Becca checked her phone for the hundredth time, though she did her best not to stare up at the parking just beyond the dunes. She'd set out a lovely beachside picnic, and for some reason, she was certain that Maria was going to stand her up. She wasn't sure why--her Aunt Del had insisted she looked great, the food smelled good, and it was only two minutes past the hour.

"Hey, Becca!" Ah, there she was, the woman of the hour.

Maria was wearing a yellow and black striped sundress and matching hat, very wide brimmed, with a satchel by her side with a bottle of wine in it. The young sculptor was Korean, but born in America. Her parents wanted her to have a native sounding name, though she’d never much cared for it. She had dark hair cascading down her back, with a slim frame and perky breasts. "I hope I'm not too late! There was a lot of traffic, it is Saturday night in May.." she blushed, clearly embarrassed by her lateness. "I brought some wine, I hope that makes it better.."

"O-Oh, hey, yeah!" She scrambled to her feet, which were bare, her sandals propped by the umbrella. "Uh, yeah, no, you're not late! I mean, not--we're good, wine's good." She smiled sheepishly, looking svelte and sexy in her bikini top and beachy pants combo. Her head was bare, but her chunky sunglasses kept the last evening sun off her face, though soon, she wouldn't even need those. She was a native of the little beachside down, living with her Aunt Delphine and helping run her restaurant. She had very dark skin, and short, natural black hair. Her breasts were much larger, straining against the bikini top. "Ready for a little dinner?"

"Yeah!" Maria nodded, sitting down on the blanket and sliding out of her shoes as well. She looked out toward the ocean, humming. "Not many people out here, huh..? I didn't expect we'd just be alone.. Um, not that it's bad! It's kinda.. Nice. And I'm sure someone will come along.." she trailed off, quickly pulling the bottle from her bag and handing it over. "Here!"

Becca blushed, taking the bottle. "Uh, well, it is kinda away from the resorts, but I thought, you know, nice and peaceful, so we can actually hear each other, without dodging frisbees from tourists." She smiled. "I, um, I only have plastic cups for the wine." She was already popping the cork and setting up the drinks, only sloshing a little bit on the blanket, she was pleased to report.

"Hey, that's fine! That's, like, half the way I drink it at home.." Maria admitted, with a little chuckle. "Mom would kill me, if she knew. But that's true about a lot.." she trailed off. "So, how are things with the restaurant? How's Delphine?"

Becca giggled, passing her a cup, then a wrapped plate. "Oh, they're good! You know, staying busy. Plenty of people come through, even in the off-season. I mean, it's not a great time for swimming, but there's barely an off-season anyway, so... How is the sculpting going? I, uh, I went to your gallery showing, by the way. I couldn't make it on opening night, but I did see it."

"Oh, you did? That's great!" Maria smiled, taking the cup and sipping from it. "I'm glad you got to be there, I try to show up most nights.. Did you like the mermaid?" she asked, a touch of timidity to her voice. "I, ah, based her on you. I had to guess on the tits, obviously, but.. Breasts. I mean. You know."

Becca lit up. "Really? Because I loved the mermaid! The way you carved out her scales, and the little delicate webs of her hands, I stood there looking at her for like, an hour."

"Thanks.." she smiled, blushing. She munched on her food, her favorite dish from the restaurant.. Becca had paid attention. "I mean, you know.. They're all based off someone, have to be. It's how my process works. Usually I hire models, but sometimes I just.. Work, from my memories of someone I know. There's actually.." she giggled. "There's a goddess figure, in my workshop, based off of Delphine. The gallery wouldn't take it, apparently the breasts were too large."

Becca nodded along, then laughed. "Really? Ooh, you have to tell her, she'd love that!" She was quiet for a moment, unwrapping her own plate. "Hey, uh, out of curiosity... Why a mermaid, for me?"

"Oh, well.." she swallowed, trying to think of the best way to explain. "I.. Wanted to sculpt another mermaid. I did one for the La Bella resort, but I had to hold myself back, it's a family place.. So this one was just for me, and I wanted to model it on the most beautiful woman I could think of." her cheeks burned red. "I, um.. Hope that isn't too weird or anything. Especially considering, you know.. You're naked. She's naked, I mean."

