Sleep comes only to the blessed, hence no rest for the wicked. Myne felt this, deep in her body while her sore and aching muscles tried to dreamlessly slumber off the pain. When she came too, she was reminded of her location: Swiftly banging her head as she sat up in the drawer Raphtalia had locked her in.

“Ow…” The small shape in the drawer peered out of the keyhole. She waited, her body sweaty, her mind frazzled and a stink of foot cheese clinging to her form, only getting worse in the restrictive wooden box she had been locked inside of all night. It had been a rather unfortunate end to the beginning of the first torturous session but Myne had survived. The bitchy former princess continued to skulk around her tiny prison, finally hearing the thunderous footsteps of her tormentor leave the room.

“Now’s my chance…” The frazzled woman wiped herself down as best as she could. Being shrunk was one thing but being continuously humiliated and degraded was a far harsher fate. Of course Malty S. Melromarc, cruel royal and shamed harlet believed any fate of suffering was too harsh for her. “I can get out of here and rally up a mob against this witch!” She heaved with all her strength and pushed open the drawer, feeling her little body strain and re-opening the old stresses and aches the last day of torture had brought on. “That bitch is gone, finally! I am free and can try to un-shrink myself.” She hopped over the hard edge of the wood and gently dropped to the floor with a grunt, her eyes already searching for some kind of antidote that would return her to her original size.

With the front door locked and the windows sealed, the small liar ran across the soft furs of the bedroom and tried to look for something in the dust bunnies that covered the bare wood leading into the corridor and under the cabinets. Small spiders moved out of her way and the disgusted woman ducked under the bedroom door, heading across the floorboards before she heard a creak downstairs. “You are kidding me!” She hissed in her bitchy tone- Raphtalia hadn’t left! Either that or as she heard the creak of a door, could it be that the Shield Hero’s most trusted companion had simply forgotten something?

“Myne!” She spoke softly but to the small Malty it sounded like a thunderous shout clapping down from Mount Olympus. The shrunken woman groaned and turned on her heels, trying to hide beneath the door yet again. Maybe she could return to her drawer and feign ignorance. “You better not be creeping around: I hid the antidote in a special place where someone as evil as you won’t find it!” She felt the heat of fear blush up across her pale cheeks, the steps now echoing as Raphtalia ascended towards her.

“Come on, just a bit quicker….” Myne screamed as she rushed across the floor but was almost bowled over by the gust of wind that was caused by Raphtalia opening the door so uproariously. She froze in her tracks and hoped her stillness would help her to blend in and avoid detection.

“I can see you Bitch…” Raphtalia growled, ducking down to snatch up the frozen shape of her victim. Grinning, the demi-human’s auburn eyes searched over the tiny woman’s form. She was still wearing the dirtied rags that she had hoped would disguise her amongst the poor folk who all hated her guts. And now, Raphtalia let her morning breath (ornery and unwashed) flood out over the small wretch’s senses, causing Myne to cough and gag from the sudden syphoning of clean air around her. “Thought you could escape huh? I was just heading out to grab some groceries but I almost forgot my wallet- lucky I came back so quickly huh?” She asked with a raised eyebrow and cruel inflection to her honeyed tone. “What were you thinking of accomplishing huh? Can’t open any doors, hell I’m even surprised that you managed to bust open that old drawer. But maybe I just put you in a duff old box, perhaps it was fate that you freed yourself.” She glowered over the woman with a menacing glare, her beautiful auburn hair tucked behind her beautiful tanuki ears.

“Please! You have to let me go, you can’t keep me here!” Myne struggled in the tight demi’s grip, feeling more sweat build up around her body until she felt gave up, still in her cruel shrinker’s grasp. “Just, please- there must be something I can do to prove I’ve changed!” Raphtalia scowled over the spluttering woman. She had almost got the Shield Hero exiled from the kingdom thanks to her false accusations and had treated multiple people as tools in her own selfish endeavours. Though Raphtalia would never admit it, there was no redemption for one as foul as Myne.

“Hmm, I think I’ve figured out something.” Myne beamed- was this finally her merciful escape, the moment where Raphtalia would let down her guard enough for her own revenge to take place? No, no it wasn’t: Raphtalia pulled off her heavy leather boot, the smell reaching up and ensnaring the struggling Myne in its disgusting aura. She pinched her nose shut before Raphtalia simply dropped her. She chuckled as her friend’s persecutor fretted in the air, trying to cast any magic that would prevent her fall but coming up short as she landed face-first into the sweat-laced heel of the well-worn boots. Her body moulded back to the grip of the inflexible materials and she groaned, inhaling more of the foot smell that she had just pushed out of her system over her stay in the tight drawer.

