[date night]

Oral, willing vore, digestion, same size

The sound of silverware clattering against plates, combined with chatter fills the air. Rebecca the Bunny is sitting in a restaurant, the seat in front of her taken up by a rather large lion. The two are on a date together, eating food and talking about random little things. Rebecca has been on a few dates with the lion, enjoying the time they spend together and starting to feel very attached to him.

This wasn’t very much like Rebecca to do, she has always been a loose girl, not wanting to be stuck to the same guy, but this lion was different. Rebecca sat, looking down at her food to take a bite, as she looks back up she’s suddenly struck with a feeling she’s never had before. She looks at the lion, seeing him in a way she hasn’t before, her mind racing trying to identify this feeling.

She shakes her head, trying to let go of the thought, instead wanting to enjoy her evening out. The two finish their meals and walk out together, the lion wraps his arm around Rebecca and pulls her tight against him. Rebecca curls up, digging her shoulder into the tiger’s side, laying his head on it’s chest. The same unknown feeling returns, Rebecca still not sure what it is she’s feeling, but knowing that it feels nice.

The lion breaks the silence, looking at Rebecca and asking “Hey, can I ask you something weird?” “Sure, you can ask me anything” Rebecca replied, smiling. “Well… How do I put this? I’d like to.. well...” the lion pauses, Rebecca puts her hand in his shoulder, rubbing gently, “take your time”. The lion stares at Rebecca for a few moments “let’s walk home first, I need some more time to think”, “sure, take as long as you need” Rebecca responds, kissing him on the cheek

The rest of the walk remains quiet as the two walk through town, neither of them really feeling the need to talk, simply enjoying each other’s company. They arrive at the lions house, Rebecca kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for the nice evening. The lion kisses her back, seeming kind of nervous and says “About what I wanted to ask...”, “Yes?”, “Just promise you won’t get mad..” The lion states in a heavy voice.

Rebecca holds his shoulder “I won’t get mad, you can ask whatever you want”. After a few seconds of collecting his thoughts, the lion decides to just throw it out and says “I’d like to eat you”

Rebecca chuckles, “What? was the food at the restaurant not good enough?”, she looks at the lion, thinking about it, about him eating her. To her own surprise, she feels rather fond of the idea, the thought provoking the same feeling as before, “what is happening” she wonders.

The lion lets out a nervous laugh “heh, I guess you could say that”, the lion looks at Rebecca, afraid of her response. Rebecca thinks, looking the lion up and down and imagining how it would go down, quickly finding herself get excited over the idea. She takes a deep breath as she walks towards the door, looking back at the lion “well, we can’t have that now, can we?”

The lion looks in disbelief at Rebecca, asking with a growing smile on his face “wait, really?”. Rebecca nods, tilting the head towards the door, “Yes, really. Now, are you going to let me in or do you want to eat me out here”, her heart racing in her chest, thinking about what she’s going to do.

The lion walks towards Rebecca, holding her shoulders and licking her face, overjoyed at the thought he’s actually getting to do this; “oh, I really can’t wait, I could gobble you up where you stand”, he opens his mouth, rebecca looks in, seeing the large deep throat. The lion takes one of her ears and takes it in it’s mouth, his lips pressing against Rebeca’s head, suckling on the ear.

The lion pulls up, letting the long ear slide out of his mouth, the wet ear falling down and slapping against Rebecca’s face as it leaves the mouth. The lion looks at Rebecca, giving her a little kiss, “absolutely dilicous”. Rebecca stands there, feeling the lion’s tongue and grip on her and feeling the lion’s warm maw around her ear, she let’s herself go, letting the lion do what he wants, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside her. “well, I’m all yours” she says, looking the lion in the eyes, “you can have me wherever you want”.

