Chapter one

The blue-green, flower speckled van came to a spluttering stop at the entrance to the nature reserve, the trees in front of it casting dark shadows upon the night sky as a flock of birds squawked, and fled away into the night.

Scooby shivered, and not just from the cold air seeping in through the gaps of the somewhat shoddy minivan. Rather from staring up at those dark trees and pondering already what strange or bizarre creatures could be hiding out there in that dense canopy of lush green. He turned to his dear friend and owner, Shaggy, to find that he was shivering himself. Although in his case, it was mostly just the cold.

“Zoinks gang, it’s c-chillier than an i-iceberg out here!”

His teeth chattered in their hiding place as he pulled a strange smelling cloak over his green shirted and skinny form. “i’m gonna need a vacation in California after we f-f-f-find this m-m- monster!”

He squeaked out the last word and Scooby shifted to attention, his eyes widening in terror. “R-ronster?” his own teeth began to chatter, that lovely set of white canine dentures clanking off of each other like the keys of a cowardly piano “R-Rhere??”

Fred Jones turned around to calm his two friends. “Relax guys” he flicked his blonde hair back with a swish of his left hand “There’s no monster here, every monster we investigate turns out to just be a guy in a suit or a robot or something anyway.” He shrugged and turned to the two women beside him “This is probably the same deal.”

“Perhaps Freddy” Velma declared with a characteristic push up of her glasses “but if that is the case, then we have another mystery on our hands with all of the bones left lying around.”


Fred turned quickly to look at Shaggy, the skinny youth jumping in fright. “I don’t know about the bones really” he shrugged again, a confused expression plastered onto his face “If Mr Mcgoody the park ranger was right then all of these “bones” we’re near the lake, and the lake runs out into a larger river so....maybe they just washed up from upriver?”

He opened the car door, slid himself out and stretched his body followed by Velma and Daphne but not immediately by Scooby and Shaggy. The great Dane and the youth instead remaining in the back of the van hidden underneath the foul smelling cloth that Shaggy had previously draped over his shoulders, leaving a quivering mound of dog, human and tattered fabric.

Fred rolled his eyes, Velma sighed and Daphne looked quietly thoughtful. “scoob....” She drew out with her lips pursed in a vague smile, Fred standing back to watch what she had planned “Shaggy, Scooby....are you guys suuure you don’t want to come with us?”


“Yep, absolutely sure-ee as can be, me and Scooby don’t wanna be turned into b-b-bbones!”

“Ront ranna re rones!”

Folding her arms Daphne had that same smile on her face, and slowly from a small bag at her feet, reached down to take out a blue and green box. From that box she withdrew a small, brownish cookie. “I think I have something here that will change your mind.”

The cloak fell off and Scooby and Shaggy immediately perked up. “Rooby Rax?” The dog barked excitably, a huge smile on his brown furred face, nose twitching to take in that caramel caked scent.

Tossing a Scooby snack first to Shaggy then to Scooby, both of them catching the treat in mid air and munching on it delightfully, Daphne quickly withdrew the box and slipped it back into the bag. “You’ll get more Scooby Snax if you follow us into that big ole forest” She motioned past Fred and towards the looming treeline, but this time neither Scooby or Shaggy shivered in fright, they merely gulped in unison and then nodded their heads.

“Guess we don’t have a c-choice, Scoob!”

Scooby had to concede that he had a point and, in no time at all, the five of them were traversing through the thick wooded area, stepping over twigs and fallen branches in an effort to find this elusive, strange creature.


“The locals said it was some kind of fish”

“I heard fox”

Fred looked at Velma thoughtfully as he swung the flash-light across a rocky outcropping. “That would explain the bones, maybe it’s just a fox that likes to leave stuff outside of its den? That would be something gang wouldn’t it? Instead of a man in a suit it’s just a common fox.”

He chuckled, no one joined in, least of all the two bringing up the rear of the group. Shaggy and Scooby already regretting their almost addictive desire for those sugary, honey glazed sweets in Daphne’s purse.

It was cold, dark and above all else scary out here. The only sounds around them was the rustling of the trees and the chirping of crickets out for a midnight crawl. Everything else was silent, dead silent, as it were. It was if the entire wood had been stripped of its wildlife, leaving only an eerie absence never to be filled.

All Shaggy and Scooby knew was that it was dark and scary, and dark and scary places always resulted in something bad.

“I don’t know if a fox would be near water so much” Velma declared, and then stopped to look around “say, where is this big lake anyway? Wasn’t it supposed to be around here?”

The purple clad girl behind her craned her neck around. “Are we even sure we went the right way Velma? We’ve been walking an awfully long time, and this place is pretty big.”

“Hmmmm” Fred responded with his chin in his hands “It’s possible that we took a wrong path I guess, alright gang.” He turned to face the other four members of Mystery Inc, three humans and a large talking dog, and pointed off to the west. “It’s time to split up. Shaggy and Scooby, you go that way and me, Velma and Daphne will go” he pointed north “that way. We’re bound to find the lake one way or another.”

