Lillia poked her head up from behind the rocks she was crouched behind. The fae fawn blushed gently when the wind blew against her purple hair, her cohort pulling her back down before she broke their position to the small Noxian encampment that had taken root in the darkest part of the forest.

“We must be silent. Like death itself.” Lamb growled authoritatively. The aspect of the End had run into the Dreamglade’s protector when hunting down some Shadow Isles necromancers that had come off the coast and stormed into the holy forest. Fending them off, the huntress had figured out they had been called here by Vladimir, a reclusive sangromancer who sought to corrupt and putrefy the light of the forest. “Do you have weapon?” She asked her meeker companion who sheepishly nodded.

“Uhh yep!” She held her flowering censer in her hands, shoulders taut with the stress of this mission. “So what’s the plan exactly? I can put them to sleep but there’s no guarantee they’ll stay down long enough for you to uhm, how did you put it?” Though the creature that stalked with her wore a dark mask to obscure all features but her blue eyes, Lillia could feel the Lamb sigh.

“Then we shall have to use a more rigorous technique.” Lamb looked back at the small battalion of Crimson Guards, the way their skin was ashen pale and even now they radiated an aura of filth that came from those who had avoided death’s grasp. “Follow my lead.” And with that, she hopped over the rocks and fired off stray arrows towards the biggest members of the group. Lillia eeped and got to her feet, following a few steps behind, swinging her censer to knock back the retaliatory fire.

Already the huntress had slain about two or three of them and Lillia knew the fight had been brought back in their favour before it had even begun. Yet curiously, with their numbers thinned, Wolf’s arrows did not seek to kill. Of the four remaining, each projectile either crippled them or pinned them down. Following suit with a strangely non-lethal approach, Lillia blew her dream-dust into the passing winds of two approaching swordsmen who quickly fell into a deep slumber, their weapons falling from their grasp.

“Okay, got ‘em! What n-” She paused at the strange sight she could make out in the shadow of the encampment’s tent: Lamb had grasped the smallest troop and held her up against the canvassed material.

“Please, let me go!” She begged, her cheeks stained with black rivulets of where her ghoulish make-up had begun to run. But Lamb had no such mercy. Lillia gasped audibly as she watched the mask light up slightly to reveal a dark void which resembled a mouth and quickly engulfed the screaming woman’s head in a loud wet SLLUUUUARRPPP! The soldier kicked, punching and wailing on the hungry creature to no avail. Lillia watched more and more of the woman descend into what must have been Lamb’s tight undulating throat, her screaming face indented on the side of muscular walls. “Help me, anyone!”

But her comrades were either struggling with arrows imbedding them to the floor or incapacitated by dream dust. With the woman’s delicious breasts scoffed down, Lamb had no trouble scarfing up the woman in thick drool-laden swallows that sounded particularly sticky: GULLARP! GULLP!

“I… What should I do?” She asked to Lamb, noticing the mask falling back over her eyes and that fierce gaze signalling her to do the same with the other cowering soldier- a marksman who had long given up hope of steadying his aim on his crossbow and as of now worked on the arrow that pinned his long cloak to the packed earth below. “But I don’t know how!” Lillia fretted, at least grasping the soldier in her hands as she looked down at the human’s cowering face. GRULPP! Another loud gulp reminded her that she had agreed to push back this scourge by any means necessary when she had first met the volatile avatar of inevitability.

“Lamb, I’m not sure how to do this.” Bonking the foul soldier on the head to apply enough slumber-inducing dust from her blossoming censer, she almost jumped out of her skin when Lamb finished tilting her head back and instead stood to her full height. The white fur of her gut was outstretched over the struggling shape of the woman inside, the noises of fresh acids searing into flesh now plentiful in the open clearing: GLLOORRRLLLLLP…. Balancing with a weight that must have been quite strenuous on the lithe aspect’s back, Lillia paused. “Are you ok-” She was cut off by a bird-scaring BRUULARRRPRPPPPPPPPPPP! Lamb let out the powerful gust of gastric wind blow out from the bottom of her mask and gave the belly a firm slap to jostle it around further.

