“Hi, girls!”

Lykke and Teagan had moved away from the buffet table after having attracted that unwanted attention, and had returned to sitting on the patio’s edge – side by side, their thighs touching each other’s through the fabric of their dress, and with a plate of dinner each on their lap. Their plate loaded with savoury little tarts and pasties, potato wedges, a few more oysters and shrinkies, and a handful of dark chocolates filled with rum-soaked cherry bits to one side for dessert. They were both eating hungrily, devouring their evening meal with a good appetite, Lykke washing her food down with white wine and Teagan with a more cautious glass of fresh and refreshing pear juice.

They both looked up as the cheerful voice called out to them – Teagan with her mouth full of half-chewed pastry and potato, and Lykke with a shrunken man shifting around in hers. Walking past them on the grass was a remarkably attractive young woman, her long strawberry-blond hair tumbling prettily round her flawlessly lovely face. Her white feminine shirt bore a name tag, and contrasted elegantly with her tightly form-fitting black spandex trousers. She waved at them, stopped, and walked over.

Her broad pretty mouth brightened into a friendly smile. “Lykke! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” In her right hand, she was carrying a tray of shrinkies drizzled in what looked like raspberry syrup, and she placed her left hand on her shapely hip, striking a coquettish pose.

Lykke smiled warmly in return, and swallowed her tiny man in a smooth quick gulp. He wriggled nicely as he slid down her throat. “Lindsay! The Dish sent you here to be waitress?”

“I volunteered. It’s glam, a change of scenery – and we’ve sold so many shrinkies for this party, I can sneak a few without anyone caring!” She grinned, her broad mouth displaying perfect teeth between glossed pink lips, and a hint of dark tantalising pinkness inside her. “How did you get here? And, uh…” She looked at Lykke’s companion, her free hand making a vague gesture as she tried to remember the girl’s name. “We’ve met, right?”

“I’m Teagan,” the girl said, a little shyly. “Yes, I think you were our waitress when I came to the… to the restaurant for the first time.” She could feel the shrunken people she had eaten moving around in her stomach, a tickle in her tummy like a faint flutter of nervousness. For a waitress, Lindsay exuded an unexpectedly strong sense of self-confidence and control.

“Right!” Lindsay clicked her fingers, and gave her a meaningful smirk. “I remember. You gobbled down a lot of people in cocktail shots. It was kind of cute, watching you for your first time.”

Lykke gave a fond laugh, and slipped her arm round her girlfriend’s waist to give her a quick squeeze. “We’re here thanks to Jossie,” she said, in answer to Lindsay’s question. “Mia invited her, and we sort of tagged along.”

“Jossie knows Mia Chennamaneni?” Lindsay looked intrigued.

“Nah.” Lykke shook her head. “It was Mia who contacted her. She saw Jossie’s social media vids, apparently, and wanted a recognised… I guess, vore personality, at her party.”

Lindsay’s elegantly thin eyebrows rose slightly. “Sweet for Jossie!” she commented, impressed. “Now, why are you two just sitting here on your own?”

“We’re just having dinner,” Teagan explained, a little awkwardly. She picked up an oyster on its shell from her plate, as though to prove it, then turned it nervously between her fingers.

“And then we’ll mingle,” Lykke added firmly. “If Teag is too shy to mingle, I’ll mingle her anyway.” She kissed her girlfriend’s cheek.

Lindsay grinned, amused. “Anyway, don’t hesitate to eat up as many shrinkies as you want. We’ve brought loads, and we’ve even got a shrink booth installed in a back room! We’ve got more than enough for you all to stuff yourselves.”

“Ooh, goodie!” Lykke exclaimed, brightly. “And a shrink booth in the back room? You’re spoiling us!” She put a hand on Teagan’s shoulder. “Say, to change the subject completely ,” she added mischievously, “would you say Teagan looks tasty?”

Lindsay gave proper attention to the young Oriental woman, and looked her up and down appraisingly. Then she flashed a grin. “Doesn’t she just! I could eat her all up! Mmmm! ” She laughed, and gave the slightly unsettled Teagan a playful wink. “I’ll see you girls around! Have fun!”