“Noooooo way man” Shaggy’s teeth began to chatter again “There’s some sort of man-”

“Rand Rog”

“And a dog eating beast out there. I think the best plan is to go back to the van, make some sandwiches and just like we just read about this super spooky, bone filled forest in a nature book. Let’s go Scoob.”

“Reah, Rood R’idea”

Him and the dog began to walk back the way they had come but Fred was quick, reaching out his hands to redirect the two of them westwards. They continued walking in that new direction for a solid minute before realising what Fred had done.

By that time Freddy, Velma and Daphne were already off into the distance, the dim light of their flashlight bouncing off the trees as they went. “See you guys back at this clearing in an hour, shout if you see any monsters OK?” Fred called back and, with one final glint of the flashlight was gone from sight.

Shivering the youth and his dog continued on their new path, stepping through leafy undergrowth down an obviously less used pathway. In general this wooded area, doubling up as a nature reserve, was for the most part left to grow on its own initiative. So it wasn’t unusual to find the roots of old trees poking their heads out of the ground, threatening to trip unaware passer-bys up, or to suddenly run across an equally old tree smack back in the middle of the path. Blocking any way forward and forcing the travellers to take side routes. As such it wasn’t long before Scooby and Shaggy became totally, utterly lost in this dense boreal maze.

And very soon, it didn’t take them long to lose each other.

“Zoinks scoob” Shaggy groaned as he stepped on something squishy underneath his feet and hoped it was just a weird plant “this place is more overgrown than my Aunt’s toenails, like if only we had a lawnmower.”

He turned to look at his beloved, beautiful Great Dane and found that the creature was nowhere to be seen. All that stretched behind him was a vast expanse of grass, mud and wooden undergrowth stretching as far back as his eyes could see. “Scoob?” He called out into the darkness, getting no answer “Scooby Dooby doo, where are you?”

No answer. He called out again and still no answer. Shaggy gulped loudly, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down, before moving back the way he had come trying desperately to find his lost dog once more.

And as it turned out Scooby was just as confused as Shaggy was as to his whereabouts. He’d stopped to wearily sniff at what he thought was a flower and, after turning to reveal a massive and speckled bug that quickly chittered away, after that he’d looked up to find that his human friend was gone. “R-raggy?” he called out in a quivering voice, his heavy head hanging low, a slow whine echoing out from his trembling gullet “R-raggy?....”

He was alone in a deep, dark forest with a potential hungry monster on the loose. This was really bad, and for a moment Scooby looked back and thought about trying to retrace his steps, but a quick spin around the little outcrop he was standing in told the dog that frankly, there were no steps to retrace. He had no idea which way was west and which way was east, which direction he had come from or which way he was going. Just like Shaggy, he was utterly lost in a dense canopy of lush green.

The great Dane shivered, his knees and teeth chattering together, before finally he took a deep breath and steadied himself. “R’mon Rooby” He assured his own trembling body “rits rup ro rus.”

After all he was potentially the only member of mystery inc left, it was up to him now to solve this strange mystery of the lake monster. So with another trembling gulp he began to move forward on what he assumed was the same path had started upon. Past brambly trees, overgrown grass, empty burrows and large, looming rocks, walking for what seemed like hours in one direction until finally a smell hit his nose. One that was thick, a little slimy but fresh all the same, lovingly aquatic in nature.

The lake

He’d discovered the lake. But another sniff brought up no trace of the rest of the gang and no matter how far Scooby craned his brown furred ears he couldn’t detect any trace of a voice or voices. He was the first to find his way here it would seem, and that thought scared him as most thoughts did. If any monster showed up then it would be up to Scooby alone to unmask them, or to run away, whatever came first.

But, not really seeing much of a choice in the matter, Scooby ploughed ahead after a moment’s hesitation and found himself staring at the deep blue visage of a large forest lake. It was mostly circular but incredibly large, stretching as far back as any swimming pool Scooby had ever seen and twice as wide, the outermost edge thinning out into a river that wound all the way back around the park. Scooby deduced that once he was done with his investigation here he could follow it back around and find the rest of the gang. If they were still around....

Nonetheless the dog slowly padded out to the grassy edge of the silent lake, looking out at the shimmering water, eyes panning over the banks to see nothing except old campsites now long abandoned and the occasional tree that had fallen over and into the lake. No animals either. No fish, sleeping ducks, foxes or badgers lingering around the edges, nothing but complete silence like the rest of this cursed forest. But thankfully there were also no animal bones to frighten Scooby off with as he crept along the edge, sniffing the ground for clues, for anything that might provide a lead as to who, or what, had been spotted lingering around this area.

And soon enough Scooby would find exactly what, and who, this creature was. And he would wish that he had never set foot near this lake for the rest of his short life.

Chapter two


“Yeah that’s right” Roco grinned, picking his teeth with his index claw, his voice carrying even through the body of water he was lying back in. His other paw resting on a blue belly, squeezing and kneading the moving, bulging surface. “Fight a bit more foxy, maaaybbbe i’ll let you out.”