“You bitch!” She screamed, trying to blast out from the boot with a tight shot of Zweite Fire and as she aimed the blast, she knew she’d have to be quick: Raphtalia’s foot was already descending on her! The calloused heel took the blast well and smushed Myne down flat against the insole before she could fire off another one. Raphtalia even ground the ball of her foot against Myne’s back for good measure, the grinding flat part of the foot pushing Malty up. The foot now filled the boot, pressing the shrunken princess face-deep into the dirty leather. “I hate you…” She grumbled. The weight of the demi’s body compounded on top of her and it was only thanks to her royal heritage and genetic endurance that she was able to withstand the pressure on top of her though no amount of inherited toughness could keep the rancid smell of sweaty feet from her sensitive nostrils. In another life, Malty was used to inhaling the scintillant floral notes of well-crafted perfumes and at this point, that same adept sense of smell cursed her to inhale the salty sharp scent of her foot’s underside. Groaning, she felt Raphtalia take a few steps, one two three four, then two steps back as to properly smush her into the foul boot.

“Ahh, much better. My poor feet were getting all sore marching up and down the cobbles. My living insole should help,” Raphtalia teased loudly, looking over her cute outfit and footwear in the mirror, happy that no sign of the princess could be seen from the outside, “and I get to keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t escape! It’s two birds with one stone haha.” She chuckled, happily stepping back towards her door and making sure to apply as much pressure to the bottom of her foot as she could, just to test the magic-user’s limits. It seems that she couldn’t keep Myne alone anymore so keeping the tiny terror on her person was the best way to ensure she got to keep her shrunk. “Mhmm, much better. This way I don’t have to hear your grating horrible voice either!” She smirked and felt her foot muscles finally relax, unleashing inches of sweat-stained skin that tracked along every centimetre of skin. Malty groaned in disgust when the new layer of sticky body secretions made her head spin.

“Guhh, how does your foot find new ways to smell horrible?” She asked, recoiling in disgust when her tongue accidentally passed over the sweaty foot skin and wriggled as best as she could. It was hard to tell where Raphtalia was going but wherever it was, she was happy to take long big steps that further compressed her. Tensing her wrists, malty made a slight Gust of wind that blew across her body and shedded some of the stench clinging to her. “Much better.” She groaned in relief before feeling a sudden splash of putrid water soak into the boot when Raphtalia stomped through the wet streets of the town. “I hate you!” She wailed. Raphtalia simply ignored her little prisoner.

“I have to go and join a pilgrimage up the mountains, protection job with lots of walking and lifting so it might get a bit stinkier in there, fair warning Bitch!” She curtly chuckled before letting her shoes ascend the rough rocks and marred soil of the crested apex. Every minute felt worse and worse for the shrunken woman as the tight punishing grip of her rival’s foot around her worsened from the flecks of old leather breaking off to rub and stain her poor skin.

“This is so demeaning…” She grumbled, the hours beginning to pass by and only make it worse for her. When she felt the energy coalesce inside of her, she tried to fire off a blast right into the centre of the dirtied foot but it only seemed to tickle her tormentor; Bringing those toes curled around her in a tight vice-like grip. “Gahhh, someone help me! I can pay you!” Her voice was small and as Raphtalia was joined by other eager hikers, it was completely overshadowed by the sounds of squelching feet, stomping boots and loose rock tumbling down the path. This left Myne in more pain than she expected: every rock that passed under the boot was thrust against Malty’s body, twisting her bones and making her groan. Time trickled away and Malty was able to gain some respite when they finally reached a flatter plain which left her with the still-present stink of the sweaty feet. Raphtalia’s words were muffled and only made Myne’s head spin with the stress of being a living insole, knowing that she could not be heard or listened to.

Many hours of this passed with her body ground into the hard stone, further stained with the salty stanky secretions and stretched out across pointed stones. Myne was enduring and kept her mouth quiet, focusing all her energy onto creating some fire energy in her palms. Pressing her fingers out and feeling the energy channel along her bones, it was somehow less painful than the process Raphtalia was putting her through. Nevertheless, she managed to be able to graft hard lines of hot energy into the hard bottom of the boot, gently guiding it along and pressing through the treated fabric that made up the ‘bedrock’ of Myne’s torturous prison. “Let’s see you catch me doing this.” She hissed, watching the red line of burning heat expand and slowly form into a tight circle which she completed and pressed at with another strong gust of wind. The process took ages and had to stop and start when Raphtalia paused, trying to keep it hidden from the vengeful demi but at last, Myne’s plan came to a head: POP! Out came a large cut of the shank, enough for Myne to drag her head through. Seems her oppressor was currently stoof on some planks- perhaps at the temple near the top of the peak. This gave the devious Malty a perfect opportunity to squeeze the rubber cut through a slit in the floor and pull herself forward. Her hands desperately grasped as she smelt fresh air for the first time in about four hours so far. “Finally…” She grimaced and pushed her upper body out from the stinky prison until it was just a matter of pulling her legs out: her next step would be getting away from the unaware Raphtalia. Ducking beneath the wooden slats of the planks, Myne sighed, dusting herself off and moved through the undergrowth. Loose tufts of grass and small rocks (which appeared as boulders from her small perspective) shielded her short form and for a few split seconds, she felt the rush of freedom, the blast of endorphins and even a bit of her magic returning to her body.

