“Did you enjoy the last week?” Dust asked, climbing in bed with his girlfriend.

They were in the guest room of Dust’s parents, where they had been staying for a week now.

“I did, but I’m glad we’re heading home tomorrow,” Emily said while moisturizing her hands with lavender-scented lotion.

“I mean look at me” She motioned to her body with both hands.

It was not often that Emily’s belly was smaller than her breast. She made sure it was always huge, round, and completely stuffed. But on rare occasions like this, her belly had shrunken to the size not bigger than a potbelly. Only now, was it clearly visible how huge her double F tits were, now that they didn’t have to compete with a massive orb of flesh beneath them. Were they normally rested on top of her big belly, her twins now had to rely on the Calvin Klein sports bra for support where they were stuffed into.

“I understand, but to be honest I didn’t think you would manage this 2-week diet.” Dust said placing one hand on her almost flat tummy. It roared with a loud hunger growl in return.

“I know, I didn’t think I could do it either, but you know I hate eating when we visit your parents…” Emily said, soothing her belly by placing a hand on top of Dust’s.

Dust’s parents were well aware of Emily’s ‘special’ eating habits, but she never felt quite comfortable around them. At least not with a big full belly. She loved both of his parents dearly since they were some of the nicest people she had ever met, but she felt there was resting a taboo on the whole people-eating side of Emily. They just kind of always ignored it.

“You know they wouldn’t judge you right?” Dust said for the 100th times this week.

“I know, I know, but you remember that time, do you? My birthday? It was just too awkward.” Emily said

Dust nodded.

One time, Dust’s parents had stopped by unannounced at their house for a visit. They thought since they had missed Emily’s birthday a few weeks earlier, that it would be nice if they came over for a surprise visit with pastries and presents. The problem was they showed up 5 minutes after Emily had devoured two whole pizza-delivery girls. The entire evening Emily, Dust, and his parents had acted like nothing happened, which was easier said than done. Because how do you hide an enormous belly that contains 2 full-grown people? Emily didn’t have a sweater that was big enough to even start covering her belly. So the whole evening they had; eaten cake, played games, and made small talk, all with her big bare gurgling gut full in the display. Near the end of the evening, her belly had made such loud noises that they had to talk louder to hear each other. When they finally decided to go home, Emily had bumped over the entire coffee table with her belly by standing up too quickly and losing balance, leaving dust’s father's shoes drenched in red wine. On top of it all, she had burped extremely loud when dust’s mother accidentally bumped into her giant gut while putting on her coat. But apart from some glances they hadn’t mentioned her belly at all that evening.

“I’m not going through something like that again,” Emily said, thinking back at the scenario.

“I just want you to feel at home at my folks you know.” Dust said

“I do but I’m sure I can survive one more night without a ‘full’ belly.” She smiled.

Dust’s mother must have noticed she was on a ‘no-people-diet’ as well since she did her best to cook insanely large amounts of food their entire stay. Probably trying to prevent Emily from going hungry too much. Emily thought that was sweet and loved her cooking, but knew it wasn’t going to do the same trick as a whole person. But tonight was their last night. And even though Emily had enjoyed herself on this small holiday, she was looking forward to heading home again.

“Alright then, goodnight.” He kissed her on the cheek.

“What? No belly, no sex?” Emily said disappointed. If there was one thing that was positive about this lifestyle, it was that she could move around a lot more flexible in the bedroom.

Dust just smirked and jumped on top of her.




“You sure you packed everything?” Dust’s mother asked them for the 3rd time.

“Yes mom, and we won’t die if we forgot a t-shirt.” Dust assured his mother.

“Alright then, have a safe trip home.” She said while she gave her son a long hug.

The plan was to leave in the morning, but Dust’s mother had insisted they stayed for a good lunch before they went on their trip back.

She then turned to Emily, smiled, and grabbed her by the shoulders. “You too dear, it was so nice having you guys over.”

When she pulled her in for a hug, Emily felt her big breast press against her mother in law but hugged her back thanking her for everything in the last week. Then she thanked Dust’s father for their stay with a kiss on his cheek that was hidden by his big beard.

