Josephine Courtemanche slowed her step, and raised her left hand palm-downward over her sky-blue eyes, against the glare of the sun. She was wearing her stylish pink-tinged dark sunglasses, but the afternoon sun was right in her eyes. It shone down brightly from a cloudless blue sky.

She was not in Los Angeles proper, here, and she had got the taxi to drop her off at the far end of Sunset Boulevard, where the low density, hyper-wealthy residential area of Pacific Palisades began, on the coast of the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Having long been used to the bustle of New York City, its throng of buildings and people crammed noisily together, its vibrant and exciting nightlife but grey winters and grey northern Atlantic, she was still soaking in the warmth and sun and different atmosphere of these most glamorous parts of the west coast. She had spent the taxi journey from L.A. proper gazing out at the palm trees and stunning mansions, music shops and hotels, casinos and nightclubs, all bathed in the hot sun. But that didn’t mean she liked having to squint against its searing glare.

The pavement she was walking up was a tidy sandstone path between trimmed grass by the roadside and the tall dark green hedges marking the boundary of Mia Chennamaneni’s mansion. The perfectly trimmed hedge, which contrasted with the giant wild palm trees lining the street, actually offered little in the way of privacy. The front garden rose up a slope to the actress’ pink three-storey house, with its tall white columns and arches straight out of some fantasy rather than any historic architectural style. Of course, Jossie guessed, there would be a large domain at the back, hidden from view. Celebrity-stalkers would have to make do with a glimpse at the front of the house. At the end of the street, she saw, was the sparkling blue sunlit ocean.

Composing herself to look confident and self-assured, she pulled on the chain of the tingling silvery doorbell. And waited, crossing her slender but nicely toned arms below her large breasts. In defiance of what the well-to-do might expect of her, she was wearing a simple, airy and comfortable white blouse, and tight blue denim shorts, cut high enough that her thighs were left mainly bare. Her skin tone remained fairly pale, even after five months living in California. She liked it that way, though. A heavy suntan would just seem… vulgar, somehow. And not at all healthy for her skin. In her mid-twenties, she had a fairly tall, slender and decidedly fit build, her tummy flat and trim beneath her blouse, the sleek healthy muscles of her beautifully feminine bare legs on casual display. She passed a hand lightly through her long blond hair, flowing loose down her back, and rearranged it a little so that some of it spilled prettily over her left shoulder. She kept every part of herself looking just the way she liked, but she was particularly proud of her fair hair – long and smooth.

She was pondering whether to ring the bell again, though she didn’t want to appear eager or anything of that sort, when the door to the mansion opened, and a woman in a bikini appeared on the marble doorstep. The woman reached inside to press something on the wall, and the front gate buzzed open with a click. The woman then motioned Jossie towards her with a brief smile.

Jossie pushed the gate open further, stepped into the front garden, and swung it shut behind her. A path of clean wide marble steps led up the hillslope to the house. She sprinted up them, young and athletic, with long strides of her legs. When she reached the top, the paved peach-pink patio at the front of the mansion, her hostess still loomed over her, and Jossie looked up a little at her. Mia Chennamaneni was in her late thirties but looked younger. She was gorgeously slender, very feminine and yet somehow a little imposing, brown of skin and with classically pretty Indian features. She was fairly tall, for a woman, and of course the doorstep gave her those extra few centimetres of height over her young blond guest. Her wet white bikini showed off her lovely long, shapely bare brown legs, and long dark hair tumbled in locks around her perfect oval face. Brown eyes, warm and solemn, examined Jossie, flicking up and down quickly over her legs, her clothes, her face, as though assessing or judging her. Her nearly bare body glistened with a sheen of wetness, pearls of slowly trickling water glistening in the warm sun, though her skin was not as soaked as her bikini. The wet white fabric concealed very little of the dark areolas of her mid-sized breasts, nor even of her shaved crotch. She seemed utterly unperturbed at being thus on display. The street, though, was quite empty on this lazy warm afternoon.

“So you’re Jossie,” she said. And Jossie found herself a little surprised at the sound of the woman’s voice. It was richly melodious, casually assertive, but most of all it carried none of the Indian inflection that the actress usually spoke with when on screen. Instead, Mia Chennamaneni spoke with a typical New England accent, and not the faintest trace of foreign origin. Jossie told herself not to find it surprising. She had read up on the woman before coming, and knew she was American by birth, of Indian parentage but born somewhere in Connecticut.

“That’s me, yes!” she said cheerfully, and shook the actress’ hand as it was held out to her. The woman did not bother to introduce herself , of course. She was instantly recognisable, whether it be from movies like Becoming Dreams or, more generally, from popular TV series including Jealousy Mine , or The Unbound , or Lovebirds . Fluidly graceful, the star actress motioned at her again, with a slender wet brown arm, even as she turned and walked back into the house.

“Come on through,” she said. “I was just drying off, round the back.”

* * *

Jossie looked around with some interest as she was led barefoot through the wide marble entrance hallway and then straight through some sort of wide, elegantly comfy sitting room with large windowpanes consisting in almost the entirety of its back wall, and a large sliding door in it, out onto another patio at the back. She had always been quite curious at how other people lived, and so she glanced in passing at the ornate vases, and the modernistic white furniture, and the stylish indoor lamps, and the display case which displayed various types of trophies, set in a narrow bookcase that was only half-filled with books.

She glanced, too, at the famous actress leading her. I rock a bikini better than you do , she thought with a quiet smirk to herself. Mia Chenn was a picture of feminine loveliness, but Jossie knew she had a rounder bottom than the TV star did, and bigger breasts. Though the actress’ breasts were firm and beautiful for their size, she conceded.

She stepped out with her onto the rear patio – much broader than the one at the front, and extending out over the start of the vast green garden, into an open-air swimming pool. And indeed more private, fences woven with vegetation keeping it separate from neighbours’ domains on either side. There was no-one else here, she saw. Mia Chennamaneni moved, her motions liquid and feline, to sit at a small white metal garden table on the marble patio, and crossed her long, lovely smooth bare brown legs. She motioned for Jossie to sit opposite her.

“Help yourself to a drink,” she said. “It’s mineral water.” There was a large glass pitcher on the table, filled with clear water, and a couple of thin slices of grapefruit floating inside it along with a few mint leaves. Jossie nodded, pulled out a metal chair which squeaked just faintly, sat down, and poured herself some water into a blue glass. She drank, somewhat thirstily. The warm sun made the cool fresh water all the more pleasant, as it filled her mouth and flowed in smooth swallows down her throat.

Eventually, she placed the glass back down with a soft sigh of simple pleasure. She wiped the back of her hand over her damp lips. “You wanted to see me,” she said.

