((This is a commission for NewRebellion. It contains same size vore and digestion, as well as interspecies sex. You have been warned.))

The Whispering Death’s Mistress

A How to Train Your Dragon Vore Fanfiction

Astrid knew that what she was doing was incredibly dangerous, but she had to do it. Dagur had almost won with his trick the day before, and she needed to make sure he could never use it again.

It had been a close one. Dagur had almost had Hiccup and Toothless with that large metal net he had shot at them, but the two of them had managed to escape at the last moment. Despite that, however, they had never been able to get a good look at what kind of weapon they had almost been caught with. If Dagur knew that… He could use it again, and they’d never see it coming.

This had bothered her until, finally, she had decided to do something about it.

So, the next night, she waited until everyone was asleep. Then, she snuck out of the house.

Stormfly was sleeping directly behind her house, and she slowly crept her way around the structure. On her way, she found herself passing by a sleeping Monstrous Nightmare. It was a light green in color, with scales darkening to blue on top. She crept quietly so as not to wake it up, and as she passed, she found her gaze moving in between its legs, taking in the powerful muscles, and-


She couldn’t let herself go there again. Even the act itself was wrong, and she had already cost the lives of too many people with her misadventures with dragons. She had sworn after the incident with Hookfang that nobody else would perish within her gut.

Continuing along her way, she eventually passed the slumbering beast. She didn’t look back.

In all honesty, she had more trouble with this resolution than she would have liked.

Thoughts like this had plagued her quite a bit as of late. Though both experiences she had had mating with dragons had been terrible, some part of her seemed to have… enjoyed it. The memories made her sick, and yet that unknown part of her caused her legs to moisten at the mere thought…

She shook her head, urging the thoughts to go away. She couldn’t think those; not now, not never. Even if she did want it in some way, shape or form, it was wrong- obscene, even- and it would only get more people killed. The only thing she could do was move forward and forget about it.

Doing that was a little bit easier said than done, however. The village still talked about the incidents, and the disappearances of those Astrid had unwittingly killed were still felt. She didn’t know if she’d ever truly be able to forget. But, to some extent, she had been able to forgive herself. She hadn’t been in her right mind. It hadn’t been her. Maybe it was a rationalization, but it was all she had.

With that in mind, she had been able to return full time to the dragon riders, and become a productive member of their ranks once again.

That led to what she was doing this night.

She reached Stormfly, and gently shook the Deadly Nadder awake. “Hey,” she whispered. “Wake up, girl.

Stormfly murred, and opened her eyes blearily, looking at Astrid with a look of confusion.

“I’ve got to do something,” Astrid said. “I need your help.”

The dragon grunted, and then moved to her feet, standing up and stretching her legs and wings.

“I’m sorry, girl… Thank you,” Astrid said, lightly stroking the dragon’s flank. A thought stirred in her mind, one that was immediately shot down and shoved back into her subconscious.

“Alright,” she said, as she ceased her stroking. “Let’s go.”

She saddled the Deadly Nadder up, and then mounted her. Just as they were about to fly off, however, they heard a voice.

“Just where are you off to?”

Astrid winced, and looked up, meeting the eyes of Ruffnut.

“Ruffnut!” she exclaimed. “You startled me! What are you doing out?”

“I was about to ask you the same question,” she asked, smirking.

“I asked you first,” Astrid replied, narrowing her eyes.

Ruffnut frowned. “I was just taking a nice stroll when I saw you snea king about … Decided to see what you were doing.” She crossed her arms. “Well?”

“I’m just taking a midnight flight,” Astrid replied.

“Right,” Ruffnut drawled. Astrid could tell from the look on her face that she didn’t believe her.

She sighed. “Fine… I was going to investigate something.”

“Oh?” Ruffnut asked. “What would that be?”

“None of your business,” Astrid replied.

“I’m afraid it is,” Ruffnut replied. “Unless, you’d prefer it to be Hiccup’s business…?”

Astrid sighed. If Hiccup found out, she’d never hear the end of it…

“Fine,” she said. “Come with me if you want, but you’re not stopping me.”

“Who said anything about stopping you?” Ruffnut asked. “Where are you even going?”

Astrid closed her eyes. “Remember that trap that Hiccup and Toothless fell into?” she asked.

Ruffnut chuckled. “Of course I do. That never gets old.”

Astrid rolled her eyes, but kept talking. “It’s been bothering me. Besides the obvious reasons, we never got a good look at it. We don’t know what it is, and that means they could use it again and we wouldn’t be prepared. I didn’t want to tell Hiccup about this because he’s got enough on his plate, so I decided to go alone.”

“Sounds fun,” Ruffnut replied. “I’m in.”

Astrid sighed. “I was afraid you’d say that.”

So, what are you going to do with it?” Ruffnut asked. “Are you gonna set it on fire? Knock it down? Oh! Oh! Let’s catch Dagur in his own trap, then push it over the side of his ship!”

“I’ll destroy it if I can, yes,” Astrid replied. “But mostly, I just want to see what it is.”

“Aww,” Ruffnut replied. “Now that’s boring!”

“You don’t have to come with me then,” Astrid replied. “That’s how I’m doing it.”

“Ugh. Fine,” Ruffnut replied. “We’ll do it your way .” She turned, and started to run away. “I’ll go get my dragon!”

“Meet me at the docks!” Astrid said as she went. She wasn’t sure if Ruffnut heard her, but as the girl ran off, she and Stormfly took flight anyway.

They flew quickly to the docks, and alighted just at the end of them. There, they waited.

Long m inutes passed, and Astrid began to doubt if Ruffnut was even coming. She was about to leave, when she heard wingbeats approaching, and looked up to see a familiar Zippleback coming in for a landing.

Damn… she thought. I was actually hoping she wouldn’t show up.

Despite her disappointment, she waved up at Ruffnut. The girl waved back at her.

Nodding, Astrid tapped Stormfly’s hide; the signal to take off. The Nadder spread her wings, and jumped into the air.

“Lead the way, Astrid!” Ruffnut exclaimed.

Without another word, Astrid pointed Stormfly to the right path. Then, together, the two of them flew off, with Ruffnut and Barf and Belch close behind.

* * *

A couple hours passed, and while Astrid was still calm and bent on finding Dagur’s fleet, Ruffnut was growing impatient.

“Why are we even still out here?” she complained. “We’re never going to find him!”

“These things take a while,” Astrid explained, trying to keep calm. “We can’t know for sure where he is.”

“Then why are we even bothering in the first place?” Ruffnut asked. “Seems like a waste of time if you ask me.”

“If we don’t find him this time, we can always look another time,” Astrid replied.

“Ugh,” Ruffnut groaned. “This is even more boring than I thought it’d be. Count me out next time!”

“Good!” Astrid exclaimed, whirling around to face her. “I didn’t even want you to come this time anyway!”

She turned back in a huff, and looked forward, slouched over the horns on Stormfly’s head. Ruffnut didn’t reply.

For a moment, the tension between them was palpable, and Astrid looked for a distraction on the horizon. Something – anything – to take her mind off the other girl with her.

Then, she saw it. Something on the horizon- a small, dark shape in the water.

“There!” she said, pointing. “Do you see that?”

She looked back, and saw Ruffnut squinting her eyes.

“Yeah…” she said. “What is it?”

Astrid looked at it again, and studied it closely. “I… think it’s a ship!”

“Do you think it’s theirs?” Ruffnut asked.

“Maybe…” Astrid replied. “Let’s hang back and follow it, see where it goes.”

