Never too old to be eaten by your mother or wife part 6

It's midday in the village hidden in the leaves, while Ino Yamanaka was masturbating while digesting five hoodlums in the back of her flowershop, another MILF of the Hidden Leaf Temari was out shopping for things to have for dinner.

" Ok so what do I need for sukiyaki?" Temari asked herself while looking at her shopping list.

" I need beef, vegtables, tofu, noodles, sake and sweet soy sauce." She said. Lucky for me all those things are on sale today. Gotta move fast, with the store mobbed like this some of this stuff is bound to disappear fast.

Temari hurried around the store to grab what she could before she would be forced to change the dinner plan. She mangaged to score all the vegtables and the tofu she needed with no problems. The soy sauce was a different story, when she entered the aisle she saw there was only three bottles left on the shelf and the aisle full of people. If she moved through the crowd the normal way she'd never get it so she decided to cheat the crowd a was fighting for the last three bottles by using a tiny fan to create a wind current.

" Boomerang wind jutsu." Temari said.

The wind she made with the fan picked up a bottle and brought it back just like a boomerang. She put the bottle in her cart and moved on to grab her final item the beef. Temari hurries over to the meat section and grabs the last package, paying no mind to other customers and starts to walk to the front.

" Um excuse me miss, that's mine!" A woman snapped at Temari.

Temari turned her head to see who was talking to her in such a manner. Behind her was a woman of her height but with larger boob, a man who she could only assume is her husband who towered over both of them, and a thirteen year old boy.

" I'm sorry are you talking to me?!" Temari snapped back.

" Yeah I'm talking to you, that's our beef we were just gonna grab that!" The woman replied. Now hand it over.

" Ok...first off no you weren't and second I will do no such thing." Temari fired back. It's first come first serve, and I got here first so I suggest you let this go and get back to shopping. Or you could just stand here like an entitled bitch barking at people who get in the way of what you want.

The woman stood there a moment mouth agape in shock that Temari spoke to her in such a way. As Temari tries to walk away feeling triumphant she hears the boy start to whine to his mother.

" Mommy you promised we were gonna have sukiyaki." the boy complained.

" Honey I'm working on it just stay calm ok." The mother replied.

" I WANT SUKIYAKI I WANT SUKIYAKI!" The boy cries at the top of his lungs.

She tries to guilt trip her with her son being upset over it.

" It's not my problem." Temari replied coldly. You need to pop your tit outta his mouth and tell him he needs to man up and learn that things can't always go your way.

" What did you just say to me bitch?!" the woman yelled.

" Did I fucking stutter?" Temari replied. I have no sympathy for spoiled brats who think all they need to do is whine to mommy to get what they want. So I strongly suggest that you do some proper parenting and tell that kid no, otherwise you'll have nothing but trouble in your future.

The parents stand there red faced as they are increasingly angered by Temari's defiance, but they do nothing. The boy decides on his own to take matters into his own hands and storms over to the cart trying to look intemidating and tries to snatch it from the cart but Temari used the pocket fan she used earlier to blow his hand away from the cart.

He tries again, and once again Temari uses the fan only this time using it to move him away from the cart. The boy starts to get frustrated at the fact she's not giving him what he wants, so in his frustration he lifts up the front of Temari's short purple kimono dress exposing her panties in an attempt to embarrass her. Unfortunetly for him it only made her angry pushed her to near her breaking point and Temari responded with a very firm and very audible SLAP.

" How dare you slap our little angel!" The boys parents yelled.

" Angel my as your boy is a spoiled brat and a pervert he got what he fucking deserved!" Temari snapped.

Temari's anger had offically reached the boiling point. Her hands were clenched like she was getting ready to brawl. But one final interjection from the boy as he foolishly stood in front of her gave her another idea entirely.

" Fuck you, you can eat me you smug bitch!" The boy yelled.

Temari smirked and licked her lips.

" Well......if you insist." Temari said calmly.

In an instant Temari grabbed the boy and quickly gobbled him up much to the horror of the parents who rush over to save the boy as he entered and expanded the hungry kunoichi's belly causing it to stretch out her kimono robe to accomidate her meal. As the last of him slides down her gullet she quickly switches her attention to his parents. She formed hand signs so quick they were almost a blur.

" Kunoichi Vore Arts: Voracious Voretex Jutsu!" Temari said.

She opened her mouth and it created a great vortex around the boys parents and the suction was so great they shot half way down her throat in less than one hundereth of a second. All it took was two more quick gulps and they joined their brat of a son in Temari's now massive belly that started to poke out of her kimono.

" Hey don't say I didn't warn you guys *HIC*." Temari said patting her belly like a drum. Also for the record your son did literally ask for me to eat him so I have no idea why you're mad I just did what you wanted me to do in the first place and give him what he wanted and OH BABY did I. No if you don't mind I'm gonna pay for this stuff and go home.

Her belly starts to thrash about violently as her prey starts to struggle with all they have causing her to wobble side to side, however while it made it difficult for Temari to stay balanced, it also made her feel horny. The last thing Temari wanted to do was cum in public so she decided to use a temporary shrinking jutsu to shrink her belly back to it's original size, ceasing the shaking and her arousal.

" Ah much better." Temari said patting her flattened tummy.

Temari walked casually to the front and paid for the items she grabbed for dinner and walked out the door patting her belly filled with her shrunken lunch. As she walked down an empty street two blocks over the shrinking jutsu timed out and her three occupants grew back to their full sizes, stretching Temari's kimono again.

The resumed their violent struggles and once again making Temari horny. She knew she couldn't contain herself for much longer and that she needed to releave herself of her uphoric feelings. Temari thought quickly on what she should do and came up with a great idea and sought out the nearest love motel in the area. Once she found it, she paid for a single room for an hour.

