Ritsuka laid on his bed listening to faint breathing coming from his engorged stomach. His hand rubbing the large bulge the breathing was coming from, a smile crossing his face as he thought to himself how much he had enjoyed the past month. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud yawn.

"Ahhh. Good morning senpai." Mash's soft happy voice rang out from his belly.

"Good morning Mash," he replied calmly as he patted her head through his stomach. He sighed sadly, the two only had maybe an hour left to enjoy this feeling, the month had passed rather fast and soon this blissful feeling would reach its end.

"Is something wrong senpai?" Mash's voice drew his attention again.

"Sorry, just a bit sad that you won't be in my stomach anymore. But then again it will be nice to see that cute face of yours," he replied playfully. Though he couldn't see her he could tell she was blushing at his comment. Both their attention was caught as the door opened as Scathach waltzed in.

"Are you ready to leave our dear master, mash? Of course, you can stay in there but you'd end up making master cry when you digest. I doubt you want that." she joked.

"How are you getting me out? Wouldn't regurgitating me risk hurting senpai?" mash asked ignoring the assassin sarcasm. The Celtic woman just laughed.

"Did you forget what I can do with runes? Getting you out is child's play, I can shift reality effortlessly and you will be safe and sound little eggplant."

Mash let out a little whine to the comment. "Don't start calling me eggplant too. Why does everyone seem to call me that? Besides isn't shifting reality difficult mage craft, it seems like it would be quite a feat to perform even for you?" Scathach just chuckled at Mash's foolishness. She didn't say anything else but traced a rune onto Ritsuka's belly, a strange tingling ran through both his and mash's body as his stomach deflated and mash appeared in a small puff of smoke by the bed. The shielder sat naked save for the stomach acids covering her beautiful body, she looked up at her master with a giant blush.

"Senpai, please look away."

"Mash? What happened to your clothing?" Ritsuka asked while trying to hold back his own bout of blushing.

"It sort of melted. I hope it didn't upset your stomach." the demi servant replied much to Ritsuka's and Scathach's amusement.

"Perhaps we should focus on getting you washed up so you're not covered in stomach acids anymore. Then we can focus on finding you cloths. Okay?" the master smiled.

Ritsuka made his way to his room with a sigh while mumbling to himself. "Thankfully Da Vinci saw this coming so had a new mystic code for mash that still looks like her normal outfit, so the world gets to enjoy that adorable sight. Though I get a feeling that this is going to start a thing with other servants". He was a tad sad that mash had to do check-ups to make sure there were no ill effects from the time spent in his stomach. The door raised to reveal a little girl with white hair and stitchs sitting on his bed.

"MOMMY!" the girl exclaimed with a beaming smile. Ritsuka knew the girl well, she was Jack the Ripper, to most a name to be feared but to him, a loving adopted daughter to cherish and protect.

He sat down beside his servant daughter and lovingly pet her head.

"So why are you waiting in here? I would have figured you'd be with nursery or Santa. Not that I mind." Jack looked up at him with an eery smile.

"We want to go home now. You did it for daddy so why can't you do it for us? If you try to say no we will dissect you." to emphasize her point she drew one of her daggers. "So we want to go home now. Please, mommy." Jack looked him in the eyes, he knew there was no point in trying to explain that mash was in his stomach, not a womb, Jack was too young to understand. But if he didn't do something she would probably stab him at the least. The master gave a defeated sigh.

"fine I'll take you home, but I can only do it for a while and you can't bring your knives or you will kill mommy got it?" Jack nodded excitedly, "And keep your cloth on! For the love of the gods keep them on!"

"Okay, Carmila and Shuten will be leading this time." Ritsuka's voice rang to the gathered assassins waiting for the days material grinding. The moment they saw the basketball-sized stomach he had they knew why Jack hadn't shown up.

"Senpai," Mash whined knowing that this would be just the start of servants trying to get in his stomach.