Cosplay Con's were an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, have good fun, express yourself dress up as your favorite characters and just have a good time.

You'd never think that you could be in danger at a cosplay event you's be wrong.

It was around Halloween when several of the cosplay communities biggest stars hosted an event namely YaYa Han,

Jessica Nigri, Ivy Doomkitty, and Luna Lanie.

Somehow the others were even able to convince retired co-cosplayer Luna Lanie to make a one-time reappearance for this Special 2019 Halloween themed con. This was going to take place in a large indoor stadium in West Hollywood a place that already hosted one of the biggest Halloween events of the season.

This was going to be a blast!

The event was being hosted by famous cosplayer Kaitlyn Siragusa or as she has more famously known: Amouranth.

Currently, Kaitlyn was waiting for the others to arrive as she sat in her hotel room looking at last-minute details on her computer, the beautiful blue-eyed cosplay superstar smiled as she looked over the donations that had been finalized for the venue of this Mega-event. Suddenly her phone rang alerting an incoming call.

Picking up her phone she groaned at seeing the caller ID which read: "Unknown Caller"

Swiping the ignore button on the touch screen she tossed her phone on the bed and directed her attention to her traveling clothing rack trying to decide what costume she wanted.

Her phone chimed again, and she habitually picked it and gently touched the home button to glimpse the message.

Again it was from an unknown number and the message read: "Not polite to ignore calls"

Kaitlyn felt a sensation of fear slither down her spine, recently she had been having issues with a stalking and very creepy obsessed fan.

His name was Damien and he had been terrorizing the cosplay starlet for over 6 months now.

She'd first met him at a con where he'd said he was a big fan and asked for an autograph and a selfie.

he'd been dressed rather accurately as Marilyn Manson.

Kaitlyn loved her fans so she agreed without a second thought, that's exactly when things went downhill.

First, he posted the picture on social media and tagged them to make it seem like they were in a relationship.

When she DM'd him and told him how inappropriate that was.

He'd gotten irate with her in a very irrational manner and told her that he didn't appreciate her "playing hard to get" and she'd blocked him on all social media outlets and filed an order of protection against him.

Yet somehow he always managed to find her. On social media, at cons even at her HOUSE!.

Kaitlyn had spent a large sum of her resources trying to get Damien out of her life and for a short time she thought she had succeeded she hadn't heard from him in months.

But now.......

Her phone rang again and she felt a sensation of pure dread creep up her spine, taking a deep breath she pushed the answer button and said "Hello?"

At first, there is only the sound of soft breathing, until a hoarse deep voice says: "Hello Kaitlyn"

Kaitlyn felt her heart skip a beat. "Damien," she says.

"That is my name don't wear it out" he answers smugly. Kaitlyn could almost visualize the smarmy grin on his face.

Letting out an exhausted sigh she says "What do you want Damien?"

"Ah, that's not very nice sweetie!" he says in a sickly sweet voice.

"I don't WANT to be nice to you and I'm not your damn sweetie!!" she snaps.

"And THAT"S exactly why your days are numbered bitch!" he snaps.

Kaitlyn gasps as she realized that he had just threatened her.

"D-Damien I'm recording this conversation, I could have you arrested for threatening me," she said.

He laughs at that "Who said its a threat dear? Technically ALL of our days are numbered, some just have a larger number of days than others" he says.

"Damien why can't you just leave me alone!" she begs. "I'll pay you to go away how does $10,000 sound, you can go on with your life and I can go on with mine!"

"You stupid bitch!" he hollered "You're just as materialistic as any other whore! all you think about is money, shopping, selfies, and retweets!"

"Well then maybe you should just fuck off you creep!!" she snaps.

"WHAT?!?" Damien screams so loudly that she had to move the phone away from her.

The next sounds she hears are him breathing hoarsely, inhaling and exhaling like a winded animal.

Her heartbeat pounded in her eardrums as pure fear channeled through her veins.

Shakily she raised the cell phone back to her ear and timidly said: "Damien?"

"You've just sealed your fate bitch," he says in a quiet serious tone.

The phone clicks as he hangs up.

Kaitlyn is left staring at the phone a tear streaming down her face and her fear consuming her.

Elsewhere Damien was positively seething in pure fury.

His hand clenched around his phone in a white-knuckle grip, "Creep" she had called him.

"Creep" how he despised that word. The same word that all the kids at school used to call him, the word he heard the teachers and school principal whisper behind his back the words he heard his own parents and siblings say.

The word he hated more than any other word in the world of vocabulary.

The word that made his blood boil.

Damien Myers had been called a creep nearly all his life. Having no friends and coming from a home of conservative parents coupled with his poor socialization skills made him a prime target for constant jeering and bullying during his high school years.

Cosplay cons had been his outlet, his escape, a chance be with people similar to him.

It was love at first when he saw her.

He knew just how to win her heart.

The next time he saw her at a con he was going to make his move.

He came to the convention center his costume set on his tall lanky frame. A gym bag pulled over his shoulder.

He approached an interview stand where the famous Cosplay celebrity was in the middle of being interviewed.

