Lillia's Lucky Day


 The fortune teller stared up at the large figured kneeling across from her at the other side of the table, wondering how she ended up in this situation. In this world, all shapes and sizes of fantastical creatures lived together in harmony, but Giants were somewhat rare in this neck of the woods and her shop was generally sized for goblins and other average humanoids at most. She briefly pondered what magicks the large woman had used to get in as she observed her rather striking features. Her emerald eyes were lost in a sea of dark eye shadow against pale skin and her long black hair was assembled in a disheveled bun. There was a subtle beauty underlying her somewhat somber appearance. The goblin fortune teller's eyes drifted downwards and did a double take at the mountainous breasts threatening to spill forward out of the woman's corset, which seemed to have loosened in her struggle just to get into the shop. The fortune teller pondered if each breast was as large as she was when her train of thought was interrupted by the giantess speaking up.

"um...hello," she spoke with a bashful tone, "I was... hoping you would be able to help me, my search on the mananet told me you're one of the best fortune tellers in the area." She shifted in the tight space, attempting to hide her discomfort. "Life's been a little rough since I moved to this part of town and I was hoping you'd be able to do some fate magick to help me find some friends."

The fortune teller looked away from the priceless artifacts being pressed into the wall by the giantess's large backside, her expression softened empathetically. "Of course dear, I'll do what I can. To start I'll need to know your name."

"Lillia", the giantess said, perking up a little bit.

"What a lovely name," the fortune teller said as she stood up from the table. She walked around to the Lillia's back, "if you don't mind, I'll need some items that are uh...behind you." Lillia blushed and attempted to shift her weight, but her buttox was still firmly planted against the wall. "I think that's the best I can do," Lillia said sheepishly. The fortune teller simply sighed as she rolled up her sleeve and reached into the small crevace formed by the womens cheeks. The skin was surprisingly supple, the soft fabric of her maroon dress enveloped the fortune teller's arm comfortably as she rummaged around in the tight space. Lillia blushed more intensely at the sensation, trying to maintain her composure when the fortune teller spoke up, "aha, there it is!"

The fortune teller produced some sort of large charm that would be used in the ritual, "hmm, it's a little bent up, but should still be usable". She returned to the table with the object and asked Lillia if she was ready to begin. Lillia nodded apprehensively. The fortune teller began her incantation and magical runes began floating around Lillia. Had she been paying closer attention, the fortune teller would have noticed that one of the runes was incorrect, but this experience with Lillia was rather disruptive to say the least. Before long the runes dissapated, sprinkling Lillia with magical dust.

"From now on may you have an exceptionally filling... er, fulfilling social life," the fortune teller spoke as she finished the incantation. Lillia's eyes sparkled, "thank you so much, I really hope this works." she said, feeling some of her shyness waning. "Oh, and here's the payment," she dropped a relatively small bag on the table, it jingled pleasantly with its contents. The goblin fortune teller attempted to hide her excitement, giants were known for their wealth and it appeared that this giantess was no exception. Lillia began to shuffle as she moved to leave the shop but she rose too quickly in her haste and bumped her noggin on the ceilling. The entire store shook as she lost her balance and fell forward. The fortune teller was too distracted by the bag to notice the deep valley of cleavage that was descending on top of her. Within the blink of an eye, the goblin vanished between the massive breasts, leaving no trace behind. She attempted to struggle within her confines, but the weight of the breasts bore down on her as the supple flesh completely envoloped her body.

Lillia lifted herself from the floor, her ample breasts almost clinging to the floor before shifting back with her body. She felt thoroughly embarassed, "I'm so so so sorry," she pleaded, completely unaware of the fate of the fortune teller. "I'll get out of your hair, so sorry for the trouble," she said as she attempted to avoid what would have been the obviously judgemental gaze of the fortune teller. Lillia quickly turned to the exit and cast a cantrip that allowed her to squeeze through the door.