“Okay…” Ruffnut replied. “This better not be a waste of time, though.”

“Either way, we have to make sure,” Astrid asserted.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.”

* * *

The two of them followed the ship, keeping their distance as much as they could, yet keeping it in their sights. As time passed, they slowly found themselves getting closer, and Astrid even had to back them off a little bit. Eventually, however, they reached land, and as the ship docked, Astrid and Ruffnut flew around the island, giving it a wide girth as they attempted to be stealthy, using the cover of darkness to mask their tracks.

The two alighted with their dragons on the far side of the island. As they slipped off, they quickly oriented themselves, and began to walk in the direction of the enemy encampment. Per Astrid’s orders, the two of them were quiet as they crept through the night.

Soon, they came upon the enemy’s base. Looking out, Astrid could see the crest of the Berserkers flapping in the wind.

“I knew it…” she whispered.

“How are we going to get down there?” Ruffnut asked.

“I don’t know…” Astrid replied. “I’ll think of something, just give me a second…”

She squinted her eyes, and began to study the enemy encampment. If they could just…

“I have an idea.”

The two of them froze, as an unknown voice reached their ears. It seemed to be coming from behind them, and from the sound of it, from a man much older than them.

Slowly, Astrid and Ruffnut turned around, and froze as they saw a Berserker standing directly behind them.

“Why don’t we just take you down there, if you’re so keen on trespassing?” the Berserker said with a smile.

Just like that, two more Berserkers jumped from the woods, one on either side of the two girls. Even more appeared, and nets flew forward and caught their dragons within. Before the two Berkians could do anything, they were grabbed and forced to the ground, pinned by the two Berserkers.

The one who had spoken before, who seemed to be the leader of the group, laughed. “Take them away,” he ordered. “Dagur want s to see them.”

Astrid felt her heart sank, and shock filled her. How had he known? They had been so careful…

But that didn’t seem to matter anymore. They had been caught, and that was that. Now, they’d have to deal with Dagur…

This was a bad idea…

* * *

The two of them were roughly forced to their feet and taken down to the Berserker camp. All the way, Astrid kept her eyes out for escape opportunities, but found none, all while Ruffnut loudly mouthed off insults and threats at their captors. Like always, she only succeeded at annoying them- but that was probably what she wanted, anyway.

Eventually, they were brought into the camp. It was a small yet sturdy place, clearly only temporary, yet well-fortified regardless. It seemed that part of the Berserker force was here, with five ships docked and tents and guards everywhere. Eventually, they reached Dagur’s tent, one that was much larger and more ornate than the others, and brought inside.

Immediately, Astrid and Dagur locked eyes. Whereas hers were disgusted and filled with rage, his were giddy with a murderous glee. His young complexion contorted with a laugh as they were pushed inside, like a spoiled child who had stolen a rival’s toy.

“Welcome, Astrid and …whoever you are, girl! ” he exclaimed, spreading his arms out. “What brings you to our camp today?”

“How did you know we were here?” Astrid demanded.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Dagur asked. “We saw you coming from a mile away! You know, you aren’t as stealthy as you think you are.”

Gods damn him… Astrid thought.

“So… To what do I owe the pleasure of your company tonight, ladies?” Dagur asked.

“None of your business!” Ruffnut exclaimed.

Astrid kept quiet.

Dagur grinned, and threw his head back in a crazed laugh. Then, he snapped it back towards them, and leaned closer.

“Alright,” he said, his voice dangerously quiet. “You don’t have to tell me now. But we’ve got plenty of time to find out.”

He turned to the Berserkers who had brought them in. “Take them to the ships, and lock them up in the empty cage!”

“Yes sir!” the Berserker who had led their capture party exclaimed. He made a motion, and the two other Berserkers began dragging the two girls off.

Astrid didn’t take her eyes off her enemy. “You’ll pay for this, Dagur!” she exclaimed. “Hiccup knows we’re here! He’ll come after us!”

It was a lie, but one she hoped he’d buy.

But instead, he just laughed.

“He can try!” Dagur shouted with glee. “But you’ll be long gone! And while he’s searching for you, Berk will be defenseless!”

Astrid’s heart sank with dawning horror, as she realized the grave error she had committed. The last thing she saw as the tent closed was Dagur’s maniacal, laughing face.

“Ready the ships!” Dagur shouted. “We’re leaving tonight!”

* * *

“Well,” Ruffnut commented. “That went well. Great plan, Astrid.

“Shut up,” Astrid replied. She gripped her hands on the bars of their cell, and pushed her head into them, seething with rage. “We have to get out of here,” she said.

“How do you propose we do that?” Ruffnut asked, a hint of condescension in her voice.

“I don’t know!” Astrid snapped, whirling around to face her. “I’m working on it.”

Suddenly, the ship around them lurched, and Astrid felt the feeling of movement. She held onto the bars tighter so that she didn’t lose her grip.

“Well, you better work on it faster,” Ruffnut replied. “We’re leaving now.”

Astrid turned back, and looked at her surroundings again. They were in the ship’s cargo hold, which had been converted to a dragon holding pen. A hallway traversed the middle, with cages off to the sides. Each one housed a different type of dragon; there was a Scauldron, a Nightmare, a Nadder, a group of Terrible Terrors, a pair of Changewings, a Gronckle and, in the cage right next to them, a Whispering Death . Stormfly and Barf and Belch w ere nowhere to be seen. They must have taken them to another ship.

Anger filled her once again, and she swore to herself that’d she’d escape, and find Dagur, and take Stormfly back, and-

But she was getting ahead of herself.

Before she could do anything else, she had to find a way out. She looked over their surroundings again, and looked at the various dragons. An idea came into her head, not for the first time.

What if I…

No. She wouldn’t even let the thought go further than that. She swore she’d never do it again, and she wouldn’t back down, not even for this.

But these aren’t good people! And they’re putting Berk in danger! You have to get back, no matter what!

No. She couldn’t. If she caved now, she might cave again back in the village. She forced the thought into the back of her head, and tried to think of something else.

But nothing else came.

Closing her eyes, she balled her hand in a fist, and punched it into the ground. Then, an idea came to her.

What if we get these dragons to help…

She turned to the cage next to her, and studied the Whispering Death. It had regarded them with suspicion- even a bit of hostility- when they had entered, but now it was merely coiled up on the ground, ignoring them.

Quietly, Astrid crept over to the cage bars and put her hands on them. She waited to see if the beast would stir, and was relieved when it didn’t. Slowly, she began to pry on the bars, seeing if any of them were loose.

“What are you doing?” Ruffnut asked.

“Shhhh,” Astrid hushed. Then, in a whisper, she replied, “I’m gonna see if I can get into that cage.”


“Because maybe we can use these dragons to help us get out,” Astrid replied. It still occurred to her what the easiest solution would be… But she was still trying not to think about it.

One by one, she went down the row of bars, pulling on them to see if she could get them to come loose. For the most part, they were holding fast, until…

At the very end of the line, when she got to the last bar before the thick walls of the ship, she felt the bar wriggle in her grip.

Grinning to herself, she began to pull, trying to free it from the grasp of the ship around it. Soon, she felt it growing looser and looser, the wood around it cracking and creaking from the constant abuse. Finally, the wood gave way, and the bar flew backwards.

As she pulled it from its splintery place, she heard movement ahead of her, and saw the Whispering Death move from its place of rest. She froze, and took a step back, waiting to see how it’d react.

