Name: Annabelle ‘Annie’ Rose

Nationality: Latino (Brazilian-American)


Caramel skin, wavy armpit-length black hair, black eyes

4 ft 10, DD cup and bubble butt

Apple build

Usually wears tight jeans, a tube top, sneakers, beanie and round glasses

Loves: Kathleen, vore, video games, swearing, being unbirthed, marijuana

Likes: grossout humor, warhammer 40k, DnD, Kathleen’s ass and watching it work, cuddles, sleeping in Kathleen

Dislikes: People besides her leaving Kathleen’s gut alive, snakes (they mock her with their swallowing skills), not being with Kathleen, pokemon (friggin games never evolve), sleeping alone

Hates: the fact she isn’t a pred, pay-to-win, preds besides Kathleen, seeing Kathleen cry

Once a member of a large family, until most members got eaten by the local preds. She almost joined them in the sewers but was rescued by her future best friend and the love of her life Kathleen. Over the course of her childhood and more importantly puberty being close friends with an amazonian pred who often ate people, cuddled her with a squirming gut, and ripped ass in front of her she unsurprisingly became a vorarephile. This came to a head at prom where she confessed to Kathleen while she sported a recent meal and asked her to become more than friends. She then took the adorable apex predator’s virginity at her house and spent the rest of the night in a recently emptied colon upon her request. From there she’s dedicated much of her time to being the best girlfriend ever to make up for her sheer degeneracy and manipulating Kathleen into eating people more often than she would on her own.

The perks of dating an apex who doesn’t see you as an emergency snack are many and Annie enjoys the life. Her free time is mostly spent being high to Kathleen's disapproval, playing tabletop with some friends and ladies high in the school’s hierarchy looking to curry favor with the apex’s lover, and either in Kathleen’s womb, stomach or ass. As she lost the majority of her clan to more assholish preds she has an extreme disdain for them and most often tricks them into Kathleen’s stomach using herself as bait. This would be dangerous but Kathleen has let Annie train escaping stomachs for years on her to protect her best friend!

A bit of a cynic and hedonist with a sharp mind, the shortstack is quite far from what most people would expect for a person dating the school’s adorable queen and she knows it. Every day she’s damn thankful Kathleen ever saw anything in her and chose to love her out of all the bitches that would’ve killed to see her smile at them like she does at Annie. Hell there’s still some gals in the apex’s circle of friends who’d gladly digest Annie and replace her if they’d get away with it, thinking the amazon deserves better. Annie knows it too, on a certain level, she even agrees.