Amaya and Vicky hadn’t really said much to each other all day. There was an awkward melancholy between them. They knew that things were coming to an end -- the summer was almost over, and tomorrow morning Amaya would be shipped off. Then Vicky would fly home to Scotland, and… that would be the end.

These last few months had felt almost like a fairy tale to Amaya. She’d never imagined she could have such a close relationship with a pelli. But Vicky was... special. And while using humans for sexual pleasure wasn’t anything new, their secret summer romance was definitely more taboo. But in the end, May knew that even her blossoming love for Vicky couldn’t change the cold, hard reality of her situation. She was livestock, and livestock belonged to the highest bidder. Not to her lover.

May sat picking at her supper unenthusiastically. She hardly ate any of it. Not much appetite. Vicky was away for a bit, finishing up her last few chores to make time for their final evening together.

“Hey, congrats Amaya! I heard you broke a ton of records today! And getting sold to some famous celebrity? That’s even more special, I’m so jealous. Damn girl, I knew you were valuable, but that’s crazy! How did it feel, to be so in-demand?” May looked up to see her friend Sophie, another human under Vicky’s care. She was standing next to May and beaming.

“O-oh, yeah. Guess I got lucky. Vicky gets the credit for managing my development.” Amaya said woodenly, trying (and failing) to put a cheerful look on her face.

Sophie frowned at May’s expression.

“Well, I think you still get some credit for making someone’s mouth water that much!” Sophie insisted. “But I’ll let you finish your supper, I know you probably want to pack on a few extra pounds for your buyer... You’re getting shipped out tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah, tomorrow morning I think. Should probably say some goodbyes, but it can wait. I’m really tired. It’s been a long day.” Amaya said distantly, picking up her plate and moving towards the sink. Most of the food was uneaten, but she just couldn’t stomach any more.

Amaya didn’t say anything else as she moved towards Vicky’s bedroom. She needed some time alone to think. And she was the only person allowed in Vicky’s room, other than the vixen herself. Maybe she’d borrow Vicky’s bathroom and take a long shower to relax. She might get in trouble if someone other than Vicky noticed, but any potential consequence paled in comparison to her current feelings.

What could they even do to her, at this point?


Vicky could sense Amaya’s angst and unease even before the auction. She wanted to stay supportive, but she didn’t know how. The vixen felt the same note of melancholy, now that summer was ending. But there wasn’t a whole lot she could do about it.

The fox finished up weighing and processing one last small batch of livestock that had to be shipped out by the end of the day -- her last one, before her plane flight home in the morning -- and she was just a little sad. And tired. Vicky pushed her way back into their living quarters and glanced around.

It was the usual relaxed atmosphere just before supper time. Some of the humans in her buffet were sprawled out on the couches and chairs, chatting with each other or watching some TV while others worked in the kitchen. She didn’t see May about anywhere though, which was strange. May usually liked helping prepare supper. Always trying to be helpful, Vicky thought fondly.

After a moment, the vixen called out, “Hey, has anyone seen May around?” Vicky moved towards the kitchen, to check again, but paused as she felt someone tapping on her side.

“I think I saw her heading towards your room, Vicky...” Sophie said. “Is everything okay? She looked a little bit sad, but I couldn’t figure out why...”

Vicky frowned slightly. “I’m not sure either… I’ll check in on her right now, don’t worry!” she promised, to Sophie’s visible relief. The vixen trotted toward her room, to go check in on her favorite human. Her stomach twisted and fluttered with anxious butterflies. The vixen was worried about her friend, and despite what she’d told Sophie, she suspected she did know what the problem might be...

When Vicky opened her bedroom door, she saw Amaya sitting on the end of her bed, head down in her hands. “Uh… Hey, hun…” Vicky said gently, a little tentative. “Sorry I couldn’t get back sooner, I had some chores to wrap up. Um, you know how it goes...” She’d never been the best at small talk, but right now she was just trying to gauge how her favorite human was doing.

Amaya didn’t say anything. She just sniffled, and Vicky saw a tear dripping from her cheek.

“Oh! Oh, May...” Vicky exclaimed, rushing towards May and sitting down next to her on the bed. She reached an arm around May, and pulled her friend up against her soft, furry side. The vixen leaned over to nuzzle her friend, still holding her in a half-hug. “Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked gently, trying to comfort the tearful human. Her human, Vicky thought to herself. “I’ve got you…”

“I… I…” May muttered, but couldn’t finish. She just turned and wrapped her arms around Vicky, hugging the big fox as best she could and burying her face in that soothing fluff, her face up right against the vixen’s chest. Vicky’s soft fur, her clean smell, and the burble of her empty belly -- it was comforting. Familiar, and safe. With her face pressed up tight against Vicky, May could almost pretend this was just another normal day, that this beautiful summer would last forever.

“Shhh, it’s okay, you can tell me...” Vicky soothed, patting May on the head gently and shifting the human into her lap, until May was seated on Vicky’s thigh with her face still buried in the vixen’s soft tummy. May took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the deep, reassuring scent of fox. Her fox.

“I don’t want to go, Vic. I don’t want summer to end. I don’t want to leave you.”

Vicky was at a loss for words. She felt the tugging at her heart almost as firmly as the girl’s hands gripping at her fur. She wanted the same thing, wanted it for months -- she’d have gladly swallowed the girl up right there on the spot, unabashedly devoured her, but… “But, May, hun… You’ve already been sold…” Vicky said, as gently as she could.

The vixen had to force the words out just a bit; they were hard to say. The blunt weight of that simple fact was enough to send May back to the brink of grief. Seeing the tears welling up, Vicky hugged her human close, curling her tail tight around Amaya in a comforting gesture. The vixen struggled to put together something else to say; anything to cheer up her beloved May.

“Shh… There, there. Come on, it’s okay,” Vicky tried to soothe. “I… I know you really want me to be your predator… And you know I’d love to have you as a meal, hun!” She paused, swallowing the drool in her mouth. “I want you more than anything else in the world, but…”

May pressed into that warm fluff. “You mean it?” she asked, sniffling. “You want this too, Vic?”

“Oh, yes. I’d gobble you up in a heartbeat, love.” Vicky answered, without a single second’s hesitation. “I’d savor every inch of you...” The vixen’s belly guuurgled, backing up her promise. She caught the little smile on May’s face and couldn’t help but smile back -- but only for a moment. “But there’s just no way I could ever pay what you’re worth, hun. You’re just too damn delicious for your own good...” the fox said, with a regretful little chuckle at the end. She ran a soothing paw through May’s hair. “And it’s not like you could just…” (Vicky paused, making air quotes with her claws.) “Um, ‘go missing’ without the farm catching us...”

“...I know...” came the girl’s teary-eyed, apathetic reply. “I know that, I just… I wish…”

May trailed off.

“Think of it this way...” Vicky said, after another heavy moment. The fox tried her best to sound encouraging. “You’re gonna be the main course at some fancy party, right? You’ll be the center of attention, all the guests will be so jealous. Imagine how much fun that’ll be!” Vicky forced out the words that she knew should be the truth, but to her ears they felt like lies. “Besides, he spent so much money on you. I bet he’ll savor you just like you deserve...”