Becca was damn near starry-eyed. "That... Is this sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, oh my god!" She giggled, blushing too, but also grinning ear to ear. "Damn, I'm gonna need some more wine, to deal with my ego right now." She could use something stronger, but grape liquid courage would have to do. "And, um, you got pretty close with my boobs. Except for two important details." She gave her a shy little smile, as though she might not tell after all.

"O-oh yeah..?" Maria asked, looking up at Becca and brushing some hair from her face, poking out from under her hat. "I, um.. Maybe I can sculpt another, for you.. And fix it."

"Oh, nonono, you don't have to go through all that trouble for me!" She blushed again. "Just, um... If you want to know, if you're curious, I can tell you. Or show you, but uh, maybe that's a little too forward of me." She giggled nervously.

Maria gasped at that, and looked around. "Not too forward! No! I mean.. We're both girls, we could share a shower, at the gym or something.. But.. Out here?" she asked, quietly. "It, um.. It's no trouble, I could make a smaller one. It goes fast, when I get working.. I am a professional, after all."

Becca looked around, nibbling her bottom lip. Their food and wine was half gone, and while they were alone, and while she was not a bit shy about her body...

"Maybe we could take my boat out to the islands? I-I mean, if you want to go out that far."

"Y-you mean the island teenage girls swim out to to have sex? Um.. Sure. I haven't been out there, since.. Well.. I was a teenage girl havign sex." she laughed, more of a nervous titter. "I can help you pack all this up.. Is the boat at Delphine's house?"

Becca took her back to Del's, with many an assurance that it was more about privacy than expecting any tomfoolery, as though they weren't both hoping for tomfoolery. Soon enough, they were pulling up on the island, a fresh bottle of wine in tow.

"God, this place is so cool... Why do people only come out here for sex? It's so pretty, and you could do anything out here anyway."

"I don't know.. It's like magic." Maria remarked, the island lit by a blue glow as the sun set, thousands of fireflies bouncing around, like fairy lights. "I had a girlfriend in college, a film student. We came out here to film, but her camera just wouldn't work.. We ended up having sex in the waterfall by the statue."

Becca ooh'd at that. "I'll have to keep that in mind. I took most of my girlfriends to the shore." She smiled sheepishly, looking for a good spot to watch the sunset. "I just... Really like to stay near the sea, I guess."

"Mmm, it's why I stay out here. That, and it's a good art scene.. Those are important. And the last thing I wanted was to wind up in San Francisco like everyone else." she sat on a washed up log, looking out at the sky. The mainland wasn't visible, just the sea. "Even with all the disappearances, I just.." she shrugged, glancing toward Becca. "Weren't you, ah.. Going to show me something..?"

Becca had been listening hard enough to look thrown off when Maria asked. "Oh, uh, yeah!" She blushed. "Sorry if this is a little forward, I was just, like, wowed by how well you got them, even my nipple shape, but there's a few little details you couldn't have known about, so I thought, you know, this would be fun!" She unhooked her bralette, leaving her just in pants and sandals.

Along one breast was a large, complex birthmark. It looked almost like the island they stood on, from the sky.

The other difference were the silver hoops in each nipple.

"Oh, wow.." Maria caught herself staring, and pursed her lips. "Did it hurt? I've always thought about getting a ring, or.. Little stud.." she tilted her head. "This is.. Kind of crazy. I, ah.. To tell you the truth, I wanted to make a mermaid because I had this really vivid dream.. You were a mermaid, and you swam to where I was swimming, and you looked.. Just like this. No piercings, but.. You had that birthmark. I just thought I'd dreamed that, because it's the one Delphine has.."

Becca's eyes widened, and she blushed. "Oh... Yeah? I mean... That's interesting, considering the stories and all, about this island."

"Stories..?" Maria asked. "I must not have heard them.." she glanced down to Becca's still-bare breasts.. She hadn't covered them yet. "It was such a weird dream..."

Becca nodded. "Yeah, so, um, the first people here, the native people, they had these stories about like... Basically sea nymphs, you know? These beautiful women, like mermaids, who lived in the sea. Supposed to be responsible for all the disappearances."

"Sea nymphs..? Is that why the mermaid is the town's mascot?" she asked, wide-eyed. "How were they responsible? Drowning people..?"

Becca shifted uncomfortable. "N-No, not drowning them? Just, ah, eating them. But only the willing! They're not monsters. Just creatures who need humans for food."