Passersby outside the shop were taken aback when a large head appeared in the doorway of the local fortune tellers shop. As it squeezed through the frame, it was followed by a rather large pair of breasts, and then her wide hips. Lillia stood up tall, free from the confines of the shop, she dwarfed the other pedestrians. They briefly gazed at her before moving on their way. Noticing how disheveled she was after squeezing through the door, Lillia took a moment to get herself together. She gathered her loose hairs back into her messy bun, and retightened her corset, causing her breasts to squeeze upwards and sealing her unknown passenger in for good.

Lillia suddenly realized how tired she was once she stood up. She had stayed up late reading horror stories on the mananet (again). "I could really use a pick-me-up," she thought to herself. Her mind immediately went to her favorite bubble brew shop in town. It was one of her few consistent sources of happiness, it served a drink not unlike the bubble tea served on a far away planet, and since she was a regular, the shop had learned how to accomodate her larger size. Lillia stretched her arms up and yawned before heading off. Unfortunately, right at that moment, a rather distracted fairy was texting and flying in her direction. Used to flying over crowds without a care, the fairy unwittingly flew directly into Lillia's mouth. With ease, he collided into the back of Lillia's giant gullet and sent her into a coughing fit. Suddenly aware of his surrounding, he began scrambling as he slid directly into her spasming pharynx. Lillia attempted to dislodge the intruder, but to no avail, he was already too far back in her throat. She slowly regained her composure and reflexively swallowed in the process. Inside her throat, the fairy felt the muscles around him suddenly relax before quickly tightening with a loud *glrk*. They continued to rythmically pulse as he was pushed down to the belly below.

Lillia winced as the discomfort settled. She had no idea what she just swallowed but she probably needed to get it out. She contemplated attempting to throw up before catching the gaze of the passersby around her. Quickly feeling embarassed again, she decided she should just go and deal with it later. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened so she had a reformation spell on hand just in case. "Ugh, now I definitely need that drink," she said dejectedly as she massaged her throat.


Lillia entered the bubble brew shop and was greeted by a rather cheery orc. "Hey guys, Lillia's here," he shouted, seemingly more enthusiastic than usual. Orcs were one of the few races that didn't seem dimunitive compared to the giants so Lillia's interactions with them were generally less awkward. Some pleasant shouts followed by a loud clamoring rang from the back in response to the orc's call. "What can I get for ya, the usual?" he asked. She nodded cheerily, excited to receive her treat. "One mega large black tea brew with extra bubbles and cream," he shouted to the back. Upon hearing no response, he looked back at Lillia confused and shrugged, "one second, I'll see what they're doing." He checked into the kitchen only to see his little elf helpers missing. He simply shrugged again, "no worries, maybe they went on break, I can prepare it for you." He rolled out a big tank fillled with extra large bubble treats and grabbed his biggest ladle. He hefted up a rather large bucket from below the counter and began ladeling in heaping spoonfuls of the bubbles. He filled the drink with a luscious, creamy tea mix and topped it off with a straw that was most likely a repurposed plastic pipe. Lillia shuffled through her bag and pulled out another small bag for payment, she always paid generously. She eagerly took the drink from the orc and immediately took a sip, getting as much of the bubbles as she could. She swirled them around in her mouth before leaning her head back and swallowing dramatically; she never really cared for chewing them. A rather ominous lump slid down her throat before quickly disappearing behind her ample bosom. "Thanks, it's just as amazing as usual," she said plucking up a bit as she turned to leave. "See you later" she said with a small wave, as she squeezed through the entrance to the shop. The orc waved at her when he heard a strange gurgling coming from the tank next to him. He looked inside to see one of his elf helpers float up to the surface, dazed and confused. "Uh...that's not good..." He looked back to see Lillia's large buttox squeezing through the door. "...Lillia, wait a moment," he said, still attempting to process what had just happened, but he was too late, she was already gone, her long legs carrying her away quickly. He scratched his head and shrugged again. "Guess I'll need to put out some hiring ads."