With that, she plucked a drizzled shrinkie from the tray she was carrying, and popped her casually into her mouth. Lykke and Teagan watched, impressed, as Lindsay walked away towards other guests, sucking contentedly on the raspberry-flavoured woman in her mouth. The sway of her hips showing off the spandex-clad curves of her perfectly shaped bottom.

* * *

Mia Chennamaneni coughed awkwardly, and rubbed vigorously at her sternum as the petite shrunken woman she had just swallowed slid slowly down inside her chest, a squirming lump moving down her gullet.

“It’s okay,” Jossie said sympathetically. “It takes practice. I choked too, the first time.”

The beautifully elegant Indian-American actress gave her a grateful look. “Did you really?”

“I did,” Jossie told her solemnly. “Here.” She handed her her own glass of white wine, with a shrunken man dipped inside and hanging on to the rim, watching them both. “Try another one? But this time, don’t feel you need to swallow quickly. I know they’re already wet from the drink, but it’s important to take the time to wet them again properly in your mouth. Otherwise they don’t go down smoothly.”

“I’d quite like to go down smoothly,” the shrunken man confirmed, with a mock-solemn nod. “And being sucked on in your mouth doesn’t sound too bad, either.” He offered a quick grin.

Mia looked briefly affronted, then laughed. “This is going to take some getting used to! But all right: Let’s see if we can make it happen.”

“It also helps a lot if you’re relaxed,” Jossie said. She placed a hand on the actress’ slender bare arm. “Slow, deep breaths before you drink him. Remind yourself you’re doing this for fun, and that there’s nothing to tense up about. Just unwind completely, and enjoy this.”

Mia nodded, and flashed her a grateful little smile. She inhaled a deep breath, slowly, and held up the wine glass closer to her face. Her dark expressive eyes absorbing the shrunken man. She was quite clearly thinking of what she was about to do to him. She nibbled softly, prettily at her lower lip, warm naked desire in her eyes.

Another breath, quick and sharp, and she lifted the glass, tilting it to her lips. Her beautiful mouth, that so many fans had dreamt of kissing, parted as she threw her head back and allowed the shrunken man to flow inside her with a wash of expensive white wine. He disappeared forever as her mouth closed.

She stood with a faintly cautious expression on her gorgeous brown face, her cheeks bulging to contain her mouthful of drink as well as the man now inside her. Jossie took the opportunity to look her up and down again, appraisingly. The glamorous actress had dressed to stun, of course. She was clad in a mauve sequin party dress, which glistened and shimmered with her every move as it caught the warm fading sunlight. On her left side, the dress fully covered her shoulder and all of her arm, down to her wrist; on her right, it was a mere thin strap over her shoulder, and left her arm bare. With a striking effect of symmetry, the dress descended further over her right leg, down just past her knee, then over her left, where a wide cleft exposed her shapely thigh. A deep V-neck offered a glimpse of her smallish breasts, and long, fine, delicate jewellery hung from her ears like little cascades of liquid silver. She looked quite simply stunning, and Jossie –who knew full well how beautiful she herself was– tried to quell a stir of jealousy at the woman’s combined beauty and fame.

Mia breathed in and out through her nose, steadying herself, the balloon-like bulges in her cheeks looking rather comical. Then she swallowed a first time, a liquid gulp, the wine flowing down her throat. Her cheeks deflated, her gorgeous lips parting just slightly to exhale a soft breath, before closing again to contain the shrunken man in her mouth. She began to slosh, carefully, and looked at Jossie for approval. Jossie smiled, and gave her a double thumbs-up of encouragement.

Mia smiled back, and went on sucking on her tiny man, remembering the need to get him thoroughly wet. Her lovely feminine mouth, the focus of so many fantasies and desires, shifted around him, shoving and sliding and sucking at him on her tongue.

Jossie began to count seconds in her mind, just to pass the time. Her eyes flicked round to the rest of the party. That open-air swimming pool looked rather tempting… She watched a woman in a blue bikini bottom, bare-chested, run and take a flying jump into the pool, cannon-ball style despite her slender build. Who was she, Jossie wondered? Even from a bit of a distance, her face had looked vaguely familiar, but…

She looked at Mia again, and was about to suggest the actress could now swallow, when Mia did exactly that. She closed her eyes for a moment, and a bulge passed smoothly down her delicate throat, an audible gyulk . The shrunken man, soaked and slippery, was in his way down to her belly.

