Ruby didn’t get hungry again, she became conscious of the hunger that had never left her.

No, not even a nuclear explosion could fill her belly. Never a sterling student, the brunette had no clue how much… stuff (energy? matter?) she had consumed when the warhead had exploded inside her. Judging by the effects, Ruby now being so fat she was surpassing both coasts of North America and her head was lifted higher than the clouds, she could tell that one meal had been exponentially larger than everything she had eaten up until that point.

In other words, it had been a lot. And now she was left wanting even more; so much more.

“Can I…” she muttered, attempting to shift her body, “Can I even move?”

One would have to be right up near Ruby’s head – or rather her face, as her head had been overtaken by the not-just-poetic-imagery mountains of flab of her shoulders and the back of her neck during her nuclear-fueled growth – to even be aware she was trying to move. The rest of her body was breaking out in jiggles and some small quakes here and there, the result of her trillions of tons of fat fracturing the continental shelf and causing parts of her to suddenly drop 10 or 12 feet into the ground, but none of that was the result of her own efforts. While it took a couple minutes of fruitless effort to sink in, Ruby was much too fat to move herself to any degree.

This news made her break out in uproarious laughter, followed by shiver-inducing orgasms as she again was confronted with what a supreme fat bitch she was. No, seriously, the fattest, hungriest, most dominating bitch to ever live. Her, Ruby.

It almost distracted her from her hunger again, but even as her laughter echoed across the landscape of her chins and across her breasts Ruby’s belly angrily made its not-absolutely-full status known. And a slave to her hunger to the end, Ruby brought her laughter under control and assessed the situation.

She couldn’t move, or if she could it would take so much time and effort she wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Yeah, getting on her belly would let her start inhaling everything in front of her again, but at her size it would take her so long to get in that position she might very well pass out from hunger by the time she accomplished it. Already she was so hungry it was starting to become painful.

As if the universe was answering her unspoken prayer, Ruby had a solution dropped in her lap- Er, on her belly. Her lap was as extinct as her mobility by this point.

During her explosion of fat Ruby had unwittingly flattened the face of most of the continent, with cities and forests and even whole mountain ranges plowed through by the walls of her flab racing outward at speeds comparable to Nascar races (like Ruby’s lap and mobility, another extinction triggered by her growth). But in a number of places, thanks to that peculiar fact that when a process is repeated enough times you’ll hit upon improbable aberrations, her fat hadn’t blown apart or away some things but had instead thrown them into the air, whereupon they landed on her spreading flab in varying degrees of damage and destruction.

This included a number of people – thousands, really – who were now recovering from the shock of what they had just experienced and were coming to terms with the fact they had, against all odds, survived the blanketing of America. Scattered, confused, many frightened, they were nevertheless survivors, and as they started to walk and look around at their new landscape, Ruby felt all those tiny feet trodding on her.

Given her size and how minuscule everyone else was compared to her she shouldn’t have been able to detect them, but the vast distances between her brain and their feet might as well have been inches, because she was aware of all of them.

It was an incredible turn of events, that the country-sized glutton was so sensitive she could detect people thousands of miles away, but the discovery meant only one thing to Ruby:


Yes, there was food sitting on top of her. She couldn’t see it, but she knew it was there.

Now if only she could get it closer to her mouth…

‘This is stupid,’ Ruby thought to herself even before trying the first idea that came to her. She expected to fail and to deal with a growing sense of helplessness, but she had to at least try, right?

Ruby exhaled, pursed her lips and inhaled. She continued inhaling, stronger and stronger, until she was creating winds that could make flags stick straight out and shutters bang. She inhaled as strongly as she could, stronger than she had before the nuke, and she didn’t stop inhaling…

...because it was working. She still couldn’t see anything, but she could feel bodies and pieces of rubble being lifted off her body, and she could think of only one reason for to be happening.

Yes! There it was! Off in the horizon the first hint her plan was working appeared. Just dots at first, indistinguishable from the coming shadows of dusk, but those dots grew larger by the second, until she could make out that they were parts of skyscrapers and condo towers, and more than a few people mixed in.

Smiling gleefully, Ruby expanded her mouth as wide as it would go, all while still inhaling. There was a traffic jam as all the material tried to cram itself into her mouth, but by gulping repeatedly the brunette got it all down and went back to inhaling.