“Have a good one love, see you next time.” He said in his calm gentle voice.

Dust and Emily got in the car, waved one more time, and drove off.

Emily turned on the navigation

“Ugh, a 5-hour drive,” She said while it showed her the route home. Her belly let out a long hungry growl.

“You managed 2 weeks, I’m sure you can manage a few hours more.” Dust said laughing, eyes on the road.

“I guess,” Emily said, while she took a bite out of a cupcake Dust’s mother had given them as a road trip snack.

After 5 minutes all 12 cupcakes had disappeared in her bottomless gut. But it was growling even louder now. Growling for a real meal.

Emily watched out of the window. Dust’s parents had a house in a wooded area where not many people lived. The view was really nice but couldn't set her mind of off food. Then suddenly she spotted something that gave her a rush of excitement.

“Dust, STOP!” She yelled happily.

Dust slammed the brakes.

“What is it? You forgot something?” Dust said a bit shocked.

“No, look” She pointed out of the window.

Dust looked but didn’t see anything special.

“A deer?” He said, not knowing what all the fuss was about.

“No, over there, behind that fallen tree near the lake.” She said, still all excited.

He looked again and saw a small tent, set up on the edge of the lake.

“A tent?” He asked hesitated

“Exactly! Let’s see if I can score a meal there.” She said while opening the door.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Em? It’s a lot easier just ordering a pizza once we’re home you know.” Dust tried you convince her, but she was already outside.

“Aww common honey, you know I’m hungry.” Emily said opening his car door.

Dust sighed knowing there was nothing he could do to change her mind and stepped out of the car. They walked into the forest and up to the lake. Emily was fantasizing about the possibilities.

“You think it’s a one or two-person tent? Ooh, maybe there’s another tent we haven't spotted yet. My god, I could easily gobble down a whole camp if necessary.” She said licking her lips.

“Or they’re on a hike and we find an empty tent.” Dust said bursting her bubble

“Party-pooper.” She said, giving him a playful push.

They lowered their voices as they arrived at the (too bad for Emily, ‘only’) tent. There was no-one outside but there were a few bottles of empty wine bottles spread across the extinguished campfire. There was a soft snoring sound coming from inside the tent.

Emily pointed at the tent, happy there was at least one person inside. She tiptoed to the entrance. Dust walked over to a log to sit on but tripped over an empty bottle which made a loud clinking noise. *CLUNK* Emily, who was kneeling beside the entrance just about to gently open the zipper, gave Dust an annoyed look.

“Sorry.” He whispered.

“Uuuugh, who’s there,” The tired voice of a woman asked from inside the tent.

Before Emily could think of a response the zipper opened and a woman crawled out. It looked like she had a big hangover.

“Who are you?” She said looking at Emily, who was kneeling in front of the entrance.

“Uhhh, we’re also camping near here and we were on our way to find some food.” Emily quickly made up the camping part.

“So? Just pop open a can of beans or something.” The woman said annoyed, clearly in need of more sleep.

“Yeah, you see we kinda ran out of food, and then I saw this tent and thought…”

“...You could come and eat our food? Though luck girl we ate our last can yesterday.” The woman interrupted Emily.

“Oh, that’s alright, I think you’ll do just fine,” Emily said.

“What are you talking ab-HUMFP!” Before the woman could finish, Emily had grabbed the woman by her shoulders and stuffed her head in her mouth. With big swallows, she greedily shoved more of the girl down her throat. Dust watched in amazement. He had never seen her made such quick work of a meal. In less than a minute she was already tilting her head back, letting the woman’s legs slide in her mouth, down her throat, and into her hungry belly. Her stomach bulged out as more and more food entered. Her breasts were no longer winning the fight for the biggest assets on her body as her belly kept growing larger underneath. With a final swallow, the woman’s feet passed her lips and joined the rest of her body inside Emily’s big tummy. With a satisfied look on her face and two hands on top of her belly, she prepared for a burp.


“Aaah, that was SO good.” She said turning toward Dust, full belly in display.

“Alright, can we go now? We have a long drive ahead of us.” Dust said watching his phone for the time.