Maria looked over at her, pulling her hat off and keeping it in her lap. She noted how oddly Becca was acting about that. "..In the dream, you kissed me. Then you swam down around my feet.. I thought you were gone, until I felt.. Wet, and tight. You were swallowing me, whole. But I wasn't scared.. I let you do it. I knew you were hungry, and it felt.. Right, somehow. It didn't end there, though.. When I was taking premed in college, before I switched majors, I had to study the digestive system. I had to watch a ton of footage of the inside of a stomach.. It was like that. It was gross, but.. For the rest of the dream, I was digested. It wasn't a nightmare, maybe it should;ve been, but.. I felt weird when I woke up."

Becca listened, completely rapt, with huge eyes. "O-Oh. Well... Are you sure you haven't heard these stories before? Because that's... Um, that's a whole thing."

"I'm sure.." she slowly nodded. "I, um.. Hope that doesn't come across weird, or creepy, or anything.. But.." she took a deep breath. "Why do you and your aunt have the same birthmark, that just happens to be shaped like this island?"

Becca took a deep breath. "Ooh, wow, okay, um, not rude, just... Something I've never had to answer. Okay, so... Basically, we were part of those first people. And those first people were the sea nymphs themselves. Del is like... Kinda closer to a goddess, but not exactly? It's complicated."

Maria's eyes widened.. "You're joking. There's no way!" she stood up, stumbling back from the log. "You and Delphine are mermaids? That's impossible!" she exclaimed, her hat laying on the sand. "That would mean you eat people."

Becca nibbled her bottom lip, worrying her discarded bralette between her fingers. "Would, um, would that be a dealbreaker? Especially if I've, um, if I've never succeeded in eating someone?"

She tilted her head, her mind racing. "You.. I mean, I'd need proof, even to believe it.. But why haven't you managed to eat anyone? Wouldn't you need to to survive..?"

"Because I get a nervous belly!" She pouted. "Every time I try, I just gag and spit them back up. It won't kill me, but it makes me weak, makes it harder to do stuff." She sighed sadly.

She blinked. "This is.. A really weird joke, Becca." she took a tentative step back toward where the topless woman sat, the sun having sunk down and the moonlight replacing it, along with the glow of the bugs. "But are you saying there are women around town who've been inside your stomach and come back out whole? And they haven't said anything to anyone?"

"No." Becca pouted again. "Auntie Del always eats them up instead. Last time the lady yelled at me for not managing. It was her birthday."

"I.. I guess it would explain the disappearances.." she remarked, feeling crazy for even entertaining the notion this was true. "Becca, you're going to have to prove this to me, if you expect me to really believe it.."

Becca nibbled her bottom lip. "Okay, so, um, I can't do it for super long, just because I haven't eaten anyone, but... Um, you're not gonna freak out or anything, are you?" She walked toward the water, stripping off her pants, then her undies, so she was walking into the waves naked.

"I won't, I promise.." Maria watched her strip, admiring her plump rear as she walked into the water. "Wait, if you show me this, will you have to eat me..?" she asked, just before the young woman transformed in front of her.

Becca flopped her giant tail in the shallows, splashing Maria. "Oh, well, I don't have to! I probably couldn't do it anyway..." She sighed, looking pitiful despite her sudden incredible transformation. '

Maria didn't even try to block the splash, just stared in awe. "You look just like my statue.. Just like my dream." she pulled her dress off, revealing a secret she'd been potentially saving for later.. She wore no underwear. She followed the nymph into the shallows, wrapping her arms around Becca in a warm embrace, and kissed her lips. "Becca! You're a mermaid!" she cried out, as if she was telling her something new. "You.. Have to try to eat me. I want to be in your belly.." she slid her hands down and squeezed the woman's toned tummy. "And.. I have a favor to ask. But you'll think it's weird."

Becca gasped. "You... Really? You want me to eat you? Oh, if you're going to be so sweet, anything you ask!"

She pulled back from the hug, looking up into Becca's eyes and nodding. "I do, yeah.. Well, I've spent my whole life putting my soul into every piece I've sculpted.. After you digest me, I'll be on the other side, with no clay to work. But you.. You're exactly like my mermaid. And you're magic.. You live forever. I want to trade my afterlife, to nourish your body."

Becca's eyes were huge and round. "You really...? Oh, that's... Wow, that's a lot of pressure to get this right." She giggled nervously.

