Bigby didn’t know what to expect when Nerissa had asked if she could pay him a visit at his apartment to talk. It was a strange request that seemed rather out of nowhere, especially considering the events that had transpired not too long ago—the whole fiasco with Faith and Lily’s murders, the Crooked Man, Georgie and Vivian, Bloody Mary, that scumbag Crane…it had been such a huge mess that he had thought that Nerissa would want time away from it all. Even though he’d helped her bring her friends’ deaths justice, he was sure that the things that she’d been through while under the spell that prevented her from speaking would keep her away from people that were involved with the issue.

And yet, she still had asked to visit him one day as she’d stopped by the Woodlands—seeming to have no interest in speaking with Snow, even though she was the new mayor and the person that one would go to if they had any issues. Bigby couldn’t help but wonder what Nerissa wanted to see him, for—what he could do for her that Snow couldn’t do.

“You really do live in the smallest apartment in the woodlands,” Nerissa commented when she arrived, taking off her coat and putting it on the chair nearby after Bigby had let her in. Her lips, a bright red from her lipstick, quirked in an amused sort of smirk. “Don’t you feel…cooped up in such a small space?”

The sheriff of Fabletown gave a noncommittal grunt in response, shrugging. “Don’t really need much. Just a place to put my feet up,” he responded casually, before frowning just a bit as he looked at her. Something about her seemed…off. He wasn’t quite sure, but he could sense that there was something on her mind, a sort of resolve and resignation to her presence in his apartment. “Now, uh…what’d you wanna see me for? Doesn’t it feel kinda…outta nowhere? Especially considering…y’know…all the stuff that happened?”

Nerissa gave him a small smile, leaning against the wall. “I guess I should just cut right to the chase, huh, tough guy?” She gave a soft sort of chuckle, before looking right at Bigby with her amber eyes—eyes which, he noticed, seemed beyond exhausted. “I’m…I’m real tired, Bigby.” A heavy, long sigh escaped from her lips—a deep exhale that seemed like she’d held the weight of the world in her lungs. “I’ve seen a lotta shit. Been through a lotta shit. And…I don’t really have much left to live for. So…I decided to come to you, to…help me out with that.” She paused in her speaking, looking at him rather intently.

After a few moments of silence, it seemed like she was waiting for him to respond, her look expectant. One of Bigby’s eyebrows raised, unsure of what she wanted him to say, or how he was supposed to respond to her. “I’m…really not sure what you’re getting at.”

“Really? I gotta spell it out for ya?” Nerissa responded with a soft laugh, quirking an almost fond smile at him. “Well…you’re the Big Bad Wolf, aren’t ya? And…well, you’re kinda well known for the stuff you did in the past. You know…your hunger. Your gluttony. And you’ve been pretty clean recently, haven’t ya? Aren’t you…hungry?”

Bigby’s eyes widened with pure shock for a moment, taking time to process her words. As he did so, he found himself inhaling deeply, allowing himself to become aware of her scent—something that he consciously had to stop himself from doing, because smelling all the fresh meat around him would drive him mad with hunger. But now, with the words that she’d spoken, he allowed himself to take in a deep breath of her scent—and found himself beginning to salivate, his stomach grumbling at her delicious, tantalizing scent.

Wait, wait, wait. Fuck, he had to stop himself before things got out of hand, shaking his head fiercely. “Nerissa, you can’t…you can’t be serious. Do you…realize what you’re saying? You can’t…you can’t really want me to…”

“To eat me?” She finished his sentence with a playful smile, nodding. “Yes, Bigby, in fact, I do want you to do it. I realize what I’m saying…what I’m asking for. But I’m tired, and no one would notice if I just disappeared, you know? And I’d rather die being a decent meal for you, after everything that you’ve done for me, instead of just slowly fading out of the world into even more nothingness. I’m already unseen…I guess I want my death to have meaning. To finally have something be on my terms.”

He couldn’t believe his ears—fuck, he must be hallucinating or something. It must’ve been too long since he’d indulged on fresh flesh, on a still-living being, that he was now imagining that someone was offering to be that meal for him. But he couldn’t help but allow his eyes to roam over Nerissa’s body, finding himself imagining how it would feel to finally let his teeth sink into warm, living flesh once again…and her skin looked so soft and supple, practically begging for his teeth to sink into it… “I-I…” He found himself having trouble speaking through the saliva that was beginning to build up in his mouth, gulping loudly as his stomach groaned and rumbled.