Mia opened her eyes again, and grinned. “You’re right!” she exclaimed, pleased. “It’s much easier this way – and much more enjoyable!” She half-closed her eyes again, with a blissful expression of the kind that had helped make her a star of the screen. “ Mmmmnn …” she breathed, as she placed her fingertips lightly to her sternum. “I can feel him go down… Oooh , it feels good! ” she added, laughing.

Jossie gave her a friendly smile. “And there’s plenty more where he came from.”

Of the man himself, no apparent trace at all remained. He was gone, inside Mia – in her trim tummy, hidden away behind the glittery mauve fabric of her dress. She was still grinning.

“Mind if I go and share your tips and advice with some friends? And I think those two over there” –she pointed, drawing Jossie’s attention to a young man and young woman standing together on the grass nearby– “want to speak with you.”

Jossie gave them a mildly curious look. The young man was African-American, though with a skin tone light enough to suggest mixed ancestry, fairly handsome, with a solid masculine build and smartly dressed in a beige suit. He looked nervous, shifting his feet. His Asian-American female companion was almost as tall as he was, and quite thin, her long black hair swept entirely to one side over her left shoulder. She was holding his arm firmly.

“I would think it’s more likely you they want to talk to,” Jossie said. But Mia shook her head.

“I spoke to them earlier. And it’s you they’re looking at. See?” Jossie looked, and saw the man turn his gaze away with embarrassment, while the woman grinned at her boldly. Mia patted her guest’s arm. “I’ll let you go and see what they want,” she said, and walked away. Holding her glass of wine, still two-thirds full but empty now of the man who had been inside it. That man left with her, carried away inside her stomach, jostled perhaps by the elegantly feminine sway of her walk. Jossie smiled quietly to herself at the thought, before turning her attention back to the two strangers. She motioned them over, flicking the fingers of her right hand towards herself. It made her look a little arrogant, she knew, but it also made it clear that she was alpha here. Whoever these people were, if they wanted something from her, they needed to understand that.

The young woman hesitated visibly, as though annoyed, then made up her mind and led her companion over, still holding him by the arm. Jossie crossed her arms, cocked her head in a pose she knew was attractive, and waited.

“Hi,” the woman said.

“Hi.” Jossie smiled broadly. “You two were looking at me.”

The taller woman hesitated again, just for a moment. “We were, yeah.” She released her companion’s arm, and held out her hand. “I’m Julia. This is Ryan.”

Jossie shook her hand amiably, and held out her hand to the man in turn. “Does he speak?” she asked teasingly.

His brown face darkened a little with a blush. He gulped, winced, and quickly gripped her hand in a tight pumping shake. “Yeah, sorry, I’m Ryan,” he babbled. “Hi, sorry, pleased to meet you. Hello.”

“If you want an autograph, I haven’t brought a pen,” Jossie quipped, extracting her compressed hand from his strong hold. “With all these celebrities around, I wasn’t expecting to be the one people would come up to.” Her blue eyes twinkled with amusement. She could read their body language well enough to guess what they wanted. His, in particular.

“How about a selfie?” the woman asked.

Jossie flashed her a grin. “Yeah, I do those!” The two moved to either side of her, and they all put their arms round one another as Julia snapped a couple of pictures with her phone. She then did the same with Jossie’s phone, and handed it back to her. “Want to tell me who you are?” Jossie inquired casually. “For my photo album, and all.”

“Ryan here is the Governor’s son!” Julia said, putting her hand on his shoulder. “And my dad’s a state senator.”

“They’re from opposite parties but… we get on well,” Ryan mumbled awkwardly.

“Yeah, I don’t really do politics,” Julia said lightly. “Anyway, it’s cool to meet you! We’ve been looking at your social media pages. Together.” She turned her head to Ryan, and winked. “Haven’t we?”

