A unique experience

A unique experience.

After postponing it for far too long I finally took the time to go on a long overdue vacation. The project I had worked on was finally done and one of my colleagues showed me an advertisement about a resort that was built around a group of natural hot springs. The price was better then right and since I'm normally very economical I called the number that was written on the ad the very same evening.
The resort itself was on a very remote location. At least 3 hours away from the nearest town and when I arrived the manager informed me that there was no phone on the resort itself. The lobby of the hotel didn't look that bad. It was simple but the sofa's where comfortable and a pleasant scent filled the air. Apart from the porter and the desk clerk I hadn't seen anyone walking around. Since I had booked before the actual holiday season started I figured that most of the rooms where still vacant and that the rooms would fill up when the season would start next week. After taking off my travel clothes and changing into my bathing suit I grabbed a towel and began to look for the springs. I followed the signs and after walking through a few corridors I finally found the large basins of water. A heavy scent of mint was carried by the steam coming from the three basins that where the main attraction lying in the center of the colorful garden. There was a small terrace on one side which was littered with a few reclining chairs. The basins where filled to the brim with water that was clear at the surface but colored white a few centimeters below the surface.
I draped my towel on one of the recliners near the basins and began to walk to the water. When I slowly put my foot in the water I met another guest that was using the springs.
“You shouldn't start out with that one.” I jumped back out of the water and lost my balance. I stumbled and fell but landed right on one of the soft recliners.
“Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.” The voice said. I looked around and finally saw a woman lying in one of the pools. “Whoa you did startle me. But no harm done.” I answered with a well intended smile. I walked over to the brown haired woman and reached to shake her hand. “My name is Mary.” I said. “It's nice to meet you. I'm Karintha. But most people just call me Kay.” She replied. “If you want the full effect of the pools you should start with that one for the first few days.” Kay said while she pointed at the pool that was the farthest from the terrace. “Then this one and finally the one near the terrace. It's really fulfilling.”
“You've been here before?” I asked while I walked over to the first pool. “This is my third time here. It's so wonderful so fulfilling.” Kay said while she rested her head on the rock behind her.
I slowly lowered myself in the warm water the smell of mint was very strong and I felt my nostrils opening up to the intense smell. After slowly swimming around the basin I lay on the bottom near Kay resting my head on the edge like she did. After lying around for an hour I began to feel thirsty and I opened my eyes.
“Would you like a drink Ma'am?” I heard a calm soothing voice above my head. When I looked up the desk clerk was standing next to the pool.
“I'd like a diet coke.” I said after I recovered from my surprise.
“I'm sorry but that is out of stock. We do have several fresh fruit drinks.” The man replied in a calm voice. I contemplated the idea for a moment. “yes fruit punch will be fine.” The man disappeared off inside and returned a minute later wit my drink. When I had taken the drink and looked up to thank the man I found him gone already.
“The service is really great here.” I commented to Kay who was enjoying a drink of her own. “Yes its perfect.” She said and took another sip. After finishing my drink I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the soft currents of the warm water. After a while I felt a tingle near my toes. Surprised I raised my leg out of the water and looked at my foot. A small fish let go of my skin and dropped back in the water where the yellow and blue striped devil quickly swam out of sight.
“Those are cleaner fish. They will work do wonders for your skin. Just remain very still and more will come.” Kay commented. For someone who was busy relaxing she was very perceptive of the world around her. I thanked her absentmindedly and lowered my leg back into the water. After a few moments the little fish or one of its relatives returned and began cleaning my legs. As time passed more and more of those little fish began to crawl over me to clean my skin. When the first dared to swim near the surface on where the water to clean my breasts I noticed that I was no longer wearing my bathing suit. The shoulder bands that weren't submerged where still there but the rest of it was completely gone. “Kay” I asked, “What happened to my bathing suit?”
Kay turned around and looked at me. “Oh I must have forgotten. Most kinds of plastic dissolve in this water.”
“I see.” I said while I inspected the remains of my bathing suit. I held one of the bands in the water and noticed that it immediately liquefied coloring the water bright yellow for a moment.
“It was an old one anyway.” I said while I tossed the other part to the center of the pool. Kay turned back and I slid a little deeper into the pond allowing the little cleaner fish have complete access to my voluptuous breasts.
