The bottle shattered against the side of the crow’s nest, a calm night interrupted by the heckling of a drunk sailor on deck, “You’re wasting your time, Mika, nobody is out on the waters tonight. You owe me a fight.” The gaggle below was gathered against the railing keeping them safe from the cold waters, giggling as they reveled in teasing the deckhand high above. The mouse had his arms crossed on the edge of the nest, bracing himself from the words. He told them he volunteered to be a lookout, but that was a cover. He simply hated spending time with the older sailors.

Life out at sea was cruel. Storms would toss the ship like a toy in the tub, and all of the sailors would still be out on deck, working to make sure they didn’t sink into the waters. They needed to make sure the cargo was safe, no matter what it was or who paid for its safe journey. That’s why Mika was up there to begin with, to protect the ship, even though he was always intimidated by the crew below.

Mika was outsized and under experienced compared to the rest of the Gardenia’s crew, especially since he started his life on the waters so suddenly. A boy turning into a man, fleeing his impoverished life in the slums of a port city to join the ranks of sailors. He’d idolized them his entire upbringing, sneaking into the taverns and perching himself on the beams high in the air just to listen to the rum-peppered stories of events at sea. It seemed so glorious and free, and plenty more fulfilling than working the dirty markets his family refused to leave. All it took was one captivating ship at the docks; the Gardenia. He snuck on board through a window at the very back, and wasn’t found until almost a week into the ship’s voyage.

He was wrestled down by the very man harassing him down below and carried to Captain Grovebelly. Mika was roughed up, but as the panda captain stepped up to address the stowaway, the mouse confessed his desires in front of the whole crew, begging to join them among the seas. The sailors laughed at his boyish dreams, but the bear gave him a chance and let him stay.

It wasn’t quite what he expected after he ran away. Sailors were a masculine bunch, always trying to prove themselves on who was the roughest and toughest of them all. They’d give each tattoos, gamble, drink, and try to fuck their way through every whore at every harem the captain graced them access. They would brag about the bustiest dame they could find, even the costs they would pay to lay her. He loathed those men the most. He would often join his crew at these establishments, but the mouse found much more pleasure in talking with the women working over anything else. He’d learn so much, as well as teach them which crew members had secret interests they’d pay extra for. The mouse was lucky they never seemed to notice.

Mika was snapped back to reality as another bottle managed to ding him on the side of his head, another shout from below, “Answer me, boy. Don’t make me climb up there m’self.” He grumbled to himself and stood up, looking over to see the four rowdy and drunk sailors laughing to themselves about the well aimed shot.

He fired back, “Fuck off and drown in the sea, Curtis.” It was usually unwise to talk like that to veteran crew, but he’d had enough over the days, and felt quite safe in the crow’s nest away from them.

The mouse slumped down into the barrely bottom of the nest, crossing his arms in a huff. He was flustered. Those men below would never stop bothering him and he knew why. He considered himself above them in a way, the boy thinking he was living his passion while the men below were living to get by. He didn’t want to become rough and tough like them either, gambling and drinking to pass the time, or even beating each other bloody when their pride is challenged. None of them seemed to care about what they were doing, and he didn’t want his own dreams to die. He wanted his own ship someday. Most would consider it naive, but Mika was young, and he still had plenty to learn.

He looked to the bright moon in the sky, blessing the ship with light. “How am I to survive on this ship?” He questioned the air around him.

“Ain’t gonna get help from me, boy.” The gruff voice from behind frightened him. Mika tried to press himself against the wall, but Curtis’s hands were big, easily wrapping around the boy’s neck and slinging him over the rottweiler’s shoulder.

Curtis was big, but not the biggest of the crew. It didn’t matter, since most of them could handle the mouse with one hand without any struggle at all. The dog started his climb back down the net, the same way he was able to silently sneak up on the cabin boy. Mika fought, kicking and punching at the bulging muscles on the weiler’s back, all in vain, “The hell are you doing? Let me go!”

“You’ve said enough shit to me and the boys, rat. Get ready for a lesson.” The canine grunted as he descended to the laced ropes with one hand, the sailors below chuckling as the fresh meat was being brought to the table. Mika could smell the rum from up here.