“What? Of course not. Did you not hear my food? ‘WE’ ate our last can yesterday.” Emily said. “That means if I’m correct…” Emily continued, while she pulled the zipper from the tent all the way down. “…That there is someone else here.” She said, proudly presenting another woman sleeping inside the tent. Since she had slept through the events of the moment earlier, Emily figured she was in a pretty deep sleep. Not even her burp had been loud enough to wake her up. The woman let out a soft snore.

“Time for seconds.” Emily said, as she crawled into the tent with a bit of difficulty due to her large struggling belly between all fours.

After a few minutes, another burp came from inside the tent, even louder than the first one.


“Yummy!” Dust heard Emily say.

“Hon, could you give me a hand in here?” She asked.

Dust walked up to the small tent and looked inside. It was filled with his girlfriend and her huge belly, which clearly showed 2 people struggling inside. Her blue sweater was doing its best to cover the top of her belly. With a big smile on her face, she reached out her hand, asking him for support. With some effort, he managed to help her out. When she took another step forward, she tripped over a guy rope and belly bumped Dust to the floor. Before he could stand up, the giant ball of flesh had crushed him back again and suffocated him by completely covering his face. Emily quickly rolled off him.

“S-sorry, need to get used to this weight again,” She said chuckling after seeing his red face, gasping for air.

“It’s -huf- fine, let’s just get -huf- back.” He said a bit irritated. But he couldn't hide the fact that he was really glad to see her belly that big again.

“Oh, stop whining! You love this *BOOOURP* big ole belly” She said as she smacked it.

Once again Dust helped her up and they made their way back to the car. Emily pressed her hands in her back for some support, which made her belly look even bigger. The two women inside moved furiously, still trying to figure out how they could end up in this woman’s belly all of a sudden.

“Oof, look how big they made me hon.” Emily said in a teasing way, loud enough so that her meals could hear.

“Lt u-s -ot!” A muffled voice came from her belly.

“What was that, did my food just talk? She asked pleased, more at her belly than at Dust.

The way back took them a lot longer since Emily had to stop every 5 minutes to sit down and burp. She took great joy in teasing her food and massaging her large gut. Dust enjoyed seeing his girlfriend this happy again. She had deserved a good meal. But they both knew they still had a long road trip ahead of them.

*UUUOORRP* “Alright, I swear I’ll make it to the car without another stop…” She said to dust.

“…If my food behaves.” She added patting her big belly.

“We’rnotfood” came from her gut

“Oh stop whining you two! You’ll both make a great addition to my butt” Emily said, standing up looking at her backside.

“Besides how much difference is there being cramped up in a hot tent and being cramped up in my hot belly?” Emily teased and started walking again.

When they finally arrived at the car there was a new obstacle. Getting Emily inside the car.

Dust got in at the driver's seat and pulled her seat all the way back. Emily flopped her big butt on the chair. Dust got out again and walked over to the passenger seat. He pushed her big belly, while she tried to pull herself in. It took them 5 minutes, but they managed to do it a lot quicker than expected. Emily’s belly was squeezed tightly against the dashboard, but she was happily rubbing the top of her gut when Dust came in.

“Alright, I think we're good to go.” Dust said giving Emily’s belly a pat.

“Yay *BUOORRP* I can’t wait to get home and order dinner,” She said happily, too much annoyance of the women she had already eaten.


“Ehh..” Dust said, stepping on the gas pedal”

“VRUM VRUM VRUKA-POOF” the car sputtered again.

“Oh, oh.” Dust said trying one more time.

The car didn’t start and stayed completely silent this time.

“What is it?” Emily asked.

“I think we have car trouble” Dust rubbed his head.

“Oh, oh what now?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know” Dust grabbed his phone and checked for a gas station.

“Great, nearest sign of life is at least one hour from here and there isn’t someone available till tomorrow morning according to their social support,” He said annoyed after a while, typing on his phone.

Emily gave him a sad look.

“I don’t know if I can sleep in the car with this thing?” She said with a nod to her belly.

“We’re not sleeping in the car; I only see one option…”

“What’s that? Wait you mean? No, no, no please Dust…” She suddenly realized what he meant.

