This day has been getting weirder and weirder. First I woke up with the power to absorb people and things into my body. Then it turned out that it was my neighbor across the hall's doing, who is seemingly a genius. Next she practically shoved herself down my throat, forcing me to swallow her whole while masturbating all the way down. And now she's a part of my body claiming that there's plenty more things to do as we can hear for the lack of a better word what each other is thinking.

'A good summary of events' Elizabeth states. 'But I want to know what you've actually done today. Show me by going through your memories of today'

I comply, visions of what I have done today fill my head, from waking up stuck to bed and comforter, becoming a comforter man. 'That's hilarious' Elizabeth interjects. I continue, with the experimentation with the plastic cat toy and comforter, moving mass, condensing and changing properties. 'Oh so you do have body image problems too...' Controller new parts and trying to add extra ones 'You were close on that one. I'll show you in a minute.' The shower, breakfast and energy drink and expelling mass out of my body. 'Oh god you tried it that way? Why didn't you just make your body a smaller version instead of cutting your body in half. The body will compensate for your smaller form.'

That was a piece of knowledge that would be helpful in the future. 'Yeah it will' But that should be everything that happened today outside of work and well the recent events. 'Ok then, well you do seem to have a grasp of what you can do, even with the stupid bits. And it seems easy for you to turn into things by just thinking about it. That's really good for me. So let's get started. I want you to turn into me.'

Before I could interject I start seeing images of Elizabeth's naked body appearing in my head. Not just her naked body but what she felt like, her proportions, the way that her small breasts felt on her body and her pussy between her legs. I can't think of anything else. With these images flooding my mind my body starts losing height from 5'10" shrinking down an entire foot. My shoulders narrow, my stomach flattens, the fat from my thighs go away as mass condenses. At my crotch my balls and penis recede into my body as it's replaced by Elizabeth's pussy. As it appears a wet feeling is felt between my legs, and an urge to rub it starts.

'Don't you dare. Not yet' Elizabeth commands, though it sounds like she also wanted to start masturbating. 'Of course I do, this is my fetish after all. It's hot as shit. But you need to finish.' Images of her face and head fill my mind as my brown hair grows out and changes to the reddish color of Elizabeth's. The hair on my face disappears as my face contorts and reforms as Elizabeth's. My skin turns pale as freckles appear all over me. My hazel eyes turn to her green as my eye sight becomes worse. 'Ok maybe I shouldn't have put images of my blind ass vision in your head. Can you think about how you normally see?'

I remember my eyesight and my vision returns to me. 'Bathroom. Now. I want to see.' Why? 'Just do it and remember I'll let you do things soon enough.' I walk into the bathroom, the smaller frame feeling alien to me, as I face the mirror. I see Elizabeth's naked body in front of me and instantly look away blushing. 'It's nice that you're like this, but this is YOUR body for now. Plus I can't see if you don't actually look.' I look at myself in the mirror and start getting horny again. 'Feeling mutual. Anyways Let's make changes.'

Wait again? 'Yes again. I want to use my body as a base. Now I'm going to help you with this by keeping certain images and feelings in your mind. I want you to start growing back to your original height but as me. Try to keep things in proportion.' I try to think about how tall I felt in comparison to myself as Elizabeth helps with how she thinks her body would feel like being that tall. My body starts growing at different rates as I try to keep things reasonable. Legs grew too long and I had to shorten them. Then the head was too small and need to be corrected. After a couple of minutes. I had done it. I made Elizabeth's body 5'10".

'Ok good practice, now it's time to go taller. Let's get a few more inches. Just try to reproduce the same thing we did to get this height.' I did as I was told, the feeling I had growing that foot I applied to growing slowly inch by inch. I pass six feet and continue to grow until... 'Stop that's good enough. Not sure of the exact height, but we should be right around 6'5". You're pretty tall for a woman.'

Is that it? Are we done? 'No. We have more to do. Next up your breasts. A-cups are befitting of a woman your size. We need some Double Ds.' Images of breasts fill my head, the weight on my chest, the softness, the jiggle. Elizabeth must have taken a long time thinking about what her perfect chest would be. 'S-shut up'. My chest expands with the soft fat filling my breasts. Our body gets hot as Elizabeth gets excited about the changes. I reach for my newly formed breasts and give them a squeeze. It feels pleasurable and I continue to grope them.

'No, no it's not done. We have only a few more things. At least we can knock two out right now. Ass and thighs.' Another set of images flood my mind, forcing my ass and thighs to expand. I gain an hourglass figure as my thighs thicken up forcing them to touch them each other. The smooth skin feels great as I start rubbing them against each other.

‘Next to last thing. Your cock and only your cock. I want you to touch this part of my vagina' I see what I'm suppose to touch and proceed to touch it. 'This is where my clit is, and underneath it my urethrae. This is where your cock should be. Replace both of these with it.' I nod and imagine just my cock right there. My cock emerges from under the clitoral hood and stands erect. 'Bigger' Of course. More of my mass moves to my cock and it starts getting larger. I stop at half a foot. 'Bigger' Again from Elizabeth. At least tell me how big to begin with. 'A foot' Well damn. I pump more of my mass into my penis turning lengthening it to that massive foot. It twitches in front of me begging for me to handle it.

'Last change. Underneath your arms. Grow another set. It didn't happen that time you tried because you can only use parts you have. Absorbing another person means you have 2 sets of arms and legs or 2 heads.' I imagine another pair of arms underneath my original. A pair of hands emerge from right under my armpits and push out forming another set of arms. The urge to relieve myself has reached the peak.

'Ok, two things' MORE? 'Not changes but two things that you should do. One remembers how this body looks and feels right now. I'm doing this as well to help you in the future. I want to come back to this body again with you. The second thing is in your living room where my clothes are.' I exit the bathroom and find Elizabeth's clothes. There's this wrapped latex condom sized just for my dick in its current state. 'Put it on.' You want to masturbate with a condom? 'It's to keep the place clean for the mess that will happen. I slip the condom on rolling it down the cock. Touching my cock makes me want to stroke it so bad.

'Alright go. Fucking go' You don't have to tell me twice as I grab my foot long cock with my two lower hands while my upper two start groping and toying with my breast. 'God more' My breath quickens as I work my giant shaft. 'This is what I want, this body is so amazing' "Yes, it is" I say moaning in the moment, not caring that I could just think that. I slide one of my lower hands off my cock and finger my pussy as my upper hands pinch and tug my nipples. 'Here it comes' Yes I can feel it.

We orgasm hard. The condom starts filling up with what I think is cum as gallons are pumped out of me. My body is tensed up as my mind fills with pleasure both my own and Elizabeth's. We come down from the high of the orgasm panting out of instinct even though I don't really need to. That was amazingly better than just masturbating before. 'Yes this was the best moment of my life and oh god I love every minute of it. I knew you were the one to do this with. Thank you.' I can feel a warm caring feeling from Elizabeth rather than how she was acting before. 'Don't look that far into it. I care because I'm going to use you so much with all the weird shit I'm into.'

Yet that doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me at all.