As soon as it saw her, it recoiled into the air, adopting a defensive position. She lifted her hands up to her chest, dropping the bar, and waited for it to calm down.

The serpentine dragon let out a low growl, but otherwise stayed put and stared at her. Astrid waited to see if it would do anything, and gradually, her eyes began making their way down its body, seeing the slender form beneath its spines.

Just where is that thing’s stuff anyway…

She shook her head lightly, trying to discard the thought. Frustration welled up within her, and it was all she could do to keep herself from acting on it.

After several long moments, the Whispering Death slowly calmed down, and lowered itself- though it kept its eye on her. She decided to risk moving in.

She took a step towards the hole in the cage, and the Whispering Death moved back slightly again. She stopped, and gave it a moment, letting it calm down as she waited for a safe moment to move again.

Slowly, she made her way closer and closer to the dragon’s cage. As she reached the opening, she ducked through it, earning another growl from the dragon. Her heart pounded, and she knew that if it wanted, this beast was entirely capable of killing her… But she had to keep going. She had done this countless times before, and she could do it again.

As she eased herself closer, she lifted a hand, and stuck it out in the air in front of her. Closing her eyes, she looked down, and waited, submitting herself to the dragon.

“Come on…” Ruffnut whispered in the other room.

Another growl, this one closer. She slowly inched forward, still crossing the distance between her and the dragon, until-

She felt scales in her hand.

Opening her eyes, she saw the Whispering Death pressing his scaly forehead into her palm, her soft hand planted directly between his milky white eyes. She let out a sigh of relief.

Right , she thought. Now I can figure out what to do. And maybe…


She tried to shake the thought from her head, but it stayed there, clinging to the back of her mind like a parasite. Even though she had no idea how she could possibly get it on with this dragon, there was a part of her that wanted to anyway- just to see how, if nothing else.

Turning back, she saw Ruffnut, who had a smug smile on her face. “Good job!” she said. “Now let’s find a way out!”

I can’t , Astrid thought. Not in front of her- I’d ruin everything…

Unless she got Ruffnut on board too.

Suddenly, it seemed like a dam had been destroyed within her mind. A wave of diabolical thoughts cascaded into her head. Her and Ruffnut, copulating with dragons, using their powers to overrun the ships just between the two of them and take back their dragons. They could be unstoppable.

But what would Ruffnut do with those powers once they were done? She couldn’t imagine the mischievous twin would do any good with them. In fact, she would probably embrace it, and wreak more havoc on the island than ever before.

She’s not a murderer, though , she thought, rebutting herself. She likes chaos but she’d never kill anyone.


The more she thought about it, though, the more it made sense. Furthermore, she could use it as a weapon, have Ruffnut help her in the future. Together, they could do things none of the others could- and it could all be their little secret.

Astrid grinned, and before she could even think about what she was doing, she spoke. “Ruffnut… Do you want to see something new I learned about dragons?”

“What do you mean?” Ruffnut asked.

“They have secrets that even Hiccup doesn’t know about…” Astrid slowly moved her hand down the Whispering Death’s long, slender body, feeling her hands move about its smooth, dry, bumpy scales. He shifted beneath her, unsure as to what she was doing, but he didn’t seem to mind it too much.

“I learned this a few months ago… I had some… ‘incidents’ when I wasn’t able to control it properly… But there’s a way that you can get an immense amount of power from them.”

She reached his midsection, and began to look down the length of his body further, searching for some opening. Looking past the spines of his outer body and at his pale, smooth underbelly, she eventually found it- a slit, just like the one on Hookfang, and a few other male dragons she had eyed up since.

Slowly, she reached down, and brushed her hand along it. The Whispering Death stiffened, and let out a small groan.

“You like that?” she asked it. She continued to rub her hand along it, and felt something stir beneath it.

“What are you doing…?” Ruffnut asked, frowning.

“Just watch,” Astrid said, as she continued to stroke the dragon’s slit. Soon, the edges parted, and a long, pink shaft began to emerge. The dragon looked at her, and groaned again, but did nothing to stop her.

Ruffnut’s eyes widened as the tip emerged. “No… You aren’t…” Her tone conveyed shock, disgust, and…fascination?

Astrid took her eyes off Ruffnut completely, and looked down at the serpentine dragon’s cock. She began to caress the tip, causing it to jump further out of its sheath. The warm, stiff member pulsed in her hands as she wrapped her entire right palm around it. The dragon began to move his coils, wrapping its tail around her foot. She began to wonder what it would be like when he was inside her.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said aloud to her peer. “This is wrong, it’s disgusting. That’s what I thought too. Maybe it is, but… I’ve come to like it. I think you’d like it too.”

Ruffnut didn’t say anything. Astrid wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. But she pushed her thoughts away and focused entirely on pleasuring the dragon before her.

The massive cock was now fully erect, and she wrapped her other hand around it too. Slowly, she moved them up and down, jerking the reptile off, feeling its alien shape, with its animalistic ridges and tapered head.

The tip began to glisten with pre- cum. Astrid wondered what it tasted like. She had never actually tasted a dragon’s pre-cum (or even a human’s, technically) before… Before she knew it, she was lowering her head, and wrapping her lips around the massive, tapered tip.

The dragon’s semen tasted salty and a little spicy, but somehow oddly pleasant at the same time. She licked it up, getting trace amounts of the juice, and feeling the warmth emanating from the organ.

The dragon seemed happy with her actions. It twisted and coiled on the ground, moaning and groaning with pleasure. Astrid winced, as his tail almost hit her, spines and all. Yet, she didn’t feel like she was in that much danger. After all, why would the dragon hurt what was pleasuring him so?

She inched her lips down, sucking in more of the thick, meaty cock, working as much as she could into her mouth. Her jaws stretched wide open, straining with the effort. Recalling how effortlessly she had managed to gulp down fully-grown humans, this difficulty amused her. That was the difference dragon seed made for her.

Eventually, his head reached the back of her throat, and she stopped, not wanting to risk taking him further in and choking on him. She sucked at his member, squeezing out every last drop of pre-cum that she could from him. As she pulled off, she started taking long and sensual licks along his shaft. He groaned and even roared slightly, twisting around, crashing into the bars and the ceiling, hitting everything in his cage except for the girl pleasuring him.

When she was satisfied, she slowly slid away from him. As his head left her soft, moist cave, she gave him one last kiss on the tip of his penis, and then rolled her tongue around in her mouth considering his flavor . It tasted pretty good to her.

She didn’t feel any different- not that she had been expecting to, but it still struck her as noteworthy. Maybe ingesting it wasn’t enough, maybe there was a certain quantity, or maybe it had to be through intercourse…

Continuing down her train of thought, she began to contemplate other things as well. From her limited experience, it seemed that different species of dragons had different effects on the bodies of humans that they mated.

There was a whole world of studying that could be done into the subject, and as far as she could tell, she was the first person doing so. Nobody she had ever heard of had ever had sex with a dragon- the very idea wasn’t even considered. She was sure even now that anybody who publicly announced such activities would be shunned, perhaps even exiled. Yet, perhaps in secret, she could study these effects…

Well, there’s one I can try right now , she thought.

She let go of the dragon’s dick, and moved her hands down to her pants. Slowly, she unclasped her belt, and dropped her outer layers. As she moved on to her undergarments, she shot a glance back at Ruffnut. The other Viking girl watched on in shock- yet, had she been touching herself before Astrid turned? She could have sworn she saw the girl’s hand move away from her center suddenly.

