The sunlight slowly filtered into the room as the sun rose, basking everything in the room and a young sleeping girl in a warm yellow light. She was around the age of sixteen, has golden blonde hair that trailed all the way down her back and natural scarlet red frosted lips. Her physique was also something that every woman would kill to have: thick thighs, waist, ass and H-Cup chests. The sunlight only served to accentuate her sexy and exotic body. However, the one thing that stood out from the rest of the body, quite literally, was her bulging belly.

Yang Xiao Long yawned and stretched as she felt the sunlight permeate her heavy eyelids. Slowly she sat up and opened her eyes, taking in the plain view of her bedroom as she tried to clear the sleepiness from her head. Closing her eyes, she dropped her head back onto the pillow as her hands began to idly massage at her bloated midsection. Her belly looked the size of a full term pregnant twin sized belly, and she loved to feel it. A smile slowly crept across Yang’s face as she kept feeling herself, waves and waves of pleasure coursing through her mind. After a while though, the urge to get up and start the day overtook her temptation of staying in bed and she hoisted herself off the bed with an effortless and well practiced maneuver. Yang began walking steadily over to the shower, her hands still drifting across the fleshy dome of her belly as she did so.

Yang took her sleeping clothes off, which was really only a pair of sport shorts, and left them on the side before turning on the water and stepping into the shower. She let the lukewarm water run over her body, from her head to her distended middle and then all the way down to her feet. She rested her palms against the cold walls, watching the water swirl down the drain and the steam rising off the floor as she wondered about what activities she was gonna pursue today. Unbeknownst to her, another figure was taking advantage of her distracted state and was now slowly creeping up behind her. Yang lifted one of her hands off the wall and returned to rubbing her belly. Her eyes drooped shut as she relished the comfort of a hand on her belly before letting out a loud gasp as she felt the number of hands on her belly increase from one to three. Looking down, she spotted the extra pair of hands and instantly knew who it belonged to. There was only one person around who had a pair of such delicate and smooth hands. Yang sighed happily as she leaned back into the person behind her, who was now running her hands in circles over her belly.

“Morning Yang,” came a cheerful voice from behind her.

“Morning Ruby,” the girl replied as she lifted herself up off Ruby’s body and turned around to face her.

Ruby was an Latias anthro. She towered over Yang a little and had shoulder length red hair running over her back. Ruby’s face was mostly human and she sports a similar body shape to Yang, although a bit bigger than her. Thus her body was also one that would ignite intense jealousy within other women.

“So how has your day been?” asked Ruby as she pressed at Yang’s belly.

“What do you mean? I just got up out of bed,” laughed Yang as she enjoyed the sensation of her belly getting rubbed and the warm water falling onto her.

“Ohh...right yeah...oops, rubbing your belly gets me so distracted,” giggled Ruby. “I know I said this many times before, but I think you look a lot more sexy with this big belly than you did before.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Really brings out my figure you know.”

“Mhm, the feeling of having something stretching you out from the inside must be simply divine.”

Yang started to feel herself get turned on as those words reached her ears. Now what has happened with her belly was that Ruby gave birth to two unfertilised eggs, which Yang decided to unbirth and fertilise them herself. This way she could also become a mum with the Latia and have children.

“ are the eggs feeling in there?” Ruby asked with a grin.

“Mmm, it does not feel like a lot actually, despite the look,” Yang replied with a laugh. “You know, I’m starting to like walking around like this. You don’t know how good it feels until you actually get to try it.”

Ruby laughed at that and the two continued to chat for a bit longer, mostly consisting of the pokemon flirting with Yang about her oversized belly.

“Nothing like a good refreshing shower to start the day right Ruby?” asked Yang.

“Mhm,” said Ruby as she took in the entirety of Yang’s naked form. Her eyes passed over the curvy form of the human girl, looking her up and down as a smile began to form on her face. Ruby raised one of her hands and laid it onto the supple skin of Yang’s belly.

“Ohh, stop it. Haven’t you touched my belly enough for one day?”