Maria hooked a finger in her nipple ring, tugging on it. "It.. It can't be so hard, right? Just let your body do what's natural.." she whispered, leaning down and flicking the other titty with her tongue. "I'll just be food.. Let your belly digest me.. You think you can.. Do that to my soul..?"

Becca shivered--somehow, she was the one at Maria's mercy. "I... I think so," she said, shivering sweetly against her. Her tail flopped. "Um, whenever... Whenever you're ready."

Maria squeezed her tits, licking and sucking each of her nipples, drool trickling down her flesh and into the water. "Mmm.." she went on like this for some time, before she locked eyes with Becca once more. "Eat me."

Becca's eyes widened again, but to her surprise... Instinct took over. Maybe she was just finally hungry enough. Maybe it was the sweet scent of Maria's hair. Maybe it was just the buildup of desire for the sculptor.

Whatever it was, Becca had her halfway down her throat already, and she was going fast.

It wasn't much like her dream.. Her face was stuffed in the nymph's mouth, then into her tight throat, her eyes and jaw shut tight as she was pushed down Becca's gullet.. She gasped for air when her head entered the stomach, and immediately regretted it at the acrid smell, wincing as she was dumped headfirst into a pool of bile and stomach acid, her body soon joining her.

Becca belched, rolling in the shallows and toward deeper waters, feeling unbelievably full in a way she'd never felt before... And then it hit her, all at once, what she'd done.

"I did it!" she crowed to no one, splashing, diving, twirling in the water. At least, as well as her bulging stomach could allow.

Maria squealed as she sloshed around in Becca's tummy, the gastric juices covering her and causing her skin to tingle and very shortly burn. "Y-yeah! You did it! Now settle down, p-please?!" she called out, hoping the nymph could even hear her. Her skin reddened as she was digested, not expecting it to happen so fast.. Or sting like this.

Becca slowed, listening to her belly. "Oh, I can hear you in there! You're talking really, really, really quietly though." She wriggled with excitement despite the request. "This is so exciting! I can't wait to tell Auntie Del, she's going to be so proud! Oh, Maria, you're the best! If you weren't digesting right now, I'd kiss you!"

The reality set in as her skin began to melt, growing quickly numb to the stomach acid. "I wish you would've kissed me! Your lips were really soft!" she shouted, becoming chyme shockingly fast.. The nymph's metabolism was so in need of a human meal, it was processing her much faster than most food. She was aware of the bizarre sensation of parts of her body detaching, sucked into her intestines to be absorbed. "Thanks, Becca...!" she called out, just before her bones liquefied and she collapsed into nutrient soup.. Her little glowing, spectral soul floating out of her belly button, and upward against her will.

Becca caught the little soul between her fingers, turning her this way and that, admiring her in the setting sun. "Aw, Maria... To be honest, I wish we would've dated. You're sooooo pretty, but you're like, way out of my league." She sighed. "Well, just goes to show, a little self-confidence goes a long way, huh."

The tiny, spectral nude woman looked up at the giant mermaid holding her, as she spoke. "You're not out of my league.." her voice sounded ghostly, distant, and she made a face.. She didn't like talking. A great bright light shone overhead, one not there before she'd passed through Becca's lips, beckoning her upward to paradise.. But her eyes were on the giant pair of lips she was quickly approaching.

Becca wasted no time shoveling the little soul in her mouth. She was buttery soft, so small and easy she didn't even need to chew. She just swallowed the little soul and burped again, giggling to herself.

"Well... Maybe I should get out a little more. Maybe there are more gorgeous sculptors out there, waiting for me."

Maria flowed down Becca's throat, so much more graceful this time.. She landed in the thick gastric juices, parts of her body still mixed in. She was so small.. Such a tiny little morsel of food, she realized. The slime around her was starting to grow.. As she realized she couldn't recall her name. Or what she did.. Something with her.. hands..?

Every bit of the meal once known as Maria, her hopes and dreams and memories, were all dissolved in the nymph's powerful stomach acids and converted into base nutrition. The glow of her digested soul mixed in with the rest of the chyme and disappeared, most of it simply waste to be passed. Within thirty minutes, she no longer existed at all.

Within thirty minutes, Becca's stomach was mostly flat again, or at least back to normal. "Oooh, forget the boat, I need to tell Auntie Del about this!"

She hardly hesitated to give Maria much of a goodbye--she was just a meal, after all. Instead, Becca scrambled and staggered and hurried through dressing to tell her aunt the good news.

She was finally one of the family.