The lion walks towards the front door, letting out a loud sigh as he looks back at her, “there is one thing… I.. I don’t think I can let you out again..”. Rebecca, not even having thought about how she’d get back out, chuckles softly; “am I really that irresistible?”. The lion stutters, caught off guard by her answer; “No, I mean yes, I mean.. I don’t know how I can let you out again”.

Rebecca laughs and walks towards the lion, stroking his side as she stands besides him “I guess you’ll only get to enjoy me this once then”. The lion looks at Rebecca, still surprised, “y-you don’t mind?”. Rebecca shakes her head and kisses the lion’s cheek “I don’t, now, let me in before I get cold”.

The lion smiles as he opens the door “can’t have that now can we?”, he opens the door Rebecca walks through the door . She walks in slowly, the lion eyeing her up and down, her cute head, her breasts, her slim belly with little bags of fat at the bottom, her bouncy round butt finished by two long and slim legs. The lion pinches Rebecca’s side, feeling the bag of fat. Rebecca jumps and let’s out a little scream, the lion chuckling as she just keeps walking.

The lion follows her in and guides her through the house to the kitchen. Rebecca spots the dinner table and proceeds to climb on top of it, laying down on her side facing the tiger. He watches, seeing the nice, large bunny girl climb up on his dinner table, watching her belly become chubby as she stands on all fours, the fat getting pulled towards the center before she turns on her side. He has trouble believing this is actually happening.

“dinner’s served!” Rebecca shouts, stroking the side of her belly with one paw as the other arm rests in front of her. The lion sits down at the table and looks at the now very large bunny in front of him, he puts his paw on her side, holding her tightly as he starts licking her belly, going over and around the belly button, before tilting to the left and going up towards her chest. Rebecca squirms and wiggles, the tongue tickling on her skin.

The lion pushes Rebecca’s side, rotating her on her back as he rolls her over. He holds both her sides firmly as he continues licking upwards, Rebecca offers no resistance, letting the lion do his bidding. The lion grabs Rebecca by her lower ribs and pulls her upper body closer towards her, sliding her across the table. As his tongue licks over one of her boobs, he stops suddenly and looks at her, asking softly “are you really sure about this.. You realize there’s no going back if you change your mind?”

Rebecca looks at the tiger, smiling and stroking his face, “Do you really want to eat me and digest me?”, the lion looks down, at her and at her body, closing his eyes with a deep breath. “Yes, I really do, I just hope you don’t mind”, he only looks at Rebecca again after saying that. “so, you also want to digest me?”, “and I want you to look at me when you answer”, Rebecca sounds firm in her voice. The lion looks Rebecca in the eyes, takes a deep breath and with a lot of air musters a single “yes”. Rebecca smiles, happy the lion was honest to her. The thought of being digested strangely enough feels comforting to her, the thought of being consumed by this lion making her feel a sense of happiness.

“Do you want me to digest you?” The lion asks as he gains a little more confidence and trust. Rebecca is caught of guard a little. While she already knew the answer, she noticed she had trouble saying it, unable to get the words out of her mouth. “yes”, she blurted out before even realizing, repeating with a more firm “Yes, I do”. The lion started to get a little excited, his mouth starting to drool, he confirms one last time “You know you can’t change your mind? Once you’re in there’s no going back”

Rebecca looked at him and with a firm sounding voice replies: “Well, I guess you’d better hurry before I change my mind”, the lion grew a large, somewhat sinister grin, he reached over and kissed Rebecca on her lips. Rebecca closed her eyes and kissed the lion back, happy to see him finally let loose a little.

The lion hovered his head over Rebecca’s body, drooling and licking his lips, dropping sulliva all over the bunnies fur. “where to start where to start”. He grabbed rebecca’s left leg, pushing her down the table and licking over the side of it, covering it in a thick layer of drool; slowly dripping down and dripping on the table. The lion licked down, reaching Rebecca’s hips, going up to her belly again, his tongue sliding down, sliding through her fur; next to her legs and down to her crotch.