The Latias did not respond and merely smiled.

Yang suddenly got a very mischievous idea. She cupped her both her hand under the shower, letting them fill up with warm water, before flinging into the Pokemon’s grinning face.

Ruby let out a little yelp as she felt the water collide with her face.

“Wow, you would,” she frowned at Yang as she tried to rub the water out of her eyes.

“Haha, that is what you get when you keep touching me like that.”


“Anyways how long have we been in here for already? I need to go get dressed.”

“Oh Yang. What’s the rush? We have all the time in the world right now,” said Ruby with a grin. She laid her hands onto Yang’s belly again despite what just happened.

“You want water in your face again?”

“Ohh...don’t pretend you don’t like it when I rub you like that, Yang. I can see it in your eyes, the glint in them when you look at me as I have my hands on you, the way you long for more…”

Yang blushed furiously and turned her head away. She stuffed her face under the water, trying to pretend that she was rinsing her face.

“Ahh, see? I knew it. It’s okay, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, I am known for giving good belly rubs,” snickered Ruby, giving the bulging belly a tight squeeze.

Yang gasped as she felt the pleasant pleasure on her belly and turned slowly to face Ruby. Droplets of water flew everywhere through the air as the two embraced each other. Yang grabbing Ruby’s hand and making circular motions with them across her belly, both of their bodies touching each other. She could feel the warmth of Ruby’s hand on her body, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. The two of them stood under the shower, allowing the water to wash over them as they felt at each other. Yang’s mind entered a state of bliss, unresponsive to anything else except for the sensation of Ruby’s hand on herself. Before she knew it, Yang was on the floor and Ruby was on top of her, pressing and kneading against the fleshy dome of her midsection, filling the room with moans and groans as the two continued to pleasure each other.

Exhaustion got to the both of them eventually, and Ruby got off Yang by pushing off on her big belly, but not before planting a big wet kiss on her forehead. They remained like that for a few moments; Yang laying on the floor and Ruby standing up next to her.

Yang moved to stand up, but a hand pushed her back down.

“No, stay down,” gasped Ruby as she drew herself to full height, before spreading her legs apart and revealing her nethers to the human girl.

Yang moaned at the seductive sight and shut her eyes tightly. She knew what was going to come next and shivered as she felt Ruby’s hand on her once again. It wrapped around the back of her head and began to pull her closer to Ruby’s body, bringing her up into a sitting position. The tiny bit of saliva leftover from the kiss earlier tingled in the cold air as her head was transported through the air. It was soon replaced by a sensation of extreme warmth as Yang found her head nestled snugly between the anthro Pokemon's thighs. She looked up at Ruby and grinned at her.

“Aww, you look so cute when you’re in between my legs like that,” pouted Ruby, causing Yang to grin even wider.

“Aww thanks. You know how much I love your body, and how much I love being inside it,” exclaimed Yang as she rubbed her entire face against the Latias’s pussy.

“And I love having you inside,” said Ruby between moans of pleasure. “Let's get you inside, shall we?” She released her hands from the back of the girl’s neck, allowing her to lean back a little.

Yang smiles like a little kid who has just been offered a treat. She moans her approval and twists around a little, trying to get into a better sitting position. Behind her, she could feel the water from the shower trailing off of her back. In front of her, she could see the wide slit that she was soon gonna disappear into.

“Ohhhh,” moaned Yang as she felt the Pokemon’s hands find purchase at the back of her head for the second time today. Once again she felt her head slowly move through the cool air, before being buried into warm flesh. Except this time, the hands did not relent and allow her to fall back, it kept trying to push her head through the tight hole, which soon blossomed like a flower and sucked her face in with a loud and wet squelch.

“Mmmmf,” that was all the sound Yang could muster as half her head entered the fleshy tunnel. Darkness filled in her vision as the flesh pulsated around her, trying to suck the entirety of her head in. Yang could feel the hands on the back of her head still, exerting a force that was causing her head to sink slowly into the hole. The warmth of the vagina slowly encroached the top of her head as she progressed deeper into the pokemon. There was a sudden squelch, and Yang’s head was completely sucked into the Pokemon’s nethers.