As if it was somehow tied to the size of her body, Ruby found she could make the power of her inhaling ever more forceful, until she was on the verge of summoning actual tornadoes. More material from further across her belly was picked up and brought to her, and with some experimentation she discovered she could make the larger pieces break up if she slightly dropped the power of her inhaling and made the bits crash against her body; it didn’t hurt her but the sudden impact made the already damaged pieces break up further, which made it easier to get it all into her mouth and down her throat in a steady stream of foodstuff.

Eventually Ruby couldn’t sense any debris left on the front side of her body. There was still quite a bit of stuff and a lot of people camped out on her splendid ass, but she couldn’t look back to hoover them up.

But by this point she had been inhaling so long and so forcefully that she had watched the clouds themselves being pulled to her, and soon pulled into her. All that moisture made for a refreshing drink, but what really hammered home her new powers was when she saw several planes flying overhead and, by focusing on their general vicinity, she was able to pull them in and send them crashing onto her body. The pilots ejected from their jets (for these were all military craft, though what country they belonged to she wasn’t sure) but that just made it easier to catch them in her drag and pull them to her waiting lips.

Soon the planes were gone, the only sign they had ever been there some smudges along her chins, yet Ruby was far from finished.

She wasn’t without means, though, so without missing a beat Ruby turned her attention from the sky back to the Earth below. Inhaling as strongly as she could, summoning all the energy and willpower she had, Ruby sucked and sucked, and she continued sucking. Nothing happened at first, but the pessimism she had harbored originally was long gone, so Ruby kept at it, certain it would work.

And it did. After several minutes of inhaling nothing but air and more clouds Ruby sensed the waters of the Atlantic and large bits of broken up earth and buildings racing towards her. The winds she was producing were so violent everything caught in them was smashed together to tiny pieces by the time it came into view, creating a soup that she gulped down effortlessly, even as she continued inhaling.

Ruby was growing again, fast enough that it was noticeable to outside observers, and as she grew her hunger grew and the power she was demonstrating grew. Her weight further fractured the land beneath her, sending fissures racing out into the seabeds and through the islands just outside North America. This created more pieces small enough to be picked up by her wind, which meant more food for her to enjoy, which meant more fat for her to experience, which meant more damage to the very planet itself.

It was a wonderful cycle, and while she couldn’t see it Ruby could sense that it was all happening, and this made everything taste extra delicious. She was going to turn the entire Earth into her own personal meal, everything fueling her growth and making it easier for her to eat everything else.

America had suffered its own nearly instantaneous apocalypse, wiped off the map as it was buried under Ruby in a matter of minutes. Now the rest of the world got to experience its own chaotic end as the ocean levels sank, the ground broke apart, the air itself was sucked away.

America had been lucky, it had vanished so quickly few had time to experience panic or any sort of dread. The rest of the planet wasn’t so fortunate. While Ruby was eating with all her might, and as she got fatter said might grew mightier, the Earth was still an entire planet, and it took time for her to go from the size of a country to the size of a continent. Before she grew to the size of a hemisphere, however, what was left of the Earth broke apart into a billion pieces, signaling the end for those few survivors out there.

The remains of the Earth hovered in space, some of it starting to drift away, but the vortex of Ruby’s inhalations had become something like an atmosphere encircling her, and soon everything that wasn’t Ruby was bring pulled around her body, all of it coalescing into a single point: her mouth.

It took hours for Ruby to eat the entire Earth, and she was still digesting all of it for another hour still. But to the gluttonous brunette that time passed in both an instant and a single, endless moment of pure bliss.

She had actually done it. She had grown fat enough to break the Earth with her own weight, and she was insatiable enough to fill her belly with the entire planet and still want seconds. This was an achievement she had never dreamed was possible, much less that it would come within her grasp.

It hadn’t been enough, of course, so even as she basked in the pride of her accomplishment, replacing the Earth with her own beautiful self, Ruby looked around for more food.

The moon was, at this point, something between a large snack and a proper meal, and it could only keep Ruby occupied for so long. Even before she was done eating it she was casting her attention outward, looking for other objects big enough to satisfy her.

She saw Venus, and Mars, and of course there was the sun… It would take time to reach each body in turn, probably weeks or maybe months.

Or she could bring it all to her.

Summoning her power once again, going for maximum effort, Ruby started inhaling as deeply and strongly as she could.

And first one planet, then three, then also countless asteroids and some moons and even a star, they all began being pulled in, brought to one place: Ruby’s mouth.