Standing before the crowd. The young man dressed as Beetlejuice stood and prepared to proclaim his love for her.

Kaitlyn! The object of my desire!" the odd boy said. "We finally meet! After years of patiently waiting and far away admiration, I could wait no longer! I've come to sweep you off your feet and show you a world of romance you've only dreamed about!" he said.

"Here!" he said pulling out a bouquet of white peace lilies from his gym bag. "Your favorite flowers Kaitlyn the same type of flowers that are at your favorite table at the RPG club that you visit every Friday at 8:30 p.m." Kaitlyn was stunned, getting a very creepy vibe from the man.

"And I've immortalized your beauty in painting. Take a look, it portrays your exact 36-28-32 measurements!" he said taking a small canvas from his gym bag. The painting showed her on a bed, naked except for a white bed sheet covering all of her private parts. It would have been considered beautiful and tasteful if it wasn't created and presented in such a creepy context!

"Here you are my beloved, your magical love adventure begins now!" he said taking a knee in a proposal and thrusting the flowers and painting at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn stood wide-eyed in shock, embarrassment, and unease in front of the creepy man, her friends, and all the cosplayers and press officials that had come to the event.

"Thank you for the flattery…" Kailyn said with a forced smile. "But I have a boyfriend," she said trying to get him to go away. The man's mouth dropped in shock and hurt. He stood up, threw the flowers and painting to the ground.

"You witch! You spurn cupid's love and break his heart? How dare you lead cupid on with your temptress ways and then reject him!" he screamed. He pulled an odd-looking gun from out of his gym bag and pointed it at her "You will love me!"

"Security!" Kaitlyn had screamed.

Moments later Damien was tackled aggressively by the security guards working at the con.

As he was cuffed and taken away he continued screaming and yelling at Kaitlyn.

"You're a whore just like the rest! you damn tease it's your fault I'm crazy for you!!"

As Damien pondered the memory his mind also went to his other failed attempts as proclaiming his feelings.

His hot older sister had slapped when he complimented the smell of her underwear when organized her clothes for her.

The cute girl next door had called the police on him after he'd snuck in her house and slept under her bed, after reading her comments on social media on being afraid of being home alone.

"Creep" he'd always been called.

Creep. "I'll show you a fucking creep!"

"The girl still giving you a hard time?" A voice from the darkness said.

Damien allowed a smile to form on his lips as the voice of his mentor, master, and best friend graced his eardrums.

"Yes but she won't have that pleasure for much longer, It's already in place," Damien says turning towards the glowing red eyes in the shadows.

"Good lad, very good," The Master said.

Damien pulled an odd-looking device from his cloak. It looked like a microphone that's grotesquely decorated and carved with vast ghastly images.

"Prepare 'The Box," he said.

Elsewhere deep inside the convention center among the cosplayer, a lone figure sat at cafeteria table all by itself with nothing before it except for a half-empty soda bottle despite not having any technology-based device on it's person the cloaked figure nodded and raised a single robed sleeve onto the table with a shake of its cloak a small cubicle object fall onto the table. It looked ancient in design with numerous hieroglyphics and odd markings.

As the robed figure set the object it shined with an ethereal otherworldly hue. Beneath the darkness of the hood, the robed figure felt a sensation of utmost joy surge through its body. Soon the feasting could begin.

Meanwhile, several other figures had just arrived at the convention center. Four rode inside the van of one of the others, and the others arrived in their vehicles.

First, to step out from her vehicle was the stunning Cosplay Model Sofia Sivan dressed very sexily as Wonder Woman. The Scantily clad heroine's attire perfectly outlining the voluptuous Latina's hourglass figure. Her large bust and huge backside stuffed within the confines of the costume, and her thick thighs and luscious legs on full display. Beside her was the twice as voluptuous and equally beautiful cosplay starlet Ivy Doomkitty, dressed very sensually as famous X-men character Jean Grey the green outfit hugged her buxom body deliciously outlining her curves in perfect detail, the yellow mask and boots adding to characters inherent sexiness.

"Damn Jean Grey looks good on you girl," Sofia said with a wink and smile.

Ivy smiled at her friend and said "Thanks but you're one to talk they should have cast you instead of Gal Gadot!" she replied.

Sofia flexed her arms and said " You know it bish! I'm the American dream girl!"

"Jeez get a room you two!" a third voice said teasingly.

The pair turned and saw fellow famed cosplay model YaYa Han approaching dressed as Street Fighter icon Chun-Li walked forward with a cheerful grin on her face.

"If the fans were here you two would be staring in a brand new Marvel DC crossover hentai fanart"

"Tch you're one to talk, how many times today do you think someone is going to bring up the Street Fighter Shower scene?" Sofia countered.

"Your the only one that ever does!" Yaya said.

"Hmm I guess I am," Sofia said with a casual shrug

"And they say I'm the promiscuous one," A sultry voice said.