“No escape from death- now your running shall burn you down into fat for my body and gas to expel in pride.” Lamb’s words were so cruel and the soldier inside of her was struggling with all of her might, pushing forth with her hands to try and break out of this jiggling prison. Looking up to her companion, the huntress sighed, striding forth while the face inside of her continued to scream and struggle. “You open your mouth wide and pull them inside. Throat does the rest.” She bluntly spoke and rubbed over the diminutive bulges of her wriggling prey: “Then the fun part.” Lillia didn’t need the word when she heard the sound in action: GLOORSSHHHHHH!

“Wait, you mean like digest them? Isn’t that… Well, I uhmm…” She sighed and stretched her jaw with her hands, drool already falling from her lips. The smell of meat crept into her nostrils though her mind was screaming this was too far. Pulling the sleepy man closer, her lips trembled. She wanted to eat him, sure but could she be as cruel as Lamb? “I’m not sure about this.” But already Lamb was off, sloshing her belly left to right while picking up her next target. Smacking the slumbering man’s cheek, the soldier woke up to the visage of her drool falling across his chest.

“Do it already. Enough talk- action makes better bedfellow with success.” Turning back to her meal who she had purposefully woken up to relish in his screams, Lamb pushed him back up against a nearby tree, bending down as her gut squished against the ground and elicited further cries for help from inside the bubbling pit of her stomach. “We are protectors but also executioners.” She reminded Lillia before her mask came off and her thoat moulded to the shape of the kicking feet she was gulping down with reckless abandon. Now the only conversational partner Lillia had was the gurgling gut of Lamb: guuuurrgllee… No wait, that was her own stomach that just rumbled. She was famished and she didn’t know exactly why…

“Okay, let’s g-give this a shot!” She tensed up and removed the helmet of the marksman she held. His head glided over her lips and rested on her tongue, exploding open a vault of new and exciting flavorus that Lillia could never have dreamed of in the Garden of Forgetting. A meaty saltiness that pushed the head deeper still, bulging out her cheeks and forcing her eyes to roll back into her head. In that moment she was alone with her meal, far away from the prying eyes of more Noxian creeps. “Mmmm…” The moan sent shivers down her spine which ran parallel to the shape of the soldier descending deeper, each hungry swallow feeling easier than the last: GULLLARPP! It was tough: the muscles of her throat weren’t used to this kind of pressure but still they persisted though a dull ache managed to off balance the rich feeling of satisfaction that was entering Lillia’s body.

Lamb was right: The throat was subconsciously doing all the heavy lifting that Lillia had been so afraid of. No longer fear of choking on the delicious form before her, the Fae pushed up the torso of her meal to the sky. Sucking down the tight chest into her stomach, the feeling of it bloating with a watery blorssshhh was a symphony of delight and sated hungers. Using the physical leverage she had, she stuffed more and more of the soldier’s lithe body between her lips, licking where she could and revelling in the rain of drool that fell from where her mouth formed a slight aperture: SlluuuuauARRRPPPpppp! Her cleavage was highlighted in a sheen of the sticky drool which helped to lubricate the swallowing of the man up to his knees. His crotch deep in Lillia’s throat, a pang of sudden guilt and panic washed over her: What if she couldn’t finish this off? What if he struggled in her stomach and ruptured the sensitive organ or something? It took another loud sated belch from Lamb finishing off her second meal to further solidify the predatory hunger that had begun to spread in Lillia’s core: HULLALRRRRPRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Pieces of armor and well-tanned leather flew out from the dark abyss of Lamb’s gullet, littering across the forest floor.