Ruby gasped as her clit suddenly spread open and accepted Yang’s head into itself. Removing her hands from the back of her head, she placed them on Yang’s shoulders, which were considerably wider than her head.

Yang moaned into the flesh that was smothering her entire head. Her tongue slipped out of the mouth and she licked at the smooth walls, tasting at the sex juices of the anthro Pokemon. On the outside, she began to finger at her own vagina as Ruby’s continued to devour her supple body. She could feel the Pokemon’s pussy stretching as it tries to fit around her shoulders. It was a lot wider than her head, and the Latias has trouble getting it in every time, despite how many times they have done this. She could feel the hands on her body begin to push at her harder, causing her to sink in slowly but surely. The hole pinched tightly at her body as more and more of her slid in.

Ruby closed her eyes as her body took in more of Yang. She groaned, enjoying the feeling of Yang inside her as her vagina swallowed her shoulders. Now that her clit has stretched wide enough to contain the human girl’s shoulders, the rest of Yang’s journey into her would be a bit easier. With a strong flex of her vaginal muscles, Yang slid another few inches into her with a loud squelching sound. Ruby opened her eyes and looked down. Most of the girl’s shoulder blades were now obscured from view and she could feel the top of Yang’s impressive boobs pressing against her pussy. She reached under the trapped girl with both hands, one on each side, and gave the two mounds of meat a big squeeze. This elicited a loud but muffled moan and some movement from inside her. Ruby shut her eyes in ecstasy as the movement rocked her insides, Yang’s loud voice acting like a mini vibrator inside her. She continued to squeeze at Yang’s impressive assets, and soon the room was once again filled with loud lewd noises that could be heard through the walls.

Yang moaned, gasped and panted as she felt the Pokemon’s relentlessly tease at her tits. The temperature of the fleshy tunnel her head and upper shoulders were currently resting in grew exponentially with the Pokemon’s level of arousal. It was hot initially, but soon she felt like her head and shoulders were in a sauna, the walls also repeatedly contracted and squeezed against her. The heat and the tightness of her environment caused her to feel as though as her was spinning, but this only increased her own level of arousal and did not put her off at all.

Eventually, Ruby stopped playing with the human girl’s fleshy domes. She dropped her hands to her side as both of them tried to catch their breaths after the intense ordeal. This was much easier for Ruby to accomplish than Yang as her head was not trapped in a tight and sauna like environment. Soon she was ready to continue and clamped her hands around Yang’s now limp body. She began pushing with hands, her vagina rippling powerfully around the human as she began her descent once again into the Pokemon. At this point, her belly was beginning to bulge out as Yang was hauled further and further up in between her legs. The human girl was now up to her chest in the Ruby’s pussy. She gave the two mountains of meat a final squeeze, before closing her eyes and grunting as she pushed hard and flexed her vaginal muscles. Her efforts were rewarded with the feeling of Yang’s sizable tits entering her pussy and stretching it out even more from the inside, causing a loud gasp to escape her mouth before she could help it.

A little yell escaped from Yang’s mouth as she felt her boobs get suddenly sucked in the tight entrance. However, the grip on her body did soften a bit after that. She sighed as she realised that Ruby had managed to pack her tits into herself, Yang had secretly hoped that she would have some trouble getting it in. No matter, there was still her ass after all. She grinned into the fleshy walls at the thought as she continued to slide deeper and deeper into the Pokemon. The temperature has dropped back to normal as Ruby’s level of arousal has decreased, although she could tell that the Pokemon was still horny through the moans and groans that seeped past the vaginal walls, which was only getting louder as the slipped deeper and deeper inside.

The next challenge for Ruby was Yang’s bulging belly. How was she gonna get this in? She once again began to push hard on the human girl. Feeling her slid in little by little. Squelching noises echoed throughout the room as little by little Yang’s belly disappeared into the vagina.