The former mermaid gave him a playful smirk, her eyes flitting down to cast a look at his abdomen, before she pushed herself off the wall to get closer to him. “You sure sound pretty hungry, Bigby,” she murmured softly, her hand reaching out to touch his middle. His stomach let out a ferocious growl almost as if in direct response to her statement, and he couldn’t help but groan deeply. His instincts that he had done his best to keep hidden since he’d become Fabletown’s protector, the hungry wolf that always was desperate to glut and glut and glut with only the intent of filling his ever-ravenous stomach, were becoming harder and harder to hold back the closer that Nerissa got. She couldn’t…really want this, could she?

“Mngh…I-I’m always hungry…” Bigby found himself growling out in response, his entire body trembling with his attempt to restrain himself from just giving in. He’d been holding back for so long, trying to gain Fabletown’s trust in him as their protector, but having this temptation was almost unbearable

“Then why hold back anymore, Bigby?” Nerissa’s voice was soft and sultry—he couldn’t help but imagine that this was the way she would speak to her clients while she was still at the Puddin and Pie, but there was also a fervent intensity to her tone. The hand resting on his abdomen began to move, rubbing at his belly gently, yet firmly, causing both Bigby and his stomach to growl insistently. God, she was so close, her scent intoxicating and beyond enticing, sweet and warm and rich and alive…. “Go on…just give into it. You must be so ravenous, so desperate for flesh to devour…” she continued, her warm breath so tantalizingly close to his ear, causing an intense shiver to travel up his spine. “Please, Bigby…I-I want this. I want you to eat me. Don’t hold back…just let go. Let the Big Bad Wolf come out.”

Fuck. Fuck. God, he just couldn’t hold back anymore. He needed warm, fresh meat—god, how he desired, craved, needed human flesh. His mouth watered uncontrollably, salivating at imagining the satisfying sensations of flesh being torn beneath his teeth, being swallowed by his throat, filling up his ever-hungry belly that was always desperate for more, more, more. How his stomach growled at the thought, his middle aching with this unrelenting emptiness, this desperation for flesh…and she was saying that she wanted this, willingly offering her body for him to devour…

The tenuous control that he held on his appetite snapped, giving into the gluttonous desires of his stomach. Bigby lunged for his prey, a moan of pleasure escaping from his throat as his teeth sunk into that soft, supple neck of hers, tasting and feeling her delicious warm blood upon his tongue. He was sure that, as most of his prey often reacted, that she would try and fight back, struggling, trying to break free, even though she had seemed so eager to be eaten before. Surely, when she realized the true horror of what was happening, of the beast that he had released, she would be terrified—and he was prepared to give her a swift end to prevent her from crying out too loudly and alerting anyone.

But, surprisingly, Nerissa didn’t seem to be doing anything to escape. She hadn’t even screamed as his fangs pierced her flesh, and when he looked up at her, he couldn’t quite detect the emotion within her amber eyes. Was she resigned to her fate as his meal, not even wanting to try and fight back, knowing that once the wolf began his feast, there was no stopping him? Or had she been through so much that she was just tired of it all, ready to be his food? Had she truly been actually willing to be his prey, and all those words she’d said before weren’t just an illusion, something his imagination had conjured to slightly lessen the guilt he might feel as he devoured her (when he certainly wasn’t going to regret it)?

Whatever the reason was, Bigby couldn’t quite bring himself to care, losing himself in the pleasure of the feast. His stomach gurgled impatiently as he tore into Nerissa’s flesh, deep, animalistic growls coming from the back of his own throat as he tore off pieces of her—skin, muscle, fat, tendons, all so warm and bloody—tossing his head back and gulping down the large chunks of his meal, unable to stop himself from moaning with pure pleasure as he felt the bites of her travel down his powerful throat and enter his eagerly-awaiting stomach.

“Enjoying yourself, Bigby?” He could barely hear the words through the blood rushing through his ears and his growling stomach, rumbling greedily around the flesh it had already received and eager for more. As he took another bite of her shoulder, he glanced up at Nerissa, noticing that her face wasn’t panicked, or nervous, or even in pain—she was resigned, almost peaceful-looking, even calm, as he ravenously devoured her. His only response to her question was an involuntary gruff growl of pleasure as he tore off a particularly large, meaty chunk of her flesh, moaning as he gulped it down, and instantly plunging back for more of the sweet, delicious flesh of his prey.