Lillia continued to suck on her drink eagerly. She filled her mouth with heaps of bubbles with each sip, swirling the bubbles around with her large, yet dexterous tongue. She felt some rather oddly shaped treats in each sip, but didn't pay it too much attention. "Must be trying out some new shapes," she thought to herself. She swallowed without hesitation, sending the mouthful of tea streaming down her throat. One by one, the bubbles, and occasionally an elf, slipped down into her gut, bombarding the already grumpy fairy who had taken up residence there. He looked upward and shook his fist before an elf landed on his head and sent him face first down into the chyme. He took a moment to taste the tea as he recovered before grumbling to himself and returning to his phone. Lillia steadily drank her massive beverage without a care as she headed off to the park.


Lillia arrived at the park and looked for a spot to settle down. It was somewhat busy but she was able to find a large enough clearing under a tree. She headed over to it, unaware of the gazes she was drawing by the parkgoers. She felt the suns rays warm her up as she leaned against the tree, the top of her head just barely coming to rest amongst its branches. "I guess it's been a while since I've been outside," she lamented to herself as she took a deep breath and filled herself with fresh air. She pulled out her phone and began browsing stories again as she finished off her drink, leaving behind a completely empty bucket.

Before long, she noticed a human woman approaching her in the corner of her eyes. Lillia began to feel nervous when the woman hesitantly spoke up. "Hi there, I spotted you from across the park,...and I just really wanted to get to know you, I hope you wouldn't mind chatting?" she said with an awkward smile. Lillia was shocked, "was the fortune teller's spell taking effect already? surely it wouldn't be this fast...or this strong..." she thought to herself. Nonetheless, Lillia tried to make the most of it and began conversing with her. As she talked with the woman, she found she had a lot in common with her and was excited at the prospect of having a real friend. They discussed all manner of things for almost half an hour before there was a lull in the conversation. The woman stared at Lillia intensely, taking in her beauty before suddenly asking, "do you think you could eat me?" Lillia's eyes went wide in shock, "wh-what...?" she responded, feeling her shyness flare up again. "Yeah, I just feel this intense desire to be with you and I can't think of a better way to do it," the woman said calmly, "don't worry, I trust you." Lillia pondered the odd statement, confused as to what was happening. She continued to pace in her mind when the woman put her hand on hers. She felt herself calm down and looked down to see the woman staring up at her calmly. She lamented the situation but she figured she was already planning on casting a reformation spell, so what's the worst that could happen. "Alright, if you insist," she relented.

"Oh, I guess I should undress," the woman said excitedly as she began ripping off her clothes, revealing a rather curvy figure. Lillia's face turned beat red as she reached down to cover the woman with her hands from peeping eyes. "Ok, ready!" she called out. Lillia gulped as she observed the naked woman...she had dabbled with this sort of play before, but never in such a public fashion. Lillia lifted the woman up gently as if she was picking up a doll. She parted her lips and let the woman gaze into her open maw before quickly sliding her in and clamping down her entire lower body. The woman reveled at the sensation of Lillia sucking on her legs, it was more than she could've imagined. Lillia tasted the soft skin of the woman's butt, realizing that she actually tasted pretty good. She relaxed a bit as she sucked her in up to her chest. She briefly rolled her body about with her tongue, tasting her breasts and savoring her form as her feet entered her throat. It eagerly opened to accept the morsel. Lillia placed a finger on the woman's exposed head, her face now dizzy with pleasure as she pushed it inside. Her throat gripped on the woman's legs as she tilted her head back and swallowed. *GULP* The woman's form was quickly pulled into Lillia's throat, causing it to bulge from the outside. With one more concerted swallow, Lillia sent the woman to her depths. She landed in Lillia's stomach with a splash, quickly immersing herself amongst the half digested bubbles, eager to be a part of the giantess.

Lillia exhaled dejectedly, "I thought I was actually going to make a friend." She leaned back into the tree, feeling strangely satisfied with her meal. A wave of exhaustion passed over her again and she nodded off, feeling the suns rays as a gentle breeze lulled her to sleep.