It was now dusk and with Myne’s lead in the grass, she felt invincible. Of course, that didn’t stop the cruel hand of fate nor the cruel hand of Raphtalia curling around her form and snatching her up. Myne felt slippery, coated in a greasy sweat that likely wouldn’t leave her body no matter how she washed. “No, no, get off me! I won, I was about to escape, let me go you over-sized rodent!” She screamed, kicking futilely in the air while the bigger woman continued to dangle her higher and higher. A fall from this height would seriously injure Myne and the shrunken woman could feel her tormentor tensing her fingers: Ready to drop her for her insolence but Myne didn’t care. She’d rather risk an opportunity to escape albeit with considerable pain then another stint in her smelly shoe. “Fine, do your worst Raphtalia but it still won’t fix the fact that I betrayed Iwatani or the kingdom. All your petty attempts at revenge will never bring you peace!” She laughed scornfully, cackling while Raphtalia’s face remained the same: Gently smirking at the smaller woman.

“Sure, sure Bitch. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Which reminds me…” Myne gulped at the sound of that far more sadistic tone hardening Raphtalia’s usual light voice: “I know where you’ll be sleeping tonight and if it helps, it won’t be my boot.” The shrunken woman shivered at the terrifying possibility that she’d be somewhere even worse. “Any guesses or shall I simply show you? After ruining my boot and making sure that my trip down this mountain is even harder.” The demi grimaced. The hole in her shoe would be quite the hindrance, bringing rocks into the shoe and against her bare sole: this was her opportunity to make Myne feel her pain. “Ahhhh-” She opened her mouth wide and forced the small woman to look into the horrid wet tunnel.

“No, no, not again! Please, I’ll do anything, I’m sorry!” But Raphtalia had already had it. Without another word, Myne fell to the soft yet still debilitating drop of hitting the wet tongue and becoming coated in a new horrid scent: The sticky grasp of the salivating maw. Hints of rotten meat and melted vegetables faded up from the disgusting stomach and before Raphtalia had even closed her lips, she was openly swishing her toy around inside the tight confines of her cheeks, pressing her up against the wrinkled roof of her mouth. Myne was forced to inhale the goopy strands of saliva if just to suck the putrid breath that blew out of the back of Raphtalia’s throat like a plagued tempest. “You bitch, you cocksucker! I’ll get my revenge and then some- I will make everyone you ever loved suffer, ALL OVER AGAIN!” She threatened before yelping when she was shut in the dark dankness of the closed lips. Trapped like a rat in the dark confines of undulating flesh, the woman fought with the tongue, standing as best as she could with her back against the shiny white front teeth that her tormentor sported. “Get away from me!” She screamed as the tongue wriggled towards her, flecking more dribble across her feet and along her hips.

“Gahhhh!” She ducked out of the way just as the hungering tongue went in for a desperate dive, just missing her by a head, missing out on an early chance to shove her towards the back of her throat and swallow her down whole. Raphtalia narrowed her eyes as she searched around the mouth, tightening her cheeks and shaking her jowls to try and trip Myne into one of her cheeks. More importantly she was enjoying the feeling of the small woman squirming around her maw. To demean and deject the horrible wretch that continued to stain Myne’s skin: Causing her to wriggle around like a spider trapped in a swimming pool. “I hate you Raphtalia!” She wailed at the top of her lungs, only to inhale more of the fluids. Finally the tongue pushed over her and pressed her towards the back of her throat- the vile scent of digestion ringing in her head, dulling her senses and causing her to retch until there was no saliva left in her little throat. “I’ll cause you such a stomach ache that you’ll regret even thinking of eating me!” But her words were little more than hollow threats.

Raphtalia had her frustrating little charge exactly where she wanted her and pressing her back further with her bendy tongue, revelled a bit in how delicious her flavours actually were. For such a sour person, she ended up tasting quite sweet. Swishing her around the dirty mouth as she made her way down the mountain, it was very cathartic to feel Myne so powerless after everything she had done in her horrible life. Her mewls and screams were muted, if not entirely muffled by the waves of drool collapsing on her as well as the tight muscles compressing her in every direction. The demi-human wanted to taste every inch of her prey, as she had done before, if just to further degrade her victim even further. This was what Myne deserved: She was called Bitch by the populace for a reason after all. So as she flicked the smaller woman towards the uvula hanging over that deep dark tunnel of her throat, Raphtalia smirked.