The fox in question, whether he understood Roco or not, seemed to take the hint and began to fight and cry out more wildly. Paws, a tail, a muzzled face appearing through the slightly transparent skin, grimaced and slightly deformed from the ravages of the vaporeon’s harsh and hostile belly. All of that stomach acid, the movements of Roco’s paws kneading and moving the fox around, and the crunching, terribly hot glory of that Pokemon's ever eager digestive system had left it practically destroyed in body, soul and spirit, but still unbearably alive.

“How long has it been?” The Vaporeon pondered, his hands behind his head, staring up from the lake bed at the shimmering sky above half malformed through the surface water “Maybe a week? You’ve been going for a long time that’s for sure. Wriggling, struggling in me. Certainly longer than the rest of your family...”

The movements erupted again, Roco pushing the bulges down playfully and breaking something of his vulpine prey in the process, perhaps a paw or what was left of the spine. “Yeah, those cubs of yours really wriggled up a hell of a storm, took me days to digest them properly. Although I confess, that was mostly my doing, I wanted to enjoy them for as long as I could even if it was pure hell for them. They were so easy to trick hah, they just loved the idea of playing with a big water fox. That’s what they called me you know, a water fox.”

He groaned, pushing the bulges down now with both hands, his exposed and pink cock growing harder. “oooh yeah, that’s the stuff” Roco continued to taunt the fox in his belly “And you we’re even easier to lure in, such a desperate and pining little guy. Lost your mate, your kids, your friends, all to jumped on the chance to fool around with a vaporeon and, look at that, it got you eaten.You know i’ve eaten all of the fish and most of the animals in this forest, you’re probably the last fox. An entire group of animals done in by a single act of lust and betrayal. Wonder if you’ve got cousins somewhere, because man this has been one tasty little vacat-”

Roco stopped, his fins swishing around to pick up what he thought was...vibrations. As if something was stepping on the beach above. “hmmmm, maybe not the last fox” He mused with a grin and finally, blissfully belched out the last of his air letting his belly contract tighter, tighter and tighter again. The fox inside giving out his last desperate gurgles as every remaining bone in its dessicated body splintered into multiple pieces and finally he expired, crushed into a fine paste after days and days of digesting in the wet, hot innards of this cruel little Pokemon.

“Seeya hon” the vaporeon grinned and gave his belly one last definite pat and released a final burp that formed as bubbles in the water “now if you’ll excuse me I should really go and see what’s making all that commotion topside. I’ll need another...friend, now that you’re gone.”

The water around him seemed to part as the vaporeon rose and stretched, his belly letting out long and happy groans, churning up the last of that delicious fox. He had been fun, as had the rest of the foxes in the woods, and all of the badgers, raccoons, owls and fish, amongst other things. But Roco had deduced that this would be the last substantial meal he would find here before having to move on, he hadn’t planned on another entering his territory. And from the vibrations this one was a little dim as it made no effort to mask its movement and was also larger than any badger or fox he had devoured since setting himself up in this lake. An unplanned visit, but not an unwelcome one, Roco had no issue introducing this creature to the same digestive cavern pretty much every other animal here had gone down. No issue at all.

Swimming leisurely upwards as if the lake had been designed for him Roco broke the surface with complete silence, his body almost liquidised in itself, the entire laker an extension of his own superior aquatic form. And upon doing so set his eyes upon quite a sight indeed.

On the lake’s edge was a dog. And initially that disappointed Roco somewhat as he had expected something more like a fox or another badger, which usually ended up being more fun than these domesticated canines. But as his eyes settled upon this would be meal his predatory drive kicked in and Roco realised that this was more than just an ordinary pet dog.

For one it was huge. Just as he had deduced from those vibrations on the lake bed, it was larger than anything he had eaten recently and probably larger than the vast majority of dogs he had eaten in the past two years. Big, brown furred, lean and muscular but not without a certain amount of fat upon its dense bones.

Roco licked his lips, and swam closer, still silent. The dog’s nose was focused deep upon the ground sniffing at the fauna and the areas where Roco usually dumped his bones, although thanks to yesterday’s heavy rain the vast majority of the larger ones now lay at the bottom of the lake where the dog couldn’t possibly find them. He might pick up a few odd smells, see glints of white glittering on the shore but that was all. And speaking of smells....

Lifting his own muzzle the predator in waiting sniffed the air around the dog, and licked his lips once again. Scooby had a wonderfully rich, somewhat pampered smell that all domestic dogs carried to some extent, but his one was layered by an aroma of honey and caramel. Which of course came from the Scooby Snax he spent his life devouring, But Roco couldn’t have known that. All he knew was that it was delicious, tempting him forward with its promises of a wriggly, squirmy dog bred just for the moment it would slip into his stomach.

This was going to be fun, Roco grinned, a clearly intelligent, well bred, pampered up dog for him to take his time digesting. But of course while he could just rush forward now and swallow this hound down, letting it writhe in his belly without so much as a second thought, it would be so much more fun to earn its trust. Dog’s always had a thing for befriending others, and breaking that down could be so, so much fun. Roco never missed a chance to get to know his prey, especially since it resulted in a more fun digestion.

