Android 21’s Voracious Visit

Short(?) Android 21 x Reader Vore Story

It’s an evening like any other. There are plenty of cars driving outside your apartment complex, illuminated by the lights in a city like yours. You’ve just gotten home from going out to dinner with a coworker, J essica, who invited you out on a whim. It seems you two really hit it off, which has you just elated. After you dropped her off at her home, you made your way back to yours, ready to relax and then go to bed after a tiring – albeit exciting – day. You open the door to your apartment, and begin taking off your coat and shoes, beginning your daily routine to unwind. You turn to the fridge to grab a drink, ready to really kick back and relax, but you notice your stockpile of sweets is gone. Maybe your sweet tooth got the better of you, and you just didn’t notice. Going to have to buy more tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight. After deciding you’ll stay home tonight after all, you enter your bedroom and almost drop your glass. There’s someone, or rather, something in your bed. You reluctantly turn on the light to get a better view of the situation to some light shuffling under your blankets, and a feminine mumble coming from them. It seems that in her(?) tossing and turning, she unintentionally removed what was covering her, revealing her form in the light to you. She was a rather tall woman with long, silver hair that hung behind her head, exposing her pretty face. She wore baggy pants fastened with some sort of a gold belt. Her chest was wrapped in some kind of fabric, but only the upper torso, leaving her midriff and sizeable cleavage able to be seen. What surprised you most, however, is that she was pink! Her skin almost reminded you of bubblegum. It must be some kind of paint, you guess. There’s no ethnicity that has this sort of skin tone, right? That’s not important right now, though. This woman, however pretty she may be, could be hurt, or worse, she could be a thief! You’ve never been one to imagine yourself in this kind of situation, so you do what is probably the worst idea you’ve had in a while: you call out to her.

“U-um, excuse me, miss?” While asking that, you reach out to rouse her from her slumber, making sure to be gentle as to not make her possible injuries worse. After turning over once more in your bed, you realize that the evidence for her injuries, or lack thereof, is starting to support the idea that she’s a thief more. Despite the innate fear that she could be a thief, you still intent to wake her. Shaking her again, she starts to awake, leaning up in your bed suddenly, without even looking at you. “M- miss?”

“Hmm? Oh, I must have fallen asleep.” Her voice was that of a woman, despite her somewhat childish sleeping demeanor. Her voice, actually, was rather seductive. “Where am I? Last thing I remember was trying out that instant tele-thingy that Goku did, and being really hungry.” She asks this not to you, it seems, but rather to herself. Just when you’re about to answer, she seems to finally notice you. “Oh, goodie, some answers!” You could have sworn she licked her lips. Must have gotten an eyelash in yours, or something.

“Well, this is, uh, my apartment. You’re in my bedroom, I found you this way… Oh, you need the address, right? It’s 31-“ The woman abruptly cut you off by starting her own.

“Oh, your bedroom, huh? Wonder how I got here. Oh, maybe I hit a sugar crash after getting here. I was really hungry, after all.” She licked her lips again, this time for sure.

“Well, my stockpile of sweets are gone from my fridge, maybe you had those?” You say, unsure about how you’re managing to hold a conversation with this woman who you just found in your bed, without even knowing her name. Speaking of, you should really get to the bottom of this. “Um, who are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“21.” She says, matter-of-factly. Maybe she misheard you?

“Ah, I meant your name, not your age.”

“I meant what I said. My name is Android #21.” Okay, that’s an odd name.

“Well, 21, my name is-“ Again, she abruptly cuts you off.

“Food. Your name is food.” Huh?

“I’m sorry?” You must have misheard her.

“I’m not. Thanks for the place to stay, though.” Suddenly she points a finger at you. This woman is odd. Surely, she must be insane. You sit there for a brief moment, wondering how the conversation got to this, her finger suddenly starts to… glow?