Exiting the other car came several of pop culture's sexiest and most famous cosplaying models, the gorgeous Alina Masquerade looking ravishing as ever her massive bust barely contained in her vintage Jessia Rabbit costume, her figure perfectly matching that of the famed cartoon character, flanked by two other cosplay starlets on either side.

To her left, the impeccable Jessica Nigri was wearing a very sexy gender-bent version of Kylo Ren the latex outfit leaving very much of her sexy body exposed and to her right was the busty Abby Dark-Star dressed very sensually as jungle girl Shanna The She-Devil.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Pot, you can't go calling the kettle black with the boob window all open!"

"Awe don't hate," Aline said thrusting her hips to make her cleavage bounce invitingly.

"Are we all here?" Ivy asked.

"I think so, who else was coming?" Yaya asked.

"Counting us out already darlings?" A sensual voice with a practiced gothic accent sounded as the group noticed two more cosplay celebrities approaching them.

The stunning Luna Lanie was dressed very sensually as the beautiful Vampirella and beside her, Pookie Bear was dressed as horror film Legend Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

"Hello, Darlings!' Pookie Bear said fully embracing her character's persona and speech patterns.

"Pookie dear, good to see you," Ivy said.

"Likewise Darling!" Pookie replied.

"Well, now that we're all here let's hit it!" Sofia said enthusiastically.

"You heard the girl, lets hit it!" Yaya said.

With that group took their first steps into the convention center and unknowingly to their inevitable doom.

Inside the convention center, the hooded figure that had earlier been sitting at a table all by it's lonesome was now walking amongst the crowd, moving at a leisurely pace as there was no need to rush.

It's blood boiling with excitement like a predator preparing to pounce upon unexpecting prey.

A feeling that wasn't inaccurate given what was about to transpire.

Just then the cloaked entity could sense another message from its superiors deep within the recesses of its mind. "It's time," the voice of its master said.

Beneath the darkness of the hood, the figure smiled with pure desire and pleasure at the voracious spectacle that was about to transpire.

Retrieving the cube from its robes it flung the mystical artifact into the air wherein it immediately hovered in the air and began spinning while simultaneously glowing with an iridescent and otherworldly aura of light.

Immediately time slowed to a standstill as all patrons of the Cosplay event slowed down to a halt all the patrons and cosplayers immediately ceased all movement as if someone had paused reality itself. All the humans present ceased movement, but not just them everything stopped moving liquids were frozen in space in midair as they were poured into someone's, mouth or frozen in the air as someone tripped and began to fall.

The cloaked figure smiled as it leisurely walked amongst the time-frozen humans. Unable to hide its absolute happiness at the frozen flesh statues, It was always so much fun messing with humans. The cloaked figure withdrew a gloved hand from robes and gently patted a child on its head as it walked past. Then it ran its finger through a floating glob of nacho cheese that was frozen as it fell from someone's food tray as they tripped and fell and sucked it off with a long forked tongue.

Just then the cloaked entity heard the voice of its master in its head once more; "Well done, Now set the stage and please, clean the area of any unwanted additions."

With a nod and a hidden smile, the cloaked figure waved it's hand slowly, and just then all of the congoers seemed to vanish into thin air as if they were erased or faded from existence.

At The same time the cloaked figure used it's other hand to seemingly bend and warp the entre building and reality itself like a pipe cleaner the walls contorted in and out of shape, the windows rippled and waved and walls bubbles as a separate dimension was created. It was an odd spectacle as a whole other world seemed to bubble out from the ripples of time and reality and another convention center interior was formed, As the two-dimensional barriers expanded from each other all of the con patrons returned into the second dimension while the first one, seemed to grow darker. It was this world that began to overshadow the other, the world of light people shrinking while the dark world expanded.

When the transition ceased all of the innocents had been mystically transported to the other, safe from what was about to transpire. However, those that remained.. would not be so lucky.

As the group walked the hallways towards the main entrance, Pookie grimaced as her hair had lost some of its consistency, "Shit!' she swore "I gotta comb this mess, again!, How the hell did the real Elvira put up with this?!'

"Come on I'll help you" Yaya offered, Pookie headed with her towards the bathroom.

"Think we're going to be bombarded by perverted fanboys?" Pookie asked knowingly.

Yaya Sighed "It comes with the job"

Pookie smirked and rolled her eyes "I don't know why guys think that just because we're into need stuff, we want to date every dork in the world"

Yaya "Well sometimes I...."

The girls didn't finish as a bathroom stall just swung open and startled both of them.

They both screamed loud as did the girl that had just exited the bathroom stall.

"Aiiieeee!!!" She shrieked loudly.

At this Ivy Doomkitty and Sofia, both ran in and after the reality of the situation kicked in all-girls started laughing nervously.

The unexpected girl was dressed very accurately as anime waifu Lucia from the Kobayashi Dragon Anime series.

In terms of body shape, she matched the character perfectly.

She was curvy, fair-skinned and voluptuous with enormous bouncy breasts, ample thighs, and a plentiful butt.

"Hi," the Lucoa girl said nervously "I didn't mean to scare you guys"

"That's ok, we didn't mean to scare you either!" Yaya said.