“I did.” The famous actress, some ten years her senior, straightened up a little and frowned at her. The suddenly stern look on her face did nothing to diminish her carefully cultivated beauty. “You ate my agent.”

“Did I?” Jossie tried not to smirk, amused. She only partly succeeded, the corners of her pretty lips twitching. “Whoops!” She crossed her bare legs in turn, and leaned back in her chair, making herself appear casual. “If I did, I don’t think I knew who he was. He? She? I eat so many people, usually just served to me on a tray.” She grinned, displaying white teeth and sharp, pretty little canines. “You can’t expect me to remember them.” She paused, as a flicker of worry formed within her. The woman opposite her had influence, and doubtless powerful friends, in the police and elsewhere. “And you can’t blame me!” she added quickly, defensively. She resisted the impulse to sit up straighter. “If I ate him, that means he signed all the papers. I was allowed to.”

Mia Chennamaneni nodded slowly. Her smoothly beautiful brown face remained stern, and she held Jossie’s faintly anxious gaze, the younger woman’s uncertain blue eyes. At last, the actress’ expression softened into a look of amusement. “You can relax. It’s fine.” She poured herself some water too. “I mean, it’s a nuisance , for me. But I’ll make do.” She sipped from her glass, looking over it at Jossie. “And as soon as I found he’d gone to the Forbidden Dish, and that you were the one who ate him–”

“How did you find that out, actually?”

“–I decided I wanted to meet you.” She did not answer Jossie’s question. “Do you often dine at that place?”

Jossie gave a predatory smirk. “Yeah,” she said, feeling quite pleased with herself. “A friend introduced me to it, and I decided I like it. I’ve been there for dinner a few times, or for a quick lunch. Or at night, after dinner, just to dance and have a few midnight snacks.” Her teeth were white and hard and pretty in her broad smile. “You’re interested?”

Mia was a picture of cool graceful composure. “I’ve had a look at your social media posts. Videos, pictures… You’re starting to make a name for yourself.” A little smile floated on her gorgeous mouth. “You know how to put on a good show. I mean your pose, the angles… You know how to catch your followers’ attention.”

Jossie hesitated, thinking quickly. She wasn’t in a dominant position here, however much she might pretend she was, and that always unsettled her a little. “What do you want from me?” she asked bluntly.

The actress was looking her over again. “It’s a little strange,” she said, and there was a throatiness to her breath, a hint of excitement. “To think that whatever’s left of him, it’s all just part of you now…” She moistened the corner of her lip. “With a figure like yours, I’m sure that made him happy.”

“Your agent?” Jossie gave a slow smile. “I guess, but he’s a bit too digested for us to ask.” She ran her hands slowly down her own sides, caressing herself, and down over her hips.

Mia laughed. “Like I said! It’s strange to think of it.” She smiled. “You asked what I want from you. Simple, actually. I’m having a party here, not this coming weekend but the next. Saturday. We’re celebrating the premiere of Eight . My new movie. You’ve seen the trailers.” She uncrossed her smooth shapely legs, and crossed them in the other direction, making herself comfortable. Her bare feet were still dripping occasional droplets of water onto the marble ground.

Jossie nodded. “Yeah, I’ve seen the trailers.” She felt a little tingle of excitement in turn.

“You’re invited.” Mia’s brown eyes twinkled, as she watched her. “To the party, I mean. Here, at my house.” She paused, for a bare instant. “There’ll be tinies. Shrunken people. To eat.”

Jossie’s eyes gleamed. She could feel a warm swell of eagerness inside her. This was unexpected! “Can I bring friends?” she blurted out, boldly.

Mia frowned. “Being a bit presumptuous, aren’t you?” She ran her fingertip idly round the outer rim of her glass, and looked over her neat garden.

“Aww, come on. You want me to turn up alone to a party where I don’t know anyone?” She had, in fact, done precisely that many times, and it had never bothered her much. But this was too good an opportunity not to get a couple of her friends in on the fun.

“You strike me as the sort of girl who makes friends easily,” Mia said dryly. “If I put you in a room with strangers, I’m sure they’ll soon like you.”

Jossie gave her best pouty look. The actress laughed.

“Oh, all right!” she exclaimed. “Two friends. No more than two.” She began to tick points off on her slender, elegant brown fingers. “You’ll all need to be dressed well.” She glanced down meaningfully at Jossie’s denim shorts. “And no pestering other guests for autographs or selfies. They’re here to unwind, away from fans. Understood?”

“Perfectly!” Jossie said, cheerful.

“Good.” Mia smiled. “In any case, I’ll be sharing your videos around before the party, so that my guests know who you are. I think some of them will be interested to meet you.” There was a brief gleam in her expressive brown eyes, and Jossie smiled quietly to herself in turn. Mia Chennamaneni, she thought, really very much wanted to swallow someone. Perhaps she’ll ask me for tips on technique .

“Great!” Jossie drained her glass, grateful for the cool water inside her, and got to her feet. It was probably time to leave. “Oh, and… Just out of curiosity, where will you be getting the shrinkies from? You said there’d be quite a lot.”

“Where do you think?” The actress got to her feet in turn, unwinding her long legs with fluid grace, to see her out. She gave a quick smile. “From the Forbidden Dish, of course.”

* * *

Teagan positively squeaked with excitement, sitting up brightly on the sofa she was sharing with Lykke. “ Oooooh , d’you think Alex Ardley will be there? He must be; he’s in Eight too! He looks soooo good, with his trimmed beard on the posters! So we’ll actually get to see him?” She clapped her hands excitedly. “Oh, oh, I bet Mia Chenn gets to kiss him in the movie! She’s sooo lucky!” She sank back onto the sofa, and pouted, a dreamy look on her face.

“Okay, now don’t forget to breathe!” Lykke said, laughing. Sitting beside her, she put an arm affectionately round Teagan’s shoulders. Jossie sat on a chair, opposite them in their flat. Lykke and Teagan had already been roommates before they had become lovers. Their flat was smaller than the one Jossie lived in alone; unlike her, neither of them had much money. They were both in their early twenties, just slightly younger than Jossie. Of average height and fairly slender build, Lykke had long lovely red hair, framing a prettily rounded face speckled with faint freckles. Her looks hinted very much at her Swedish parentage, though she herself was in fact American-born. Teagan was shorter, a fairly small slender girl, East Asian in appearance, her black hair worn shoulder-length, her cute face at this moment warm with excitement.