“You know Myne, you could always try using some of your powers though that might just mean you’re a little spicier than usual is all…” Her words were derogatory and effortless, bouncing the tiny terror around with each syllable. “You really are pathetic. I mean, if you don’t put up much more of a fight, I’ll just have to keep you as my own little toy forever.” This got Myne kicking and screaming but the grip of the saliva dripping down the throat already had her- a simple tip of the head and she was already faltering down the tight tube of flesh. The swallow was simple but that GLRK surrounded her prey in a tight cocoon of undulating flesh that would not shift for hard punch, fiery blast or cursed words. The Bitch felt herself descending, agonisingly dragged along the wet and dark abyss. The smells were only getting worse here: Wet globules of saliva riding down the route, bloated trains of the ornery body scents yet to come.

“Take a breath mint or something you vile half-breed!” Myne screamed and wincing as the tightness of the throat got worse around her midsection, dragging her deeper into the unavoidable pit of the gurgling stomach below. “I’ll burn down this town just to show you what real pain is: You can’t keep me like this forever!” Myne was definitely projecting at this point but she was desperate on whatever leverage, emotional, false or otherwise she could string together. The ride down the gullet was one she had taken a few times but could never get used to when she felt the tight walls almost magnetically cling to her struggling limbs, pushing her down and preventing her from getting stuck until she hit that big wide opening at the bottom.

“Ahh, there we go!” Raphtalia patted her gut while Myne fell, her throat now clear and her victim descending into the pulpy remains of her food. The blistering smell of acids stinging the shrunken woman’s nostrils, her body enshrouded already in the foul chyme that coated the bottom of the acidic trench. Raphtalia was near the bottom of the mountain which only threw Myne around the stomach more as each step was more big and unsteady thena the last, the wobbling terrain harder to navigate with the hole in the demi’s boot. “I just want you to know Bitch, this is all your fault. If you simply accepted your punishment and let me do as I wished to you, there would be no struggle. I would have grown bored with you yesterday, unshrunk you and sent you on your way but of course- you can’t put up any pretence of accepting your crimes, no you have to fight me on everything.” The larger woman stifled a belch, enjoying the slight whiff of her prey’s delectable flavour back on her senses. It was enough to make her smile even with the chilling night air chilling her to the bone. Inside she could feel her miniature doll push and squawk around, looking for any kind of escape and avoiding the grip of the goopy chyme that had converted the dire stomach into a wet swamp.

“I… will… get… out of here!” Her words were lost amidst the guooorgles and buuuuuuuurrbbbs of the stomach around her. It was as if Raphtalia’s entire body and digestive system was opposed to her freedom: Fresh digestive juices being exuded over as soon as she began her climb of the curved stomach walls, her feet slipping from their hold along the spongy interior. Every quaking shift of the gut sent her deeper into the thick multi-coloured stew, staining her brunette hair a murky green and sending deeper more ornery scents through her sensitive body. She was about to utter another discursive statement about revenge against her tormentor when suddenly the stomach shifted again- Raphtalia was picking up abundant speed, running across the flat plain that led up to the mountain and further saturating her diminutive prey in the juices of her stomach. “Gahhh, this is unreasonable! I have suffered plenty enough for crimes that were unruly favoured against me! I am a princess, I do not deserve this kind of treatment!” She screeched, earning herself a mouthful of gunk that clogged her system and interrupted her bitching with another round of desperate hacking.

It wasn’t long before Raphtalia found herself pleasantly wrapped up in the duvet covers of her bed, lying back and rubbing her gut. It was pleasant to feel something moving around inside of her, giving her an almost godly feeling of superiority. She was protecting the kingdom from another round of Malty’s wrath and while the Bitch had her legislative powers revoked along with her reputation, she was still a cunning deceiver and proficient magic user. In her own way, the tanuki demi was helping Iwatani without him knowing! All while enjoying the gentle warmth of her body showing its ‘love’ to the cruel pest currently inhabiting her system. With a hand to her gut, she couldn’t help but jostle the tight space around once more just to feel her bump against the walls and collide with the built-up structures of food matter that had formed like peaks in the slorshing acids.

