A short time after attending McDonald’s and making a nice little meal out of Condor, Conway, whatever his name was, Cleopatra’s belly had already decreased in size the more that what used to be a young, lively boy was pumped into her intestines. Cleopatra probed her belly still feeling the contents jiggle in the mixture of small bone fragments and digestive juices. She delicately took her folds and pinched them between her digits. Her belly was now the size of a beach ball. Clutching her tummy, Cleopatra shook her belly violently. Bones sloshed around only adding onto the notion that the poor child suffered a slow, torturous demise. Even thinking about all the excruciating pain she subjected an innocent child to was enough to tip Cleopatra go over the edge.


A long, wet burp slithered out of the witch girl’s mouth. Sickening, nauseating, green gas exited killing trees and other plants around. “I can still taste that boy.”

She thought back to the boy’s mother. Before she had to make her escape, she found herself ogling the woman. That tank top that was short enough to expose her large melons and deep cleavage. That perfectly round ass of hers. Plump legs that could have walked for hours on end as she looked for her precious child. Drenched in her sweat. Cleopatra licked her lips already visualizing the salty taste of her thighs. She looked down at her stomach still at work pumping out the dead kid.

Her mind was clear: she had to have that mother. After all, what was more beautiful than reuniting a mother with their child in mush? Cleopatra retrieved her magic broomstick and sat on it. The instrument levitated an inch off the ground before climbing to a greater height. The wind danced around Cleopatra’s swollen belly making it somewhat cumbersome with maintaining balance, but after a mile, it was mostly a minor inconvenience.

Cleopatra flew high over the city and darted her eyes around for any sign of the woman. She scanned through stores and other fast-food restaurants under the assumption that she was now trying to ask for the assistance of all the restaurant owners perhaps thinking Conrad went to any of them when he disappeared. Sure enough, the mother was outside of a KFC fast-food restaurant placing missing posters on the windows after getting the approval of the owner. From what she could tell from her facial expressions, the mother was in great despair over the whereabouts of her son.

“Perfect” Cleopatra chuckled.

She tipped the broomstick in a downward turn. With her magic, the sound of her broomstick as shielded by an enchanting spell meaning that Cleopatra could easily fly down and scoop up the mother and be gone before anyone could even comprehend what had just happened. But it was too easy she told herself. Rather, she wanted to play with her food first. While the mother was taping up a fifth missing poster, Cleopatra landed beside her.

“What’s happening?”

The mother dropped her flyers in shock. “Oh, hey, it’s you! That pregnant woman I met back at McDonald’s.”

Cleopatra looked at her puzzled before understanding what she meant. “Yes, it’s me. Have you found your boy yet?”

“No; I was so busy putting up flyers all day, but oddly enough, none of the restaurants reported on him being there.”

Cleopatra went to say something only to belch again. A clump of Conrad’s digested shirt plopped to the ground. The mother stared at it for a few minutes. Cleopatra tipped her hat over her eyes fearing that she would put two and two together. She was exposed as some prolific eater of children. Who knows what would become of her if she were arrested for the murder?

“Be careful with chewing your food next time” was all the woman said about the subject.

Cleopatra sighed in relief. She had almost forgotten how stupid the mother was. “Did you try the play room?”

She nodded. “Yes, but he wasn’t there.”

“Hm. ..I may know where your son is,” Cleopatra said.

The mother’s eyes lit up. “You do?”

“Yes, but you need to come with me.”

The mother gathered the missing person posters. “Why?”

“To keep people in the dark about a kid going missing; you know that kind of thing attracts so much mass hysteria.”

By now, Cleopatra was acting exceptionally shady but the mother was still set on finding her son. “Alright.”

Cleopatra took the mother by the arm and they both began to walk. Away from the bustling, rowdy crowds of onlookers. Even past stores. The mother looked around, dread growing in her eyes. She was being led into an abandoned alley somewhere far from the rustling buildings. Junk littered the grounds of the alley with only a dim light sporadically blinking itself on and off. The alley was comprised of two apartments long since become vacant and forgotten.

Goosebumps popped up on the mother’s healthy skin. A chill went down her spine. Gulping nervously, she looked at Cleopatra. “Why did you take me here?”

Cleopatra did not respond. Her head was bent down facing the ground. The mother tried to pry herself free of Cleopatra’s grasp to no avail. At that instant, the sole light post faded for a split second. With her heart racing, the mother continued to panic. At the drop of a hat, the light post droned on again. The last thing she saw was Cleopatra’s sharp, wicked teeth raised in a grisly grin.

