Another lazy day, another afternoon of lying besotted and barely sated in his reinforced hammock. Punchy was enjoying his beautiful paradise- an empty town full of little more than wrinkled loaves of shit- bones, burnt clothes and flecks of fur now steaming in the tropical sun while he relaxed. His massive corpulent form was still incredibly fat, layers of pudge bloating out his hips, his gut dragging along the sand and leaving trails in the golden dust until the wind blew them over, obscuring his tracks.

“Guhh uuuuuarrpppp… ” He pushed out a wet belch, rumbling out of his lips while drool dripped down the fat cat’s chin. His black and white fur was barely contained in an over-stretched pair of tight thong like material that had been threaded and sewed by a former victim (Punchy promising that he would of course spare the cutie if they made it for him: They were steaming somewhere down the beach now, having already forgotten their name and appearance). Jiggling to and fro, he almost missed the paper airplane hitting him in the shoulder, blown in on the winds of the island.

“Oh what is it now?” He grasped for the piece of folded paper as it had dove down to rest on top of his gut. Punchy was often happy to lie back and lounge all day- this merest movement of muscle feeling like a sluggish march to grasp the note, unfurling it with a groan. His most recent meal was still putting up quite the fight and though the rich flavour was still wet on his sticky tastebuds, drops of drool falling across his lazy chops as he recalled how they had struggled to their very limits before becoming just another shifting bulge in the gut. “Stop it…” He sighed, rubbing over the tight taut bulges of the stomach: GLOORSSHHhh, SLOORRSHHHHHHHH!

“Mpphh, lemme ouuuuuggrt!” The words were muffled and echoey, the dark pit of digestive fluids washing over the tight quarters of Punchy’s gut. They had been in there for an hour now and while Punchy did manage to remember this particular meal with a newfound spite mixed in with his usual sluggish hunger, they were not as solid as they were when they had first entered. Toiling away in the slimy pit of thick acids and syrupy juices that tingled against the fur and slowly began to fry away at nerve-endings along with the bunch of follicles that would keep the fur in.

“Hmmm…” Punchy read over the letter, hastily scrawled in tight yet spiralling handwriting, the cat needing to tilt the paper just to make sure that he was reading it properly. “Well this is weird…” Raising a fat encumbered leg, his cheeks jiggled with the resulting PFRRHHHHHHHHPPPPPPTTT! A rotten smell of stagnant methane with a mixture of rotten matter that burnt even Punchy’s nostrils while he made sure to re-read the note again, urgently looking for any way out of this:

Dear Residents of the Island
Hi, I’m your new mayor! And while I know this Island is a bit vacuous, full of literal waste and having no financial, social or agricultural infrastructure, I hope to change all that! I’d like everyone who takes residence here to come on over to the town hall about midday if possible. I know the smell is bad and the flies are a major issues but this would really help me out as the new Mayor of this Island.
Your New Mayor.

P.S This does mean YOU Punchy as well, no excuses.

The bloated cat sighed and smacked his gut, letting it slide from side to side with the liquid contents sloshing inside. “Looks like we’ve got a meeting. I mean you’re still a resident for the next few hours before I push you out of my ass…” He laughed at this and flopped off the hammock. Luckily his belly managed to cushion his fall: A sickening CRUUUNNNCH ringing out from a long-digested meal or two being broken down by the weight colliding on top of the fragile bones.

“Let’s go see what this is all about then…” He groaned and felt his bowels churning up some delicious shipwrecked characters the other day. There was a squirrel, and a funny dog wearing a policeman’s uniform, all of which has been easy to suck in and taste to his heart's content. It had been a wonderful afternoon just letting his gut guuuurgle down and churn away into a nice chyme that had only added further onto his thighs, his round gut. The hammock behind him barely even shifted even with his weight off of the taut material, Punchy almost forgetting about it as he waddled off the beach, heading towards the stairs that would already begin to creak, still showing the crumbling cracks of Punchy’s last attempts to get up the stairs and see if anyone else was around to eat/hang around with.

