Clint was the underdog in this matchup and he knew it. That and all the other matchups anyone has ever had with Dominic.

He got socked so hard he would feel sore for a week, there was just no beating him. Dominic was the biggest guy in the gym and there wasn’t a soul there that could beat him, the guy was like a moving wall. Not to mention he was a god among men, his body was so chiseled the clothes he wears actually chafes off of him. There wasn’t a shirt he could keep for more than a month his pecs would just grind them to dust simply by moving.

Dominic looked like an assortment of rocks that got magicked to life somehow. Shoulder boulders, giant slabs of stone for pecs, and abs that look like they can cut glass. No one knows how he had got to this point, not even Clint, though he was his best friend. So much so that they were almost known as a gay couple in college.

Dominic ceremoniously slammed the basketball into the hoop one last time to assert his dominance on the court. It was his last matchup for the day and he had beaten everyone there… again. He was soaked in sweat head to toe and his clothes were sticking to him so tightly that you can see through it. You can actually see through it in some places as his pecs are starting to poke holes in his shirt and threaten to burst it.

Dominic came crashing down, the hoop still rocking back and forth when he touched the ground.

“Jesus…. Huhhh….. Fuck!” Clive grunted, himself soaking in sweat, doubled over with his hands to his knees, only 13 hoops to his 21. “You know you could at least give me a chance.” He said, looking up towards him.

Dominic let his shoulders go limp and started looking up, exhausted from the match.

“Not…. On your life…. Huuuhhh… bro.” He said, smiling, Clint could see his chest heaving up and down, in and out… its almost mesmerizing, like two tectonic plates shifting past each other, and it was much easier to see now that his shirt was soaked.

That was half the reason why Clint likes playing with Dominic despite getting trashed each time. He does it mainly to see him get wet, and to see his pecs get bigger over time. Clint had a massive crush on Dominic and it was so easy to see… to everyone except Dominic. He’s a pretty sharp guy, its just that his head can be as thick as his muscles when it comes to people liking him.

There were a lot of people that tried to do hit Dominic up, the guy is horny as fuck all the time, its just that he can’t seem to take the hint when people are giving him eye fucks from across the room, or directly at him when they are talking to him. He’s way too nice too.

Clint was staring into empty space before he realized he was daydreaming again still doubled over, Dominic had already walked past him.

“Hey bro, you coming?” Dominic said, already half-way down the court, he was headed off to the locker room.

Clint finally straightened up. “yeah just let me catch my breath!” Clint was almost completely hard right now, this was usually the best part of his week, this is the time where he gets to see Dominic with his shirt off, and almost fully naked in the locker room. His body is impressive in the court but its next to nothing when its seen up close.

Clint couldn’t hide his erection in there, it was just them in the gym right now but what would Dominic think? He definitely wasn’t going to miss the show though.

Clint started walking towards the locker room, his dick making itself displayed in its full glory, much to the embarrassment of its owner.

Meanwhile Dominic was getting undressed, he wouldn’t admit it but he was very tired after that match. If its anyone, it would be Clint that would give him a run for his money. Still, its getting kinda bored to him now. What’s more annoying than boring is that his shirt is ripping from him again. He spends so much money into them only for them to tear apart after a couple weeks. He rolls his eyes and, in a bout of mild frustration, despite being tired as shit, rips the rest of it off of him, his full, sweaty upper body on display now. The one downside to having huge muscles is that the clothes he buys do not last for long at all.

He hasn’t stopped growing either. This semester his chest measurement gained another 2 inches and haven’t showed signs of stopping. He loved watching himself get bigger and flexing in the mirror, hell, he would go to class in just gym shorts if he could. However he proves to be very distracting to his female, and a lot of his male, classmates without a shirt, as evidenced by him walking around campus without one when this sort of thing happens.

Dominic noticed Clint walk in, while he was flexing in the mirror, puffing out his chest and arms to be as large as possible. Dominic stopped suddenly, Clint was still attempting to hide his erection by hiding the lower half of his body around the corners in the locker room.

“I hope I didn’t make you feel too bad about losing” Dominic said, somewhat affectionately, “I can’t just give you any wins though, this shit is kinda important to me.”

“Yeah… I know…” Clint said in a distracted voice, which sounded incidentally sounded dejected to Dominic, who was still taking his clothes off in preparation for a shower.

Clint was taking this opportunity to admire Dominic’s incredible form, his muscles bulging from the workout they both went through. While Clint also tries to keep up with him, Dominic just simply outraces him by far, his body naturally wants to accrue more muscle, and Dominic eats like a horse, he actually could be eating more like a horse. Clint goes to eat a lot with Dominic and he goes through $20 worth of food and still be hungry by the end, usually asking for Clint’s leftovers.