“How are you finding it in there little Bitch?” She asked with a smug look of satisfaction across her pretty face that did not match the anguished expression her prisoner took upon her prey’s visage. Myne was writhing in the stinging juices of the stomach, knowing they wouldn’t kill or seriously harm her, just scald and infuriate her even more than before. Her skin was bright red with pock-marked blisters that only reinforced how vile and disgusting this watery catacomb of flesh was. “I’d get comfortable if I were you,” the mocking voice boomed in from above along with a few more pats of considerable mockery from Raphtalia’s voice, “you’re gonna be in there while I hehe, sleep you off. I won’t be puking you out Bitch, I’ll be pushing you out of my smelly ass because that’s where pieces of shit like you belong!” Her words were still ever so slightly jovial, as if she was quite pleased with her own quick thinking on the insults before kneading her gut over once again. The food inside was beginning to compact atop of Myne’s small body, forming a tight tomb of digested matter that was becoming hard to shift and even more coagulated where her body was now enwrapped in layers of gastric gunk. Myne could feel the bulge barely shifting and while Raphtalia gently fell into a deep dreamy slumber, the ‘poor’ tiny could feel her new home shifting through the intestines. It was slow, far slower than being swallowed down and though it was warmer than the inside of the cold leather boot, it was far more disgusting.

“I really need to get myself a bodyguard. Someone who can just pummel any of these horrendous traitors who would do something so vile to a person of royalty…” Myne grumbled when the clump of food slipped through the tight valve, soaking her in one last coat of bubbling juices for the long and horrible road through Raphtalia’s intestines. This was her fate now and though she pushed, pulled- even launched furious gales from her palm to try and blow a tunnel through the grimy sediment and free herself, none of it was enough to pierce the wet mulchy tomb that had formed long around her. She pushed her arm through only to feel something wet and slimy slide past, the prissy former princess shoving her arm back to her side with a disgusted gasp. “Urgh, what the hell have you been eating to make your insides so foul?” She asked aloud but knew she would get no answer from the fast-asleep Raphtalia. Her snores were loud and shook the deeper catacombs into a horribly-scented stretch of squeezing muscle and new bile.

The chemicals covered Myne until she felt her body shrivel and gag at the touch. A scent stronger than rot itself now filled her nostrils and made her face crease in disgust. Hours of this would pass, Myne eventually breaking free of the food before it became… something much worse… She was now a solitary bulge in the tight maze of long shuddering pink flesh. Squeezed and coddled by the tight crushing muscles of the demi’s powerful bowels which ribbed her skin and made her feel all slimy: Pushed through valve after valve of wrinkled flesh which only bathed her in more stinging juices that debilitated the woman in her frantic squirming; and finally, as she rested at the very end of the bowels, trapped in with all the burnt fibres and excess waste. Perhaps this was the first time she could earnestly say she had friends! After all, the pieces of sweetcorn and dark brown husks of vegetable matter were just as hardy and annoying as Myne was. At least, she was amongst good company. “This is so beneath me.” The woman grunted with her hands heated up from all the frantic rubbing she had been doing, pressing them forward, she tried to coax open the tight ring of flesh that was her imprisoner’s anus with a delicate bolt of fiery rage: Fzzrrrtttt! Alas the magic sputtered out amidst the alkaline atmosphere of this horrid stretch of skin and muscle. “Are you kidding me? Her ass has fucking magic resistance ?” She asked in ire, crying to herself as the right twalls continued to close and throttle her within an inch of consciousness throughout the gruelling process.

Myne would not sleep well while Raphtalia slept through that night like a log. When morning broke through her curtains and shined over her radiant face, the demi yawned, stretching herself wide and fluttering her pretty eyelids with a tender rub to the sleep-flecked ocular lids.

“Good morning world! What a beautiful day it is: the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’ve got a Bitch I get to push out of my ass.” Her sing-songy voice sounded like nails on chalk for the wide-awake shape of Myne deep within her colon. The small shape of her victim writhed and pushed around in the smelly bag, feeling her palms shift and bend in the tight flesh that bound her in there, gasping for air where the putrid flatulence was choking her and making her feel even worse.

“Shut up Raphtalia… I will make you choke on your words before long, rest assured…” She grumbled, feeling the muscles around her pull into a tight grip- Raphtalia stifling a fart that would have further disgusted her prey but also spread the foul smell of her innards throughout the tight room until nothing remained but the foul phantasm of the gas- all those disgusting pieces of food ghosting her from beyond the grave while burning through Myne’s defenses yet again. Feeling the muscular cradle of tight ribbed flesh wince around her, Myne pressed against the wrinkled lips of the fathomable anus. “I just need one hand through, just one and I can get out of here.” With a heavy sigh, she thrust her hand through a small aperture developing in the ring of flesh. Fresh air bathed her hand and it was enough to finally grasp a hold of the magical energy that surrounded Myne on a regular basis until she was able to point the flat of her palm back towards the wrinkled skin. “Careful, steady…” She knew any false move might bring about Raphtalia realising that she was doing something and already through the small gap she had formed in the tight muscular structure before a spark of fire blazed out from her body and pushed out into a tight spear of flame. It was only the size of a candle’s wick but it was enough to burn a small mark along the bumpy ridge of the asshole. Fzzrzrrrrrrrt! Raphtalia gasped with her body tensing up in an instance. Her perineum now had a nice little scorch mark where the beam of fire energy had collided with her.