“Catch up.” She spoke to the struggling fae, already grasping the last soldier but not to eat. Instead she swayed over to the Grove Guardian, her gut slorshing with a mixture of digesting kicks and slumbering features melting away under the duress of the burning acids and squeezing muscles. “Need to move on.” The rancid scent of digestive juices were thick in the air yet they pushed Lillia to conquer her self-made limits. Pushing in the thick thighs of the archer, she swallowed down the shins and ankles in far faster a time than she imagined, her gut now bloated with the shape of a whole person inside of her. “How do feel?” Lillia blushed bright red when her stomach began to gurgle just as loudly as Lamb’s: GuururgRORORGgrgRGGRMmbBBllleleee…

“It feels… nice, filling, lovely oh!” Compliments to her meal fell flat- that reminded her it was still something living that was beginning to soften inside of her; that was being pressed up Lamb’s own rounded gut. The belch came as no surprise and the Guardian even took some pride in it, letting her mouth open to push out wet flecks of drool: UUUUARRRROOROORORRPPPPPP! It shook the trees around her, jiggling the gut’s melting occupant awake in a fitful fight of crying and punching. “Oh…” Lillia tried not to take some sadistic pride in how well her stomach was holding up against the fight inside of her, feigning sympathy and concern for a fate she already knew the end of. “You want me to eat another?” Lamb nodded and pressed the next head flopping against the other woman’s cleavage. “I’ll have to shift this first one, ho-hold on.” With a motion that felt surprisingly nice, the kicking bulge began to push down, dropping from her stomach, down her midsection and finally compressing it into the larger but much tighter taur gut.

The low-hanging organ dragged along the ground, only stirring the human inside to kick harder which caused Lillia to eep and hiccup. “Oooh URP! E-excuse me, let’s get this next one in me then.” She spoke as if the task ahead was a chore and not a joy for which she was more thrilled than any battle had ever granted her. Opening wide, already the strain that had come so readily before had languished into a warm glow that surged through her veins. ULP! Taking in those well-built shoulders, that delicious muscled chest: Lillia was in flavour paradise! Her gut burbled hungrily, already forgetting the struggling human that was still in her system: GLOORORRRNN! They wanted more and Lillia was happy to feed their desires and her own, taking big greedy gulps of the man whose face she had already forgotten.

“Good, good.” Lamb chided, her white hands sinking into the lower gut, easing the gassy bubbles that often came when digesting feisty prey. Kneading the struggling form in Lillia’s gut for a bit until she felt the substance beneath become soft and malleable, she turned to her own burbling gut. Uurrgrrghhhhhhhhhuurrmblle… A sound not unlike the moaning of the dead began as Lamb’s powerful gut was already pummeling the two inside into a nutritious mush. “Soon, more benefits.” She turned around to show the hungry Lillia what she meant: Those fat cheeks of white began to swell out, becoming less trained and refined as the fat of the people inside of her rapidly became redistributed along the hunter’s body.

Pushing forth, Lillia wanted the same to happen to her. She was already a bit pudgy but she wanted to be bigger, to wear the fat of her prey on her- as a form of remembrance of course! Her sheepish mind still resisted the predatory urge inside of her even as the human male she was consuming was dunked headfirst into the awaiting acids that hissed gently at their skin. Waking up and squirming as best as they could, gravity was against them and Lillia had no intention of leaving the gurgling stomach waiting too much longer: GUUUOORGLLLE! It cried out for more and with their chest bloating out the gut, their legs already slurped in, boots popped off and the raw sweat of fear filling the collection of awaiting taste buds, Lillia finished off her second human, smacking her lips noisily after.

“Oh fuck…” She swore, blushing bright red and looking over to where Lamb stood, feeling those scintillant eyes never leave her side. “Could we wait a second? They’re really-” BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUARRLLPPPPPPP! A second much louder belch left her lips and sent leaves fluttering in the wind of its wake, Lillia looking away from the stoic figure. “Sorry, they’re eurgh, really kicking up a storm in me.” Lamb moved close and rested a hand against Lillia’s warm foregut, just as full as the taur gut and far less sloshy.

“It feels good no?” Lillia nodded to the Death God’s words.

“Yes but-” Lamb shut her up with a finger pressed to her lips, turning her head aside to let out a powerful UUUU-ABRBRRRRRPPPPPP! Lillia couldn’t help but feel her chest hum with delight, with an eagerness as the hunter hurried her on further.