Feeling his innards grumble and groan with the shifting motions that would help to pummel his disgusting stomach contents into those fat satisfying logs. Though he would never admit it to anyone, the feeling of massive piles of shit coming out from his pink starfish was heavenly to the perverted Punchy. There was no one around to judge him so he could feel however he wanted about anything he desired, his guts seemingly gurururgmbling in agreement with him. Though his current inhabitant was less than happy with this arrangement. Already her hands- yes, that’s right her, Punchy remembered as girls always tasted sweeter than guys- were reaching for the bottom of the stomach, trying to find the valve for the next stage of digestion. If she could slip away, get rid of this vile caustic stinging, she’d be safe in the intestines where the duodenum would squeeze uncomfortable but otherwise harmless alkaline solutions over her body.

“Got to get through herre, get away from this horribly hot expanse…” Her hands pulled open the fleshy opening to the tube but before she could get any actual length of her arm inside, the walls squeezed shut again, the unfortunate victim only managing to pull her arm away at the very last moment. “Fuck!” Looking around in the low light of the gurgling stomach, she knew her chances of escape were decreasing by the minute. A thick soup of digested clothes and broken down cartilage warbled along the top of the potent juices. Her fur had already begun to strip off and while her clothes had been digested long ago, the expensive cashmere burning like drywood to a forest fire, she truly felt naked now. With the majority of her beautiful primmed-and-primed fur gone, she felt under-dressed, vulnerable. “I hate this….” She admitted perhaps a little late to the party with her body compressed by the tight muscles around her.

Punchy may have been lazy but his body was anything but. The internal regulations of a powerful digestive system assured that the easily distracted feline would be able to keep about his lavishly lazy lifestyle. Even now he was stopping to grab some ice-cream from an overturned cart (and of course, he was the one that knocked it over, rushing to devour the cute pink octopus who manned it), licking up the melted wash of pink, white and chip-studded brown.

“Why can’t I… hunh... “ He groaned, his guts shifting behind him. The distended hips burbled and began to bloat with the gas that was brewing inside the tight half a mile length of pink ribbed muscle. Bacteria fed on the old caracasses of the townspeople Punchy had casually snacked upon, sucking down living people and converting them into steamy piles behind him. “Okay, let’s just uhhh release some weight…” He pushed, exerting enough force to gradually push the first tapered log out from between those two all-encompassing cheeks. Asthe rough TOOFRRTTTTTT! Trumpetted out, Punchy moaned yet again as he felt a ring of tightly compacted bone rub against the sensitive lining of his anus.

Deep inside of him, glistening pink muscle extended out, ribbed with microscopic villi that combed through the disgusting sludge formed from many churned individuals, joined together as Punchy’s awaiting shit. A louder grunt pushed out of his lips, aiming the hefty dropping slop far away from his sticky ice-cream treat. “Oh come on…” He pressed with his hands as far as he could reach down the gut’s length but could find no purchase on how much scat he could shift with his compressions. “This is… unf, way too much effort…” A few splots of brown scat dropped out from his hindquarters with a mere splat against the sand- clumps of golden material beginning to cover the new birthed-out pieces of scat with a skin of scintillant shifting sand. “Do something for god’s sake…” He poked the wriggling bulge inside his gut, feeling her interfere with the sensitive lining of his stomach. The churning depths still held the shape of her head well but it was a lot softer, already more malleable under Punchy’s curious caress.

“Urgh, get off me you fat hairball-spewing pig!” She shrieked out, kicking up a fuss just as her consumer had wanted. The struggling helped to catch up Punchy’s similarly lazy digestive system with the burden of the scat already welled up inside of him. Shifting down the coarser, more disagreeable lengths of shit through his colon, the prisoner’s fervent writhing would only help to push her along to her detriment. “If you don’t let me out, I’ll give you the worst indigestion of your life!” But that was already a misnomer. The worst indigestion of Punchy’s sluggish, lethargic life had easily been Blathers and his similarly stubborn sister Celeste: Perhaps it was due to their annoying nature in life but as pieces of shit, they had been harder to shift than the menacing tarantulas of the beautiful island.