With two quick motions, Curtis hurled the boy to the deck below, his body slamming and rolling into the boots of one of the crew, and the dog jumping and slamming his feet inches from the boy’s body. Mika groaned in agony as he knew his body was bruised already. A boot mashed into his stomach, knocking the air from his fraile chest.

Mike wheezed, “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” He couldn’t finish the thought, two men behind him picking him up by the arms and pressing on top of the barrel of rum they were drinking.

The rott’s padded hand lunged out and tightly wrapped around the mouse’s snout. A canine growl rumbled out that silenced the heckling crew around them, the men slowly forming a circle. Barely an inch from the boy’s face Curtis was as he mumbled, “Don’t be a coward. Apologies are for land-walkers.” The line ignited a chuckle from the sailors enclosing them. “Let me show you how we settle disagreements on the seas.”

The crew let go of the mouse, Mike slumping to his knees in the center of the circle. He shakily stood to his feet, rubbing the aching center of his belly. A left hook quickly smacked into the side of his jaw, and he was back on the ground in seconds. Curtis licked his knuckle as the crew went wild, hooting and hollering, “Get up and fight, boy. I’m not lookin’ to kill ya.”

     Mika gritted his teeth, furious at the unfair fight as it is. Curtis had a foot and half on the boy, and about fifteen years of experience and age. This definitely wasn’t the rott’s first brawl.

     He rubbed the side of his cheek and spun around, scooting his foot back and bringing his fists up. If this is how he survives on the seas, then so be it. The mouse was afraid, but there was a fire in his heart that wouldn’t let him submit.

     The crew appreciated the boy’s moxie, clapping and encouraging him to take on the canine. He was nervous, and right to be. He shuffled himself forward, trying to get a feel for his opponent, quickly getting his senses knocked again as a swift sock hits him in the forehead. The force threw him back, but a chunky crew member caught the rodent with his belly, keeping him in the ring and on his feet.

     Curtis was enjoying himself, staying light on his feet and ready to swing at the mouse again. He reveled in the power and the praise, feeling like he was on top. The rottweiler didn’t care that the mouse was small. “You’re not gonna make it on the sea if you can’t fight, boy. How ‘bout we send you home on a dingy tonight?” Another laugh from the crew.

     “Shut up, Curtis.” His muscles weren’t intimidating, but his words still bit. The ensuing ‘Oooh’s from the crew showed appreciation of the taunt.

     “Still talkin’ back to’re never gone learn, are you?”

     “Shut up,” He stayed firm on his desires.

     The dog put his fists down, using words to attack instead, “You can’t land a hit on me, you aren’t quick enough. You’ll never be a fighter or a sailor. You’re a pathetic little merchant boy, and that’s where you deserve to be. On the land, at home, safe in your little shack of a house.” He stepped forward with his words leaning down with a sickening smile, “Ain’t that right, little rat-”

     “I said shut. UP!” It was as if his white fur on his cheeks had boiled red, the boy uppercutting the cocky sailor with such ferocity that his jaws clacked shut. The canine was thrown onto his back, the crew going silent again before erupting with praise and laughter. It appears they didn’t have a side, they just enjoyed the violence.

     Mika was heaving, calming himself down from the hot state as he looked at his fist, the tips red and almost bloodied from where it connected with the rott’s bone. The circle faded, half of them patting the boy on the back for standing up for himself, while the other half teased the huge canine groaning on the ground for getting his ass kicked by a kid. It felt...good. He didn’t expect that at all. The mouse felt accepted for a moment, at least until the rumbling growl lunged forward and slammed him back into the wall of the ship, Curtis in a fiery rage with his fangs bared in the rodent’s face.

     His eyes were empty, the crew rushing over to the pair to stop the unfair scuffle. Those horrid, drooling jaws parted, pointed canines wrapping around the mouse’s neck, the guttural rumble signaling that the boy’s throat was about to spray on the deck of the ship. The crew was yelling, and just as the teeth pressed into his flesh, a commanding shout echoed over the sea itself, “Curtis.”

