For Natalie, Jacqueline, and their friends (as well as the girls who were either forced to join them or just decided to tag along), the day started off like any other. The Dark Scouts were at their "base"... which was just Jacqueline's home on Mire Island. They had suffered another defeat at the hands of the Rainbow Scouts, with this one being particularly bad with the lot of them having been eaten by Sunny Daisy after Natalie’s shrinking powers backfired. Scarlet was sitting on the sectional drinking soda, with Isabella sitting beside her pouting and Selena brushing Ian's fur. Vicki was serving her mistress some snacks while Princess Sirena sat in a tub of ocean water and the mysterious redheaded girl (who isn't April, really) grinned as she watched Natalie and Jacqueline arguing once again. "This is all your fault!", Natalie yelled. "If you hadn't been distracting me and whining about being the leader, we would've beat those goody-goodies!"

"MY fault?", Jacqui snapped back. "You're the one who insisted on using your dumb shrinking powers on an angel! If you were half as intelligent as I am, you would have known better than to even try that."

"Oh yeah? If you're so smart, then how come you haven’t gotten us any victories over those Rainbow Dorks in over a month?", Nat whined.

"Because somebody keeps trying to be a leader when they're meant to be a follower." Jacqueline then poked Natalie on the forehead, angering her. "You. I was talking about you."

"I know you were talking about me!", Nat screamed. "That's because I should be the leader!"

Jacqui put her hand on her chin. "Oh really? Then tell me what qualifies you to lead us?" The young genius closed her eyes and put her hand to her chest, a smug expression forming on her face. "I've built a corporate empire from nothing, I have numerous underlings, and I'm a master inventor. I'm even close to creating life of my own."

"Well... the team was my idea!", Natalie snapped back.

"I want Nattie to be the leader!", Selena cheered. She then raised Ian up, allowing him to let out a "mew!"

"Oooh, I'm siding with her, too!", the red-haired girl who definitely wasn't April chimed in.

"Huh?!" Jacqueline looked surprised, worried that her potential position of power was slipping away.

Suddenly, Vicki dropped the serving tray and raised her hand up. "You both are absurd", the purple-haired servant girl said in disgust. "Miss Jacqueline is the only logical choice."

The ocean water from the tub splashed out as Princess Sirena spoke up. "The servant is right", the fish girl stated. "Jacqueline should be the one who leads us. Princesses have to stick together."

"But I'm a princess!", Selena whined.

Sirena scowled at her. "A princess with no subjects is hardly a princess at all."

Selena pouted while Natalie looked smugly at her chubby friend. "Looks like I got more votes, Jacqui."

"The cat does not count!", Jacqueline yelled.

"Then your lackey doesn't count!", not-April cheered.

Vicki gasped as Jacqueline scowled before looking over to Isabella. "Hey! Vote for me or your mother gets fired!"

"Wh-what?!" Isabella cried. "O-okay, fine!"

"You disregarded my decision...", Vicki muttered.

"No, I just got more votes now!", Jacqueline said smugly as she crossed her arms.

"The cat still does not count."

Vicki smiled up at her mistress while Selena and Nat pouted. "No fair!", Selena cried.

Natalie looked over to Scarlet, who was lying down after drinking her soda. "Auntie Scarlet!", the bottom-heavy girl whined. "Come on and vote for me."

The slime girl briefly looked up and gestured her soda can at her. "Fine, whatever."

Both Natalie and Jacqueline butted heads, gritting their teeth at one another. "This is getting us nowhere", Princess Sirena interjected. "We propose a contest. Three challenges that the both of you must take. Whoever successfully completes two challenges first, shall be our undisputed leader."

Both girls looked at the fish princess and thought for a moment. "Yeah, that way it's fair and square", Natalie said.

"I'm already the one who does the most for us...", Jacqueline grumbled. "But I don't have any problem proving that I should be leader to the rest of you."

Both girls shook hands and stared each other down. "Then it's agreed!", Sirena proclaimed. "We shall begin the contest on the mainland."

The girls made their way to the dock and took one of Jacqueline's ferries out to Spectrum Bay, the other girls discussing challenges that their potential leader should take.