“I’m sure there’ll be lots of famous people,” Jossie assured her, with a fond smile. Though she still hoped Lykke would eat Teagan all up some day, or better still let her eat the girl, she had developed real affection for the shy yet easily excitable young woman. “We’re not allowed to take photos of them or ask them for selfies or anything, though. No fangirling.” She smiled apologetically. “The best thing to do will be to just hang around, and let them come over and talk to you .”

Teagan sighed wistfully, then smiled back and nodded. She looked as though she were still trying to contain her eagerness. Stars in her eyes and all that, Jossie thought with a tender quirk of her lips.

“I have to say, I’m just really impressed,” Lykke said. “One of the big names in Hollywood, and she just asks you to come to her private party. Just like that.”

“There are ways of attracting the right attention, Lyks,” Jossie smirked. “Eating her agent clearly helped. And: social media, girl! She looked me up, and liked what she saw. I think she intends us to be part of the entertainment, like. The other guests ’ll see us eating shrinkies from the buffet, and it’ll get everyone else started.” She grinned, a brief flash of her teeth. “I think Mia wants an excuse to be able to eat people, and so she wants to be sure she won’t be the only one doing it.”

Lykke grinned too. “I can’t imagine she’d be the only one. Eating tinies has become the hip new thing among celebs! Especially in Hollywood. That girl who does the talk show with sports stars… what’s her name?”

“Tania Bell,” Teagan piped in helpfully.

“Yeah, that’s the one.” Lykke leaned in and briefly kissed her cheek. “Well, anyway, she was on TV the other night, talking about what sauces and condiments go best with shrinkies. For the texture, for the flavour… that sort of stuff!” She giggled. “See? All the celebs who want to be ‘cool’ are doing it!”

“Whatever.” Jossie made a vague motion with her hand. “Let’s just take it as what it is. Free food, free shrinkies, free drinks, and dancing!” She flashed Teagan a smile. “You looking forward to eating people again?”

Teagan blushed, prettily. “I… well…”

“She is! ” Lykke exclaimed, and laughed, delighted at her lover’s shyness. She pulled her close, squeezing her shoulder. “Aren’t you, Teags? You’re looking forward to having tiny, helpless little people, all eager to go in your mouth, so that you can eat them all up!”

Teagan lowered her eyes for a moment, then looked at them both, smiling. Caught up in the thrill of that thought. “I… I guess I am!” she admitted in a hot whisper, and giggled. “It’ll be nice to… to taste them again! A bit…” Her softly girlish voice trailed off amidst a deeper blush of embarrassment.

“Yeah, that’s my girl!” Lykke laughed, cheerfully. She slid her hand under the cloth of her girlfriend’s top, and rubbed Teagan’s tummy. “And then you’ll digest them in your little tummy!” she cooed, and nibbled gently at the girl’s ear.

“And I guess we all remember what sauce or condiment you like your shrinkies with!” Jossie teased, and winked at a faintly flustered Teagan. “Cocktails, am I right?” She mimed drinking from a glass, as though holding it daintily between her thumb and two fingers.

“Nyo!” Teagan squeaked, distracted by what Lykke’s tongue was shamelessly doing to the tender soft part of her ear. She pushed her lover gently away with a muted giggle, and looked at Jossie again. “I don’t want to get drunk again!” She gave Lykke an anxious look. “Really I don’t! Last time, I got all confused, and I woke up with tummy ache and a headache.”

“Aww, but I’m sure the shrinkies you ate enjoyed their drunken party in your tummy!” Jossie grinned, wickedly. “You wouldn’t want to deny the next ones, right? Let them have their fun after you’ve swallowed! I think we kind of owe them that.” Her blue eyes flicked a discreet naughty look to Lykke, who grinned broadly.

“No but really, I don’t want to drink too much,” Teagan said, looking worried. “I want to stay in control of what I’m doing.” She fidgeted nervously with her fingers. “It’s important.”

“And I’ll look out for you,” Lykke said lightly. “I promise.” She kissed her relieved girlfriend’s ear. “My own little sexy-pie…” she murmured, her whisper a hot sensual breath on moistened skin. Teagan shivered, and giggled.

“And in the meantime,” Jossie said, pleased, “I’ll take you both shopping this week-end.” They looked at her. “Dresses!” Jossie exclaimed at them. “Shoes! There’s stuff we’ll be expected to wear.” She smiled, almost coyly. “We’ll need to look our best.”

* * *

Piling out of the taxi and each smoothing her silky dress over her legs, the three young women looked up at the pink mansion. The music, not too loud, sounded like pop from the 1990s – a retro evening from Mia Chenn’s teenage years, perhaps. Teagan fidgeted with the fairly high V-neck of her long red dress, which showed only the faintest hint of her medium-small breasts. The dress was quite loose, with long sleeves, tightening only round her slim waist before billowing out in a wide flow almost down to her ankles. It had a burgundy-velvet ribbon sash in lieu of a belt. Jossie, clad almost provocatively in a shimmering, low-cut white dress, looked her up and down again. Jossie’s plunging V-neck offered an enticing look at the push-up cleavage of her large breasts, and her arms were entirely bare, the thin white straps over her shoulders all but hidden by the lush, beautifully arranged flow of her blond hair. The dress, light and airy, went down just past her knees, but was cut in such a way as to show off a glimpse of her legs when she walked. Her feet were slipped into elegant, softly sparkling silvery-white high-heel sandals.

“You know, I didn’t expect you to go for such a bold choice,” she told Teagan with a quick, bright smile. “But it suits you.”

“Bold?” Teagan’s dark eyes widened a little, and she looked down at her dress in turn. Other than the fact the bottom part of her legs was on display, above her nice mid-heel black shoes, she felt she had dressed quite conservatively – not least by comparison with her friends. She felt faintly alarmed. “How is it bold?”

“It’s red,” Jossie grinned, amiably teasing. “Don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed?” With that, she walked up to the gate, and jangled the bell. Behind her, Lykke slid her arm through Teagan’s.

“Red is the colour of lust,” Lykke whispered warmly to her girlfriend, giving her arm a little squeeze. “The colour of seduction. The colour of sex.” Her smile broadened into a grin. “And now your cheeks are that colour too!” she giggled, pleased.

Lykke herself had dressed for the kill – so to speak. Her forest-green dress sparkled and shimmered, and hugged the curves of her body. Like Jossie’s, it pushed up her cleavage and left her arms bare. Tight around her hips and bottom, it flowed silkily over her right leg, but kept her left leg bare almost up to mid-thigh. Its deep green colour contrasted strikingly with the curly flow of her natural red hair. Teagan gave her an admiring look, and whispered back:

“What’s green the colour of, then?”

“Wickedness,” Lykke told her promptly, and winked. “Temptation. Mystery, and hope.” Teagan smiled, a little shyly but enjoying the delicious thrill that tingled through her.