"I'm Emily!" 'Lucoa' said, "Wait OMG You guys are Pooky Bear, Yaya AND Ivy Doomkitty, you guys are cosplay royalty!"

"Guilty as charged!" Ivy said.

"Well, Emily you're more than welcome to join us!" Pooky said.

"Oh yes!" Emily said jumping in excitement and making her enormous rack bounce.

"Come on Kaitlyn should be waiting for us!" Ivy said.


The stage had been set, not a soul save for the 'selected' remained in the building.

The hooded figure walked through the now empty convention center, a smile on its unseen face.

Using its telepathy the entity contacted its Master.

"It is done my liege!" It said.

"Excellent your work is done!" The voice said.

"You may now just sit back and enjoy the show!"

The entity gave one more unseen grin of satisfaction before the robes around it sank in at the entity beneath vanished like an evaporation.


Kaitlyn has just exited her hotel room, when a text flashed on her phone. She froze immediately and open the screen apprehensively, to her relief it was just Yaya Han letting her know they had arrived.

She quickly responded with a smiley face and thumbs up emoji before pocketing her phone and headed towards the elevator. She suddenly stopped when an overwhelming feeling of dread spread over her and she felt the hair on her arms and neck stand straight up.

She turned around feeling exposed and paranoid but of course, she saw nothing in the empty hallway save for the doors to other rooms and the hotel decor.

But something just like somehow she KNEW that something really bad was about to take place.

Shaking her head the young woman brushed these feelings aside and stepped into the elevator.

She never noticed the floating eyes of a demoniac figure peering down upon her from the shadows nor the slow fanged grin that spread across its face as the elevator doors closed.

Just as the group was passing by an atrium the elevator doors chimed and Kaitlyn herself walked through them.

"Hey, Divas!!!" Kaitlyn exclaimed spreading her arms invitingly

The girls all squealed in delight and gathered around her in a group hug.

"Oh, we got a newcomer?" Kaitlyn commented, "Love the Lucoa look babe!"

"Thanks!" Emily "That means a lot coming from you I'm a back fan!

"Ok, then the gangs all here let's go get this con started!" Sofia exclaimed excitedly as the girls made their way in.

But to everyone's shock the convention center ....was totally empty.

Not a soul could be seen.

"Huh?!" Pookie Bear's jaw dropped at the sight.

"What the hell?" Ivy asked.

"Where is everyone?" Luna asked.

"This is NOT normal!" Jessica exclaimed.

"Hello!!!" Anyone here?!" Yaya called out cupping her hands like a microphone.

"Kaitlyn where IS everyone?!"

"I don't know" she responded.

The women walked around the con still seeing no one else in sight, all the concession stands had been seemingly abandoned, all the food vendors empty. All the props games and toys left around like debris.

They walked all around for 30 minutes looking for a trace of anyone or anything but still found nothing.

"Guys it's safe to say that there must be something supernatural going on here!" Abby said.

Just then the girls heard a stereo crackle and the sounds of circus music being played along with the sound of someone slow clapping their attention was drawn towards the stage where the silhouette of a tall lanky person could be seen.

He began moving in an odd twisted manner much like a dance but it was a strange dance, similar to a waltz, but he finished each "box" with an odd forward stride. I guess you could say he was dance-walking.

He danced closer still until the girls could make out his face. His eyes were open wide and wild, head tilted back slightly, looking off at the sky. His mouth was formed in a painfully wide cartoon of a smile.

His face was painted in crude clown make-up with black and red lipstick over his face like the Joker. he wore an odd suit that was split into two colors on each side like Two-Face one side black and yellow stripes the other side blue and white polka dots.

Kaitly recognized him immediately. "Damien!" she exclaimed.

" La di do dah hehe hehehe" He giggles maniacally he twirled a cane between his hands and then planted it on the stage in front of him.

"Kaitlyn isn't this the major freakazoid you said has been stalking you?" Yaya asked.

"What the hell have you done Damien!?" Kaitlyn screamed.

"That's it I'm calling the police!" Abby said pulling out her phone but to her horror, the only thing on the touch screen was the cryptic message "All tough and no love makes Damien a naughty boy"

"Ah, shit my phones fucked up!"

The others also tried their devices all to no avail.

"Kaitlyn, who the fuck is this guy?"

"Why isn't my phone working?"

Damien began cackling madly "Your phone service is denied because you're in MY world bitches!

"You get maced in your world?" Yaya asked pulling the pepper spray from her purse.

"Pepper Spray may be a little aggressive for seasoning but I don't think my friends will mind!"

"What is he talking about!?"

Just then he clapped his hands and the shadows of darkness surrounding him morphed into all manner of nightmarish Lovecraftian monsters.

All the women stared awestruck at the nightmarish beings before them. Just then Damien whispered ominously "This is the part where you all run away"

All at once the creatures either hissed or growled in warning as all the women took off running in random separate directions.

Kaitlyn didn't get far however as a tentacled creature snatched her up quickly and placed her directly in front of Damien on the stage.

"Hello lover!" he said teasingly.