The giantess snored quietly, her body slumped against the tree. Her chin rested on her bosom as her chest rose and fell slowly. Unbeknownst to her a small crowd of all shapes and sizes had gathered around her, staring at the sleeping beauty intently. In unison they began to undress without care as the enchanting woman in front of them filled their mind. One by one they climbed on to her sleeping form. They scaled her massive breasts, their feet and hands sunk into the soft, supple flesh as they attempted to find footing in front of the giantess's face. A thin layer of sweat coated her breasts, causing a rather clumsy elf to slip into the deep valley between them. With a *schluk*, he disappeared between them in an instant, but the group paid him no mind. One of them approached her face, still deep in slumber. The halfling leaned down and slipped into her partially agape mouth head first. He paused a moment to see if she would stir. Her gentle breath continued to wash over him, coating him in warmth. He slid to the back of her throat and placed his hands at the entrance. It quickly opened and closed around them. It pulled him down suddenly with a reflexive swallow. The group outside felt his form slide beneath their feet as he was pulled in. They excitedly lined up to follow him and one by one her maw greedily swallowed them up. As she slept, Lillia dreamed of sweet treats filling her mouth. She savored them individually, licking them aggressively and swallowing them down without a care. A lucky few of the group got to experience Lillia's tongue playing with them, rolling them around in her mouth before sending them down the slide to join the rest of the group. Before long, there was but one portly dwarf left. Her form filled Lillia's mouth entirely and it eagerly sucked on her like she was a large malt ball. The dwarf reveled in the situation as she slowly slid to the back of the throat. The throat attempted to accept the morsel, but it was too large to swallow like the rest. In her dream, Lillia began to choke on the chocolately treat. She rose up slightly to deal with the blockage and with a more concerted swallow she dislodged it and sent it down, returning to her slumber. The dwarf landed with a splash amongst the rest. They soaked in their euphoria as Lillia's gut squeezed and churned around them.

Not long after the group disappeared into Lillia, a wrinkled hand shot forth from betwixt her breasts and grasped onto her corset. The fortune teller pulled herself from her fleshy prison, her robes soaked in the underboob sweat that had lubricated her passage. She hopped off Lillia's slumbering body and attempted to wring out the extra moisture from her clothing. "Sheesh, remind me to think twice before accepting giant clients," she mused to herself as she looked back at Lillia. "Heh, sweet girl, hope everything works out for you," she said aloud as she turned to walk back to her shop.


Lillia awoke several hours later. She groggily rubbed her eyes as she observed how much time had passed. "Bleck, I didn't mean to sleep for so long," she thought to herself as she rose from the ground. Through her foggy mind, she noticed how oddly...satisfied she felt? She figured she would be hungry after so long, but she didn't have much desire to eat. Thinking of her gut reminded her of what had happened earlier in the day and she headed home to reform her "guests".

Lillia arrived at an abandoned warehouse that she had repurposed into a studio apartment. Furnishing it has certainly been a challenge, but she was glad to call it home. It was her bastion in an unfamiliar place and she probably spent too much time there. She quickly removed her shoes and began unlacing her corset. As she did so, she felt a lump quickly slide down the front of her dress. Its sweaty form glided along her belly, nearly catching on her underwear before falling to the ground with a wet *slap*. Confused, Lillia looked down to see a naked elf laying on the floor. "What the hells!" she shouted. The elf recovered from his fall, shaking his head as the enchantment faded from his mind. Suddenly awoken by the large woman shouting above him in this unfamiliar place, he immediately ran in terror. Within a moment, he slipped under the open warehouse door and he was gone. Lillia looked down dejectedly, "freaking perverts, I swear..." she grumbled to herself. She shook her head deciding not to dwell on it, "ugh, just need to focus on that spell."

She began rummaging through her belongings, all manner of clothes, shoes, toys, and other random objects littered the floor and covered her furniture. "Sigh I really should clean more often", she thought aloud, "I wasn't expecting guests today." After 5 minutes of searching she eventually produced a large wine bottle from beneath a blanket on her couch. The wine, since depleted, was ordered from her home town; its size (and potency) was made for giants. "This should be big enough," she thought, "one or two people should easily fit in this thing." She plopped on her couch, causing her breasts to bounce intensely, and placed the bottle on the table. She crossed her legs, closed her eyes, and began the incantation. As she cast the spell, magical energy began to pour from her body into the wine bottle. Once she felt all the foreign energy had been removed from her body she quickly corked the bottle, sealing its contents inside. "And now, we wait," she said to herself.