The gate buzzed, and Jossie pushed it open.

“You remember you’ve both promised you won’t let me get drunk?” Teagan said, Lykke still holding her arm as they followed Jossie up the marble steps. The music drifted down the sloped terrain to them, carrying with it the welcoming sound of laughter.

“You don’t want to be drunk?” Lykke grinned, teasing. “Why, are you planning to get shrunk and go swimming in someone’s glass? If you do, I might just drink you myself!” Se slid her hand down to squeeze playfully at Teagan’s bottom.

Teagan’s lips quivered, an uncertain little smile. “That’s not what I–” she began, with a giggle.

“Mmmn, you’d best watch out!” Jossie lilted, amused. “She really will swallow you whole, if you give her just half a chance!” She glanced back over her shoulder at them both, and grinned beautifully.

Lykke gasped, with an air of pretend outrage. “Jossie! Don’t give away all my secrets like that!”

“That’s okay.” Teagan nuzzled her head touchingly to her girlfriend’s bare arm, and looked up at her with a smile. “I know you wouldn’t eat me.”

“Oooh, would you like to put that to the test?” Jossie offered with a bright smile. They reached the stone porch at the front of the house. The front door was open, and music came from within, mingling with the pleasant hum of conversation. Jossie put her hands on her hips, over her white dress. “Just think…” she purred. “Some of the people in there, tonight they’ll be leaving here inside our tummies.”

Teagan felt a shiver of pleasure, a hot tingle that worked its way from her belly down to the sensitive area between her legs. She bit her lower lip, and felt it tremble softly with anticipation between the gentle press of her teeth.

Temptation, indeed.

“Sooo… Why are we waiting?” Lykke piped in cheerfully. She stepped past her friends, and into the actress’ house.

* * *

There was no-one in the hallway to greet them, so they took their shoes off and followed the sound of the pop music through into the sitting room Jossie had seen briefly a week or so earlier. Furniture had been pushed to one side, to provide room for guests to dance on the soft white carpet, amidst the shifting disco lights. The large glass door out onto the rear patio and garden was open, and there were two long buffet tables, laden with drinks and food – one indoors, one outside. It wasn’t quite yet dark, the sun descending over the nearby Pacific Ocean in a spectacular spread of warm wispy colours, but the party was already underway. The music, for now, was being played low enough not to impede conversation.

“Look who that is,” Jossie whispered, pointing. Her friends followed her gaze, to where an attractive young blonde woman was standing near the glass wall, sipping from a cocktail glass and talking to a tall man. The woman was wearing a short, curve-hugging red skirt, and a light lilac top that left her midriff bare. It took Teagan a moment or two to place her. Then she gaped.

“That’s Sharon Lange!” she whispered. “The one who reads the weather!”

As they watched, the young TV star lifted her glass to her lips, and they saw there was a shrunken man within it. The shapely blonde tilted her head back a little, with a toss of her lovely blond hair, and opened her mouth. The tiny man flowed in between her lips from the glass, along with her drink, and she swallowed it all down with a mere casual gulp, before resuming her conversation.

“Wow!” Lykke grinned. “ That was cool!”

Teagan felt a hot little flutter between her legs, and bit her lip again with sensual pleasure. Sharon Lange, a California-wide celebrity who appeared on TV every day, had just swallowed a man alive, as though it were the most normal thing in the world! “Hhnnn,” Teagan murmured, pleasantly flustered. She looked round, paying closer attention now to the other guests in the room. “Ohh, there’s Alex Ardley!” she gasped, thrilled, grabbing Lykke’s arm and pointing through the glass wall to the patio outside. “He looks even better in real life! And… Is that Jane Hall? It is !” she squeaked.

“She looks older than she does on screen,” Lykke remarked.

“Oh! No, she doesn’t !” Teagan exclaimed, and gave her a reproachful look. Then paused. “Where’s Jossie?”

“Gone to say hello to our hostess, I think.” Lykke nodded towards what they could see of the back garden.

“Oh, are we splitting up?” Teagan felt faintly alarmed. “Already?”

“Jossie’s doing her own thing, but I’m right here, aren’t I?” Lykke gave her a reassuring smile, and a quick kiss on the cheek. “Come on.” She put a hand on her arm. “Let’s go and see what there is to eat.”

* * *

While her two friends explored the food laid out indoors, Jossie herself was soon standing by the other buffet table outside, a charmed middle-aged man with streaks of silver in his dark hair talking to her with obvious interest. He had introduced himself as Ray Roberts, though he need not have bothered; he had starred in several series she had watched over the past months and years. With his enticing hazel eyes set in his ruggedly handsome light brown face, she felt as pleased to have caught his interest as he was to have caught hers.

“So, Mia tells me you’re making quite a name for yourself,” Ray said, his voice smooth and warm.

“I wouldn’t quite say that,” Jossie replied. Half her attention was on the buffet, and she was loading her plate from the assorted foods on offer. Fritter bites with lemon yoghurt dip, honeyed savoury rolls, caviar on crackers, and lovely-looking big fresh oysters on their half-shells. From a bowl of shrunken men and women, very lightly drizzled in what seemed like sesame seed oil, she helped herself to two naked men, placing them on her plate with the rest. A waiter poured her a chilled glass of white wine, which she set down beside her so she could hold her plate with one hand and eat with the other. “But I do have a few followers,” she added, and rewarded the actor for his flattery by dazzling him with her prettiest smile.

“Your accent,” he remarked. “East coast?”

Jossie nodded. She picked up a honeyed roll, and nibbled at it. She was in fact starting to feel hungry, and would happily have wolfed it down in three quick bites, but she was playing demure. With her face lowered just slightly towards her plate as she ate, she kept her blue eyes angled upward towards him – the classic doe-eyed look.

He smiled back. “You’re a long way from home.”

She swallowed the small bit of food she’d been chewing on. “I’ve been further.”

“You’ve travelled?”

She nodded. “Mostly Europe. With friends. London, Paris, Rome…” She picked up an oyster from her plate. It was fresh, and surprisingly large, quivering appetisingly on its half-shell. She lifted it to her lips, and tilted her head back. She pursed her lightly glossed lips prettily, as she sucked it daintily in.

“Ah. The old classical centres of culture,” Ray Roberts said, nodding sagely and with an indulgent smile.

She held up her free hand, asking for a moment as she sucked around the big oyster in her mouth. Its sea-salty smoothness seeped onto her tongue, as she worked her jaw carefully around it, wetting and savouring it. After a few moments, she swallowed it whole in a big gwulp , and washed it down her throat with a delicate sip of white wine. She moistened her lips with just the tip of her tongue, and with a quiet little hum of pleasure. The oyster had been delicious, and the wine –she fancied herself quite a connoisseur– was a fine vintage, and chilled just right. Certainly very expensive, she thought.