Ryan gave a nervous, hopeful smile. “And we were wondering…” He trailed off. Jossie really was strikingly beautiful – the kind of flawless, self-assured, imposing beauty that left less confident men tongue-tied. She smirked knowingly, enjoying the effect she was having, and casually flicked back some of her lovely long blond hair.

“Yes?” she teased. “You were wondering what?”

Julia gave him a nudge. “Go on,” she whispered. “Tell her.”

You tell her,” he whispered back. Staring at Jossie while trying ineffectively to look as if he weren’t staring.

You tell her,” Julia countered. “You’ll be going first. If she agrees.”

“If I agree to what?” Jossie asked, her voice sing-song, playful. Her white teeth glistening prettily between her smiling, parted lips. Her blue eyes warm with merriment. “Going first where?” She captured Ryan’s gaze, locking it to hers, and moistened her lips meaningfully with the tip of her pink tongue. She glanced down, and grinned as she saw the start of a hardening bulge in his suit trousers, between his legs.

Julia took a deep breath. “He’s curious about being eaten,” she said. “But he’s still a bit… you know, reluctant. Kind of a big step. So I was wondering if you could help.”

Jossie’s smile broadened, engagingly. “What, you want me to persuade him to go down my throat?” She gazed fixedly at the nervous man, and put a hand on her hip, coquettish. “I think I might be able to do that!” she said, and laughed prettily. “What do you say, Ryan? A close encounter with my mouth” –she passed the tip of her tongue enticingly over her upper lip, holding his eyes captive– “and then a nice slippery plunge down into my hot tummy?” She slid her hand down slowly over her cleavage, over the bulges of her part-concealed big breasts, and down over the silkiness of her white dress to her belly. “Sounds tempting?” she cooed, almost purring. “And we get to know each other a bit first, if you like.” He was not unattractive, after all.

“Actually…” Julia steeled herself, then grinned in turn. “What I’d really like is to eat him myself” –she slid an arm around him almost possessively– “and then be eaten straight after.” She gave Jossie a boldly inviting look. “And yes, your mouth and tummy do look tempting!”

Jossie’s blue eyes widened just for a fraction of an instant – and then she laughed, with simple delight, throwing her head back a little with a toss of her thick blond hair, displaying her arced slender throat and her gorgeous mouth, open and mesmerising with her laughter.

“Okay, I didn’t see that coming!” she admitted, and grinned. “Yeah, I’ll eat you after you eat him! Sounds fun!”

“Super cool!” Julia smiled. “We still need to convince him, though.” She had her hand gripping Ryan’s arm, as though to prevent him from running away, and she squeezed at him firmly.

Jossie smiled slowly, with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “I may have an idea,” she said.

* * *

She led them firmly to a side of the garden where no-one was within earshot, under two rows of tall golden aspen trees, their leaves currently green rather than the striking yellow they would take on in autumn. Behind the trees was an outer wall of the property. She stopped, and the two guests she would hopefully soon have in her stomach stopped with her, looking at her expectantly. They had got themselves drinks on the way – a rum-and-cola for Ryan, a glass of wine for Julia, and Jossie had foregone their hostess’ excellent white wine and opted instead for a margarita on the rocks, served in a traditional large-rimmed glass and with a leggy bronze-skinned shrunken woman lounging comfortably inside. For good measure, she had plucked another shrunken woman from a bowl, this one fair-skinned with short-cut black hair, and had plopped her casually into her drink as well. Now the two tiny women in her glass were gazing up at her just as expectantly as her two not-yet-shrunken treats. The Governor’s son , she thought with a smirk. Now there was a catch to boast of! She would definitely make sure to get some pictures.

“Sit down,” she told them imperiously. “We’re going to play a little game.”

They sat, obedient, on the grass. The sunlight had almost completely faded now, a last red-pink glow lingering over the horizon, but the air remained pleasantly warm, and flooded with artificial lights blazing from all around the garden. This was certainly not the first time Mia Chennamaneni hosted a garden party after sundown. Jossie sat too, balancing her glass carefully in her hand as she rested her bottom on the grass through the fabric of her panties and dress, and folded her legs. Her left leg, appearing through the wide elegant cut in the left of her white dress, was bare all the way up to where the silky fabric concealed the very top of her thigh. She made sure as to sit in such a way as to treat Ryan to an enticing view of her leg’s shapely smoothness. She kept herself fit, and it showed.

