From the shadows, Batgirl dropped onto a metal platform high above the ground in Ace Chemicals' biggest plantation, her landing silent and graceful as her cape billowed behind her. She had arrived after she was notified about a silent alarm which had gone off. Batman was dealing with The Joker and Robin had split off to take care of Riddler, leaving it up to her.

Surveying the scene, she saw a man in dark cloak with a muted yellow mask. Some new wannabe supervillain, she assumed. She’d hoped for something a bit more challenging but somebody had to stop him. Dropping down again, she landed behind him, a confident smirk on her face. “You know we’re closed, right?” She told the man as he turned, showing his strange skin tight mask.

“Batgirl.” Groaned the criminal, his voice a soft gargle. She knew that voice somehow. “I knew one of you would show up.”

“This plantation is closed, you know?” She quipped with a cocky grin. “Keep your hands where I can see them and nobody has to get hurt.”

“Wow, you really fell for my disguise? Batman never does.” The man rambled as he raised his hands and Batgirl began to close the distance to him. What disguise was he talking about, the mask? And if he was a minor criminal, how did Batman know him? More importantly, where had she heard his voice?

Batgurl pulled the handcuffs from her utility belt and reached for his hands. “I’m sorry, Batgirl, but I can’t let you chase after me.” The man muttered, his voice distorting and rippling. His mask began to drip down his face, losing his colour. So did the black cloak, turning to an orange colour like… clay!

Before Batgirl could react, Clayface had revealed himself. Two cannons of sticky ooze sprayed from his sleeves as he turned into a mushy abomination, the goop jetting straight into the heroine’s shocked mouth as it shot open in surprise. She felt his arms sliding down her throat, like fluid but keeping the shape of arms. Her stomach ballooned outwards to the size of a football and for a moment, she worried he was going to blow her up from the inside. However, her stomach kept going, until it was the size of a bean bag, tipping her forwards. She wasn’t going to pop. That was good!

As the stream of clay slowed down, the villain gurgled, “That should be enough to stop you in your tracks. Now, I’ve got a chemical to steal.”

Batgirl knew he was right. There was no way she could give chase like that. Reacting fast, Batgirl inhaled as heavily as she could, rapidly sucking in Clayface’s head and chest as if she was drinking a particularly thick milkshake. Her stomach ballooned out again as she leaned forward further and gulped down the mass of ooze that Clayface called his legs.

Almost tripled in size, her belly was massive and as she laid on it, she begun to feel sick. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea? She pushed herself off the gurgling orb which protruded out of her costume, revealing her fleshy pink skin. Placing her hands on her belly to balance herself, she moaned, “Sooo…” before she was interrupted by a massive burp, a small splash of clay flying from her mouth “...full.” She finished, watching the shapes inside her stomach slosh around, the monster desperately trying to find a way out as acids already began mixing with his liquid form.

She took a hesitant step forward, realising that she could still walk with all of the villain inside her. She hadn’t even needed to eat him! Then, as her stomach gurgled and glorped loudly again, she realised that maybe being this full wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Besides, everyone seemed to love a curvy superhero.