Flashing her peer a grin, she dropped her underwear, exposing her ass and pussy to the dragon. She looked at its white, reptilian eyes, and from the way they seemed to hone i n on her, he seemed to not ice. She could practically feel his lust emanating off him in waves.

Her own sex was starting to grow moist, and she could feel it dripping down onto her thighs. She moved forward and straddled the dragon’s body, grabbing his cock with her right hand as she moved her womanhood over it. She placed her opening on top of the dragon’s cock and teased him with it, rubbing her pussy along his length. He let out a moan as she moved, and pleasure pass ed through them both .

She needed it inside of her. The overpowering desire pulsed through her body. B efore she was even thinking about it, she lined up the tip again and slowly lowered herself down. The thick dragon cock penetrated her folds, spreading her out as she lowered herself down. It hurt a bit, as her wal ls once again stretched out mor e than they were accustomed to. B ut after her experiences with Hookfang and the Flightmare, she found she was more tolerant of such a huge girth.

Astrid rested her hands on the dragon’s scaly underbelly, steadying herself as she took more of his length in. It was difficult, as the dragon writhed in pleasure beneath her, but she managed to keep her balance as she slid herself on.

Finally, she felt her skin touch his scales, and looked down to see his cock fully hilted within her body. Even though she had accomplished this before, she was still surprised to see that she had been able to take it fully inside. It was no simple feat, either- she felt nearly ready to burst at the seams. Despite that, however, it felt good. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure far outweighed the pain. She felt full, more so than any human could ever make her. Every pulse of the dragon’s cock thrummed through her body, and her world was alive with bliss.

She stroked her hand along the dragon’s underbelly, and wondered why she had ever given this up. Just because she had had a couple of bad experiences didn’t mean that it wasn’t a good thing, after all.

She glanced over at Ruffnut, and saw that the girl wasn’t even trying to hide her arousal anymore. She was staring, transfixed, her hand between her legs, rubbing herself. She briefly paused when Astrid looked over, but with one satisfied grin from the party she was watching, she continued.

“I knew you’d come around,” Astrid said.

She turned back to her lover, the dragon she was riding. He was stretched out across the cage floor, arching back from side to side. His tail flicked behind her, whipping this way and that in pleasure. She shifted, and every movement caused her walls to clamp down on his cock, earning a groan of pleasure. The movement created friction, which sparked ecstasy within her own sex.

“Oh yes…” she quietly moaned.

She started to move, pulling herself up and allowing the dragon’s cock to retract from her body. Its absence felt weird to her, almost wrong. She felt empty inside without it, and her loins throbbed for attention, pulsing with arousal and desire. She needed to be filled, and only this dragon could do that.

As she reached the dragon’s tip, she stopped, and clenched down on her muscles, squeezing and teasing him. Grinn ing, she dropped herself back d own, and started up a rhythm. She started off slow, moving up and down on his shaft, squeezing it and clenching it for all it was worth. The dragon squirmed beneath her, moving his body up to meet her movements.

Over time, she began to speed up, the two increasing their pace in unison as they mated. Pleasure built up within Astrid’s body as she picked up speed, forming a small knot within her stomach. As the dragon continued to thrust into her, it grew bigger and harder. She felt as if her stomach was bursting at the seams; she didn’t know how much more she could take.

Yet, even despite that, it was still wonderful. The dragon’s cock was huge, but at this point her pussy seemed meant for it. It was far too small, but she had had practice, and despite some aches she knew she would have later, it slid in and out of her with relative ease, going all the way to her womb and back, where she knew it would eventually lay its eggs.

The dragon’s movements became more erratic. Astrid could tell that he was getting close as well. His tail swept all around the cage, and she almost worried that he would hit her. She ducked down, hugging close to his scales, wrapping her arms around his serpentine body as she continued to fuck him, thrusting herself down onto his body and taking his entire cock into her. The pressure within her continued to grow until, finally, it reached a breaking point.

The knot within her exploded outwards, sending pleasure through her entire body. She tilted her head back and let out a moan of bliss as she was lost to the tidal wave of her orgasm. Her walls clenched around the massive shaft, and she felt warmth pouring into her as the dragon came, spraying his seed into her womb. It was hot; hotter than a human’s would be, but it felt good. Her belly swelled lightly as her uterus filled with dragon cum.

Then, just like that, it was over.

She felt herself come down from the high she had gotten, and collapsed onto the dragon, panting with exhaustion. His cock remained buried in her sex, twitching with afterglow even as it began to soften.

Astrid lay against his warm, smooth body, getting her strength back, until she heard Ruffnut moaning. Looking over, she saw that the girl had pulled down her pants, and was fingering herself. As she watched, her walls clenched, and her juices squirted out as she reached orgasm.

Panting from her release, Ruffnut looked at her. “That was… hot,” she said.

Astrid grinned. “I knew you’d enjoy it,” she said.

Ruffnut paused for a moment, hands on her pants as if she were about to pull them up. Then, she let go, stood up, and kicked them off as she moved towards the hole in the cage.

Astrid leaned up, and raised her hand. “Wait!” she said. “Don’t try it with him!”

Ruffnut paused. “Why not?” she asked.

“He’ s much too big for your first time,” Astrid explained. She began to scan the room, looking for a more fitting dragon… Then, on the other side of the walkway, her eyes landed on the Terrible Terror cage.

She lifted an arm and pointed. “Try them out, first.”

“Come ooooooonnn, ” Ruffnut complained. “Terrible Terrors? Really? How are we even supposed to get over there? We’re trapped in here, if you didn’t realize.”

“You’re right…” Astrid replied. She frowned, as she thought of what she could do. It didn’t seem like the abilities the Whispering Death’s cum would give her had kicked in just yet…

Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation within her body. It started off as a light tingling within her belly, where she could still feel the dragon’s warm seed pooling in her womb. Then, it grew stronger, and spread outwards, rapidly coursing through her body, until it reached her feet and head, and disappeared.

As it left, however, she felt… different, somehow. Stronger.

The first telltale feelings of hunger began to appear in her gut.

It’s starting, she thought to herself, grinning.

Looking at the bars of the cage, she wondered if she’d be able to break out, now. After all, she had always felt stronger when under the spell of the dragons.

Slowly, she rose to her feet, allowing the dragon’s cock to slide out of her. Quickly, the now-soft member began to retreat into its slit. She briefly felt its absence within her; the emptiness from earlier returning, until her inner walls adjusted. As she moved, she could feel his juices still sloshing within her, a small amount even leaking slightly out of her womb and into her pussy, not that she minded. It was a pleasant reminder of what had transpired. Already, however, she noticed her stomach shrinking, as if her body was absorbing his seed.

Huh… Interesting… she thought.

Her belly grumbled, and the feelings of hunger she had felt earlier were now pangs of starvation. She was hungrier than she had felt since… Hookfang. But this time, she was happy about it.

She grabbed her pants that she had discarded on the ground, and quickly slid them back on. Then, she turned back to Ruffnut. Immediately, it struck her how delicious the girl looked. Just like all the other Vikings she’d downed, her friend looked tender, meaty and succulent. Astrid’s mouth watered just looking at her, and then her scent hit her nostrils, and…

She tore her gaze away, and walked across to the cage, not letting herself give in to her urges. They could wait until later; she couldn’t use Ruffnut to sate her hunger. That would be saved for the Vikings above.

Astrid ducke d back into their original cage and moved to the door. There, she stopped. Obviously, it was still locked, but maybe…

With her newfound strength, she grabbed onto the metal bars, and started to pull them apart. Gritting her teeth, she pushed her feet into the wooden floor, and grunted with the effort.