“You have a better idea? Or do you want to spend the night in their tent?” He motioned to her big belly.

Emily opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again. Then shook her head, agreeing with dust.

10 minutes later a pick-up truck stopped beside their car and Dust’s father stepped out.

“Hey kiddo, why didn’t you call sooner? It’s almost evening and you’re only 30 miles away from us.” He said stepping out, seeing his son sitting on the road.

“Yeah, uh something came up.” Dust said as he stood up.

“Whatdo ya mean?” His father asked scratching his beard.

“Oh, Emily wanted to stop for a bite to eat.” Dust said with a hand behind his head.

“There’s not a diner in si.. uh- I see.” His father said turning bright-red when he spotted his daughter in law. Emily had been sitting behind the car on the side of the road. She overheard the conversation and thought it would be best to just get it over with and show herself. She was walking toward father and son. Her large belly that wobbled up and down explained enough.

“Hi, Max.” Emily said rather awkwardly.

“Uh- hiya sweetheart” Dust’s father mumbled, staring with big eyes at her huge belly. She had done her best to cover as much of her gut with the sweater, but it only managed to tightly hug the upper part, just above her deep belly button.

“Alright, let’s see what we can do shall we.” He said while he shook his head out of the trance. He took a toolkit from his truck and opened the front of Dust’s car. A lot of steam emitted from it.

“Oof, that doesn’t look good.” He looked inside after the smoke cleared. “Not good at all.

The sun was sinking deeper as the evening crept in. Soft rain began to fall down on them.

After a while, covered in oil he said: “Try again dust.” Dust got in the car and tried to start the car, but nothing happened. He got out again and stood beside his dad looking puzzled.

“Sorry, this isn’t something I can fix kiddo. How ’bout I drive you two back at our place? We’ll figure something out tomorrow, alright?” Max said.

Dust looked at Emily, who still did her best to keep her big belly out of sight as much as possible. She just nodded, seeing no other options and rain started pouring.

‘Driving them back’ was of course easier said than done. Cause you know… Emily had to get in there as well.

“How about you drive, and I’ll get in at the backload?” Max said to Dust, after making the measurements that 3 people couldn't sit in the front with Emily’s extra baggage. Emily turned bright red.

“NO!” She said quickly “N-no please, I got myself into this, I’ll sit in the back.”

Before Max could open his mouth and argue, she took her belly in both hands and said: “Before we get this inside the car, it’ll be morning already”. She then walked to the back of the pick-up truck and step on the cargo bed. The trucked creaked and lowered with Emily stepping on, weighing as much as 3 adults now. Dust and his dad got in the front and they took off.

It was only a short drive, but the rainfall was heavy, and Emily was soaking wet within minutes.

“Couldn't just wait a few more hours.” She mumbled to herself. Her belly replied with some struggles and a loud gurgling sound.

When they arrived, Dust’s mother was waiting outside with a flashlight and an umbrella.

“Ooooh, you poor thing.” She said the minute she saw Emily in the back of the truck. With the help of Dust and Max, she stepped back on the ground. She was shivering.

“Ooh dear, you’re freezing, let’s get you inside.” She held the umbrella above Emily even though it was impossible to prevent her belly from still getting wet.

With a bit of a struggle, she managed to get through the front door. Emily felt some relief that she hadn't gotten stuck in the door. She could only imagine the awkwardness of 3 people having to push her through the front door in the pouring rain, just because she had been such a glutton.

“Come, I’ll run a bath for you.” Dust’s mother said walking upstairs to the bathroom as soon as they were inside.

All Emily wanted was to go straight to bed and not be a big-bellied burden to these nice people, but she knew Dust’s mom would insist and she had to admit, a hot bath right now sounded really good. She followed her up the stairs, the steps creaked under her weight. It took her some strength to get that belly upstairs, but she managed and made her way to the bathroom. Dust’s mom was sitting on the edge of the bath running the hot water and poured soap in.

Emily’s belly made a loud gurgling noise. She turned red, as the sound of it roared loudly above the sound of the running water, echoing in the bathroom atmosphere.

