It was the night before the welcoming party.
It was going to be a big day, for both of them.

The dream began.

Blue sank into the sea.

Sinking and sinking.

His feet touched the massive stain glass pillar.

He opened his eyes, and saw the reflection of his heart before him.

The faces of his friends, he hadn’t seen them in so long. Maybe, it was time, to stop searching. Maybe his search was truly hopeless, considering he had no idea what he was looking for anymore.

There was no hope anymore in him, he’d been searching for so long.

He watched as the reflection began to change.

He was now reaching, reaching to what he really wanted.

Maybe, he had found exactly what he was looking for.

“My first dive into heart, and this is what happens? No, test or challenge?” He muttered to himself as he looked around.

A door stood near the edge.

A black door, with the symbol of the Heartless across it, with a large N covering it. A keyhole near the handles.

It, called to him.

He stood before it, and thought about what was in front of him.

It wouldn’t be right, to just, open it, to go to there without, permission would be, wrong.

Nullia stared at the silver door, with a blue crescent moon right in the middle.

She so desperately wanted to open it.

She wanted to know, what exactly was going on in his heart.

She placed her hand on the handle.

No, this isn’t right, her hand left the handle. A tear ran down her face, she couldn’t do it, to enter his heart, and see his feelings, it wasn’t right to do that to anyone, especially him.

The reflection of her heart, was her, reaching out to the one who showed her, that people can be kind.

They stood on both sides of the door, not knowing, how close the other was.

So close to letting each other know, exactly how they felt inside.

Blue stood up, he needed to leave.

A silver keyblade, similar to modern keys formed in his hand, with a razor like edge, the key chain being a crescent moon.

“Time, to, leave.”

The keyblade jerked him around

“Woah, no, I am not opening that door!”

The keyblade flew out of his hand

“No, no, NO”

She summoned her keyblade.

She raised it to the sky.

It pulled her arm down.

“Alright, what is it this time?” She sighed

It turned her around, and faced the door.

“You, want me to, open it? I, I can’t do that!”

It flew out of her hands.

The two keys slide into the lock.