Kaitlyn stared at Damien with a mix of fear and pure hatred. "Go to hell you son of a bitch!"

Damien whistled and the tentacled creature held her tighter making her gasp in pain.

"Such fire in your voice sweetums," He said as he tsked tsked "And here I wanted to give the parting gift of seeing all your friends as they take their journey to the afterlife".

He pulled a remote from his breast pocket and aimed at the multiple monitors on the viewing station behind them.

Each one tuned on one of her friends as they ran for their lives from the nightmarish creatures.

"Damien you have to sto..mghh!" She didn't finish as a tentacle clamped over her mouth.

"Shhh, no talking the show is about to start!" he unleashed a Mad Hatter worthy cackle.


Meanwhile, after Damien had made his appearance and unleashed the monsters. Pookie Bear had sprinted away from the clearing hastening her pace when she heard and senses footsteps behind her. "No No, It won't end like this!" she told herself.

"Pookie wait it's me Yaya we have to stick together!" a voice behind her said.

'Fuck that' she thought 'Its every girl for herself!" The top-heavy Elvira look-alike made a sharp right and entered what appeared to be a hallway with Horror-themed effects and decor, which would normally be perfect for the horror-loving aficionado. However, her main priority was survival now.

Pookie bear ran into a section that was totally decorated to look like Halloween Town from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas the area has a twisted, Gothic, and creepy appearance. There was a fountain full of green water and a large ominous Guillotine and infamous Curly Hill. Walking through the exhibit Pookie halted when she heard the unmistakable sounds of heavy footsteps in the vicinity. Reacting quickly she rushed behind a tombstone and his just as a creature that looked like something from Power Rangers nightmare rushed past. The creature looked reptilian in appearance but oddly had fur along with its massive head and shoulders.

The creature sniffed around searching for its prey, not finding any scent trails of interest the creature rushed off.

Pookie sighed in relief as she wondered what her next move should be. She reached for the dagger in the belt around her waist and then curse herself when she remembers that it wasn't real.

She patted her hands along her body like a cop doing a patdown and realized she didn't have her phone.

"Shit what the fuck should I do?" she hissed in frustration.

"You should let the pumpkin monster eat you!" a shrill quiet voice said behind her.

Her blood went colder than the Arctic as she heard that, she turned and sure enough there was a row of giant seemingly ordinary-looking pumpkins placed on a concession shelf, nothing out of the ordinary, so where the fuck did that voice come from?

Pookie began to slowly back away her eyes still trained on the pumpkins when she saw something placed beside one of them: a large silvery looking pistol. Her heart leaped at seeing the weapon, now she wouldn't be as vulnerable when facing the monsters of this hellhole, but first, she to check and make sure all of these pumpkins were actually just giant melons, she drew the prop knife from her waist and flung it at the pumpkin in the center where it thudded off and hit the ground, still not convinced she grabbed another prop from the shelf behind her and threw at the pumpkin on the left, still nothing happened.

She looked towards the pumpkin on the right and threw her shoe at it. Nothing. Now feeling confident she walked forwards and grabbed the grip of the pistol and pulled it, only to realize that it was just a Star Trek Toy!.

"Ah Hahaha!" A voice sounded out. Pookie turned to see a pumpkin she hadn't noticed before hiding amongst a pile of stuffed animals.

The beats had a Jack 'O Lantern-like face with dark yellow eyes and pumpkin vines for arms and legs.

"Thought that was real didn't ya?' the monster said. "Too bad so sad!"

The pumpkin mouth's opened wide and look green vine-likee tongue snaked around her throat.

"Guh!" Pookie's voice caught in her throat as she struggled to try and breathe but the pumpkin's tongue was powerful crushing her windpipe and blackening her vision.

She barely registered when the tongue retracted with great speed pulling her towards the gaping maw. She had just enough time to see a wide-open mouth and the entrance to a throat before her vision went dark.

The pumpkin creature murred at the cosplay models flavor coating her head and shoulders in drool as it slurped up its catch.

Its tongue slithered up her large bosom the cloak falling away as the pumpkin slurped her and allowing the melon monster to taste her exposed nipples. Pookie's legs kicked helplessly as the pumpkin continued to swallow her it's greed and eagerness to have its prey inside its belly causing it to eat at a rapid pace and soon it was at her waist and hips, it's long tongue tasting her taint, pussy and ass.

Soon all that remained of Pookie Bear was her stocking covered legs which the monster slurped like spaghetti until only get feet remained then a final "glomp" the pumpkin devoured Pookie Bear whole.

Due to the monster's anatomy, the outline of a curvaceous buxom girl could be clearly seen stuff and twisted inside its body still wiggling in a mix of pain and arousal in her final moments.

"Burrpp!" The pumpkin demon unleashed a mighty belch, expelling a saliva-coated Elvira costume.

Atop the stage, Damien peered into his crystal ball with a smug smile as he looked at the bound and gagged Kaitlyn.

"That's one down baby!" He chortled with mad glee. he eyes shining with malice

"Looks like the Mistress of the Dark is now Mistress of a stomach" Damien threw his back and laughed like a stereotypical villain complete with a coincidental flash of lightning in the background.