The first few days passed quickly and on the fourth day I finally decided to go into the second pool and maybe have some conversation with Kay. As usual I found her already lying in the pool when I entered the garden she waved at me with a smile and I slowly let myself sink into the pool. The water was a little warmer then in the other pool which was a good thing because the weather had gotten a little colder. After dipping myself into the pool I swam over to the center where the pools touched and where Kay was enjoying herself.
“Good morning.” She said in a frisky tone. “You're just in time.”
“Just in time for what?” I asked curiously while I sat down beside her.
“To see the Iguana. It comes around at this time every day. Look there he is!” Linda pointed at a small hole in the fence where a large Iguana slowly dragged its way to a colorful plant under which a few pieces of fruit where gathered into a pile.
“Hi Leo!” Kay yelled while she waved at the Iguana. The green lizard stopped, turned his head to us and nodded briefly before continuing.
“Its really tame.” I said with amazement as I watched Leo eat.
“Yea, the manager said he's a bit of a mascot.”
Kay raised herself out of the water and wiped her hair out of her face. Her long brown hair lay gently the bronze skin of her firm well rounded breasts. Her nipples slowly stood erect in the cold breeze. Then I noticed her abdomen which ballooned out just beyond her breasts. Kay ran her hands over her belly and prodded it a few times.
“When are you due?” I asked guessing that she was expecting. “Oh it won't be long now.” She replied with a sinister while carefully rubbed her fleshy dome I hesitated with my next question. “C…Can I feel it?” Kay nodded with a smile and sat down again. I reached out to touch her belly. Kay gently took my wrist and guided it to her distended abdomen. At first I felt nothing but then I noticed a continuous soft squirming coming from under her skin. I didn't quite know what to say so I just smiled and felt again on several different places. “Come listen” She said and pulled my head to her belly. A faint rumbling sound came from her belly. “Do you have any children?” Kay asked. “No, I haven't found the right guy yet.” I answered. “Then it will be a great experience for you!” Kay exclaimed loudly. I didn't understand what she meant but I guessed she was referring to the joy of pregnancy. Kay got up again and lowered herself into the third pool while I struggled to get comfortable in the second one. The bottom of the first pool had been smooth but this one appeared to be covered in oddly shaped rocks. When I finally got comfortable I was sitting up to my neck in the warm water with my legs spread slightly. The currents in the second pool where a bit stronger then in the first. The water seemed to rise up along the bottom. After a few minutes the cleaning fish returned and started massaging my skin again. As the hours passed the cleaning fish began to lose interest in me and I noticed that the current was getting stronger. I could feel the water brushing against my outer lips sometimes forcing them apart for a moment allowing the warm water to rush into my vagina. The warm feeling was very pleasant and I reached down and spread my lips with my fingers to allow the water full access to me. I had to bite my lip a few times to keep me from moaning in pleasure as the water poured into me. I twitched when I suddenly felt the familiar ministrations of the cleaner fish but this time in my most intimate regions. At first I shooed the fish away but it kept returning to suck and nibble at my sex. After a few more minutes another one of the cleaner fish appeared and joined its predecessor in its tender care. I was breathing heavily as the two fish provided me with sexual pleasure. After a few more minutes the orgasm hit me and I arched my back raising my bosom above the surface. I could hear Kay snickering behind me but I stopped caring. The smell of the fluids oozing from me attracted more of the cleaner fish and they all wanted to get a taste of me. The water in front of me rippled as all of the tiny fish where swimming right into my sex. Their ministrations drove to the height of another climax in no time when I felt my pussy spasm in an odd way that was completely new to me. This went on and on for hours until the sun had set beneath the horizon and the remaining fish slowly began to lose their interest. I slowly stumbled from the pool completely exhausted from the day. When I flopped down on my bed I could swear I could still feel the little fish swimming around inside me.