“Good party scenes, too,” she told him, and gave him a flirtatiously mischievous little smile. “But you must have travelled a lot, too.” She was still looking up at him, with flattering attention. “Where was Crimsonborn filmed, again? Mexico?”

“Panama,” he corrected her, in his smoothly mellow, deep pleasant voice. “If you’re thinking of the second season.”

“The one where’s you’re in a shack in… kind of like a desert. Cactuses, and stuff.” With just a brief glance down, she picked up one of the shrunken men from her plate, her fingertips pressing round his sides. He gasped, seemingly with excitement, as she lifted him towards her face. He was fairly well built, with dark hair, clean-shaven.

“Ohhh, y-yes…” he whispered, shakily, gazing in awe at her face. His eyes travelled down to the bare tops of the orbs of her breasts, pushed up in enticing cleavage by her white dress, then up to her beautiful face again, her lovely smooth features framed in the cascade of her lush blond hair. “Please eat me!”

She paid him no attention, keeping her eyes on the famous actor. “So what was Panama like?” she asked with an engaging smile. “It wasn’t too hot and dry, while you were filming?” She opened her mouth and, with a light flick of her wrist, tossed the shrunken man in. She closed her lips round his hairy bare legs, and slurped him in swiftly. He disappeared inside her.

She shifted her softly feminine jaw, sloshing him with quiet pleasure inside her mouth. He wriggled ecstatically on her tongue.

Roy Roberts breathed out a little laugh, and shook his head with amusement. “You did that so casually!”

“Hmmnn!” The corners of her lips curled, and she gave him a bright big smile, even with her mouth closed. She sucked harder on her shrinkie, making her mouth wet and soaking him in her saliva. A warm little thrill tingled through her, as his movements on her sensitive tongue, the texture of his subtle flavour, registered in the primal pleasure centres of her mind. As soon as she was able, she concentrated for a second or two, braced herself a little, and swallowed. Gll-glck . The shrunken man squirmed and wiggled as he slid wet and smoothly down her warm throat. Her blue eyes twinkled wickedly. “I’ve had a lot of practice,” she told the handsome actor, lowering her voice to an intimate whisper and moving just a little closer to him. “But do you want me to tell you a secret?”

He smiled, and nodded.

“It’s always still a bit of a thrill,” she breathed, warmly, locking his hazel gaze to her blue eyes. “Every time.”

He laughed. “Yes, I…” It actually took him a moment to compose himself, she noticed, pleased. “I can see you enjoyed him!”

She said nothing, but smiled prettily, sipped from her wine, and winked coyly. “Now you were telling me about Panama?” she said, quite innocent. And picked up another big tasty oyster from her plate.

* * *

A little intimidated, Teagan wandered out through the glass door and into the back garden. Some of the guests indoors had glanced or looked at her admiringly, but none had approached her, and she hadn’t dared approach any celebrities herself. After what Lykke had said to her earlier, she was feeling slightly self-conscious in her elegant red dress. She hadn’t really meant to wear it as an invitation to lust.

Her empty stomach rumbled quietly. The three of them had skipped dinner, so as to have an appetite for whatever foods might be on offer at the party – tiny people included. And she definitely did have an appetite, though it was dampened and discomfited with nervousness. She stood on the rear patio, and looked towards the outdoor buffet table. It was tempting, but there were guests gathered around it, and approaching would certainly mean having to talk to them. If someone famous spoke to her, she felt her brain would just go numb, struggling to reply. She sighed, and gazed round the garden instead, vaguely hoping to spot Lykke or Jossie. They had both vanished, mingling and leaving her to fend for herself.

Several of the guests, she saw, were smoking weed, as they chatted lightly among themselves. She hesitated, faintly uncomfortable, and sat down on the edge of the stone patio, dangling her feet over the grass. She continued to look round, more slowly. People were talking together in small groups on the grass or on the patio, or swimming or bobbing around in the large open garden pool. She spotted a film actor in dark blue swim-shorts standing near the pool talking with a lovely young British film actress in a yellow bikini. Her quiet eyes also identified the muscular young man known simply as Jacko, who had shot to popular fame upon winning an edition of the reality TV show Help, I’m on a Desert Island! . He was lying on his back in the pool, paddling lazily.

She wriggled her bottom a little on the warm stone surface beneath her, and swung her legs as much as her dress permitted, the sole of her bare feet tickling the grass. Uncertain quite what to do next.

“Hey, why are you just sitting there?”

Teagan looked up, and back, to where she saw Lykke sauntering over to her. The redhead wiggled her hips teasingly as she walked up to her in her form-fitting green dress, a cocktail glass in each hand. In one of those glasses sat a naked, shrunken man.

“I’ll bet you haven’t had any at all yet,” Lykke said to her, mock reproachfully, and crouched down to hand her that glass. Teagan bit her lip softly, and took it. Lykke sat down beside her on the patio’s edge, smoothing her dress as she did so. “Damn, this dress is tight! It’s not easy to sit in, I can tell you.”

“You chose it,” Teagan reminded her with a little smile.

“Sort. I liked it, but Jossie’s the one who decided to splurge on it for me.”

“Yeah, I know.” Her smile quivered hesitantly for a moment, then broadened. “It looks good on you. Very glamorous. My sparkling girlfriend.”

“Oh, I like that!” Lykke laughed. She leaned in a little and kissed Teagan on the cheek. “You look sexy too, you know,” she murmured to her.

Teagan blushed, pleased, and lowered her gaze a little. In doing so, she found herself looking at the cocktail glass she was now holding. The liquid in the elegant glass was a cheerful cloudy yellow, with a slice of lime on the side. The tiny man, gazing up at her with a look of excited hope, had fairly thick brown hair, pale skin and a smooth hairless chest. He was sitting with his legs folded in the drink, and shivering a little – probably with excitement, she thought, or perhaps the drink was a bit cold. She looked at Lykke.

“What’s this?” she asked, almost timidly.

“Daiquiri,” Lykke told her promptly. “But with pineapple juice.” She smirked playfully. “I know you like your drinks sweet and sugary.”

“Annd… so it’s got rum in it?”

“Can’t make a daiquiri without rum, sugar-babe,” Lykke said solemnly. “Otherwise it would just be syrup, pineapple juice and lime juice. And what would be the point of that?” She lifted her own glass, which was less than half-full. “I’m having the same; look.”

Teagan looked uncertain. “Yours doesn’t have a tiny in it…?”