“Seems are,” Nerissa murmured—her hand still lingered on his belly, and she continued to rub it, to gently press her fingers in, as his stomach started to slowly but surely fill with her warm flesh. He couldn’t stop the whimper that turned into a pleased growl at the wonderful sensation of feeling her rub his belly as he devoured her—as if she was rewarding him, gently tending to his eagerly gurgling stomach with her hands as piece after bloody piece of her slid down his throat. “I’m glad, Bigby…I’m glad…”

Time held no meaning to Bigby now—he was pure hunger and gluttony incarnate. The only thing that mattered was each bite of warm delicious flesh, the taste of her sweet crimson blood, her bones crunching within his powerful teeth, her organs being torn out from her body and greedily slurped down his gullet. His prey fell quiet as he dug into the buffet that was her deliciously supple body, eagerly tearing into the plentiful flesh of her calves, her thighs, her arms—which, of course, meant that she was no longer rubbing his belly at the moment, but he didn’t care much about that, much more focused on the warm pleasurable heaviness gathering in his middle, the feeling of his stomach stretching with fullness as he ate more than he had allowed himself to for a long time. Fuck, it felt so fucking good to just let go, to only be a wolf indulging in his dinner, to have his only master be his greedy gluttonous stomach as he finally gave it what had craved for so long.

He paused in his feasting for just a moment—to release a thunderous, deep belch that had been building up for quite some time, but he’d been too hungry and desperate to even think about burping until he was almost finished with his dinner. It felt so good to feel warm, sticky blood on his hands and mouth, to feel his greedy stomach truly being filled with what it craved. His heavy, rounded belly pressed into the mangled remains of Nerissa—not much was left of her, and her caved-out abdomen was the perfect place for him to rest his belly on as he leaned down once more to finish his feast.

As he returned to eating, he growled with pleasure, moaning in pure gluttonous bliss as he continued with its meal, his eyes rolling back at all the wonderful sensations that he had denied himself to experience for such a long time. His stomach stretched with his growing fullness, churning and gurgling eagerly around the glut of fresh meat it had already received, the pieces of flesh still entering his mouth and going down his throat, the warm sweet blood covering his lips and hands and belly—which he was unable to keep his hands off of, feeling how wonderfully rounded and full it already was.

Nerissa’s eyelids fluttered, a soft smile on her bloodied features, as Bigby paused once to release another belch. “Bigby…” she breathed out, her voice weak and slightly garbled from his bites to her throat. “Thank you…thank you…”

Bigby wasn’t sure when Nerissa finally stopped breathing, but those were the last words she said. He took his time finishing up his meal, languidly swallowing the last bits and pieces of her—and when the final piece of her entered his stomach, he leaned back and released an incredibly hearty, deep, long belch, which faded into a helpless moan as he was completely and utterly undone by how good it felt to finally have a proper meal. His hands gravitated towards his belly, rubbing and patting the rounded flesh as he closed his eyes in bliss, licking his lips thoroughly to get the last remnants of the delicious taste of her blood. A particularly hearty pat to his belly caused him to belch loudly once more, and he moaned with abandon, bringing his bloody fingers up to his mouth to lick off her blood from them as well.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so full. Eating already-killed pork and beef from the butcher was far from filling—and there was no blood, no thrill of the hunt, nothing of actual substance. Nothing else could properly satisfy his ravenous stomach, aside from indulging on another living, breathing creature.

And now, he could take his time to properly enjoy this. Bigby leaned forward, slowly trying to find balance on his legs as he stood up—he hadn’t had this much extra weight on his midsection for quite a while. The movement as he stood up with his heavy belly caused a few hearty uuuooorps to escape from his throat, and he couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh of pleasure as he rubbed and patted his belly with one hand, the other going over to help steady himself on the nearby chair. He slowly but purposefully made his way over to his bed, unable to keep his hands off of his incredibly warm, full gut, feeling how wonderfully stretched with fullness it was, the hardworking churn and rumble as his stomach got to work digesting the large intake of flesh it had received.

He sat down on his bed, letting out a deep sigh of pleasure as he kicked his legs up, leaning back against the headboard, both of his hands resting atop of his stuffed-full, glutted belly. He closed his eyes, feeling them roll back in pleasure as he let out his heartiest, deepest belch yet, which turned into a long, pleased moan of pure, unadulterated bliss. God, he’d almost forgotten how fucking good it felt so be this fucking full. To feel his stomach so stretched full with a fresh glut of warm flesh, to feel the hardworking rumble and churn of his gut as it gurgled with fullness, to rub and pat his gorged belly as he licked his chops and thought of nothing more than the bliss of the indulgent meal.

Bigby felt himself growing sleepy, surely caused by his incredibly full stomach. He allowed for his eyes to fall shut, languidly licking his lips, continuing to lazily rub and pat his rounded, full, heavy belly, belching and sighing in pure satisfaction as he began to drift off to sleep.

“Thanks, Nerissa…” he mumbled, giving his belly a fond pat as he began to fall asleep. “That was just what I needed…”

And with that, the Big Bad Wolf slept peacefully, with a full belly and no pesky Woodsman to slit him open—as all of his past meals should’ve surely ended. For it finally was, indeed, a very happy ending for the greedy, ravenous wolf.