“Hehe, I’d like to see you try…” He grumbled, relaxing his pucker to feel the wrinkled pink valve drop more of the brown scat out of him. SPLAT! Ker-WHOMP! Each fat loaf was larger than the last anf composed of steadily sloppier shit, a side effect of still being worked on by the overactive guts as they waited to be processed. The bill of a seagull or perhaps a duck spread out some of the crap that fell with it, clattering against the exposed joints, ribs and hip bones that made up the bottom of this stagnant pile of brown filth. The smell was overpowering and though Punchy really couldn’t care less to check, as this foul odour was taken to the wind, many trees in the nearby orchards dropped their apples with rot appearing in the usually pristine apples and cherries there.

Hands still clutching onto what were once tools, now reduced to small planchets of eroded metal and chipped wood; The rib cages that once held hearts full of cheer, hollowed out and caked in brown slimy goo, weighing them down in the sand around them; Ribbons of fur that had become knotted like twine, able to withstand the digestive juices where their owners had not. All of these items would repulse and horrify the average viewer but Punchy looked back on the shit with a casual sneer. He could do better- oh so better. After all, that was the whole reason he had eaten the tetchy person within. She had been drumming up a fuss about the island smelling bad and how Punchy’s new weight was so ‘beneath her’ that the greedy cat had decided to reduce her to being beneath him. It was a process of waiting now, occasionally grunting when a stubborn blockage would pack up his pucker right as she went to town, whaling on his sensitive digestive system.

“Guurrmmnnnn….” He mumbled, pushing out more of the coiling scat, forming macabre hoops of former possessions and people reduced to little more than manure. Rarrrrpppppppppppt! The farts were only getting smellier, boosted by the digesting female inside of him whose particular fur make-up was so full of chemicals, jewellery and colouring that the bacteria inside of him were going haywire just to keep up. “Just a bit more…” This of course was just a light dump, a small push of poo before he made his way to the town meeting. Punchy didn’t want to have to excuse himself for a toilet break, that would only make him look worse than the already precarious scenario of squeezing out former friends and families of his witnesses.

GLORSSHHHH! The prissy female inside of him was having no easier time. She was swept from side within the tumultuous chamber, barraged with spurts of sickly sweet acid that would exude from the walls around her like sweat. Below her the ground trembled and shifted with each bowel movement the overloaded cat made: Squeezing out entire families as a series of connected bulges of shit that once unfurled out of the intestines would fall away into a shower of scat and bones, a lineage ended within the burning acids of the stomach.

“Have to… find a way out…” She gasped, more for her own dwindling sanity than anything else. Clasping her paws over her sensitive ears, she felt her gold and blue fur further being filtered into various amounts of keratin and minerals. “Get off me!” The walls squeezed her and would not release her wiry frame no matter how hard she pushed or begged, her claws useless against the durable defenses of the well-lined stomach. The thought that she might never get out had crossed her fragile mind a few times, taking a lap around her growing fear and anxiety but still she would not be quelled or stopped: Punching and kicking as hard as she had when she was first gulped down by the fat cat.

“Ahhhh~” Punchy had little idea of his meal’s struggle of course. To him, it was just a pleasant massage to further aid the shifting of his tight bowels, further helping push out the long log of wrinkled scat and entwined spinal columns, dropping out on top of the already high pile of shit. Time was ticking on and even the fatigued Punchy knew there would be reprimanding and punishment if he were to arrive too late. Letting out a sigh and one last pfrrt , he began to waddle his way onto the mainland proper.

Brushing his scat-covered ass on the layers of sand, he knew that wouldn’t truly clean him out properly. Thankfully there would be plenty of trees on the way over to the centre of the island. Already he spotted a nice sycamore tree, reminding him of the finely varnished furniture that his squirming meal had dressed her home with. “Can’t be too stinky… Otherwise they might kick me off the island or sumthin…” Punchy groaned and pushed his ass towards the tree, sandwiching the hard bark between the fat jiggly buns, working his way up and down the hard bark which began to stain with the foul smears of broken bone and matted fur.

The tree creaked, plump coconuts falling out from its heavy bough while its bark was stripped and replaced by a thick layer of sloppy shit that would beckon nearby flies to circle around it. Steam rose off the poor plant and it looked like with how much pressure and effort punchy had applied to it, it would fall over any second now. The sluggish feline didn’t mind and simply began to drag his heavy caboose towards the stone steps leading up to the town hall. A thick brown trail of slurry was left in the predator’s wake.

