“Sir, the invasion has succeeded. All human forces have been eliminated,” one of the Elites said, looking up at the Commander. “The remaining humans have been forced into camps with little loss. They seem too scared to do anything, like they were livestock.”

Commander Shes’Odam was initially silent, looking upon the planet from the bridge of the ship. A few million humans, all together on a single world. While they didn’t know it, they were about to witness a new weapon, one they would experience firsthand.

It was a new weapon, a new relic from some Forerunner world. It seemed to have been some biological weapon, no doubt used against the Forerunner’s many enemies, and those that stood in the way of their path to ascension.

“Get my Dropship ready, I wish to witness the weapon in use myself.” Odam said, turning around, the crew getting ready to send down an invasion force. He walked down the aisle, looking around. The basis of the weapon was put into every covenant soldier in the fleet via the food they ate, some sort of nanomachines that warped their physiology. It mainly changed their digestive system, most importantly allowing them to eat people whole! If this weapon was successful, then maybe humans could serve some purpose in the universe after all…

Regardless, down on the surface, the covenant soldiers were crowding all the humans into large, prefabricated buildings. Some wondered why they weren’t outright killed, and hoped that it was mercy as opposed to some other nefarious plan.

There were several camps across the planet, this being one of them. It was a few thousand humans, with a few hundred covenant soldiers of all types meandering about, making sure there were no riots or escape attempts. The prefabricated walls were covered in Sangheili and Kig’yar, eagerly looking for anyone that would try to escape, so that they could use their weapon `early”.

Not far from the camp, a purple-clad phantom landed, ‘opening’ its energy barriers, as the Commander stepped out. Odam looked around, the soldiers saluting him, before nodding his head and moving forward. He moved towards the Headquarters of the Covenant on the planet, a heavily guarded building. Nodding to the soldiers outside, he moved in wordlessly, with a confident pep in his step. He could feel the eyes of every solder within the building on him, waiting for him to give the order to execute the plan. “So, as you all know,” he said confidently, “the High Council themselves have entrusted with us this new weapon, one that could change these humans from foes into something more useful. We test it hear and now, to make sure that its safe, and our victory here will echo our legend across the entire Covenant. Are you ready to feast!?” Shes’Odam yelled victoriously, as the soldiers around him moved happily, the doors to the camp opening, and the covenant forces moving in.

The forces of the covenant moved into the camp, causing all humans that weren’t inside to look from a sheer presence of the soldiers moving them like caddle. First, the Sangheili soldiers moved forward, one of them grabbing a human as if he was grabbing a snack, and shoved the human in his mouth. The human squirmed and struggled, and the onlookers looked in horror, as the bulging face of the human was seen screaming within, as it slowly fell down from the throat into the stomach, as more of his body was consumed by the sangheili.

Eventually, they landed fully in the stomach, and kicked around, but it seemed like the body of the elite was too rubbery, and from the outside the unarmored gut was pulled across the human, with each of their movements being stiff, like they were constricted by the gut.

Screams could be heard across the camp as this continued, not only by Sangheili but also Kig’yar, Jiralhanae, and even Unggoy. The screams cut out as more and more humans were escaping to their homes, covering the doors and windows to escape the alien’s voracious rampage.

Shes’Odam watched this as it happened, and walked near to one of the doors, tearing it down with his might. Ripping open the door, the humans inside cringed and moved backwards, seemingly trying to back off, when one of them, and older male by the look of it, went and tried to hit Odam with a plank of wood. Grabbing it mid-air, Odam used his other hand to single handedly pick up the human, and shove him in his mouth. Just like the first human eaten, he struggled, but it wasn’t enough, as his face bulged from the outside.

Odam slurped him down like wet noodle, slapping his gut and sending waves across it as the human fell into his gut. He could feel him struggling, but that didn’t stop Odam from doing it again, grabbing another human and shoving her into his maw, followed by several more.

With a full gut, jiggling from the pure amount of humans within, Shes’Odam remembered that when he was provided with the weapon, they did say any orifice. A smile, (or at least as much of a smile as a Sangehili could present), Shes’Odam opened a slit in his crotch, allowing his long member to come out.

Walking into the next room, Odam grabbed yet another human, only a few left, and shoved her face first down into his cock, which seemingly stretched like a snake to accommodate its “meal”. He could feel the human try and struggle, but her nice, curvy body was presented across the cock as she slid down, her breasts and ass bulging out, before “falling” into his nutsack, where she started to squirm, the ballsack pulled tight. With the last remaining humans, the Commander did the same, and then not only was his stomach full but so was his balls, as he laid down on a bed, and drifted off to sleep from a food coma.

----------DISPOSAL BELOW----------

Shes’Odam woke up a few hours later, grabbing his head. He looked around, and saw he was in one of the camp rooms, and he looked further down, seeing his gut. He pressed down, and noticed that it seemed to be soft, even as it bulged out, like liquid was below it.

Odam groaned, and got out of bed, noticing he felt heavier, though after last night he had no doubts why. Turning around, he saw what he expected: his ass was massive. It seemed as if it had inflated like a helium balloon, with each cheek like a sportsball. He slapped it, and watched it jiggle around, not stopping for at least a minute. Odam guffawed, and continued to play with his ass a bit, spreading it apart seemed to be extremely pleasurable for some reason. He also looked straight down, at his distended ballsack, and squeezed it, oddly not painful but pleasurable, feeling the amount of cum in his balls. He chuckled, “you humans really are some sort of miracle meat!” He said, rubbing his stomach and licking his mandibles.

Suddenly, he felt a rumble in his gut, as he lifted a leg, and let out a massive, stinky cloud. He sniffed it, and recoiled by the horrible smell. Yet, despite this, he could feel a tent growing in his skinsuit, his large cock bulging out from the erotic pleasure of knowing he had turned a few lives into nothing more them cum and shit.

He hummed as he went over to a toilet, and sat his fat ass down, letting out another ripe fart as the shit within him pushed itself out with little fanfare. He moaned from the sensation of feeling the shit coming out, tickling his prostate. First, a large log came out, stinking to high heaven as it curled itself into a large log in the toilet, which the Commander had to flush in order to prevent it from overflowing. Then, after that, each log came out differently, with the large logs coming out first, then the smaller, more nugget-like logs coming out later.

Shes’Odam groaned in pleasure as he shat out the human remains. Despite that, whenever he looked down, he noticed that none of the logs had any remnants of humans, like his digestive system had completely destroyed the humans and churned them into shit. This only made his cock grow from the sense of dominance, the lesser humans given themselves to the better beings of the Covenant.

With one last log, and one last massive gas blast, Odam turned around, and cummed all over the shit, covering human with more human. He huffed as he cummed them out, his orgasm like a gift from heaven. After a minute of pure cumming, the bathroom a sheer mess of cum, stinking to high heaven as well, Odam fell to the floor from the pleasure. He got up, after a few minutes of huffing in pure bliss, and wiped himself off with one of the human’s clothes he found.

As he dressed back up, and went outside, he saw the road full of Covenant soldiers, all doing the same out in the open, shitting and cumming out the human remains, not even the smallest remnant of humanity remained but pure shit and cum. And at this moment, Odam knew he had to do this again sometime. And he knew this was the future of mankind. Not as a pest, but livestock for their betters!