“No, others try to escape their fate. They too must be punished, digested, absorbed.” She grasped her bow and pulled it back until her elbow pushed into the wet contents of her gut, squishing it back with a wet blorrp . “If the Lamb is spared then the Wolf arrives. Far worse for all involved.” Letting go of her bow’s string, the woman gripped Lillia’s hand and tugged her along, making the fae fawn belch in surprise as the soldiers inside of her continued to struggle: BULLLLLOOORRPPPPPP! A helmet flew out, hitting a nearby tree with a metallic clang. Lamb reacted as usual- with cold indifference though a bead of interest crossed those flickering blue lights.

“Come.” She spoke and moved the woman deeper into the forest. Lillia was still silently dealing with her new lusty joy when she heard the sound of raucous laughter, of malevolent stirrings. A smell like burnt incense and crumbling papers. There were more Noxians close by and based on the low hungry buurrbble of Lamb’s stomach, she was itching for more. Pushing the Guardian towards a tree stump, she pointed to the battered bark as one would while training with a Poro. “Stay.” She told Lillia, thinking the Fae had already began to lose her cool. This matter had to be effective, with no distraction or way of- wait where is Lillia going?

Lamb watched as with no thought to covert operations or even her own physical limits, the newly christened predator skipped up over the bough and trampled her way into the new encampment. These soldiers were far less prepared which wasn’t saying much but Lillia had additional ease in bashing her flowering censer over their heads and right into their windpipes, crushing the breath from them and tripping them to the floor where she could.

“This is easy!” Came the giggling voice of the formerly meek woman. Her bellies sloshed and gurgled loudly, the Crimson Acolytes ducking for cover, grabbing weapons, doing whatever they could to fight back as Lillia pulled up the closest one to her, pinning the busty commander against the tree trunk. “You guys are all about drinking blood and worshipping some pasty dude with no taste in fashion, right?” She asked the terrified woman, a loud and gargly bloororoosshhhhh helping to fill in the awkward silence as she awaited an answer for what was mostly a rhetorical question. “Hmmm, yeah, just as I thought!”

When Lamb finally moved, firing arrows off with the speed and precision that made her such a feared presence in this part of the world, Lillia was already halfway done with her next meal, that tight rack of jiggling tit flesh jutting out as a nice bulge in the tight undulations of the hungry throat. ULLLLRP! GULLOP! Each gulp felt ecstatic for the Fae Fawn- so used to eating berries and plants that the taste of meat, especially righteously devourable meat, felt truly amazing. Her human gut began to bloat out with a new screaming face to join the blistering acids of her gut but none of the soldier’s comrades could help her: Being hunted, restrained and taken out by the silent Lamb.

“To arms men!” But with the commander reduced to little more than a guuoorgling bulge inside of the Fae’s struggling belly, jostling from side to side and further setting her skin afire with the harsh wash of the acidic tides, most of the soldiers were far too spread out and disorganised to synchronise a good counter-attack: Arrows flying through the air as pinpricks of flashing steel only to be knocked from their course and colliding into the nearby trunks of trees as Lamb let out a powerful gusty BRURUALLRLRLRPPPPPPPPPP! This belch created somewhat of a pass at a wind wall, clearly copying some moves she had learned from a brief altercation with the Steel Tempest as he had passed through the forest.

The blast of ripe belly air also helped to stun her next chosen meal, a spry young cannoneer who had fought many battles alongside the hardiest of generals only to be grasped by the shoulders and shoved into that hot wet slavering maw, Lamb’s horrid breath spilling out over the wincing private’s terrified face. Sluuuuuuuuuurrppp! The horrid sounds of engulfment echoed across the chaotic vista of scrabbling feet, swinging swords and quickly diminishing caches of hope.

She’s so slow. Lamb thought to herself, not even paying attention to the creature that was being bathed in acids as she tipped her head back while maintaining full focus on the sight of her newly hungering friend taking gentle hesitant gulps. The hunger is there, but the will… That struggles to rear up. She noted, giving a punch to the watery gut that hung off her whtie-furred midsection, paying it little heed if just to make it stop squirming around. Its occupants, as delicious as they were, had been rendered into calories as soon as Lamb had spotted them, as soon as the aspect of the hunt had been on the same continent as them. BRRRORORLRLRLRNNNNNNNNNN… The continued gargling of her stomach filled her with joy and as their reckless rampage began to calm down, the remnants of this patrol slinking off into the woods, Lillia was still stuck on that third delicious meal before her.