“It did.” Lykke grinned wolfishly. “She’s gone. She’s in here.” She poked at her own tummy, hidden by the silky fabric of her forest-green shimmering dress.

Teagan gave a little smile. “I…” She paused. “I don’t want to get drunk, though,” she said, a little awkwardly. “Remember?”

“Baby, you’re not going to be drunk. He’s going to be drunk.” Lykke pointed at the tiny man in her girlfriend’s glass. “Because you’re going to drink him.” She reached to her, and gently caressed the base of her throat. “Who’s my thirsty girl?” she whispered, her breath a warm delightful tickle on Teagan’s cheek. Teagan hesitated a moment longer – then grinned, and giggled.

“Tinies are for drinking!” she agreed, brightening. She brought the glass to her lips, paying little attention to the shrunken man as he started to try to say something. She tilted her pretty head back, her mid-length dark hair flowing back, and tipped the contents of her glass into her open mouth. She began to swallow quickly, in rapid gulps, as it all flowed into her – the cocktail, fruity and sweet, and the tiny man tumbling in with it. She felt him slide slickly down along her tongue, barely tasting him as her mouth filled with the flavour of syrupy pineapple. Gyuwulp. Gwulp. Gyulp, ulp, ulp, gwulp . The motions in her girlish throat accompanied the drink down her gullet, quick swallow after quick swallow, as she drank it all down. Until at last she lowered the empty glass from her mouth, only a faint trace of sticky syrup still in it, and panted out a cute little breath.

She coughed a little, as the rum she had swallowed so quickly finished burning down her throat.

“Theeere!” Lykke giggled in turn. “All gone inside you!” She stroked Teagan’s smooth slender arm with her free hand, slipping it up under her girlfriend’s red sleeve. “Into your tummy!”

Teagan laughed girlishly, feeling strangely pleased with herself. Inside her chest, she could feel the solid lump of the shrunken man being forced down her gullet, towards her empty tummy. She felt herself smiling warmly. “Whoops! All gone!” she giggled, happily. She realised she hadn’t even asked the tiny man his name. She turned to Lykke. “D’you know what he was called?”

“No idea!” Lykke said, cheerfully. She kissed Teagan lightly on the lips. “Shall we give him some company? Maybe he’d like a girl in there with him.”

Teagan giggled again. “Okay!” Her spirits had brightened considerably. She got to her bare feet. Lykke smiled, finished her own drink, and got up as well, her dress rustling round her legs. She took her girlfriend’s hand, and Teagan grinned with a little shiver of eager happiness.

“Are you hungry?” Lykke asked as she began to walk fairly quickly, dragging the smaller girl along with her towards the outdoor buffet tables.

“Yes!” Teagan beamed. Her stomach, still almost empty other than one shrunken man in a shallow pool of daiquiri, rumbled quietly with anticipation – and appetite. She hastened her step, the stone surface still warm under her bare feet, hurrying to keep up with her girlfriend. Lykke’s dress was excitingly tight around the curves of her bottom, and Teagan felt a warm thrill blossom within her. The tiny man she had eaten was fluttering inside her stomach.

Lykke dodged between guests to find them a way through to the buffet, put their empty glasses down and pushed Teagan gently forward to the table. She stood behind her, close, the covered swell of her breasts pressing softly into Teagan’s back, her hands caressing their way down her girlfriend’s sides, over the silkiness of her red dress, and to her hips. “Now, then,” she whispered warmly into Teagan’s ear. “Have you ever tried caviar?”

Teagan pouted a little. “No, but I’m not sure–”

Lykke collected some up for her on a cracker, and lifted it to her girlfriend’s mouth. Teagan hesitated, then nibbled cautiously. Her cute Oriental face took on a thoughtful expression as she chewed.

“It’s… o…kay…” she said at last, not entirely convinced.

Lykke smiled indulgently, and ate up the rest of the cracker in a few crunchy bites. Teagan, meanwhile, was looking over the food and drinks on offer.

“Oysters,” Lykke told her firmly. “You’ll like oysters.” She reached past her, and picked one up, on its half-shell.

Teagan smiled, lovingly. “I’ve had oysters before, you know,” she said with a little giggle.

“Yeah, but not as nice as these ones, I bet,” Lykke said. Still standing up close behind her, she cupped Teagan’s chin from behind with her left hand, her fingers trailing gently on her girlfriend’s soft sensitive throat, and lifted the large fresh oyster to Teagan’s mouth. “Now open up,” she murmured sensuously in her ear. “They’re an aphrodisiac, remember.”

Teagan shivered happily, and obediently opened her mouth, just a little. Lykke tilted the oyster’s shell, her other hand tilting Teagan’s head back gently, and tipped the little creature into the warm, moist, intimate pinkness of Teagan’s mouth. Teagan closed her lips in a gentle smile of enjoyment as she sucked it all the way in.

“I’sh bhig!” she exclaimed after a moment, speaking round the large oyster on her tongue. She felt it quiver, alive in her mouth.

Lykke smiled fondly. “Just swallow it.”

“Mnn, nn!” Teagan concentrated, sucking at the creature that filled her mouth, tasting and wetting it. It felt lovely and fresh, just lightly sea-salty. She sucked on it a little harder, then threw her head back and swallowed hard. Gyullch! The malleable oyster slid down her throat – and was gone. She parted her lips, exhaling a soft little breath.

“Another one?” Lykke grinned.

“Please!” Teagan said brightly. She reached down eagerly for an oyster from the tempting platter on the buffet table, even as Lykke reached past her for one as well. Teagan felt the press of Lykke’s legs against her bottom, the silkiness of their dresses rustling enticingly together. They turned to each other, their legs and arms and sides a sliding caress against one another, and both smiled. They were so close that Teagan could gaze admiringly into the speckled green flecks in Lykke’s eyes, the softness of her cheeks, the tiny little grooves on her pink lips…

“Here!” Teagan said, eager and just a little breathless. “Let’s feed each other!” She lifted her oyster to Lykke’s mouth. Lykke grinned, her pretty mouth broadening in a display of white teeth. She lifted her own oyster, and tilted its shell against the softness of Teagan’s lower lip. They looked into each other’s eyes, Lykke winked, and they both pursed their lips and slurped , sucking in their big oysters.

Teagan sloshed the oyster around in her mouth, and watched with tingling pleasure as her girlfriend did the same, sucking on the one Teagan had fed her, her soft jaw shifting in her prettily feminine face framed by the lovely tumble of her orange hair, its colour striking over the shoulder straps of her green dress. Teagan slipped her hands onto Lykke’s hips, and kissed her mouth lovingly, just softly. While they both continued to slosh and savour their oysters.