Yang was now up to her curvy hips in the vaginal entrance, which easily sucked them in. Her head was now pressing into a sphincter, which soon spread open and admitted her head into a fleshy sac. Outside the womb, she could feel the progress noticeably slow down quite a bit as her hips joined her inside and her ass was now pressed between Ruby’s legs.

Ruby paused as she stared at the two mountains of meat, wondering how she was going to pack this into her vagina. Surely it can’t be this hard after she had managed to get her breasts and belly in right? She rested her hands on the ass and began massaging at it idly as she decided on different ways of doing this. Inside her, she could feel Yang beginning to perk up again due to the sensations on her ass. After a while, Ruby decided that there was no easy way to this, and that the only thing she can do is to force her in the hard way. She adjusted her grip of Yang’s legs, and took a deep breath, starting to push, before gasping as she realised that nothing was happening. She swears that the human’s ass has gotten a lot bigger from the last time they did this! Ruby relaxed her grip before starting to push again. Sweat began to form and roll down her face as she pushed as hard she can, a lot harder than she has pushed before. Her belly sore and straining as she tried to use her vagina to suck the butt in at the same time. After about thirty seconds of straight pushing and sucking, there was a loud glorp, and Yang’s big ass finally disappeared into the Pokemon’s pussy. Her belly was now beginning to gain a distinct bulge from the girl inside her.

Inside Ruby, Yang snickered as she felt Ruby give up after the fruitless pushing she just did. Her joy was short lived, however, as the walls suddenly crushed in on her, causing her to yelp in surprise. It squeezed so tightly that she thought she was gonna pass out. On the outside, Yang could feel Ruby’s tight grip was back, and she was pushing harder than ever. About half a minute passed, and everything suddenly relaxed as she felt a forward jolt, her head pushing even further into the womb, her shoulders now joining her. Her butt has entered the urethra and Yang was now unable to move her arms as most of it was now packed inside the tight urethral walls; only her hands remained in the outside world and was able to move around.

Ruby looked at Yang’s flailing hands with amusement as her pussy continued to consume the human girl. Even if she wanted out, it was too late. There was no way Yang was going to escape from the clutches of her vagina, not until she was done with her at least. Ruby grabbed Yang’s hands and pinned them to the side of the human’s body, so that they were no longer able to wriggle around. She flexed her vaginal muscles again, bringing Yang’s hands closer to her vagina. She did it again and again, watching as Yang’s hands slowly disappear in between her legs. She let go of her hands, which were only really fingertips at that point, and watched as they also slowly slid in and disappeared from view. Only the girl’s legs were visible to the outside world at this point.

Yang felt the last of her hands join her in the urethra. Her entire body was now restricted from movement except for her legs, which were still dangling outside, droplets of water from the running shower falling on to them occasionally. She was now chest deep inside the Pokemon's womb, the sphincter straining to accept her large form. The strain on the sphincter would only increase however, as her dome of a belly began to join her top half inside the fleshy chamber as more of her legs moved in. The process was now noticeably faster since all the large parts of her body were now out of the way. Only her slim legs and feet remained outside, and they were no match for the anthro Pokemon’s hungry pussy. She could feel her legs slowly sliding into the fleshy tunnel, while her body began to curl up in a foetal position inside the womb. Yang knew that Ruby could go a lot faster if she wanted, and that she was only taking this slow for her own pleasure. Only her lower legs remained outside at this point, and she could feel a single hand on the sole of her feet, pushing them into the Pokemon. Her butt has now joined her body inside the fleshy sac. Soon the only thing that still has not been consumed by Ruby’s vagina was her feet. Yang could feel the sensation of a whole hand on the back of her feet disappear, instead replaced by two fingers, one on each foot, slowly pushing her feet in to join the rest of her body. Yang gasped as her entire body entered the warm confines of the Pokemon’s body. The sensation of the cool outside air completely disappearing as the hole squeezed at her feet and shut behind her, sealing her inside Ruby’s body. The urethral walls churned and massaged at her as it continued to push the rest of her body into the womb. The process was extremely fast and soon her entire body was curled up in a foetal position in the fleshy chamber.