She was not at all surprised to see him gazing appreciatively. Good , she thought with a little smile. Was he simply enjoying the look of her, or was he already thinking that he might become part of her leg muscles, her athletic feminine body? Either way, she was reeling him in.

“What sort of game?” Julia asked, curious and a little excited. She sipped at her glass of wine.

“Truth or dare, but only the ‘dare’ part,” Jossie told them promptly. “And Ryan, if there’s a dare you refuse to do, you have to agree to be eaten instead. Agreed?”

Ryan gaped a little… then his expression turned to a slow, shy grin. “That… yes, that… Yes!”

“Great! All the big decisions in life should be left to chance.” She winked at him, and gave him a pretty smile. “And since you’re being so good about this, you get to dare me first.”

“Oh!” He put his glass of rum-cola down on the grass, and thought quickly. “Um… I don’t know… Uh…” He scrunched his forehead, then brightened. “Can you do a handstand?”

“Sure!” Jossie said breezily. Then she grinned naughtily. “I’m wearing a dress, though.”

Ryan blushed fiercely. “Oh! Yes, right, I… Sorry, I wasn’t…”

“No, I’ll do it!” She giggled. “It’s a dare. Just wait a sec’.” She looked at her broad-rimmed glass, lifted it to her lips, and drank. The margarita began to flow into her mouth, between her prettily pursed lips, and she sucked the fair-skinned naked woman in with it. She heard the shrinkie squeal and giggle as she drank her. She placed her glass down carefully, with the nicely toned bronze-skinned girl still inside it, and swallowed the contents of her mouth in two wet gulps. Ryan and Julia both watched, fascinated, as the bulge passed down her throat – as did the tiny woman in her glass.

“Wow!” Julia breathed, entranced. “It’s so cool to actually see that happen!”

“You’ll be joining her in just a few minutes!” Jossie flashed her a warm, lovely grin, and unfolded her shapely legs, getting up. She walked a few steps away, took a short steadying breath – and launched herself into a perfectly well-balanced handstand, the palms of her hands pressing down to anchor herself on the grass and soil. The folds of her white dress came tumbling down, flowing over her chest, revealing her perfect bare legs and her white panties while her blond hair spilled in a cascade towards the grass, along her slender, feminine yet strong bare arms. She held the pose for several seconds, long enough for her two fans to appreciate her, then hopped back nimbly into a standing position. Her sudden flip-flop motions tossed and churned the contents of her stomach – oysters and other nibbles bathed in mixed alcohols, and the people she had already eaten, including the doubtless disoriented girl she had just swallowed. She felt them all tumble and flutter inside her, trying to pick themselves up in turn and find their balance. She burped softly, and offered a mock-apologetic little grin.

“Ta-daa! Though it’s best not to do it with unchewed food in my tummy.” She placed her fingertips to her lips, and exhaled another quiet little urrp . Her stomach was settling slowly.

“What next?” Julia asked, clearly eager. “There aren’t many dares we can do without stuff at hand. Like, we can’t draw on each other’s face.”

“Ryan,” Jossie smirked, “I dare you to call the first number in your phone’s list, meow at them loudly and then hang up.”

To her great amusement, he did, and with surprising gusto, and they were soon all in fits of laughter.

“Jossie, I dare you to French-kiss your own hand!” Julia grinned. Jossie did, making a show of it, licking her palm and pretending to look ecstatic about it, and moaning as though on the verge of orgasm. Her audience were in stitches, with even the tiny woman in her cocktail glass joining in the enthusiastic applause.

“Ryan, sing My Heart Will Go On, to Julia, looking in her eyes the whole time. Loudly. And with an Italian accent.” Jossie giggled. She was going to have fun with him before he got eaten.

“Hey!” he protested, grinning. “Are you sure that counts as just one dare?”

She put her hands on her hips. “Are you refusing the dare?” she asked, still giggling.

“No, no, I’ll do it,” he laughed. “Though I’ve no idea actually how to sing with an Italian accent!”

