Resting on her couch, 5-time Grammy award winner Billie Eilish was left idly scrolling through Instagram. The 18-year-old musician has been a breakout success with the release of her debut album, leading to every artist under the sun hoping to collaborate with her, but only one had managed to convince Billie. With a ringing of her doorbell, Billie made her way down stairs, wearing a tight grey crop top and a lighter grey pair of gym shorts, her hair tied up into a bun, her green hair covering her head with the larger knot of her dark dyed black hair. As the teenaged popstar opened the door, she was met by the image of blonde woman, wearing a casual white t-shirt, mixed with a well-fitting pair of jeans. The blonde woman, a far cleaner and more refined appearance then Billie, smiled before hugging the shorter Billie. This blonde woman, having over half a foot of height over Billie, mostly succeeded in burying Billie’s head between her modest breasts. Slowly backing up, gathering herself from the sudden hug, Billie blinked twice, looking up at the blonde woman before her, clearly recognizable as Popstar Taylor Swift. “Happy you’re here…” Billie said, in her usual sort of bored tone, a hint of sarcasm leaking through “Ready to go record something?” With a nod from Taylor, the two began to walk through Billie Eilish’s house to the basement recording booth.

Over the hours in which Billie and Taylor were working together, Billie couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated, while Billie had always wanted to work with Taylor, the blonde popstar’s style of more upbeat and preppy music didn’t mesh well with Billie’s more lucid and unsettling lyrics. As two different musicians, a difference of tone was enough to deal with, the thing that the two truly could not deal with about one another was a difference of personality. While Billie was recording a backing track for the song, Taylor could not help but look down at the teen and smile, “Billie, you’re so talented, not to mention your confidence! Like I could never wear that, wearing your pajamas while working is just… so you!” Taylor Swift said, the sugary coating on her words not keeping Billie from noticing the underlining rudeness.

Despite all of this, the song was coming along well, and Billie and Taylor were still getting along well, carrying a somber creepy message between the bubble gummy tone of Taylor’s music. The pair could not help but joking around about other performers within the music industry, chatting about every topic from Nikki Minaj’s latest boyfriend, to their own most embarrassing moments while on tour. Despite their personal difference the two ladies were clearly bonding, Billie who saw Taylor as a sort of older sister, “Hey Taylor… thanks for working with me on this song, you know, like, I was a pretty big fan growing up! I mean… even if like I’m more popular then you are now.” Billie said, trying to keep up her usual calm disinterested demeanor. Taylor, struggling to hold her composure at Billie’s attitude, replied despite Billie’s rude comment at the end “Thanks Billie! I mean… it was your first album, but I am sure that you’ll be more successful then me…” Taylor said trying to remain calm.

After a little while, the two superstars step out of the recording booth in the basement of Billie’s home to eat some lunch, Taylor taking out a salad with all manner of fruit, with a light dressing on top, “So Billie, what are you ha-“ Taylor began, before stopping to look on in shock. Billie was busy opening a bag of greasy fast food, pulling out a burger dripping with all manner of grease and sauce, nothing short of a heart attack on a bun. Swift could only watch in horror as she saw the far smaller Billie inhale the burger, massive bites of the huge sandwich disappearing down her throat with each bite. In only a minute this horrid 3 patty tall tower of calories and fat was packed into Billie’s throat, before diving down into the musician’s stomach, causing it to bow outwards ever so slightly due to its contents. Patting her belly in satisfaction, Billie let out a long sigh of pleasure, before casually releasing a massive belch, “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP! God, that was pretty good huh?” Billie said out loud, looking to Taylor to see the blonde’s obviously impressed face, only to be met by Swift’s horrified aghast gaze.

“Billie that’s disgusting! Not only for you to not even get dressed when you know I am coming to work with you, you insult me, and now you are blowing your gross burps in my face! I am so out of here!” Taylor said, beginning to storm off before Billie grabbed the blonde superstar by the arm. “You’re kidding me, right? I am letting you work with me! I am the hottest shit in music right now! You should be thanking me for even letting you stay in my presence…” Billie began fuming, as an idea entered her head, “Actually, fuck it. Taylor, you suck and your music sucks too, but I think I can help with that.” Billie said with a slight grin as she began to open her mouth as wide as possible. In a moment of deep aghast horror Taylor Swift was left victim to watch as Billie Eilish’s mouth grew and grew, before the smaller and younger teenaged girl began to pull Taylor’s head into her maw.

Drool filled with the aroma with the horrid scents of meat, ketchup and onions filled the panicked mind of Taylor as she was swiftly being pushed further into the cavern that was Billie’s mouth, the small goth teen shoving Taylor in with a strength which seemed impossible for a girl her size. Blonde drool-soaked hair adhered to Taylor’s face, as she was pushed down Billie’s throat, her lithe form sliding deeper into Billie with little effort on the predator’s side. Soon enough, Taylor was left curled up within a tight hot chamber of acrid smelling stomach juices, small chunks of meat and bread floating around the shouting popstar. “Shhh, Taylor calm down, you don’t want to hurt your singing voice” Billie mocked, her belly now a massive 5 foot orb of pale flabby fat, poking free of her outfit, the visible outline of Taylor fighting in a pointless hope of freedom. “I am the new hot shit of the music industry; I get what I want… UUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP! And I wanted you for lunch.” Billie commented, before heading up to her room for a nice nap.

++++Weight Gain, and Implied Scat++++

Waking up on her bed, Billie slowly rolled off her mattress, slowly walking over to the bathroom feeling a slight pressure in her bowels. Glancing into the bathroom mirror Billie was left to look on in horror at the massive soft bed of pudge hanging from her midsection, far from the small pudge people like Jennifer Lopez would get. The green haired music icon now sported an additional 150 pounds of fat, now resting squarely in the form of soft doughy belly resting out before her like the belly of an obese man with a beer gut. Covered in stretch marks, the belly was filled with the soft still digesting remains of what had been a Billboard chart topper, waiting for Billie’s body to work her away into a more convenient form for the teen’s assets.

“Ugh Taylor, you can’t just break down fast! I am going to have to deal with you lingering like this for a few weeks!” Billie complained loudly, as a soft PFFFFT squeaked through her shorts, Taylor’s own form of protest. With a sharp startled sound, Billie pulled down her pants, and placed her rear onto the toilet before her, groaning and she poked at the belly before her, “I thought Vegan food was good for you…”