Once they reached the dock, they stepped off and gathered while Princess Sirena spoke up and pointed to a purple-haired girl in punk clothing eating an ice pop. "Alright, then! The first test for our potential leader will be..."

The self-important fish girl smirked. "A leader should provide an example of dominance over the citizens to show the rest of us why we should follow their orders. The one who's able to consume that commoner before the other shall be declared the victor of this contest."

Natalie and Selena stood there confused. "Huh?"

Isabella rolled her eyes and groaned. "Ugh. She's saying the first one to eat that girl wins this round."

"Oh... I knew that!", Natalie said.

"If you can't even understand our teammates, I have to wonder how you would perform as our leader", Jacqueline snapped. Nat gritted her teeth, before a smug expression began to form over her face.

She turned her attention to the punk-ish girl eating the ice pop and brought her index finger and thumb to her eye. A teal-colored energy began to envelop Maya. "W-what's going on?!", the girl yelped. Natalie began to press her finger and thumb together, causing the punk girl to begin to shrink! "Th-this isn't fair!", Maya cried out. "This is my only day off!"

Jacqueline simply looked on as Natalie begin to shrink her target down until she was only a few inches tall, after which she ran over and scooped her up. "Hey! I shrunk her first!", Natalie cried out.

"Yes you did. And now I get to enjoy the result of your work for a change." Jacqui smirked before opening her mouth wide and dropping her down... right before Nat snatched Maya right up. "HEY!"

"Ya snooze, ya loose!", Nat snickered before opening her mouth, trying to shove her in there before Jacqueline grabbed their prey. "Gimme back! I wanna win!"

"Well, that's too bad!" Jacqui didn't even get to part her lips before Nat made an attempt to grab the shrunken girl.

Maya panicked as she was grabbed and tugged and tossed up in the air as the two young girls fought over her.

"I feel this challenge was not thought out very well...", Vicki stated.

"Nobody asked you, lackey!", Isabella snapped, not appreciating her challenge suggestion being criticized.

The two aspiring leaders fought over their prey for more than two minutes before they discovered that they had misplaced Maya. "Where did she go?", Natalie asked, having taken a seat on the ground.

"Well now look what you've done", Jacqui cried. "She got away!"

As Jacqueline and the other Dark Scouts looked around for their target, Natalie suddenly felt some wriggling beneath her and looked back. She smirked as she saw Maya's tiny legs frantically squirming beneath her left buttcheek. The girl lifted her rump and grabbed her meal in her fist and stood up. "* AHEM! *" The other young villains looked over just in time to see Natalie stuff Maya into her maw, slurping her legs up like a pair of noodles and quickly gulping down the unfortunate maid girl.

Jacqueline gritted her teeth while Vicki and Princess Sirena sighed, their disappointment quickly drowned out by Selena and the mysterious Hellfire's cheering.

"Yay! First point goes to Nattie!", Selena cried out.

"You just got lucky!", Jacqui yelled before getting in her face. "I'm winning the next challenge for sure!"

Natalie stuck her tongue out before accidentally releasing a belch into Jacqueline's face, Maya's saliva-covered vest slapping into her nose.

The chubby girl retched in disgust as she clenched her fist.

"Save your energy for your next challenge, you two", Hellfire spoke up.

Hellfire was about to point over to the beach, but the Dark Scouts were suddenly interrupted. "Whatever you're planning is coming to a stop right now, Dark Scouts!" The group of girls looked over and saw a girl and a boy, both of them dressed in white and yellow uniforms of the Rainbow Scouts. To the right was Honeydrop, a demigod who seemed to be malleable and squishy like Jack and Selena. To the left, was the eternally cheerful Sunny Daisy... the Rainbow Scout who had made them suffer their most humiliating defeat to date!

"You might outnumber us by a whole bunch, but we've already got backup on the way! Alls we gotta do is keep ya busy til they get here!", Sunny Daisy said with a giggle before her emblem on her chest shined, causing a yellow and white rod to appear in her hand. "And this thingy's got a full charge!"

"Sunny Daisy, I would appreciate it if you use your Rainbow Rod only for defense", Honeydrop stated before turning his attention to the Dark Scouts and folding his hands and pleaing. "I can tell that you're planning something sinister, but I would like to extend a hand of friendship and show you that-"

"SHUT UP!", the Dark Scouts all yelled, causing the young demigod to stumble back in shock.