“But he won’t be you…” Amaya whimpered into the vixen’s fur, rubbing her cheek into that warm pudge. All Vicky could do was pull her tighter, and feel her soft, delectable little body press up against that gut, the insides of which she’d never see. “Please, Vic, I just…” She looked up at her friend, and for the first time since May had met her, Vicky looked helpless. The sight was enough to make May just put her head down and cry for a moment, her tears soaking into her friend’s belly-fur.

“I know humans aren’t supposed to choose their predators on the ranch. I know I should be happy no matter whose belly I end up in.” May looked up at Vicky again, her eyes pleading, her voice full of desperate, anguished longing. “But I want it to be yours! None of the other pellis are like you, Vic. N-none of them. You’re just…” She swallowed bashfully, the words pouring out. “You’re perfect, Vicky. You’ve taken such good care of me, you’re the only one who treats me like I’m special! Not just for my taste, but for being me.”

Vicky bundled Amaya up into another tight hug, holding the human close. “Oh, May, hun…”

The human sniffled again, but tried to stifle her tears as best as she could. She hugged Vicky tighter, like she never wanted to let go. “I’m not worried about being eaten, I want to contribute to something better. But I don’t want to be eaten by a stranger, Vicky. I want you to eat me. Please?” May reached up and brushed her fingers across Vicky’s muzzle, feeling the soft, sticky brush of the fox’s dark lips. Vicky was about to say something, but stopped as May pressed a hand to her lips. Those dexterous fingers slid past the vixen’s teeth, and splayed out over her pillowy tongue.

Vicky blinked, May’s hand still in her mouth and gently caressing her tongue, as if May was trying to spread her mouthwatering flavor across each and every tastebud. And it was working. Already a sticky rivulet was oozing down May’s arm. Vicky’s eyes were getting hazy as predatory instincts started taking over, instinctive little half-swallows pressing May’s hand deeper towards the back of her throat. But Vicky blinked, realizing what was happening, and (with great reluctance) pulling back.

Despite how hard Vicky was trying to be comforting, to stay strong for May, in her heart she knew Amaya was probably right. Why should someone be nice to their food? Vicky knew Amaya was so different and special and sweet, but that rich celebrity had bought May purely as a fancy lunch. He wouldn’t know her like Vicky did, he wouldn’t take good care of her, he’d never seen her outside her half-hour auction. He probably wouldn’t even remember her, after a pleasant bowel movement the next morning. The thought made Vicky’s hackles rise, and twisted her stomach into knots.

(For that matter, said a little voice in Vicky’s head, she’d eaten thousands upon thousands of humans in her life. How many of them did she really remember? A guilty weight settled deep in her stomach.)

Vicky wished she could just swallow May down now, and put an end to these worries once and for all. It would be so easy, damn it! She’d just need to lean forward, open her mouth, and…

“Damn rules,” Vicky growled under her breath. Her tail twitched back and forth restlessly. “You deserve the best belly in the world, May. This is borderline human-cruelty! I swear, if there was any way I could get away with eating you myself, I’d do it right now, without a single regret.” May looked up at her, and Vicky’s heart clenched. She stroked her paw lovingly over May’s head. “But if they caught me eating you, May, it wouldn’t just be some extra shifts shoveling fertilizer. I’d be in serious trouble, they might even send me to jail…”

There was a stark shift in Amaya’s face. She went still for a moment, and her previously pleading eyes became distant and drifted down out of sight. “…You’re right,” May mumbled with a sniffle. She wiped her eyes. “I’m being silly. I’m sure my buyer will be wonderful.” But her words sounded so flat and hopeless and dead, filled with heartbreak the likes of which Vicky had never seen, and May couldn’t even meet her friend’s eyes.

With a chill, Vicky realized this is how it would end. In a flash she imagined the last deathly-silent night they’d spend, the tearful morning goodbye they’d have to hide from the rest of the ranch, the look on her human’s face as she’d try to fake a smile in front of her wealthy predator, and finally May melting away inside that stranger’s gut, wishing only that it could have been Vicky instead. The thought was too horrible for her to bear.

Not her human.

Not May.

“No,” Vicky said, her voice hard. “No, it doesn’t end like this. There has to be a way.”

Amaya shook her head and sniffled again. Now she was trying to be the reasonable one. “No, Vic. It’s not worth going to jail over one tasty meal.”

Vicky reached a paw under May’s chin, and gently tilted her head up to meet her gaze. “You’re not just some ‘tasty meal’. You’re one of the most special, amazing humans I’ve ever met. And we are going to find a way to get you into my belly, without getting caught.”

Amaya’s eyelids fluttered as more tears welled up, but along with them came a huge, joyous, hopeful smile. The girl buried her face into the vixen’s welcoming fluff once more, snuggling even closer. “We can figure out a way to keep you out of trouble!” May promised. For the first time, there was a note of excitement in her voice. “We can figure it out, we’ll come up with a plan together!”

Vicky’s tail started wagging -- slowly, at first, then faster. “Oh? Whatcha got in mind, hun?”

May brought an arm up to wipe her eyes, before putting them both up around Vicky’s neck, twining her fingers into the thick, soft fur of the vixen’s ruff. “You’d just need to put my tracker someplace where it looks like an accident, right?” She was practically bouncing with excitement. “An alibi for you, then we’d be set! Maybe you’d get chewed out a bit, but they wouldn’t have any proof to get you in too much trouble!”

Vicky frowned, thinking. “People would still suspect me, though. And I’d need to recover your tracker before it gets scanned...” Vicky was interrupted by a growl from her own stomach. Oh, how badly she wanted to gobble up her special, precious human now. She hadn’t eaten supper yet. And May wasn’t helping quell her appetite by offering herself! The fox poked her belly. “Just wait a few minutes more, you greedy thing…” she told it crossly. It gave a ruuuuumble that seemed particularly bad-tempered. To be fair, it had been waiting for this particular meal for months.

May thought for a moment. “Well, you can take my ear-tag off, right? Why not just remove my tracker for tonight, then toss it in the fertilizer bin tomorrow morning?”

Vicky shook her head. “No good, the ranch can see whenever a tracker comes off. I can only remove them for cleanings, ‘then they have to go right back on’,” the fox said, mimicking James’s grumpy tone. “Otherwise, I probably would’ve tried this earlier...” Vicky admitted.

They both thought hard for another moment, racking their brains in determination.

And then Amaya’s face lit up. She gasped.

“What?” Vicky asked excitedly.

“The cleaning, that’s it! Tonight, when the whole buffet is showering just before bed, you can switch my tracker with one of my friends!” May could hear Vicky’s tail wag faster, as the vixen’s grin slowly widened with delight. “I’m sure Sophie would help us! In the morning, she can go to milk the cows. You know how greedy Betsy is, and I’m sure Sophie won’t mind being cow fodder, and then…” Amaya grinned. “My tracker will be in a pile of cow-shit, and you’ll have a solid alibi. Sure, the ranch will be upset, but it was an accident. Betsy didn’t know better. No one can really be blamed.”

“Sneaky like a fox…” Vicky said proudly -- she’d taught her human well, these last few months! “But won’t the ranch notice you were missing tonight, when they ask around the buffet?”