On the outside, Ruby let out a large breath of satisfaction as she watched and felt the last of the human girl disappear into her body. Her belly was now large enough to look like she was pregnant with sextuplets and she ran her hands lovingly over the bulge Yang made. Ruby loved the sensation of taking in another being and holding them inside her body for as long as she wanted. She loved Yang and thought of having her lover inside her was simply amazing. The arousal kicked back in and Ruby’s fingers entered the cavity in which Yang’s feet just disappeared into mere moments ago. She began thrusting in and out as she imagined Yang all curled up inside her, squeezed tightly by the fleshy walls, unable to do anything except to just stay curled up. The thought was able to send her over the edge, and soon she was cumming everywhere in the shower. When her orgasm had ended, Ruby laid onto the shower floor, letting the warm water run over her as she massaged at her midsection. She stayed like that for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of the water and Yang’s tiny movements inside her, before she slowly picked herself from the floor. Ruby spent the next five minutes showering, running her hands all across her body to rinse of the smell of sweat and sex. She made sure to give her distended belly a little extra attention before finally turning off the water, which has been running for an extremely long time at this point. Getting out of the shower, Ruby grabbed a towel and began to dry herself. The two of them has not said a word to each other since Yang’s head entered her vagina, and Ruby decided it was time to break the silence.

“Ohhh Yang. You feel absolutely wonderful in there,” she purred as she patted her bulging belly, causing it to jiggle around.

Inside Ruby, Yang was having the time of her life. The warm and fleshy walls slowly massaged at her naked body. She moaned softly in reply to Ruby. She loved being inside hot and tight environments, and what’s better than inside a Pokemon’s womb? Yang squirmed and pushed against the tight walls, trying to stretch it out as much as possible.

Overcome with pleasure from the internal massage Yang was giving her, Ruby closed her eyes and began rubbing her pregnant belly, feeling at the wriggling form underneath the skin. She gave her middle a particularly hard squeeze, feeling the girl push back at her just as hard as she began to slowly make her way out of the bathroom. She walked back to Yang’s bedroom, passing a desk that was in the corner. A glimmer caught her eye and she turned her head towards the source. Sitting on the desk was a framed photo of herself and the girl currently inside her belly. Smiling, Ruby sauntered over to it and picked it up with one hand. This particular photo of them was from a number of years ago when they first met.They were both around five years old at that point, and were both eating fruit crepes. This was a few hours after Yang had found her lost and alone in the wild. She had just learnt her name and started living with her family. Ruby sighed as the thought that it was just the two of them now crossed her mind. She gave her massive belly a loving rub and pat before gently setting the picture back down. She turned around and walked out of Yang’s bedroom and down the hallway to the kitchen to get herself some breakfast.

Yang shut her eyes and relaxed her body as she felt Ruby begin to walk. She was gonna be in here for a while so she might as well make the most out of it. Already the cozy warmth of the Pokemon’s insides were causing her eyelids to start drooping.