     Everyone was snapped back to reality, the blend of sailors parting a path to reveal the titanic ursine on the upper deck, the giant stomping his way down to the bloodied sailors. Curtis had released the cabin boy, spinning and standing at attention, but the man’s legs were trembling as he realized just what he was about to do. As the captain’s fury descended closer, he tried to cover himself, “Captain, I-I...we were just having a disagre-”

     Curtis was big, but Shen was the biggest on the ship by far, twice the height of Mika, and some feet above the canine. The bear’s paw grasped the canine's neck, smashing him into the wooden wall and cracking the panel behind it, “My eyes at this age have been fading, pup, so I need you to clarify something for me. Did I just see you baring your fangs at the newest member of our crew?”

     “N-No sir.” Curtis looked like he was about to piss himself.

     “Really? The way the crew was rushing to the scene and the sound of a broken man’s snarling says otherwise, so let me ask again. Were you baring your fangs and wrapping them around the cabin boy’s neck?”

     The air hung still, not a breath was breathed by the crew in the few seconds that felt like hours. The rottweiler fell limp in the captain’s grasp, shame filling his body as he conceded, “Yes. Yes I was, sir.” He looked down as the panda released the air from his lungs.

     The captain’s free fist connected with the rott’s face, knocking his lights out and dropping him to the floor. Shen turned and strode away, heading back to his quarter’s at the top of the ship, announcing his instructions as he opened the doors, “Tend to his wounds and make sure he wakes up. He has a lot of extra work to do tomorrow morning.”

     Members of the crew rushed to the canine that was out cold, flipping him over and pulling handkerchiefs or cloths from their pockets to clean up the fresh blood on his face. Mika simply watched, filled with pride over how he was able to hit just one punch, but trembling from how Curtis almost ripped him apart. He was anxious over what would come of the captain’s mood. The anxiety only tightened as the ursine called out from the cracked door of his quarters, “And Mika, I would like a word with you in my quarters immediately.”

     Fuck is all he thought to himself, limping his way through the crowd of crew. It was a struggle going up the paneled stairs, but all he could think about was how he managed to ruin his reputation with the captain in one stupid fight. The door was ajar, so he stumbled himself in, shutting it behind him.

     “Lock it too for me, would you?” The captain was fumbling with something at his desk, sitting behind it and gesturing to an open chair in the front.

     Mika had never actually seen the inside of the captain’s office before, the entire place beautiful. The desk he sat at was made of a glossed dark wood, the edges trimmed with gold. The room itself was at the back top of the ship, so there were windows that looked out to the sea behind him, the shimmering blue illuminated by the moon. There was an enormous bed in the corner, as well as a sizable silky red couch and a fireplace just to the side, the soft blaze flickering on the decorated crimson carpet below. This wasn’t just a place to sleep, but a place to live.

     He sat down in the chair and started quickly, “C-Captain I’m so sorr-”

     “Call me Shen when we are alone. And don’t apologize.” He spoke with vigor, no hesitation. He was stern in the eyes, the emerald pupils glaring down at the mouse perched beneath him. “Why are you making this difficult?”

     His head hung in shame, just like Curtis did before, “I don’t know, I didn’t even want to fight with him.”

     “You have to.” Mika’s head sprung up in confusion. Shen continued, “Curtis might be a dense soul, but he isn’t wrong.”

     Mika was flustered, “How is he right here? Unprovoked, picking fights with me? I didn’t do anything!”

     “Take it from a veteran of the seas, Mika. Fight for yourself. Stand up for yourself.” He pulled a cloth from a drawer and handed it to the mouse, gesturing to the boy’s nose, “For the blood.”

The mouse took it, listening to the wise words as they continued. The ursine stood up, striding over to the fire, “I’m sure you felt the power. When you punched him.” Mika looked to his fist, rolling his knuckles as he admired the scrapes that were left over, not even noticing his own smile. Shen chuckled, resting a hand on his gut, “It was a wonderful hit. Curtis talks a little too much, so I’d say he deserved it. I was watching the whole time.”

“You...let them grab me?” He didn’t sound upset, more curious.