“Well, everyone here likes you a lot, Vicky! You’re so kind, not just to me, but to all of us. All the humans you take care of are loyal. They’d help you cover it up. I’m sure we could convince the rest of the buffet to claim they saw ME tomorrow morning, saying goodbye and heading off to the barn alone, to say one last goodbye to Betsy and the others…” May thought for a second more, then winced. “There’s another problem, though. You’re supposed to oversee the morning milking, right? To avoid exactly this kind of risk. But you’ll be too busy sleeping off a food coma, so you’d still get in trouble~”

Vicky laughed, leaning in to rub her muzzle against May’s cheek. “Ah, but everyone knows what a lazy fox I am. I have a reputation, these days! At worst, I’ll be accused of negligence. The whole ranch knows I always like to sleep in and let humans handle the milking...”

“Really, it was such a tragic accident. So utterly unexpected~” May said, then giggled.

Neither could resist a smile, now. They just grinned at each other, their eyes bright. Vicky felt hope blossom in her chest. “A-are we really gonna do this?” the vixen asked May, almost hesitantly.

May nodded, blushing. “We’re really gonna do this…” she reassured her fox. “I want this, Vic. You’ve done so much for me. Let me do this for you. I’ll be the best meal you’ve ever had, I promise~” May put a hand against the side of Vicky’s muzzle, leaning up to kiss that foxy snout.

Vicky leaned into the kiss, before dragging a long, eager slurp across Amaya’s face. The first taste of the evening, but not the last. She reached down, caressing and stroking May’s pregnant belly with a paw. She gave May a soft smile. “I never was very good at saying no to you anyway, hun…”


The running water of the large, group showers served well to hide the hushed whispers of Vicky’s buffet as the humans cleaned themselves: mostly excited little exchanges and a few concealed giggles from the girls. Just as May had predicted, they’d all been quite on-board with the scheme, eager to help their tastiest friend reach her dream belly, and help their wonderful, foxy caretaker claim her dream meal.

Vicky, overseeing the cleaning, had to focus with all her will to keep her tail from wagging and her lips from curving up into a stupid grin. She had to make it seem like everything was normal, like any other day. Just another routine cleaning of her livestock, not the eve of her greatest dinner to date. Of course, the vixen had it easy, compared to May. Vicky’s beloved meal-to-be could barely keep from blushing the entire time, as each of her friends snuck their way over inconspicuously to give their congratulations and pledge their support and, of course, to tell her how unbelievably lucky she was. And lucky she was; she felt like the luckiest human in America. No, the whole world!

Neither human nor pelli, however, could risk more than a sideways glance at one another. Both were sure that once they made eye contact, they wouldn’t be able to look away: Vicky staring her lovely dinner up and down from her plucky breasts to her delectably distended belly; and May with her eyes torn between that beautiful, perfectly paunchy stomach, and the enticing gateway that was the vixen’s glistening maw, all but drooling in eagerness to send her down on her way.

No. Instead, May forced herself to focus on her cleaning, rubbing those taste-enhancing cleansers deep into her skin, determined to make herself the most absolutely delicious meal any pelli had ever eaten. And Vicky watched the clock, counting down the seconds until she could finally say the seemingly innocent words she’d been dying to speak.

And then it was time.

“Try to hurry it up, everyone. I’m getting hungry.” Vicky said, in her best bored tone.

A visible shiver ran down Amaya’s spine that she just couldn’t hide. That was the signal. She glanced over at her friend Sophie, standing next to her, and the other girl glanced right back, both trying hard to suppress their respective grins. As nonchalantly as they could, they both quickly finished up their routines and made their way over to Vicky, standing near the table with all the trackers ready to be put back on to their proper humans. Or, in May’s case…

“C’mere, May… Let’s get you all cleaned up and ready for your buyer~” Vicky said -- neither she nor May could hide their excitement, now. If May weren’t still under the shower’s water, she’s pretty sure there would be a puddle of slick pooling beneath her feet by now. And the entire buffet could smell the scent of horny fox, hotboxing the entire shower almost as thickly as the steam.

Sophie and May stepped toward Vicky, who grinned and ever-so-casually swapped the two trackers that had been lying on the nice, dry table this whole time. Wouldn’t want to get them wet, after all!

May picked up “her” tracker and clipped it onto her ear. It beeped as it reengaged -- and with a matching beep from Sophie’s tracker, the deed was done.

Sophie came over, all excited, and leaned in to whisper in May’s ear. “I never expected to be cow fodder, but I’m so excited to help out my friends! I’m so happy for you two, you guys seem… really close. A lot closer than I ever thought humans and pellis could be.”

Amaya took Anne’s hand and pulled her close for a hug. “Thanks, Soph. This means the world to me. You’ve always been such a good friend and buffet-mate.” She chuckled. “If I could ask one more favor... Can you feed yourself to Bess? The old girl deserves it~”

Sophie laughed. “With her reputation, I doubt anyone will bother to double-check Vicky’s story!” She blushed slightly with a bashful smile. “I’d uh… ask if I can watch your big send-off, but I’m guessing you two want some alone time, huh?”

May nodded. “Yeah, it’s probably safer if my tracker is away from Vicky’s room, anyway.”

Sophia smiled. “Then I guess I’ve gotta say goodbye to you here, May…” The two embraced again, then Sophia turned toward Vicky with excited eyes. “Just have fun, you two! We’ll handle everything else, I promise. Don’t worry about a thing!”

One by one, the rest of the buffet finished washing up and headed back to their dorms -- most paused to give May their best wishes, or express how jealous they were, but May barely noticed. Everything seemed to blend together into a haze: she only had eyes for Vicky. And judging by how the fox was drooling, with her eyes locked on May, it seemed like Vicky was in a similar mood.

Well, Vicky had one other small thing distracting her.

Four… … … three… … … two… … …

The fox anxiously counted the number of livestock still standing in the showers, practically digging holes in the floor with her claws as she waited. When that one, final human said his goodbyes and left, Vicky’s fur was nearly standing on end with excitement. The light grip of her claws on May’s shoulder tightened, as Vicky resisted the urge to simply lift her human off the ground and carry the girl, sprinting, all the way back to her room -- something she was sure May would more than enjoy -- but she couldn’t go drawing attention now. Not when they were this close to success. May brought her hand up and almost tentatively stroked it along Vicky’s cheek, inching and teasing toward that beautiful mouth. As if May were about to stuff herself down Vicky’s throat, right here and now.

Vicky couldn’t resist licking her tongue over May’s hands -- god, she tasted so good -- but pulled away before she could let her instincts and hunger get the better of her. “We should probably get back to my room before we blow the whole thing here, right hun?” Vicky whispered. May held back a desperate whine and nodded vigorously. The vixen shifted her paw from May’s shoulder to her human’s hand, grabbing it tight in her furry digits. And then the pair began to walk -- the most painstakingly ‘normal’ walk either had ever had to endure. Even May, with her human-sized legs, had to struggle to walk slowly enough to keep the right pace alongside her chosen pelli.

The two made their (maddeningly slow) walk down the hallway -- past the kitchen where dinner was just winding down, past the dorm where May’s friends were gossiping excitedly, past the human-size restroom with a well-worn “Out of Order” sign…

May giggled, looking up at Vicky. “Am I gonna end up clogging the human toilets, love?” she whispered. “I hope you don’t give my friends any extra work...”

