“Miss Booker, if you are so eager to let out air from your mouth, would you like to solve this equation for the class?”

“W-wait! I’m sorry! I just had a big breakfast this morning. Please, I’ll be quiet!”

“You said that four times already...during this hour. At least you can let out some air that won’t stink up the classroom.”

Kathleen rose form her position defeated and walked toward the board where the professor was waiting her, while the classroom snickered and quietly rejoiced as the sacrificial lamb for the math classroom was chosen for today.

“God she’s so cute when she gets forced to do math~” thought Annie, who was seated behind Kathleen.

While the math equation wasn’t that hard, it was a nightmare for the amazonian girl, who only sees a bunch of gibbering symbols that she would rather not have to memorize or have to deal with altogether.

Annie however, while she has way less troubled by math than Kathleen, was not focused on the current class. Her gaze was fixated to the round heart-shaped ass belonging to her girlfriend, fidgeting while she was struggling to remember how to solve the problem. She could just imagine sinking in, bit by bit, in her dark...moist...warm warm…

“Miss Rose, I would love if you had that passionate look for knowledge, math and science, instead of miss Booker’s form. Care to help her out remember Taylor’s theorem?”

The classroom giggled as Annie’s face turned red as a pepper.

“Y-yes professor…” she said as she joined Kathleen at the board.


One hour later the two girls left the classroom mentally exhausted, especially Kathleen which Annie could had sworn saw steam clouds coming out of her forehead.

“Are we done with classes yet?” Said the taller girl.

“We just have one more: Economics.” replied the short-stack.

“M-More math?! Awww.”

“Come on, it’s just one more hour...then we can start our date~”

“R-right, the...the date…” mumbled Kathleen, her face turning red.

“What’s the problem? Are you nervous?”

“N-no it’s just...uhm…”

“Don’t worry honey~ You know how I can melt away that stiffness of yours~ Just like our previous date, let me do all the work and-”


A loud rumble came from Kathleen middle, scaring a random student passing by.

“...You were just hungry, weren’t you?”


“Well that’s great! That means we can grab something for you to eat~”

“Y-you don’t mean…”

“What? Of course I don’t mean people! I...I know a very nice place just...uhm...hold my bag for a moment I need to go to the restroom.”

Annie handed her bag to Kathleen and started making her way down the corridor, presumably to the girls bathroom.

Annie of course, didn’t had to relieve herself. She just wanted an excuse to distance herself from Kathleen for a little bit to put her plan in motion because, as a matter of fact, she did meant to feed a person to her and it just so happen that the perfect meal was coming just around the corner.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the midget that likes to ogle the queen of the school herself.” said a rather mean looking girl. She was of average height, which meant she was towering over the naturally short girl.

“Hi Lily, I see you are in a good mood today. Did you steal enough money from the other students? Or maybe you ate one? You do look plump today.”

“That’s none of your business shrimp! What’s your business is if you have the 20$ I asked for the protection toll.”

What Lily said was technically true: Annie yesterday did ask her for protection against predators around the school, but in reality that was her plan to get close to the bully. She of course, was way too eager to get her hands on more money and she didn’t think twice in trying to squeeze her dry, but if she had more that three working brain cells she would had realize that Annie didn’t need protection as Kathleen’s girlfriend, because who in their right mind would stand against that gigantic girl and her lover?

“Well about that...I don’t have shit.”

“You what?”

“I don’t have shit. You want me to repeat it again you dumb fuck or you want me to write it down? Actually, can you even read?”


Lily grabbed Annie by her shirt and slammed against the corridor wall. While it did hurt a little, Annie was actually smirking.



Annie let out a deafening shriek, catching Lily by surprise as she almost lost her grip on the short girl. The students in the corridor instinctively scurried away from the scene, like a foreboding sign.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to make me go deaf?”


“Well let’s see how that scream sounds while I’m digesting you.”

“I’m not screaming anymore. You on the other hand…”

Thump, Thump, Thump, THUMP, THUMP

Heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the corridor. The bully eyes widened up when she realized who was coming towards them.

“You did not-”

“Don’t worry you fat cunt, I’ll be with you until you pop like your dad’s condom. Just try to be a good fat shit for Kathleen, ok?”

Lily paled at Annie’s words, but before she could do anything, Kathleen tackled her on the ground and her hold on Annie slipped, luckily making so she would not join her on the floor.

The gigantic girl towered over the bully, her eyes squinted into pure anger. For the first time in her life, Lily was utterly terrified.

“K-Kathleen! Thank god you are here! S-she tried to eat me!” said Annie, faking a scared and tremble voice.

“W-w-wait I was-”


Lily had no chance to defend or explain herself. Kathleen mouth engulfed her whole upper torso and started ravenously swallowing her down.



The bully’s muffled screams could be heard through the stretched out throat of the gigantic girl, still greedily stuffing her down her awaiting stomach. Her legs were frantically kicking the air as less and less of her body remained outside of Kathleen’s body. Out of view, Annie was grinning at the scene.



