“Roll! Lunch is ready!”

Roll looked up from the yard outside the Light Laboratory where she was training. Or rather, where she was trying out the new Super Roll Buster Dr. Light had made for her, practicing on targets of Dr. Wily’s face set up around the yard. The Super Roll Buster had quite a bit of knock back compared to her previous buster. It would take some getting used to.

Above the yard, Mega Man was leaning out the window of the second floor of the lab. His messy black hair blowing in the breeze and an apron over his normal clothes, he had speckles of flour and bits of apricot jelly on his face. Roll felt pride at the sight of her little brother. He always worked so hard and was so supportive of her! If it weren’t for him, Roll wouldn’t be able to fight Dr. Wily’s evil machinations.

“Be up in a minute,” she said, waving. As Mega Man smiled and turned back inside, the sound of one last buster shot rang out from the yard below.

A few minutes later, Roll walked into the kitchen, sliding her Super Buster off her arm. She paused in the doorway to take in a deep, appreciative sniff of the air, letting it out with a sound of eager anticipation. The kitchen was fragrant with the savory sizzle of sausage and eggs but also the scrumptious sweetness of bread and baked apricot.

Mega Man was at the sink, doing the dishes, apricot still adorning the corner of one cheek. He had on his tight shorts that clasped smoothly to his thighs above the heavy, blue boots of his feet. Above that was one of his t-shirts, the one that had “I Rock!” on the front, covered now by the dusty apron with speckles of cooking oil on it.

Smiling over his shoulder at her, Mega Man said, “I’m just cleaning up, so go ahead and help yourself Roll. I’m sure you worked up an appetite out there!”

There was a plate of food ready on the table. Two actually. One heavy with sunny-side up eggs, fat lengths of sausages, and a big hunk of cheesy toast. Next to it was a smaller plate covered by a heavy triangle of apricot pie. Roll’s mouth started watering.

“Are you sure?” she said. “I can wait.”

“You go ahead,” Mega Man answered. “Honestly, I’m still stuffed from breakfast. I had a big one since I got up so early to make the pie.”

“You did a really great job with it,” Roll said, admiring the pie on the counter that the slice had come from. It was a satisfying golden brown crust, crosshatched over the oozy, tempting, almost sensual apricot center. “I still wish I knew who sent us those jars of apricot jelly. I’d love to thank them.”

“Probably someone just wanting to show how much they appreciate all you do for the world, Roll,” Mega Man said, beaming. “You keep everyone safe from Dr. Wily, so you deserve a nice treat now and then.”

“Haha, no no, I’m just doing what’s right,” Roll said, sitting down at the table. “Anyone would if they could. You would, Mega Man. It’s all because of Dr. Light’s upgrades.”

“The upgrades,” Mega Man said. “And because of your big heart, Roll.”

Roll blushed, delighted by the praises. She didn’t know what to say, so instead she dug into the delicious lunch. Chewing quietly but fiercely on the big meaty bites of sausage, the belly-warming eggs, the mouth-watering cheese toast. Mega Man had poured her a tall and frosty glass of milk that she chased the heavy, hot, wonderful lunch down with. Then she turned her eyes, hungrily, to the apricot pie.

Pushing the tines of her fork parallel through the crust, the crispy, flaky shell giving way with a satisfyingly quiet but fulfilling *crncksh*, she cut off a large, warm triangle of the slice. She flipped it over onto her fork, bringing it to her lips and sliding it back onto her tongue. Immediately the satisfying sweetness, tart but delightful, of perfectly in-season apricots hit the sides and back of her tongue like a wave. Roll had to let out a little moan of delight as she chewed the bite.

“Good?” Mega Man asked.

Roll couldn’t say anything but nodded her head slowly with a groan of affirmation. She swallowed the first bite and tore into the slice with ravenous glee.

As Mega Man wiped his hands clean with a towel, Roll pushed her now-empty plate away, resting a hand on her stomach with a sigh. Mega Man laughed.

“You really were hungry, Roll. And I thought I was the one with a big appetite this morning. You put that lunch away.”

Roll blushed and giggled, but before she could reply, the monitor screen on the far wall of the kitchen suddenly flicked on.

Without warning, the long, nefarious face of Dr. Wily appeared on the screen. His frizz of white hair fringed the bald crown of his head and the fuzzy wings of his mustache bristled and flapped as he cackled into the monitor.

“Well,” Wily sneared through the speakers. “If it isn’t the Not-So-Super Roll-chan and her little maid boy. Enjoying a break from smashing my beautiful robots, are we?”

Roll leapt up from her seat with a shout of, “Wily!”

