Mei sat in a chair and started to draw out one of her babies. As she did Mei started to think about the word baby and started to think about having one herself. Then Mei thought about how she had to get one and her face went red thinking about Deku impregnating her. Mei wanted a baby but she doesn't feel comfortable with real sex just yet. Then her mind went to the cute first year Ochaco Uraraka and what she would look like as a baby. Mei couldn't get that thought out of her mind and finally she thought of a plan making a grin spread across her face.

20 Minutes Later

Ochaco was changing in the girls locker room all alone thinking of training and of course Deku who she couldn't get off her mind. Her face bright red thinking about what he would look naked and she just became flustered. That's when Ochaco heard the door open and she wondered who came inside.

"Hello?" Called out Ochaco

She shrugged and then clipped her bra on but then she heard the slightest step near her. Then bam something hit her face and Ochaco was out cold. Mei giggled coming out of the shadows nude as she could be smiling at the half nude girl before her.

"Well well well my baby is lying ready to go inside" said Mei

Mei laid Ochaco on her back and straightened her out so sucking her in would be much easier. Mei rubbed her hands together and got on her knees pointing her sex organ towards Ochaco's head. Mei grasped Ochaco's arms and pulled her towards her pussy before her soft hair grazed it. Mei pushed Ochaco's head against her slit and it nicely pulled open making Mei squirm and moan. Ochaco's face was fully sucked in and she was surrounded by the wet walls. Mei's belly had Ochaco's face bulging out and she knew that she had to deal with Ochaco before she woke up. Mei pushed and sucked more of Ochaco with her shoulders pushing Mei's pussy open even more which made tears stream down her face.

"It hurts..but it feels so good" said Mei

The pleasure was so great Mei climaxed in Ochaco's face and a little poured out of her pussy to the ground. Ochaco's bra covered tits entered the pussy and more of Ochaco's form started to bulge. Ochaco squirmed a little in her sleep with her sensitive nipples being rubbed by slippery walls. Mei loved the way Ochaco squirmed but she needed more.

*shclk shlck*

Ochaco's belly was sucked up and her pussy was about to rub against Meis. Mei couldn't help herself and so she stuck her fingers in Ochaco's pussy and penetrated her until it was gone. Ochaco's legs were pressed together as the rest of her was sucker up with shlorp and pussy juices hitting the ground. Mei plopped on her butt with a nice big sized belly and Ochaco's form was bulging from it.

"I don't know who long this will take but I will have a child" said Mei

Inside her womb Ochaco awoke finally and noticed she was in some wet fleshy chamber. She remembered blacking out but this seems a lot different to the locker room and she couldn't understand why she wasn't there.

"Um hello can anyone hear me" said Ochaco

Mei heard her and proceeded to rub Ochaco's head bulge on her tummy. Ochaco felt the hand and squirmed a bit as they weren't answering where she was. A strange sticking liquid was under her and she noticed that her mind was slipping a little. Ochaco noticed she was forgetting some things and little by little she just kept losing herself. On the outside Mei watched the huge bulge became flatter and smaller as Ochaco becomes a baby. Ochaco shrunk down to only a small fetus and her mind completely slipped away now. Mei was shocked it happened so fast but she was happy with her fine belly. At this point she was around 4 months pregnant so she had some time till birth but Mei was happy to have such a nice belly and finally she was a mother to a real baby. Mei stood up and left the clothes of Ochaco behind. She went back to her room and got in her bed with her tummy swaying when she walked.

"Ochaco you will look so cute as my baby and I will dress you up and everything ooohh it's gonna be so much fun" said Mei

Over a few days reports of UA students missing flooded the school and internet and Mei dropped out to give birth and raise Ochaco. Mei was happy to begin a new life and looked at the sky with a smile and a hand on her baby filled belly.