The lion lifts his head again, looking at the trail of saliva he’s made and inspecting the bunny further, looking at her crutch and pussy, and up past her belly to her boobs, drooling heavily on the belly. Rebecca simply let the lion go, enjoying the feeling of him letting loose, covering her in slime and getting impatient for the trip down.

The lion looks down at the hips, and notices the two buns sticking out from under the bunny. He grabs her by both sides and flips her over, putting her down on her belly and looking at the large butt in front of him. He drools heavily, dripping on the left butt cheek in a slim line, sliding down the side onto the table, joining the little puddle that’s starting to form. He licks his lips, grabbing and squeezing the right butt cheek tightly; “oh, I’m going to enjoy this, I just hope I can fit it down..”, “you better, you’re not getting away with only going halfway”

The lion looks up at the shoulders, unable to see Rebecca’s head, he simply reaches down and gives the left cheek a long, slow, lick, pressing down on it tightly. His head perking up at the end and looking towards the shoulders, “the only one who should be worried about getting away from this is you”. “I really won’t if you hurry up, but at this rate the worms will get me before you do” Rebecca retaliates. The lion gives the bunny a loud slap on her ass, watching it wiggle; “be happy I take my time, that way you’ll get to enjoy it more as well”, “But don’t worry, it won’t take my stomach as long once you’re finally in”, “we’ll see about that” Rebecca finally replies.

Rebecca closes her eyes, the words of the lion echoing through her mind as he plays more with her butt, wiggling in delight at feeling the hungry lion play with her. Rebecca starts thinking about what the lion said; wondering how long it’ll take the lions stomach to break her down, and, how long she’ll be conscious in that time. The lion, done with the butt looks the bunny up and down again, thinking of where to start. He grabs the bunny by the legs and slides her in front of him, staring at her feet and down her back. “I guess I’ll just start eating then, since you can’t wait”, “you’d best say your goodbyes before it’s too late”. The lion proceeds to stuff both legs into his mouth, moving himself back from the table and leaning forward, looking up to make his throat a long tube.

Rebecca, feeling herself slide across the table again and eager for the lion to start and feeling her feet enter the warm, slimy mouth of the lion. She feels the two strong paws grab at her waist, pulling her back and sliding her feet deeper into the maw. Her feet hit the back of the throat as the lion, with a loud gulp, starts swallowing the feet. Rebecca feels a jolt go up her body as her feet enter the tight, warm and wet throat of the lion, feeling her feet travel deeper into the throat, the rest of her foot trailing behind it, the warm feeling traveling up her body.

She rests on her elbows and looks back over her shoulder, seeing the lion, maw wide open, her legs disappearing down the toothy cave, the lion slowly but forcefully pushing her in, her body easily sliding down. She watches as his jaws reach to her knees, feeling the large, slobbery tongue underneath her knees, marveling at how quickly the lion is sliding her down his throat. The lion looks at her, and she sees very determined eyes, she can feel that he really wants to do this to her.

The lion looks back, and sees the eyes of a prey, willing prey. Food, begging to be eaten. He felt the bunnies legs slide down his throat with ease, like they were made to fit down his throat. As he swallows more of the bunny, he feels an ever growing hunger for more, pushing her in faster, wanting her safely tucked away, unable to escape.

Rebecca, feeling herself slides faster, watches as her knees are quickly pushed into the mouth and down the throat, feeling the throat wrap around her knee. The lion doesn’t take long to work her upper leg down, the lion now very eager to finish the bunny until he reaches the butt. His mouth opened wide, Rebecca, unable to see the lion’s head behind her butt, feels it’s jaw resting against the cheeks, seeming to be stuck.