When I woke up the next morning and slowly rose from my bed when I noticed something. First I dismissed it as my overactive imagination but then I distinctly felt something squirming inside of me. I looked down and I found that my once flat belly now had a bulge in it about the size of a large orange. When I put my hand on it I could feel the same squirming I felt inside Kay. The idea that my belly was so full of life got me exited again and I couldn't wait to get more of those little fish inside of me. After eating a small breakfast I rushed down to the pool and climbed in again. I spread my legs as wide as I could and patiently waited for the cleaner fishes. In less then a minute they came first one, then two and before I knew it they where jamming themselves up my pussy by the dozens. When I felt that I was about to come I reached down with both my hands and cupped as many of the fish as I could against my pussy. They panicked and began to squirm like banshees Just before I climaxed I pushed the entire lot into my vagina stretching me wide open. When I came I felt my pussy swallow them by the dozens, their wild squirming bodies being trapped in my womb. I continued doing this the entire day. A group of cleaner fish would come and I would swallow them all up greedily.
By the time the sun set my belly had swelled out to the size of a melon and I could see my skin ripple with the life that was inside. I was too exhausted and I felt too heavy to go back to my room. Instead I slowly walked to the recliners on the terrace and fell asleep there. Kay's head was resting on my belly when I woke up the next morning.
“Wow” She said. “You really caught a lot in just two days.”
“Yeah” I said slightly embarrassed. “It just feels so wonderful.”
“I bet you can't wait to get into the third pool.”
“What's in the third pool?” I asked with great anticipation.
“Wait and see. At this rate you can go in there in three days or so.” Kay said and listened to my belly once more.
I quickly went back into the second pool again. I noticed that there where a few cleaner fish swimming at the surface. That was something I hadn't seen before normally the shy fish would remain near the bottom of the pool. When I slid my legs in I felt the little fish swimming away from me and I figured that the pool must be brimming with them. Hardly had I spread my legs or the fish came to my pussy to feed. I looked at Kay once and said “Feeding time.” But we both know it wasn't the fish that where going to be fed. There where definitely a lot more fish then before. In their frantic efforts to reach my warm sex they completely covered my legs and I didn't have to wait for an orgasm this time. I shoved them into me as soon as they reached my sex and immediately the ones that where still outside blocked their exit dooming them to a one way trip to my prison of flesh. Pretty soon I was cramming them inside of my throbbing vagina by the hundreds. Slowly I felt a new orgasm come and I saw the bulge of fish travel upwards from my pussy to my womb. I kept doing this shoving more and more of the fish into my cunt every time I came. My belly bulged farther outwards with every orgasm and by the time that the sun began to set it looked like I had shoved a pair of watermelons inside of me. The skin of my belly rippled up and down in waves as thousands of tiny fish squirmed around inside of me. I can't remember since when I felt so good. These tiny little fish where trapped helplessly inside me. At my mercy, to do with as I pleased.
When I struggled to rise from the water Kay whistled in amazement. “Wow, it looks like you had your fill Maybe you want to try the third pool a little bit ahead of schedule.”
I shook my head with a wicked smile. “Not as long as there are more fish in that pool. I want to have them all inside me.”
Kay helped me down on one of the recliners and embraced my belly. Her nipples stood erect and rock hard in the warm evening sky and she was breathing heavily. She was more turned on about this then I was. I smiled at her and caressed her belly which had grown as well. Suddenly she kissed me passionately and began to explore every inch of my belly with her hands. I rolled to my side and started stroking her breasts and belly with great passion. Soon one of my hands began massaging her wet dripping sex while the other pressed down hard on her belly causing the fish inside her to squirm like crazy. I felt like there was a freight train rolling through my body when Linda embraced and squeezed my huge fleshy dome. Our efforts increased frantically as we both began to reach our climax and when the orgasm finally rolled through my body I felt my wet sex gulping and tugging at Kay's hand. For a moment her hand disappeared into me completely up to her wrist. I felt Kay's pussy pull at my hand as well but I could resist it easily. We continued enjoying the feeling of each others bodies until we both fell asleep from exhaustion.