Wily cackled again. “That’s right, Roll. I just wanted to let you know that while you were stuffing your silly little faces, I have been preparing the most powerful batch of robots the world has ever seen! Far stronger than you. And soon, everyone will see just how mighty my creations are when they seize control of the world for me.”

Roll frowned, resolutely, for a moment before taking a steady breath. She picked up her Super Buster and slid it onto her arm. Then said, “Not if I have anything to say about that, Wily. I’ve stopped you before, and I’ll stop you today!”

Another cackle before Wily said, with a taunting sneer, “Oh, you really think you will? Well then, before you come to ruin my plans like you always do, tell me, Roll: did you enjoy my little gift?”

“H-huh?” Roll looked at Mega Man who shrugged. “G... gift?”

Wily burst into a laugh. “That’s right. Oh. I guess you didn’t know it was from me. But by the looks of those clean plates, you certainly made good use of my apricot jelly. Or should I say... My Amazing Archenemy Annihilating Apricot Accoutrement! One bite is enough to transform any robot into a soft pile of foam, plastic, and floppy metal. And going by that pie you have there on the counter, you fools made sure to enjoy a concentrated dose!”

Roll looked at the pie on the counter, then her plate, an expression of dawning horror on her face. She looked at Mega Man whose face was pale, his hands clasped before his mouth.

Then, Roll’s stomach made a strange gurgle. She felt a rush of warmth spreading through her body, a strange sensation filling her. Like the frizzly tingles of numbness after waking up but... in reverse.

“R-Roll....” Mega Man said, reaching out for her.

“Mega Man....” Roll said. “Don’t... don’t let Wily w-”

Before she could finish, there was a puff of smoke and a burst of light as the room filled with a pewpewpew sound. Mega Man cried out, “Nooo!” as Wily laughed with maniacal glee.

The smoke and light faded away. Mega Man, his eyes starting to water, his hand still reaching out, whimpered, “Roll... no.”

But, as the smoke faded, Mega Man and Wily both stared transfixed at an odd sight, the mad doctor’s laugh dying away. Instead of the destroyed pile of debris that Wily had promised, what sat on the floor where Roll had been standing a moment ago was a pile of her clothing. The red sundress that she wore when not battling Wily’s armies, the sandle-like red shoes, the green ribbon. But under the sundress, partially covered by it, was an oddly lumpy thing. Mega Man reached down, beneath the dress, pulling the thing free.

“Wh-what?” Wily said, aghast.

“Huh?” Mega Man said with equal confusion as he held up, absurdly, a diaper with Roll’s face imprinted on the back.

For a long moment, neither of them spoke. Mega Man turned his eyes from the diaper to the monitor with a look of equal parts confusion and repulsion. Seeing the look, Wily shook his hands at the screen.

“Hey now,” Wily stammered. “I didn’t know the jelly would do.... that. This is your fault for letting her eat so much of it at once. You’re the one who made my plans go all... all weird like this. Besides, I expected both of you to eat it so, well...” He shook his head then growled into the camera, “Never mind. It doesn’t matter. That mettlesome Roll is out of my hair and her weak little brother is of no concern to me. Run her up a flagpole, put her on your head, wear her for all I care. I have a world to conquer!”

With that, the screen went blank, leaving Mega Man holding the Roll diaper, unsure what to do, still shocked by this strange turn of events.

As he tried to process what had happened, he heard, from another room in the lab, quiet and somewhat crackled, a voice. Roll’s voice. “Mega Man. Mega Man, can you hear me?”

The voice was coming from the part of the lab where Light performed all of Roll’s maintenance and kept her different fighting abilities and tools stored. Mega Man dropped the diaper and ran towards the room. As he did, he heard Roll let out a surprised, “Eek!”

“Roll! Are you ok-?” Mega Man ran into the room. His question dropped as he found the lab empty. Roll’s fighting suit, her red, skirt-hemmed, thigh-length sundress with black sleeves and white top as well as her large, knee-high red boots, was in its place, along with all of her old busters and weapons, but Roll herself wasn’t there.

Mega Man looked around, lost, before Roll’s voice came again. From her fighting suit.

“Mega Man? You can hear me, right?”

Her voice was coming from the comms of her suit. Mega Man, still in the doorway, looked back into the kitchen, seeing the diaper with Roll’s face on the floor, then he looked at the suit her voice was coming out of. Still terribly confused, he licked his lips and answered hesitantly, “Yeah Roll. I can hear you but uhh... what is going on?”

