

The loose nightdress was now tightly wrapped around her, and the shape of a girl, curled up in her mother's arms like a baby, could be seen clearly on her stomach, though she seemed uncomfortable and struggling violently.

Wu rui also calculate "be experienced in a hundred battles" person, small good just is an ordinary girl, and not to mention her hands and feet are tightly bound by his stomach wall, even if still struggling by her how can you hurt yourself? It is to stimulate his body slightly only, bring some pleasure to stop.

"I haven't met any interesting prey recently. It's really boring..." At night, a girl in a yellow dress strolled around the school dormitory, camera in hand, wondering why she hadn't gone back to sleep.

"Yi?" Suddenly, the girl found next to the third floor of dormitory seemed stood a girl wearing a white dress, is just lean on the railings, a look again carefully, her belly is very big, unexpectedly like installed a same size with her fellow, this yellow dress girl busy hide to one side of the bushes and looked at the girl upstairs, kept whispering: "out here can also meet the same..."

The girl smiled, turned over the dust cover on the camera to the girl on the third floor is a crazy shot.

"Wu Rui! Let me out!" At this point of the small good finally remembered that the bed should have been asleep who is, her body has been tightly wrapped in the stomach of wu rui, around the continuous secretion of digestive juices will almost drown her body to go.

"That won't do." Only wu rui heard xiao liang's words. She lifted the hair on her temples and gently soothed the frightened girl in her stomach with one hand. "If I let you go, you'll let my secret out.”

"No... Won't... Please let me out." Xiao liang squeezed a few tears out of the corners of his eyes, and his voice was slightly wailing, but the tears soon melted into wu rui's stomach, and her cry was useless to move wu rui's heart.

"Xiao liang, I only trust dead people to keep absolute secrets, so... Will you please be one with me?" The corners of her mouth rose slightly, slowly rubbing her huge stomach, making it secrete more digestive juices.

"No... No... Ahhh..." Little good frantically shaking his head, but the surrounding liquid seems more suddenly became hot, such as ten million tentacles touch to her body, the sensitive nature also unavoidable should be take care of, gastric juice into her body, the stomach violently rubbed his delicate skin, her hands and feet were broke through the bondage of the stomach will be somehow break a lot of, can be a little while, her body in a puff of turbid liquid, her body instantly lost power, her hands pressed back again, Wu Rui digestive juices in the stomach began to melt her skin, her flesh and blood, even be engulfed her final chants.

"Oh..." Wu rui closed her eyes, and a blush rose quickly on her cheeks. The huge bulge on her body suddenly changed into many shapes, and her body became more and more hot and dry.

I've been so tired lately... Just relax a little... There won't be anyone outside at this point anyway...

So thinking, wu rui pointed the slender jade down to the body, rubbing it back and forth, and then in and out of her body.

"Oh? Interesting, is that it?" The girl downstairs noticed wu rui's unusual appearance, switched the camera to video mode, pulled the lens, wu rui's every move and belly changes were clearly recorded by her camera.

Wu Rui outside the "movement", consumes a lot of energy, the rate of digestion is also increasingly fast, suddenly, his belly no more severe deformation, small curled up in her body, and then her belly began to shrink at the speed of visible to the naked eye, a stream of warm current bag starting flow show her whole body of the stomach.

"Ah..." Wu rui fell to the ground and began to squirt out small streams of water from under her. The bulge in her stomach had almost halved and was still shrinking.

Finally, five minutes later, wu rui's stomach was no longer shrinking, and she lay on the floor of the balcony, bathed in moonlight and the evening breeze, breathing deeply.

I wish I could just sleep...

The pleasure of digesting small good gradually receded, wu rui also felt more sleepy, but suddenly a gust of night wind to let her suddenly awake a few minutes, she reluctantly stood up, still some round belly walked into the room.

"Is it over? So that's it. I've got some good stuff today. It's worth my while to stay up and walk." See wu rui left, that has not been found from beginning to end the girl also put away his camera, quietly left.

Wu rui still felt a little thirsty, then picked up the glass that xiao liang had put on the table before, which contained the pure milk that had cooled down, but still could taste the faint fragrance of a little girl, only, the owner of this faint scent had disappeared in wu rui's stomach now.

"Good night, xiao liang. I'm sure we'll meet again tomorrow morning." Wu rui rubbed her round stomach with a smile, climbed into bed, covered the quilt and fell into a heavy sleep.

Early the next morning, wu rui was awakened by the unbearable feeling of abdominal distension. She did not know how long she had slept, but her other two roommates were still awake.

Wu rui climbed out of bed, staggered to the bathroom, squatted on the squat toilet, took a deep breath, control their sphincter open, released the roommate can't wait to meet with her, "roommate" body filled most of the pit, and its "body fragrance" almost filled the whole bathroom.

"Oh, xiao liang, you smell terrible." wu rui's stomach has been restored to the original flat, she used toilet paper to clean her body, looked back at that has been completely unable to distinguish the original appearance of the roommate, pulled down the flushing valve: "bye bye, very glad to meet you, I think we will not meet again."

Seeing off her roommate, wu rui left the place with the disgusting smell and began a new day with the sunrise.