I woke up early next morning just before dawn. Kay was still asleep and I carefully got up and walked to the pool very careful not to wake her. I lay in the pool with my legs spread again. My pussy was hungry for more fish. The fish weren't as abundant as they where yesterday but within a minute there where at least twelve fish feasting on my juices. I quickly scooped them up and closed my legs tightly. I slipped and I quickly tried to pull myself up. I arched my back to gain a foothold and I felt my pussy gulp the fish up into my womb. I experimented a few more times with it and eventually figured out what muscles my pussy used to eat. I smiled and relaxed again lying still so that the little cleaner fish would come back. But they didn't return. I felt a bit disappointed as I remembered the great feeling of all those fish being swallowed up by my hungry pussy. I rested for a few more minutes until Kay woke up. She walked up to me, one hand on her belly.
“Are the fish biting?” She asked seductively.
“No, I think I caught them all” I replied.
“That's too bad. Good thing there's still the third pool.”
“What's in the third pool?” I asked while I slowly got up.
“Bigger fish, mostly moray eels that normally prey on the cleaner fish.” Kay said. “They really force you open when they come in. But its not really painful once you get used to it.”
I waddled over to the third pool and laid back. The rock points where really far apart here so I could open my legs really wide.
“They are trained to know where the fish are so they should come pretty quickly if you're lucky.” Kay said while she sat down next to me.
The water in the third pool was a little clearer then the water in the second pool and I could see some vague shapes in the water. I laid back and parted the lips of my sex with my fingers and waited patiently. After about a minute I felt something slowly swimming past my belly. Kay commented that it was a spotted moray. “They” she said “normally examine your belly first to see if there is enough fish inside you. If there is too little they lose interest and if there's too much they won't go in because the big morays sometimes eat the smaller ones.”
The moray swam around my belly a few times more and then disappeared back into the deep waters. A few more spotted moray eels examined my belly all in different sizes and they all swam down to the deep end again. Then I felt another moray brush against my legs. When it swam around my belly I saw that it was a big green moray eel and I guessed that it was about 2 meters long. It swam around me once more and then I thought it would swim away again. I was getting a bit disappointed because I had already seen Kay arch her back in woes of pleasure when a spotted moray entered and disappeared into her. But suddenly I felt a large amount of pressure against my vulva as the green moray began to swim into me. Its soft skin stimulated my sex like crazy. When I climaxed my pussy gulped and its head disappeared into me. It panicked and began to struggle wildly sending me from climax to climax. Which each orgasm the green monster slid deeper into me until it was gone. I could see its form rippling underneath my skin as it fed on the cleaner fish. The feeling was incredible and just when I thought that it couldn't get any better another moray began to swim into me. This one was even bigger. I felt a slight strain through the haze of pleasure as it passed through my body. Its wide form rippled forcibly in my womb chasing after the panicking cleaner fish. The entrance of the two big morays caught the interest of more of the predatory fish that where lurking at the bottom of the pool. Before I knew it more eels began to swim into my waiting sex. And then I felt something completely new. Kay told me a large octopus had taken its interest in me. I rolled a bit to the right and saw the monster come up from under the water. It was huge. Its body was easily 3 meters in diameter and I wondered how that could possibly fit through me. It carefully moved to my pussy and curled up in front of it. Slowly I could feel it work its tentacles into my sex followed by its body. I screamed out in mixed pleasure and pain as the creature stretched me wide open. When the orgasm came I could feel its suction cups releasing and slowly and patiently it worked its way through my birth canal. When the octopus was inside I closed my legs defiantly letting them all know that their lives where mine now. Kay and I moved closer to each other and caressed each others bellies enjoying the movement of each other's victims. I looked at Kay's belly in jealousy. Even though I had thousands of victims thrashing around inside me I still wanted more. I needed more. Kay and I crawled from the water onto a patch of grass next to the pools and moved into a 69 position. I felt her belly squirm against my breasts as I moved my hands and my tongue in and out of her sex. I drove her to new heights in pleasure several times before her tender care began to work its magic on me. I stretched my legs wide when I finally came my pussy spasmed and swallowed. I pulled Kay's hands deep inside me and I felt her fingernails brush my cervix. We played with each other for another hour and then finally fell asleep using each others bellies as pillows.