“Oh you- How dare you Bitch? I was just about to push you out but clearly you still want to play Little Miss Rebel!” She squealed in rage, lowering her ass to the floor and squatting above the porcelain tiles. A small portion of liquid dribbled out, syrupy and viscous which signalled Myne’s drop. Unlike a spider gracefully moving down the silken line, she plummeted instead and hit the tiles with a cry of pain. “That’s what you get for burning my taint, you foul little creature.” Raphtalia remarked coldly. She immediately dropped her ass down, enjoying the feeling of her toy’s breath being squeezed out her lungs by the sudden pressure of her ass on top of her back. Myne fired off another spell which flew off, hitting Raphtalia’s leg which only made her scroll grow bigger and far more malicious. “Yeah! Get squished by my big round butt!” Laughing like a madwoman, her rounded cheeks smushed on top of her to grind and spread out the curled up little woman. Painful twists and the clicks of bone grinding beneath muscle was like music to the demi-human’s ears. “This is just a small fraction of the pain you put me and my friends through Bitch.” She lowered her full body weight so she was now sitting on the tiny woman, her toned ass spreading out to equally distribute the crushing weight along Myne’s central nervous system.

“You and your friends are all WEAK!” She wailed at the top of her lungs into the cold porcelain. It was enough for Raph to hear and she sat back, rocking forwards over the squished tiny. “Arghhh! I mean every word of it! I will return to my normal size and then we’ll see who is in control here, you prideful demi-wretch!” No more blasts of magic could be concentrated on while she was in such layers of tight shifting pain. It all distracted her and made her focus entirely on the physical sensation that she hated. “If I had hatred written on every tiny stretch of my skin right now Raphtalia, it would still not represent a single tenth of everything I am going to do to you!” The tushie moved and Myne’s words echoed out across the bathroom floor. Seems Raphtalia wanted to hear what she had to say now, if just to further have ammunition to continue her tirade of terror against the small woman. “Oh you can listen to me all you want you wretched beast. You can swallow me, coat me in waste, place me in the hell of your disgusting boot, whatever.... None of it matters when I will still win in the end.” Raph nodded at this, her expression bemused at best from all this blustering.

“I know you’ve been lodged in shit for the past few hours Bitch but I at least hoped the time would have given you some recourse to improve your language.” Raphtalia audibly tsked as her ass descended back over the complaining woman’s head yet again. Rolling her thick cheeks up and down the tight bridge of the cracking spine, the demi-human knew exactly what the next punishment for this little squirming Bitch should be. She moved the cheeks until Myne was deep in the valley of her buttocks. “But I’ll make you a deal- I’m still a good person Myne. I believe in the power of forgiveness, of atonement.” She flexed her smelly pucker which got Myne hissing in disgust. “Kiss my anus, full on lip contact, to show your humility and we’ll call it even. I’ll bring you back to your original size outside the town and you can go on with the rest of your life.” Myne looked up through the shadowy crack of the ripe asscheeks, her every word ringing in the ears of the smaller woman. There was no escape as the pudgy flesh barricaded her into this small musky little box. “Well Myne? I’m waiting…”

“Hold on…” The sorceress muttered. She was thinking of a way out of this- perhaps she could aim another Zweite Fire right into the centre of the puckered hole. Or better yet, conjure up enough powerful wind to create an opening where the ass hit the cold floor. As long as it didn’t get any of the foul excrement dropped on her from above she knew she would be okay. “So all of this goes away,” she gestured out wide, unseen to Raphtalia but clear in Myne’s bitchy voice, “if I just pucker up, stand on my toes and kiss your damn dirty hole?” She asked with a sneer of disgust. Raphtalia giggled at this which made the whole questioning of it far worse- it was super simple after all, what was there more to it?

“Yes Myne, you have my honour as a good person. Not that you’re very familiar with that…” She muttered under her breath but kept a happy chipper tone, genuinely hoping that her toy would atone for her actions and finally redeem herself. After all, these acts were merely just the tools of justice, of acceptance and tolerance- Raphtalia didn’t want to destroy Myne (though it was very tempting), she wanted to bring her over to the side of light. “In your own time, when you’re ready…” She spoke softly before a new sharp pain blistered her pucker. “Another fire blast, REALLY?!” She asked incredulously, lowering the pucker forcefully onto the Bitch’s face without another ounce of sympathy until those flabberghasted lips could pull in no taste or scent but the murky depths of the demi’s asshole. Myne could feel her body tense up with the tight lips of the anus sucking her up with the tight contractions that had pushed her out just a few minutes ago.