So, content in the knowledge that this meal was worth a bit of extra time, he swam back out to the middle of the lake, and began his performance.


Scooby’s ears perked up as soon as the strange splashing sounds began. “R-rello?” He stammered, knees knocking against each other “R-raggy?”

But it wasn’t Shaggy that was making the strange noises but instead some sort of strange fish in the middle of the lake. “R-Ronster!”

Scooby would have scampered away but something held him there as he looked out past the shimmering water to see the blue skinned creature swimming leisurely in circles in the middle of the lake. He knew it could see him for its half lidded, lazy eyes were focused upon his wide open ones, staring at him with a vague interest.

It swam a little closer, shimmying in the water as naturally as any dolphin or fish although it was obvious that this was neither. For now Scooby could see the paw pads, the almost fox-like face delicate but not threatening, and the sturdy chest that propelled it forward with each breathy thrust. Definitely a sea monster. But one that appeared, for the most part, friendly.

But still Scooby remembered all of the whisperings about bones on the lake shore and the lack of animals in the forest so, still shivering, he took a step back for every thrust the sea monster made towards him.


The creature stopped and flipped upside down in the water, belly up and tail lashing playfully at the water before finally it dove down and disappeared beneath the lake. For a moment Scooby had assumed that he’d scared it away but soon it flew back up towards him and broke right through the surface water, soaring high up into the sky. Like a dolphin it gracefully spun in the air and then dove back down deep into the lake, before gently bobbing back up and peering at Scooby again with that same, now right side up, friendly expression.

The dog now frozen in place with awe at the beauty and grace of this creature watched as it extended a paw upwards to wave at him. “hiiiii!” It sang out in a lyrical voice “We haven’t gotten any visitors out here in a while, what brings you here stranger?”

It was about three inches off the lake shore, but about two foot away from Scooby as the dog had backed up progressively. Roco could have scowled but he kept his face firm, this really was a cowardly animal, and the cowardly ones were always a little harder to convince. But on the plus side when it came time to confirm their initial fears....Well that just couldn’t be beat.

Roco swam the last stretch of lake as he spoke towards the trembling canine, putting his wet paws upon the muddy incline to peer up at him. “You don’t talk much?” He craned his head to the side “that’s alright, I talk enough for the both of us!”

He chuckled, finally pulling himself up onto the shore once Scooby seemed reasonably at ease. The dog looking at him now with a somewhat curious, if still weary, glint. “ahhh, it’s nice to be out of the water every once in a while, I’m Roco by the way”

He yawned, and stretched out his sizable body. Scooby taking note of the light and dark blue scales dotted around his body, the white ring around his neck and those three fins striking out from a heavy flash of dark blue hair. He was certain beyond doubt that it was a sea monster, but it didn’t strike him as dangerous at all. Nothing in the creature’s gaze presented anger, nothing in its demeanour or movement suggested it was about to attack, it just seemed curious, friendly as if it were a child greeting a new neighbour.


“Yep, that’s me!” The vaporeon grinned, happy that his plan was finally settling into place as he flashed his tail back and forth. He was sitting up on his haunches now and was almost height for height as tall as the great Dane was, although not as sturdy. Scooby could see now that he was naked as well and had a sizable enough member, but he was a dog, and dogs were more accustomed to such displays than humans were so it quickly just became a curiosity in the back of his canine mind.

Roco continued, “Glad to hear that you can speak, guess I frightened you a little did I? Don’t worry about it, everyone’s always a little surprised to see a vaporeon around these parts. So, What’s your name?”

Scooby stood up straight, his great Dane standing tall over the Vaporeon grinning at him. “Ry Rame’s Rooby” He barked out in a rough, slightly gravelly voice accompanied by a dumb nod of his heavy head, Roco’s plan was working.

“Ruby?” The Vaporeon mused with his head in his hands “that’s a nice nam-”

Scooby chuckled, “Ro, Rooby!”

Roco stopped, confused at this dog’s strange speech pattern, everybody had a gimmick it would seem. But a quick look at the dog’s collar and the big shiny “S” that stood in the middle of it told him everything he needed to know communication barriers aside.

“Oh! Scooby?”

The dog nodded vigorously, seemingly very proud of his name. “Reah reah! Rooby Roo!”

He howled out the last statement and Roco took another quick at the collar this time taking note of the equally as shiny “D” beside it. “Scooby Doo” He grinned, flashing some of his less threatening teeth “cute name, Scooby Doo.”

“Reheheheh” The dog giggled, his shoulders relaxing, completely at ease now and enraptured in this strange little siren’s song “Rooby Rooby Roo!”

Roco took the opportunity to survey the dog a bit before he continued, getting back down on his four webbed feet to strut around Scooby like a baying wolf. But of course it came off as more casual, more of a flamboyant almost catlike walk. He could take his time and have some fun now, for unless he slipped up in a major way Scooby was safely in his grasp.

He leaned forward on all fours and stretched his webbed toes out. “So tell me Scoob, what exactly brings a dog like you this far into the woods? You must be after something really important.”