Teagan paused, focusing as she prepared to swallow – the big oyster now very wet and slippery in her mouth. Lykke, though, shook her head at her quickly, smiled and held up two fingers to ask her to stop. Teagan cocked her head, curious, and sucked more slowly at the tasty little creature. Doing as she was asked, and not swallowing.

Lykke teased her fingers lightly through a strand of Teagan’s black hair, then moved to the table and picked up two cocktail glasses. They were identical again, but a slightly less cloudy yellow, and with a classy curl of lemon rind inside. Lykke discarded the lemon twists then handed her a glass, a smile still floating on her lips. Teagan took it, and without the need for words they each raised the glass to the other’s mouth. They laughed, and drank, washing the big quivery oysters down their wet throat with lemony, fizzy gulps of something that tasted a lot like champagne. Teagan swallowed her oyster down, delighted at the feel and flavour of the cocktail that went down with it, as she watched the bulge pass smoothly down her girlfriend’s throat. Lykke’s oyster – all gone as well.

She shivered happily. And licked a trace of lemony cocktail from her upper lip.

“You’re making me do naughty things,” she smiled, her voice a thrilled whisper. “I’m going to get tipsy .” She giggled again, girlishly.

“Hey, well I’m getting tipsy right here with you!” Lykke said cheerfully. “So don’t worry.” She slipped an arm round Teagan’s slender waist, and gave her a tender squeeze. “Now shall we eat someone?” she whispered – thrillingly. Teagan gulped, excited, and looked at her bright-eyed.

“Yes, please!” she whispered back.

They walked round the table, weaving their way between guests, to where a wide curved bowl held a number of naked, shrunken people. Many of them looked up as Lykke and Teagan peered down hungrily at them. Some waved, and called out cheerily; Teagan grinned girlishly, and waved back. The man in her stomach was still fluttering nicely inside her.

“Which one do you want?” Lykke smiled.

Teagan moistened her lips, her brown eyes skimming over the assembled shrinkies. They all looked nice and healthy – selected, perhaps, to be as appetising as possible. A thin oily sheen covered part of their bare body. Her gaze narrowed in on a fairly small woman who was actually jumping up and down to gain her attention. Teagan smiled, her choice made, reached down and picked her up. She was rewarded with a squeal of glee from the tiny woman, as she lifted her away from the bowl.

Holding her up to the level of her face, she looked at her chosen snack more closely. The woman was older than her, somewhere in her thirties, with brown skin and fairly short dark brown hair, a slim waist and rather large breasts. She was shivering happily between Teagan’s fingers, and giving her a broad white grin.

Oooh , you look lovely!” the tiny woman exclaimed, delighted. “Aren’t I lucky!” She giggled. “What’s your name?”

Teagan smiled kindly. “I’m Teagan.”

“Teeea-gan. Mmmnn …” The woman sighed dreamily. “Teagan…” She licked her lips in turn, and gazed at her boldly. “You’re a bit of a shy girl, right?”

The younger woman blushed. “Ah… I…”

Her shrinkie laughed, warmly. “It’s okay, shy girl! I think it’s cute!” She gave her a look of something close to adoration. “Now how about you get me inside you?” She put her hands on her hips. “This little treat isn’t going to just eat itself!” She giggled.

Teagan laughed, lightly. “All right, then! If you’re sure.” She lifted her above her head, tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. As she dangled the tiny woman above her, she looked sideways at Lykke. Her girlfriend had picked a tall pale blonde from the bowl, and was parting her lips to eat her.

“C-can you just… w-wait a minute?” the shrunken blond woman was saying. “I… I’m not so sure… No, but wait! ” she gasped, more shrilly, as Lykke popped her casually into her mouth. The tiny’s scream of alarm was muffled as Lykke’s lips clamped firmly round her, leaving only her smooth, pale bare legs twitching outside the redhead’s mouth. Lykke eyed Teagan, smirked, pursed her lips and sucked in those wiggly feminine legs with a slow moist swwlllwrp .

She winked, as she ate up the reluctant shrinkie, the pale bare feet vanishing swiftly between her lips. Teagan gave her a mildly reproachful look. Lykke laughed merrily, with her mouth closed, as she sucked and sloshed at the tiny blonde inside her.

Teagan, her own mouth still open, shook her head a little, and turned her attention back to her own shrinkie. The excited little brown-skinned woman was gazing down at her from between her fingers, not wanting to miss a moment of the experience.

“Your mouth is sooo pretty…” the tiny breathed, dreamily. “All that… glisteny pink…”

Teagan thanked her with a broad, silent smile, a pink blush softly colouring her cheeks. She lowered her in, feet first, the tiny woman wriggling and panting with anticipated bliss. Soon she was closing her pretty lips gently, softly round the woman’s big breasts, and felt her squirm and gasp and squeak with the sheer sensuousness of being eaten. She sucked at her softly, ingesting her all the way in.

Lykke swallowed, a visible gulp marking the shrunken blonde’s descent down her throat. She urrped very softly, as the tiny woman disappeared deeper within her chest. “How’s yours?” she smiled at her girlfriend.

Teagan smiled back with a mixture of faint shyness and bold excitement. She sucked quite gently at the woman in her mouth, sloshing and wetting her, feeling the warm soft smoothness of bare skin rubbing and wriggling over her tongue. It mingled with the pleasant taste of a light drizzle of sesame seed oil. Her heartbeat accelerated a little, pumping hot tingles through her body. Vore was increasingly well accepted, yes, but there was still the intense thrill of doing something taboo, something so final , something a little bit naughty. After she swallowed, this little woman would be gone – her whole life, her uniqueness becoming simply part of Teagan herself, as nourishment.

She half closed her eyes, humming quietly with pleasure as she sucked on her eager, wiggly food. The tiny woman was very wet now, and when Teagan tilted her head back a little and nudged her forcefully with her tongue, she slid easy as could be into her throat. Teagan swallowed her down, and parted her lips in a tell-tale little gasp of delight.

She was beginning to feel… well, a little bit aroused.

Lykke tittered, leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I like to see you having a good time,” she whispered, her words and breath a hot tickle in Teagan’s ear. She flicked just the tip of her moist tongue at her girlfriend’s ear, a quick little lick. “Another one?”

Teagan smiled, blushing. “In… in a minute. I think I should have… maybe something else to eat first.” Something that wouldn’t further fire up her arousal just yet. She looked over the piles of exquisite, tempting foods laid out on offer. Dainty little savoury pastries, elaborate finger foods, more of those lovely fresh big oysters, moist colourful cakes… Not to mention lots of bowls and plates of tinies, more than she had ever seen or even quite imagined possible. Her stomach rrwwled with appetite, rumbling hungrily round the two people, two oysters and tiny bit of cracker-and-caviar which were all she had eaten so far. So much delicious food to choose from!