The bars began to move.

Slowly, they bent outwards, moving to the sides as she pulled. She hadn’t been sure if it would even work, and was surprised by just how easy she was finding it. It moved smoothly with her grip, and soon, it was pushing up against the next bar.

“Whoa,” Ruffnut said. “Did that dragon give you super strength?”

“Looks like it,” Astrid replied. “That’s not the only thing he gave me, either.”

“What else can you do?” Ruffnut asked, excitement evident in her voice.

“You’ll see,” Astrid replied. “Once I get this door open, I’ll show you everything.”

She gripped the bars again and pulled back as hard as she could. With only a little bit of effort, she was rewarded with the sound of screeching metal, and the door popped free from its threshold.

Taking a few steps back to steady herself, Astrid leaned the broken door against the side of the cage to avoid making any further noise. Then, she stepped outside, and moved towards the Terrible Terror’s cage. Gripping its door, she repeated the process, clearing the way for Ruffnut.

As soon as she opened the door, the Terrible Terrors in the cage backed away to the other side. Astrid stood in their way; she didn’t want them to escape and draw the attention of those on deck just yet. Not until Ruffnut had been properly bred.

The other Viking girl was right behind her, and though she tried to hide it, Astrid could tell she was nearly shaking with anticipation.

Grinning, she stepped aside, and let her in.

Ruffnut passed her, and took a step almost nervously into the cage. As soon as she was clear of the threshold, Astrid fitted the door back in place, and shut her in with the dragons.

“What do I do?” Ruffnut asked.

“Train them first,” Astrid replied. “They’re Terrible Terrors; they should be easy enough.”

Ruffnut took a cautious step forward, slowly raising her hand to the small dragons below her. They stepped backwards, trying to move out of her reach, hissing and baring their teeth.

Recognizing the danger in the situation, the Viking girl slowed her pace, and slowly knelt to the ground. Then, she gradually moved her arm forward, extending her hand out to touch one of them.

When her arm was fully outstretched, she stopped. At first, none of the dragons changed what they were doing, but then, slowly, one of them began to approach her.

Astrid could tell that it was a male. She grinned.

The Terrible Terror didn’t let his guard down, but he let his curiosity overrule his fear. He slowly moved forward, fixing his eyes on the hand as he moved. Occasionally, he stopped, his eyes darting up to Ruffnut’s face.

The girl didn’t move a muscle, except for her free hand, which was slowly moving closer to her crotch.

The dragon continued his advance like this until finally he reached Ruffnut’s outstretched hand. He gave it a few sniffs, as if testing the waters… and then pressed his forehead into it.

“Good job,” Astrid said. “Now, you know what to do… Be careful. You don’t want to scare him away. But once you get his dick out… He’s yours.”

Ruffnut nodded. She continued to twirl her fingers around her sex. Astrid noticed some of the other dragons’ eyes narrowing, their tension dissipating as they began to sniff the air. Perhaps they could smell her arousal?

It wasn’t long before the one she had successfully won over noticed as well. Soon, he backed up, and moved his head to the right, looking around her hand and staring at her sex. At first, Ruffnut didn’t know what was going on. Then, she traced his eyeline, and realized.

“Looks like he’s interested,” Astrid said. “Are you gonna take him up on that?”

Ruffnut nodded breathlessly, and leaned forward. Her hand still outstretched, she touched the side of the dragon’s smooth, scaly face, and ran her hand down the side of its body. He shifted and tensed as she touched his flank, and moved towards his underbelly. His gaze shifted quickly to meet her eyes, but then his nostrils moved again, and his eyeline shifted back to her crotch, a glint of desire appearing in his eyes.

Then, her hand brushed up between his legs, and she felt something bulging out of his skin. The dragon’s normally smooth underbelly was growing in arousal, and soon, a hardening member appeared out of a small, tight slit.

She touched the tip, and immediately, the dragon reacted. His eyes rolled up towards the back of his head, and its stance wavered as it let out a moan of pleasure.

Satisfaction welled up in Astrid’s heart as she watched the scene, waiting as Ruffnut was finally given her proper introduction to the world of fucking dragons.

* * *

Ruffnut hesitated for a moment as she felt the dragon’s cock. She had never even touched a human’s before, so she had no idea what to expect, but even with little expectation, it still felt weird to her. It was hot to the touch, not uncomfortably so, but very noticeable. What’s more, it was smooth to the point of feeling almost slippery, as if it were coated with some sort of natural lubricant. It was big, too; while it wasn’t as big as the Whispering Death that Astrid had taken in, but it was still a pretty big size, especially considering how small the dragon was.

As it grew, it became harder in her grip. Soon, she would be putting it inside of her.

She thought back to the display she had just witnessed with Astrid. It had been one of the single most arousing things she had ever experienced in her life. It occurred to her that she was about to partake in the same thing. There was a horny dragon in front of her, and she was about to lose her virginity to it.

The thought aroused her, excited her… But it also made her nervous.

Trying not to think of it too much, she began to move he r hand up and down the erect re ptilian cock. The dragon flopped down onto his side, letting his dick hang free for her to grab. It seemed to grow harder with every passing moment, and it throbbed in her hand beneath her ministrations.

Her own sex began to throb with it, moisture slowly creeping out from her core. She slid her free hand beneath her leggings, and began to twirl it around her clit. Brief flashes of pleasure shot through her, only this time they felt weak. It wasn’t enough; she needed more.

She began to pull down her pants, awkwardly removing them from her skin. Pulling her legs from the clothing, she got her lower ha lf completely naked, presenting her sex to the dragon that would soon be her lover.

Turning back, she saw Astrid, the other Viking girl grinning and nodding in encouragement. “Go on,” she said. “You have their attention.”

Looking back, she saw that not only was the lucky dragon she had chosen looking at her – the rest of the Terrible Terrors were too. She could even see that some of them were getting hard as the events unfolded.

“You might want to be quick,” Astrid suggested. “It looks like they might want to join in too. That might be too much for your first try.”

Though she didn’t say it, Ruffnut agreed.

Looking back down at the dragon she had chosen, she let go of his cock, and took a step back. She hesitated for a moment, wondering how she should go about it. Then, she laid down on her back, feet facing the Terrible Terror, and spread her legs, exposing her needy pussy to the small reptile.

She half expected to feel him entering her immediately. After all, he was a horny dragon, and she was submitting. But first, she felt claws on her thighs, and looked down to see his nose sniffing her out.

Then, he moved forward, sliding his scales across her skin. The feeling made her shiver; it felt much better than she imagined it would. The warm, smooth scales felt extremely pleasant near her nether regions.

Something hard and warm poked up against her lips, and she knew it was almost time. The dragon steadied himself, placing his paws on her stomach, before thrusting his hips forward, and sliding in.

She gasped at his entrance, pleasure shooting across her body like none she’d ever before. There was pain, too; she had never had something in there before, let alone a dragon’s cock. As her walls strained to get used to his entrance, he pushed himself fully inside, and paused for a moment to adjust to being inside of her.

“Oooh…” Ruffnut moaned. “Yess …” She raised a hand, and patted the dragon on the head. “Keep going…”

The dragon didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled himself out, and then thrust back inside, picking up the same rhythm that Astrid and her scaly lover had engaged in. Ruffnut could fee l herself being pulled down by the bliss, falling into a realm of instinctual pleasure that seemed sweeter than anything else. She found her own hips bucking and thrusting into the dragon’s movements, bringing him in as deep as she could take him.