“I’m coming now… Hold on…” Already his sensitive ears had picked up on the conglomerate noise of many different feet picking up speed and lurching towards the centre of the island where the meeting would take place. Pausing for a brief second to let out a happy and sloppy BULLLLLARRPPPP! Out flew more tufts of yellow and blue fur, dripping bubbling juices across the bloated stomach that jiggled before him. Punchy’s snack was slowing down, pushing and punching the walls but with far less vigor now that her chances of escape seemed next to nothing. But the prissy woman would not be beaten so easily, even when the odds seemed fully stacked against her. “Stop shifting already…” Punchy smacked his gut and let the juices of his burbling insides wash over the heavily saturated woman inside.

“I am gonna get out of here Punchy! And when I do, I’ll rip your fur off and use it to carpet my living room!” She squealed, sinking deeper in the slush of what was undoubtedly fellow townsfolk turned into a horrible sloshing chyme. Deeper within the heavy bowels of Punchy’s digestive system, the latest meal could feel the muscles gripping and shifting: Rhythmically shifting the shit, that if she weren’t quick enough, she would add to. Reaching to the top of her head, she took the small snake adorning her fur, and pushed it down with all of her might. She hoped to maybe puncture the tight walls or at least cause enough gastrointestinal distress. “Gunnh, come on…” She struggled to find the correct angle, hoping to strike at one of the leaking pores to maybe quell the constant flow of burning juices. Bringing her arm down, the hardy adornment bounced off the flexing muscle, futile and already scarred with the acids that had splashed back from this weak attack.

Sobbing in her misery, Punchy continued to make his way forward, blasting out heavy TOFORRTTTTTTTS! and pprrrhbbppppfrttttts! The wind blew the smell across the island, alerting the gathered people that their biggest problem was getting closer now. The new mayor was a brown haired young woman with a cheerful smile who had a tight fabric mask currently wrapped around her senses, not wanting to take in any of the vile scents that were creeping along with the tubby cat. There were maybe a handful of undigested townspeople with her: Those who had been away during the original gluttonous rampage, those who had hid exceptionally well or simply those that even the greedy cat wouldn’t eat.

Label had managed to keep an extra layer of spines on her that day (as was the fashion that week) and had luckily not suffered the fate her poor sisters had. Harley, the strange entity that awards trophies to those with perfect towns, now sat on the edge of the still flourishing fountain, shaking his head in solemn loss. Pete as the town’s mail carrier, had been on one of his many flights and had returned to a smelly graveyard that depicted his former friends in a grotesque and humiliating display. Flick had simply blended in with his environment, shifting around the periphery vision of the all-devouring cat.

The new mayor checked her watch and pulled out a checklist.

“Right, let’s just get started. I should have expected him to be late…” She looked over the shit that still blocked the majority of the main street off. Hardened under the tropical sun and well-explored by the bugs of the island, it was a truly putrid display but she could already make out many townsfolk in its putrescent majesty. “Mabel, Sable, Kapp’n, Gramm…” The remaining townsfolk suddenly jolted in fear, the literal ground shaking in the approach of the inevitable. Even the mayor stopped as her eyes darted across the massive jiggling shadow that was cast as Punchy’s fat form crested over the horizon. To say he was massive was an understatement. The tubby creature was a behemoth of chubby rolls and the sound his stomach made was almost identical to a jet engine: GLOOOOOOORORMRMMMMMMMMM! The mayor pinched the bridge of her nose, just to block out the horrible stench that Punchy allowed to be blown on the wind.

“There you are…” She spoke with false happiness, really just wanting to get this bureaucratic matter out of the way once and for all. “Keep your distance from him!” She harshly whispered to her cohorts who nodded and made a clear aisle though the fat cat would not be there in any hurry.