Yaya sprinted for life through the deserted convention center, she had been trailing after Pookie Bear but the Elvira derivative model had totally lost her head headed off on her own in a completely separate direction. Concerned for her friend but realizing the situation called for self-preservation. Yaya darted through a concession stand and hid inside a giant makeshift safe, styled after some kind of RPG game. The busty Asian cosplay supermodel placed both hands over her mouth in horror trying to stop herself from hyperventilating. This was bad that crazy man Kaitlyn said had been stalking her for months had somehow made hundreds of people vanish into thin air and then summoned these nightmarish creatures.

What the hell was going on? Yaya waited for what felt like an eternity before she cautiously opened the safe door just a crack and peered outside. She nothing and heard nothing, gingerly the Chun-Li look alike stepped from her hiding place and tiptoed from the concession booth keeping her eyes peeled and ears strained for any hint of movement.

Of course, she couldn't see the monster that was standing right beside the entrance of her hiding place, because his camouflage was keeping him hidden from the naked eye. His mouth drooling at the sight of the voluptuous woman in the qipao. The monster decided at that moment to unveil itself.

"Hello there Yaya!" The monster exclaimed.

Yaya turned and shrieked at what she saw, behind her was a massive 7 foot bipedal and savage-looking frog monster, it's skin a dark slimy green with lumpy warts, it's mouth filled serrated teeth, it's head covered in thorny spines along the ridges of its head and a short yellow horn on its nose, fin-like ears were on either side of its head and it's web-finned hands and feet held sharp claws.

Yaya recognized this monster, The Terror Toad from Power Rangers? It was real?!.

"Mmm I've always wanted to taste you YaYa and Chun-Li looks like I get both at once!"

"No today creep!" She cried out grabbing at sword from a nearby weapons prop stand.

"Oh, a challenge?" Terror Toad cackled "Yummy"

Yaya Han rushed in swinging her sword with expert precious and grace her gymnastics background, martial arts training and natural athleticism allowing her to keep the beast on its toes but that's all she was able to accomplish, unfortunately. The monster was much too crafty and strong.

Trying to trick the monster she feints and the slashes with the sword but somehow dodges it at the nick of time and continues his way over towards her. Yaya Han gulps as the last ditched effort failed to touch the Terror Toad. He comes over towards her. She comes at him with a kick but the Terror Toad grabs her leg and flips her over and in the process, she lost her boots.

Yaya Han is overwhelmed by the close combat fighting and is rolling on the ground before she had the chance to recover the Terror Toad lashes out its tongue.

and it wraps around her body. The sticky tongue makes quick work in stripping Yaya of her clothes and it brings her to its mouth where he catches her in it and begins to gulp her down as she is kicking out with her legs she losses them exposing her bare feet.

“No please!” Yaya Han begs as she feels the Terror Toads jaws clamp onto her head it's mouth gulping her entire naked body down. The Toad has to close its jaws a bit not exactly biting Yaya Han's body but to swallow her whole. Yaya tries her best kick at the monster and swinging her arms into its thick neck is little use as the monster begins to gulp her down. GULP! He swallows her up to her chest and lets his tongue slip between them. Which caused Yaya Han to moan at the tongue's touch. He simply held her there since she was already defeated, taking his time to enjoy her flavor. Finally, he had enough and with another GULP! Was able to swallow her down to her midsection with her butt and legs sticking out of his mouth. Yaya Han could feel herself being lowered “Please no” She begged to know that he was going to eat her

With another gulp, the girl is then swallowed further so only half of her legs are sticking out. The Terror Toad pauses letting his tongue slide over her toes and the souls of her feet. Yaya Han kicks out once more but it's futile and she knows it. Then with one final gulp, only her feet remain out of the monster's mouth. Then his jaws snap with one last GULP as he swallows Yaya Hana whole.

Yaya is deposited in the stomach wetly sloshing in a pool of stomach acids coating her beautiful body.

Her face then appears on The Terror Toads belly as he lets loose a mighty belch.

"MMM Yaya was YUMMY!" he cackles.

Kaitlyn watched horrified as she watched Yaya being eaten by the monster on the screen display.

Off to her left, Damien was enjoying himself immensely, taking pure unadulterated pleasure in her despair and horror. He had a music speaker blaring the infamous Queen song as he danced along in a celebratory "Carlton Style"

"Another one bites the dust!" He sang along gleefully as he danced "Another one bites the dust!"


Jessica spun around in circles in tot panic mode as she realized that she was totally alone. And somewhere along the way of running for her life she had found herself in an immense prop forest, it truly looked authentic but she wasn't here to admire the decorum of the con, at least now at the moment anyway. She walked slowly head swiveling every which way sensing danger all around her. Looking she gave a tiny shriek of fright at seeing a massive maw lined with teeth.

Her nearly leapt of her chest but she relaxed and giggled upon realizing it only just a giant prop.

"Relax Jess, relax," she told herself "It's just an animatronic like the one in New York"

After reassuring herself she turned and continued walking, not noticing the eye swivel and focus on her.

