Lantern Rite [POV][Disposal]

~~~ line indicates disposal scene!

In Liyue, every year there is a festival known as the Lantern Rite, where the people gather in Liyue harbour to release their wishes in the form of lanterns into the skies. You were one of said people, but you weren’t here to make any wishes. You had heard from others about Liyue’s delicious cuisine, and the festival seemed like the perfect excuse to sample the local dishes.

You walked down the harbour, your mouth watering as you gaze at the hot delicious food. You weren’t the only one who had their mind on food however, as you saw a woman standing next to a stall, her eyes glued to the delicious, freshly cooked food. She was beautiful, with striking red horns and long blue hair. She wore a bell on her neck, and a dress that showed off her impressive body. Her gaze swapped from the food and caught yours, as the two of you maintained eye contact until she approached you, a smile on her face as her flat stomach let out a soft grumble.

“H-Hello.” She stuttered. “I’ve never seen you around in Liyue before. Are you here for the festival?” She asks. You nod, and she lets out a soft giggle.”My name is Ganyu. I’ve been asked by my employer to see if any newcomers to Liyue were interested in.. signing this. It’s to help me with something.. important.” She blushes and hands over a sheet of paper. Too seduced by the sexy girl in front of you to think properly, you sign the document without even reading it. Ganyu seems confused, but takes back the sheet. “Oh, you’re interested? Come with me to my room, then. Thank you for doing this for me.” Your heart skipped a beat. You won the jackpot. When you went to Liyue you never could have anticipated being invited back to someone’s room.

Ganyu took you back to her room, not speaking much on the way there. She locked her door behind her, smiling brightly. “Thank you again.. I-I’m usually a strict vegetarian.. But since Rex Lapis wanted me to unwind in this way.. I couldn’t say no..” You give her a confused look which soon fades away as she approaches you, her hips swaying side to side. She pushes you down gently onto the floor, and begins to slowly undress you, licking her lips as droplets of drool hitting your skin as you relax, ready for some fun with the goat girl. However, excitement would turn to horror as Ganyu’s mouth opens wide.. And begins to engulf your head whole.

Ganyu lets out a soft hum of approval to your taste as you begin to squirm, the cocogoat’s tongue probing your facial features, desperate for more and more of your taste. She pushes your head into her throat as her mouth begins to accommodate your shoulders as you struggled, yelling for help and mercy. Your screams fell on deaf ears as the hungry Ganyu continued, pushing your chest and stomach into her mouth as more and more of you piled into her throat, getting a smell of her strong stomach, your final destination. When Ganyu got to your waist, she decided to tease your nethers seeing as you were aroused from earlier. The goat lets out a muffled moan as she is overwhelmed with your taste, before gliding her tongue over your legs, and taking in your feet with a pop.


Ganyu sent you down to her stomach as she licked her lips in glee.

“BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP~” She let out a loud, disgusting belch, as she pat her stomach. “Oh, excuse me.. I’m sorry about that.. Thank you.. You tasted… incredible!” She sighed happily, resting her head against her stomach. “Thank you again for agreeing to be my meal.. I really appreciate it! Then, from inside of the girl’s stomach it hit you. The contract you signed was actually a consent form for being a free meal for a hardworking cocogoat. Maybe you should have read it a little closer, or else you wouldn’t be in this situation. Your thoughts were interrupted by another burp, not quite as loud as before, and a new stinging sensation of Ganyu’s stomach responding to your presence. “UUUUURP…~ I’m so sorry, I didn’t think you would make me so.. Gassy!” She blushed, rubbing her stomach with her hand. The burp had taken some of the air out of the tummy. It was getting harder to breathe as the stomach acids began to rise, threatening to consume you and make you hers. “Phew.. I’m all tired out from you..” She sighed. “I really need to take a nap” She gave her stomach a good night kiss, as she laid her head down, and went to sleep. It would not take long for you to black out too, overwhelmed by her cocogoat tummy.

Over the course of the night, Ganyu’s stomach claimed you, turning you into a delicious soup of nutrients for your predator. Most of you went straight to her already impressive rear, giving the girl a dumptruck ass. You added to her bust and hips too, making Ganyu an even more desirable woman.


The rest of you however, would take the form of foul-smelling waste. Ganyu soon woke up, feeling a pressure in her new butt as she yawned, letting out a small little poot. Prrrt~

“Oh? Is it time for you to leave already?” She asked to no one in particular, rubbing her eyes as she marched to her bathroom, undressing before squatting down on the porcelain throne. Ganyu’s face flushed a hot red as she squeezed, feeling your rancid remains begin to exit her beautiful butt. She moaned as the first log of you made its way free, and splashed into the bowl. Ganyu continued to shit you out, until she felt a blockage. Your hard skull. This caused the poor cocogoat to strain even more, until your shit-packed skull finally broke free. “Haaah..~ Contract… complete…” She huffed, finally getting all of you out of her ass. “Thank you, Rex Lapis for delivering such a wonderful meal..”

She looked over your stinky remains, and blowing you a kiss, she flushed you down, reducing your existence to nothing but a pile of shit in the Liyue sewers, and some fat on her butt.