“I did. A good bout does a lot for a man.” He pulled a dark crystal bottle off the mantle, setting it down on a table with some glasses. “The sea is a lawless place. I am the only authority keeping all of you together and working. Storms can sink the ship if we aren’t careful. Pirates can sneak on board and slit our throats while we sleep. If you aren’t strong, then what are you worth to me?”

Mika had been wondering that since the day he was kept on the ship. He thought on the question, unsure if the captain was even looking for an answer. A sudden pain in his chest caused him to wince and inhale sharply, reminding him he was beat to hell only minutes before.

“Come sit, take a glass. It’ll help with the pain.” Shen was already sitting on the couch by the fire, a glass of the dark liquid already in hand. Mika limped over to the seat beside the bear, at least what cushion wasn’t covered by the panda’s rear end. He sniffed the liquid, shivering at the rough burn to his nostrils that lasted for longer than he wished.

The panda continued, “You aren’t strong. Yet.” He swished the liquor around in his palm, “You remind me of myself when I first came to the waters. You barely have your sea legs, but I can tell you’ve been admiring ships from the day you could see.”

A smile from the boy, rubbing the side of his chest where the bruise was still throbbing, “It was always so romantic, coming out to sea. Now that I’m here? It’s intimidating...but I want to keep growing.” He looked up to the captain with eyes of admiration.

     The ursine’s paw draped on the mouse’s shoulder, holding his glass forward, “To growth.” A clink, and down the drink went. Shen exhaled, loving the bite, while Mika nearly shivered himself off the cushion from the burning sensation in his throat and belly.

     The fire burned as the two continued to drink, three glasses for the captain with every one that Mika had. Shen talked of his first encounter with a ship, and of his first brawl. He rolled his sleeve up to show the scars from a lion’s grasp on his arm, and even the missing fang from his mouth that he claimed, to this day, it was still in his old shipmate’s thigh. He shared tales of adventure, rushing nobles across the seas for diplomatic purposes, or food to starving islands in the middle of storms. Mika was enamored, pulling in each word and living the tale out in his mind like he would a story from a book. Shen Grovebelly, once a simple crew member on the Gardenia, now the leader of its voyages.

     As they talked and talked, the two slowly got more comfortable, feeling the warm simmer of inebriation take over their minds. The room became warm, and the captain unbuttoned his jacket to reveal the thin white shirt covering his belly underneath. For the first time throughout the night, he stopped listening to Shen, and let his eyes wander over the ursine.

     Mika never truly was able to appreciate the size of the great bear, double the mouse’s height and probably six times the weight. Even with the red and yellow-lace jacket covering the bear’s arms, you could still see the muscle twitch inside the fabric as it moved. He was able to handle Curtis with one arm, after all. His legs were enormous too, as thick as the mouse’s body. The captain managed to lean against the arm of the couch with one bootless sock propped onto the cushion beside the mouse, perfectly framing where the rodent’s eyes laid right at that moment: the bear’s belly.

     The cabin boy was at the opposite end of the couch, pressed against the arm as well. His feet were resting close to the captain’s tank, able to feel his warmth through his paws. There was a lull in the conversation, and the two looked into each other’s eyes. A tinge of pain struck the mouse again in his torso, Mika groaning and cupping the spot on his chest where it hurt. A deep chuckle from above and the bear spoke, “A shame the alcohol didn’t help. Alright, take it off. Let’s see the damage…”

     Mika didn’t question it, the bear reaching forward to gently pull the mouse’s shirt over his head, revealing the soft white belly and chest of the lithe rodent. There were visible red scratches all over his front from where he bounced on the deck of the ship, as well as a deep purple bruise taking up most of his left pectoral. Mika was horrified at the bruise, but the captain simply smiled and gently pressed into it with his thumb, his hand gripping the boy’s side to rub at it, “This will heal fine. I’ll be sure it’s healed by morning. You’ll remember this bruise for a long time...the start of your journey.”

     They hung in silence, the rum helping them forget a sense of decency as the thick thumb continued to rub at the boy’s chest, grazing over the fur and brushing against his nipple. Mika sat there and took it, slowly adjusting to the pain. He breathed softly with his eyes fluttering over the soothing motion. Mika let his body stir with each circular motion, the softest moan whimpering from his lips. He felt appreciated, encouraged to do better and be better. His captain was comforting him, and he felt amazing.