Ruby stepped into the kitchen. It was a pretty average kitchen, nothing fancy. In one corner was the stoves and sink with the fridge sitting next to them, and in the middle of the room was a medium sized table with two seats. She wandered over to the counter, trying to figure out what she was gonna have for breakfast today. Ruby ended up grabbing the cereal box,a bowl and spoon before setting them down on the table and heading for the fridge to get some milk. After putting the milk back into the fridge and shutting the door, she walked back to the side of the table where her bowl of cereal was resting on, and pulled out the wooden chair. Ruby grunted as she began slowly lowering herself onto the chair. It creaked ominously as her weight descended upon it and for a moment Ruby was worried that it was gonna snap in half. The chair never did break however, and with a deep breath, she sat down completely on the chair, her full weight causing it let out another large creak, and she could swear she felt it buckle a little bit and heard a little crack come from somewhere, but after a few seconds the chair was still standing without any more noises coming from it and Ruby sighed in relief. Her extended midsection caused her to sit further away from the table than she usually would, thus she had to pull the bowl closer to the edge of the table and bend her back a little bit before she could reach it properly. After getting the bowl within arm reach, she began spooning herself cereal with one hand while the other rubbed circles across her belly. Soon Ruby’s back was beginning to get sore from the bent over position she had kept it in for the past few minutes. Luckily, she was finished with her cereal, and she grabbed a croissant that was lying on the table from yesterday and began munching on it. Eating the croissant no longer required access to the table, and she leaned back all the way in her chair, before sitting back up a little as it let out a loud creak. This whole time Yang had been silent and had not moved around a lot, leading Ruby to think that she was asleep. The comfort from her rubbing makes it even more enticing for the human girl to fall asleep. Ruby finished the last bit of the Croissant and pushed her chair back a bit more before starting to stand up, she took it slow as her sagging belly threatened to drag her back down. But she has done this quite a few times before, so it was not that challenging to her and she was back on her feet in no time. Ruby gently pushed the chair, that she very much thought now needs replacing, in and took her bowl and spoon over to the sink. She quickly washed them up and put them away to dry, the next task of the day already on her mind. It has been a few days since they last cleaned the house, and as a result there was now a very fine layer of dust on items throughout the house. Grabbing a rag and wetting it, Ruby quickly began to give everything in the house a good wipe down, starting with the kitchen. She was not able to work at her normal speed, as she was impeded by the human form inside of her, and bending down to wipe at some lower places was definitely bothersome. It took her a good five to six seconds to bend down, and about the same for her to stand back up. All this extra time added up and it took her about twenty minutes just to finish the kitchen. By the end of it Ruby was tired out and there were tiny beads of sweat on her face. She walked over to the living room, wiping her forehead with her free hand before collapsing onto the couch so hard that it nearly tipped over. She managed to swing it back at the last second and the couch hit the floor with a loud thud. Surprisingly Yang had stayed asleep this entire time despite all her movements and Ruby was starting to feel a bit tired herself. Closing her eyes, she began to trace her hands around her belly again, trying to feel and guess at the girl’s various body parts. Ruby slowly began to fall asleep herself, before jerking awake at the last second as she felt the rag drop her hands. She looked at the rag on the floor and thought about all the dust in the house, and reluctantly picked herself up from the couch and retrieved the rag from the floor, the couch releasing a loud sucking noise and inflating a little as she removed her massive form from it.

After having a quick trip to the sink and back to wash the rag, Ruby began to clean the living room. It took quite a while as she would be out of breath every few minutes and had to sit back down on the couch, rubbing her belly as she tried to catch her breath. She glanced at the clock and realised that lunch time has already passed before shrugging her shoulders, not bothered to get up and make herself some lunch.

Yang stirred lightly in her sleep. She was faintly aware of the constant movements around her. Ruby must be cleaning again, she thought as she felt the walls squeeze around her, no doubt due to Ruby bending down again. Yang wanted to say something to Ruby, but the warm environment and the constant massage the fleshy walls were giving her quickly lured her back into a deep slumber.

Ruby smiled as she felt the tiny movement within her. She stopped what she was doing and carefully stood back up. Resting her hand on her belly, she gave it a light rub, feeling for any signs of the human girl being awake inside of her.

“Yang? Are you awake,” she cooed softly at her belly.