Hellfire took her glasses off and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Ugh, these dorks... change of plans. You two fight these goofballs and whoever beats their Scout wins this challenge."

"Not a problem...", Nat said, smirking as she placed a hand on her hip.

"I don't need some silly challenge to deal with these pests", Jacqueline said as she pulled out a ray gun.

Knowing that technology didn't work on divine beings, Jacqueline decided to go after Sunny Daisy, since she was human. "Time for some payback!" Jacqui aimed her ray gun at the cheerful Rainbow Scout and fired.

"Hup!" Daisy performed a front flip, causing the blast to miss and hit a tree, turning it into a large snack cake. "Too fast for ya!"

Jacqui gritted her teeth and continued rapidly firing off transformation rays, attempting to hit her opponent. However, she wasn't prepared for just how energetic and athletic Sunny Daisy was, with the cheery girl flipping and cartwheeling all over the place, dodging every single blast.

Meanwhile, Nat was about to use her powers to shrink Honeydrop, but remembered her last encounter with a divine being. Attempting to shrink Diamond Demigoddess caused her powers to reflect and shrink her and the other scouts instead. "Miss Blackheart, surely you aren't as dark as your name suggests", Honeydrop stated. "I know your abilities and what you use them for, and I'm afraid they'll do you no good here." Nat began to sweat a bit, trying to figure out what her next move should be... until a light went off in her head.

"You're right, Honeydrop", Natalie said as she got down on her knees. "I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. Could you forgive me?"

"What is she doing?!", Selena cried out. "Don't let that goody-goody corrupt you, Nattie!"

"Oh of course! This is wonderful news!", Honeydrop cheered. "Mama will be so happy that I've converted my first mortal. Allow me to free you of the wicked desires that plague your soul..." The demigod's wings extended as he hovered over to where Natalie was kneeling... unaware of the smirk she was hiding.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline was screaming as she continued to miss shot after shot, clenching her fists and stomping on the ground. "I've had enough of your stupid games! I will be the winner here!" Jacqui grabbed onto the dial on the back of her ray gun and twisted it all the way to the right.

"Time to wipe that smile off your face!" Jacqui pointed it at Sunny Daisy, preparing to finish off the Rainbow Scout.

However, she was caught off guard as Daisy produced her rod and pointed it toward the young genius's feet. "Kanketsusen!"

A magical beam shot out and struck the ground. Jaqui was startled at first, but quickly brushed it off. "Hah! You missed, you imbec-IIIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!" Jacqueline was suddenly cut off as water suddenly BURST out of the ground beneath her, shooting her high into the air, and causing her ray gun to fall to the ground and break.

"Wow, that's stronger than I thought...", Daisy said as she looked up into the air.

Meanwhile, as Honeydrop approached Natalie, she suddenly grabbed the halo from on top of his head and used it as leverage to jump higher into the air, kicking her feet forward and landing on top of the young demigod butt-first, completely flattening him with a loud SQUELCH! "Hah! You're even more gullible than that doofus, Bryan!", the mean girl laughed as she ground her booty on top of Honeydrop, who's whimpers were muffled beneath Nat's buttfat, securing her yet another victory.

As for Jacqueline, she continued plummeting downward, Sunny Daisy yawned from the waiting, but her mouth was quickly filled as Jacqui was shot down the Rainbow Scout's throat! The chubby young genius yelped as she was quickly forced down the wet, fleshy tube. Despite being bigger than Daisy, her malleable body caused her to compress, though there was still a very visible bulge shown as she was swallowed, notably her plump, round bottom, before she was deposited into the air-headed girl's gut. "UUURRRRRPPPPP!!!" The Rainbow Scout let out a loud belch as she fell backward on her bum from the extra weight. "Heehee, sorry, Sugar Skull", Sunny Daisy giggled.

"Y-you IDIOT!!" Jacqueline screamed. "Let me out now or I'm going to make you regret it for the rest of your life!"

The bulge that was Jacqueline Creed attempted to struggle, but it was much too tight in the belly for her to make any movements. "Sorry, miss Dark Scout, but you're staying put", Daisy said as she poked her bulging gut. "You can't cause trouble in my tummy, after all."