     “Oh my...I suppose the alcohol did help with something, hm?.” The panda’s other hand moved down to the erection leaking through the rodent’s trousers, rubbing against it.

     The mouse jumped, unable to free himself from the captain’s teasing, “Wait, I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t be thinking about my captain like that. I didn’t mean to-”

     “’s the way of the sea, Mika.” The large claws both came down and untied the string, peeling them off to leave the mouse bare on the couch below him, “Just relax. It isn’t every night I am blessed with a crewmember here, especially one as cute as you.”

     “It feels good...thank you.” The captain scooted closer, letting his palms explore the boy’s body thoroughly. The panda squeezed the mouse’s chest and pecs, rubbed against his smooth abdomen, even dragging his soft hands up the boy’s arms and down his legs. It was like his goal was to touch every inch of him, those fingers passing near the rodent’s length, never touching it. Mika pushed his foot forward to the warm log that grew inside the captain’s loins, pressing his sole against the hot fabric.

It was quickly pulled away, the captain giving a hearty laugh as he lifted the boy’s rump into the air, spreading open his legs and cheeks to reveal the soft pucker nestled within, “Not yet. I haven’t finished getting you ready…” The bear’s snout descended, messily kissing the hole as the rodent’s face lit with red.

The rodent clapped his hands to his snout, squeezing it shut as he felt the captain’s thick tongue scoop his insides over and over. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the sloppy tongue drenched his insides, his body preparing for the fleshy club below.

The panda grunted and chuckled with every helpless whine the little mouse let out, knowing that this boy wasn’t going to be a quiet cabin companion. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s woken the crew with his escapades. The only difference here is the crew will be able to tell who he’s rutting.

Mika was in heaven, the mouse wishing he could just melt into the warm tum pressing up against his back, forever feeling the approving licks of his captain loosening his backside up. Their breaths were in sync, his chest heaving in lust as the belly underneath him inflated and deflated with the gruff gasps for air the panda took.

Mika reached for his glass on the table as the captain gently let his rump down on the cushion, the mouse finishing the remaining half of his drink. Shen chuckled as he took the bottle and finished the rest as well, “Getting a little sauced up makes this all the more fun, little mouse?”

“Heh, I figured I’d need more if you’re about to pull that monster out…”

“This one?” The panda’s trousers slipped down, a pink tip emerging from a white sheath and sack, throbbing to life and resting on the mouse’s own package, nearly doubling his own size. He counted the veins, admiring how the end dripped and oozed with excitement. Mika could hear it pulse wetly.

The mouse gasped as the captain drunkenly pushed the fat tip into his freshly opened rear. One inch, then two, the boy erupts in whines and begs as Shen was firm on sinking himself inside the mouse fully. He braced the couch as the panda grabbed the mouse’s ankles and parted them wide, stopping halfway as he let the rodent’s hole swallow down the rest of the bear’s length.
     The captain doubled his size in nearly every manner, and still the mouse’s eagerness allowed the fleshy length to sink inside him to the base. A deep sigh erupted from the leader as he felt his balls smack the mouse’s cheeks lightly, “Not everyday a sailor takes it all on his first go. That tells me you have potential, Mika.”

“Ya t-think?” His body was adjusting to the steaming meat buried in his guts, rearranging them to make room for a proper fucking.
     The captain gave a humming nod of agreement as he started to gently thrust, every hump making the boy yelp in bliss. Mika clapped his hands over his mouth to try and hide those sounds of pleasure from the rest of the ship, but Shen quickly pulled them away, whispering down as he thrust into the rodent, “Let them know. Let them know you love this...”

     The mouse pondered for a moment as he took the full length of the bear towering over him. What would the crew think? Would he be harassed even more after tonight? He was so worried for a moment that he forgot how he got in the captain’s quarters this evening all together. A fight, Shen protected him, and he realized that as long as the panda was on his side, he didn’t care about what the crew would do. He’d stand up and be the best seaman he could be. He finally felt safe.

