Every day has been great for Riki Naoe, if you don’t worry about the fact that he has narcolepsy. He’s been on a baseball team with his friends and they’re always having fun together. He would often wish that the time they spent together could last forever. His physical build was pretty weak compared to his male friends and he happened to be shorter than them. Riki’s hair is straight and dark brown going to his ears and he has gray-brown eyes. In the middle of the day, Riki had thoughts of playing baseball with his friends again and couldn’t wait for school to end.

     Lunchtime comes and he heads out of the classroom only to be pulled aside by a classmate who happens to be one of his friends on the team, Yuiko Kurugaya. She’s the tallest of the girls on the team and has long straight black hair that has a yellow ribbon on the left side of her hair. Hey eye color is somewhere between blue and purple. Kurugaya also happens to have pretty big boobs so she doesn’t completely close her shirt. She is known to enjoy giving Riki a hard time.

     “Kurugaya-san, can I help you?” asked Riki.

     “Would you care to join me for lunch?” responded Kurugaya.

     “I don’t mind.” answered Riki.

     “Heh, you’re looking pretty tasty.” commented Kurugaya.

     “What are you talking about?” he asked.

     “Today you get the privilege of being my lunch.” answered Kurugaya.

     “What?” responded Riki.

     The next thing he knew, Kurugaya’s hands were on his shoulders and her mouth was opening wide. As his face entered her mouth, he started to panic. She gulped hard, bringing the boy’s face toward her throat. He winced as he felt her taste him. Kurugaya placed her hands on his sides to help shove him in. As more of him was swallowed, he was kicking and trying to break free. The entire time he was begging Kurugaya to let him go. The girl ignored his struggles and swallowed past his chest.

     Before he knew it, his face appeared in her belly and started freaking out even more when he realized he was about to land in stomach acid. He begins fighting even harder but it only results in him falling further into Kurugaya’s gut. More of him is swallowed and his hips slide into her mouth. His upper body has reached the floor of her stomach and she slurps up his legs and they soon join him inside. Kurugaya places her hands on her now extended belly as she lets out a loud belch.

     “Kurugaya-san!?” exclaimed Riki, “Why did you eat me!?”

     “Because I wanted to.” she answered, “And you did say you would join me.”

     “But you didn’t say I was going to be lunch!” responded Riki.

     “Heh,” she said, “I bet deep down you’re happy that you get to be digested by such an attractive woman.”

     “What are you going on about?” responded Riki.

     “You’re thinking something like ‘Hell yeah, I’m gonna get digested into her boobs!’, right?” teased Kurugaya.

“I’m not thinking anything like that at all!” yelled Riki.

Inside her stomach, it smelled awful. Riki couldn’t believe that he had gotten himself into such a situation. How did he manage to end up inside of a girl’s stomach? Would it even be possible to get himself out? He wiggled all around, punching and kicking at the walls but Kurugaya enjoyed his struggles.

     “Oh, you feel so good moving around inside me!” exclaimed Kurugaya.

     Riki ignored her comment and kept struggling. All of his efforts didn’t really help him though. All his movements did was pleasure the girl that had devoured him. All of that work had tired him out and it was at this point when he realized he was soaked. He had saliva and digestive fluids all over him! He was disgusted.

     “This is gross!” he yelled.

     “Settle down and digest, boy.” responded Kurugaya.

     He knew the girl had no intention of letting him out. He wanted out, but how could he escape? He didn’t want to be digested, but he knew he had to act fast if he wanted to leave. He then heard some loud gurgles and her acids were working on his clothes. Riki began freaking out and bouncing all over the place. Kurugaya just kept moaning in response. The acids were melting his clothes and some got on his skin.

     “You’re melting me!” yelled Riki.     

     “Does it feel good?” asked Kurugaya.

     “I don’t like it!” responded Riki.     

     “I can’t wait to see how much you’ll add to me.” said Kurugaya.

     She wasn’t listening to him. Riki was screwed. He was in a girl’s stomach and she was digesting him. There was no way out. The stomach continued working on him and he found himself feeling softer. Pieces of himself and his clothes began floating around in her stomach acid. He fought with her stomach some more until he became too weak to fight digestion.

     “Please… stop.” said Riki.     

     Kurugaya didn’t respond. She just rubbed her belly that had shrunk so much. Riki began feeling sleepy. He reached out his hand, trying to bang on the slimy walls but he passed out. Kurugaya went on her with her day and continued digesting him. Nobody even asked where Riki went and Kurugaya was able to digest her meal in peace. In her mind, Riki was one lucky boy, even if he felt differently about the whole thing.