She began to feel pleasure building up within her core. Though she had masturbated before, it had never felt quite like this. As time went on, it became more and more intense, and her inexperienced body wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. Eventually, it became too much, and something inside of her seemed to snap.

An overwhelming tidal wave of pleasure rocked over her, carrying her along as she went. She found herself moaning loudly in ecstasy, unable to control herself. She grabbed the Terrible Terror’s body, feeling up his legs, his chest, his powerful wing muscles flexing with every thrust. The dragon too let out a small roar, as her walls snapped around his cock like a vice, driving him to orgasm. She felt her womb fill with warm, thick dragon cum, spilling into her in what seemed like almost impossible amounts for such a small dragon.

Then, just as soon as it began, it ended, and both came down from their sexual highs.

The small reptile flopped forward on top of her, face between her breasts with his eyes half closed, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Ruffnut dropped her head to the ground, panting heavily, feeling a glow-like sensation radiating from her body.

She heard something move, and turned to see Astrid standing above her, smiling down at her. Behind her, the door had been moved to the floor again. “Well?” she asked. “How was it?”

“It was… amazing,” Ruffnut replied breathlessly.

Astrid moved around to her side, and then leaned down and held out her h and. “Come on,” she said. “Let’ s get you cleaned up, before the after effects start.”

“You mean the super strength?” Ruffnut asked, frowning.

“Well, yes …” Astrid replied. “But there’s more. There’s somethi n g about this that gives us... abilities. I’m not entirely sure what will happen to you; it’s different with every dragon. Whatever it is, though, it should be able to help us escape.”

Ruffnut contemplated her words. As she did, she reached down, and pushed the dragon off. His softening cock slid out of her and cum began to leak out of her slit as he did.

She took her undergarments, and wiped the sticky substance off. Then, she slipped them back on, and put her pants on afterwards. The dragon in question went back to the corner, where Ruffnut noticed a few of the other dragons mating with each other.

“Mine didn’t las t as long as yours,” she pouted to Astrid.

“No, it didn’t,” Astrid replied. “But I’ve also done it more times than you have.”

“That’s true.”

The two of them exited the cage, and put the door back behind them. Then, Ruffnut turned to Astrid.

“So, what’s the plan?” she asked.

“Wait,” Astrid replied, giving her a knowing look.

“For what?” Ruffnut replied. She was about to ask more when suddenly her stomach let out a huge growl, and a sharp hunger pang shot through her. She nearly doubled over as she moaned in pain.

“Ugh… I’m so hungry all of a sudden!” she exclaimed.

“Those are the side effects,” Astrid replied. “You should now be able to eat anything you want. Including…” she pointed up to the deck of the ship.

Ruffnut furrowed her brow as she tried to figure out what Astrid meant. Then, it hit her, and her eyes widened in realization.

“You mean… We’re going to… Eat them?” she asked.

Astrid nodded. “Yep,” she said unrepentantly.

Ruffnut thought about it for a moment. Then, suddenly, she realized something she had never noticed before. All those big Viking men with their big, meaty muscles… They looked absolutely delicious.

She smiled. “Let’s do it.”

Astrid held out her hand, and Ruffnut took it. The two of them shook.

Then, they looked to the stairs leading up to the deck.

* * *

Before they left, however, they laid out a brief plan. First, they would let the rest of the dragons out as a distraction. Then, once the guards were busy with them, they attack them from behind, and begin their feast. As soon as they could, they’d make their way onto the other boat, and free Stormfly and Barf and Belch. Then, they’d wait around for their meals to digest, and then fly away.

If all went well, nobody would ever know what happened.

Once they had settled on their plan of action, they quickly got to work freeing the dragons. One by one, they opened the cage doors, prying apart the bars to let the caged reptiles out. As soon as they were free, they would dart out and move towards the top deck. The Terrible Terrors and the Whispering Death took a bit longer to move, but eventually, they were out of there too.

Soon, the sounds of shouting men and fighting could be heard from up above. Astrid and Ruffnut looked at each other, and their bellies rumbled simultaneously. It was time to put their plan into action.

The two of them crept up the stairs, just in time to see two guards rushing down. They stopped, seeing the escaped prisoners, and stared for a moment. Then, they held up their weapons.

“Halt!” one of them exclaimed.

“No,” Astrid replied bluntly. The man blinked in surprise, and then Astrid lunged at him, bringing her fist into his face. The extra strength given to her by the dragon’s seed put extra force behind her blow, and sent him flying to the ground. As soon as he was down, she placed her foot on him, and stared at him hungrily.

Turning around, she checked on Ruffnut, and saw that she had successfully wrestled her prey down. The other girl looked up at her, and asked, “Now what?”

“Open your mouth,” Astrid replied. “And then get to work!”

Ruffnut looked down at the man, who struggled beneath her. Then, she knelt down and placed her hands on his shoulders. She hesitated for a moment, and then opened her mouth wide. Astrid grinned as it began to stretch larger than humanly possible.

“Wha … What are you doing?” the Viking beneath her demanded. He opened his mouth to scream, only to be cut off as he was plunged into darkness.

Immediately, he began to struggle, but with Ruffnut’s increased strength, she was able to keep him pinned down. Her lips sealed around his neck, and she paused, the look in her eyes one of incredulous disbelief- and immense pleasure.

The man underneath Astrid began to panic. He squirmed and struggled, spluttering out confused curses and pleas. Looking down at him, Astrid felt her belly rumbling again, and licked her lips, before crouching down to grab his head.

“No… Please!” he exclaimed. “Don’t!”

Astrid opened her mouth wide, completely ignoring his request. But, as she spread her lips, she ran into a major road block- her mouth wasn’t stretching at all.

Frowning, she tried again, but found that it still wasn’t moving past its normal stopping point.

What’s wrong…? It’s worked every other time…

Something picked at the back of her mind; some base instinct that she seemed to be ignoring. It seemed to be telling her what to do…

So, she gave into it.

She felt herself lifting the man up to her face, and pressing her lips against his. Drawing him into a kiss, she stiffened in confusion, but went with it anyway and started sucking. He squirmed in protest, but then fell limp, and she could feel something beginning to pass between them as she continued sucking on his lips.

Pulling him back, she saw that his face had started to glow with a bright, radiant light. His eyes had gone dull and lifeless, and a flow of the same radiance was moving from his mouth and gathering into hers. As some of the radiance moved down her throat, she felt an influx of energy, as if she were taking the very force that powered his body.

Perhaps she was.

Soon, the light slipped away from the man’s face, and he fell back, lifeless. The radiance disappeared behind her lips, she closed her mouth and swallowed reflexively. The glowing material collected in her belly, leaving her feeling warm and full. She felt as if there were life inside of her, even though what she had actually swallowed was barely even tangible.

Did I just… Swallow his soul?

She looked down a t her belly, still flat, but now it was glowing faintly. She could almost feel something swimming around in there, as if what she had taken out of him was still alive… Then, her belly began to gurgle, and she felt digestion beginning.

Looking down at the man she had attacked, she saw that he was laying still, unmoving. He looked dead, in fact.

I did…

She couldn’t think of any other explanation.

This newfound power frightened her, and for a moment, she felt the overpowering urge to throw him back up. Eating people was one thing, but devouring their souls… But, really, was there that big of a difference? They were being destroyed either way; one just allowed her to be more mobile, that was all.

With that rationalization in mind, she decided that the soul had actually been pretty tasty. If this was the ability that the Whispering D eath gave her, she would put it to good use on as many of the Vikings on the ship as she could.