“Ooh, poor thing are you hungry?” Dust’s mom asked.

“N-no, actually that’s the sound of di-“ Emily couldn’t finish her sentence. She felt too awkward to mention digestion to her mother in law.

Both women didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Charlotte, I…” Emily started but was interrupted.

“I will get you something to eat, you just make sure you get yourself out of those wet clothes.” She said with a smile. She made an awkward maneuver around Emily’s belly but made it to the door without bumping into it.

It was a real struggle for Emily to get herself out of her clothes. The already tight sweater was even harder to get off now that is was drenched by the rain. When she finally managed to get her shirt and skirt, she took a moment to examine her belly. Showing itself massively underneath her huge bosom.

“Any of this doesn’t change the fact that you 2 were delicious you know.” Emily whispered with a smile. Her belly responded with some weak struggles and a loud growling noise.

“Hmm, maybe I am still a bit hungry.” She thought. She patted her belly and took off her bra and panties. She made her way over to the bath and stepped inside, letting her ice-cold feet adjust to the hot water. She slowly lowered herself in. Her belly took such an amount of space in the tub that the water rose over the edge as soon as she laid back. The top of her gut and massive tits rose out of the water like bare islands. Once she finally started to relax, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs again.

Charlotte walked in with some cake, a bottle of wine, and 2 glasses. Emily quickly covered her nipples with her hands.

“Oh don’t worry dear, I’ve seen breasts before.” Charlotte said with a glance at her own bosom. Emily lowered her hands but tried to cover her twins with the bath foam.

“Do you mind if I stay for a glass and a chat? The guys are watching sports and you know I don’t care about that one bit.” Dust’s mother said with a weak smile.

“Uhh, sure.” Emily said, feeling a bit uncomfortable being completely naked and with her belly proudly protruding from the water. Charlotte poured two glasses and gave Emily a slice of cake.

“Made it myself this morning” She smiled and took a seat on a bathroom stool.

“Thanks.” Emily took a bite and had to admit it tasted heavenly.

“I don’t care that you do it you know…” Charlotte said. Emily was not quite sure what she was talking about until she saw her staring at her big belly. It slowly rose up and down in the hot water, moving along with her breathing pattern. Emily hesitated for a moment, was she really talking about her belly? The woman who had ignored the fact that she ate people for years.

“I have to admit it was a bit of a shock for us when Dust told about you the first time.” Charlotte started like she had read Emily’s mind. “I mean I didn’t think my son would end up with a woman who can…”

“…Eat people whole” Emily finished her sentence with a soft voice and feeling herself turn red again.

“Exactly” Charlotte emptied her glass with one big gulp of wine and quickly filled it up again.

“We didn’t quite know how to react… I mean it was something new for us, but who were we to decide who our son loves. And who were we to decide what was normal and what was not.” She continued.

“We just wanted to show our support by acting … casual… but maybe that hasn’t been the right way to go.” Charlotte said and took another sip.

“I-i don’t know… I felt like maybe you guys hated me for doing it and the last thing I want is to be a burden.” Emily said, she thought she might as well spill out all her feelings now that they finally were talking about the elephant (or in Emily’s case, her huge belly) in the room.

“Ooh, of course not sweetheart, we love you to bits. And Dust is so fond of you! How could we possibly hate you?” Charlotte said worriedly.

Emily gave her a relieved laugh. “Same, I couldn’t wish for better in-laws.”

For a moment Emily thought Dust’s mom would come over for a hug but she was glad she just took another sip of wine instead.

“T-this could be the wine talking but...” Charlotte hesitated for a second. “…but I always thought you looked good with a… big belly, really feminine you know?

“Thanks! I love having one.” Emily decided to answer honestly, a bit more relaxed now that the sharp edge was off.

“You ever thought of doing it?” Emily asked.

Charlotte spat out her sip of wine with wide eyes. Emily immediately thought she went too far with that question and ruined what they had built up just now. But Charlotte quickly got back to her senses.

“I-i no I don’t think I can… I mean like, physically.” She said.

“Only one way to find out.” Emily countered.