     The rodent’s hands drifted down his body, spreading his cheeks further apart as the spire pushed into him over and over, looking into the captain’s eyes above as he whined, every drop of sweat from the bear’s body refreshing him as it splashed onto his chest and face. Shen peeled his undershirt away, the impressive tank wobbling free underneath.

     Mika’s eyes drifted to the white fur decorating the captain’s belly. His hands reached over to it, fingers running through the warm, wet fur. It glistened in the light of the crackling fire. His fingers squished and jostled the fat, the belly distracting him from the cock stretching him out. Shen spoke, “Seamen across the world have called it ‘The Brig.’”

     The mouse gulped, his hands drifting down to the bear’s belly button, “Your...gut? Why?”

     “It’s where you lock people up. People need discipline…bad people.” Suddenly, that titanic cushion fell the rest of the way, the bear’s gut smothering his entire form on the couch. Only his nose barely peeked out of the top. Shen picked up his pace as the boy fought for air underneath his gut, at the mercy of the bear’s weight. “Feel free to grab on, boy…”

     Mika could barely hear him, the rustling, wet sounds of sweaty fur smearing his body as his ass was plundered. His hands and legs did as he was told, grabbing on and squishing into the fat enveloping him. He listened to the rhythmic thumping of the bear’s big heart inside his chest, even hearing the squelching guts behind Shen’s belly as the fat mushed and pressed against him. Part of him was afraid the giant would crush him, and his other part was excited for it.

     He felt the bear’s pulse grow faster and faster. The shaft buried to the base in his backside was starting to throb. He knew what was coming. The deep growl rumbled from the bear’s diaphragm, crescendoing into a primal roar that shook the room itself. The first gush splashed into the mouse’s insides, and it was far from the last. Mika felt his belly swell with seed, at the mercy of his captain, almost in fear of his stomach bursting open.

Shen sat back on the couch, giving a few final thrusts inside the boy before letting his dick slide out, Mika doing his best to hold the heavenly gift deposited inside him. His hands dipped down and coddled the new belly he sported. They stared at each other, heaving and catching their breaths. Mika didn’t know what to say, drunk on booze, musk, and submission. Shen had a plan though.

The bear reached down and scooped the mouse up, draping him over his belly and letting his little snout rest inches from the bear’s visage. He was staring at the captain’s fangs, feeling the hot breath pour over his face. A padded paw rested on his rump, the other rubbing the mouse’s back gently as the deep voice tickled his round ears, “You trust your captain?”

Like a soldier at attention, he responded, “Yessir.”

A rumbling groan erupted from the bear’s mouth. It wasn’t like the last few he had heard. It was deeper, more primal. It was in sync with the vibration underneath him. The Brig was empty. The ursine chuckled and bared his fangs. Drool started to dribble out of his lips, “Good. You’ve been bad, little Mika.”

Panic started to set in, unknowing of what he did and ignoring the playful tone the captain used, “What?? No no, I’ve been following everything you’ve tol-”

“Getting your captain drunk. Stripping your clothes in front of him. You knew an old man like me couldn’t resist you…” He licked his lips, sinking a finger into the mouse’s loose hole.

He whimpered out, “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’-” He started to shake.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. Bad men like you only have one place they belong…”

A lull, seconds passing as the mouse shivered, afraid to ask, “...w-where?”

Shen’s jaws gaped before him as the hand on Mika’s rump pushed him further up. The mouse’s snout slid along the ursine’s tongue, breaking the lines of drool decorating that pink maw. His round ears lightly scraped the upper fangs, bending and disappearing inside the waiting jaws. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, ple-” Silenced again, as the winking gullet swallowed down his face with ease.

The mouse fought helplessly as the resounding gulps from the captain echoed throughout the room. Muffled whimpers erupted from the bear’s esophagus as Mika was thrusted down into the crushingly tight throat. His neck sunk down, his arms slowly binding as his shoulders were squished inside as well. His fur was drenched, slimy ropes smearing against him as he could hear the simmering cauldron just below him, waiting for his frail little body.

Shen brought both his hands to the rodent’s cheeks, gently shoveling him further and further in. His sharp teeth grazed the delicate fur, nibbling each inch as it passed into his system. His gullet squeezed and slid along the mouse’s body, savoring the flavor of mixed sweat; his own and the mouse’s own. He wanted to soothe the boy’s fears, but his mouth was full and could only settle for pleasure.