“My heart-a will-a go on-a?” Julia suggested helpfully, trying not to laugh. Ryan snorted with amusement, and gave it his best – although Jossie did feel he wasn’t perhaps singing quite as loudly as he could have.

“My turn!” the shrunken woman in Jossie’s cocktail glass piped up eagerly. “Jossie, do a breakdance!”

“In this dress?” Jossie giggled.

“You can take it off, if you like!” Ryan suggested with a grin. Jossie grinned back. He was certainly more at ease now, getting bolder.

“I’ll manage with it on,” she said, and blew him a playful kiss. She had the stamina and agility, but not the technique, and ended up collapsing in a laughing heap on the grass. With the people she had eaten sprawled and wriggling around once more inside her stomach. Catching her breath, grinning broadly, she sat up and picked up her cocktail glass. “Sorry, but I need a drink!” she told her tiny woman, cheerfully. “You’ll be sitting the rest of this game out, in my tummy.” She flashed Ryan a wicked look. “Do twenty push-ups!” she told him. “Oh, and roll up your sleeves!”

He set to it without hesitation, other than a good-natured groan. She watched appreciatively as he did so, her gaze admiring the flexing of the muscles in his arm. The shrinkie in her margarita watched as well, evidently pleased, until Jossie drank thirstily from her glass, and swallowed her down with a big gulp of cool, refreshing liqueur-and-lime.

“Shame,” Ryan said, between breaths as he continued his push-ups. He had watched her swallow, of course, his eyes excitedly tracking the fluid motion down her feminine throat. “I’d have dared her to twerk.”

Jossie grinned predatorily. “Too late! She’s all mine, now.” She pressed the tips of her fingers lightly to her own tummy. “And is twerking still a thing, anyway?” She finished her margarita in a few quick gulps, enjoying it.

Ryan finished his push-ups, and drank thirstily in turn from his rum-cola. “Now, Jossie, I dare you to bend over and touch your toes,” he told her, a little breathless. “Five times facing us, and five times turning away from us.”

Julia laughed. “You just want to stare down her cleavage, and then at her bottom!” she giggled.

“Hey, I used him as eye candy; it’s kind of fair he does it to me too.” Jossie grinned, and got to her feet again. “Though you haven’t given much thought to those poor girls I swallowed. They’re going to get tossed around again! Don’t be surprised if they’re pissed at you!”

“They won’t get to see me,” Ryan chuckled. “It’s sure to be dark in there. And anyway, by the time I’m inside you, I’ll be in Julia’s belly. If I decide to let this happen”, he added quickly, as an afterthought.

Jossie smirked, and gave him what he wanted. With her legs and back straight, she leaned down five times and nimbly touched the tips of her toes, giving him a plunging view down her neckline as she did so. Then she turned around, and touched her toes again, her shapely bottom jutting out behind her, the fabric of her dress tightening around her curves.

When she had finished, she spun round to him again, cheerful. “Right! That was your last peek at my bottom, so I hope you got a good eyeful.”

“How do you know it was my last peek? For your next dare, I might ask you to twerk.” He grinned.

“You might, if I gave you half a chance,” Jossie smiled. “Here’s your next. I dare you to let Julia eat you.”

Ryan and Julia both froze, taking that in. After a brief moment, Julia gave a slow grin of delighted realisation. “Ohh, well done! ” she exclaimed, and clapped excitedly, with a giddy giggle. “We’ve got him!”

Ryan’s face alternated briefly between comically different expressions, and then he burst out laughing. “Ouch! Yeah, I guess you’ve got me!” He picked up his glass and got up. “Though what if I refuse the dare?”

“Then you have to let me eat you,” Julia beamed, happily. “And if you accept the dare…” She grinned with delight.

“I think it’s tummy time for you either way.” Jossie gave them both a beautiful, dimpled smile. “Shall we go and see about getting you shrunk? I haven’t had much to eat yet tonight” –she placed her hand on her tummy– “and I… am… hungry!