“finding me a bit hard to swallow?”, “You know you have to finish your plate, right? Or am I too much for this lion?” She says, spurring him on. The lion, having none of this, and eager to prove Rebecca, his food, wrong grabs her chest firmly and proceeds to force the butt down his throat, pulling tightly on Rebecca. Rebecca, satisfied with her result watches and feels her butt start to squeeze and slide in slowly; expanding again after passing into the throat like a sort of seal. She watches as she can see and feel her butt get pushed forward, the teeth of the lion sliding across her butt. She looks as she sees the cheeks of the lion start to wrap around her waist, the head nowhere to be seen yet, but feeling her butt proceed down the throat, getting funneled in by the strength of the lion.

She keeps looking at her own butt, thinking of all the men who’d hit on her, attracted to her by it; she’d rarely let anyone have it, it was like her personal spot only she could control. She watches as she sees the lion’s head start to peek up over the butt, realizing it’s almost gone down the throat, disappearing to be broken down along the rest of her. She watches, feeling more and more of her butt slides into the throat, finally seeing the full head of the tiger again as the last of her butt seems to drain down, disappearing inside the throat. She smiles, looking down the throat, feeling the throat all around her butt. She thinks of all the people who wanted it, but couldn’t have it, and she thinks of the lion, who took it as food. She feels happy at the thought.

The lion, frustrated and ready to finish this, closes his maw to look at Rebecca, shooting death glares at her. Rebecca, in response, simply smiling at him with a sly grin. She looks in his eyes and decides to spur him on some more, saying; “Come one big boy, finish your meal”. The lion, having enough of the bunny, grabs her by her arms, pressing them against her side and proceeding to slide her down his throat at great speed; constricting her arms and in 3 pushes working her entire torso down his throat, ready to finish this.

Rebecca, feeling her entire bode get shoved down the throat, her movement constricted, simply decides to wait, letting the lion finish his meal. The lion closes his maw just before her head, stopping her descent and letting her head rest against his lips. Curious as to why she stopped, she watches as the lion moves his head, writing on a piece of paper and holding it out in front of her, the paper reads “last chance”. She smiles, simply replying “come on, be a big boy and finish your plate”.

The lion opens his maw, pushing Rebecca’s head in with one finger, she watches as she sinks into the toothy cave, feeling her head rub up against the tongue, getting covered with saliva. She watches the teeth close in front of her, the lion holding up one last sign; “Enjoy the trip, you were delicious”. In a small print in the corner it reads “thank you <3”. As she finishes reading, the lion waits just a second, not sure when she’d be done before lowering the paper and with, with one final gulp, sending the bunny down. Rebecca feels the tongue, press up around her and push her towards the back of the throat as she’s quickly sucked down. She feels the throat, pushing her down the lion’s body, realizing there’s no way out, no way back.

Her legs fold up as she’s pushed into the stomach, cradling her like a baby. Rebecca sighs, feeling the heat of the body and the stomach squeeze and pulsate around her, unable to move much she wonders how long she’ll be in here. She closes her eyes, feeling her body get pushed around in the tight space, feeling it rub and squeeze her all around.

She notices a clear liquid start to emit from the walls of the stomach, flowing down into a growing pool; the level quickly rising. She watches, as her body is covered by the liquid, she sees her body slowly get softer, more easily moved by the stomach walls. She rubs her paws over herself, feeling her body, her breast, belly, butt and legs, feeling them all get softer and squishier, the submerged parts dissolving away quickly. She feels no pain, she can simply watch as her body is broken down, taken by the lion. She feels herself one last time, the liquid quickly rising and her body sinking as it starts to shrink, adding to the pool. There’s not much left of her lower parts, her legs mostly gone and her butt well underway, she thinks of her body one more time and lays her head on the side of the stomach wall, closing her eyes and letting the lion take all of it as she submerges herself, disappearing in the liquid.

The lion, now sitting down on the couch, petting his full belly, feeling the willing bunny slowly melt away, let’s out one, loud burp as the willing bunny is dissolved, melted away by her own will, her body to be absorbed and used by the lion. He rubs his belly, squishing it, feeling what’s left of the bunny. He thinks of her one more time and smiles, letting out another, softer burp tapping his belly in content.