Jessica rounded a corner but the slow dragging of footsteps alerted her, just in time to see a horrendous monster entering an empty room.

She ducked into a corner quickly and then slowly backtracked before turning and heading back the way she came.

She looked at the fake mountain once more, before she stopped and looked to see that head of Smaug. Was. Not. There!

"Hello, morsel.”

She screamed as the deep rumbling voice nearly made her piss her pants. She turned to see the toothy grinning maw of the dragon leering at her.

"Holy Shit!" She panted.

"The beautiful and delicious Jessica Nigri!" Smaug said leering. "It's an honor to eat you!"

"No no no!' Jessica screamed. "Not today, not like this!"

Jessica turned to run for her life, but the dragon was fast, leaping over the stream in a single bound, landing right behind her and knocking her to the ground with its nose.

The buxom cosplayer turned over and began to try and get up, but the dragon kept her pinned to the ground with its massive, scaly muzzle, yellow eyes staring directly into hers. Its jaws parted slightly, and the dragon extended its tongue, wrapping the slimy appendage around her waist, then pulled her up and into the dragon’s jaws.

Jessica expected to meet a sudden and bloody end on the teeth of the dragon, but to her surprise, she was pulled in without harm, the Smaug’s jaws closing gently, sealing her inside.

His tongue unwrapped from her waist, and for a dazed moment, she lay there on her stomach, feeling the slimy tongue beneath her body. Then she looked up, and found herself staring down the dragon’s throat. She snapped back into focus with a jolt of fear as she realized what was going to happen. She was going to be swallowed, eaten alive, consigned to a fate of slow digestion in the dragon’s stomach. She began to struggle again, but the dragon’s tongue once again intervened.

The tongue wrapped around her body, turning her over, then withdrew, leaving thick saliva wherever it trailed. Then it repeated the process, again and again, touching every part of her. Dimly, she realized that she was being tasted, and that the dragon must have enjoyed her flavor enough to keep from tearing her apart or swallowing her down. The tongue passed over her breasts, squeezing them together for a moment, slid down her belly, then cupped her crotch as its tip explored her lower regions. Jessica tried to push it away, to close her legs, but she was completely powerless against the muscular appendage.

After what seemed like an eternity, the tongue withdrew, flipping her over onto her back and turning her around so that her feet faced the throat. She knew what was coming. Before she could reposition herself or try to struggle, the dragon tilted its head back. Jessica slid downward, her feet entering the throat, and with a mighty gulp, the dragon swallowed her whole. A large, wriggling bulge traveled down the dragon’s long neck, and Jessica couldn’t even find the breath to scream as she was consumed.


Her journey to the stomach was rather short. Jessica simultaneously slid and was squeezed down the muscular esophagus, compressed and massaged on all sides by slimy tissue. After a few moments, she was suddenly squeezed into a slimy, humid chamber – the dragon’s stomach. While not as tight as the throat, the stomach still left her with very little room to move, and the walls forced her body to curl up. The walls began to churn, rhythmically kneading and squeezing her body as the digestive process began.

Smaug let out a thunderous belch before cackling madly and laying down to rest and digest his catch.

Back on the stage Damien was prancing and laughing like a deranged child taunting Kaitlyn with the chicken dance and blowing raspberries.

She was looking at him with a face of pure unfiltered rage.


Sofia held her chest tightly against her body as she ran for her life, this was wrong, all of this had gone wrong. The buxom Wonder Woman cosplayer felt her heart pounding in her ears as pure terror surged throughout her entire body.

What the fuck was going on?!

Who was Damien and why was trying to kill all of them, and the hell did he make thousands of people disappear from the convention?.

A guttural squealing sounded behind her and she stole a glance back to see the feral demoniac pig still chasing her.

It's tusks gleaming in the moonlight it's four sets of red eyes shining with pure malice and sadistic glee savoring the kill to come.

Sofia knew that she couldn't outrun the pig despite her head start, pigs were sprinters not long runners but it could close the distance in a single moment, but the beautiful cosplay starlet was no damsel in distress.

Looking ahead she saw a stairway that led to the lower floor of the building's main lobby. The staircase was open and exposed and if one wanted they could simply vault over the staircase and drop to the lower floor Prince of Persia style.

Inspiration hit Sofia Sivan like a sharp slap in the face, quickly formulating a plan she grabbed the stair railing and used her momentum to pull herself into a sharp turn. She internally winced at the pain in her shoulder from the sudden jerking, but right now she didn't have time to worry about the pain. Reacting quickly Sofia stepped down two steps onto the staircase and then vaulted herself over making sure to keep a hold on the railing her arms singing with the strain of holding herself up.

The demon pig chasing her squealed in surprise at the unexpected move of its potential prey and tried to turn to the staircase quickly but hooves and slick linoleum don't mix and neither did sharp turns and four legs, so the creature slipped and tumbled down the stairwell quickly in pain and fury all the way down.