I woke up very early next morning when the sun was still low beneath the horizon. I felt ravenous but not for food. I looked at the three ponds and noticed that the first one was still teeming with fish. I lowered my massive frame into the water and spread my sex wide open. These cleaner fish weren't trained like their brothers in the next pool but eventually learned to respond to my juices. They quickly began to swim deep inside me unaware of the danger that lay just one wall ahead. When my pussy was filled and surrounded by the little fish I made my pussy swallow hard. The fish that where inside me disappeared immediately I swallowed again and sucked the fish near my voracious entrance deep inside me. Every time I swallowed more of the little fish where sucked inside me and it didn't take me that long to nearly empty the first pool. With my belly full of bait again I then climbed over to the third pool and let myself sink in deep. Grabbing the rocky outcroppings I pulled myself down to the bottom where all the other fish where still sleeping. I reached out and grabbed the first fish I saw and crammed it headfirst into my pussy. I swallowed once so that it was stuck and then grabbed more and more. The pleasure slowly turned to pain when I was sucking them in three or four at a time. A quick octopus had managed to elude my grasp until I thrust my pussy forward and swallowed hard. Its body was caught in me almost instantly and with a few more swallows its struggling tentacles vanished inside me and became nothing more but a memory and another bulge in my belly. I let myself float to the surface for air and swam down again as soon as I had caught my breath. Not much remained just one moray which had been sleeping through all the excitement. It was positively huge. Well over 5 meters in length and nearly a meter in diameter. Slowly I approached it with my legs spread. When I got close it woke up and slowly began to swim away from me. I gulped with my pussy and caught its tail. Immediately it began to struggle frantically to escape its throes stimulated my pussy and as I came several times as I floated to the surface. Each orgasm spelled doom for the ancient predator. Its long winding body slowly disappearing into me stretching me wide open. I caressed its entire body as it entered my vagina and I cried out in pleasure while the orgasm's hit me faster and harder which each successive one. My belly was now a huge pink dome that stuck out of the water like an iceberg made of flesh. I slowly struggled to shore unable to walk anymore. I fell asleep again and didn't wake until the sun was in the sky. Kay had woken up and was lying on top of my belly I reached down and began to stroke her thigh. She responded by rubbing my belly and slowly moving her hand into my pussy. When I started to pleasure her I saw her bulging belly again and once again I was wracked with jealousy. I wanted more. Slowly our sexual play began to heat up again and after a few minutes I felt that I was approaching another orgasm.
“I'm sorry Kay.” I said while I spread my legs. Kay just looked up in question when my orgasm hit and I pulled her hand deep into me. Not giving her a chance to pull out I swallowed again and again until I felt her elbow popping into my womb.
“Mary what are you doing?!” she asked with a slight hint of panic in her voice. I didn't answer but moaned loudly as her squirming sent me into another orgasm. Her head and her shoulders disappeared into me without trouble and her breasts followed immediately afterwards. The challenge was her belly. The wide squirming dome was the biggest thing yet and its round form lodged itself in my pussy unwilling to move.
“I wont give up.” I said to myself “Not now I'm so close!”
I heaved and slowly I felt Kay shift deeper into me the pressure of my vagina caused the fish inside her to squirm stimulating my walls into another rage of orgasm. Now there was no way back. I lay there helplessly while the fish inside Kay sent me into orgasm after orgasm. Centimeter by centimeter Kay progressed inside me and I could feel her hands moving through the squirming mass inside me struggling for her freedom. Hours later Kay's belly had finally become one with my own and all that remained outside where her kicking legs and with a few more gulps even those where gone. I closed my legs slowly. Finally I felt satisfied.
I laid on top of my belly which now was bigger then me and I enjoyed the fruitless struggles of all those inside me. I slowly lowered myself into one of the pools and slowly fell asleep. During the rest of my vacation I enjoyed the slowly fading struggles of the cleaner fish, the moray eels and Kay while the eels ate each other and swam around fruitlessly looking for an exit. Kay kept herself alive inside me by preying on her cellmates and as the day of my departure drew closer most of the fish inside me where gone and only Kay's outline was visible. When I went to sleep on the last evening I felt a bit sad because Kay had completely ceased moving and lay completely still inside me. Feeling sad and alone I went to sleep in my bed. Next morning Kay's outline had disappeared and my belly was a soft round sphere. In a few weeks all traces of her would be gone and I could get back to work. I already looked forward to my next visit.