There was no response and Ruby figured that she must have fallen asleep again. Her smile broadened at the fact that her lover was having such a wonderful time inside herself. She finished off wiping everything in the living room and decided that she would do the bedrooms and the other rooms the next day. Ruby had planned to do it all in one day, but that was not possible in her current state. Feeling as though she earned a reward for all her hard work, she put the rag back in the kitchen before walking back to the living room and sitting down onto the couch. Ruby picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, before starting to browse through the channels for anything interesting for her to watch. After flicking through all the channels and not finding anything that peaked her interest, she decided to just settle for the news channel. It was boring though and Ruby found herself only watching it absentmindedly while most of her attention was on stroking her belly. She traced the faintly human-like shape over and over again as she stared at the TV, not really taking in a single word that was coming from it. She wondered how it must feel for Yang to be inside her, how warm and squishy and tight it must be. Ruby smiled at the fact that she could provide her lover with such luxury and comfort. She gave her belly an affectionate pat and glanced back at the TV, which was now showing the weather report for the next week, not really relevant to the two of them as they don’t go outside that much anyway. Her smile grew even wider as she began to feel tiny movements start up from inside her again. The noise of the TV and the constant rubbing must have woken Yang up.

Yang moaned as she felt awareness return to her once again. She could tell that Ruby was no longer moving around, but she was still rubbing her belly. She could also hear the noises from the TV which was audible but she could not make out what was being said. Yang was about to say something to Ruby when the Pokemon’s hands rubbed over her face, smothering it entirely in warm flesh and not allowing her to utter a single word.

“Hey Ruby,” she said when the walls retreated back into their normal position.

“Yang, you are finally awake! You have been asleep for quite a while you sleepy head. How did you sleep so long anyway? You just got out of bed,” replied Ruby with a laugh.

“Haha, it's so warm in here, that’s why,” replied Yang.

“Well I’m glad you enjoy spending time inside me. I really like having you inside as well you know!”

The two of them laughed and continued to chat for a while before the conversation naturally died off and silence set back in. Ruby continued to watch the TV while Yang wriggled and pushed around inside her. A few minutes passed before Yang’s voice broke the silence.

“Hey Ruby.”

“Yeah?” Ruby took her eyes off the TV.

“So what did you do the whole time I was asleep? Did you just sit here and watch TV?”

“Oh no. I gave the kitchen and the living room a good clean. Didn’t you notice that everything was getting quite dusty?”

“I don’t think I have actually.”

“Well don’t worry. Everything is cleaned now, I was thinking of doing the other rooms tomorrow. Carrying you around is harder than you think!” Ruby smiled as she gave her belly another affectionate rub, feeling at the moving form beneath the taut skin.

“Wow that’s nice. I thought I’m the one that usually does the cleaning.”

“Haha, I do my fair share of cleaning too. Also, before that I was having breakfast right? Since I’m so heavy I think one of the chairs in the kitchen might now be broken, gonna have to get that replaced someday. You can still sit on it though.”

“Wow. We can get a new chair, but just don’t go around breaking anymore of them yeah?” Yang said with a laugh. “Speaking of breakfast, I’m hungry. When can I come out?”

Ruby grinned as the question reached her ears. She placed both hands on her belly and began rubbing circles across it.

“Oh Yang. You won’t be coming out for breakfast today.”

Her smile grew larger as she felt the activity inside her cease.

“Umm…what?” Came Yang’s voice.

“I said you won’t be coming out for breakfast today. In fact, you won’t be coming out for breakfast for a long long time Yang.”

“I...wait what are you talking about Ruby?”

Ruby could feel the activity inside her intensify again as Yang became confused by her words. She rubbed her middle in excitement as she prepared for Yang’s reaction at what she was about to say.

“Well, you know how you unbirthed my eggs right?”


“Remember that trip to Nurse Joy? She said that you would be pregnant with them for a year and a half?”

“Yeah I remember that.”

“Well, you won’t be coming out until your due date, and it has only been one month so far. You get to stay inside me for about another year and five months Yang.”

There was a momentary pause as Yang comprehended what Ruby said, then the struggles began. Ruby laughed as she felt Yang begin to push and kick at her tight surroundings, but there wasn’t much she could do as it was just simply too tight around her. Ruby rubbed at the distended dome that was her belly, and watched as ripples of movements danced across the skin, a bulge here and a bulge there as Yang thrashed around. Her eyes drifted closed in pleasure as she enjoyed the internal massage her lover was giving her.