* * *

The grass felt cool now against the soles of Teagan’s bare feet. Cool, and ticklish, but soft. She was feeling a little more at ease, a little more confident in herself. She had wandered around a little aimlessly at first, then chosen a corner spot by the outside table and begun to eat again, if only to give herself something to do. She had tried to look discreet, not meeting anyone’s gaze, but people had come up to talk to her all the same. Her alarm had gradually turned to enjoyment, like a warm pleasant buzz inside her, as actors and singers she had only ever seen on TV, some of them really handsome, chatted to her as though it were the most normal thing in the world. She had felt flattered, and quietly excited… and surprised, as she realised she was able to talk to them too, rather than melt with shyness, awkwardness and embarrassment.

Their attention was thrilling, and made her feel beautiful, and with a hot flutter of happiness she relished the feel of her own femininity, her slender prettiness, the warmth of her own cheeks, the cool silky smoothness of her dress against her skin.

And as she talked, captivated by the expressiveness of this or that actor’s cornflower blue or deep brown eyes, she kept on eating, not really thinking about it, picking up food from the table and lifting it to her mouth, mechanical motions. By the time she realised she was rather full and she quite wanted the reassuring company of her friends, night had fallen, and she was walking through the glow of the garden’s bright night lights.

She chewed at her lower lip softly. Her tummy felt pleasantly filled up with savoury tarts and pastries, fresh strawberries, lovely fresh oysters, smooth warm shrunken people, little squares of flavourful lemon cake, and chocolates. She was munching contentedly on one more chocolate now, its rum-soaked cherry bits tingling warmly on her tongue. In her tummy, people were fluttering, and she realised with a sudden blush that she had stopped keeping count of how many she was eating. She paused, and looked down to where the silkiness of her red dress concealed her belly. She actually had no idea how many people were inside her right now.

She had expected to feel somehow guilty, but instead, an urge to smile tugged insistently at the corners of her lips. “Whoopsh!” she whispered to herself, around her mouthful of cherry-and-rum dark chocolate. Her eyes twinkled with a wicked feeling of fun.

She rubbed her tummy softly, with her fingertips, and smiled. It had not really been a proper, healthy dinner, but it had filled her up, and she had enjoyed it. It felt good to indulge, from time to time.

There were shouts of excitement over by the pool, and after just a second or two’s hesitation, she walked over to see what was going on, swallowing her delicious chocolate as she did so. The outdoor pool was well lit, and several guests were swimming or splashing around – some of them naked, she realised with faint alarm as she neared them. She hoped, with a twinge of worry, that no-one was swimming while drunk. That would seem rather dangerous.

She saw Lykke. Her redhead friend was lounging on a chair pushed back a little from an elegant white garden table, in her underwear. Her sopping wet underwear, Teagan realised. Lykke’s attractively feminine body, fit despite a very faint hint of pudginess on her bare, pretty tummy, was dressed only in the simple white bra that pushed her large breasts up, and sky-blue panties that were drenched enough to leave little to the imagination. Her fair skin was glistening with water, though her hair remained dry except at its lower tips, darkened with water and sticking wetly to her bare shoulders. Her green dress lay folded on the grass nearby, beside other people’s clothes. She had a joint in her right hand, held poised between index and middle fingers as though she were some classy actress from some classical film, and a big mug of drink in her left.

She turned her head, and flashed Teagan a bright grin. “Oh, hey , scrumptious!” she exclaimed happily. “What have you been up to?” Water dripped from her elbows, and pooled in the grass around her bare feet. She looked radiant, and a little inebriated.

“Talking to people,” Teagan said, in a fairly small voice. She looked at the assorted men and women in their twenties and thirties sitting at or on the garden table, or on the grass. Some were still fully dressed, while others were in their swimsuits or underwear, and as wet as Lykke from a recent swim. Some of them she recognised as celebrities, and seeing them here like this felt more than a little strange.

Particularly as, for some reason, they were all looking at Lykke. Or at her now, as the newcomer to their little group.

“Gang, this is Teagan!” Lykke said cheerfully. “She warms my heart, warms my bed, I love her to itty-bitty bits, and some day I’m going to eat her all up!” She giggled, tipsily. The others greeted Teagan with equal good cheer, smiling and raising their glasses to her. “Teags, look what they want me to drink!” Lykke called, and motioned her over. She held up her large, sandy-coloured clay mug, her movement sloshing the liquid inside it. Teagan looked, and saw four shrunken people splashing around cheerily in what seemed to be beer.