“I don’t know!” Roll said with a good deal of fear in her voice. “I can’t see and I can’t... I can’t move. I felt like I was being lifted up a second ago but then I just dropped and... I don’t know. I feel so weird. My body feels so weird, Mega Man! What’s going on?”

“Uhhhhh....” Mega Man rubbed the back of his head. “Well, uh, I don’t know how to put this, Roll. It’s really just kinda silly more than anything but.... I think Dr. Wily’s weird poison jelly stuff maybe turned you into a... a diaper.”

For a long moment, there was silence. Mega Man worried that something had happened to Roll and she couldn’t even speak anymore. Then, he jumped a full foot in the air as Roll let out a loud, horrified, “WHAT?! He... he... he... I’m a dang diaper?!”

“D-don’t worry Roll,” Mega Man said, trying to placate her. “Look, I’ll figure this out. I’ll just have to go fight Dr. Wily and make him give me an antidote or something so we can turn you back.”

“Mega Man.” Roll now spoke with concern, not for herself but for him. “That’s my job. I can’t ask you to do that!”

“You don’t have to,” Mega Man said with a grin. “I’ve watched you fight ole Wily long enough. I’ll be able to handle this Roll. And I’ll have your tools to help me, including your new Super Buster! And since you can, uhhhh, somehow still talk through your suit, if I wear it, you can guide me.”

There was another pause. Mega Man could feel his sister thinking over the risk of her little brother going into battle. But finally she said, with a sigh, “There’s no other way. Okay Mega Man. Just... don’t get yourself hurt!”

Mega Man grinned. “Trust me, Roll. Wily’s the only one getting hurt.”

Mega Man pulled off his apron and t-shirt, slid out of his pants and kicked off his boots. Then, with a reverential pause, he reached out and took down Roll’s fighting suit. He slid the dress over his head. Stepped into the large boots. Finally, walking back into the kitchen, he knelt and picked up her green ribbon before tying it in a band around his right arm. At last, he slid her Super Buster over his hand.

“I’m ready, Roll!” Mega Man said, raising his buster fist into the air. But then, he looked down at Roll on the ground, a flopped, frumpy diaper, lying in a heap.

He felt a pang at seeing Roll reduced to this. And then he felt a moment of fear. He couldn’t leave Roll like this. A discarded diaper, not even able to talk with her suit gone. What if Auto came in and thought she was trash? She might get thrown out!

“Roll,” Mega Man said. “I can’t leave you here without anyone to watch over you.”

There was another moment of silence. When Roll spoke, Mega Man could hear a little tremble in her voice. And was it him or had the expression on the diaper changed? He was sure it had been neutral before, but now the face was worried.

“But you can’t take me with you, Mega Man,” Roll said.

Mega Man laughed. He could tell Roll was at least already aware of what he was thinking. “Sure I can.”

“N-no way,” Roll said, fast enough that it was clear she’d definitely guessed what was on his mind. “No way no way no way, Mega Man do not... you are NOT going to WEAR me!”

“It’s the only way to keep you safe, Roll,” Mega Man said as he took off his billowy boxers, leaving him nake beneath the dress. He picked Roll up as he continued, “And don’t worry. By the end of the day, I’ll be able to turn you back to normal. I just have to keep you with me to make sure nothing happens to you.”

“Mega Man don’t even joke about th-eeeeeek!” Roll let out another yelp of surprise as Mega Man opened her puffy new body up. He had to admit she was incredibly soft. Roll was, for lack of any better way to put this, a good diaper.

“Roll, it’ll be okay,” Mega Man said as he lowered her and slid her between his thighs. The soft, fluffy feeling of her against his legs was actually rather nice. He found himself eager to feel what it was like to have her on. “You know how bad Wily is at this. I’ll have you back to normal by supper time.”

“But Mega Man, I-nnnyyaaaa!” Again Roll was interrupted by her own yelp, this time as Mega Man pulled her up against his groin and his backside. Mega Man couldn’t suppress a little shiver of delight. Roll felt... really good against his butt! She was soft and fluffy but also very very warm, as if heated from within. Feeling her smooth padding cradle his butt, Mega Man had to admit, he was going to enjoy this!

He pulled her tabs tight and cinched them around his waist, getting a little shivery noise from Roll over the comm. He felt goosebumps rise up the lower part of his back and along his thighs from being hugged, warm and tight, by Roll’s pillowy new body. Then, giving a pat to the fat, round dome of his ass that the padding left barely exposed beneath the hem of the dress, he said, “There we go. Comfy?”

Roll made a small whining noise then said in a way that Mega Man could just about hear the blush in her voice, “I-I can feel your... butt in me, Mega Man.”