Nodding again and puffing his chest out in what Roco thought was an especially tasting looking fashion. “Runting rea-ronsters”

“Hunting a sea monster?” Roco laughed, used to Scooby’s speech pattern now “Well I hope that doesn’t include me now does it? I’m no monster.”

“ro, ris ronster’s rig” Scooby put out his arms as wide as they could go “Rand re re-rea....”

“Eats people?”

Scooby nodded, his eyes going wide again.

“hmmmm, can’t see I've met anyone like that around here. But it would explain where all of the fish have gone, shame, I quite liked some of them.”

Liked how they digested, mainly....

“Still!” the vaporeon and bounded off to the side like an excited fox “maybe there’s someone I've never met that needs to be beat up, c’mon Scoob, let’s solve this little mystery together!”

And off they went, the water Pokemon leading the great Dane away towards his eventual, slimy demise.

Chapter three

All in all the pair spent over four hours traversing through hidden passageways leading to dark underground tunnels, ruined campsites and groundskeepers huts, overgrown forest pathways and finally right back around to the lake. All the while Roco kept drawing this dumb dog further and further into his delicious web of deception. Pumping him up with nice compliments, stories of his time living in this forest, listening to Scooby’s own tales of mysteries he and the gang had solved. Roco could have kept this up for days, sleeping with the dog, bringing him out onto the lake, climbing up trees in the west orchard to fill up their hungry bellies, all for the sake of eventually turning Scooby into his very own proverbial piece of fruit.

But of course for this occasion he was time limited, Scooby would eventually realise that Roco was bringing him on a wild goose chase and there was always the possibility that they would run across this gang he hung around with. And that wouldn’t do at all, too much hassle.

So when the time came, Roco didn’t hesitate to seize his chance.

“rill ro ronster?”

“Nothing” Roco blew a strawberry “I guess you were right, this guy really did eat everything in the forest. Save for the insects. But where he could be now I wonder?”

They moved down towards the shore of the lake and laid down near each other, Scooby panting with near exhaustion, still worried that they hadn’t spotted any semblance of the gang ever existing, let alone still being present in the forest.


Roco lifted himself up onto his haunches and motioned to pat Scooby on the back. “It’s alright Scoob, I'm sure he’ll find you one way or the other.”

The tone of the words came out different than before, more gleeful, more mocking, Scooby looked at Roco and saw that something within him had changed. Instead of the peaceful, friendly smile the vaporeon usually carried there was now a fierce and sharp fanged grin plastered onto his head. Scooby was confused.

“Roco? Rats Rong?”

Those deep blue eyes peered deep into him with a ferocious air clouding over them. Roco scuttled closer on his hind legs until he was almost muzzle to muzzle with Scooby, pushing his nose up and stopping bare short of kissing him. The great Dane was weirded out for sure but he didn’t try to move away, thinking that this was some new game the vaporeon had thought up.

Two pink padded, blue scaled paws lifted up off the mud and pressed themselves either side of Scooby’s brown muzzle, gently caressing his cheeks with delicate fingers so soft that the dog would have purred, where he a feline.

With a cute flick of his head and a twitch of his muzzle to take in Scooby’s rich smell once more, Roco began to speak.

“Scooby dooby doo, such a brave, kind hearted dog you are. Thinking about all of the lives you have improved and even saved fills me with such a sense of awe, you’ve really made an impact on people haven’t you?”

Those deep eyes twinkled as they stared into Scooby, so filled with a strange magic that the dog couldn’t bare to look away, his tail wagging eagerly behind him.

“Yes your rich life has touched many, made you more than beloved in so many people’s eyes. And tonight, I shall snuff that bright flame of a life well lived out for good.”

Scooby raised an eyebrow at the sudden change in tone but before he could parse what Roco had said the Vaporeon nudged his lips forward and met Scooby’s in a messy, calculated kiss. “Rmhp?” He mumbled but didn’t try to pull away, eyes fluttering, as if it were a beautiful lady dog and not a male sea creature that was treating him in such a way.

His knees shook, not out of fear or apprehension but out of a profound and sudden weakness, he teetered slightly but Roco held onto him tight, Suckling on the dog’s lips, his cheeks filling out before Scooby’s dazed, confused, and increasingly concerned eyes.

By the time he finally tried to tug his head away from the Vaporeon and break the kiss the damage had been done, Roco’s cheeks were filled with his own water and he felt drained, tired, weak. The vaporeon pulled back, a single sliver of drool the only thing connecting them, and gulped down all the liquid stored in his cheeks.

“Ahhh, dog water, not altogether pleasant but it makes you easier to deal with. I’m sure you’re starting to realise by now Scoob that this isn’t normal, that i’m not as friendly as I let on or, at least, i’m not when food like you is involved.”

Scooby stammered out a response, feeling faint. “R-rood?” he mumbled and Roco finally let him go, the dog stumbling for a moment before sprawling out on the beach floor “Ri’m not, rood….”

Roco watched as he panted, a gleeful smile on the vaporeon’s face as he watched his prey struggle. Scooby’s appearance hadn’t changed, Roco had just merely sapped the water out of his muscles to make him weaker, easier to play with as he liked to do with his prey. He began to pace around the panting dane, chuckling a little at his response.