She was at the woman’s ankles now but something within her- a sprout of frustrartingly characteristic guilt had spiked into her mind. Could Lillia really do this? Looking down to her much sloshier and rounder taur gut, she knew she had already crossed so many lines. But there was no way she could ever be as greedy and cruel as Lamb, right? Giving her less detailed upper gut a poke, the Fae gasped and took an involuntary gulp as life still stirred inside of her. That is when a cruel yet reality-skewing new view took focus: She wasn’t killing them inside of her blooooorprpppp ing gut, no, she was giving them new life as fat on her body. Though she often took great measure to ensure a tight and toned flank, her ass was jutting out as two rounded cheeks of pudge that jiggled as she adjusted her stance, lowering her gut to the ground.

That feeling, of the full belly pressed against the warm earth, knowing that several living creatures were just being turned to mush inside of it: Perfection. PFPRRRARMMMPPPPP! A noisy fart signalled those last few gulps, her mission clear while the air felt musty and cloying with the scent of melting Noxian flesh, singing nearby nostrils but fuelling Lillia’s resolve. Tracing that last fateful bulge with her finger, she looked up to Lamb who stood out near the very edge of this rougher clearing. The Huntress looked so cute with new reams of fat forming a tapestry detailing the ventures of a practiced and efficient predator. Lillia wanted that for herself- to be able to protect what she cared for with looks and insinuation rather than the stressful nature of combat.

“I think they’re gone…” Lillia groaned, getting up and openly slapping the side of her gut. The newly added captain was beginning to fizzle away slowly but surely, though she was still putting up a hell of a fight. A loud hacking belch escaped the Fae Guardian’s lips, throwing loose scales of dragonwurm armor across the space between the hungry women: HURURARLLLLLCCCKKKKKKK! There was no apology, not even a blush to the Fawn’s face as she trotted forward, shifting with new found weight and purpose. “Are you still hungry?” She asked, shifting her slightly taller frame so that her human gut sat atop Lamb’s gut. The two bellies gurgled together in disgusting harmony- an effect which made Lamb visually wriggle to Lillia’s delight. The last camp’s meals were beginning to shift down into the lower gut already, stripped of nutrients by a digestive system far more powerful than any human’s could be: GGRRURURURALLLLLLLLLMMmmmmmm… Lamb nodded.

“The hunt continues.” She spoke, pausing to let out a gentle yet sudden UUUUURRRP of her own. “Until it is done.” Jutting her gut out until it brushed against the tender front of Lillia’s lower half, she swayed it from side to side as if testing her gut for more space. A horde of melting faces and shifting limbs falling apart into one nutrient-filled slurry filled the foyer of Lillia’s mind, occupying the space until she was nodding with a trail of drool cascading down her expanding cleavage.

“Mmmm, sluurrp , yes, there are more of them, I can smell them. Even if their friends find them first, that’ll just mean a buffet and even better-” she paused to laugh maniacally, the rank scent of meat passing her usually perfumed lips and making even the stern Lamb growl with disgust- “They’ll lead us right to the main group. We’ll be so full we’ll have to waddle back!” Lillia shifted forward to bump her stomach into her friend’s own turgid tummy playfully. Sloorrprppllllee… The sound that had before filled Lamb with a pride that could not be diminished, now felt portentous. Had she awoken some fierce cruelty inside the fragile fae fawn? Looking over the pudgier guardian’s body, there was an aura of hot heat that escaped into Lamb’s mind long before another quaking belch spoke for the softening soldiers inside Lillia’s guts: BURURULALRRRLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! The blast blew back the tender white hair that sprouted out from behind the tight porcelain mask, making the huntress shudder.