Clint unknowingly stepped around the corner to get a better look at Dominic’s abs while he was undressing however. The best thing his mind could compare them to was probably the oven rolls that come out of the oven when they are finished baking. Despite all the eating he does, Dominic doesn’t seem to gain any fat, streamlining all the food into protein. Because of that, his chest was arching out above his stomach like a shelf, he had more underboob than a stripper with three breast implant jobs.

He had compression underwear on underneath and was not shy around Clint, though he doesn’t think that Clint has actually seen his dick before. Dominic looked up after taking his basketball shorts off, noticing Clint had stepped out around the corner of the hallway that led to a door to the gym. And… was he hard? Dominic wringed his eyebrows in confusion and Clint recognized his mistake, he instantly tried to look somewhere else to look distracted with something but Dominic saw right through it.

“Are… are you alright dude?” Dominic said softly to Clint.

At first he didn’t know what to say “It’s nothing! It’s nothing I swear, it just does this every now and then I promise.” He hastily responded.

Dominic knew what he was talking about but wasn’t sure if he was convinced, this was weird but not completely strange, it happens to Dominic every now and then, it even happens when he looks at himself in the mirror.

After a brief moment of awkward silence, Dominic started for the showers. “Whatever man.” He said in a reassuring but dismissing tone. He walked past Clint and into the large shower that fits 5 people at once.

Clint agonized as Dominic walked past him, like a sergeant inspecting troops, the guy’s body commands authority from every crevice and edge, but the personality couldn’t be a weirder and more unusual match. Once he was past, Clint snuck a quick peek at his back, he had some of the broadest shoulders of any guy he’s seen, and he was a year younger than him too!

Half of Clint is saying he can’t possibly miss this opportunity, the other is shouting him down saying that it’s a stupid idea.

But sometimes stupid ideas work, Clint thinks to himself. He’s got to do it now. All he’s got to do is get the words out.

“He… hey, Dominic?”

Dominic’s ears perked up at that, he stopped right before he opened the shower curtain. “Yeah?” he responded.

“You… youuu …. ” every part of Clint was screaming in a nervous breakdown, he was dead beat by getting whomped by Dominic, yet he can’t calm himself down.

Dominic was noticing this pause, “What is it?” he said

Clint needed to burn his bridges, Now .

“You wouldn’t mind if we showered together, right”

That was a very strange question to Dominic. At first he didn’t know what to say to that, if it had been to a complete stranger the question would have been an outright no, but Clint wasn’t a complete stranger, he was one of his friends.

Dominic’s line of thought was interrupted by his stomach however, he was one of those people who can count on his hand the amount of times he’s actually been full in his life, but he didn’t really care about that fact now, he’ll get food later.

Clint noticed the pause from Dominic and was starting to get worried, there were mirrors in the locker room and he can notice that his face was turning a bright, bright red right now.

“DamnitIhope that wasn’ttooweird of a question I probablyshouldn’t have asked thatright now considering that your dead tired fromthe game that we just played and…” Clint was stammering out rapid-fire.

Halfway through Clint’s half apology, Dominic had decided it was fine. What was the harm in it anyway. It’s not like Dominic was shy around showing his dick to Clint.

Dominic finally opened the shower curtain and started the water.

Clint’s heart was pounding out of his chest, what the hell is he thinking!? What the fuck is a shower with Dominic going to achieve other than getting a good luck at him, even though that would be a very good prize, would it be worth jeopardizing his relationship with Dominic?

Clint kept his shorts on, he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Dominic in the shower, so he just took off his shirt and basketball shoes and went over to the shower.

He can see Dominic’s towering shadow in the curtain, it was massive already, but now Clint feels like he’s entering the lions den, he knows Dominic won’t hurt a soul, but is still massively scarred right now.

Dominic finally noticed Clint open the shower curtain, and Clint was by far not prepared for what he saw.

Clint sees Dominic everyday, he plays basketball with him twice a week and he still wasn’t prepared for what he saw. He saw a man with possibly 5% bodyfat to his name, while simultaneously weighing 230 pounds. The shirts he wears apparently do an excellent job at concealing how big he was because each of his pectorals were bigger than Clint’s head. His traps look like braided steel cables running from his neck to his shoulders, like some of the cyborg villains you might see in a superhero movie. He must have stole the basketball they were playing with as well as a spare, since his arms were so big they looked like they could have been concealing them. Every part of Dominic right now was heaving, slightly swollen from the exercise they just went through.

Dominic wasn’t sure about how Clint was doing right now, seeing him fully naked in the shower. He was staring straight at him with this weird look on his face. He was thinking about saying something but the silence was deafening right now, too deafening for him to speak. While Clint was gawking at Dominic, Dominic was doing his own surmising, Clint looked muscular for a college basketball player, but not too absurd, he was handsome, but nothing to fall head over heels for.