“Oh I think you are, dog. Good food too, nice food, anything that easy to trick is worth eating. You know at the beginning when you were cowering at the lake shore I thought this might actually be a challenge, but you were so innocent, and kind, that in no time at all you fell right into my web. I never cared about you Scoob, I never wanted to be your friend, All I've wanted this entire time is to feel that annoying hide of yours melting in my belly, to smell you on my breath and listen to you gurgle up into nothing.”

Scooby whined, heart racing and his eyes wide, he tried to move his body but found that he could only manage half decent wriggles of his adjacent limbs. A weak “ro!” was all he could manage to say in response. He’d fallen so badly for this obvious trap and now….and now he was going to be eaten, such a bitter end. The thought of resting in that tight, watery gut was incomprehensible to Scooby yet he knew it was inevitable now. He’d been correct the first time in assuming that this was the sea monster and that he was on its proverbial menu.

Roco’s pink tongue extended out of its hiding place as the vaporeon moved in closer, tugging it lazily across Scooby’s nose all the way past the ridge of his head and then down to the start of his collar leaving a thick, gooey trail of saliva that made the dog shiver. “Mmmmm, oh yes, that's a good dog for sure. And such a cute collar too. I’ll be sure to burp that back out at some point, let it bury itself at the bottom of the ocean where no one will ever find it again. You know that’s part of the fun actually, not only am I going to kill you.”

He was at Scooby’s rump now and the dog craned his head around to see the Vaporeon lick his once more, a paw lightly playing with that twitching tail. Scooby felt stronger now, but still only strong enough to move forward an inch or two.

“But I'm not going to leave any trace behind, save a few bones maybe. Nothing will be left of you when i’m through digesting you Scooby, that great big life you lived? It was all so that you could vanish into my gurgling gut and become a great big mystery yourself, that gang of yours will wonder what happened to you for a long time to come, but i’m sure sooner or later they’ll pick up another dog and move on. Humans do that, you know.”

“R-RO!” Scooby yelled out with a surprising amount of strength and, finally getting his breath back, pushed himself up into a standing position and took off. Leaving Roco behind to chuckle and stare off at him as he went, licking his chops at the sight.

“And second wind finally kicks in, so easy.”

He waited a moment watching the motions of those legs spinning like windmills and the rump of Scoob bobbing up and down in the short distance, slower than usual but still making tracks, bounding for the treeline where he thought he thought safety awaited.

Roco counted to ten then, with a final flash of his white teeth, gave chase after the Great Dane.

The treeline grew closer and Scooby, bolstered both by the extra water now pumping through his body and the adrenaline that had built up from Roco’s teasing. He was so terrified, so full of despair, but now he felt that there was a chance he could really get away from this. All it would take was just a bit more running and he could hide amongst the trees where this horrible creature would never find him.


Scooby’s momentum was brought to a sudden halt and his head slammed into the mud below, that hopeful feeling vanishing into the now familiar feeling of quiet despair. Roco was on him, The Vaporeon leaping forward and attached by maw to his rump like some sort of grinning eel. Scooby couldn’t believe it, wouldn’t believe it, and he wriggled around to kick the pokemon off of his back.

But Roco was set in tight, all four of his paws steady upon the ground, digging into the mud for extra grip as his maw filled up with the first bits of this delicious, heroic Great Dane. Just as the Vaporeon had expected, Scooby tasted very good indeed, seasoned with a high salt content and fat where it counted, a beautifully rich flavour erupting upon Roco’s tongue as he explored the beginning of his meal.

They fought for a moment, Scooby trying to run forward and kick back to get this butt muncher off of him but Roco was steady. He’d eaten tougher, larger creatures than this effortlessly, Scooby was merely a game to him. And eventually Roco desired to move this game on, to eat more of this dog and snuff out the wonderfully full life he had lived, so with a lazy roll of his gullet he made his next move.


The furry, fat rump hit the back of Roco’s gullet, pushing the dangly bit in the back up and the neck bulging out fat and full. His cheeks were filled now not with dog water but dog meat, and good dog meat at that. Wonderfully bred, plumped up in just the right places and lovely and lean elsewhere. But by far the best part of this ordeal was that tangy taste of fear that coated every aspect of this dog in the process of being devoured. Scooby was terrified beyond belief and Roco loved that, he wanted the dog to know what waited for him, to hear the gurgles of the belly eager to take him out and the purrs of a watery sea monster happy to oblige.

“Relllllpppp!!” The dog yelled, his legs scrambling leaving claws marks in the mud, eyes watering with terrified sobs “Ragggyyyyyy!”

But he hadn’t seen Shaggy in hours and would never see him again. Roco had no idea where the gang had gotten too but they weren't here now and that was all that mattered. He had this Great Dane all to himself for however long he wanted, he could slow digestion down weeks, months even if he really put in the effort, slowly dissolving this dog down to the smallest fragments that could remain alive. It was the least he could do for such a fine and accomplished canine.