“You filthy liar, you tricked me! I knew you would!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, the shrunken woman’s small lungs able to keep it up for long. Myne was forced to inhale the foul scents of the shit that she had already shared her night with before feeling the anus lower even more, pulling her shoulders in to pin her arms by her side. “What are you doing?! This is inhumane- you’re no good person! You’re a foul monster, even worse than me!” These words should have hurt Raphtalia but the do-gooder knew that these words were just lies, Myne projecting her own anger and insecurities on the rest of the world. The demi sighed and pressed her hips lower still: Engulfing more of the shrunken person until the tight valves of flesh were compressing along Myne’s stomach until the bones began to shift painfully again. “Arghhhh!”

“I’m not sorry Bitch. I gave you a chance- a single act to show that you had learned some humility, that you were willing to change despite everything you had done.” Raphtalia stifled a moan, her eyes rolling back into her head when more of the little writhing woman moved through her system, gasping gently. “It’s- oooh, not my fault that it feels so good to punish you. Clearly, oh my, the universe is sending me a sign I’m doing the right thing here…” She trembled, bouncing her ass up and down as subtly as she could manage to expedite the little pest deeper into her system. She could feel Myne struggling every centimetre of the way but finally settled on shifting her as cheeks from side to side. Raphtalia didn’t want any second of it to end as the pleasurable feeling felt truly amazing, fully encouraging her to the belief that she was doing the right thing here.

“I don’t want to go back inside of you, not this way- especially not back up here !” Every wail and scream brought more of the foul gunk into her body though her struggling managed to keep the horrible taste out of her mouth. Myne could feel the grip of the anus once again, pulling her back in and fully enclosing the small pest into the warm cocoon of flesh. Working in reverse, Myne screamed as her head hit the dense core of something horrid and smelly- she was being pulled back through the tight intestines, back into the stomach! “Nooo!” The process finished in the anus with the tight valve closing back up to leave Myne stranded in the deep dark tunnels of the innards. Raphtalia got up, patting her cheeks with satisfaction now that Myne was trapped deep inside of her yet again.

“You need another timeout inside of me I think, just a few hours while I go about my day.” She smugly spoke, a bulge shifting up her abdomen. She poked and prodded it, feeling her prisoner wriggle inside of the tight valve. With a casualness that befitted her lack of worry, the beautiful demi went to enjoy some breakfast, gulping down fried fish, rich and tasty okra cakes; a nice spinach salad as well. All pulping up in the tight tomb of her gut, waiting with a disgusting stink ready for Myne to ‘enjoy’ though it would still take some number of hours before she got to the stomach.

“I hate you beyond life itself Raphtalia…” She grumbled while slowly shifting back up the dirty tube she had hoped she would be rid of by now. Her magic kept blasting through the layers of waste that weighed her down, opening up brief moments of cleanliness where Mune could push her luck and struggle through but they all closed up before she could get any kind of respite. Instead she was forced to continuously inhale the smell of her tormentor’s digestive system at its worst: The scent of digestion boiling through from the gurgling gut. Hours passed as Raphtalia went about her day pretty happily, mostly reading and relaxing after the stressful morning she had suffered. About halfway through the afternoon as she continued to relax and drink some nice warm coffee, she felt the bulge of her prey shift up into her stomach. “Stop drinking hot liquid you bitch!” came the scream of Myne, spitting and coughing from the overwhelming scent of rot and digestion that filled the humid atmosphere. Out of the stagnant heat of the innards and straight back into the acidic tingling of the over-active stomach.

“You should have just kissed my ass Bitch… Don’t worry, I’ll spit you up eventually, just gotta make sure my digestive juices wash off all that filth from you.” She laughed out loud, patting the bloated bulge of her gut and jostling Myne around further. “Don’t know where you’ve been after all! You might end up tasting foul on the other end.” It was Raphtalia’s turn to gag: Perhaps if she had thought this through, she wouldn’t have subjected the horrible Myne to so many gross punishments without washing her in between each foul task until now she felt her body processing her. Swirling around the hardy body with plenty of skin-scratching sensations and a wash of foul food remnants.