Kathleen pushed Lily’s wiggling feet in her mouth and swallowed hard, sending her down her throat and into her now bulging belly. It shifted and twisted as the bully tried to readjust herself in the fleshy chamber in order to start to fight for her life. Soon afterward, Kathleen’s middle started to churn and gurgle as it began to process the unwilling meal and accompanying them were her muffled screams of anger, fear and desperation, as her kicks and punches dented the rounded belly of Kathleen.

The now engorged girl looked over to Annie, which conveniently shifted her emotion to look relieved.

“W-wow! That was a very close call, right Kath? Thank you for-”

She was interrupted by Kathleen glomping her into a big hug, squeezing her between her boobs and into her bulging belly, much to the enjoyment of Annie and the protests of Lily inside of it.

“Oh my goodness Annie! Why did you leave my side? I should had come with you to the bathroom, it’s always so dangerous for you to go alone! You could have gotten eaten! Please promise me you’ll never make me wait for you ever again! Please!” said Kathleen with teary eyes, increasingly hugging Annie more almost suffocating her. Only when she tapped her on her arm repeatedly that Kathleen realized this and let her go, allowing her to catch her breath.

“Y-yea, sorry if I made you worry...I promise you that I’ll never go somewhere alone. For real.” said Annie. However, this wasn’t the first time that she promised this to Kathleen, who always kind of forget about it and enabled her to do more of these kind of shenanigans.

“O-ok…” replied the taller girl, as she put one of her hands on top of her gurgling belly and started to absentmindedly rub it.

“Well, look on the bright side! You got yourself a meal to keep you going for our date later!”


Annie wandering gaze set randomly on one of the clock in the corridor and her eyes almost bulged out of her skull.

“OH SHI—SHOOT ! We are going to be late for Economics!”

“W-what? O-oh no! We need to run!”

Kathleen, in a panicked attempt to hurry to their final class for today, picked up Annie like she was a kid and started to sprint down the corridor with heavy steps, holding the shorter girl under her arm while using the other to stabilize her wobbling belly as she made a mad dash among other confused students trying to not get trampled by her.


Kathleen was sitting uncomfortably at her desk, her noisy belly tucked away beneath it and her big butt creaking the chair she was sitting on. Both her and Annie managed to reach their final class for today with barely enough time to not get punished, however her most recent meal caught the attention of the whole class as well as the professor. It has already been 20 minutes since the lesson started and everyone besides the two girls were on edge. Due to the muffled screams coming from her huge belly. This bothered her a lot, she hated when people looked at her in fear of being eaten on the spot, like a monster. She wasn’t even planning to eat anyone today! If only that bully had left her Annie alone, she wouldn’t be stewing into sludge in her stomach…

Kathleen made a silent prayer to her victim squirming for her life inside her: may Jesus give her a peaceful passing, both in spirit and physically.

“At least I’ll make sure to...release you in a beautiful place…” she thought as she gave a gentle pat to her wobbling belly. Unfortunately, the pat was enough to rattle her inside enough for…


A foul blast erupted from her plump ass, abruptly interrupting the lesson.

“M-miss Booker! That’s very inappropriate!” said the professor turning around from the blackboard.

“S-s-sorry!” said Kathleen, red as a ripe tomato.

Behind her, the students fanned away the smelly air that hit them a few seconds later, all of them except Annie, who was conveniently placed right behind Kathleen. Annie had eyes only for her and inhaled deeply at her gas expulsion, creeping out a few of the other girls that managed to notice that.

The class went as usual: Kathleen barely took any notes as she stared at a random point of the classroom thinking about anything but math. Annie at some point had to excuse herself to the bathroom after staring at Kathleen’s bubbly gut for too long, leaving the giant girl confused as she watched her girlfriend leave the room with a flustered face. Meanwhile, inside the predator stomach, Lily was on her last leg barely keeping herself alive with meek movements to stay above the rising acids that were eating away at her flesh. By the time the bell rang, she finally gave up and sunk deeper into Kathleen’s belly, embracing oblivion. Her final thought was hoping that Annie would become the nastiest shit for the most undeserving predator that could get their hands on that midget.


It was late afternoon as Kathleen and Annie were walking through the local park. A nice path through some trees led to a hill with a lonely weeping willow and a bench, their favorite spot for a date. They were holding hands all the way to the bench, sitting on it just in time to look at the sunset.

“Phew! Today was wild, right?” said Annie to her giant girlfriend.

“Mhm...If by wild you mean you almost getting eaten.” replied Kathleen.

“Come on, I said I was sorry. I was saved by my favorite girl in the whole world after all~”

“Mhm...You’re lucky that I’m weak to flattery...”

“I thought you were weak to spicy food? Those always give you some nasty poops.”


“Speaking of poop! Looks like she’s ready to come out~”

“Ugh...she sure is.”

“There’s the tree right there, honey~”

Kathleen turned to look at the weeping willow next to them.

“Well, at least it’s quite beautiful here. It’ll have to do.” she thought as an impatient rumble in her gut urged her to empty her full colon.

“B-be right back then.”

