Barry Allen was The Flash, an energetic superhero who used his speed to protect the innocent. He raced through the streets of Central City, his keen eyes peeled for anybody in need... or for a nearby fast food restaurant; he was starving thanks to his accelerated metabolism. As he turned a corner, his eyes widened as a barrage of bullets flew past his head. Barry skidded to a stop, the surface of the road rippling beneath his costumed feet. He took in the scene around him, seeing 3 gunmen, firing bullets into a crowd. As he looked closer, he saw a blur stopping the bullets and recognised it to be his fellow member of their newly formed Justice League, Wonder Woman. Reentering superspeed, he watched the bullets slow to a stop. He could now see a look of panik on Diana’s face as she frantically stopped the bullets, barely able to keep up with the three automatic guns. Blue electricity crackling around him, Barry became a blur of light far faster than Diana could ever hope to be as he carefully moved the entire crowd to a safe distance away.

Once the area was clear, he entered the combat too, hoping to make it quick so that he could grab lunch. As he ran past, he tripped the first two up and then turned his attention to the third. Gently, he tapped the man on the chest with the palm of his hand, the force of the super speed impact causing the man to begin to lift off the ground in slow motion. Barry turned to Diana with a smug smile as he exited super speed. The first two gunmen fell to the ground unconscious and the third was knocked backwards. “What’s the matter, can’t keep up?” He joked, before noticing his mistake. Diana had just wrapped her Lasso of Truth around the gunman who Barry knocked back and as the rope tightened, the man pulled her with him, sending them both crashing into the wall.

Diana sat up, rubbing her head with a groan. “Barry, come on.” She complained. “Sometimes you just have to slow down.

“I am so sorry, Diana.” Barry replied, holding up his hands apologetically, beginning to ramble. “I was really hungry, so I was looking to get something to eat. Then I ran into those bullets and…” He noticed that her frustration was growing so sheepishly remarked, “Sorry again.”

“You were hungry?” She said in disbelief. “This isn’t the first time you’ve messed up and that’s your excuse almost every time.” She sighed. She needed to get the point across to him somehow. “I still haven’t had lunch yet because I’ve been tracing a gang across different cities. Some days, I don’t have any lunch, but I still focus on what is important, rather than trying to rush it.”

With rapid thoughts, Barry instantly gave her an excuse. “But my metabolism is faster than most people so…”

She didn’t even let him finish. She was bored of his excuses. A superhero should act like a noble warrior, not an immature child. “You never change, Barry.” She chided. Suddenly, an idea struck her and a cruel smile curled over her lips. “But I think I know a lesson you won’t be able to ignore.”

Barry didn’t even realise that her Lasso had left her waist as it wrapped around his own. “What are you-” he began to question, before Diana yanked him towards her and punched him in the face, knocking him out cold. Then, she lifted him up and placed his head in her mouth, enjoying the taste of human skin once again. This was a technique that she had learned on Themyscira, and used to punish her fellow Amazons who did not meet her standards in combat. Diana grinned as memories from decades ago came back to her.

As an immortal, things had certainly changed in the world during her lifetime. Some time ago, it had been acceptable for her to consume the weakest warriors of Themyscira, as well as for her Amazon sisters to eat any man who dared set foot on the island. One day, her mother, Queen Hippolyta ruled that it was unacceptable behavior, from a forgotten time. Soon after, Diana left the island with a pilot named Steve Trevor in search of new meals. She had intended to move to the mortal world to find new meals with nobody to stop her but unexpectedly, she fell in love with the world of man, and it’s many quirks, her respect for it growing. Recently, however, as heroes and villains seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, she had grown annoyed at it. She realised that eating people was exactly what she needed to revitalise her interest in this world. Snapping back from her nostalgia, she gulped hard and the superhero’s head disappeared down her throat, constricted by the tight, experienced muscles, causing a large bulge to appear on her neck. She gulped again and opened wider, allowing his shoulders to enter her mouth as the bulge of his head disappeared behind her large chest. She carried on swallowing, the action coming back to her just as easily as riding a bike, wondering how she had ever been able to give it up. Before either of them knew it, Barry had been crammed into her stomach in a fetal position.

Diana heard the familiar sound of her stomach gurgling as it began to break down the meal. Inside, acid began to seep in from her stomach walls, stinging his skin. Due to his accelerated healing, he healed as fast as he was digested. Unconsciously, he groaned and twitched in pain but would not be able to do anything unless he awoke.

“Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp.” Diana smiled to herself as the gas escaped her lips. It was just like old times. She was excited to think about how she would look when she had digested him. Her old amazonian diet had once had a big impact on her body, even if she had worked the weight off since she stopped eating people.

Diana still had powerful thighs and wide hips. Her breasts were tight in her amazonian armour and her ass was round yet firm and muscular, although she had somehow maintained her thin waist. All of these features were highlighted by her somewhat revealing armour. It consisted of a metallic red leather top, with a ‘W’ shaped golden bar holding her cleavage in place, an eagle head created by a curve at the top. She wore a very short blue skirt, made from strips of metallic blue leather, with a Golden ‘W’ belt holding it together. The leather top had been pushed above her large belly, revealing the peachy skin of her large, gurgling and groaning belly which churned around it’s powered prey. Wanting to get herself off the street before any civilians returned, after being conveniently evacuated by Barry, she jetted into the air, with her hands out to her sides in her classic flying pose. Barry was tossed about, the acid splashing over him and breaking through most of his costume. With all his energy being devoted to his healing, he wouldn’t wake up, which was probably best for him.

For the rest of the day, Diana relaxed in the clouds, hands behind her head and one leg rested on the other, her belly softening on top of her. Barry’s speed healing could only resist her acids for so long, and eventually, his subtle groans and twitches turned silent, replacing the low gurgles that emanated from her stomach. As it had done many times over a hundred years ago, her powerful stomach broke apart the prey, distributing the nutrients and turning what was left into fat, which padded her toned body. If Batman, or anyone else from their new team, questioned The Flash’s sudden disappearance or her sudden weight gain, she would happily show them where they had gone.