It was a perfect set up for her. King size bed, sex toys, lube, and a small fridge for her to put the food she bought so it doesn't go bad. Temari placed all the food from the store in the fridge then she proceeded to strip naked, lube up one of the toys and started masturbating as her belly sloshed around letting out satisfied gurgles.

" Oh god this is such a great day!" Temari moaned.

" GO FUCK YOURSELF!" The mother she ate yelled.

" Hm great idea my hand was starting to cramp up." Temari replied. Shadow clone jutsu!

A big bellied shadow clone of Temari appeared on the bed out of thin air, and Temari proceeded to do as the woman yelled at her and " fucked herself". It was quite enjoyable, way more than using a dildo because her clone was able to get all her sweet spots fondle her breasts, and give a very nice belly rub amoung other things.

" Oh you were right this is sooo much better." Temari said smugly as she continued to have passionate sex with her shadow clone.

Fifty orgasmic minutes later and the occupants in Temari's belly stopped their violent struggles as her belly started to digest them. The struggled like weak little kittens.

"At the rate they were going they should be completly digested long before dinner is done." Temari thought. Such a shame too I was hoping they would hang around a little longer. Meh oh well, guess I should finish my fun and freshen up.

After her clone disappeared, Temari cleaned herself up before getting dressed and grabbing the food for dinner from the fridge.

" Guess I'll digest you guys while I make dinner." Temari said patting her belly.

She left the love motel and started to head home, her belly sloshing left and right and bounced up and down with every step. As she made it home with her meal mostly still intact Temari felt a great sense of satisfaction as she looked at her belly. Wasting no time at all Temari headed for the kitchen and started preping dinner. She preps the base for the sukiyaki the cuts the vegtables, then the tofu, then she sears the beef.

As she continues her work to get dinner ready she feels the tightness in the midsection of her kimono start to loosen up as her belly gradually starts to shrink as she digests her meal, it is soon however replaced by a tighness around her breasts as they started to grow thanks to her meal digesting. She took a moment to rub her belly one more time before her meal is completely gone, leaving nothing behind but a larger rack and a nice thicc ass, anything left would be converted into chakra.

Temari finishes her prep and put the rest of the ingredients in the pot and puts a lid on it before setting the flame on a medium heat that way she can relax a bit and look over her new assets. She walks to her bed room and removes her kimono as she looks at herself in the mirror.

" Damn they really filled me out in just the right ways." Temari said looking over every inch of her new curves. Maybe after dinner I'll let Shikamaru take this new body for a test drive!

Temari gets redressed and gets back to the kitchen to turn up the heat on the sukiyaki so it's nice and hot for when her son and husband sometime after they get home. A few minutes later Shikamaru and Shikadai come home and start playing shogi together. While the get started their game Temari checks to see if the sukiyaki is ready by giving a quick taste of test. She takes a sip of the broth, all the flavors are perfect. She takes it off the stove and places it on the table before poking her head into the hall to let Shikamaru and Shikadai that dinner was ready.

" Dinners ready guys." Temari says sweetly.

They are so focused on their game and philsophical discussion they don't hear her so Temari tries again.

" Dinners ready." She says just a little louder.

The same result they don't seem to notice her calling.

" Dinners READY!" She said in a disgruntaled tone.

After not responding once more that gave them both three strikes, so now she's forced to do something they won't be able to ignore or forget. She grabs her giant fan then storms over to where Shikamaru is sitting with his back to her, a look of great anger upon her face. As soon as she was directly behind him Shikadai saw how pissed of she was and reeled back in fear, Shikamaru looked at him puzzled for a moment.

" I SAID DINNERS READY DAMN IT!!!" Temari yelled as she swung the fan creating a giant gust of wind. The wind was so strong it blew them off their feet but it wasn't the end of Temari's fury.

" Kunochi Vore Art: Winds of a Voracious Mother." Said Temari.

The jutsu blew a constant wind that allowed Temari to control her wind no different than her brother Konkoro's puppets only, she could send them anywhere she wanted with this wind. However the only place the wind is gonna take them is into her belly. With a flick of her wrist the wind blew right into her mouth and started to fill her belly with so much air it tore open her kimono exposing her bra and panties. Moments later Shikamaru and Shikadai entered the wind filled belly and Temari slammed her mouth shut like a steel trap.

She feels a great back pressure in her throat. Temari opens her mouth.


Temari let's out all the wind with a belch so massive it was like a mini hurricane. Her belly shrank as she continued to belch as she let out the air, it continued to shrink until it was just a bulge filled with her husband and son.

" HOW MANY * burp* TIMES DO I NEED TO CALL YOU FOR DINNER BEFORE YOU ANSWER ME?!" Temari bellowed at them. Do you have any idea what I went through to get everything for dinner tonight?! So for pissing me off, there will be no sukiyaki for either of you tonight and as an added but obvious punishment your my dinner for tonight and you'll stay in there until I cough you back up tomorrow!

As Temari patted her belly and walked back inside, neither Shikamaru or Shikadai could say a word out of fear of making her even more angry.

" What a drag." They thought.

Temari put dinner in the fridge before waddling back to her bedroom to " release some frustration" but not before making a one way sound barrier around her belly so neither of them could hear her but she could hear them. Once the barrier was in place she went back to doing what she did as she digested that family of three and started rubbing her belly as she masturbated.

" Wonder how many mothers and wives are enjoying themselves like I am tonight?" Temari asked herself. This would be so much better if I had someone else doing it with me, but I don't want to make a shadow clone this time. I wanna actually fuck someone. But who would be willing to do so?

Just as she finished that thought there was a knock at the door. A familiar woman's voice called out to her " Hey Temari are you here?"

to be continued........