Clint was still trying to sum Dominic up though. This can’t be the kid he plays with, the guy in front of him looks like a monster. His 9 inch dick looked like it would snap people in half. Clint was trying to come up with reasons underlying the current situation right now. One, the most likely situation, Dominic was already fully chub when he walked in, which could mean something about how he feels for Clint (Which somewhat excited, and terrified him). Two, Dominic is a shower and is just this size all the time, a less likely but still very possible situation. And three, the most unwelcome thought, Dominic isn’t chub at all.

“Hey, are you ok Clint?” Dominic said, interrupting Clint’s train of thought.

Clint, realizing he was just standing there for probably 30 seconds, finally spoke “Yeah, I think so, I think you caught me off guard by being completely naked.” Clint replied, realizing he probably just made a mistake there by implying that he didn’t like what he was seeing.

Which was something that Dominic picked up on. “Oh shit, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you like that, do you want me not to be?” Dominic responded feeling slightly embarrassed by an accident he thought he made.

Clint sprang into action, he’s got to fix what he just said, now. “Wait! I didn’t mean it like that, I was just a little surprised is all.”

Dominic felt a little relieved, and stopped himself from getting dressed again.

After a short awkward silence, Clint finally broke the silence. “Hey Dominic, how the hell did you get this big?”

That had not really been a question Dominic had ever really thought about, “Big”-ness wasn’t really something that he considered about himself, so he just gave the answer that came naturally to him.

“Honestly, I think I just eat a lot, and just workout a lot, I don’t really plan for this type of thing, I just like working out and eating, haha.”

It was at this point that Dominic had started to wash his dick. All of the stimulation that he was giving it was agitating it to start growing though, after which he was getting a little embarrassed and tried, futilely to hide it from Clint.

Clint however watched on with horror and fascination on how big it was getting. It didn’t seem to be able to stop.

This was an unusually long part of Dominic’s daily ritual. He had to wait to get hard so that he could wash the entirety of his prodigious shaft, if he didn’t do it everyday, it would reek to high hell.

Clint was just standing there agape, he can’t hide his interest any longer, the heat from the shower was making every facet of him bulge out even more. His dick looked like it could almost rival a horse’s.

By the time Dominic had finally got done washing it, he had been fully stimulated. His mast stretching out a full foot and an inch and about as thick as Clint’s wrist.

Clint finally had enough of this staring around and brazenly said to Dominic.

“That thing looks like a fucking bicycle pump dude!” Clint shouted.

Dominic had completely relaxed at this point, it had been awkward at first with Clint but now he didn’t feel like he had to be embarrassed anymore.

“Yeah man, this thing just keeps growing, I don’t know when its going to stop or if it will” Dominic said casually now facing Clint, working on lathering the rest of himself with soap.

Clint’s head was now shooting fireworks out of his ears, he had Dominic right where he wanted him, his entire body was shiny from all the sweat he was still washing off, made even more radiant from the soap that he was just using, and the heat from the shower and the workout they just went through made him seem like the biggest he’s ever been in every respect. His pecs were jutting so far out in front of his abs that supermodels would be jealous of his underboob, arms that looked like they can bend steel and abs that can cut it afterwards. He needed to approach him now. All the light from the tile shower they were in was shining off his bronze skin he looked like an angel. An angel who is really, really into bodybuilding, and with the biggest dick on heaven and earth.

With more trepidation than it’s possible for a human to carry, Clint started walking over to Dominic. He needed to force these words out of his mouth.

“Can… Can I touch it?” Clint asked in the smallest voice that he’s heard himself make.

Dominic thought for like, 3 seconds, before he said “Yeah, I guess haha.” He wasn’t sure himself where this was going yet but still felt very comfortable around Clint. He knew him for two years anyway.

Clint reached out very slowly to touch what probably was the biggest dick in the world.

After what had seemed an eternity, his fingers finally had first contact. His fingertips were just brushing the head of his dick, which was taking up almost his entire palm. He had started to lift it up and noticed it felt like a fucking 5 pound weight his mushroom head is literally the size of a portabella mushroom, the shaft going back really was a bike pump.

Dominic on the other hand felt electric. He had been the only one to touch his dick at this point, minus one case in high school, but the feeling shot up through him instantly. Clint, leaning over at this point was simply in awe of him and his dick right now, he almost seemed like a trance.

Instinctively, Clint gave it a squeeze like he was handling a dog toy, and it deflated like a sponge, almost as if he wasn’t as hard as he could be still! With that Dominic recoiled in pleasure and nudged the wall with his back, gasping for breath the entire time. Dominic couldn’t think anymore however, pleasure had taken over his brain, he raised his arm slightly almost to stop him, but he didn’t want this to stop just yet. Clint was still in the feeling of rapture himself, he tried wrapping the fingers around Dominic’s shaft and found that he could just get his thumb and middle finger to meet around it.