She stood up, pulled down her panties, lifted up her skirt and squatted next to the tree. In full view of Annie who had her eyes glued to her voluptuous butt. She was used to have Annie watching her poop her prey, something about ‘deepening their relationship’ she said, Kathleen still didn’t understand what that meant.

After a nice push, a flux of excrement started to coil down at the base of the tree, forming a steadily increasing pile of filth. Bones fragments, pieces of various type of clothing and tufts of hair were embedded into the logs, the only proof of what she ate earlier that day. Kathleen pushed out a considerable amount of shit for several minutes, all while Annie was watching intently at it, a wandering hand reaching for her nether region and starting to rub it gently. With a few last toots of gas, the shattered skull of Lily topped off the pile, a grim crown for what remains of the bully.

Kathleen stood up and after wiping herself clean with a handkerchief, she put her hands together for a small prayer, before sitting next to Annie once again. The minute girl was grinning from ear to ear at the foul show her girlfriend just put on for her, but she managed to compose herself as Kathleen was coming back, barely managing to take out her hand out of her pants, still a little bit moist.

“Did you have a good poop?”

“Y-yea...she came out nicely, at the very least.”

“That’s probably the only and last thing she did nicely.” replied Annie, smirking at her joke.

Annie decided to position herself on Kathleen’s lap, the breasts of the girl laying heavily on top of her head. The pair reached for each other with their hands, caressing and patting one another in a loving way. They sat there and stared at the sunset for a little while, watching as the sunlight slowly stretched itself thin as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

“Thank you for staying with me this afternoon, Annie.”

“It’s the least I can do as your girlfriend, am I wrong?”

“N-no, you are right.”

Annie caressed Kathleen’s face with on of her free hands.

“I don’t have any plans for tonight you know? I could stay at your place...And you know…”

“Y-you mean...That?”



“Oh thank you so much!” said Annie hugging the much taller girl and making her blush.

They dislodged themselves from each other’s embrace as they respectively sat with both legs on the bench. Annie took this opportunity to give Kathleen a big smooch on her lips, catching the big girl off guard.


“What? It’s hard to resist when your cute face is so close~”

Kathleen couldn’t say a proper reply, aside for having a massive blush on her face.

“Now...spread them for me~”

“D-d-don’t say it like t-that!!”

Kathleen laid on the bench, removing her panties and spreading her legs apart while Annie removed her shoes and put them in her bag.

“My, your bush is quite fluffy today~”

Kathleen response was just an adorable distressed moan as she blushed even more.

“J-just b-be gentle, ok?”

“I will, you ready?” said Annie as she extend her legs towards Kathleen nether region.


Kathleen grabbed both Annie’s hands and squeezed them gently, before guiding her body between her legs and letting her feet slip through her vagina.

The big girl bit her lips at the intense sensation of slipping the much shorter girl inside her most private parts. While she was a religious person, she wasn’t shy at the concept of masturbation, but nothing felt as good as Annie sliding deep inside her. This was something that the two girls enjoyed doing before taking the next step in a date: having Annie be carried around inside Kathleen’s womb. It was originally an idea made up by Annie, as she once faked an injury and asked to be carried home this way. Since both parties enjoyed the results, needless to say it became almost a tradition. Still, Kathleen needed to have her hands held during the process as she was still nervous to do unbirth.

It was a good thing that they were the only people around that spot, because a lot of moaning, gasps and the occasional orgasmic scream started to echo in the area. The only two things witnessing this magical moment were the weeping willow and the still steaming pile of shit that was once Lily.

Annie’s body filled Kathleen’s womb with each contraction, curling gently into a fetal position inside the warm and moist chamber. During this whole process, the two girls were staring at each other’s eyes, their hands still locked together until the very end. Kathleen’s vagina made relative quick work of Annie, as she was basically a morsel size meal for her and with a last orgasmic moan, her head slipped through the fleshy tunnel, into a reddish musky darkness. Her hands were still outside, they gave a playful wave at the girl and then retracted into Kathleen to join their owner, enticing one last gasp from her.

Kathleen stood up from the now drenched bench, her belly swollen with the curled form of Annie, squirming and tumbling around as the girl inside readjusted herself to a more comfortable position. Her legs were still wobbling from the intense pleasure so she had to sit down again, caressing her tummy like a loving expecting mother.

At this point, she should had made her way to her home, where the two would try to advance their strange relationship even further, but the sky was just about to paint itself dark blue and she was feeling a bit tired from the experience. Cradling her belly, she laid back on the bench, waiting for the first stars to appear in the sky, an excuse to stay here longer, to enjoy this feeling of being one with the girl she loved. Inside her, Annie was listening to Kathleen’s heart beat. It was slowing down from the frenetic beating she had before, turning into a gentle rhythmic thump. She extended a single hand towards the fleshy walls, making an imprint on the taunt belly skin, as to reach for her girlfriend’s face. Kathleen nodded and patted gently at Annie’s head bulge through her skin, a sign that she agreed to stay a bit longer.

Yes...just a little bit longer...