Several minutes passed as Lillia watched the bottle intently. This process was fascinating to her and she couldn't deny that she somewhat enjoyed it. Before too long, the body of a small fairie materialized in the body, his energies coalescing to return his physical form. "Ah, so that's what I swallowed," she said aloud as he patted down his naked form in shock. "Don't worry, just need to wait for one more, and I'll be able to let you out," she said assuredly. As she finished speaking, an elf suddenly materialized in the bottle. "Uh...that's weird, I don't remember eating you...," Lillia brought a finger to her lips as she pondered where this elf came from when another appeared, then another. Lillia's confusion only grew as elf after elf appeared inside the bottle. Her train of thought was interrupted when the woman she met in the park appeared in the bottle. "Oh there you are! I have no idea where those elves came from, but lets get you all out of there," she said as her guests tapped on the glass from the inside, their memories slowly returning to them as they processed this strange event. "I really should re-study this spell, I may have messed it up", Lillia muttered to herself as she picked up the bottle, not noticing the energy still swirling inside it. As she carried it to the kitchen, suddenly, the bottle shook as a halfling materialized inside. The passengers in the bottle begin to protest as it was becoming way too crowded. Lillia looked down, eyes wide in shock as more and more people materialized in the bottle. They began to shout as they were squeezed together in the confines. "Oh no oh no oh no, what do I do," she said as she paced about. Thinking quickly, she cast the same cantrip she used on herself to squeeze into buildings on the people in the bottle. Their forms suddenly squished together as more and more people popped into existence. Several groans emerged from the bottle as one final portly dwarf appeared in the top, sealing them off. "Oh gods, what do I do," she said flustered as she continued to pace about. Unfortunately, she took one misstep and slipped on a loose shirt on the floor. Everything froze as she fumbled the bottle. The squished people inside got one glimpse of Lillia's astonished face, mouth agape, before everything went dark.

Lillia felt an intense pain as something shoved deep into her throat before her face hit the ground. She immediately got up and attempted to dislodge the bottle, now almost completely submerged in her throat neck first. Her throat seared as it struggled with the large object, she winced in pain, wondering how her throat hadn't burst from the strain. She attempted to grasp the base of the bottle but couldn't get enough purchase to grip it. She could hear protesting from within her throat as she began to run out of air. Lillia steeled herself. Realizing what she needed to do, she reached her hand into her mouth and pushed. A loud, pained *GLRRRK* resonated through her throat as she attempted to swallow the large object. She grunted and moaned as she pushed, the bottles slick surface aiding its passage. Eventually the neck of the bottle entered her stomach and with one final shove, the bottle dislodged and slid into her stomach, sealing its passengers in complete darkness as Lillia closed her mouth.

Lillia sat slouched on the floor, panting and sweating. After a few minutes passed, she regained her composure. She removed her dress to get a better look at her body, letting her heavy tits fall as she lifted it over her head. Parting her breasts, she looked down at the large bottle shaped bulge protruding from her stomach. "Sigh how could this happen...I don't think I'll be able to digest that bottle, and if I don't digest you all again I won't be able to reform my magical energy is spent for the day," she lamented to herself. Lillia leaned back and laid on the floor, her limbs spread out. The cries of protest within her gut were barely audible. "Well, where there's a will there's a way," she said, trying to cut through her despair. "I'm sure I'll figure something out."


Lillia handed one last small piece of cloth to her unexpected guests. After nearly a full day of very precise magical application (and a harrowing trip to the bathroom), Lillia had finally managed to pass the bottle and free its inhabitants. She provided them with cloth to cover themselves as they all headed home. Feeling dejected, she began to think about how poorly the fortune had played our for her. Her depressed thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a small voice standing at the door. The woman from the park had remained behind. "So, I know things kinda got off to a weird start, but I do think you're cool, and that's not just a spell making me say that." She raised a hand, "I'd love for a fresh start, I'm Marie."

Lillia wiped a tear from her eye as she kneeled down to the woman, grasping her hand with two fingers. "I'm Lillia, nice to meet you," she said as a warm smile crossed her face.