“Urgh, your eating habits are even worse than I could have imagined!” She gasped, pushing through the thick swathes of spinach fibres matted with the broken bones of salmon until she was finally settled on a large wedge of okra that kept her high and dry for now. “How am I meant to be redeemed if you keep stewing me in your shit and food?” She asked aloud, Myne kicking a loose leaf that had clung to her legs as a greasy phantom of digestive sheen. Bringing tight flames of magic into her palm, the light spread along her fingers and she brought it down on the drifting blocks of clotted food to blast them apart. “Gahhh, why does it stink even worse!” She spluttered with her words only bringing more of her tastebuds against the horrible sensation of the digesting food. Her cries went unheard and she quickly began to tire out from pushing along the wall, begging for any kind of release and cursing out Raphtalia when she just gave her happy gut a content pat. The shroud of dusk had begun to roll in and while Raphtalia worked on repairing her boot, she couldn’t help but think.

Was there really any redeeming someone as horrible as Myne? Was this just a fool’s errand turning into Raphtalia’s acceptance of her own sadistic nature? Not all of this was for the great cause she pretended to still follow- after all, the Bitch would never give up her evil ways. Rubbing over the gut and poking Myne when she felt her tire out (riling her back up again), she sighed and slowly bent over her kitchen sink with a hand into her throat.

“Come on out Bitch! I’m actually freeing you for once!” Wriggling intensifying inside of her, the tight grip of her fingers rubbing her uvula until her gag reflex began to kick in. Dragged up through a layer of bile, coated in the chunky soup of coagulated food that now clung to her skin and was retched up with her, spat out into the cold basin. Myne shivered, the sound of the ejection still echoing in her head before a cold shower of running water began to soak through the layers of grime along her burning skin. “Doesn’t that feel better Bitch? All your grime and sin washed away? Well actually, this water isn’t a miracle worker, I’m just trying to clean your act up a bit!” Raphtalia smirked.

The shrivelled little woman looked almost pitiful before her. Chunks of her hair had been tossed and ripped out from the tight friction of being pulled out of the ass before being shoved back up it: Her skin was blotchy, bright red from the weak but still potent acids; Her eyes red with the stains of tears that could no longer pour out of her ducts. Myne was quite pathetic now but still maintained her venomous snarl towards Raphtalia as she wiped herself clean from the residual muck that had accrued across her body. “I’m…” Raphtalia had to hold back the need to apologise, biting her lip instead and letting a dry chuckle ring out of her thick lips. “I’m not sorry Bitch, as I’ve said before, you were given multiple opportunities to redeem yourself and you failed at every point. You’re a bad person and bad people get punished.” Myne gasped and washed herself off in the cooling waters, not wanting to look at her tormentor in the eyes for all she had done to her over the last few days.

“I don’t care what you think of me.” She hissed, pointing up at Raphtalia with a vile sneer on her trembling face. “You’re just as bad as me: you’ve been taking way too much pleasure in torturing me Raph!” Her words were venomous and Myne could feel her own ego growing. “One day someone will shrink you down and do the same to you, you know that right? And knowing your luck, it’ll be me and trust em, I have plans for- gahhh!” She wailed when Raph’s fist clenched around the tiny female and pulled her up to her face. There was an audible sigh while Myne was temporarily winded, feeling her body buckling within the grip of her former friend.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion Bitch. Your words mean very little to me when they’ve already cause so much harm and stress to my loved ones…” She muttered before grasping open her brassiere. She did it at such an angle that Myne could peer past the thick lacy cups and onto the sweaty nipple below. It was quite the tight fit but perfect for what Raphtalia had in mind. She held the angry little pest between her fingers, pinching her waist before thrusting her against her humid breast and letting the cup snap onto her body. It pinned the shrunken Myne quite effectively while also making Raphtalia’s nipple go delightfully hard from the feeling. Stifling a yawn, the woman decided to head to bed. Usually she’d take her bra off while sleeping but this time she was happy to keep Myne close to her chest, even closer to her heart.

“I will make you regret this…” She grumbled, trying to summon a lance of fiery energy that would hopefully singe her nipple and free her from her tight restraints but really, she could barely muster up the energy to raise her arm after these last two hectic days. “You bitch…” She muttered, sighing as the familiar snores settled in. Slowly she would sleep in the captivating heat of her captor’s cavernous cleavage, at least at peace and not covered in new horrible scents.

“Goodnight Bitch…” The taller woman laughed in the beginning of her slumber until she finally felt herself slip away. By morning, she could feel the horrible layers of slimy sweat that had built up in her cup- primarily coating her tiny prisoner. She was half-tempted to pluck her out and subject jer to something far smellier but really she was just as tired of the torture at this point. Gently slipping back into sleep and patting the cup, she wanted nothing more than to rest and well, maybe even someone as Myne deserved a rest after all she had been through. Raphtalia wasn’t that cruel to wake her up yet and so the two slept, another day of ‘redemption’ ahead of them.