Before she could react, she was knocked down by the witch and the first thing Cleopatra did was strip her of her shoes. Cleopatra placed her feet into her mouth and slurped loudly. They formed a horrid bulge in Cleopatra’s esophagus. The mother winced at the sensation of her feet sliding down her moist throat. The opening of Cleopatra’s stomach opened to accept the smelly feet. Her toes danced around a digested remnants of Cleopatra’s last meal.

The witch swallowed again now wrapping the sides of her mouth on her luscious, long thighs. Her pussy tingled again the moment her tongue made contact with the salty goodness. Taking her hands, she gently pressed the woman’s thighs together and chomped on them a couple times with each bite only eliciting more stress from her prey. “Scream for me, bitch,” Cleopatra thought to herself.

The mother’s legs disappeared adding onto the combined weight of Cleopatra’s belly. Now, Cleopatra prostrated herself with her large, squirming belly between her legs. More slurping and more methodical sucking. The mother screamed her lungs out, stopping for about ten seconds before starting again.

Cleopatra approached her large melons. Aw, yes. The thing that placed the mother on her meal list aside from perhaps her ass. She reached and rolled up the tank top to better rustle around. “No, stop that!”

Cleopatra bit the outside of the mother’s bra and tore it away. Her breasts wobbled and shook free of their confinements. She rolled her tongue underneath the base of her breasts sampling more of the sweat accumulating. She worked her unforgiving tongue up to her cleavage leaving a trail of saliva. Cackling, Cleopatra sucked her nipples in a mockery of the bond that a mother and their newborn child would have. She bit hardly on the woman’s melons leaving hickeys all over them. The mother couldn’t help but moan from the slightest touch of her nipples. Like with her thighs, Cleopatra put them together in a fashion alluding to s’mores.

The mother looked up to see Cleopatra staring coldly at her. Yet from the way that the light post was illuminating off the evil witch, there was a glint of sadism in her eyes. Darkness and wet slurping sounds filled the vacant alley. Cleopatra sat back using her arms to prop herself. Her eyes were glazed over in ecstasy. “Damn, bitch, you were fine~”

The mother’s face and breasts pushed against the walls of Cleopatra’s stomach leaving a screaming bulge on the outside layer. She was dirtying herself in the thick chyme. After rolling around for a few minutes, her foot touched some sharp object. Pillaging through it, she pulled out a lower jawbone.


Cleopatra sighed and placed her head on the ground. She propped her arms behind her head to get comfortable. “Mother and son reuniting together...dying together~”


Cleopatra woke up three hours later from her food-induced coma. She could still feel the mother struggle, but a lot of her energy had been siphoned. “Oh, you’re still alive?” She probed her belly for a response, but got nothing. “At least give up more of a fight; don’t be a prude.”

Cleopatra got up and picked her belly up. She felt Conrad was just egging to be released. “Looks like you’re pushing your son’s remains out of my ass.”

She wrestled with her pants due to the additional fat she received from the boy. Prying her pants and undergarments off, Cleopatra squatted in the middle of the alley and pushed. “Come on you little brat, I got rid of bigger pests than you.”

Grunting, the first hair-and-bone riddled turd curled and plopped to the ground. While slightly relieved, she knew that there was more to evict. Another log slithered from her rectum now seeming to be the deal breaker. Gas built up in her lower intestines and escaped through a sharp fart. “How can a child that size make this big a pile?”

Yellow urine rained down on the remains of the boy. Cleopatra gently lifted herself with her ankles to keep the stool from touching her bare cheeks. Finally finished, the jawbone that belonged to Conrad was the last to be expelled from her ass. She smacked her butt amused at it jiggling from a slight touch. Her breasts had also gone up a size. “Aw, you didn’t want to leave me after all, Condor?”

She laughed and searched for something to wipe herself with. Seeing a discarded newspaper, she takes a section of it and wads it. After ensuring that she was completely free of droppings, Cleopatra walked over to a dumpster and discarded the contaminated newspaper.

“Well, you know what we should do while we wait for you to cross the great beyond?”

The mother didn’t respond likely from passing out from her pain or because she couldn’t hear her over the loudness of the witch’s stomach working relentlessly to break her beautiful body down.

“I’m going to call my girlfriend; she’s gonna love the gift that your son left.”

Uncaring of whether her passenger would still be conscious when she arrived, Cleopatra gets on her magic broomstick and flies into the air leaving Conrad to rot.