“You okay there?” Lillia asked with a cute smile, booping Lamb on her mask’s nose. “Come on, we’ve got more tasty people to find and punish!” She hopped around in a small circle, sending her taur gut crash into the ground below. Loud cracks and CRUNCHES helped to soften up the rowdy inhabitants of the gut while Lillia’s human stomach shifted around with the fierce fight of resistance. Lamb took a look at her own gut, faster and more powerful as to reduce the first few soldiers she had supped earlier into a thick wall of buoyant pudge that jiggled with even the slightest movement. Giving her gut a slap to test its capacity, she felt the thick slurry shift around inside of her.

“Hmm, yes, must press ahead.” Looking into the dark trunks of the thick rows of shadowy trees, it was clear that their runaways were gathering elsewhere. Foul magic, smelling worse than the combined stink of two bellies underway in processing over six people between them, seeped into the wood around them. “Must- HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARRRPPPP! ” The belch was so sudden that even the faultless huntress had to blush, Lillia giggling as she took the bashful Aspect’s hand and trotted forward with a skip in her step.

“Yeah, yeah, we must ‘gain the advantage’ or something similar, can we just hurry up?” The woman gave her upper gut a rough poke to further agitate the guuurgling prisoners pressed inside. “My meals are starting to slow down and I need them to perk up again!” Of course there was no way she would spit up her catches now, not that they were in any state to survive either way, so she would need to add fresh food into the pot to get it simmering again! “This way!” The skipping centaur-like woman led her companion deeper into the woods, following the sound of frightened birdsong and crushed weeds to gain an understanding of the path the stragglers had taken. The ground was harder here and made each hop Lillia made against it into a truly crushing experience for the humans inside her bottom gut: GLOORRRPPPPP! CRACRRCCCKKKKKKE! Each sound should have got them set on by trappers and a flurry of arrows but the only sound was their burbling guts.

“Something is not right…” Lamb admitted, watching the rear and ducking behind every point of cover she could. She stifled another gassy belch behind what accounted for her lips, her mask vibrating with the raw force of the blast of stomach fumes: BRRRPRPPPPPPPPPPP…. “Stay on your guard Lillia.” She spoke, only to see that she was alone. “Lillia?” Looking out further, she saw a trail crushed in reed and weed, the distinct shape of hoofprints leading towards a cave system that jutted out of the hardened ground. “Of all the Fae I had to partner with…” The huntress grumbled, her thick thighs jiggling with each step as she followed suit, creating a small wisp of light to help show the way. A loud echoing belch up ahead showed she was at least heading in the right direction. BERRRRRLRLRLLRLLCLCHHHH! Up ahead a new light began to shine through, a dwindling candle flame as sets of the ornate white wax shapes adorned the wall.

“Lillia!” She called out with the sound echoing around her and catching in her throat. Something wasn’t right… Moving close and prowling as one would in pursuit of a predator until her gravid gut dragged against the walls: Further crushing the one living inhabitant and snuffing them out under a wave of hot acids combined with tight muscular compressions. Up ahead there were new sounds, the tunnel shrinking around her as she headed in deeper as if wrapping around her. Her pudgy form, thick and jiggly, was tightly pushed through until the rock opened up to a much larger chamber. Snuffing her light, she looked out to see a single spotlight of the sun’s radiance cascading down from a narrow crack in the ceiling above.

“We offer this sacrifice to our Blood Lord so that the Thorn may reward us and bathe us in Crimson…” Came the low chant as Lamb could now make out an altar carved from the rough pumice. And of course, strapped down with tight wire and surrounded by hooded cultists, was Lillia, a gag covering her mouth though the thick amount of hungry drool could not be stemmed or subverted. With her back pressed against the cold stone, her hooves kicking futilely in the air by their bindings, those fat guts now spilled out across her body and only helped to weigh her down.