She nibbled with happy anticipation at her lower lip, and reached at last for a small, elevated platter filled with a pyramid-like mound of dark cuboid chocolates. She took one, and bit into it delicately, for a first taste. The rich, luscious flavour of delicious black chocolate erupted magnificently onto her tongue, and along with it the next moment came the equally rich taste of cherry, intermingled with the sharp sugariness of rum. Her eyes widened with pleasant surprise, and she popped the rest of the chocolate into her mouth. She chewed gleefully, turning her face up with happiness to the still warm, colourful early evening sky.

“Shouldn’t that be dessert, though, rather than your main course?” Lykke giggled with amusement.

“I don’t care.” Teagan turned, and stuck her slightly chocolate-smeared tongue out at her, playful. “These chocolates are the loveliest I’ve ever had, and that’s what I’m going to eat.” On an impulse, she reached sideways into the nearest bowl of shrinkies, and picked out someone at random. He turned out to be a fairly tall, healthy-looking black man.

“Woah!” he exclaimed as she lifted him up. “Okay, here we go!” he added, excited, seeing Lykke’s face loom up in front of him as Teagan carried him there.

Lykke grinned predatorily, and opened her mouth wide. Her glistening maw, warm and pink, stretched open and beautiful before him, in her softly freckled face. Her green eyes, like emeralds highlighted by the curls and locks of her orange hair and by her dark green dress, watched him hungrily.

“Girl!” he exclaimed, chattering excitedly. “You’re gorgeous; you know that?”

Lykke merely inclined her head slightly in thanks for the compliment, with a playful smile. Then she gaped her mouth open again, and Teagan lowered him in, giggling. She placed the shrunken man on Lykke’s moist pink tongue, lying on his back with his head and shoulders poised on the young redhead’s lower lip.

“Oh, oh, just stay like that a moment!” she exclaimed, as a thought struck her. “Both of you, please. Yes, with your mouth open!” Her dress came with a slim pocket, from which she retrieved her mobile phone, in its pink casing. She switched it on quickly, lifted it horizontally to her eyes, and snapped a pic of her girlfriend with her open mouth, the man in her mouth tilting his head back to look at the camera with a grin.

“Cool!” he said, and laughed. “I’ve been immortalised!” He placed his hands on Lykke’s wet tongue, and pushed himself up just a little, so that his back was now resting on her lip and his head was fully outside her mouth. “Another one?”

Teagan tittered, and took another photo. Snap!

“It’s like a waterbed,” the man was saying, beaming. “I could quite happily settle here.”

Lykke closed her lips around his chest, and formed them into a kissy pout, her green eyes gazing intensely at Teagan. Teagan put on a playfully bashful look, and took another photo. “This one’s really good!” she enthused. “What’s your name?” she asked the shrunken men. “For when we post them.”

The man grinned, and looked about to reply – when Lykke slurped him fully into her mouth. He disappeared into her with a moist little sucking sound – gone. She smirked naughtily, and kept her closed lips into a kissy pout as she sloshed and sucked on him, her eyes shining warmly at her girlfriend. Teagan took another photo, then giggled and leaned in, on her tiptoes, to kiss Lykke’s pouty mouth. Mmm-mwah! She kissed her again, and shivered with a delicious little thrill as she heard the sound of Lykke swallowing, an audible wet gluptch . That tiny man was gone forever now, into her girlfriend’s warm lovely body. She put her hands on Lykke’s hips, and kissed her cheek.

“Whoops!” Lykke said, cheerily. “I guess we’ll never know his name.” She licked her lips. “Too bad!” She was pleased with herself, and Teagan giggled again.

“You’re sexy!” she whispered, and kissed her. “That was hot!

“I’ll let you kiss my tummy, later,” Lykke whispered back.

Ooooh! ” Teagan skipped a step back from her, and looked up at her with bright happy eyes.

“But first, let’s get you a souvenir of eating one!” Lykke whipped out her phone in turn, and picked up a shrunken woman from the bowl – a cute little blonde with frizzy hair. “I think this li’l shrinkie would look nice in your mouth!”

Teagan giggled eagerly, crouched down a little and parted her lips, opening her mouth and gazing up expectantly at her playfully domineering girlfriend. Look how good I am! she thought, laughing lightly. Feed me?

Lykke held the thrilled little blond over Teagan’s gaping, waiting mouth – and dropped her. With a giggling squeal, the shrunken woman fell in, her feet sliding on Teagan’s wet tongue, the slick slide leading her deeper in– Tegan closed her lips gently but quickly, and straightened up, the tiny woman’s head, face, arms and upper chest, with her perky little bare breasts, sticking out from her mouth. The shrinkie turned her head as best she could, and smiled as Lykke took a photo with her phone.

“Does my hair look okay?” the tiny woman quipped, grinning.

Lykke laughed, glanced at her phone’s screen and gave the shrunken girl a cheerful thumbs-up. She looked again at the photo she had just taken. “Oooh, I’ve got Sharon Lange and Mia herself in the background!” she said, pleased. “They’re just chatting, though. Not eating people.”

“Hrmnn? Nn, hhhnff?” Teagan asked, without parting her lips.

“I think she’s saying: Can we see?” the little frizzy blonde giggled.

Lykke smiled, and showed both of them the screen.

“Hmmnn!” Teagan vocalised, pleased, her mouth occupied with the lower part of the blonde’s bare body.

“Oh, yeah, that’s cool!” the shrinkie herself said, beaming, as she looked at it. “You’ll keep the picture, right?”

“Sure thing!” Lykke said brightly. “Teagan eating you, with famous people in the background? This one’s a keeper!” Teagan passed her wet tongue over the tiny woman’s bare legs and waist inside her mouth, making her squeal and laugh and wriggle.

From across the table, a smartly dressed, handsome waiter coughed lightly. “Excuse me, madam,” he said, pleasantly enough but firmly, once he had their attention. “No photos. I must ask you to put those away, please.”

“Ah. Okay, then.” Seemingly unperturbed, Lykke put away her phone. Teagan did the same, embarrassed, the tiny woman still sticking out from between her lips, panting with a glow of happiness from what Teagan’s tongue had just done to her. Teagan sucked her in with a soft slurp, and began to slosh at her quickly. Lykke gave her a sympathetic smile. “I’ll still send you the photo,” she whispered, warmly.

Teagan perked up, and gave her a grateful little smile in return.

And swallowed.

* * *

[Continues in part 2…]