“What did I… BUUUALLLLLLLRRPPPPPP! Miss?” He asked aloud with the belch causing some of poor Pete’s feathers to drop from his strong wings. “Have you started the role call yet?” The mayor nodded and groaned under her breath. At least he should be some help in identifying who else he hadn’t eaten that day. “Hehe, bad smell… Must have been something I ate…” He casually commented with his midsection visibly shifting to the horrified gaze of the onlookers. Raising a leg, the small gathering took cover and felt the rocks they were hiding behind heat up from the wave of stink that shot out of his obese rear end: fRrrRRrrmmmmppptttt! The air turned slightly brown and the poor mayor had to wave her clipboard in front of her face just to avoid passing out from the combination of acrid heat and nostril-searing odour.

“Punchy, st-stop that right now! I need to actually go down this list and if you’re being of no help, I’ll get a barge to tug you away from this island!” This threat finally brought a low frown to the face of the disgruntled cat. “Now, perk up and pay attention: Did you consume any of the following: Agnes-”

At the mention of the cute pig, Punchy’s rear twitched and he let out another disgustingly long prbbbbbbbbbbbttt… The smell of pork was thick on the air and the mayor crossed out her name with a sigh. “Okay, Amelia, Anchovy, Angus…” Punchy nodded and making as minimal effort as he could, pointed to the very back of the shit stack, the skulls of the bull, eagle and bird were bound together, their bodies still steaming from the burning acids taking effect on them within the gut.

“They were tasty…” The cat dribbled across the pavement, leaving quite the foul mark against the cobbles and paving slabs. “Anyone else?” The mayor looked back at the sated creature with a furious glare. She had barely even started and this bone idle monster was already asking as if she had been there for ages!

“Yes actually, there’s someone of rather special importance, mostly for her occasional patronage to the running of the island.” The money-bereft new mayor cleared her throat and let her finger fall across the name. “Have you seen, or more likely, eaten Ankha?” A sudden blush stretched across Punchy’s face, his cheeks red as tomatoes before he tilted his head, perhaps to hide it but more likely to push out the groaning belch that made its way up his gullet upon mention of the name: BRURUUUARPRPPPPPPPP! Out flew the Nerubian-style necklace that the well-kept cat was a fan of wearing.

“Oh, she’ll be… hehe, along in a bit…” He smacked his gut as the identity of his latest victim was revealed, just in time for the mayor to hear the sickening crack of her bones being pulverized by the powerful gut muscles: CRUNNCCNNRHRHHHHCHCCHHHHH! SLoorroossoosshhh… Blorrple! His guts seemed far less lively than they had when he had first crossed the beach and moved towards this impromptu meeting. “You can wait until she’s out if you want to have a picture with her…” He mocked, wincing when her headdress moved through the sphincter into the next chamber, the horrible muck of her body broken matted and compressed into a horrible gurgling soup that was beginning to give Punchy’s body an extra boost- not like he needed it of course.

The mayor shook her head to his morbid mention of passing her and merely crossed the prissy cat off her list. She had no desire to watch the massively overweight feline push out another villager, especially not in front of her. Waving away the creature’s urge to crap, the mayor began to simply cross off each townsfolk that wasn’t there at the meeting.

“What a waste of time…” She grumbled while Punchy’s lower midsection grumbled too: Full of the nutritious slop that was rapidly being churned, baked and shaped by the wrinkled walls into prime brown logs. “If you have nothing else to contribute Punchy, you can leave.” The mayor commanded harshly but turned to see his face creased in determination: A rare and worrying sight. “Wh-what are you doing?” She asked in nerves, the other townspeople beginning to turn away and run. Punchy merely smiled.

“You mentioned… guhnnn… a waste of time… Thought I’d give you some waste for your time then…” He winked to a joke no one else wanted or made. Shrieking as she ran, Punchy was left alone to slowly hike down his makeshift thong and feel his guts shimmer with the reflexes needed to squeeze out such a heavy load of crap. “Oh come back…” He groaned, watching the wind blow sand across the formerly occupied townsquare. “I have something to show you…” He managed a tight giggle as his hole peeped open with the first brown load of Ankha’s body though Punchy knew it was also a bit of various junk foods he had shovelled into his maw.