“Mmpphhh!” She begged, her guts guuuuurgling for more food to fill them- those delicious-looking cultists would do. Though she couldn’t see Lamb shifting through the shadows, she knew she was close and pressing out her hooves made another futile attempt to break the bindings. PHWOM! Luckily a volley of arrows would help to cut the cords that held her down until she was back on her feet, head descending down upon the screaming cultists. GRUURRLLP! GOUULP! UUULLMMP! Lillia wasted no time in tackling anyone in range, gulping them down with thunderous swallows until her human gut was full once more with the sloshing shape of struggling soldiers. “Thanks Lamb- HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUARRPPPPP! ” Though the belch was unintentional, it felt so good as it slipped out, her gut shaking with new hissing acids burning along the starchy robes she had swallowed down with them.

Lamb took a more steady approach as her hands fell across a heavy-set cultists’ shoulders, lifting them up towards the sky and sucking them down while she pinned another weaker specimen beneath her foot.

“Lord Vladimir, help us!” But there was no saviour of dark crimson tides, only the wet abyss of the hungry maw as it finished off their friend and dripped those tight threads of glistening drool with a wet uullllppppp-SPLASH! Down they went, pinned inside the tight burbling walls as they and their comrades digested. Lamb wasn’t as hungry as she had expected- as she took in her second cultist, she noticed that Lillia was already on her fourth, both guts fit to bursting with the constant struggling and dragging across the cold floor. Hard faces of screaming determination were sucked back into the heart of the acidic conflux with a wet schloorp , falling away to the movements of tight grasping villi as they spewed new potent acids across the awaiting canvas of their flesh.

“You should slow down…” She hissed, feeling her insides burble and shift. Not just from the fighting of the creatures inside of her as fizzling and SLORSHES took credence over their fervent cries. No, she had to release some of her more unruly inhabitants whose bodies she had already destroyed. Bending over and exposing those ever-increasing hips, her waistline now comparable to jiggling pumpkins rather than the tight buns they had been but a few hours earlier: The white fur parted as a new abyss took to the acrid air of the caves and opened wide. Bones, gleaming white and covered in a faint glistening juice that flew out in drops of feculant matter with each thunderous fart: FRRRRIIRRPPPPPPP! Broken collar bones and moulded shoulder blades began to droop out of the pucker and slowly slipped out, clattering against the hard stone while the loud gulps of her companion continued to echo out across the vast expanse of the hall.

Lillia couldn’t stand up with how many people were in her lower gut: A total smorgasbord of digesting acolytes and soldiers that were beginning to add far more pudge on than she’d ever have liked. Chubby folds shifted when she looked around her body, curious as to see why her human stomach was gurgling so loudly: BRBRRURRRRRRRRRBBBB…

“Shush in there!” The Fawn groaned, smacking her thicc gut and feeling harder remnants shift alongside the whole bodies of churning meals who weighed down the gut so much it rested on top of the altar she was going to be sacrificed upon only moments before. “Oh lamb, really? That’s so dirty!” She eeped, letting out a sudden eructation which managed to cover the entire acoustic range of the caves BRUURUUARRLLALRRRPRPPP-BRUUUUUUUUUMMMRMMRMMPPPPPPPP! Bones flew out from her maw, some with scraps of armor still strapped to them; others adorned in mystic jewelry; and one or two even had a piece of hair fluttering around, especially along the broken skullcaps. “Ooooh, do excuse me, must have been some losers that I ate!” She looked back over to where Lamb had squatted. Her gut hanging low enough to be seen from the back as out came a twisted tangle of spinal cords. “Almost done?” She asked coyly, striding over with her legs barely able to support her weight while the glORROroorshshhes of a belly hard at work continued to grumble across the cavern.

“Yes…” Lamb growled, groping her own flabby gut in protest, her thick breasts weighing down her chest and jiggling when another fart blasted out of her ass: TOORORRTTTTTTTTTT! Out came the acid-soaked helmet of the captain from long ago, the huntress now getting up and beginning to support her friend with an arm over her shoulder. “Guhhh, did you enjoy that?” Lillia nodded enthusiastically, crushing drool-flecked bones with her hooves as the two moved out of the cave system. “Good, good, I will have to bring you on my next hunt as well….” Lillia beamed with a naughty grin as she groped over her heavy chest, loving the amount of padding those naughty Noxians had added.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” The two laughed and left the desecrated altar in their wake, still churning people away inside their powerful bodies.