Turning back to Ruffnut, she checked in on how the other girl was doing. The newly-realized predator was trying to stuff her prey’s legs into her mouth. Already, her belly was bulging massively- yet, it seemed smooth compared to how Astrid’s had been her first time.

She walked over, and grabbed th e struggling Viking man’s flail ing legs. Holding them still, she pushed forward, allowing them to slide more easily into Ruffnut’s gut. Her body expanded outwards, bulges returning to her form. Then, Astrid pushed his feet into Ruffnut’s mouth, and quickly removed her hands from the danger zone.

One final swallow, and even the feet were gone. All that was left was a stuffed yet satisfied Ruffnut.

“How was your first real meal?” Astrid asked.

Ruffnut opened her mouth to reply, but then let out a huge belch. The force of it surprised her, and she fell forward onto her swollen gut, which let out a surprisingly watery squelch.

Astrid couldn’t help but chuckle.

Blushing slightly with embarrassment, Ruffnut looked back up to her. She was an incredibly amusing sight; her furs were pulled all the way up to her chest from her massive, gurgling gut, which strained from its first huge meal. Yet, already, the struggling in her stomach was beginning to cease, and it looked like the bulges were softening.

“It was… Delicious,” Ruffnut replied, gasping between breaths. “You were right… About all of this.”

Frowning, Astrid took a step forward. She knelt down and laid a hand of Ruffnut’s belly, feeling the man digesting within. Ruffnut sighed at the feeling, but Astrid wasn’t trying to pleasure her- she was investigating the decaying corpse within her.

Her hand pressed inward without my resistance, and inside, her stomach muscles seemed to be churning with incredible strength. This close, she could hear snapping sounds of bones and other body parts. She could only imagine how grotesque the sight was from the inside.

“Odd…” she said, removing her hand.

“What is it?” Ruffnut asked, looking back and frowning.

“You’re digesting him really fast,” Astrid observed. “Faster than normal.”

“Is that… Bad?” Ruffnut asked.

“I don’t think so…” Astrid replied. She looked down at her own gut, where the light the soul she had devoured cast out was quickly fading. “It’s probably just a unique side effect of the Terrible Terror.”

“Do different dragons do different things?” Ruffnut asked.

“In my experience, yes,” Astrid replied. She reached down, and held out a hand to her friend. Ruffnut looked at it for a moment, then down at her belly.

“Wait,” she said. She looked to the other Viking’s corpse. “I want him, too.”

“Oh?” Astrid asked. She shrugged, and walked over, dragging his body into grabbing distance for the girl. It was almost immediately grabbed and gobbled up into Ruffnut’s throat.

She watched in almost disbelief as the girl wolfed the man down. His head, chest, hips, legs, then feet, gone, and soon, all that was left was an even bigger bulge in her gut.

Ruffnut belched again. Then, she licked her lips, and said, “Okay. I’m ready now.”

Astrid moved to assist her. Helping her up was difficult with all her weight, but with her newfound strength, she was able to do it. As Ruffnut pushed herself to her feet, her belly jiggled and sloshed as the mush inside was shaken up.

“How was the second one?” Astrid asked.

“Alright,” Ruffnut replied. “He still tasted great, but… I kind of like how the first one squirmed.”

Astrid smirked. “I know what you mean.”

As her friend regained her balance, Astrid put her hand on her belly again, this time rubbing it affectionately. “Good job,” she said. “Now, let’s g et up on deck. There’s more where that came from.”

* * *

Their plan was simple; go up to the deck and dispatch their enemies as quickly as possible.

As they emerged from below deck, they briefly looked around and assessed their situation. The Berserkers were just finishing up with the dragons, who had for the most part escaped the ship. Some of the Vikings had fallen overboard, others were unconscious. Most were still okay, but hurt. The ship itself had taken damage, however; one of the sails was ripped, and the mast was charred and near breaking.

In light of the situation, the deck was verging on pure chaos. Vikings were running everywhere, trying to secure the ship and deal with the last few dragons. For a few moments, nobody noticed them.

It was a perfect environment for them to attack.

Astrid looked over at Ruffnut to see how she was doing with her wide girth. Already, her belly had shrunken considerably, and while it was still much too big to fit in her shirt, it had rounded out quite a lot. The young girl looked as if she were extremely pregnant, rather than filled with another full grown human being.

Good, she thought. She’ll be mobile.

“Let’s split up,” Astrid said. “You take up that way,” she gestured towards the rear of the ship, where there were less Vikings, “And I’ll go that way,” she gestured in the opposite direction.

“What, so you get more meals than me?” Ruffnut complained.

“I’m more experienced than you,” Astrid countered. “Besides, we have a whole other ship, don’t worry.”

Ruffnut sighed. “Fiiiine, ” she said.

Quickly, Astrid took the time to count the Vikings on the ship. There were four in Ruffnut’s direction, and five in hers.

Seems easy enough.

“Alright,” She said to Ruffnut. “Go!”

The two of them jumped out from where they had emerged, and ran in the opposite directions. Astrid managed to move quicker than Ruffnut, but that was to be expected. Each of them managed to cross a fair distance before they were noticed.

One of the five Vikings she was running towards turned back, and his eyes fell on her. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “They’ve escaped!”

Astrid grinned, and kept running, even as the other four burly men turned to her. One by one, they began to rush forward, leaping over to meet her.

Here goes nothing, she thought.

As soon as she had the first man within her grasp, she reached out and grabbed his shoulder. Pulling him closer, she brought her knee up into his stomach and drove it in as hard as she could. He moaned, and dropped his weapon, collapsing to the ground.

Already, another Viking was near. She lifted her fist and drove it straight into his face, knocking him out nearly effortlessly. Normally, she’d struggle a bit more to pull off feats like this, but with her newly gained strength, she found it a simple matter to dispose of her enemies.

The other three were further off. She had a few moments to prepare for them, so she knelt and grabbed the first Viking she had attacked. Her stomach rumbled, and she grabbed the man’s shoulders, lining his head up with hers.

He looked into her hungry face, slightly dazed from her blows. Astrid stared into his eyes and licked her lips.

“What are you…?” He started to ask, before his voice trailed off.

Astrid pressed her lips forward, and touched them to his. Then, she began to devour his soul.

She moved more quickly this time, pulling her head back and dragging his essence behind her. Quickly, she began slurping it up, enjoying its ethereal flavor as it slipped over her tongue and down her throat. Gulp… Gulp… Gulp…

Then, it was gone. The man slumped back lifelessly, and fell back to the deck as Astrid let go.

Standing up, she took one last gulp, and looked at the other Vikings. They had since stopped in their tracks, staring on in horror at what was happening before them. Astrid licked her lips, and let out a cute little burp, before approaching them.

One of them turned and ran. Another screamed, and moved towards her, axe raised. She moved forward and held up her arm, blocking the swing from the hilt, and dodging the axe head as it passed by her shoulder. She shoved her arm into the Viking’s throat, momentarily cutting off his air supply as she drove her fist into his stomach. He groaned, and took step back, half stumbling as she brought her foot into his face, knocking him out and pushing him into the ground. Then, she ran forward, towards the one Viking who had stood still.

He raised his axe, looking unsure of how he was supposed to react. It was clear that they had underestimated Astrid’s power. Not that she blamed them too much- she was a young teenage girl after all, and they were large, muscular men. In any other situation, they’d probably win.

But not this time. Not against her.