Scooby himself couldn’t believe that this was happening, how every inch of him was being fed into Roco gulp with every well timed gulp, or how the Vaporeon was enjoying it so much. Slathering his brown fur down with gooey saliva, an intrusive tongue sliding across his tail, rump, even his balls, and now his stomach. Scooby’s hind legs were hoisted up by the two front paws and pushed together in such a compact formation that they went a bit numb. But when it came time to slide them in they went nice and easy, as if this Vaporeon was two foot taller and not almost the same size as Scooby. Every inch of the Great Dane getting packed inside that wet, hot pocket of pokemon innards, surrounded by the song of that eager belly already filling with digestive juices.

A couple of more snarfs and slurps and it soon came time for the first of Scooby, the hind paws and tail, to poke into Roco’s well trained belly and feel the built up steam rise, the heat of the bubbling juices escaping out to tingle his twitching toes. A hint of what was to become of the rest of his life. Roco loved watching the dog’s reaction to that, that already terrified face morphing first into a look of disgust and then pure despair settling in and a fresh round of frantic, desperate struggles breaking out. He chuckled, and let that sit for a moment as he lapped at Scooby’s sturdy, wonderfully full breast, the dog’s stomach puffing out his gullet in a hefty bulge.

The lull also allowed Roco to crane his head around and gaze at the wonderful bulges not just out of his neck but all across his blue scaled body. The light coloured belly bulging out with the imprints of those toes wriggling, curling up to escape the heat below them, then the knees trembling just above them near where Roco’s chest was. Every inch of Scooby’s struggles inside of him visible from the outside in, like a bulging mosaic of the dog’s life coming to an end. He had solved mystery upon mystery, survived encounters with actual ghosts and finally it was a hungry pokemon that had taken him out. Funny how life works sometimes, Roco mused as he gave the belly a tickle through his neck scales, funny for sure.

Scooby efforts were brought to another, this time final halt. As finally Roco slurped up the chest and arrived at the last remnant of this Great Dane that would see the outside world, leaving only a pair of scrunched up hind paws and a furry head sticking out of this water monster’s jaws. Scooby blinked, made one last strained cry for help and then disappeared forever with a slurp and a quick smack of watery lips.


Roco sighed, panting a little to feel the Dane finally settle into his tummy. The dog curled upon itself like an Ouroboros, tightly packed into that dense package of scale, bones and flesh that was Roco’s belly, trapped in an unbearably hot cauldron of digestive juices, foul smells and still some meaty, bony remnants of the fox from before that hadn’t yet been expelled. It was horrible, and it was going to be his home for the next while.

“Delicious Scooby, I really enjoyed eating you. Such a pathetic waste of space you ended up being, couldn’t even solve the mystery of the great sea monster without getting gobbled. Now, how about we go somewhere a little bit more comfortable too, you know, enjoy each other’s company for a bit? I’ve got lots more to show you.”

And with that Roco moved back to the water on all fours dragging his massively squirmy, bulging belly pet into the slightly warm waters to finally digest. The water parted like a red carpet before the victorious Vaporeon and he happily delved into it, happy to be back in his natural habitat and slightly giddy from the thought of what was to come.

This was, after all, just the beginning of his and Scooby’s time together.

Chapter four

Scooby was inconsolable, to say the least.

Less than four hours ago he and the gang had driven to this strange and spooky forest with the promise of a new mystery to solve, and Scooby had indeed solved that mystery but instead of ending with him unmasking the villain and laughing with the rest of the gang, it had ended with him being eaten alive.

Less than four hours ago he had been traversing through the uncomfortably overgrown but immensely beautiful and serene forest full of interesting smells, sights, insects. Now all that surrounded him was vaguely transparent muscle through which he could make out the lakewater, some mud, and the rest of the sea monster’s reclining body at the bottom of the lake.

Less than four hours ago he had walked through immense underground caves with his new good friend the adorable and brave Roco. But Roco had betrayed him. The sea creature had always desired poor Scooby as a dinner rather than a friend and, acting in turn, had finally devoured him. Scooby shuddering to think about how many times that sea creature had sniffed at him, patted him on the head or rubbed his stomach, all the while contemplating what a good meal he would make.

The Great Dane, solver of mysteries and saver of many lives, was doomed to digest inside of a sea monster. Wrapped up in thick and unbearably tight belly flesh, hot, panting, the stinging of the juices already beginning to digest his flesh and the stink of previous meals heavy in the air. When Scooby could manage to move, his hind paws touching front paws and his head almost up his own butt, he found that within the liquid was a sloshy, meaty slop that could only have been one of the belly’s former inhabitants. He wasn’t the first creature that Roco had eaten, and he wouldn’t be the last, but for the next while he would be the main focus of a terrible digestive wrath.

And just like that the lyrical voice of his devourer chimed in through the belly surface.

“I’m thinking about how long I will spend digesting you Scooby” The vaporeon pondered with a finger on his chin like some ancient philosopher, the other paw behind his head “Something your size can usually take a day or two, and be dead within a few hours. But that’s just no fun is it?”