Down his torso went, the panda stretching his jaws wider to accept the cum-filled belly. He kept a finger plugged in the rear to keep the mess from escaping. A deep chuckle shook the mouse lodged in his mouth as the rodent’s length slid across his tongue, the bear’s organ stroking and lathering it with the thick saliva.

The captain kept his sailor locked there, great jaws framing his cheeks and cock. The panda’s tongue worked and stroked the excitement that the mouse couldn’t rid himself of, even in fear of his life. He squirmed and writhed with every passing second. Mika himself was pressed up against that ring that led into the bear’s stomach, fighting with the emotions that were conflicting his mind. His captain swallowed him down like a leg of mutton in the mess hall, the boy thinking his fate would be the same. He used to watch Shen drift off with a full belly at the head of the table. He snored as the food bubbled away, and he’d soon have the same fate.

His body was betraying him, the mouse writhing in adrenaline-filled bliss as the panda’s throat gripped him. Shen’s thick tongue was milking his shaft to no end. He trusted the captain, he had to. Mika wanted to think about what his fate would be, but couldn’t focus on the future. The throat started to compress, hot flesh pinching his entire body as he couldn’t hold himself off any longer. The mouse’s length spilled onto the bear’s tongue, dribbling down his chin. Shen was closing his jaws, clenching the boy’s body and squishing the mouse against’ the roof of his mouth. The finger popped free, and the captain’s seed erupted in a violent spout from the rodent’s rear. It smacked into the wall, every light chew sending a thick gush of bear jizz out. It slowly drained with every passing moment, eventually pittering out to a light flow that poured onto Shen’s belly.

Mika was out of breath, trying to catch it. A silence overcame the pair as they both hung in the post-nut atmosphere. For a moment, he thought he’d be let out. It was all a tease just to unlock that deep desire hidden in the back of his mind. As his rump and legs were shoveled away into the bear’s maw, those feelings were quickly snuffed away.

The wet gulp sealed the mouse’s body away in the sweltering guts of the captain. He landed in the chamber with a wet slap. Darkness overwhelmed him, hot flesh gripping him from all sides. The thick slime within covered him, tingled his skin, foreboding a much more painful future. Mika begged, “Sir, please, I promise I can still prove myself! Just give me a chance-”

He was interrupted again as a gulp was heard above, a cool liquid drenching the chamber. A satisfying hiss filled the tight sack, minty fumes filling his lungs. The tingling that started to whittle away at his fur ceased, and the vapors illuminated the soft belly around him with a light green glow. The walls were a soft pink, like a sopping blanket of little pink pillows all sewed together to hug and keep him safe. He didn’t understand what happened, but Shen chimed in after his bewildering moment of relief. The muffled speech came through the flesh enough for him to hear, “That mixture will keep you safe for the night, little one.”

Mika calmed himself, “R...really?” The natural acids of the stomach were neutralized, but something else started to happen as well. He felt a different tingling on his body, the mixture warming on the bruises and cuts covering his chest and face. It was numbing them, possibly even helping them heal. He couldn’t tell. Mika barely even registered that he was upside down until this moment. He pushed his feet against the wall, reorienting himself so his back was at the bottom of the bear’s gut. The push made Shen grunt, a thick belch squeezing the stomach and the mouse inside.

“Don’t push too hard. I might have to push back…” He patted his belly from the outside, wobbling himself over to his bed after snuffing the flames beside him. Shen groaned as the belly slopped around on top of him, the captain already started to drift off, “Get some rest, Mika. You’ll be let out bright and early to clean up the mess you made…” He eyed the freshly painted wall across the room, already enjoying the sight of Mika scrubbing them clean.

“Yessir...good night.” Mika was renewed as he snuggled into the squishy flesh. The gentle beating of the bear’s heart rumbled the sack, soothing him and helping him relax. He was right to trust his captain. The Brig was much nicer than he expected it to be. The mouse hoped he would earn his place on Shen’s ship as a respected sailor, but part of him plotted to land himself in The Brig once again.