Mega Man couldn’t help but giggle. Despite feeling a tiny bit that it might be too mean, he gave his fanny a small shake. Roll made a louder whine then stammered, “M-Mega Man! Stop!”

“Sorry, Roll,” he said, still snickering. “You’re just really cute like this. And you feel good too!”

“Don’t say that!”

“Don’t worry. Like I said....” He slapped the buster on his arm, raising it high. “I’ll have you changed back in no time!”


“Ummm... I’m sorry, Dr. Wily got away, Roll.”

Mega Man had just returned by way of a teleport back to the Light Laboratory. His Super Buster was green now as he slid it off, still in Tree Cutter mode from his final battle with Wily. He hung his head, ashamed from having let Roll down right at the last minute.

“That jerk, Bass,” Roll snapped from the comm speaker. “I can’t believe he came and snatched Dr. Wily out of there. Before we could make him tell you how to get me out of... of... of this!”

Mega Man walked into the rear of the lab, into his and Roll’s room. Roll’s side of the room was a brilliant red, decorated with plushes, flowers, and model airships, while Mega Man’s was full of posters, cacti, and numerous animal and robot figures. On Roll’s wall was a mirror. Mega Man stepped to it, seeing himself still gracefully covered by Roll’s airy dress, the bottom of the thick padding on his behind just visible beneath the hem.

He turned around, lifting up the hem so he could see Roll’s face on the back of the diaper. He was not surprised this time to see her face had changed again, to one that looked pouty and angry, fuming.

“I know, Roll. I should have stopped him. I should have been faster,” Mega Man said, trying his best to sound ashamed... and trying NOT to let her hear any relief in his voice. Mega Man had spent all afternoon with Roll wrapped around his lower body and, much as he hated to say it, he enjoyed the feeling. She was so soft, so comfy, so warm. He loved being held inside her like this. He didn’t want to take her off. Even though he knew that, if he didn’t, sooner or later, they’d both have a pretty big problem.

And that problem, Mega Man was well aware of. He’d been holding the intense pressure in all day. Now that fighting Wily was done, Mega Man was feeling that pressure even more fully. Hot, heavy, and deep down inside him, beneath his belly, under his guts. Wanting to get out.

“No,” Roll sighed. “It’s not your fault Mega Man. You... you aren’t used to this. I’m the one who is supposed to fight Wily and Bass, not you. You tried. Maybe... maybe Dr. Light can think of something. Maybe. Gosh, I don’t know.”

Mega Man hesitated a moment. Then, reaching a hand back, he rubbed it softly over the smooth dome of Roll, gently pressing his palm against her silky, fluffy surface. His press dimpling her just a little. From the speaker, Roll let out a little sound of comfort, a small hmm, and under his palm, the imprint of her face changed from pounty anger to a look of relief, her eyes closed, her face relaxed.

“Th-thank you, Mega Man,” Roll said after a moment. “Thank you for trying. Um. I don’t want to sound pushy after all you did to try to help me but, well, could you, uh, take me off now? I... I feel weird with your... your butt inside me. And your, you know, your other thing.”

The face of contentment on his rear now took on a bright blush and a furtive side eye. Mega Man smiled. Then bit his lip. The pressure in his bowels pushed hard as his back door. His guts let out a loud, wet gurgle.

Mega Man didn’t say anything at first. He was still debating the desire in his head, the thing he KNEW would be absolutely WRONG to do... and the immense pleasure that he knew doing it would bring. Roll was so comfortable and the feeling of her under his palm, the soft press, the plushness, the deep pillow of her body. It begged him to use her. And he’d been holding it all day.

When he didn’t answer her right away, Roll spoke again, now sounding more nervous, “Mega Man? You did hear me, right? Um, please I’d like you to take me off. I’m getting uncomfortable with your... your body inside me.”

Mega Man pressed his palm deeper into her padding, pushing her against the dome of his ass. Roll let out a little noise of protest and surprise.

“I... really don’t want to, Roll,” Mega Man said. “I really, really don’t.”

When she spoke again, Roll’s voice was quiet. Quiet and afraid. “M-Mega Man. Don’t talk like that. You can’t keep me on all night!”

He giggled. “Why not?”

There was a stunned silence, followed by a stammering reply of, “That... because I’m... I’m not a diaper! I’m your sister! You... you just can’t!”

“It sure looks like I can,” he said, teasing. He gave her another shake, as he had done earlier in the day, wiggling her in front of the mirror. Roll let out a squeal of protest. “You fit just fine. And Roll, seriously, you feel sooooo amazing on my butt.”