Dominic had leaned his back against the wall, his knees cocked at a 75 degree angle against it, still taller than Clint, and Clint had no intent in stopping his scientific pursuit, he needed to know everything this prick can do.

Clint started to investigate Dominic’s balls, which looked bigger than jumbo sized eggs, and could definitely fit them in there, provided he could shove them down his dick. He lifted just one with his hand and they felt a pound each too.

Dominic was now actively, quietly moaning, his back arched against the shower wall. Its unlike Dominic to ever not have the willpower to overcome his instincts and hormonal influences, but this is different, he’s still unsure he wants this to stop.

Clint can’t get over the size of Dominic, what the hell is this kid eating or what is his workout routine?! This can’t just be genetics, he thought to himself, he knew how much he worked out considering he was his friend for so long, and would often go to the gym with him, he saw the huge weights he lifted every day, but how much does he do it when he’s not around?

There were so many questions Clint needed answers to, he wanted a body like Dominic’s and needed to know how to get it, he won’t get the answer to that question here.

With that he looked up, his mind was drawn back to the size of his balls, this maybe not the source of his secret, but he was curious anyway.

With that, he took his left hand and grabbed the head of Dominic’s dick again, and started to point all the fingers of his right in one direction away from himself, trying to get them as close together as possible.

Clint had been kneeling down for quite some time now, inspecting Dominic’s dick, with the water from the shower still pouring over the both of them in the shower. He had got his hand wet.

With his left hand, he was trying to balance the tasks of lifting this dude’s dick and widening the opening at the end of his head, his right hand poised to enter. Dominic had closed his eyes long before, his mouth agape from the whole experience, and he was not prepared for what would happen.

And then Clint went in, literally.

With the opening he had made at the end of his dick, he took his right hand and started to burrow it inside.

“AAHHHAHHHHHH” Dominic bellowed instantly, he can’t contain the pleasure anymore, now he had completely given in to his instincts. The pleasure he was receiving right now was overwhelming to his brain.

Clint had knew he wasn’t in pain, Dominic would have stopped him otherwise, but Clint now had bigger fish to fry. This angel’s prick was accepting his hand, not eagerly but not uninvited. Dominic was now clasping his hands to the wall parallel to his torso, his knees cocked from 75 to 60 degrees, and was now breathing raggedly.

Clint was in a trance. His hand now stuck in his friend’s dick, wanting to see how far he would be accepted into it. Pushing, inch and inch further into it, fascinated by the stretching motions this rubber hose was making. The further he pushed, the more Dominic was sinking down to the ground.

Clint’s hand 3 inches in, he pushes 2 more.

5 inches in, Dominic is sinking more and more, his legs at a right angle to the wall now.

Another inch, He’s clasping the walls so hard that he just might break the tile, his face an expression of pure ecstasy, mouth now half open, eyes shut hard.

Clint, still enthralled by what is now the most strange experience he has had in his life, pushes forward one more inch. He’s now down to his wrist and can fully feel his right hand with his left from outside his dick. He can visibly see how much Dominic’s dick is stretching to accommodate the foreign object placed inside it. Dominic then sank directly to the shower floor, the water from the shower hitting his legs, knees, and cock, and Clint’s arms and head. The water from the shower was lubricating Clint’s arm as he was pushing further in. Dominic was sitting against the wall as his friend was still probing his dick, coming in and out of his subconsciousness getting lost in pleasure and attempting to find his way back out.

Dominic had now been moaning louder and louder as he felt every part of his friend’s hand enter him. His dick had been acting like a generator and he was trying to deal with all the electricity he was getting supplied now. His body was screaming for Clint to go further and further in.

Until Clint had gone one inch too far and Dominic had finally felt the first shred of pain during this entire experience, and that was the lighthouse by which his conscious mind was guided back to sense.

Dominic had instinctively reached his hand out to pull Clint’s forearm out of his dick. Clint felt Dominic’s strength and it was impossible for him to resist it. Dominic on the other hand, had felt no resistance, the only thing he felt was the presence leaving his shaft.

Clint had been thrown back from the shove he was given by Dominic, going from kneeling to sitting with his knees arched up in front of him in the shower.

Dominic had relaxed his knees now, laying them flat out on the shower, his dick and ball sack solely covering the drain, with precum leaking out from the tip of it, the shower head water hitting both it and the lower half of his legs. His chest was heaving in and out, his abs curled onto each other while he was sitting and his arms to the sides of his legs, while Clint at the opposite end of the shower, his probing arm behind supporting himself up, the other in front of him. Dominic’s eyes had open finally, his mouth slightly open from breathing, and from wearing a shocked expression. He saw that Clint had been fully hard at this point, his 8 inches paling in comparison to Dominic’s 13.

Clint now had one question he NEEDED the answer to, how big is this kid going to get?