“You’re going to drink that?” she asked, impressed.

“I hope she is!” a man seated at the table said, and several of the other guests joined him in laughing.

“Yeah, so do I!” a tiny woman in Lykke’s mug piped up excitedly. “I want my big sexy waterslide!” She giggled drunkenly, and one of the shrunken men in the drink with her high-fived her, cheering, the two of them splashing beer around. They were naked, of course.

A man sitting on the grass, in his dark blue swimsuit, began to chant: “Chug! Chug! Chug!”. Soon they were all joining in. “ Chug! Chug! Chug! ” Including the four shrinkies in Lykke’s drink, pumping their little fists in the air and calling excitedly: “ Chug! Chug! Chug! ”. Teagan found herself smiling. Part of her wanted to tell her friend to be careful not to choke… but, well, Lykke knew what she was doing. And it was all in good fun. Before she even quite knew it, Teagan had joined in the enthusiastic chanting. “ Chug! Chug! Chug! ”, she laughed, clapping with the others to the rhythm of the words. She felt the people in her stomach tickle lightly, excitingly at her insides.

Lykke grinned, a broad wolfish grin. “Hold my weed, yeah, Teags?” she asked, and passed her joint to her. “You can try it, if you like!” Teagan took it, a little gingerly. She had never really been tempted even by soft drugs. And right now she was far more interested in watching her girlfriend swallow those eager shrinkies. Into her pretty mouth, and down into her lovely soft bare tummy. Teagan bit her lip, with excited pleasure, as she glanced down to Lykke’s naked tummy, on full beautiful display. She felt a hot stirring of lust, and whimpered softly to herself.

Chug! Chug! Chug! ” They all wanted to see the beer, and the tiny people, disappear into this pretty redhead.

“Yeah, come on, give me a moment!” Lykke said, laughing. She raised her mug, which led to applause and heightened cheers, and took a slow deep breath. Which she then released slowly, composing herself. They all waited, eager and caught up in the fun.

Lykke lifted the big mug of beer to her lips, tilted her head back in a flow of red hair, and drank. Her watchers cheered, delighted. She arced her head back further to give them a good look at her throat, and swallowed repeatedly. Her slender throat bulged a little, repeated fluid movements flowing down it. Her new fans went wild.

There was no way of knowing, of course, whether some of her shrinkies had gone down in the first gulp, but it seemed probable. In any case, she was continuing to drink, the beer and people from her mug pouring continuously into her mouth. Down her throat it all went, in big liquid swallows. Gwwulp! Gulp! Gwulp, ulp! Gyulp! Gulp, gwulp, gulp! Teagan watched, fascinated, as her girlfriend swallowed again and again and again, never pausing for breath, gulping more and more of her drink down. And surely now all four of those tinies were gone, inside her, into her lovely young healthy womanly body, swallowed away all warm and eaten inside her… “Nnng…” Teagan whimpered, feeling now thoroughly turned on.

She realised she needed to wee, but she pressed her slim thighs close, holding. She didn’t want to miss a moment of this. Lykke went on drinking, swallowing big gulps, taking it all in, breathing as best she could through her nose. Her throat rippled, gorgeously sensual, with each wet gwulp that sent more of her drink down her gullet, washing those shrinkies all the way down, into the hot depths of her tummy.

At last, Lykke moved the cup away from her lips. She took a gasping breath, inhaling deeply, while the small crowd of watchers seemed still to be holding their own breath. Had she done it? She exhaled – and turned the mug upside down with a dramatic flick of her wrist. A few drops trickled out, but no more. The mug was empty; the shrinkies were gone. She had swallowed them all. She grinned, delighted with herself, as her admirers broke into whooping applause. Teagan cheered and laughed and clapped along with the others, her own feeling of excitement growing.

On an impulse, she ran barefoot to Lykke, crouched down, put her hands on her girlfriend’s face, and kissed her full on the mouth. She held her in their kiss, passionately, giddily, and she shivered with happiness as she felt Lykke put her arms round her too, and kiss her hungrily in return.

* * *

[Continues in part 3…]