Vicky giggled back, looking down at her human with a playful glint in her eye. “Hah! No, I expect I’ll be dumping you at the airport before my flight. I wanna spend every last moment I can with you. We’ll be together all the way to the end~”

May snorted. “All the way to your rear end, more like…” The human shivered in excitement, her eyes drifting toward Vicky’s rear. “I-I’ve never left the ranch before… Are the toilets at the airport even fancier than here?” Vicky nodded, amused, her tail twitching. Their steps gradually grew faster and faster as they lost their patience: May didn’t bother looking back at her friends and buffet-mates for the last time, she only had eyes for her vixen.

Finally, there it was: that familiar door, just ahead. Hardly able to contain herself for another second, Vicky looked around quickly (and rather suspiciously) and found no one in sight. With the promise of her long-awaited meal literally in her grasp, she finally gave in to her instincts. She scooped her special little human up into her furry arms and dashed towards her room. The eager vixen flung the door open, barely even pausing, and then slammed it shut behind her (nearly catching her tail).

Panting, with a grin big enough to crawl inside of, Vicky looked down at the girl in her arms. May was staring up at her with wonder and passion, having long since surrendered herself to the vixen. The silence of their privacy began to sink in… Then out of nowhere, they both broke out into laughter.

“We did it, Vic, we did it! We’re finally alone together. I’m here, with you!” Amaya rambled, nuzzling her face up under Vicky’s muzzle, still in the arms of her pelli. “I’m finally all yours~”


“Blech! Vicky~!” May complained teasingly, as a big glob of drool leaked from the overager vixen’s maw, right onto the human’s face. “I was trying to be romantic, and you drool all over me??”

“Sorry, let me clean that up for you, Ms. Dinner,” Vicky teased right back, bringing her muzzle down to lick a long, thick stripe across May’s adorably eager little face. That rough foxy tongue forced May back into laughter, which only did the same to Vicky. The vixen pressed her human tight against her chest, reveling in their shared joy, and May wriggled ecstatically against that soft, warm fur.

Vicky had dreamed of eating May for months now, waking up every morning with a puddle on the sheets and her belly clenching. But for the first time, May was actually right here, in her arms, ready and willing, and she could actually do it. For the first time, they didn’t need to hide! The reality finally struck them at the same moment: Vicky could finally lean forward, and just... Gulp! Gone. A sort of giddy relief rushed through the fox’s whole body, from ears to tail, spurred on by her excitement.

The thought was enough to get May trembling with anticipation, and Vicky had to shift her legs to keep from dripping fox-cream all over the floor. “So,” Vicky began. It seemed like a struggle to put her words in order, now. “Ready to take a trip inside your ‘perfect’ pelli, hun?”

May blushed. “Yes! A thousand times yes… Just eat me already, you tease~” she begged.

Vicky wrapped May in her arms. “Oh, I’ve waited so long for you to say that!” the fox crowed.

“I-I’ve wanted to say it since the first moment I met you…” May admitted, looking bashful.

The vixen kissed Amaya on the cheek and smiled again. “And you have no idea how badly I wanted to gobble you up, all to myself, right there in the vet’s office!” Vicky purred. “You and your plump pregnant middle… nnf~” The vixen paused with a blush of her own. “And not just ‘cuz you’re the best tasting one on the farm! But because…” Vicky stumbled over her words, a little. “Because you’re just special, hun! And I… I really love you, May~”

“I love you too, Vic…” May murmured, looking starstruck as the fox yawned her hungry muzzle open, licking her lips like an invitation. May’s eyes were instantly drawn toward the glistening pink chute at the back, pulsing in time with the vixen’s breathing. She pushed herself up a little higher in Vicky’s arms, knowing she could finally just... climb right inside, and her beautiful fox would gladly take her and send her down to that warm, cozy belly, where she belonged. Vicky seemed to have the same thought, leaning her muzzle ever-so-slightly forward, letting that warm, humid breath waft over May. The vixen’s eyes were shining, somewhere between adoration and hunger, as she slowly lowered her maw closer and closer to May’s face…

But as excited and eager as she was -- as they both were! -- May forced out a reluctant word.


Vicky immediately closed her mouth and looked down at her friend with an inquisitively raised brow -- and a little bit of concern. May blushed and wiggled a little. “Can you set me down, Vic?” The vixen nodded, and gently lowered her human’s feet back onto the ground. Amaya, with her cheeks still red and her eyes locked on Vicky’s, took a few steps back.

“What are you up to, May?” Something about May’s look kept the vixen’s tail wagging.

May smiled a bit wider, took a few more steps backward, and then stopped. “I… I just wanted to get one last good look… at the beautiful fox I’m about to be a part of...”

Now it was Vicky’s turn to blush, her tail wagging a bit faster. The vixen found herself looking over her human as well: ‘one last good look’, as May had so aptly put it. May was utterly gorgeous, inside and out: the human was at the absolute peak of her flavor, with that perfectly round belly and those mouthwatering tits. And those sweet eyes, looking up at her so adoringly... Vicky could see why that celebrity had paid so much.

If anything, May had been undervalued, in the vixen’s not-so-humble opinion.

Finders keepers, Vicky thought affectionately. May was all hers, now. But enough delays: Vicky had waited all summer for this, she couldn’t wait one second longer. She needed May inside her now.

The vixen finally took a step closer, her tongue flicking across her muzzle. Amaya’s persistent smile widened and the human curled her toes. Vicky stepped closer, and closer, tail swishing steadily, and as she approached, her stomach gave a loud, hungry guuuuuurgle. May glanced down at it with a blush, toward that wonderful, red-furred gut that she’d cuddled fondly on so many past nights… In awe, with as much excitement as she’d ever felt, she thought: I’m going to be inside that.

The eager fox leaned forward, and May raised her arms with a grin to give the vixen access. Vicky reached around behind, putting her paws beneath May’s plump rear and hoisting her human gently off the ground once more. But this time felt different. The vixen wasn’t just lifting her up to carry her again. There was a hunger in Vicky’s eyes, in her movements, one that the fox no longer had to hold back. That was the last time Amaya’s feet would ever touch the floor, and they both knew it.

The vixen ran her tongue across her muzzle one last time, her nostrils flaring as she greedily took in the alluring scent of her soon-to-be-dinner. May reached out, and the first contact sent a spark down both their spines: Vicky extended her tongue with the wet smack of her chops to squish against her human’s hand -- not a passing lick, no more ‘sampling the livestock’, but the first taste of Amaya as an actual, fully-claimed dinner. And for May, of course, the last moment she’d ever have to endure without the soft caress of Vicky’s insides.

Amaya pressed her fingers lovingly into the warm, drool-ladened tastebuds, reaching with her other hand to stroke the length of her vixen’s muzzle, feeling along the smooth lips as little trickles of saliva leaked down Vicky’s chin. May had been kept on the outside too long, she wanted in.

Vicky felt May’s hand -- both hands -- begin to press more firmly, trying to explore their way deeper, so the vixen naturally obliged. She opened her mouth, revealing her maw to her meal in a burst of hot breath and a few spatters of drool.

May reached inside, her eyes wide in almost innocent wonder. She’d seen Vicky’s foxy gullet countless times by now, she’d even seen some of her friends take this journey… but now that she was finally taking the plunge herself, she wanted to explore every millimeter of pink and red flesh like it was the last thing she’d ever see -- and it would be. Her fingers gilded slow and smooth around her fox’s pearly teeth, over her gums, against the squishy, welcoming carpet of her tongue, and the slight ridges of her palate, moving ever deeper and deeper inward toward the captivating throat beyond.