“L-Let me out Ruby, you can’t keep me in here for that long,” yelled Yang in her tight confines. The more she pushed at the fleshy walls, the more they seemed to push back at her.

“Aww come on Yang. I know you love being inside me, there’s no need to try and hide it,” smirked Ruby.

“Yeah I do, but I don’t want to be in here for that long. That’s crazy.”

“Ah I’m sure you will be fine. You like being inside me, and I like having you inside me, so this is perfect for us. I don’t see why you are being so reluctant about this, usually you would be jumping in excitement for the chance to be inside me,” said Ruby with a wave of her hand. She knew the timeframe was a bit long, but it’s not like anything bad was gonna happen.

There were some more protests and struggles from within her, but Ruby paid it no mind as she turned her attention back to the TV. Flicking through all the channels once again, she found a movie that was playing and decided to watch it, ignoring any noise coming from her belly as she rubbed it absentmindedly. The commotion died down after a while, and Ruby was able to watch TV without having to deal with Yang’s squirming. Soon it was time for dinner and Ruby headed back to the kitchen. Opening the fridge she pulled out a tray of macaroni and cheese before putting it into the microwave and setting the timer for four minutes. As she waited, Ruby decided to poke at her belly for fun. Soon the bulge within was moving around again.

“Come on Ruby. Let me out of here, it’s not funny.”

“I already said Yang. You won’t be coming out until you are due. Now just stay put and be a good girl,” said Ruby as she patted at what she thought was Yang’s head.

The microwave pinged and she went to take out her dinner. Picking the steaming hot tray up the corners, Ruby quickly brought it over to the table. There were some more struggles from Yang but she was not paying them any attention as she tried to figure out how she was gonna sit down without breaking the chair. Ruby was fairly sure that if she sat on the same chair she sat on in the morning it would definitely break. But she also didn’t want to sit on the other one or she would damage it. In the end she decided to just carry it back to the living room and eat it on the couch. Grabbing a fork from next to the sink she picked up the tray again and brought it over to the couch. She sat down slowly, feeling the air from inside the couch rush out besides her. When the flow of air finally ended, she began to eat her dinner while keeping her eyes on the TV. Soon the small tray of Macaroni and Cheese was finished and she was standing up to go back to the kitchen.

Yang sighed within her dark and tight confines. She knew that if Ruby meant what she said then there was nothing she could do about it. She didn’t feel like asking her anymore since there was no point. All she can do is hope that Ruby changes her mind later.

Ruby chucked the empty tray into the bin and rinsed the fork before putting it away. She slowly walked back to the living room, not knowing what to do except to plop back down in front of the TV, and that was what she did. Soon Ruby was sitting back on the couch and watching the nightly news as she massaged her middle with both hands. It was pretty boring but there was nothing else she could think of to do.

After about two hours of staring at the TV but not really watching it, Ruby decided that she had had enough and was going to go to bed. She hauled herself off the couch and made her way to her bedroom, heading straight for the bed and collapsing on top of it. She could feel Yang starting to get restless inside her again and brought her hand between her legs. Ruby began thrusting in and out as she felt the human girl struggle within her. She moaned as her sexual lust increased with every thrust, her fingers sliding in and out of the tunnel that Yang disappeared into mere hours ago. Closing her eyes, she felt herself reach orgasm as cum squirted out everywhere, hitting the bed, floor and walls. She didn’t stop however after reaching her first orgasm, and kept pumping her fingers in and out of her vagina. The movements within her intensified, probably due to Yang finding out what Ruby was doing, which only served to heighten her sexual lust. Ruby came a second time, juices once again squirting out everywhere, before finally removing her hand from her now dripping vagina and wiping it on the bed sheets beneath her. Ruby opened her eyes and let out a loud breath as her body relaxed after the intense sexual experience. Rolling onto her side, a wave of sleepiness soon overcame her and Ruby felt her eyelids begin to droop. She whispered a soothing melody to Yang while rubbing her belly gently, feeling at the girl inside, and soon the two of them drifted off into a deep sleep.