PFrrrmmbbbbbllleee! The noise was sudden and shot out flecks of shit like bullets out of the end of an overloaded gun. Pieces of bone dripped from the open pucker, crawling down his stretched skin like slugs, leaving behind a horribly brown trail in their wake. The skeleton of Ankha was crushed and contorted but like most people who travelled through the disgusting cat’s bowels, was further cemented and posed in a disturbing position of what she had last looked like when the motes of life inside had run out. The acids had burned away at her fur, her skin and while both of these substances leaked out with the noisy ToooooOOOOTTTS that Punchy gradually let out, the gleaming white skull was bare of any protective layers.

The first piece of her released, it still sported the headdress she liked to wear though of course the small snake centrepiece was missing, the gold paint having been bleached to a uniform copper shade where the powerful acids had stripped away at the protective coating. Ankha would rather be caught dead then wearing a headpiece this damaged and false-looking but fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for her, posthumously she would experience both. “Hnnnghhh…” Punchy continued to squeeze, feeling the massive lumps of shit that had shifted past her skeletal structure begin to break through his puckered anus. They dropped in noisy splats against the town square’s formerly pristine slabs, bones cracking as the fat logs opened up with the impact.

Radiating off of the growing pile was a smell akin to rotten flesh mixed with sunbaked sewage. Ripples of ripped cloth that had just barely survived the digestive process were swept away by the vengeful wind, wrapped around the trees and telephone poles erected throughout the settlement, further spreading the brown muck through the fibres found within. Punchy groaned as Ankha continued to sluggishly, perhaps even stubbornly make her way out of his rectum. Her shoulder blades were pristine if not a bit brown from the way they had spent cooking inside his ravenous intestines. Then came her arms, the bones breaking off and landing with fat caterpillar clumps of brown musk across the floor, revealing pieces of cartilage and fur that had sprouted into these new thicker pieces of shit.

“Come on…” He grunted, not looking down to see the way her delicate finger bones were still wrapped around the snake adornment as some kind of makeshift weapon and where they had landed on top of her head, it was all becoming a bit chaotic. Clearly her struggling had done little to help her in the last few moments of her pained lifespan within the digestive system. TOFFRRRTTTTTTT! Another fetid fart of fermented fecal particles blasted out, shifting the shit present on the floor with the wind blowing out from his backdoor. “Phew, for someone who claimed to take such care of herself… you sure smell bad on the other end Ankha hehe…” He mocked his meal and shifted his hips left to right, trying to shake free the snaking log of her midsection.

Though no longer filled with organs, skin or life, the rib cage was being particularly stubborn, catching on Punchy’s sensitive pucker. With another grunting PFRRRRMPPPPPPP! He managed to blast the latching bones off of his soft pink starfish, feeling her slide back towards the floor in a continuous turd combined with some sloppy after-effects of the mucky shit that hadn’t quite been processed properly due to Punchy’s desire to rub his sating meal in the face of that new annoying mayor. “Gunnh, come on out now… that’s what you wanted right?” He laughed before biting his lip. Though he would rather not suffer it in the first place, feeling her shapely hips push out against his prostate was quite pleasing for the hungry cat.

“Mmm, much better…” He gasped, a silent but ever-so-deadly fart that hissed against his intestinal exit, helping to let Ankha’s legs make that last hop out of his bowels and into the rest of the coiling pile below. She looked adorable, face down on the sandy floor like that with her body lying behind it- as if she had taken a running start but fell down at the last hurdle. Another massive BRURURMRMMMPPPPPP! Left his backside, the butt belch searingly hot and particularly sulphurous. Nearby birds and hardy insects turned from the epicentre in fear of the toxic cloud overwhelming their sensitive nervous systems.

Though Ankha was fully pushed out, his bowels weren’t fully voided and to add insult to grievous injury, a rain of sloppy manure-like poo flowed over her digested corpse, burying this particular piece of ‘art’ underneath layers of sticky brown syrupy shit. “Thanks Ankha…” Punchy mused, already licking his lips as he could still make out the vague shape of the fleeing survivors. Already moving on from the stubborn meal, Ankha’s body was left to steam on the stairs of the town hall, feeding generations of new flies, rats and other opportunistic vermin.