Vicky found herself in the strangest of states. She wasn’t usually the most well-mannered or patient pelli, and with a meal this delicious in her mouth? On any normal day, Vicky would have devoured her mouthwatering dinner in a single gulp, greedily stuffing the human down her throat with no restraint or hesitation. But as much as Vicky’s belly was aching for May, the fox resisted her instincts and let her meal explore at her own pace. Yes, Vicky wanted to savor that glorious taste on her tongue for as long as possible, but more importantly she wanted May to be able to savor every moment. May, her dear, sweet May, would only get to do this once, and Vicky wanted everything to be perfect. So as her special human voyaged down into the sea of the fox’s maw, that slick pink tongue merely kissed and folded against May’s face, an affectionately playful little gesture.

May could tell exactly how much Vicky was enjoying her, though. The low murrs of utter delight made that quite clear, not to mention the distant, desperate rumbles from the vixen’s tummy. May laughed, pressing herself deeper. “Don’t worry, I’m on my way…” she promised that impatient foxy belly.

It seemed to give her a mollified gurgle.

May’s hands slowly, inevitably slid back -- past that soft tongue, which welcomed her like a red carpet, and towards the plush softness of the vixen’s throat, yawning wide just for her! And with a soft gluck, that throat brought Amaya’s hands together and tucked them into the gooey embrace.

“Wow, your throat is the softest thing I’ve ever felt…” May murmured, awe in her voice. “Your whole body is so beautiful, Vic, I-I almost can’t believe I’m going to be part of it~”

Vicky couldn’t speak, not with May’s hands filling up her throat, but the fox replied with her tongue, eagerly slurping all over May’s face, making her own feelings quite known. May giggled and pushed herself another few inches inside -- Vicky’s body was quite eager to usher her dinner along, and a single casual gulp was enough to pull May’s hands inside, until she found herself face-to-face with the fox’s tonsils. The human gave a little gasp of wonder, at her first up-close and personal view of Vicky’s throat -- clenching tight around her fingers, eager to help her slide down into the dark…

That moment seemed to last forever, as May lay there cradled in her vixen’s jaws, on the edge of the precipice. The way Vicky’s gullet pulsed with every foggy breath made May practically swoon, face to face with her fox’s beautiful throat... Another, hungry gurgle drifted up from that churning, empty belly below, calling out to her like a siren-song. May felt the maw around her tense ever so slightly.

She closed her eyes.

“I love you, Vic...” she whispered.


May heard another sound, halfway between a purr and an outright moan, rumbling from all around her. She couldn’t tell whether Vicky was trying to tell her “I love you too” or “You taste so good” -- but it didn’t matter. Either way, May’s heart clenched happily. She was smitten. And she was food.

Meanwhile, Vicky was in a haze of complete, utter bliss. Her May, halfway down her throat~ The vixen wanted to properly savor every little scrap of her friend’s flavor... But she was just so fucking desperate to feel May curled up in her stomach, NOW, where they both knew she belonged. The fox’s slow and gentle swallows transitioned into something more frantic -- more instinctive and predatory.

Thick strings of drool dripped down May’s chest and across her pregnant belly, a little extra lube for the big challenge ahead. Thanks to the vixen’s enthusiastic swallows, May quickly disappeared down Vicky’s throat, one delicious inch after another. May’s shoulders didn’t cause even a moment of hesitation -- Vicky was far too experienced of a predator for that -- but the vixen did pause for a moment to appreciate May’s beautiful breasts one last time. Vicky couldn’t help herself, she slathered and smeared her tongue all across her human’s chest, lapping up every hint of delicious flavor.

May squirmed a bit at that lovely, wet friction across her sensitive skin. “Agh, Vicky, that tickles! came a giggling yelp, muffled by the vixen’s throat. Vicky smirked (as well as she could with her mouth full) and continued to lavish attention all over May’s heavy, swollen tits. Hey, May seemed to be enjoying herself, judging by all those squirms. Vicky certainly was!

When May’s head had been in Vicky’s mouth, she could still dimly see the outside world through the little gaps between Vicky’s lips. But now that she’d been swallowed, her view contained nothing but this perfect, all-encompassing darkness. Vicky was her world now. This was where she’d be spending the rest of her life: in this warm, gooey embrace, her body held snug and cozy within the body of her beloved fox. May squirmed as well as she could in response to her fox’s playful exploration, pressing her breasts up against Vicky’s tongue to show the vixen where she wanted that tongue to go next...

Poor May hadn’t been milked tonight, Vicky thought sympathetically. The vixen gently circled her tongue across May’s plump, milk-heavy tits before focusing on her nipples, coaxing out a few creamy bursts of flavor. Vicky murred happily: delicious, rich, creamy milk, trickling down her throat along with the rest of May, complimenting her human’s already-delicious flavor in just the right ways~

As the flow of milk finally slowed, Vicky took another swallow, sealing May’s tits down into her gullet. With her dinner halfway down the hatch, she found her muzzle pressed up against her meal’s round, pregnant belly. The fox eyed that huge sphere nervously -- could she even fit that down her throat??

Vicky took a deep breath, and relaxed her jaws. The fox had never eaten a pregnant human before, but she’d heard about how to do it from her dad, who had a personal interest in such... delicacies. The vixen spent a moment lubricating the steep slope of May’s belly with a generous coat of saliva. Goddess, May’s belly tasted even better than the rest of her, Vicky thought, a little in shock. The fox tipped her head back, lifting May’s legs up into the air and letting gravity do all the hard work.

The vixen gulped as hard as she could... but May just wouldn’t move.

For a moment Vicky was afraid she’d swallowed more than she could handle, that she’d choke and have to spit May out, and give her sweet human back to that thief of a celebrity. The thought of May in some celebrity’s uncaring paws gave the fox the motivation she needed -- in desperation, Vicky spread her poor, sore jaws even wider… and the vixen felt the huge bulge in her jaws finally shift, sinking an inch or two deeper, and she let out a muffled almost-sob of relief.

May felt Vicky’s teeth scrape over the taut skin of her belly, little needle-points of sensation… She felt her rump slip inside her fox’s muzzle (with a little extra help from the vixen’s paws), and her fingers tickle against the sphincter leading to the pelli’s hungry stomach. May pressed forward with a wiggle of her hips, trying to help Vicky along. She could feel that lovely tongue starting to crest over the slope of her belly, forcing Vicky to yawn even wider to fit her in, until with a pop her pregnant belly finally slipped fully inside the vixen’s jaws. May blushed -- for the first time, it seemed to sink in that this was happening, the final hurdle had been passed, she was on a one-way trip through Vicky’s body, until she was a pile of fox-shit in an airport bathroom. And she was excited for every moment.

Vicky paused for a moment to catch her breath. She gave a tender smile, as she felt a little twitch within her maw -- was that May shifting her hips, or May’s baby kicking? The vixen let a puddle of drool collect in her mouth, before giving another strong gulp. Slowly, with difficulty, that heavy belly squeezed over the back of Vicky’s tongue. The fox’s head tipped back, as gravity helped to work May down into the velvety heat of her body.