She reached her opponent and ducked underneath the swing of his axe. Immediately, she brought her fist crashing into his stomach. He doubled over, and flew backwards with the force of the blow. Then, he crashed into the ground, doubled over in pain.

The last Viking was still running from her. He reached the edge of the ship and turned around, staring at her with fear in his eyes. He gripped the handle of his axe nervously, and raised it into the air.

Grinning, Astrid charged forward.

Sprinting across the deck, she reached the man just as he had raised his axe as high as he could. As he was about to bring it down, she drove her fist into his gut, forcing him back into the bannister. He was about to flip over, when she caught his jacket and held him in place.

Bringing him closer to her face, she opened her mouth wide.

“No… Please!” he begged.

“Sorry about this,” Astrid lied. She kissed him on the lips, and then began to suck out his soul.

The glowing ethereal form passed from his lips to hers, and she slurped it up as quickly as she could. It slid pleasantly down her throat, before joining the warm, shifting mass that was slowly fading out inside of her gut. Then, when she was done, she let his lifeless body fall into the sea below.

Turning back, she saw the three Vikings she had dispatched lying on the ground, moaning in pain. The one closest to her was reaching for his axe again. She would go after him first.

She bounded over, and kicked the weapon away from him. Before he could do anything else, she grabbed his head and sucked his soul from his body, gulping it down to join the others in her stomach. Then, she went to the other two, and did the same to them.

Soon, her belly was full of delicious wriggling souls. She didn’t have much of a bulge- only a light bump that glowed softly from the essence she was destroying. Already, she could feel them melting together, as if the very identities of the men whose souls she had devoured were disappearing, being utterly destroyed by her caustic acids. Before long, it would be as if they had never existed at all.

It felt great.

She gave her belly a rub, and then looked over to the other side of the ship to see how Ruffnut was doing. The girl seemed to be doing better than she expected; all the Vikings were gone, save for a pair of legs lodged in the girl’s throat. Her belly was massive- so much so that her legs were far from the ground. It was still squirming, despite being mostly round and squishy-looking. As she watched, the squirms slowly died down, until there seemed to be only one person left alive inside.

Grinning, Astrid slowly crossed the ship’s deck. As she approached Ruffnut, the new predator swallowed the man’s feet, condemning him to a horrible fate inside of her gut.

Astrid stepped to her side, resting her hands on her belly. It pressed inwards, sloshing as the mush that had once been human gave way within. She could feel Ruffnut’s last meal struggling inside, and tried to imagine how horrible it must be. Crammed inside of a hot, wet belly, unable to see anything, surrounded by the horrific remains of his fellow ship mates as powerful stomach acids began to break him down.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself,” she said.

Ruffnut opened her mouth to reply, then let out a thunderous belch. Chuckling, she then said, “Oh yeah… This is heavenly…” She then looked over to Astrid. “Why aren’t you eating them?” she asked.

Astrid gave her belly another rub, then lifted her own shirt, exposing her softly glowing bulge.

“Whoa,” Ruffnut said, her belly letting out a complimentary gurgle. “What is that?”

“Their souls,” Astrid replied. “Looks like that’s what the Whispering Death gave me as a special ability.”

Ruffnut stared, and moved her hand over to place it on Astrid’s gut. “That’s so cool!” She exclaimed. “Are you digesting their souls?”

“I think so,” Astrid said. “That must be terrible for them, but… It feels pretty good to me.”

Ruffnut grinned at her wickedly.

“Would you like the others?” Astrid asked, pointing to the Vikings she had dispatched.

“Nah, I’m good for now,” Ruffnut replied. “I like them to squirm, and I still want to have some room for the next guys. Maybe afterwards.”

Then, her gaze turned to the other ship, which had pulled ahead of them. From what they could see, there were even more Vikings on that one.

“Our dragons must be on that ship,” she said.

“Yep,” Astrid replied. “As soon as you’re done digesting, we can go get them.”

“Actually…” Ruffnut trailed off. She rolled back on her gut until her feet touched the floor, then stood up, heaving her belly after her. With a lot of effort, she was able to stand, and hold her belly up before her.

“Wow,” Astrid remarked. “I’m impressed.”

Ruffnut grinned. “Let’s do this,” she said.

* * *


The last Viking on the ship cried out as Ruffnut’s lips moved over his face. Already, he was mostly submerged inside of the cauldron that her behemoth of a belly had become. What lay in store for him was a quick death, but a terrible one.


Ruffnut interrupted him with a swift gulp. The bulge of his head trailed down her neck before disappearing into the huge, gurgling mass of her body.

Astrid, on the other hand, was considerably smaller, though her belly was still noticeable. It seemed the souls within her had taken on some mass, because her belly bulged to the point where she looked pregnant.

Both of their bellies were very audibly gurgling around their prey. Ruffnut’s was much louder than Astrid’s, and every once in a while, she would open her mouth and let out a massive belch. Astrid’s meals were a lot more active, their struggles growing as they tried to escape the oblivion her gut was dooming them to. Ruffnut’s stomach was mostly still, with only a few hints of struggles from within that quickly died out.

“We should do this again,” Ruffnut replied. “This was… Wonderful.”

“Yes,” Astrid replied, cradling her gut. “It was fun. I should warn you about what comes next, though…”

Ruffnut turned to look at her, a look of concern on her face. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean… The egg laying won’t exactly be pleasant.”


* * *

The two girls spent some time alone together on the de ck of the ship, just lounging as they digested their meals. They waited until Ruffnut’s massive belly shrunk enough for her to be mobile. As she rapidly digested the numerous men she had eaten, she felt the need to relieve herself, and when she could finally move, she pulled down her pants and disposed of them in the ocean below.

Once this was done, her belly was about the same size as Astrid’s.

Still not satisfied, however, she gave in and went across both ships, eating the rest of the men who had been converted into soulless husks. For a while, she laid on the deck, digesting their bodies as well.

After this was over, the two of them then went below, and freed the dragons that were being held captive. After having reunions with their own dragons, they went back up to the deck, where they waited some more.

Soon enough, their bellies shrunk completely. Ruffnut’s belly was done processing her meals, and Astrid was done destroying the souls within. Then, it came time for Ruffnut to lay the egg she had been implanted with. It was an unpleasant, painful process, but when it was done, Ruffnut reflected that it hadn’t been as bad as she would have though t - definitely not bad enough to make the whole experience not worth it.

About an hour later, Astrid followed suit. Seemed she had had enough meals as well. The two of them left the eggs on the deck, and then mounted their dragons, leaving the ship behind.

* * *

From there, they returned directly to Berk. On the way, they encountered Dagur’s ships, and bombed them enough times to send him fleeing back home, destroying the weapon in the process.

Then, they returned to Berk. Hiccup and the others were relieved to see them return safely. Astrid told the story, omitting all reference s to their feast and the events that caused it. As Hiccup and the others left, Astrid turned to Ruffnut.

“You know we can’t ever tell them, right?” she asked.

“I know,” Ruffnut replied calmly.

“And we can’t ever do something like that to the villagers.”

“Awww …”

“I’m serious, Ruffnut!” Astrid exclaimed. “It may be fun, but it’s not worth it. Only use it on people like the Berserkers, okay?”

“Okay… Fine,” Ruffnut whined. “But can we do it again?”

Astrid though for a moment. Some of her old reluctance returned, and she wondered what she had started.

But… If she used it on Berk’s enemies, and nobody else found out… How bad could it really be?

“Sure!” Astrid replied, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “It’ll be our little secret.”