"M-Mistress!", Vicki cried out.

"Oh no! Princess Ja- I mean, Sugar Skull", Princess Sirena yelled. "Allow me to assist-"

They were suddenly interrupted as Diamond Demigoddess and the rest of the Rainbow Scouts arrived on the scene to assist their teammates. "Unhand our teammate now, Dark Scouts, or be blinded by the light of the Rainbow Scouts!", the leader cried.

"gulp W-we can't take all of them on", Sirena stated. "Especially with their leader here..."

"B-but Miss Jacq-EEE!" Vicki was suddenly yanked away as the rest of the Dark Scouts retreated back to the ferry and returning to Mire Island, leaving the flattened Honeydrop behind.

Starbright picked up the smushed demigod and smiled. "It's okay, Zaine. You're safe now!"

"But my halo's gone...", he whined. "I can't reform until it reappears..."

"Don't worry. I'll keep you safe until then."

Diamond Demigoddess hovered over to Daisy, who was still sitting down as Jacqueline continued gurgling in her belly. "I hope this doesn't become a habit for you..."

"Oh, this time it was an accident", Sunny Daisy assured. "I used a geyser spell and she flew up and landed in my tummy... she was really tasty, though...", she said.

"Well, at least she won't be causing any trouble for a while...", said Diamond Demigoddess.

On the ferry, Vicki frowned as she held onto the side. Natalie looked over to Jacqueline's diminutive servant. Sure, she wanted to be the leader, but this wasn't the way she was hoping to win. For all the problems they had with one another, Jacqui was still her friend. She walked over and put her hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Vicki", Nat assured. "We're gonna get Jacqueline back from those jerks. As leader, I'm making that the top priority of the Dark Scouts!"

Vicki looked up sadly before pouting and clenching her fist. "Yes. Before, I was simply attacking the Rainbow Scouts under the orders of my mistress... but now I have a new motivation."

"There we go!", Nat said.

"Although I will have to address Miss Jacqui's absence to her employees... My mistress did instruct me to activate her cloning machine in the event anything happens to her... but I simply can't bear the thought of her being trapped within the body of one of her enemies", Vicki moped.

"Hmm... I guess it depends on how long she's gone for?" Natalie put her finger to her chin. "Whatever happens, that'll be your decision, Vicki."

When night had fallen, Daisy and Rosalyn had returned to their home. By this point, the cheery girl's body had completely digested Jacqueline. The chubby young genius and CEO of Creed Industries, the most successful company in the city, had been reduced to a thick layer of fat on her airheaded enemy. As Daisy skipped up the stairs, Jacqui mentally grunted as she felt herself wobble on her body. "Walk steady, you empty-headed fool!", she cried.

"Your fat's talking", Rosalyn noted. "It's kind of annoying. You ought to exercise."

"Oh hush", Daisy said as she pinched the bit of chub on her tummy.

"Oww! How dare you! Do you have any idea who I am?!", Jacqui yelled.

"You're my cousin's fat", Rosie stated. "Her annoying fat."

"I think I'm gonna keep her around", Daisy stated.

"WHAT?!", Jacqueline cried.

"If you're stuck with me, you're not gonna cause any more problems", Daisy reasoned. "Plus, maybe my grades will get better if I've got a genius sticking with me!"

"You can't do this to me!", Jacqui yelled.

"She kinda just did", Rosie said in a mocking tone... well, it was assumed to be mocking, as her voice only had one tone. "I'm not gonna be looking forward to these next few weeks... or months... or years... or however long you stick with her..."


Jacqui's airheaded prison put her finger to her chin. "Um... okay, nighty night!" Daisy hopped onto her bed and yelped as the legs broke from her newly acquired weight, while Jacqui let out a mental "eep!".

Underneath the skin of her captor, Jacqueline was left alone to sulk. This was by far the most humiliating defeat of her life. However, there was a bright side to it. She now knew the identities of two of the Rainbow Scouts... and she would eventually learn the rest.

As Daisy snored in her sleep, Jacqui mentally sighed. Earlier today, she was one of the smartest and most powerful little girls in the world. But tonight, that was all taken away from her. Jacqueline Creed was now just the smartest layer of fat, on one of the dimmest girls in the city.