To May, Vicky’s flesh felt sublimely form-fitting -- like it was designed just for her. May heard a wet squelch as that sphincter parted beneath her, admitting her hands into her vixen’s long awaited, welcoming belly. After all this time, she couldn't believe she was finally getting to 'see' that beautiful gut from the inside. She knew this was a one way trip, and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Knowing she’d be feeding her beautiful fox, this all just felt... perfect. Vicky was perfect!

Vicky stroked a claw over her throat, feeling how perfectly May’s shape stretched out the thin, soft fur of her neck. Those drooping breasts, that heavy belly, those full and luscious hips -- she could feel every detail. There was a lot of meat on May’s bones, she was far and away the most satisfying meal the vixen had ever experienced (in addition to the best-tasting, of course). And Vicky knew she was the luckiest fox in the whole wide world, getting to enjoy every inch of her delicious love…

While Vicky was busy admiring the bulge she was making, May was mostly entranced by the open space around her fingers. In fact, her arms were mostly free of the throat’s grip, and Amaya knew exactly what that meant. The stomach she’d longed for for months was right there, in her reach! Oh, she just wanted to be inside it already, she wondered if she could give Vicky any help…

May braced her arms against the roof of the fox’s tummy, giving an impatient push. But, naturally, her vixen’s throat held her good and tight -- and her huge, bulging, pregnant belly wasn’t helping matters. Despite a brief moment of frustration, though, the realization actually renewed May’s sense of wonder and joy. She really was owned by Vicky’s body now. There was something almost sacred about submitting like this. She was food now, Vicky’s food, and food went where the throat put it.

Luckily, Vicky’s body only wanted May in one place. With another blissful squelch, May felt the vixen’s throat clench around her, pressing down against her belly, squeezing her a few inches deeper (with difficulty). Finally, her head slipped through that tight ring of muscle. Vicky’s tight throat opened up to reveal the inviting, gurgling space within -- the last place May would ever come to know.

But before May could pay proper attention to Vicky’s beautiful stomach, a warm wetness between her thighs made the human cry out sharply in pleasure. It seemed Vicky wasn’t done savoring her just yet: the fox couldn’t resist a final sample of her favorite human’s sex. She’d tasted it before, of course, every time the two had stolen a few illicit moments to pleasure each other: late at night when nobody else was awake, the two would stroke each other in the dark, teasing toward this very moment. But it all felt much more intense now, with May’s whole body buried in Vicky’s mouth, her slick running down her legs and across Vicky’s tongue…

May panted and arched her back as well as she could within that warm, wet, form-fitting darkness. Vicky knew all the best places to stroke and tease her, focusing on her human’s pleasure -- and as she bucked her hips against the vixen’s tongue, Vicky let May work herself to orgasm at her own pace. And judging by how her fox’s breath was speeding up in time with her own, May suspected that Vicky was pawing off along with her, sharing their last moment of pleasure before the plunge...

Vicky’s tongue circled and teased around May’s clit, and the fox grinned at the muffled squeak from within her stomach as she finally gave her dinner the stimulation she so desperately desired. Vicky eagerly delved her tongue inside her human’s folds, seeking the source of all that delicious flavor…

Another jolt of pleasure surged through May’s whole body, from her head in that humid stomach, to her feet still twitching in the cold air, eager for the warm embrace of the fox’s body. “Please, V-vic, I’m… I’m so close…” May moaned. Her voice echoed inside Vicky’s belly, and at the same moment she heard Vicky’s pleasure-soaked yelp, as the two lovers approached one last climax together…

And with a sudden swallow, that foxy tongue was schlurcked out from Amaya’s sex, just in time for the human to gush an extra bit of flavor across her vixen’s taste buds. Blinded by white-hot pleasure, as that swallow claimed her hips, May just panted in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her whole life. As the human recovered, Vicky’s tongue polished between her slick-soaked thighs, getting one last fond taste... before they slid smoothly, effortlessly over Vicky’s tongue, shoveled lovingly into that glistening chute, until it was just May’s knees and calves poking out. May felt those rippling walls tighten around her legs, pressing her ankles together as Vicky’s tongue curled over the soles of her feet. The vixen took her time, ever-so-slowly closing her jaws around this last little bit of May.

She had her, Vicky thought with a sense of wonder. She finally had her. Right there, dangling at the back of her throat; completely inside her body, ready to be swallowed down to her belly where they both knew she belonged. She rolled her tongue across the soles of those feet more times than she could count, savouring that taste, that last intimate connection with May, for as long as she could -- until she finally realized how patiently her human was waiting to finally be tucked away tight like she deserved, and that the most intimate moments were still yet to come.

And Vicky? Well, she needed Amaya. All of her.

With one fluid motion, the fox’s head tipped back, and her tongue bobbed for the last time. Vicky gave one final, gentle gulp. A blissful, content smile spread across the vixen’s lips as she felt the last of her friend slip over the edge of her tongue and roll down her throat, finally settling into her rightful place, in the belly of her rightful predator.

Amaya herself was just coming out of her sensual haze when she felt the tongue relent from her toes. She slowly returned to reality, tracking the progress of her feet down the squelching chute above, until they finally arrived to join the rest of her.

She’d… she’d done it. They’d done it. Vicky… Vicky had eaten her, she was finally, actually inside her stomach. If an expression really could cast a glow, the smile that lit up Amaya’s face would have set those slick walls shining. She could hardly breathe, but only because she could hardly bear to miss even the smallest sensation: Vicky's heartbeat, her breathing, the gurgle and glorps of previous meals passing through her intestines. Everything about Vicky’s innards felt like they were made for May. Those stomach walls squelched under her, and draped around her like thick curtains -- the perfect size to cradle her without feeling cramped. A steady churning sensation felt almost like that belly was rocking her to sleep. And all those organic gurgles and groans of the guts around her felt like a loving lullaby. It just cemented Amaya’s love for Vicky. She was perfect. Inside and out. She snuggled up against the wall, with all the love and adoration she’d felt all those nights she’d spent cuddled against it from the outside.

Outside, the blissful vixen took a deep breath, her belly rising and falling as it gurgled welcomingly around its special meal. With slow and relaxed steps, almost in a daze, Vicky sauntered over to her bed and gently laid both their bodies into the comfy sheets. She brought her tail up between her legs, cradling the underside of her stretched-taut belly, where her soft fur was so thin she could feel the cold air contrasting the heavy warmth of May inside. She wrapped her arms and legs around her midsection’s furry bulge in a possessive, protective embrace... And finally, the vixen gently tucked her belly under the covers, nice and cozy, settling in with May for a long and pleasant night. Vicky’s hair spread out messily all around her head, pinned on top of the pillow like a halo.


May felt her world shift around her, provoking a few wet sloshes from the soothing, tingling liquids all around her. She felt her vixen’s limbs come in close to squeeze her tight, and she pressed right back into the fond embrace. She could tell they were snuggled up in Vicky’s bed, just like so many nights before. But as amazing as it had felt to rest against that soft-furred dome when one of her friends had been filling Vicky up, she had to admit that it was so much sweeter to finally be the one inside.

Together, they basked in the glow and the warmth for several minutes, listening to the mounting gurgles and groans of Vicky’s guts, as it prepared itself to take proper care of its newest occupant. But eventually Amaya broke the long silence, voicing the question that had been burbling up in her mind like the fresh digestive juices beginning to collect around her:

“So, um… how was I?”