“No!” she yelped. “Mega Man, stop that. I’m not a diaper! If you leave me on, you’ll-”

She stopped dead in her words. Mega Man grinned, stroking her with one hand. Her face on the rear of the diaper was now pale, eyes fearful. He teased her, “I’ll what?”

“You... you wouldn’t....” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t what, Roll?”

The silence was long and heavy. It sat over the room and over that pale, soft, pillowy diaper for almost a minute before Roll’s timid voice came back, “Don’t. Don’t do that. I really really really couldn’t stand... that!”

“What?” he said, laughing. “You gotta tell me what you don’t want me to do, Roll, cause you know, as comfy as you are, there’s just a ton of ideas I could think of for how to use a nice diap-”

“Don’t poop inside me!” Roll suddenly shouted in a squealing voice.

That made Mega Man burst into laughter. He managed to squeak out, “You... you really said it!”

“Mega Man, you wouldn’t really do that, right?” Roll asked, fearfully. “Please, don’t tease me! You wouldn’t actually, y-you know... that would be so gross! I can feel everything and... and smell everything and... it’d be too nasty!”

Stroking her again, Mega Man felt a moment of guilt. This was his sister; not just his sister but the Super Fighting Robot Roll-chan, defender of the world, hero to all people! But also... the feeling of her on his butt, cradling him, covering his dome, was beyond incredible. It was pure pleasure. And now that his bowels were demanding release, the load of that huge breakfast this morning was looking to be a seriously immense dump. He needed to feel what it would be like. To let out such a pressing, powerful weight into something so perfect for it.

Squatting down a bit so that his butt filled Roll more fully, Mega Man said, “Sorry Roll but... you just feel really really good. If I can’t change you back, then that means you’re a diaper now. And diapers get used for one thing~”

“No!” Roll squealed as Mega Man’s stomach gave another loud, noxious, whiny gurgle. He saw in the mirror that her face on the diaper was now an opened-mouth silent yell for help. “Please! Mega Man don’t do it! Don’t put that in me! I can feel everything and it’s... it’d be all inside me! I can’t... I couldn’t handle i-!”

Mega Man bit his lip with a heavy grunt as he suddenly cut Roll short with a loud, wet, and bassy fart. It bellowed from his bottom and right into her fabric for several prolonged second, warming her even more and staining the air with an intense stench of robo-boy guts. The expression on Roll’s face changed to one of absolute horror, wide-eyed, tight-pupils, face ghastly pale in disgust and fear.

“Uuuugghhhhh,” Roll groaned. “Urrghhh. Mega... oh gosh. Nnrrrggg. I can smell... hhhhrrnnn... please no... no more. Too much.”

“Sorry Roll,” Mega Man said, a little strained. That blast had cleared the way. The huge weight he’d been holding in for hours was now sliding down through him, a monstrous load descending the tight shaft of his colon. “Can’t stop it now. Please don’t be mad at me but... I’m gonna have to load you down~”

“No,” Roll groaned as Mega Man felt his sphincter slowly parting around the enormous head of the log. “Oh no. Please. Please. Don’t push it into me. I’m not a diaper! Mega Man! I’m not a diarrrrphhhhhhggggg-”


Roll’s voice dissolved, for just a moment, into an awful noise that barely resembled a voice. Then it gave out entirely as Mega Man groaned and felt the mass of his shit pile down inside Roll. He gasped as he felt the huge wad load the thick diaper down so heavily that he actually heard it hit the floor with a soft, soggy thump.

Stench of fresh shit reeked through the air, staining the room as Mega Man squatted there before the mirror. He shivered in an intense pleasure from the dump, taking shaky breaths and letting them out in little, delighted whines. Lip trembling, he finally stopped biting it and opened his lidded eyes, looking back again at the mirror.

The seat of his diaper, Roll’s body, had been obscenely bloated out with the massive, bulging wad of his dump. It rested fully on the floor under his butt, a beanbag of a full diaper. And stretched over the center of the smelly boulder of his load was Roll’s face. Her eyes were replaced with two “X”s and her tongue was stuck cartoonishly out.

Rising, knees shaking a little, Mega Man breathed out a sigh of intense relief. He ran his hand down over Roll’s bloated body, feeling the disgusting but amazingly pleasant softness and deep, squishy plushness of her loaded form.

“Sorry Roll,” Mega Man said again. “But... that was absolutely amazing. You’re a real dang good diaper!”

Then, he gave one final, teasing shake of his fanny, making the nasty bulk of his dump-blorted sister sway and jiggle on his rear end in the mirror. The mightiest number of Light’s creations, now nothing more than a load-filled diaper on her brother’s behind.

The End