Her plan successful Sofia called upon her childhood of gymnastics and pulled herself up back onto the staircase and then ran back the way she came down the lobby pathway.

Finding a set of double doors she prayed they were unlocked and was relieved when she pulled on the door and it flew open at once. She quickly ran inside and shut the door behind her and locked it.

Panting sharply to catch her breath Sofia backed away from the door and then, sure enough, she heard the tell-tale squealing of the demon pig outside the door and the rush of a large body running past.

"Sorry Wilbur I'm not on the menu today!" she gloated breathlessly. Ok, she had escaped, now what? She patted along her body searching for her phone and swearing when remember she had left it in her purse, which she had dropped along while ago.

"Shit!" she whispered. She desperately looked around the room searching for something, anything that could be used as a weapon or means of self-defense against the creatures hunting her and the others. Unfortunately, she was merely in some kind of conference, only a large oval wooden table, and markerboard and some wheeled chairs could be seen.

But then she noticed the desktop computer in the corner of the room, YES! she could log onto her social media platform and have her fans call for help.

She rushed towards the computer and hastily, began hitting buttons on the keyboard trying to bring the computer to life, she cheered when the screen came on but was crestfallen when she saw it needed a User ID password.

'Shit!' she hissed and pulled at her hair in frustration. Her disappointment was short-lived as she noticed a small strip of paper on the desk with a guest login ID and password, quickly entering the credentials she whooped wit glee when the computers desktop showed onto the screen, she quickly selected the browser and was in the process of typing in the Onlyfans login when suddenly the computer went haywire with many different icons and pop-ups flashing across the screen all at once.

"What the fuck?!" she cried out hitting the computer in frustration. She continued hitting the screen until suddenly the screen went black and a single hyperlink was shown titled "click me".

Sofia froze for what felt like an eternity until she finally mustered up the courage to click the icon.

It led her to live video feed chat, Much like the ones she used on her Onlyfans,

The video feed showed a dark room and someone bending of a desktop computer.

"What the f..?" she said as she read the feed's title. "Cosplay Wonder Woman Slut gets eaten alive and Loves it!'

Her blood went cold when she realized the person in the video feed ... was her.

Her large shapely rear was seen as she bent over the desk. Quickly she whipped around and saw nothing and no one which only added to her terror and confusion.

Then she felt something warm, gooey and slimy in her hair.

"Huh?!" she ran her hand through her hair and saw a milky white substance.

"Ewww!" what the fuck is..!" her words choked in her throat as realization hit her and she looked up at the ceiling.

Her eyes widened upon seeing the monstrous being above her. A bubbling mass of a viscous, white substance was slithering along the roof, easily covering most of the ceiling tile.

A single frothing blob began to drip down from the bubbling mass, producing a long main stalk with a vaguely skull-shaped head without a lower jaw that sat atop the thin stalk-like body. Red hued glowing compounds were placed in each eye socket. The blob beast began to manifest extra hand-like appendages from large puddles of this substance.

Sofia was frozen as the skull-faced blob eyed her hungrily. As the monsters maw open wide, that was when she screamed just as the beast struck. The globby maw clamped powerfully around her head and lifted her bodily up from the floor her luscious legs kicking as she struggled in vain, However just as the creature's mouth clamped around her plump body the side-effects of the milky white goo began to take effect and Sofia Sivan found herself overcome by a sudden bout of unexplainable hormonal arousal and thus began to immensely enjoy the sensation of being devoured.

Her face was still visible in the monster's slimy porcelain hued skin and her expression become one of pure pleasure as the endorphins in the monster's saliva began to take effect, sending its prey into a state of uncontrollable lust.

The creature bit down on her head, dowsing her with its saliva continuing down her body, unhinging its gooey jaws so it could swallow her shoulders and big, bouncy tits. Sofia was in bliss as the monster devoured her; she loved being pulled and massaged by its throat muscles and how its esophagus raked across her nipples. The goo monster made it's way down her belly and began to bite down on her crotch, savoring the taste of her pussy juice. Sofia squeezed her plump ass as the beast swallowed it. The snake lifted up its head to swallow her boot covered legs. The Wonder woman boots fell off as the monster raised her up her juicy ass in its mouth before a mighty slurped allowed the creature to engulf her booty in its entirety and only her legs remained left on the menu. Swallowing leisurely the goo monster sucked in Sofia Sivan's legs until only her petite feet remained outside. Which disappeared as the monster gave one final swallow and sent Sofia Sivan down to her rightful place in its gullet.

Her bulge traveled smoothly through its skin until it settled in the middle, the sounds of Sofia Sivan's arousal still able to be heard.

Damien stared at the viewing screen leaning on his cane with both hands atop the skull. "Hmm, she really enjoyed that," he said in such a casual tone it scared Kaitlyn more than his anger, this was normal to him!?

"You know," he said turning his attention to Kaitlyn "I've always wanted to see a slut who enjoys getting eaten" He looked pensive for a moment "It's not as satisfying as I thought it would be" He rubbed his chin in thought "Probably cause tentacle blobs aren't my thing". He shrugged and turned his attention back to the screens.