“How were you? How were you?” Vicky asked, a little incredulously. “May, you were amazing! Paws-down, best thing I’ve ever tasted. I think you might have actually ruined humans for me, everyone else is going to taste like oatmeal for the rest of my life...” Vicky smacked her lips, savoring every little trace of flavor still left in her mouth, swallowing it down along with a lake’s worth of saliva that she knew would be landing right on top of her precious meal.

“You really mean that, Vic?” May asked bashfully (as her head was splashed in fox-drool).

Guuuurgle went that happily stuffed belly, answering her question quite definitively. It seemed like the vixen’s belly was equally excited about all this… May felt the walls clench around her testingly, and Vicky gave a blissful purr. The sensation of May resting in her belly... It sent shivers up and down her spine, making her tail twitch and her fur stand on end. The vixen brought her muzzle all the way down, and rubbed it lovingly over the bulge in her middle that was her lover.

“I’m… I’m really inside you, Vic… Tucked away in your stomach...” May murmured, as her fox nuzzled and purred against her through the thin wall of muscle and fat and fur. Vicky saw the imprint of a hand push its way against her fur, disappearing a moment later as her stomach gently massaged May back into a nice, compact fetal position. What Vicky couldn’t see was the euphoric smile painted across May’s face, but the human’s dreamy tone made her mood quite clear. “I’m gonna get sloshed and churned and you’re gonna gurgle me all up! Oh, I can’t wait, Vic, I’m gonna look so nice as a layer of fox-fat on your beautiful belly...” May squirmed around excitedly in the tight, slick embrace, covering herself in sticky vulpine digestive fluids.

Vicky chuckled at every little wiggle her human made -- and with each movement, another little splash of foxy femcum dribbled out from between Vicky’s legs to stain the sheets. The vixen opened her muzzle, about to respond, only to be interrupted by a sudden UUUUUUURP and another loud rumble from her tummy. That got them both laughing.

They took a minute to calm down, their laughter slowing… until May repositioned herself a little, and that change in pressure forced out a crass PFFFRRRTTTTTT from beneath the vixen’s tail, kicking off another round of giggles. After another few moments, though, Vicky wiped her eyes and finally got her breathing under control. Still smiling, she stroked a paw over her belly, and asked, “Well, hun? How are you doing in there? Is it…” She faltered. “Is it as good as you hoped?”

Vicky had heard plenty of adoring descriptions of her belly, thanks to the countless humans who had passed through her. Honestly, so many humans had made that journey that all those compliments just kinda... blended together, from the vixen’s point of view. Much like the humans themselves. But May was one-of-a-kind. Her special human’s opinion mattered. Vicky just hoped that her belly was…

No, Vicky mentally corrected. That she was everything her human had dreamed she would be.

“It’s amazing, Vic. It’s perfect.” May answered, without even a single moment of hesitation. She blushed. “You’re perfect. I can feel you everywhere, all around me. The way your belly just cradles me, all nice and warm~” She snuggled in deeper, rubbing lovingly at those sensitive, slick walls and causing little stirs in the pooling liquids. “I never want to be anywhere else.”

Now it was Vicky’s turn to blush. She felt a warmth rising in her -- separate from the one in her full stomach -- knowing just how happy she’d made her special little May. “You never will be~” the vixen gently promised. Her stomach gave another happy gurgle, followed by another satisfied belch. Vicky licked her lips. “I can’t believe I ever considered letting someone else eat you, love. But that’s in the past. I’m gonna love and keep you forever. You’re aaaaall mine now~”

May wanted to believe that, but... “Vic, this plan we made. W-what if…” She trailed off.

Vicky frowned at the shift in her human’s tone. “What’s wrong, hun?” the fox asked gently. She curled herself and her tail tighter around her round stomach, trying to comfort May as best she could.

“What if it doesn’t work?” May whimpered a little. “What if they catch us, and try to take me away to be food for someone else?”

“They’d have to drag you out of my belly!” Vicky snarled, and May felt everything clench around her as every fiber of her vixen’s being -- not to mention the fox’s stomach, arms, and legs -- pressed her into an even tight, even more possessive embrace. The added pressure procured a long gurgle from her guts, which sounded quite opposed to the idea of May being anywhere but where they both knew she belonged. “Besides, they’d have to hurry! It’ll be a lot harder to get you out once you’re all gooey~” Vicky grinned, stroking her belly. “Well, out the front end, at least.”

Inside in the sensual, squishy darkness, May felt like swooning at the show of devotion from her fox -- not to mention the tantalizing image of Vicky raising her tail and clenching and... May blushed. But still, her worry persisted. “But what if you still get in trouble, after? What if they find out?”

“Shhhh...” came Vicky’s soothing voice. May felt her body instantly and instinctively relax, as a paw gently stroked over her bulge. Food doesn’t have to worry about those things.” That gave May a real blush. But Vicky was right. At this point, nothing was prying her out of that sweet, sultry stomach. Her fate was sealed; their choice had been made. Whatever happened afterwards, she was food now. She was Vicky’s perfect dinner, and nothing would ever separate them again.

A warm smile spread across May’s slime-covered lips -- she was exactly where she wanted to be. She wiggled deliberately, pressing her body up against the walls, and heard her vixen give a little moan. Those were the types of things food like her should be worrying about: giving her beautiful, loving, foxy predator the best culinary experience of her life. She wriggled again, and the stomach walls crowded in a little closer, kneading back against the lively meal inside. Her squirming pressed another wet, crass, May-scented belch out from Vicky’s jaws, much to the vixen’s approval…

Vicky could feel her belly shrinking just slightly, as all that extra air that had followed her meal down found its way back into the world -- bringing just a bit of May’s exquisite taste back with it. She smacked her chops again. And a moment later, with a loving hand on her bulge, the vixen took a mouthful of fresh air and swallowed as much of it as she could. This special moment, this short little while with May resting happily in her belly... She just wanted to make it last for as long as possible.

The two lovers relaxed for a while, just… talking. May told little stories about her life on the farm to make Vicky giggle, sloshing around her tummy in the process... They reminisced about their best moments together over the summer, about hungry cows and grumpy wolverines and empty-bellied celebrities… They debated what part of Vicky’s body May would end up padding: May hoped to be a nice, thick layer of fat on the fox’s belly and rump, but Vicky confessed that she’d secretly love to go up another bra size… Vicky described her college studies, and her other vore-crushes, and what plans and hopes and dreams her future held -- all of which May would be accompanying her on, now...

Every so often, their conversation turned back toward the reality of their situation, and what they both knew would come next: the fact that May would soon be nothing but a nice belch, and pleasant layer of fat, and a quite satisfying bowel movement. The mere thought was sufficient to get both girls horny enough that they had to ‘blow off some steam’ before they could manage to discuss anything else. But with every shared orgasm, May felt the walls of Vicky's stomach wearing away at her body a little further, making her a little softer each time, closer and closer to becoming one with her vixen. And as soon as she brought this fact to Vicky's attention, it was enough to get them both horny all over again, and restart the process. Thank goddess for multiple orgasms, May thought with a giggle.

(And yet, May got the sense that Vicky was still holding back her body’s instinctive reaction a little, breathing deeply and steadily, to keep her belly from crushing May in the throes of her orgasm...)