“Um… Neat party trick?” Maybe a compliment would brighten her mood. Heck, maybe she would teach you to do that, too. All that is tossed out the window, however, when a beam of pink lightning darts at you, shaking you to your very core. It didn’t hurt, not quite, but everything felt… Hot. Steamy, almost. It’s not before you feel lightheaded enough that you begin to black out amongst a mist of pink… clouds?

When you come to, you’re looking up at your ceiling, unable to move. Even if you could move, though, you’re way too tired to. Before that, though you need to get your bearings. Looking to your side, you notice that your door is much bigger than it should be. In fact, the whole room is bigger than it should be, and that could only mean one thing. You have no idea. Suddenly, you hear some loud thuds approaching you, something clearly very big. You turn to look at the assailant, and it’s 21, and she’s huge! You’re barely the size of her palm! Somehow, you’re able to orient yourself and where you’re looking, but you’re still unable to move. That is, until you feel that same strange feeling of shock hit you again, then feel yourself being dragged into the air. Wanting to panic and flail, you are unable to do anything except watch as your world is thrown into disarray.

“A cookie, huh? Hmm, okay, just try not to go to my hips too much, alright?” What? Cookie? What does she mean? That is, until you turn (somehow) and look into your wardrobe, where 21 happens to be standing. She’s standing there, like she is in front of you, but there’s a cookie where you should be! This shouldn’t be possible! You wouldn’t believe it unless you’ve seen it, and even then, it’s still hard to believe! Rather than your form, though, you have more pressing matters to worry about. You can hear a grumble from her stomach, a warning of what’s to come, you’re sure. Suddenly, you feel yourself jerked through the air, and into the hands of 21, where she grabs you and inspects you. Surprisingly, her hands are soft, despite the fact they could crush you in an instant.

Hmm, you don’t feel very strong, but hopefully you taste good anyway!” With that, 21 opens her mouth wide, and you are able to look down into the gullet behind it, strands of saliva separate the jaws from each other. She bites down suddenly on a part of you, and you can actually feel yourself become detached from your original body. You feel lighter, you feel… surprisingly, little pain. 21 munches for a bit, contemplating your taste.

“Not bad, but definitely not as good as Goku or Frieza . Oh well, some worlds just don’t know how to make good food, I guess.” 21 Once again begins to open her mouth, but rather than biting off a piece of you, she puts the entirety of you in her mouth and seals the cavern in darkness, allowing her to taste you completely. Unable to resist or protest, you are forced to endure the relentless tongue intent on exploring your “body”. Suddenly, 21 opens her mouth wide, leaving a hole light can get in. You think that maybe, just maybe, she changed her mind, but when you look out, she’s just looking at the mirror. No, she’s looking at you in the mirror. She waves goodbye with a smirk on her face before once again sealing you in darkness. Not a moment more passes before you hear the “ Gllp , Gllk ” of her swallowing you. Her esophagus caresses you from all sides, and pushes you down to the awaiting stomach. You’ve paid attention in biology class, and you know what hell the human body is able to put food through, and you’re terrified. Fortunately, though, right as you feel the acids splash over you, you lose that sight. All you feel is… pleasure? Pride? You’re very confused, but it seems that whenever you think of… her… you feel very happy. You can feel others here, too. They’re all part of 21, and they are all loving every part of it. You are too. You “feel” around for a bit, and run into some sort of consciousness.

“Hey, I’m Goku!” You could have sworn you’ve heard that name before. It doesn’t matter now, though. You’re just happy to be part of the fun. You and Goku chat a bit about what happened before this, your disbelief going out the window after what happened to you. Frankly, you couldn’t care less about these guys’ stories, but anything with 21 involved, you just wanted to be part of. Weird. As 21 gets ready to leave, she dons your coat, no doubt thanks to your obvious reaction to her pink skin. She puts it on in an attempt to cover as much as she can, and happens to find something in your pocket. Jessica’s business card. Looks like you’ll be getting more company after all.

The End