“No, I think my ‘wild’ days are over.” Charlotte said with a weak smile and stood up.

“Nonsense.” Emily said laughing.

“I’ll let you relax for a bit dear, need to get a new bottle from downstairs.” She winked as she poured the last bit of wine in Emily’s glass.

Emily relaxed and let out a deep sigh when she left. She closed her eyes. Finally feeling a bit more comfortable in her boyfriend's parents' house, even with such an enormous belly. It gurgled happily. Emily emptied her glass and let out a cute burp. *BOOOURP! *

“Excuse me.” She said to no one particularly.

After a while Dust peeked his head through the door.

“You alright hon?” He asked.

“I’m fine, just having a good chat with your mom.” She smiled.

“About time” He winked, slid in the bathroom, and walked over to her.

“Let me just get a quick feel of those.” He said as he reached out for her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze.

“Babe! Your mother could be back any second.” Emily said with a seductive chuckle.

“I know, I know.” He said as he moved his hands over to her belly. “Damn I can’t wait to have you on top of me tonight.” He whispered.

“You’ll have to wait a bit longer, I'm in the middle of persuading your mother to eat a person.” She said to him with an evil grin.

“What! Oh god no. I can’t erase such an image from my mind Em.” He complained with a nasty look.

Emily laughed which made her belly shake. More water sloshed over the edges.

“Dust, the second half is about to start!” His dad yelled from downstairs.

“Coming!” He replied.

“Don’t get my mom into eating people you foul woman.” He said to his girlfriend. All Emily did was giggle when he left again.

She hefted herself up with some difficulty. Her big belly wobbled when she stepped out of the bath and reached for a towel. After she had dried herself (which was quite the task) she wrapped the towel around her hair. She walked over to the guest room where she put on a dry pair of panties and a bra. She heard the stairs creak again.

“I’m in here Charlotte, was getting a bit hot in that bath.” She called out.

Dust’s mom entered the guestroom with a new bottle of wine. She spotted Emily from the side standing in front of a full-length mirror admiring her big round gut when she came in. Without clothes on it looked even bigger.

“Oh my, I’m always surprised you can stand up straight with all that weight, it must be so heavy right?” She said, immediately jumping back to the conversation of Emily’s belly.

“It is, but you get used to it quickly,” Emily said. I could be the wine, but the awkwardness had disappeared between the two women. All those uncomfortable situations they always had, solved in a 15-minute conversation.

“And of course, I have quite a bit of experience.” Emily giggled as she turned around to Charlotte.

“D-do you mind if I touched it… it’s just so... I don’t know… I’m really curious that’s all.” She said, trying hard to avoid making it sound sexual.

“Not at all, go ahead.” Emily smiled. She pressed her fist in her lower back and proudly presented her huge belly to her mother in law.

Slowly, Charlotte placed both hands on top of the warm taut surface. A small bulge appeared on the place of her hands.

“Eek!” she pulled her hands back quickly like it was hot.

“Yeah, they will probably keep struggling in there for a while.” Emily laughed.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Charlotte asked

“Oh no it feels pretty good actually. And if I want them to stop, I’ll just ask nicely.” Emily said. Charlotte looked a bit puzzled, so Emily decided to demonstrate.

“Stop struggling in there you two, your food now and you should act like it.” Emily commanded her belly as she shook it.

“Amazing…” Charlotte just whispered in awe.

“Alright, alright. Mom, I’m happy you and Emily bonded, but I think this is enough for one night.” Dust said smiling, leaning against the doorpost. His mother turned around, shocked by his sudden appearance.

“Ooh common Dust she just wanted to know what my belly feels like, you’re not jealous of your own mother right?” Emily teased.

“I think your right Dust.” Charlotte said.

“It was nice talking to you Emily, and please don’t ever feel like you can’t be yourself around us.” She said as she made her way to the door.

“Have fun you two.” She whispered to her son, smiled and then walked away.

“Mom, gross.” Dust called after her.

“Dust, stop acting like a teenager, and give my belly some love.” Emily said as she plopped her round firm behind on the bed. With both hands, she patted the top of her immensely large belly and gave him a seductive look.