The fox and her girl talked late into the night, almost to dawn. Vicky wanted to eke out every last intimate moment she could earn with her short-lived “girlfriend”. But no matter what they both might want, neither could hang on forever. Vicky yawned, rather toothily: her instincts told her to just rest and digest, so her body could focus on softening up the delicious morsel rounding out her tummy. And as for May, well… she’d been bred for digestive ease as well as for flavor, and even in this May excelled. She was so delightfully, tragically easy on the stomach, Vicky thought. Like butter in a frying pan. May felt herself drifting away, softening up around the edges as that belly slowly got tighter...

Vicky yawned a second time, sleepily licking her lips. May gently rested a hand against the inside of her lover’s stomach. “You can go to sleep if you want, Vic. I don’t mind…”

Vicky shook her head stubbornly. “No, love, I want to be with you as long as I can keep my eyes open. I can sleep on the plane tomorrow, don’t worry. I just want to spend every last second I can, just adoring the most beautiful human in the world...”

(Despite her words, and her best efforts, the vixen’s eyes started to half-shut.)

May cuddled up against the slick, warm wall of her fox’s stomach. “Aww, Vic…” she said bashfully. “You’re gonna make me melt with happiness~” May squirmed around a little, stroking a hand reverently against the valve at the bottom of Vicky’s belly -- the only way she’d be leaving.

As May shifted, trying to find a comfortable position to just lie back and digest, Vicky bit her lip. The vixen’s stomach pressed in closer around her, and May was pretty sure she felt a different part of her vixen’s body clenching up somewhere nearby. May recognized that particular movement; she’d felt it a number of times that night... She reached a hand down between her own legs too: tricky, with Vicky’s stomach keeping her curled up nice and tight, but she made it work. With the rising fluids within the vixen’s belly, May didn’t lack for lubrication -- if anything, it made the whole experience even hotter, knowing she was getting off with the same fluids that were already working to render her down into an easily-digestible soup of protein and fat, to fuel her beloved fox’s body...

“Oh, May… You feel so good in there~” Vicky moaned, her pleasure-soaked words vibrating all around her pleasantly-soaked meal. “I almost choked on that big belly of yours!” she admitted with a bashful laugh. “But it was soooo worth it, hun, you’re just the perfect size meal...”

“I watched you swallow all my friends, remember?” May sighed dreamily. It was hard to tell whether the tingling between her legs was arousal or digestion, at this point, but either way it felt amazing. “Then let them back out as fertilizer. I liked to imagine that you were using them as practice for me...” The thought of getting so close and intimate with her fox’s tailhole… May blushed. Well, even the idea made her ache between her legs, and sent a shiver up her spine.

The vixen giggled -- she sounded a little husky. “Hah, that’s ‘cuz I was! I always used to touch myself at night with a big round sloshy belly, imagining it was you inside.” May could feel Vicky’s breath trembling, she could feel the vixen’s chest quiver above her, as the fox slowly teased herself toward another orgasm. “But the real thing is even better than I ever imagined! You make me feel so perfectly, utterly full, nnffff~”

May giggled, pressing a hand against the inside of her lover’s tummy. Vicky smiled, pressing a paw back, as the two worked toward one final orgasm together. But it was a slower, softer thing than the pleasure they’d shared when she was riding the vixen’s tongue, on her trip down Vicky’s gullet. In some deep, instinctive place, May knew this would be her last orgasm, her last moment together with Vicky. She should be trying to hold off as long as possible, to stretch out this moment with her lovely vixen for as long as possible. But in the humid dark of her fox’s belly, breathing that acid-scented air, already half-digested and waiting for the slightest crunch to make her one with her lovely fox...

“I’ve wanted this since the first second I saw you, Vic…” May panted, rubbing her slit against her fingers and the stomach wall until everything felt tingly and soft. “I’ve wanted to be yours…” She couldn’t tell where her body stopped and Vicky’s stomach started, anymore. Was this what it was like to be digested? It was exquisite... Like taking a warm bath, and becoming so relaxed that you just drifted off to sleep. Safe and cozy and loved.

“And it led us here, love…” Vicky murred, her eyes half-lidded in bliss. “Together, forever~”

The mere thought of becoming part of such a beautiful, sexy, sweet fox… HER fox… It was enough to push May over the edge. Bright colors danced and flashed before her eyes, as a flood of her sexual fluids mixed into the digestive slush surrounding her on every side. She knew Vicky wouldn’t hold her body back either, not this time... May felt the walls of the stomach pressing closer, all around her, as her fox frantically pawed at her own cunt and finally came with an unrestrained, pleasure-soaked yelp, loud enough to wake several next-door humans in their buffet.

May braced herself, eager for the walls to crush her into chyme, ready for the total embrace of her vixen's beautiful body... but that final crunch never quite came. Just a weak twitch from the walls around her. She was surprised to find she could still hear her fox breathing. Poor Vicky, May thought fondly. Her fox’s poor body must be so tired from their long night of pleasure. Still, even having made it through their last, climatic orgasm, May felt the heavy weight of sleep ready to claim her.

Vicky could feel it too. May was still there inside her, just barely. Just a little squelch away from finally melting away into that belly she loved so much. The two lovers just lay there panting for a moment -- Vicky fighting against an inexorable wave of exhaustion, and May slowly sinking deeper into the rising chyme that gently cradled her on all sides.

Exhausted, still reeling from the best (and final) orgasm of her life, surrounded on all sides by her lover’s embrace, May finally broke the silence. “Vic, I-I'm getting sleepy…” she murmured. Her eyes felt so heavy. She just wanted to surrender herself and drift away, to become part of her fox.

Vicky curled closer. "Shhh, I'm here. I'll always be right here." she promised gently.

“I'm glad you're with me, Vic, here at the end. You make me feel so safe. I-I love you…”

Vicky had to cock her ears downward to hear the last few words, as her belly churned louder and louder around her human. The vixen’s eyes flickered closed at the same time May’s did — but only one of them would wake again. “I love you too, May.” Vicky smiled sleepily as she felt the last few squirms in her belly go still. “I’ve got you. We won’t ever be apart again…” the fox breathed, as she felt the last little squirms go quiet. Vicky let out a quiet little burp: May’s last breath, and one last gift as well — the last hint of her delicious flavor, a taste only one pelli would ever get to know.

As Vicky drifted, halfway asleep, those last few lumps smoothed out into a nice, rounded belly with a quiet, final crunch. Vicky closed her eyes in bliss, laying on the bed softly curled up around her most precious human, exhaling softly just to taste the last little bits of flavor tingle across her tongue. The increasing slooshes and glorps from the vixen’s stomach were soothing in her ears, as she slowly faded into sleep. Vicky felt utterly fulfilled and content. Her stomach was glowing with warm fuzzies. She wasn’t sad that May was gone now. Because she wasn’t. Her most special human was going to be with her forever, now. Inseparable as the curve of her breasts and hips. Vicky might be leaving the ranch tomorrow morning, at the end of her internship, but now May would be coming with her.

With one final belch that wafted up some of those lingering flavors, the vixen drifted off into pleasant dreams, her paws still resting on her tummy. All the while, May steadily burbled and sluiced her way through the vixen's long, winding guts, along with her unborn offspring. The rich, nutritious chyme that had been Vicky’s lover would fuel the vixen’s hungry, beautiful body, and add a few more layers of padding to those already-full belly, hips, and breasts -- a last souvenir of their summer romance on the ranch, and the last memory of the best human the vixen had ever eaten.