The hand behind his head moved out to pat at Scooby’s bulging, vaguely visible head poking out in what looked like a pleading expression. “Oh don’t look at me like that Scoob, this is my meal, I get to do what I want. You know what just for guilting me I'm gonna add some extra time onto your sentence, how does four weeks of digestion sound?”

The belly erupted into wriggles and muffled cries, Roco’s eyes rolling into the back of his head, stifling a burp he laughed at how pathetic this all was. “Yessssss, four entire weeks, maybe even longer, I realllly wanna see what you look like after that. Such a finely bred and well groomed hound and by then you’ll probably just be a pile of slop and bones. Oh it will be awful for you, I'll make sure of it.”

Slapping his stomach Roco finally let out a burp and then swallowed some more air just as quick, smelling the stink of digesting dog through the bubbles on the water, perks of being a Vaporeon, he smirked. “Smells like you’re coming along nice” he continued his tirade with a laugh “yeah Scoob it’s gonna be long, hot and smelly. Do you wanna know why I did it? Why I ate you?”

Scooby sobbed and Roco took that as an affirmative. “Because I could, my delicious Great Dane. You were kind hearted, innocent minded and you wandered into my territory when I was hungry. You were easy to trick, so easy to trick, you hung upon my every word as if everything I said was golden, and the thought of breaking down that delicious barrier of love and trust we built up over those four hours just became unbearably tempting for me. It’s delicious, Betrayal is a delicacy seasoned with love and trust, and you presented one of the finest chances I've had to indulge in that delicacy in a while. Thank you Scooby.”

The vaporeon leaned in and gave his dog bulge a kiss on the forehead. “Really, I appreciate i-nah, who am I kidding? I found you annoying from the start, and I’m gonna enjoy watching you die.”

And so began the worst, and the last, four weeks of Scooby’s life as he sat in that belly. Every hour it seemed to grow hotter and every hour his body seemed to get smaller than by the eight hour Scooby wondered if he would even see the second day let alone the second week, but Roco was prepared for that. He knew Scooby had a big will to live despite everything and all he had to do was keep breathing in air, keep his juices in good measure, and he could enjoy this dog practically indefinitely.

Scooby doo was his dog now, and that was just the way Roco liked it.


All in it was twenty five days before Scooby finally gave in.

Roco was swimming lazily through the water belly up when it happened, his belly giving a final shudder and a gurgle before settling down for the first time in almost a month, the ways of sunshine pouring down on Scooby’s final resting place. “Ahhhh, couldn’t manage the last stretch of your stay? Too bad, we had some fun together you dumb dog, what a meal you were.”

By now Scooby’s once vibrant, full and lean body had been reduced to an unrecognisable shell of itself. His fur was gone, his body skeletal and his claws melted right off. Even his tail had been reduced down to a bony nub. And Scooby had seen all of this happen before him over what felt like years, every hour getting immeasurably worse, hotter, wetter, more monstrously terrible. So much so that it soon felt like it had reached its limit, that it had to reach a peak at some point. But it never really did, the terrible experience of watching and feeling himself melt slowly was a constant barrage of torment and torture.

But worst of all was the notion that he had been tricked, that this creature had used his own innocence and good against him merely to score a meal. Scooby would never see any of the gang again because of this horrid sea creature and his own dumb gentleness. Scooby couldn’t take it and he spent most of those twenty five days in fear, torment, and despair.

Until finally it ended and Scooby’s last breath finally escaped his body, what was left of it anyway. Little more than a husk of what he once was. Roco sending him off with one final, prolonged belch.


“Ahhhhh, oh you’re satisfying, pathetic but satisfying nonetheless. Smells like you had a really rough time in there dog, I'm glad.”

The bubbles of Scooby’s last breath floated up to the surface and popped, followed quickly by the Vaporeon itself carrying that once full and bulging belly now trim, fattened up and sagging a bit now from the contribution of Scooby.

“One last thing I need to do though, not like I need you anymore….”

Roco smacked his lips and began to hack and herk, a bulge travelling up from his belly and ending in his mouth, exiting out as a slimy, white bone remnant of a canine skull.

He held the smelly, half melted, slightly softened effigy in his paws. “Pfft, not even good enough for a trophy, ah well, maybe next time.”

And with that he threw the skull up onto the mud and swam back the way he had come, but this time he kept going past the lake and down into the back river, finally ready to leave this forest behind. Once it was full of life and animals and now it was empty and he was fatter.

By the time Roco reached the end of the river, let alone the ocean it eventually led back to, he had forgotten about Scooby. For the dog was a meal and that meal was finished.

He failed to notice therefore when, soon after he left, a flashlight appeared from the treeline near where the skull was sitting. Voices followed.

“Like I don’t know fred, he has to be around here somewhere, it took us almost a day to find Velma”

“We’ve already checked this area Shaggy, I can’t imagine he’s st-”

The voice turned into a terrified crack as the two men stopped, the flashlight went down, and landed upon two empty eye sockets in the depths of a greasy dog skull. Attached to it was part of a spine and at the bottom of that spine was a half melted, decayed but still recognisably blue collar marked with the initials “SD.”

They had found Scooby finally, but altogether too late.

The end.